Pet The Dog / Newspaper Comics

  • Normally, Ms. Wormwood in Calvin and Hobbes is seen as rather unsympathetic or a constant obstacle. However, in one strip, Calvin freaks out because he's inside school on a beautiful day. Ms. Wormwood calmly leads him back to his seat, saying "Next time, take a few deep breaths and have a drink of water, okay?"
  • In one Far Side comic, a band of unruly Vikings, after successfully sacking a castle and stealing its women, are eagerly awaited at their ship by the crew's dog. As Gary Larson says on this in The Prehistory of The Far Side:
    "...I was trying to suggest that it doesn't really matter what you do for a living or how big a jerk you are, your dog still likes to see you come home."
  • Seen in both Garfield and Get Fuzzy, where the cats in those comics are horrible to their owners and the dogs they live with, but lavish affection on their stuffed bears, Pookie and Smacky, respectively. In one early strip, Garfield gives Odie a friendly pat on the head, then turns to the reader and says, "You didn't see that."
    • Bucky himself gets the rare one now and then. One that stands out in particular is when Rob and Satchel leave to go donate blood. They return to find that Bucky had baked cookies for them and decorated the living room with balloons and a banner welcoming them home.
  • In Luann, Tiffany is, from day one, an Alpha Bitch and the Veronica to Luann's Betty. However, one notable occasion, Delta is dropped from a field trip through the luck of the draw, and she not only volunteers for the fundraiser (albeit for vain reasons), but flat out secures Delta a spot after unintentionally sabotaging it.
    • In another strip, Tiffany is shown trying to hook up the teachers. What reason? She felt they would make a cute couple.
    • Dirk as well - he is pretty much a major Jerk Ass, but has been shown to be kind on the few occasions, and later on saw the error of his ways.
  • Lucy may be the resident "fussbudget" in Peanuts (and at times, a regular Jerkass) but she has her moments with this trope, sometimes literally. Examples here and here.
  • Rat from Pearls Before Swine is a perennial cynical, bitter, Jerk Ass, especially to his less-than-genius roommate Pig. After one incident where Pig convinced himself that he had metamorphosized into a butterfly and attempted to fly off the roof, Rat visits him in the hospital. When Pig wakes and asks what happened, Rat briefly considers telling him the truth- but instead comforts Pig by telling him that he flew so high he hit his head on the Moon.