Pantheon: Technology


The House of Technology has a rather drab, beige, boring, boxy exterior, the only departure being the ReCAPTCHAs that act as the doors. Inside, everything is scaled so that Humongous Mecha can have full access to the entire house, a courtesy that Transformers are rather appreciative of. This does have the side effect of making the place seem really huge to human-sized gods, and sometimes makes it difficult for them to navigate (Elevators, for instance, have buttons twenty-one feet off the floor). Some or all of the House itself is sentient, and not just because of the AIs within it.

Computer towers line the walls, humming purposefully as they maintain virtual intelligence. Hologram emitters and monitors are literally everywhere, and in places blinking lights and switches adorn the walls. It's extremely futuristic. There are several maintenance bays which also serve as good workshops not unlike those of the House of Craft.

There are two sides to this House - the mechanical side and the virtual side. Gamer gods link the two sides together - they have little power in the mechanical side and the rest of the Pantheon, and much more in Pantheonic cyberspace. The virtual realm is new territory, only very recently opened. It's not disassociated from nonvirtual reality, but it's not the same, either.

With the inauguration of the House of Gaming, this house is now located side-to-side with each other.

Harry Dresden has been banned from this house after crashing it and attaining godhood.

Newton Pulsifier, although he is allowed into the Pantheon, has been emphatically banned from ever stepping within seven hundred yards of this house. Some believe that if the Fallen are to get revenge, they will need to teleport him into it to disable the majority of the occupants.

Clu, Javik, and Penelope Mouse are also banned from this house: the first was caught trying to rectify some of the robots; the second tried to blast them with his particle rifle; while the third is only for the time being due to a three-strike rule. The Spy is also banned in this house due to his excessive sapping of inventions, and is currently being watched by The Engineer. Recently, Tenjuro Banno and Ryoma Sengoku have been banned from the house due to their actions back from their own worlds.

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The Wizard Triad of Technology

    Lain Iwakura 
Lain Iwakura, Ruler of the Internet (Lady of the Wired)

Autochthon, the Great Maker (The Machine-God, The King of All Craftsmen, Autobot, Autochthonia)

Primus, God of Mechanical Lifeforms (Heart of Cybertron, Wellspring of All Sparks, Supreme Class Wave 2, Last of the Light Gods, Lord of Light)
  • Greater God. He would have greater influence if not for a general policy of noninterference.
  • Symbol: The Autobot Matrix of Leadership
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Lifeforms, Cybertrons, Physical Gods, Action Figures
  • Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Sun, Radiance, Life, Metal, Transformation, Warforged (As Close to Transformers as D&D currently has)
  • Allies: Mata Nui
  • Enimes: Unicron, The Fallen
  • Considers Tommy Oliver a genocidal maniac for his desire to sacrifice giant robots. Primus is the god of living machines, so it's a matter of looking after his children.
  • Except Starscream. He'd rather The Traitor be immortal than rejoin with him. Which makes Starscream the Satan, rather than Megatron. Huh.
  • It has been confirmed that Primus is the House of Technology, and maybe also several of the other Houses, or possibly also the bedrock(bedmetal?) of the Pantheon itself. Some gods were surprised by this. Face it, as big as this House is, there is no way that he could have fit into it. Considering that one of his alt-forms is a planet of 120,000 km in diameter...
  • His sibling is Unicron. In this reality, they ignore each other despite being in very, very close proximity. It helps that Unicron's time is almost entirely taken up by the Death Star and Galactus.
  • Since Primus is a busy god, his public appearances are usually Rodimus Prime coloured gold. (Well, it's not like poor Rodimus has much to do these days anyway.)

Ambiguous Rank

Mag'ladroth, The Void Dragon (The Omnissiah, Dragon of Mars, The Dragon)
  • Cosmic Entity, equivalent to Greater God
  • Symbol: Meshed Cog
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Deus Est Machina, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, Sealed Evil in a Can, Robot War, Determinator, Evil Is Not a Toy, Mecha-Mooks, Cargo Cult, Our Weapons Will Be Boxy in the Future
  • Domains: Technology, Evil, Death, Knowledge, Creation, Time
  • Allies: None
  • Enemies: The Immortal God Emperor of Mankind and His servants, the Chaos Gods and all entities of the Warp.
  • Followers: Cult of the Dragon, Tech Support
  • An entity of great and terrible power created at the dawn of creation. the Void Dragon wrecked havoc across the universe, consuming suns and destroying planets until it was confronted by the God Emperor of Mankind. The two battled for the fate of the infant Human race and future of the galaxy. Reality was bent, fundamental laws of creation broken until at last the Emperor stood triumphant.
  • Victorious, the Emperor imprisoned his fallen opponent deep beneath the red sands of Mars. Where it would remain trapped for all eternity, watched over by his servant, the Watcher of the Dragon.
  • A being of the Material universe, the Void Dragon despises all things with any connections to the Warp. As the Warp is the plane of existence created from the souls and emotions of all sentient beings, the Void Dragon despises any being with a soul.
  • Though sealed beneath Mars, the Dragon possesses great influence over the Tech Priests, so much so that there existed a hidden sect within the Priesthood of Mars. The Cult of the Dragon seeks to free the imprisoned C'tan and worships it as a the true God of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Some believe it still retains much of its power over its former Necron slaves, the theory was validated when Necrons attacked Mars itself searching for something.

Anonymous, Avatar of the Internet
  • Quasideity... we think. No one's really sure.
  • Symbol: A suit with a question mark in place of a head. Alternatively, a Guy Fawkes mask
  • Alignment: Changes constantly, but almost always chaotic. The Internet follows none of your puny laws.
  • Anonymous just... showed up one day as Avatar of the internet. It didn't try to take Lain's job, but claimed to be the sum of all those who post on the internet, including Tv Tropes, and thus, the true mastermind behind the pantheon. Just in case Anonymous was right, no one has contested this. However, Anon's constantly changing viewpoint might mean that it removes itself, or at least its avatar in the Pantheons, from the houses of Tropes. No one can be sure about that.
  • Anonymous is usually content to snark and leave well alone, but does not take censorship well. Just ask the Church of Scientology.
  • Tick off Anonymous and it will destroy you.
    • Anonymous is not your personal army. Don't stir things up to get them angry and start attacking, they might just attack you instead.
  • Anonymous is legion.
  • Despite claiming several times to be evil, Anonymous has several times used its hate for the good of humanity, and the detriment of cat-abusers and pedophiles. This is because the highly amorphous nature of Anonymous means that its morals can change constantly. The only permanent thing about it is that it does not like censorship. At all.
    • In addition, saying something bad about Mister Rogers in front of Anonymous is also considered a major mistake.
      • Another thing that they care about is Yotsuba and some rumors state that she was one of the reasons why they ascended—to protect her.
  • They seem to be VERY fond and protective of cats, including the ones in the Pantheon. Take a wild guess what will happen if you ever brag about harming one.