Pet The Dog / New Media

  • The *chan boards, of all places, has this in the concept of the MS Paint relationship thread. See here for examples.
    • Furthermore, the channel on 4chan known as /r9k/, a board originally developed with a filter that blocks unoriginal text or images, has (d)evolved to embody the MS Paint relationship thread, becoming the unofficial place to ask questions, share or complain about relationships. Many believe that it needs to be cauterized.
    • 4chan saves a cat.
    • Their love for cats seems to have developed into a general consensus.
    • And stands up to the Church of Happyology, although that may be Even Evil Has Standards.
    • Recently. someone posted a picture of himself standing in lettuce containers at a Burger King. Rather than laughing, the members of 4chan instead said Dude, Not Funny!, tracked down the Burger King where this was taken, contacted the manager, local health department, and the media. This resulted in the person getting fired.
  • Something Awful may proudly be (or at least used to be) some of the greatest jerks on the internet, but often remark that new members can get lost in Pet Island.
  • On Encyclopedia Dramatica, often described as some kind of haven for trolls, the talk pages are quite civil, oftentimes even polite — moreso than those of The Other Wiki.