Pantheon: Villains Lesser Gods

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    Ali Al-Saachez 
Ali Al-Saachez, God of Villainy for the Hell of it (Gary Biaggi, Prince Ali)
  • Lesser God
  • Weapon of Choice: Good ol' handguns. As for mechs, not much preference, but primarily seen with the Arche.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Irredeemable Characters, Mercenaries Who Love Their Jobs Way Too Much, Living For The Sake Of War, Killing Dogs Dead For The Lulz, Actually Being Cheered For Doing Evil, Badass Normals.
  • Domains: War, Villainy, Death.
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, The Joker, Gauron (used to be), Draco Malfoy, The Keeper
  • Enemies: Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Reiji, Practically the entire GUAG Robot War Division.
  • Opposed by: Aladdin (For stealing the "Prince Ali" nickname.)
  • High Priest: Yazan Gable.
  • Ali was once Gauron's follower, but for some reason backstabbed him. Says Gauron doesn't pay him enough, but in truth, he just did it because he wanted to. Many Evil Gods saw this as a potential ally and set up a house for him, but they keep an eye on him... since he could betray them any time (and given his fighting record, he might be able to pull it off).
  • Ali's current plan is to burn down the peaceful Neo-Venezia and turn it into a war zone.
  • Prince Ali, Mighty is He!
    • This doesn't sit well with Aladdin when he heard this, as Sachez committed many horrendous acts that disqualify him for a prince. Saachez just simply laughs it off.
  • Ali simply walked into Mordor one evening, and declared it was one of his favorite vacation spots.
  • Found a truly willing apprentice called Desil Galette. Ali promises to make him the worst kid ever, one that appalls even Setsuna.
  • Rau Le Creuset is currently manipulating him in order to fan the flames of war and maximize the amount of humans killed over the duration. Ali figured this out a while ago, but doesn't really care so long as Rau keeps giving him targets and plenty of new toys to shoot them with.
  • As much as they are often side-by-side, Ali is not quite fond with Kirei Kotomine, because for Ali, when one finds amusement in others' suffering and doing evil things, that's not a defect at all and should be enjoyed full force rather than considering it a 'mental defect'. For that, Ali's pet name to Kotomine is 'Mr. Hypocrite''.
  • He was supposed to take in Archibald Grims as his disciple, but refused it since he did not get much important killing done the last time he sortied. Others would say it's because of his tacky Lennon Specs, or the fact that his Gravilion would just be a sitting duck when pitted against the more agile Arche.
  • Apparently is good friends with The Joker, especially considering that both share the same voice, strengthened by the fact that Ali's seiyuu voiced him during his magnum opus.

    Anastasia Cisnarova/The Baroness 
Anastasia Cisnarova, Goddess of Sexy Villainy and Baronesses (The Baroness, Anastasia de Cobray(-Lewis))

    B.B. Hood 
Baby Bonnie Hood, Goddess of Angelic Faces Masking Black Hearts (Bulleta, B.B. Hood)

    Basco ta Jolokia 
Basco ta Jolokia, God of Harming Children and Depraved Exchange

    Black Mage 
Black Mage, God of Villain Protagonists
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A knife for stabbity fun.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Magic Butt Monkeys, Ax Crazies, Chew Toys, World Destruction Made Fun, unpretentiously evil protagonists.
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Wrath, Madness, Hell
  • Ally: The Keeper
  • Opposed by: Everyone else, including Kefka and especially Chaos
  • Followers: Belkar, all trying to backstab him to take his place.
  • Knows almost every black magic spell in the book, and has recently written a thousand-page book with names of all of the enemies he plans to horribly punish. So far, he's only on page three, but has still made incredible progress. Black Mage writes in Microdot, and to the untrained eye, the pages all look like they've been dyed black.
  • Axel attained Reverse Nirvana, making him an evil Buddhist god with mind bullets, the ability to nuke cities at will, and make your head explode. However, Black Mage attained this state first.
  • One of Black Mage's few allies within the Pantheon is The Keeper, primarily because of their status as Villain Protagonists. Several members of the Pantheon is making their bets on when Black Mage will attempt to backstab The Keeper, the question is just when.

    Bryan Fury 
Bryan Fury, God of Repaying Kindness With Evil (The Wicked Replicant, Snake Eyes)
  • Theme Song: Bryan Fury.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Tattoo on his neck.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Absolute Insanity, Returning From the Dead Thanks to Abel's experiments, Liking to Kick Defeated Opponents When He Wins, Blood Knights, Combat Sadomasochists, Cyborgs, Loves to Laugh, Doing Evil Things Because He Likes It, Having a Black Heart and a White Hair at The Same Time.
  • Domains: Destruction, Evil, Laughing, Cybernetics, Pain, Fear, Ungratefulness.
  • Allies: Vali Lucifer, Juri Han, Liquid Snake, Sadira, Jinx.
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Hyodo Issei.
  • Opposes: Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia.
  • When Bryan is on the verge of death after confronting Dr. Abel, Yoshimitsu saves him out of the kindness of his heart and entrusts him to Dr. Bosconovitch, who in turn says that he'll transfer Bryan's consciousness into a new, metallic body. When Bryan's design is shown to be too complex, Dr. B instead installs a perpetual generator into Bryan. And the next thing we know, corpses of Manji-clansmen piling up, and a wounded Dr. B for Yoshimitsu to find, all courtesy of Bryan, shamelessly.
    • He's ungrateful, but even he outright dislikes Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia because these two doesn't have style. In fact, he's laughing at their absolute idiocy.
  • Since then, Bryan has been on a rampage of destruction doing whatever he wants when he wants, this even led him to a Jack Series Robot and went to try and discover The Pandora's Box Where he stumbled on many fighters including Juri Han, They work together well based on their personalities.
  • He also finds that he works well with Jinx on their rampages though he finds her silly behavior annoying.
  • He is known to laugh in the face of people claiming to be good for the sake of being good, (he will even say this says to the faces of Madoka Kaname, Cosmos and even Superman) as far as Bryan is concerned, good is inherently hypocritical — it can't exist in the first place. Only the naive, the deceptive, and the monstrous exist. He admits of being the third.
  • He loves fighting and always claims: "Reasons and motives are just afterthoughts. It's fighting that keeps us monsters alive".
  • He surprises others that he sounds like Johann Liebert, but he personally just uses the fact to mess with other around him when he fights.
  • He also likes to use the fact that he sounds like Gilgamesh and Mitsunari Ishida.
    • And much to Toki's horror he also sounds like him.
    • Though he hates it when people also say he sounds like Kanji Tatsumi.
  • One time he got into a fight with Issei. Bryan knew Issei wasn't fighting with all his power, so he decided to push his Big Red Berserk Button: he harassed Issei's harem physically. Suffice to say, Bryan got a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown he wouldn't forget.
    • In response Bryan laughed, to him that was a fight worth a damn and the most fun he ever had and he has planned to try and get stronger to fight him again, this is how he chose to train. Issei, in response, says that Bryan actually reminds him of Vali Lucifer and, on a worse note, Freed Sellzen, but won't forgive what he's done to his girls — although he does know it was all just a ploy to make him fight harder.

    Colonel Mael Radec 
Colonel Mael Radec, God of Big Bad Enforcers (The Vicious Leader of The Helghast Forces, The Hound of Visari)
  • Theme Song: Helghan Forever, but when he gets serious, Autarch's Sanctum Battle
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Helghast Triad (Alternatively, his helmet with the eyes glowing a bright orange.)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a terrible boss and still being A Father to His Men, looking like Vader, loving battle, Colonel Badass, committing suicide to keep honor
  • Domains: Death, War, Combat, Evil, Tyranny, Power
  • Allies: The higher members of the GUAE, Darth Vader, Scanty and Kneesocks
  • Enemies: Most of the GUAG, Starscream
  • Rivals: Sir Daniel Fortesque
  • Ascended upon joining a battle between certain gods in the Pantheon (such as Kratos, Drake and Sackboy) as well as certain unascended battlers.
  • He is very loyal to the higher members of the GUAE, that said, he is disgusted by Starscream's traitorous attitude.
    • However, his loyalty lies first to the Helghast Empire. This was proven when Nyarlothep and Chakravatin attempted to test Radec by sending him into combat against unknown foes, who were later revelaed to be members of Radec's personal guard. This infuriated the Hound of Visari to no end, and is currently preparing the 501st and the Helghast Army in battling the above two deities and their demon army. Vader has agreed to loan resources to Radec's endeavour.
  • Like Selvaria Bles who is trying to ascend Maximillion, Radec is finding a way to ascend Scholar Visari.
  • Harpuia has become his arch enemy as they are mirrors of each other.
  • He frequently visits the House of Defense in hopes of improving the 501st in terms of... Just about everything. Vader approves of him trying to help the 501st, but he is annoyed about him executing those who do not follow his rules to the exact point.
  • He has an enemy in the form of a undead knight by the name of Sir Daniel and was delighted to find him in the House of Life and Death, preparing to fight him once more. That being said, he views Sir Dan as a foe worthy of his talents because of their shared views on honor.
  • Despite appearances, Radec believes in a fair battle, and wishes that he and his opponents face each other as soldiers on the battlefield.

    Copy X 
Copy X, God of Evil Knockoffs

    Dark Link 
Dark Link, Infernal Embodiment of Inner Darkness (Shadow Link)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A black version of the Master Sword.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those Made of Evil, Evil Twins, Shadow Archetypes, Enemies Without, Living Shadows, Mirror Bosses, Puzzle Bosses
  • Domains: Combat, Darkness, Emotion
  • Followers: Vanitas (Former, has now ascended), The Dark Prince, Buddy Love, the Shadows of the Investigation Team
  • High Priest: Dr Jekyll, who wishes to split from his own dark side as well as force the dark side out of everyone else.
  • Allies: Cia, Bernkastel
  • Enemies:
  • Is one of Link's most formidable foes in direct combat — though he mostly lacks the higher brain functionality to be a true villain, whenever he spawns from within Link he proves exceptionally difficult to take down, able to match Link in swordsmanship move for move. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to figure out how to copy Link's wide array of other weapons, and this usually spells his defeat. He's never gone forever though and will usually be reborn a few generations of Link down the line. Then there's Dark Links apparent weakness against two handed bludgeon weapons.
    • The Investigation Team sympathize with Link in this regard, as they all know what an encounter with one's own Shadow Archetype is like.
  • Oddly, he and Link's Arch-Enemy Ganondorf have never been direct allies, Dark Link usually acting of his own accord and Ganondorf only indirectly being involved with his creation once. Ganondorf has reportedly tried to contact Dark Link to hire him as a minion, but his messages haven't been returned.
    • There are theories that he is an aspect of Demise.
  • Do not bring up his defeat at the hands of Jenna Silverblade in front of him. He would much rather forget that happened.
  • During the events of Super Smash Bros. Brawl he teamed up with Dark Samus, who was mistakenly referred to as Samus' dark side. She's not but Dark Link was content with whatever help he could get.
  • Vanitas's ascension made Dark Link rather nervous. Not only did Vanitas have the higher brain functionality that Dark Link was somewhat lacking, but he is technically the enemy without of TWO separate people. Vanitas has made it clear he isn't after Dark Link's position, and the two now share a mutual understanding and respect for one another.
  • Enjoys the greater power allowed by his new master, Cia. She regularly summons him to her side, sometimes with several copies of himself.

    Dr. Drakken 
Drew Theodore Lipsky, God of Harmless Villainy (Dr. Drakken)

Fëanor, God of Renegade Splinter Factions
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eight-pointed star, in silver, red and black
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Renegade Splinter Factions, Rebellious Paragons, Belief that Everything can be Solved by Violence, Unbreakable Blasphemous Oaths, War Crimes, Having No Indoor Voice
  • Domains: Creation, Destruction, War
  • Allies: Eric Raymond
  • Enemies: MELKOR. This guy may be evil, but he IS MORE HEROIC than those so-called heroes, thank you very much, and will get Melkor FIRST!

    Gentleman Johnny Marcone 
Gentleman Johnny Marcone, God of Pragmatic Villainy

    Handsome Jack 
Handsome Jack, God of Petty Villains
  • Theme Song: "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hyperion Logo. Alternatively, his mask, which are often worn by his worshipers as a sign of devotion.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkass, Trolling, Evil Is Petty, Dirty Coward, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Narcissist, Manipulative Bastard, Knight Templar, Egotism, Abusive Parents, Hypocrite, Poke the Poodle, Greedy Bastards
  • Domains: Pettiness, Cowardice, Cruelty
  • Followers: Korrok, Elizabeth Elliot, Anton Chigurh, Chairman Mashita, Morgana
  • Allies: The Joker, Yuuki Terumi, Dolores Umbridge, Izaya, Dr. Drakken, Bernkastel, Basco, Nui Harime, Cell,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Every villainous Magnificent Bastard God
  • Enemies: The majority of the pantheon, Especially the house of commerce, Marcus Kincaid, Mad Moxxi, Gai Yuki/Black Condor
  • Recently ascended after posting some annoying stuff on the Pantheon, ranging from being he's better than every schemer Gods to being more handsome than Bishonen men, kicking various animals, and paints a message on a wall that says "Deadpool is gay for Asura."
  • Best buds with Terumi. So much that they chat about being the best deity duo around. Not to mention the Trolling antics. Adding Izaya, Berkastel, and Basco makes Trollkaiger.
    • Handsome Jack is designated "Trollkai Yellow". Little does he know that his color designation is trolling HIM for his cowardice.
    • He and Bernkastel have been credited by the GUAE for their discovery of Nui Harime after she disguised herself as a male student with her life fibers to break Ryuko Matoi. After raving reviews from him and Bernkastel, Nui became Trollkai Pink, the Trollkaiger's Sixth Ranger (later being promoted to Dark Chick after Bernkastel became the new Big Bad).
  • Drops by the House of Commerce to spite the other Gods products, so they kicked him out and left a sign that reads "No trolls allowed."
  • Despite all of this, he adamantly insists that he is actually a hero, a statement that only he believes. Eventually, however, he proved himself, sort of, when a former minion of his tells a bloody tale of his rise to power. As it turns out, he and his minions were once indeed the Heroes of Elpis. The same surprised people are also quick to agree that such Jack is dead, and Handsome Jack is a monster.
  • Also is very good friends with Cell, mostly due to them having the same voice
  • Looks like his story isn't over just yet.
  • He also has an intense hatred for Tsubaki Yayoi due to the fact that her Japanese voice sounds similar to the vault hunter known as Lilith. Lilith was also the one who branded Jack in such a way that he has to wear his mask. He pretty much makes that up with reveling on how much Tsubaki was used like a tool by Terumi and tries to make sure she never lives that down.
    • Has also developed a similar hatred towards Makoto Itou because his voice sounds similar to his other enemy, Roland. He even went over to his temple with his pals, Terumi and Izaya, to teach Makato and Sekai the difference between strangling and choking. note 
  • Known to be one of Mad Moxxi's former flings and the two have a very bitter history. In fact, Moxxi's attempt at killing him was a key contributing factor in his descent to madness.

    Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn 
Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Goddess of Evil Sidekicks (Harley Quinn)

    King Yakumo 
King Yakumo, God of Filler Villains

    Lord Galbatorix 
Lord Galbatorix, God of Off Stage Villainy

    Lord Ilpalazzo 
Lord Ilpalazzo, God of Relieving Villainous Boredom

    Leonard Snart/Captain Cold 
Leonard Snart, God of Villains With Standards (Captain Cold)

    Lezard Valeth 
Lezard Valeth, God of Villains With A Crush
  • Theme Song:How Wicked Ruler, In Order To Acquire The Light In That Hand
  • Rank: Intermediate God - Greater God if he gets a hold of Gungir and/or the Dragon Orb
  • Symbol: His glasses superimposed over The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evil Genius, Large Ham, Love Makes You Evil, Rage Against the Heavens, Stalker with a Crush
  • Domains: Evil Specs, Self-Made God, Necromancy
  • Allies: Follo, Gaston, Lucifer (maybe?)
  • Followers: Road, Lucia, Harry MacDougall
  • Enemies: Lenneth and her Sister Valkyries, Freya (its personal), Edward Elric, some members of the House of Love
  • Rivals/Opposed: Harry Potter (for looking like him), Belldandy, Negi Springfield.
  • Reason for Ascension: Nearly Pulled off one of the grandest schemes in the history of storytelling in order to try and the attention of Lenneth, the Goddess he’s obsessed with, in order to ‘become one with her’. He kidnaps his old teacher’s husband and turns him into a monster, which he then provokes into killing said teacher. He then captures and murders many elves and other beings in order to take out their souls for experiments in soul transfers, make homunculus out of them. When his initial plan fails, he deliberately kills himself to turn into a spirit and allies himself with a powerful vampire to ensure that Odin has no chance of surviving Ragnarok by making it so that his newest agent, Hrist, fails her mission. He then reconstitutes his body, thereby surviving Ragnarok, goes back in time, and immerses himself with another Valkyrie who’s on Midgard at the time. During a critical battle, manages to steal her soul with no one the wiser. When he confronts Odin, he overpowers him, takes his soul and Gungir and the in order to create a new world and time line, all of which finally alerts the ascended Lenneth of his involvement. All According to Plan. He does eventually fail in his grand scheme but the sheer magnitude of his plans is what got him in here instead of the Disgraces.
    • Needless to say, he’s NOT on a lot of people’s favorite list here in the Pantheon. However, he does have a decent-sized group of followers who consider him to be, if anything, a great villain.
  • The House of Magic strictly forbids him from entering their halls due to rarely anything good coming out of his experiments in soul transfusion. Edward Elric is especially watchful of him due to the subject of his experimentation.
    • However, since the events of the Great Upheaval, his undeniable talent in magic is under consideration for use. He scoffs at the idea of willingly working with them but if Lenneth (or Belldandy) should ask him, he may consider it.
  • Has been known to laugh maniacally when things start to go his way (such as in a chess match). Lenneth is keeping a much closer eye on him, but since he has arrived he has slightly mellowed out on his obsessive behavior but she is sure that he will eventually try something again because of them being in different Houses.
  • Now that everyone knows the tale of his deeds, his ego has inflated ridiculously to the point where one can’t walk by his temple without hearing him.
    "Bow to me – Worship me! Honor my name – Lezard Valeth!"
  • When Belldandy of the House of Love, came to speak with him, he actually welcomed the chance to 'discuss' his obsession with her, a Goddess of similar status as 'his beloved'.
    "Love? Who says what love is, or how it shall be measured? Who decides whether it is indeed 'wholesome and pure' or 'twisted and evil'? All I have done, I have done in her name, for her sake! I defied all of the petty gods of my world and what their works had wrought. I freed her from the shackles of that abominable fate as servants to an impotent god and system! And yet I find that I am hated and cast off! How many of these so-called 'heroes' who grace these halls can admit to doing even a fraction of what I have done in the name of love!? How many of them have destroyed and killed for the sake of their loved one!? How many of them have usurped power and status, just to grace a speck in their beloved's eye!? And they dare to judge me and my actions as mere folly!? I say to them that their words are the true heresy! ... Please forgive my harsh tone just now, my Lady. I imagine that you see myself as being dangerous, and I shall admit, I am. I am a fool in love with a goddess who spurns him. Were she to command anything, even my own death, I would obey gladly, if only I could remain by her side. Your lover, a mortal is he not? Woe be it to him if he should ever fall from your graces. You might find a despair, a madness, deep within him that you yourself did not foresee."
    • Belldandy was unnerved by him, but she says she sees a glimmer of hope that with time and patience, he can be guided onto a less destructive path. Lenneth cautioned her about becoming too close to Lezard, lest his considerable ‘affection’ start to drift in her direction as well.
  • Asura, yes THAT Asura, has a personal distaste for the mage, and not only because Lezard tried to become the kind of god that he vehemently opposes. There’s just something about his voice that sets off the Destructor…

    Liquid Snake 
Liquid Snake, God of Diabolical British Men (Liquid Ocelot, Eli, Master Miller)
  • Theme Song: Light Vs. Darkness
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A snake wrapped around a sword, with the words "Temptation Revelation" at the top of the sword behind The FOXHOUND Logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Manages to shoot down two F-16s with a Hind D, He doesn't want soldiers to lose their place in the world, so he basically wants to start a bunch of new wars, Blond Guys Are Evil, Blood Knight, The Only person Solid Snake could not flat out kill, Forever War, Evil Little BRRRROOOOOOTTTTHHHHEEEEEEERRRR, Evil People Doing Something British
  • Domains: War, Fighting, Destruction, Hatred, Genetics
  • Allies: Steven Armstrong, Sundowner, Skull Face, Monsoon, Souther, Bryan Fury, Juri Han
  • Enemies: Solid Snake, Big Boss, Solidus Snake, Revolver Ocelot, The Patriots, Raiden,Simba
  • Followers: Decoy Octopus
  • He decided to ascend when he realized that his brother and Father ascended and that they needed to be destroyed. He found where Solid Snake resided and announced himself by saying, BRRRROOOOOTTTTHHHEEEEEERRRR.
  • He is attempting to find Big Boss and kill him so that he will have a chance to satisfy his anger towards what Big Boss has done to him.
  • He then realized that the Pantheon had grown weak with all the hope bringers and heroes, He decided to use the resources here to bring Chaos and Honor back to this Pantheon gone soft, as he believes that the Main House is only filled with Liars and Hypocrites and they should not be running the Pantheon.
  • His discovery of Ocelot in The Pantheon was strange and tense as Liquid knows that Ocelot wants Liquid's Outer Heaven, however his loyalty to Big Boss is what makes Liquid despise him.
  • Though he would prefer not to talk too much about the time Liquid possessed Ocelot through Ocelot attaching his limb to replace a cut off arm, their time together then made it very strange and uncomfortable.
  • He is often attempting to push many Non Violent or Pacifist members of The Pantheon to become killers as in his mind like himself and his brother there is a killer inside them and they merely need to understand the joy of battle to let it out.
  • He somehow earned the hatred of Toph Beifong, though this maybe due to the fact that he sounds like her father.
  • This has also earned him strange looks from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as he sounds similar to Leonardo.
    • Also earned a few strange stares from Sora as he sounds like Simba, much to his confusion.
  • Works surprisingly well with Souther. Some say it is because they sound similar to each other.
  • He always thought to himself to be The Inferior Clone to Solid Snake and believes that this was Big Boss's choice. Unknown to him, he was the one to gain superior genes.
  • He is upset that the only part of his old unit here is Ocelot, though he sometimes feels like he had to remind them that he is their C.O. and not their mother, he is plotting to ascend FOXHOUND, starting with Psycho Mantis.
    • Has managed to ascend Psycho Mantis and gained his loyalty when Mantis realized this would be another chance to kill many people. With Mantis's help, they were able to ascend Sniper Wolf, but she decided not to work for Liquid again. The Main House also denied Decoy Octopus the chance to ascend, leaving Vulcan Raven as Liquid's last possible ally.
    • Now Vulcan Raven has ascended. Many in the Pantheon are awaiting Liquid's next move.
    • When questioned about his plans Liquid merely claimed, "We'll be able to bring Chaos and Honor back to this Pantheon gone soft!"
  • He has decided to support Steven Armstrong due to agreeing with his beliefs.

    Metal Sonic 
Metal Sonic, God of Robot Imitations (Metallix, Metal Overlord)

    Miyo Takano 
Miyo Takano Goddess of Hidden Villains (Droopy-tan)

Nightmare, God of Dark Evil Knights (Azure Knight, Night Terror, Inferno, Graf Dumas)
  • Lesser God (Greater God as Night Terror)
  • Theme Music: "Forsaken Sanctuary".
  • Symbol: His azure helmet, near Soul Edge.
  • Weapon of Choice: Soul Edge.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Giant Sword Fighting, Dark Knights, Irredeemable Evilness, Stealing Souls, Enemy Without, Large Ham, Becoming the most powerful being in his universe at full power, Master of Fire and Lightning.
  • Domains: Villainy, War, Armor, SOULS, Aristocracy.
  • Master: Soul Edge.
  • Allies: Shang Tsung, Rugal Bernstein, Geese Howard, Chaos Knight, Grima.
  • Enemies: Siegfried Schtauffen (former host), Sophitia Alexandra, Ky Kiske, Axel Almer, Taki, Arturia Pendragon, Lucina, Robin, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Luka
  • In the wake of recent events, Shang Tsung lost grip onto some of his souls and it latched onto Soul Edge. The amount of souls eventually called forth another of its storage, thus the deification/entry of Nightmare in the Pantheon.
  • Has an Unknown Rival in form of the other Black Knight, who kept insisting on fighting him and wouldn't even stop, even after Nightmare chops off his limbs.
  • It has recently come to light that he has a new host body. This new host has made him much more dangerous because his intelligence now rivals that of some of the Chessmaster gods. Rumors say that this is because his new host is likely that of Raphael Sorel, a French aristocrat who had been malfested by one of Soul Edge's fragments.
  • While he has become much more strategic as of late, at his core, Nightmare desires nothing but to drown the world in bloodshed. His targets recently have been forces of Order, in a gambit to force the hand of his opposite, Soul Calibur. Eventually he intends to do battle with Elysium, once it possesses its own host for the fate of the Pantheon proper.
  • Has bonded with Grima over their desires to cover the Pantheon in darkness and destruction, as well as their armies of corrupted beings (Malfested and Risen). The knight has similarly earned the hatred of both of Grima's greatest enemies, Lucina and Robin, for these very same reasons.
  • Will show his victims the greatest nightmare.
  • On the occasions he is able to fully complete Soul Edge, Nightmare will shed his current form and ascend to the Night Terror, gaining wings and power few can hope to match. Luckily for the Pantheon, this is usually impossible, as the final shard is Soulcalibur, currently locked away in the Treasury and is always placed back on the occasions he does get it and is defeated. Doesn't stop him from trying though.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have scheduled him for a Death Battle against Guts, God of Anti-Heroism. Despite unleashing his full power upon the Black Swordsman, including the Night Terror, he found himself with a split head and a shattered blade. Luckily for him, Grima was around to get the necessary souls to bring him back to life quickly. Nightmare now avoids Guts out of practical concerns, but if Soul Edge ever finds a way to loosen his grip on the Dragonslayer and place itself into his hands, it will do so as quickly as possible. Guts's combat ability and suppressed bloodlust offers a buffet for the soul-eating blade.

    The Penguin 
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, God of Well-Dressed Villains (The Penguin)

    Prometheus and Pandora 
Prometheus and Pandora, Co-God and Goddess of Traitorous Co-Dragons and Those Whose Days are Numbered (The Reploid Siblings, The Voices of Model W), (Prometheus: The Reaper, Death, DAN-001), (Pandora: The Witch, DAN-002)
  • Theme Song: Trap Phantasm
  • Lesser God and Goddess
  • Symbol: Miniature Model W with a scar through it
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, with traces of Chaotic Evil (when in a bad mood) and Chaotic Neutral (when in a good mood)
  • Portfolio: Both Aloof Older Siblings, Co-Dragons, Darkand Troubled Past, Evil Duo, Fan favorites, Fire, Ice, Lightning, People Jars, Sibling Yin-Yang, Scythe and Sorcerer, The Starscream, Woobie Destroyerof Worlds, Requiring constant maintenance to avoid Critical Existence Failure
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Hatred, Insanity, Destruction, Suffering
  • Allies: Omega, Metal Sonic, Tails, Crona, Mordred.
  • Rivals: Scanty and Kneesocks
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Grey (their little "brother"), Mega Man, Zero, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Pit, Shiro Emiya.
  • Enemies: DR. WEIL, Sosuke Aizen, Xehanort, Harpuia.
  • Respect: Homura Akemi
  • Ascended after their supposed deaths in their former Master's underwater base. Even they don't know if they died down there.
  • Despite their alignment, they are not actually members of the GUAE, even if some of their allies are. The reason for this is because of Dr. Weil, who was responsible ultimately for their at least a century's worth of suffering.
  • They don't like Aizen or Xehanort due to reminding them far too much of Master Albert.
  • Cosmos apparently promised them new bodies in exchange for their alliance with the GUAG. They intend to hold her to that.
  • The only person they allow to perform maintenance on them when required is Tails, mostly because they trust he won't try to mess with their programming.
  • Prometheus has an interesting relationship with Mega Man and Shiro Emiya. Despite the fact that they both represent ideals that he calls worthless, he respects them for at least being able to back them up.
    • He finds Pit a little too upbeat, but is willing to work with him. Some believe it's because he reminds Prometheus of his younger sibling, Grey.
  • He often fights with other members of the Pantheon, but he especially likes training against Omega and Metal Sonic, considering them his equals.
    • Apparently, Grima has taken a special interest in him exactly for this reason.
    • He especially loves brawling with Mordred, both for giving good fights and for a similar dislike of their 'fathers'. He especially gets a good laugh whenever she talks about the Battle of Camlann.
  • Pandora is good friends with Crona, often finding time to speak with hir about different subjects. She has about as much idea as everyone else on what Crona's gender is, though.
    • She is also on better terms with their true allies and so-and-so allies than her brother, but that's because she doesn't yell as much.
  • Pandora also looks at Shion Sonozaki with confusion, unable to get over how similar they are.
  • No matter how many times people hear his nickname, Prometheus is NOT the God of Death.
  • They have a somewhat-strained with Harpuia. Despite the fact they share a common enemy in the form of Dr. Weil, he still cannot forgive Prometheus or Pandora for killing countless innocent people and being true Mavericks.
    • Zero also doesn't exactly trust them with their alliance with Omega.
  • They are among the few who actually respect Homura Akemi's actions during the Great Upheaval: They respect her dedication to Madoka's safety, as it reminds them quite a bit of the lengths they would go for each other. As one can imagine, this has not endeared them to the Sisterhood at all, but the last time any of them attempted to ambush them, they were treated to the full brunt of their Fire, Ice, Lightning abilities.
  • Have something of a rivalry going on with Scanty and Kneesocks, due to both pairs having a large following, being Co-Dragons to their leaders, though with an obvious split in loyalties, as well as similar fighting styles (Prometheus and Kneesock's close-range attacks with scythes, Pandora and Scanty's long-range with projectile-based attacks). Ironically, what started the rivalry was Prometheus yelling at the Daemon Sisters to keep the sound of their private sisterly sex down, but after the resulting fight, it grew into a bit of a mutual respect thing. It helps that they too hate Weil.
  • Had mixed feelings when Grey ascended. On one hand, they were pissed off that he was still alive and kicking. On the other hand, he successfully killed Master Albert and destroyed Model W, so these days they treat their little brother with indifference and some small amount of respect.
    • When they learned Model W itself had ascended into the Treasury, they attempted to go down there and destroy it themselves. They were only just barely held back by the worry of getting their hatred ripped out of them again to let it grow stronger.
  • Were offered a place among the ranks of GUAC by Lucifer, but declined. While they were certainly tempted by the offer, they decided it wouldn't do them good to go back on their deal with Cosmos just yet.

    Scanty And Kneesocks 
Scanty and Kneesocks, Goddesses of Polite Villains Opposing Rude Heroes (The Daemon Sisters, High-Class Demon Commanders)

    Seth Rollins 
Seth Rollins, God of Selling Oneselves Out (Colby Lopez, Tyler Black, Gixx, The Architect)

Shin, God of Motivation-Inspiring Villainy (King)

    Tanya (Mortal Kombat
Tanya, Goddess of Betraying One's Homeland

    The Illusive Man 
The Illusive Man, God of Villains with Vision (The Leader of Cerberus, Jack Harper, TIM)
  • Theme Song:The Illusive Suite
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cerberus Insignia
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Though his enemies see him as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Creates Many Plans to Work in his favor, The Chessmaster, It's nearly impossible to tell when he's being truthful or lying, The Extremist Was Right, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Willing to work with aliens so long as it suits his goals
  • Domains: Control, Power, Righteousness, Manipulation
  • Allies: Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Solidus Snake, Funny Valentine, Victor Von Doom, Lex Luthor, Maximillion Caxton, Nikolai Bulygin, Cao Cao
  • Enemies: Clark Kent, Commander Shepard, Liara T'Soni, Miranda Lawson, Jack, Raiden, Snake, Ragyo Kiryuin, Harbinger, Satan, The Incubators, The Guardians of The Galaxy
  • He created The Organization Cerberus as he believed that He's trying to make humanity dominant in the galaxy. He sees Humanity realying too much on outside forces and believes that these alien creatures would one day turn against Humanity, he does not want that to happen so through various means he has attempted to try and find a way to make Humanity as powerful as possible and put a stop to anything that the other forces do to try and harm humans.
  • Thus has a grand Vision that Humanity should be in control of The Galaxy, and he will make sure they are given the strength to do so even if many views his actions as wrong, he believes it is for The Good of Humanity.
  • Thus when he discovered The Pantheon and learned of the many different Races in The Pantheon that were not human he was displeased, this has led him to seeking allies to make sure that Humanity would be the dominant species in The Pantheon as well.
  • After recent events he has renounced the type of tech he was using then after being reborn in The Pantheon, his discovering of Doctor Doom allowed an Alliance to use similar tech without Indoctrination.
  • Is utterly disgusted with Ragyo Kiryuin, he will admit that a good number of his operations are shady at best and dangerous at worst but he finds that her obedience to The Life Fibers and what she did to her children is a grand reason to eliminate her. It is one of the few reasons he would ever agree to work with Shepard again.
  • Though any Human that has been advanced with any sort of enhancement, be it Magical, Mechanical, Inner Energy, Stands, The Force or anything of the sort he praises those sort of humans for evolving Humanity to the next step or tries to have them kidnapped for experimentation to figure out how to use such abilities for the rest of Humanity.
  • Has always hired Desperado for various operations due to his fondness for Cyborg Ninja's like one of his men Kai Leng.
  • He has taken his position in The Pantheon and added it to his Spaceship and often changes the location of where in The Pantheon's Space, thus no one except his allies knows where he is at a given time.
  • Once considered for apart of YHVH's GUAL but Jack turned it down as to him, not even The Great Will or his angels should be in charge of Humanity's Destiny.
  • Believes that The Incubators and even Satan himself should be destroyed and prove their views on Humanity wrong as to him Humanity can become strong enough to defeat any adversary no matter how powerful.
  • Is with Lex Luthor on the fact that Metropolis relies too much on Superman and that they should only rely on themselves.
  • Despite being one of his/her biggest enemies, he sees Commander Shepard as a Worthy Opponent who deserves the utmost respect. He desperately wants Shepard to join his side as opposed to killing him/her, and is quite annoyed when his underlings refuse to show the same respect.

    The Iron Sheik 
The Iron Sheik, God of Foreign Wrestling Villains (Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, Sheikie Baby)
  • Theme Song: "Sheika".
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Flag of Iran.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portofilio: Foreign Wrestling Heel, Badass Mustache, Stout Strength, Patriotic Fervor, Biggus Dickus, No Indoor Voice.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Strength, "Humbling".
  • Followers: Mr. Fuji, Muhammad Hassan, Vladimir Kozlov, Nikolai Volkoff, The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal (all played straight whenever they play as Heels).
  • Ally: Cesaro.
  • Rival: Hulk Hogan.
  • Ascended partly due to his legacy and popularity among certain worshippers and partly due to an incident where he walked into the Gladiator Pit of Maryseutopia and locked a still-recovering Gobbledy Gooker in the Camel Clutch, "humbling" the Gooker and rendering him injured again.
  • Is forbidden from entering the House of Combat to prevent him and Hogan from getting into another fight.
  • Whenever not antagonizing non-Irani or non-Russian gods, he pretty much spends most of his time rambling for hours against anybody who he thinks has dissrespected him, mentioning how he will "make them humble" with the "Iranian Loch Ness". Let's just say that it is a big list of people.
    "If you no wanna show respect to the Sheik, I suplex you, put you in the Camel Clutch, break your back, make you humble and FACK YOUR ASS!"
  • For some strange reason, he keeps walking up to stronger Gods and claims that "they are the man, but shooting-wise, he can beat the fuck out of them" only to walk away. Most people don't know if that is considered a compliment or an insult.
  • Surprisingly enough, he accepts the offer of appearing in the Pantheon version of The Jerry Springer Show. The Iron Sheik has many memories of that show when he appeared as a guest star.
  • He may or may not be an anti-semite. He is confusing like that.

    The Jigsaw Killer 
The Jigsaw Killer, God of the Sadistic Choice and Forcing People into Self-Mutilation (John Kramer)

    Vic Vega 
Vic Vega, God of Soft-Spoken Sadism (Mr. Blonde)
  • Theme Song: Stuck In The Middle With You
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Broken Radio next to a razor.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The reason for torturing a cop, A dark version, He'll torture and murder innocent people, but, he refuses to give info to the authorities on his boss, Never raises his voice or loses his cool, For all his numerous faults, he is intensely loyal to his bosses
  • Domains: Sadism, Music, Torture, Loyalty, Serenity
  • Allies: Vincent Vega, Hoyt Volker, Vaas Montenegro, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Sundowner, The Joker, Johan Liebert
  • Enemies: Freddy Newandyke, Larry Dimmick, Jason Brody, Herr DokTenma, Madoka Kaname, Homura]]Akemi, Sayaka Miki
  • Currently works with many crime families that need a good loyal man that isn't afraid to torture anyone, He is currently under the employ of Hoyt and is seen trying to carry out his orders, is also open to working under The Joker if he ever needs it.
  • He tries to get other Villains to listen to "K-billy Super sounds of the 70's" as it is one of his personal favorites.
  • Will kill people for the pettiest of reasons, like if a alarm going off.
  • Although he always works under people he does not like being told that he has a boss.
  • He likes Vaas and is happy to work with him but likes to state that Vaas did an act that Vic did first, though he will digress that it did not end well for him.
  • He is not a man of many standards but he does have two, one is that he is intensely loyal and will kept secrets to himself, two is not to mess with his little brother.
  • His little brother Vincent Vega is his only family and he does not tolerate people messing with him even if he is a bit pathetic.
  • He is open to working with Johan Liebert if the situation calls for it as he reminds him of himself.
  • He likes to go to the House of Food with some other villains to get some grub and coffee and talk about various topics about the pantheon, and about some of the gossip going on, he is always the first to tip the waitress when they leave.
  • When he starts his favorite activity he likes to start with the ear and playfully talk to it.
  • Will torture people just because he likes to and it amuses him, he doesn't care what they have to say as he heard it all before, he will just do it as they hope for a quick death, which they won't.

    Walter White 
Walter White, God of Better Living Through Evil, Using Knowledge for Crime, and Heroes Who Develop Into Villains (Mr. White, Heisenberg, The Cook, The One Who Knocks)
  • Theme Music: Baby Blue.
  • Lesser God seeking the power of a Greater God
  • Symbols: A blue crystalline head with a Nice Hat and Beard of Evil, a chemistry beaker with a piece of blue meth besides it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Bald Villains, Evil Beard, Greed and Pride, Evil Intellect, Normal People Who Become Powerful, Villain Protagonists, Magnificent Bastards, Elaborate Schemes, Familial Love, Selfishness.
  • Domains: Drugs, Money, Greed, Pride, Family.
  • Allies: Has as somewhat shaky truce with Moriarty, but no else one trusts him enough.
  • Enemies: Vimes, Sherlock Holmes, Omar Little, and Don Vito Corleone.
  • Ascended to the pantheon when his series concluded with record high ratings and near-unanimous critical praise, securing his legacy in television history. His unprecedentedly gradual and meticulous Face-Heel Turn took over six years, two in Comic-Book Time.
  • Since ascending Walt has strangely begun to amass large piles of cash around his seat and bags of blue crystal meth have been sighted in the hands of departing visitors, making some wonder if Walt is up to his old schemes again.
  • While his genius and piles of cash are of value to anyone wishing to make an ally of him, and he has no supernatural powers unlike so much of the pantheon, Walt has a history of turning even the most powerful allies into corpses and securing their power for himself. Thus, many are hesitant to trust him, and those that do keep an eye on him at all times.
  • Walt has been seen discretely leaving David Xanatos' chambers on occasion. When the two are questioned, Walt has feigned ignorance and Xanatos has said he just wants to get to know a fellow schemer he hasn't met before. If they're sizing each up as enemies or if they're concocting some sort of plan together, no one knows.
  • While his family is still back on earth and has disowned him, Walt still tolerates no danger to them. Anyone who threatens them, regardless of power levels or alignment, will make a permanent enemy of him and he will use all in his power to destroy them.
  • Also holds a spot in the Pantheon of Crime as the god of Better Living Through Evil and Using Great Knowledge For Crime; it's because of that house he holds the rank of Lesser God, because he is too widely distrusted and disliked by his fellow criminals to get a larger foothold... yet.

Standard Carrier Wo-Class, Avatar of Unintentionally Sympathetic Villains (Black Wock Shooter, "Yorktown", Kisa-Wo-Gi)

Wyzen, God of Starter Villains (Vajra Wyzen, Gongen Wyzen)
  • Lesser God, Greater God as Gongen Wyzen
  • Symbol: His giant right fist
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (believes himself to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Boisterous Bruiser, Fifty-Foot Brute with a God Complex, Dumb Muscle, Fat Bastard, Hand Cannon, Hammy Starter Villain with a GIGANTIC ego, Megaton Punches from his great fists, powerful Smugness.
  • Domains: Violence, Shouting, Idiocy.
  • Allies: Deus, Olga, Yasha, Augus, Kalrow, Sergei.
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Gohma Vlitra, Kratos, The House of Villains (ironically enough), Whispy Woods.
  • Wyzen was the last of the Seven Deities to be ascended as part of Deus's plans.
  • Upon arrival, Wyzen declared that he would 'root out all evil with his great fists'. Many gods, particularly Terumi and Hades, have found this statement hilariously ironic, considering his position as the God of Starter Villains.
  • Has an unfortunate tendency to forget that he and his fellow Deities are not the only gods in the Pantheon, which leads to many, MANY confrontations that end with Wyzen getting sorely curbstomped.
  • Wyzen once had an unfortunate meeting with Kratos, which ended with Wyzen becoming Gongen Wyzen and trying to squash the God of War with his finger. It didn't work, and the House of Life and Death had to spend a few weeks collecting the various pieces of Wyzen that were scattered across the Pantheon.
  • Speaking of Gongen Wyzen, this transformation has impressed many gods in the Pantheon by being roughly the size of a planet.

Xanxus, God of Slouching Villains (Boss)