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Pantheon: Villains Greater Gods
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Airy, Goddess of Adorable Villains
  • Theme Song: Wicked Thing, Wicked Battle and Wicked Flight
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The numbers on her wings appearing in a circle, counting from 5 to 1 clockwise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Omnicidal Maniac, Absolute Evil, Cute Fairies, Small, chatty menu creatures, Insectoid True Forms
  • Domains: Manipulation, Boundaries, Appearance, Crystals
  • Allies: Nui Harime, The Four Gods of Chaos, Satan
  • Opposed by: The Warriors of Light, Minato Arisato, Kyubey and the Incubators
  • Emerged from a Great Chasm that appeared within the Pantheon. Airy was delighted to still be alive, and she has made no secret of her plans to resurrect her master Lord Ouroborus...and win back His favor after failing Him down back in Luxendarc.
  • Has set her eye on the boundary held in place by Minato Arisato, hoping to pierce it and unleash Nyx in the meantime. Unfortunately for her, Zeus has made sure that Airy gets nowhere near Minato to do something like that.
  • Despite her apparent similarities to the Incubators (A cute, seemingly innocent little creature that appears to the female lead in her moment of need to guide her out of seemingly good intentions only to later be revealed to be a Big Bad manipulating the naive main characters, and also has to deal with one of the protagonists who happens to be from another world and catches on to their evil plot, which involves using the power the main characters have painstakingly collected), Airy is less than fond of them. Who cares about holding the universe together! All is fodder for His Malevolence!
  • Has thrown her lot in with the Four Gods of Chaos, and has grown particularly fond of Tzeench.
  • Ika Musume and Sharuru admire Airy's skill at using her appearance to fool people into thinking she's not a threat. However, they are appalled by the sheer depth of the fairy's depravity.
  • Has started working with Satan, offering him power once Ouroborus is revived. To that end, Satan has dropped his plans to destroy the Pantheon with the Leviathan: Airy has a more productive fate in mind for it.

    Alex DeLarge 
Alex DeLarge, God of Ultraviolence

Bowser, God of Princess-Kidnapping Dragons (Daimaō Kuppa, King Koopa)
  • Theme Song: King Bowser Koopa (Final Boss Theme) from Super Mario Bros. 3; alternatively Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 8.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Koopa Troop flag, the insignia of which is his head.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Veteran Villain, Unstoppable Tenacity, Evil Reptilian Creature, Turtle-like Dragon, All-Powerful Fists, Nigh-Impenetrable Shell, Fiery Breath, Giant Monster, Blitzkrieg Mobbings, Hijacked By Bowser
  • Domains: Reptilians, Bestial, Dragon, Fire, Strength, Kaiju
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, King K. Rool
  • Opposed By: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Antasma
  • Bowser is forever opposed to Mario, but at the same time, realizes that without him as an arch-nemesis, he'd be out of a job, as there isn't much of a market for kidnapping princesses anymore.
  • Bowser's induction in the House of Villains has been an utter roller coaster in and of itself. The King of Koopas was always a viable candidate for a seat, the opinion torn over whether he would serve as an asset or a liability. While his ferocious temperament was appealing, his bumbling tendencies turned others away from the notion.
    • Upon Bowser's induction into the Beast house, the higherups and more influential of the Villain Pantheon decided to put him under observation. Due to the ways his actions always tipped the scales over the events of the Mario & Luigi titles, they came to notice something: Bowser was insanely powerful on his own. Come Fawful's takeover, Bowser's true potential was shown for all to see—however, as he'd unwittingly had assistance from the Mario Bros., it was settled that the case could not contribute to his nature as a villain.
    • Come Bowser's sudden blitzkrieg on his home universe, more began to stand and take notice. With a sudden attack and a pinch of ruthlessness, Bowser had nearly brought society to its knees on a galactic scale. The end result went even further, in that his actions resulted in a black hole that consumed the universe before a last-ditch attempt from the Lumas of the Comet Observatory revived it. While it was noted this had not been his intent, the simple fact he was so readily capable of such destruction under the right circumstances was astonishing within itself.
    • Bowser's final accomplishment that earned his entry was due to the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. While at first it seemed Bowser would end up being used once again, an astounding event occurred: Bowser kicked the Bat King Antasma to the curb, declared he'd simply been awaiting the right time to take full control, and left him to the mercy of the Mario Bros. This cold-blooded act of ruthless objectivity was on the level of even the likes of Ganondorf, and so Bowser was finally contacted to be inducted into the villainy pantheon. Bowser even refused at first, restating he's not a fan of being a team player, which even more enticed his addition. Eventually, he finally cooperated, and gained his second position among the divinities.
  • Bowser quickly made contact with both Dr. Eggman and Ganondorf once he'd been added, forming alliances between the two of them. While he and Ganondorf openly have made clear they both expect the other to be planning to stab them in the back, his interactions with the mad scientist in past Olympic events have led theirs to be a much more friendly partnership.
  • Though King K. Rool is his ally, the Kremling monarch contests Bowser's seat and would claim it for his own if he ever got the chance. However, his power is so inferior to Bowser's that the Koopa King doesn't even recognize him as a threat. The on-and-off alliance of Donkey Kong and Mario usually results in K. Rool putting aside his ambitions to Bowser's seat to work with him to eradicate their respective archenemies first.
  • Upon learning of Bowser's retaining of the abilitiess the Mario Bros. released in his body, including growing gigantic under his own sheer might, it was decided he should be tested to discover just what the ceiling on his power is. Natural titan Hades stepped up to the bat, and the two engaged in a battle in the Underworld. However, when the tide turned against Bowser, Kamek was called to his side, resulting in an astonishing revelation: Giant Bowser's already-huge form itself could be made giant. The now Giant-Giant Bowser promptly punched the God of the Underworld through a mountain, causing Melkor to intervene. He forced their bout to end a draw, not wishing to attract attentions outside the Villain House.

    Ganondorf Dragmire 
Ganondorf Dragmire, God of Villainous Scheme Hijacking (Ganon, the King of Darkness/Evil/Thieves, Demise, Demon King.)
  • Theme Song: Ganon's Tower
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Triforce of Power. Alternatively, a flaming effigy of his head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sorcererous Evil Overlords, Declaring Himself a God, Conquering Hyrule, Reviving From the Dead, Revealing himself to be the true Big Bad (over and over... and over)
  • Followers: Sigma, the Archmage, Myotismon, Vilgax, Shendu, Twinrova, Vaati, Agahnim.
  • Allies: Dracula, Xehanort, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Zant, Ghirahim
  • Enemies: Link, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi,
  • He and Link have done battle many, many times. However, no matter how many times Link kills him, Ganondorf continues to return to oppose him. Though some have speculated it has to do with Time Travel and his standing as Link's archnemesis, no one knows how he does this. He's gotten smarter in later years and has fought Link through a network of allies and minions to conceal the fact he's still alive, but it hasn't resulted in much more success than when he did it himself.
  • Some have prophesied that when the final battle of Good and Evil is almost done, Ganondorf will rise over Melkor's ashes and proclaim he was the controlling force of the House of Evil all along. Though few pay this theory any mind, Link fully expects it.
  • Has once stated that he and Captain Falcon are more similar than the pantheon thinks
  • There was a short time where it was debated if Ganon should keep his position after it was learned that He's merely the incarnation of the hatred of a being even greater than himself: Demise. Ultimately it was decided he would remain a god as his predecessor is dead for good, and Ganondorf is more or less the same being.
  • With Zelda's arrival into the Pantheon, Ganondorf has redirected a portion of the GUAE's efforts into capturing her. Drawing her and Link together, Ganondorf hopes to again claim the power of the Triforce, which he believes could even overule the collective power of the Main House. Whether this claim is true or not, no one is willing to find out.
  • Is actually opposed to the House of Crime, due to his people the Gerudo worshiping members of the House rather than worshipping him.
  • His alliance with Eggman and Bowser has the potential to draw out the fullest potential of science, magic, and brute strength within the GUAE's ranks, making this Power Trio a high target on the GUAG's agenda.
  • As the protectors of Hyrule have continued to grow stronger within the Pantheon and threatened to completely overwhelm him, Ganondorf put his faith in Ghirahim's magic studies, and has been granted even greater power and form.
  • Currently trying to figure out how to handle the legion of fangirls drawn to him by his new appearance since the ritual. While a bit flabbergasted at first, the King of Evil simply laughed and decided to weed out the worthiest of them to turn into a new society of Gerudo thieves, since his own stopped worshipping him.
  • Where his own version of Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch might not be as powerful, he is shown with his Warlock Punch that he is a force to be reckoned with even without magic. Observe.

    General Tarquin 
General Tarquin, God of Villains Who Knows How Things Usually Works (Tarquin)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: He in his helmet and armor, raising his finger as a teacher pointing something out, above a box containing one of his "Tarquin's Tips"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Great knowlege in the story structure, wearing scary armor, being Evil Counterpart to several people at once, Evil Overlord, Dragon-in-Chief, Evil Genius, The Bluebeard, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, very cool and pragmatic, hot despite his age, self-centered and Villain Of Another Story
  • Domain: Evil, Knowledge, Theater, War
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, David Xanatos, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Draco Malfoy, The Vandenreich
  • Followers: Saiou, Cornelia Vi Britannia, Mozenrath, Plutonian
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, The Joker, Lelouch Lamperouge, The Question
  • Rumored to have created Evil Overlord List. Even is he didn't, he is clearly trying to standardize it. Many other gods are trying to stop him, because the last thing the world needs is for every villain to become as savvy as him.
  • Often seen visiting houses of Knowledge and Theatre.
  • Lelouch wants to defeat him to destroy his evil reign and Light wants to dispatch him as a part of some scheme. Knowing he has no chance against their combined skills and knowledge, Tarquin does everything he can to fuel the flames of their rivalry, so they'll keep fighting each other.
  • Joker wants to kill him for turning down his offer for Villain Team-Up. While his explanation that he "doesn't work with loose cannons" was actually considered a compliment, Joker has a reputation to maintain.
  • Rather fond of Yuno Gasai and had used several of her methods to "win over" his soon-to-be wifes. However, he still won't work with her - again, he doesn't work with loose canons.
  • There were rumors he has a plan to get Azula back into sanity, have her reclaim position of Goddess of Manipulative Bastards and then torture her until she breaks again and agrees to marry him. This is supposed to trigger large variety of reactions from both mortals and other gods that he will harvest and steal both Draco Malfoy's and Griffith's positions at the same time. Tarquin denied it, saying that such plan, while possible, would be way to risky and there are much easier and safer ways to obtain more power. Most of gods were convinced. The Question just added another conspiracy to unfold to his list.
  • Is very self-centered, when finding about anything suspicious going on, he is likely to assume it concerns him personally in some way.
  • His biggest weakness is an inability to recognize when he's not the Big Bad of a particular story. When this goes into full swing, his Genre Savvy can backfire rather spectacularly.

Hades, God of Being Universally Despised and Playing the Field (Lord of the Underworld, Jerk, "Go Home")
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His "representative" symbol from Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Theme Music: Hades' Infernal Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Planning In Circles Around other Divinities, Holding Legitimate Godhood, Seeing All Allies As Cannon Fodder, Manipulating Another God For Two Games, Being A Dangerous Riot, Putting Tim Curry To Shame, Continuously Feigning Kindness, Being Second-Strongest In His Universe, Constantly Mocking Everything That Moves
  • Followers: Medusa, Pandora, Thanatos
  • Enemies: Pit, Viridi, most everyone in the GUAG
  • Worthy Opponent: The other Hades
  • Domains: Death, Chaos, War, Evil
  • Ultimately seeks to turn the entirety of the Pantheon at ends with one another to collect the most powerful of souls. Sadly—for him—he does an absolutely terrible job at concealing his intentions.
  • When confronted by the other Hades of the Pantheon, the Hades here promptly laughed and mocked him for being defeated by a single punch. Even upon being informed the punch had been delivered by Hercules, he did not waver from his initial statement. For THIS Hades to be defeated it took having his heart destroyed, getting cut in half, getting his head crushed, and FINALLY getting hit by a large Wave Motion Gun to kill him, and he doesn't want to damage his reputation.
    • However, he was genuinely impressed when he saw that Hades' true form and what he could, actually commenting he would probably have to bring out his Devastation Ensemble to even the odds. As such, whenever the two of them cross paths nowadays, Hades just gives his counterpart a lazy wave and occasional taunt. From him, that's high praise indeed.
  • Notable for being able to tolerate Excalibur.
  • Hades was initially legitimately surprised that Hazama had already claimed the position of Trolling God. However, Hades was just as quick to laugh it off and comment that the other god was "merely keeping his crown warm for him".
  • Works with Grima in experiments involving souls, and together they have created several new types of monsters.
    • Also helped remake Grima's body after he decided to show that he could survive an attack from Asura.
  • He and Viridi were recently in a battle sparked after he commented that she and Pit should get married. They destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villains and most everything in between.
    • His words on the subject afterwards? "Yow, she's a feisty one!"
  • He can sometimes be found speaking with Excalibur over a cup of tea. Supposedly, Hades is trying to new ways to annoy people and is receiving education from Excalibur. He denies this, though, claiming he's simply learning about his "friend's" world and history. Regardless, most gods leave the room whenever they start talking.
  • Recently, Hades spent several days keeping pressure off of his back. While he has refused to disclose any information to most anyone who asks, eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Excalibur has revealed that it was related to an unseen bout between him and the recent-recruited Bowser in the Underworld.
  • Was offered a place in the Usurpers faction in the upcoming Pantheonic Rebellion by Satan, but declined. For now, he's content to just sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold (and maybe harvest some fallen souls in the meantime).
    "Look at you, scurrying around behind old Melky's back and betraying him. It's classic. Besides, the Pantheon is my flower to plunder, not yours!
    • He may or may not be planning to harvest all of the Upsurper's souls if they fail. To this end, he has been seen consorting with Yhwach recently, likely to make some sort of deal on that end to lay off of them.

... Okay, so who's nex-


Harbinger, Patron Deity of Villainous Overrides (The First Reaper)
Click here  to see his true form.


    Johann Schmidt 
Johann Schmidt, God of Nazism (The Red Skull)

Kane, God of Magnificent Bastards, Evil Prophets, Doomsday Cults, Ambiguous Evil and Contractual Immortality (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All).

Mundus, God of Large Villains (Master Mundus, The Darkness Mundus, The Demon Emperor, The Devil King, The Prince Of Darkness, Pluto)
  • Theme Song: The Legendary Battle
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Three Glowing Red Orbs
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: His Favorite Power, Large and in Charge, Likes to invoke angelic Imagery, His Ordinary Form, What his true form may be, The Satan of His Universe, His other favorite power, What his statue form looks like
  • Domains: Light, Hell, Control, Largeness, Fire
  • Allies: Satan, The Beast, Father Balder, Jack Of Blades, Nightmare, Soul Edge, The Kurgan, Fortinbras
  • Teeth Clenched Teamwork: Dormammu
  • Enemies: Dante, Vergil, Bayonetta, Gene, Mondo Zappa, Lucifer, YHVH, Ghost Rider, Gabriel Belmont, Viewtiful Joe
  • He is The Emperor of The Demon World in Dante's Universe and as such is one of the more powerful beings in that universe, Only being able to be defeated by the powers of Sparda but seemingly never killed.
  • He often appears as either a large angelic Statue or Three Glowing Red Orbs to his allies and enemies but will reveal his true form when he is forced to battle.
  • He is getting irritated and confused by The House of Commerce claiming that he is trying to control the pantheon through debt as he believes that such an act is petty and insignificant to his plans.
  • He was the reason that Vergil was turned in Nelo Angelo, Vergil has since tried to gain revenge for that act.
  • He is one of the few Beings in The Pantheon that will get Dante and Vergil to work together. "Again I must face a Sparda. Strange fate, isn't it?"
  • Despite his angelic appearance his is not an Angel a point he is trying to make abundantly clear in his battles with Bayonetta.
  • Has found a similar minded partnership with Satan though they both make it clear that they will betray each other when their plans achieve success and they will see who the true ruler of Hell is after they work together to take the Great Will's Throne.
  • Though he has a large dislike for his alternate universe self he finds that he enjoys the "Me, A God" Monologue from that Mundus.
  • Though they work together he dislikes the claims of Dormammu being much more powerful then him.
  • He also laughs off Ghost Rider's claim of being able to take on "Demons like him".
  • His partnership with Father Balder has made some try to claim that there is some connection between him and Jubelius, though he has so far gave no comment.
  • Has a large orange blob form when his angelic statue form breaks down, the SCP Foundation is currently investigating if this form has any relation with SCP-999.
  • Is currently trying to manipulate others that have lost loved ones as Mundus claims that he can recreate the ones they lost. "If you need them I create them as many as you want, just like I created Trish"

Odio, God of Evil By Expectance (Demon King Odio, O-D-O, Odi Wan Lee, Ode Iou, O. Dio, Odie Oldbright, Odeo, OD-10, Oersted)

Omega, God of Being Pushed Into Villainy (Peylix, Omegon)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Mask and The Great Hand of Omega
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always loud, a disturbingly heartbreaking, raw, primal scream, Creator of Time Lord Technology, To The Doctor, What trapped him in the antimatter universe
  • Domains: Antimatter, Rage, Tragedy, Screams, Time
  • Allies: Rassilon
  • Enemies: The Doctor, Davros, Dalek Sec, The Anti Monitor
  • He is one of The Founders of Time Lord Society along with Rassilon, he is also the founder of The Time Lord's Time Traveling Technology. One day when he attempted to harness the power of supernovas to power their technology, someone sabotage his machines to explode a star to early forcing him and his entire ship to plunge into a Black Hole.
  • He was thought dead but the first Three incarnations of The Doctor discovered that he never died but merely trapped in the antimatter universe unable to escape. This drove him to try and force The Doctor to take his place even if his antimatter body would tear apart matter in the universe.
  • He now wants to destroy The Doctor and most of The Time Lords for forcing him to stay in Antimatter so long that it eroded his old body and for leaving him in there. Though The Doctor has attempted to try and tell him otherwise, Omega refuses to hear it.
  • On the day of his ascendance Rassilon became overjoyed hoping that Omega will help him in fighting The Last Great Time War.
  • Rassilon even allowed him to regenerate, though it has to take time filtering out Antimatter leaving Omega to keep his mask on.
    • The Process has worked for his head and neck and it looks strangely like the face of The Doctor's fifth Incarnation.
  • Although he has gained a hatred towards most of the Time Lords he is attempting to kill Davros and Dalek Sec to end the Time War here and now.
  • Often gets loud and very, VERY, hammy when his plans start to fail or when he decides to gloat, easily claimed to be the hammiest villain of his universe. Is said to competition to Valvatorez for being the largest ham ever, though also not by choice.
  • Does not like people from trying to remove his helmet as he knows that it is all that is left of him until his regeneration kicks in, on a good day it looks like The Fifth Doctor with green veins and yellow eyes, on a bad day there seems to be nothing underneath the mask.
  • Not to be confused with the one from The House of Technology, but will have no problem allying with him.
  • Along side his friend Rassilon has joined YHVH's Regime under Rassilon's idea of that being the way The Time Lords will evolve under YHVH's Banner.

Rasputin, God of Scary Villains (Grigori Rasputin, Russia's Greatest Love Machine)

    Shao Khan 
Shao Kahn, Infernal Taunting Boss (Emperor Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn the Konqueror}

Starscream, God of Betrayal

Scorponok, God of Usurpers (Zarak, MegaZarak, BlackZarak, Emperor of Destruction)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Decepticon sigil
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio Destroyed Planets, Shadowy Orders, Giant Secondary Bodies, Sneakiness
  • Domains: Destruction, Usurpers, Headmasters, Technology, Slavedriving, Mysteries and Secret Plans, Opportunism
  • Tricked Starscream into making a suicide attack on Megatron. Megatron's death allowed Scorponok to take his place as Emperor of Destruction, but unfortunately for him, Starscream turned out to be immortal. Currently trying to work out how to use Starscream to eliminate Dream.

Solego, God of Crossover Villains (The Chaos God)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A golden amulet with a red stone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sealed Evil in a Can, Evil Sorcerers, Villainous Reptilians, Taking Over The World, Demonic Possession
  • Domains: Magic, Crossovers
  • Followers: Alpha
  • Solego has protested Voldemort's position as God of Snake Metaphors, claiming he did the Snake-themed Evil Wizard gimmick first. However, he grudgingly admits Voldemorte is far more famous for such.
  • Due to his considerable power and the suspicion he'd probably betray his fellow gods, Solego is not actually present in the Pantheon, having been sealed in his amulet which was split into two when Melkor decided it was easier than having to keep an eye on him constantly. Though he'll reform if the pieces are rejoined, the gem which contains his spirit is kept at his seat, where at least his spirit can talk to visitors. The setting for the gem is kept in the House of Treasures under heavy guard.

    Victor von Doom 
Victor von Doom, God of Villainous Diplomatic Immunity (Doctor Doom, The Apprentice)

Xykon, God of Stylish but Horrific Evil

Yhwach, Emperor of the Vandenreich and God of Outside Context Villains
  • Greater God, Overdeity after the revelation about his power
  • Symbol: Five-pointed Quincy Cross.
  • Allignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Badasses, Bad Bosses, Combat Pragmatists, Curb-Stomp Battle, Emperors, Knight of Cerebus, The Thirty-Six Stratagems, Your Soul Is Mine
  • Allies: Stern Ritter, Jagdarmee.
  • Enemies: Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Kurosaki Ichigo, Zaraki Kenpachi all Shinigami, Arrancar and Hollow, Pit, Asura
  • This man is the leader of the organization responsible for the current deaths in Bleach.
  • Alongside Aizen Sousuke, he is one of the main strategists of the GUAE, having made liberal use of the Thirty-Six Stratagems in his campaigns against the Shinigami and the members of the GUAG.
  • After he effortlessly defeated Zaraki Kenpachi, he was swiftly inducted into the Pantheon.
  • 1000 years ago, Yamamoto failed to kill him. The Pantheon is now fearfully awaiting the rematch after the two have met once more.
  • Thinks Aizen Sosuke is a pussy, and the Pantheon even agrees that he's even worse than Aizen in his worst. Likewise, Aizen isn't too fond of this guy.
    • To the point where Aizen refused to join with Yhwach's Vandenreich after Yhwach paid him a visit in Mugen. The Yhwach inducted into the Pantheon and the one that defeated Kenpachi was actually Royd Lloyd, a Stern Ritter that had taken on his appearance. Consideration is being given to making Royd Lloyd the God of Humanshifting, or the new God of Shapeshifting.
    • And now, he's possibly killed Yamamoto himself. One has to wonder what the fates have in store for the Pantheon.
      • And now, it's confirmed - Yamamoto is dead. Not just dead, either. Yhwach has completely erased him from existence. However, the meddling of Masaki Andoh has rendered 'the erasure from existence' futile by bringing back some of memories of Yamamoto's existence from the Akashic Records. Yhwach is more than eager to bring about punishment for defying his plans... but then the fact that the four heralds' has the thing called 'Possession' would make beating them difficult, even for himself.
  • Recent events revealed that what Yhwach did to Yamamoto may have been worse than originally imagined. With the reveal that his power allows him to absorb the souls of anyone he comes into contact with when they die, it means that anyone who has ever come into contact with him not only has a piece of his soul, but are in danger of all their power and knowledge going to him when they die. When asked why Loyd was still kicking around, he simply stated: "I needed a man in here".
  • Worryingly, he has been seen consorting with Hades, and discussing how to divide the souls of the members of the Pantheon among themselves. This likely ties into Hades rejecting the offer of the Usurpers in the midst of the Pantheonic Rebellion. Hades was once seen asking Yhwach to keep his hands off of those souls he wanted, knowing that the soul of anyone who comes into contact with Yhwach will go to him upon their deaths. Yhwach made no promises with him.
  • Pit dislikes him for very much the same reasons he considers Hades an enemy, and has vowed to destroy him with the Great Sacred Treasure should the two ever meet on the battlefield. Yhwach considered Pit's threat after he heard what happened to Hades.
  • After an encounter with Asura, Yhwach earned the demigod's contempt for his treatment of his subordinates, and sees him as no different from the Seven Deities for absorbing the souls of others upon death to empower him. Yhwach managed to retreat into the Shadows before Asura could kill him there and then.
  • He was not shown to have any reaction when Fiddlesticks attacked As Nodt and caused the Stern Ritter to lose the position of God of Fear. In order to compensate for his failure, Yhwach ordered As Nodt to serve under Sinestro as a member of his Corps, on the condition that Fiddlesticks does not rip him to pieces a second time. Sinestro accepted the offer, and was quick to teach As Nodt fear to make sure he knew his place.
    • It was speculated by the GUAG that Yhwach sought an alliance with Sinestro because of this transaction between the two of them. Yhwach only made mention that he found the need to expand his number of allies in the Pantheon.
      • Aizen had his own opinion on the matter: "I heard about Sinestro's actions in his own universe. In the end, he was right to hate the self-proclaimed 'Guardians of the Universe'. I suspect...Yhwach informed him of the true nature of that "thing"." As Urahara and Ichigo are aware, "that thing" Aizen referred to was the Spirit King...
  • Some rumours indicate that some villainous gods were trying to dethrone him and replace him with The Bittercold. However, due of complications on the plan, it was abandoned and The Bittercold ascended under different position.

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