Pantheon / Treasures

The so-called "Treasures of the Gods" are kept in a large chamber (called, creatively enough, the Vault) several levels below the Main House.note  They have been collected from fictional worlds spanning time and space, and are protected on a rotating schedule by members of the House of Defense. Visitors must pass through GLaDOS's temple and enter a reinforced elevator just behind her altar to see the Treasures up close. Some gods have or can be persuaded to lend passes that in theory allow a visitor in with minimal fuss. Sometimes they even work!

The Companion Cube has been brought in here several times, but it never stays for long. Theologists believe that this is partially because everyone in the House of Love, (for lack of a better term) loves it so much, and because some of them claim it can talk. And because Slaanesh, between bouts of apparent disinterest, has been seen eyeing it. Slaanesh is interested in just about everything, but there's just something unnerving about that want-it don't-want it attitude.

Due to its experience in this sort of work, The SCP Foundation has now officially taken over all security duties in the Vault (on most days keeping Daiki Kaito, Carmen Sandiego, Felicia Hardy, Ramiel, and other would-be thieves out) and handles coordination between the members from the House of Defense in the area. However, many deities find this to be a weak excuse to allow Foundation scientists to probe and study the artifacts within; as such, in order to ensure that any research done is ethical, in line with the Pantheon's interests as a whole as opposed to just the Foundation's and harnessing the expertise of relevant members of the Pantheon, Turaga Whenua, selected for the role as a result of his personal integrity, managerial know-how and one-time position as an Archivist in his own universe, has been placed in charge of all such work. Current efforts are focused on Rings and power batteries of the other lantern corps, the animated and live action Allspark and the remaining megazords.

Because the large number of items, inter-dimensional vaults were created to house and categorize them for easier access.

Of note is that the Triforce was originally kept in Maximum Security, however Princess Zelda's ascension caused the holy relic to divide itself and return to its three chosen bearers Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.