Parental Abandonment: Web Animation

  • Bitey of Brackenwood was taken in by a family of Morrugs, after the event that wiped the other Dashkin out. When they have their own child however, they abandon him. It's heavily suggested that this was what made Bitey such a bitter and cruel Jerkass.
  • Broken Saints: Raimi's dad left he and his mother in his childhood. And that's just the tame one... Shandala's biological father abandoned her on a Fijian Island as part of a magnificent plan to further his Evil Plan.
  • In RWBY, Yang Xiao Long's mother abandoned the family shortly after she was born. Her father then married Summer Rose and had Ruby Rose, Yang's half sister. Eventually, Summer went on a mission and never came back. It is unclear whether she died or left.
  • In X-Ray and Vav, it's initially Played for Laughs when the Corpirate mentions that he's X-Ray's Disappeared Dad, only for him to brush it off. Episode 5 of Season 2 ultimately reveals that X-Ray's father left him and his mother one day and never looked back. It causes major trust issues with X-Ray, to the point where he's scared that Vav will leave him, too, due to the fact that he's head over heels in love with a reporter.