Paper Thin Disguise / Newspaper Comics

  • Happens a few times in The Far Side. The most notable example is a polar bear with a penguin mask that doesn't even cover his whole face. And yet the penguins wonder why their numbers are diminishing.
  • Subverted in Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin assumes (probably from seeing too many TV shows where this trope is in effect) that he'll be unrecognizable in his "Stupendous Man" costume, and is thoroughly confused and frustrated when it fools nobody. Especially funny is the fact that his mom, one of the people he expects will be fooled, made the costume for him in the first place.
    • Similarly, Calvin also attempts to do this trope with Hobbes (wearing a trenchcoat with Hobbes on top) in order to sneak into an X-rated movie. Going by the ticket seller's remark in the final panel ("This is a new one."), she evidentially did not fall for it.
    • Calvin also once donned a fake nose, glasses and mustache and when Mom came to ask him about a broken lamp, he altered his voice and asked, "Who ees thees Kahlveen?"
  • Prickly City: How to disguise a coyote as the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse: bunny ears.
  • Spoofed in Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, where the dumber than bricks main character, Brewster mistakes an alien that looks like Mr. Potato Head wearing just a wig for Lieutenant Pamela.
  • Subverted in Dilbert; Alice is clearly not fooled by the PHB's disguise here, nor is his secretary fooled in the following strip.
  • In this Garfield strip, Liz may not be fooled, but as the next day's strip showed, Jon sure is.