Pantheon / Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

In the history of the Pantheon many great battles have taken place, some a simple matter of seperating the parties involved, but some showdowns were so large and so destructive that they were recorded in the Book of Tropes.

Pentigan is writing a series of stories involving Massive Multiplayer Crossover battles involving members of the Pantheon, suggestions are appreciated.

The Rise of Mr Rogers (Ie, the Original Ultimate Showdown)

A crash was heard over Tokyo as Godzilla started his regular destruction, but this time there was someone to stop him. It was Batman, protecting the area at the time, hitting Godzilla with a Bat Grenade, meant to draw his attention for part 2 of his plan. Godzilla advanced, angry and sore, but didn't expect a sudden attack by Shaquile O Neal. He proceeded to start whaling on Godzilla, until he was ambushed by the upstart Aaron Carter, who tackled him off Godzilla, who was dazed and confused, and proceeded to go stomping off in another direction.

Aaron on the other hand, began a brutal beat up of Shaq, until suddenly, Batman was compelled by mind control to run over both of them with the batmobile. He began to break free, and in horror was about to return to the batcave, when suddenly Abraham Lincoln appeared on the stage as a zombie, using an AK-47 from under his hat to severely injure batman in his car. Yet he ran out of bullets, and then ran for it, because Optimus Prime had responded to Batman's call for help in dealing with Godzilla, there to save the day.

Explosions rang out, and as Godzilla tried to topple another building, Optimus managed to stop it from falling. A primal call to defeat another challenger rose in Godzilla, who then grabbed Optimus prime, and took a bite out of him before optimus blasted him away with his free hand. Shaquile O'Neil was not dead though, and he slowly came back up, covered in a tire track from the batmobile. Yet he suddenly became immobilized as Jackie Chan jumped up and landed on his back to keep his attention.

Batman was injured and trying to get steady from the car crash and bullets, but he didn't have much time, as Abraham Lincoln came back with a Machete. Yet as he went in for the kill, something caught his leg and he tripped. Indiana Jones had arrived on the scene, and had tripped him up with his whip. Yet as he saw godzilla rampaging closer, he reached for his gun, but he couldn't find it.

That's because Batman was being controlled again, he shot it at Indiana, but at the last minute pulled up, missing him. Jackie Chan in turn deflected the bullet with his fist, then he jumped in the air away from Shaq in a somersault. Abraham Lincoln then tried to pole vault onto optimus to go for godzilla, but he and Chan collided in the air, and then both were blown away by a care bear stare.

The battle escalated quickly, with Mario and Sonic engaging, Doc brown running over some combatants, and jawas destroying C-3P0 and R2-D2 while Godzilla rampaged in the background.

Then Angels sang out, in immaculate chorus,as down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris. Joining the rumble to determine the greatest god of them all, he delivered a kick into the crotch of Indiana Jones who fell over on the ground, writhing in pain. Batman meanwhile sought to get away from the craziness, and thus changed back into Bruce Wayne, but Chuck saw through his clever disguise,and he crushed Batman's head in between his thighs.

Outraged at the death of Batman, several characters banded together to take down Chuck Norris. These were Gandalf the Gray and Gandalf the White, Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight, Benito Mussolini, and the Blue Meanie, Cowboy Curtis and Jambi the Genie, Robocop, The Terminator, Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, Lo-Pan, Superman, every single Power Ranger, Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, Spock, The Rock, Doc Ock and Hulk Hogan. Together they charged the fighter Chuck Norris, and after some heavy casualties, defeated him once and for all.

After that, there was a great range of battles and conflicts that were carried out, with the quasideities looking on in total awe. The battle was so fierce that it lasted for a full century. People were dying left and right, until at the very end, with a swing of Aragorn's sword, Mr. Rodgers beheaded his last rival, and claimed to position as the supreme god from The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. He was distraught that he took such a violent position, but the gods of life and death (who abstained so they could just bring everyone Back from the Dead afterwards) told him to keep it, or they'd have to pass it on to more violent people. Reluctantly, Mr. Rogers accepted his position, and assumed the mantle of the Overdeity capable of defeating ALL of the gods if necessary.

The Ballad of Insert Name Here

Gather 'round tropers, let me spin you a tale of (Insert Name Here) and the day he tried to be free of his followers.

The Taking and Battle of Maxwell (Awakenings)

Zalgo vs Cthulu, Eldrich Showdown


Ryuk was visiting his old buddy ol' pal, the recently ascended god, Light Yagami.

Ryuk: "Liiiiigggggghhhhht. I'm bored."

Light: "I know what you mean, Ryuk. As much fun as being a pantheon God is, there really isn't much to do. If only L ascended. There was someone who enjoyed a good mental fight!"

Ryuk: "What about all those other smarties in the pantheon of smarties? Shouldn't they be a hoot to deal with?"

Light: "Impossible. Battling them would be pointless. There is no death, no true ruling, no fun... but... hmm, you may see some more interesting things to come, Ryuk..."

Ryuk: (Hehehe, I guess gods can be as interesting as humans)

Light certainly thought up an idea. A game to liven up the House of Mentalism. He gathered any members he thought would never be able to resist the challenge. To them, it would seem just for fun, but for Light, well, he cannot resist the evulz.

Light: "Alright, the game is as follows: Each member of the house will pick a name out of this hat, which contains all the participating member's names. Whoever's name they have will be their target. The goal is simple: get their target removed from the House of Mentalism. One may choose any method or scheme, but there is one catch. If the target discovers the identity of the person trying to remove them, the participant must forfeit their seat in the House. The game has no time limit, and the last player in the house wins."

Preparations for Katana-Wielding Tournament

Newcomer Samuel "Jetstream" Rodriguez has announced a tournament involving katana-wielders In an indoor Arena next to the House of Weapons. He is seen holding a microphone to let the audience hear his voice.

Jetstream Sam: Hello, fellow katana-wielders. I have made a tournamet for you hone your blade skills against each other.

Afterwards, the combatants summoned are Raiden, Vergil, Jin Kisaragi, Mitsurugi, Masamune Date, [Augus, Sundowner, Ishida Mitsunari, Rorona Zoro, and Ryu Hayabusa

Jetstream Sam: Along with myself participating in this, you'll all understand why their weapons designed to fight in cold blood. How about we cheer for these guys?

As the crowd began to cheer for the katana warriors each of them had thoughts to themselves, very thrilled.

Raiden: *Looking at Jetstream Sam* (I guess I may get another match with you some time.) *Looks at Vergil* (You're gonna pay for what you did to Noel) *Then looks at Sundowner* (If I go up against you, you're going to tell me where Armstrong's planning his next move once I'm done with you.)

Vergil: (...Finally. Some challengers... unlike that worthless girl. This should be interesting.) *Looks at Raiden and grins* (That man's sword skills look good.)

Jin: *Smirking* (At least I least I don't have to work with the rest of the garbage.) *Looks at Vergil, smirking even bigger* (I have to thank you for taking out a particularly annoying piece of trash for me.)

Date Masamune: (Now THIS is a good tourney. After some sparring with Yukimura, I shall have no problems against these guys.) *Looks at Mitsunari, slightly angry* (This may be my perfect chance to get back at him for our last match.)

Augus: *Smiling (Finally. Some challenge. I rarely use my blade, but this is a good chance to test it out.)

Ishida Mitsunari: *Sigh* (This may be a good chance to better my skills for Ieyasu) *Looks at Masamune* (Masamune's here, too? I'll have no problem defeating him a second time.) *Looks at Vergil* (He's a strong one, no question about it.)

Zoro: (Some time to cut down from that last mission. At least I a break from Erza chick challenging me.)

Ryu Hayabusa: (...With these many challengers, I can improve my strength against evil. At least...) *Looks at Raiden* (I'm not the only ninja here... Raiden, huh? I'm honored to test your blade out should we face each other.)

As the crowd stopped cheering Sam spoke in his microphone again.

Jetstream Sam: Before the tournament begins, I'll must plan the bracket sheet to decide opponents. For now, my invitees, you can all return your current activities.

After Sam was finished, the crowd and challengers were all poofed back to their original locations.

Jetstream Sam: (...I think I'm going to invite more. The crowd will definitely get a thrill out if I invite more. I wonder who else shall invite)

As Sam was departing, the lights in arena went off, pitch black.

Greek Gods encounter the Cthulhu Mythos.