This here is a place where the tales of the Gods residing in the Trope Pantheons are told. Sit back, and read their tales.


It is the year 2009. Upon hearing that the Anti Monitor had devious plans to eliminate the entirety of the Pantheon...again...most of the Gods residing within Main House take it upon themselves to prevent the Pantheon from being destroyed, and thus depart for awhile. However, without the Gods of the Main House... [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny trouble arises]]...


For the umpteenth time, [[Anime/CodeGeass the Black Knights]] have thrown a rebellion - possibly their final one, but another rebellion all the same. And, to make matters worse, they have somehow managed to align themselves with [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} SHODAN]]. Fortunately, [[Pantheon/{{War}} Lelouch vi Britannia]] discovered the existence of this new alliance, and that [[StarWars Emperor Palpatine]] was one of the instigators of the rebellion. He accordingly issues a call to arms to help him quell the final rebellion, and is answered by [[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Jade Curtiss]], [[Pantheon/{{War}} Axel Almer]], and [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Lamia Loveless]]. Lamia in particular is concerned about the activity of her arch-enemy SHODAN. However, unfortunately, Lamia had other businesses to attend to, and subsequently only sent her best followers; [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Aigis]], [[VideoGame/GrandiaII Tio]] and [[VideoGame/TalesOfHearts Kunzite]]; to assist Lelouch. With that, Lamia returned home to attend to the matters of her concern.

In front of her own house, she was attacked by [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Ali Al Saachez]] and [[LightNovel/FullMetalPanic Gauron]]. To her own surprise, Lamia found herself struggling against them, as [[BadassNormal their own skills]] could match up against her in Angelg, despite their use of much smaller mechas. However, she managed to take advantage of the current feud between Gauron and Ali (as Ali had betrayed Gauron in the past) and almost reached victory, but then she heard the yell...

-->'''[[TimeStandsStill "ZA WARUDO"]]'''

[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando]] was in cahoots with Ali and Gauron, and quickly brought down Angelg to the ground with one very huge Road Roller. Before it could rise again, [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Abaddon The Despoiler]] nuked it, ruining it greatly and forcing Lamia to eject. [[{{Manga/Berserk}} Griffith]] approached her and calmly commanded her to surrender, but Lamia stoutly refused the offer. For her defiance, she soon found herself pitted against various Gods, such as [[Anime/DragonBallZ Majin Buu]], [[Webcomic/EightBitTheater Black Mage]], Khorne, and Slaneesh. Despite the overwhelming number turned against her, Lamia managed to survive many of her oppositions' attempts to incapacitate her due to her [[RobotGirl android]] nature, despite not being as physically strong as her [[{{Expy}} mortal sister, Aschen Brodel]]. Eventually, however, she was brought down by [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Mayuri Kurotsuchi]], who attacked her from behind with Ashisogi Jizou. Just as she had fallen for the first time against Wilhelm von Juergen, the drug produced by Ashisogi Jizou disabled and paralyzed her. Lamia was incapable of offering any resistance whatsoever as those Gods then proceeded to repeat her past dillema: stripping her naked and [[BoundAndGagged tying her up, this time with a gag]], before dragging her into the House of Madness and Hate.

There she is welcomed by [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Kefka]], who reveals that he is furious at her and her gall to resist his offer of madness and hate during his first attempt with Juergen. This time...he wants to make sure she REALLY breaks. He has a plethora of fellow Gods beat her up fatally while BoundAndGagged, unable to resist, and [[Anime/{{Monster}} Johan Liebert]] leads the other Gods in a recitation of how weak Lamia is, and how she doesn't deserve to be a Goddess. They bemean her as a FauxActionGirl, the biggest victim of {{Chickification}}, and it slowly but surely began to take a toll on her mind as she struggled both physically and mentally. Each recitation of her incompetence had more MindRape effects than the last, and they became more and more convincing. This lasts several days. After Kefka joined in on the beating, he called forth a Disgraced being, [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Shinji Matou]], to rape her, while he taped her rape and spread it throughout the Pantheon. Even the usually aloof Lamia couldn't sustain so much mental damage, and she finally started to cry, without knowing what she was doing, for she doesn't know what 'crying' means.

At that moment of supreme weakness, Kefka uses his magic to break her physically into several parts. The desecration of her body affected her Godhood, and she could no longer feel it as she lost consciousness. Putting the parts in a box, Kefka sent it to the Main House. Attached is a note on the lid, which says: '''"This is our declaration of war. Signed - The Grand United Alliance of Evil"'''.

The war has just begun...

Lamia's remnants are found by [[Manga/AhMyGoddess Belldandy]], Goddess of Magical Girlfriend, who had been visiting the Main House at the time. Shocked by the horrible sight, she called forth most of the Pantheon members. In the meantime, [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness having served his purpose]], Kefka had the rest of the gang mutilate and toy around with Shinji before throwing him back to the Disgraces.

[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Nena Trinity]], who joined the Alliance at first just for the fun of it, had been willing to see the chaos caused within it. However, when she learnt that Ali was amongst the torturers of Lamia, she openly attacked him, on the basis that she NEVER wanted to work with the one who murdered her brothers. This is countered by [[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Kazuya Mishima]], who has never forgotten about 'who killed and humiliated him in the first place'. Kazuya proceeds to beat Nena brutally, and bodily throws her out of the Alliance, condemning that she will never belong to any place...and that he'll arrange her destruction soon.

In the meantime, returning to the war being waged against the rebellious Black Knights, Lelouch has learned that Palpatine had his follower [[VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles Maxmillian]] on standby...and that his order was to sneak inside the House of Wrench Wenches and kill [[VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles Isara Gunther]]. As she reminded him of his mortal sister Nunnally Lamperouge, and he always liked to keep an eye on her wellbeing, this news suitably alarms him, and Lelouch informs Jade that he trusts him to assume command of the war proceedings before he dashes away to the said house. With Jade's command and Axel spearheading the counterattack, Lelouch's men held their ground, and the war effort seemed to be bent to their favor. ...But it was at that time that Lamia was depowered, causing Aigis, Tio and Kunzite to forget what emotion is supposed to be. Spotting the chance, SHODAN quickly influences them, convincing them that they are only mindless machines. At its command, the three attack Jade from behind, disabling him after the ensuing skirmish and holding him hostage in order to bring Axel down. Axel does not take this well, and fights until the bitter end, as Jade had previously ordered him to. A beam rifle was shot at the battleground, incapacitating Axel and taking away his minion [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars Alfimi]]. The shot came from [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Wing Gundam Zero]], who fled immediately without declaring its allegiance. With Jade and Axel captured, the Black Knights were then able to ambush Lelouch on his way to save Isara, effectively capturing him, and the three were taken to Palpatine's castle, where they receive a death sentence and are to be executed soon...

In the meantime, rage began to rise within the Pantheon...

In the House of Nature, the agitation between the Forces of Light and Dark began to tense and increase dramatically. [[VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny Judas]], the [[YinYangBomb Divine Molder of Light And Dark]], tried his best to mend this situation, but did not expect an ambush from both [[StreetFighter M. Bison]] and his old nemesis [[VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny Barbatos Goetia]]. He finds out that Barbatos had his power limiter removed...a bit too late. Barbatos leaves him lying in his own pool of blood, and M. Bison proceeds to take over the House, disabling its presence and thus causing the forces of Light, under [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Sora]], and Dark, under [[Anime/YuGiOh Zorc]], to escalate into a full-fledged war against each other. It doesn't help that, like Bison and Barbatos, Zorc declared his allegiance to the '''Grand Alliance of Evil'''.

Several Gods also fell into a mysterious anger. [[Franchise/LyricalNanoha Vita]], the Goddess of Hammer, was one of them. Driven with the rage she had harbored against [[RaidouKuzunohaVsTheSoullessArmy Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th]] for trying to mess with her hat, she launched an assault against his House. Raidou defended his house valiantly, and help soon arrive in the form of [[Franchise/LyricalNanoha Signum]], who chastised Vita for the reckless assault. In the middle of battle, however, Belldandy's message about Lamia's fate arrived to Signum, thoroughly shocking her, and thinking that Vita might have aligned herself to the '''Grand Alliance Of Evil'''. She denied it, and Raidou assured her that this was not likely the case. This rage, though, was tempered with the fire of Justice.

In another case, the God of Awesome Horse Owners, [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Raoh]], also fell into this rage-fest. Angered with the past assault of the Goddess of Sexy Back, [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia Shanoa]], he came to her house again and angrily attacked her in a much more serious fashion and hitting her in her pressure points. Suffice to say, she would have been killed, had it not been for the interruption of [[FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro]], Raoh's brother. Raoh soon left, but not after declaring his allegiance to the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''', but Kenshiro notices that Raoh is NotHimself at the moment, he takes it upon himself to find out who was manipulating him. After hitting more of Shanoa's pressure points to elongate her life a little more, he takes her to [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Unohana Retsu]], but somehow knows that this won't be enough to save her...

The conversion of Raoh to the Alliance resultingly brought imbalance to the constant strife between [[VideoGame/DynastyWarriors Guan Yu and Lu Bu]] over [[CoolHorse Red Hare]]. Raoh favored Lu Bu and made him turn the tide of battle, earning Red Hare's mastership as he tore down Guan Yu's beard, depowering him. [[Manga/IkkiTousen Kan'u]] and [[VisualNovel/KoihimeMusou Aisha]] witnessed this ordeal, and while Guan Yu himself said that his power would grow over time, the two gender-flipped heroines swore revenge...

At the same time, [[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Sylvanas Windrunner]], the recently deified Goddess of DarkActionGirl, snuck into the House of Heroes And Villains, hearing that her nemesis [[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Arthas]] was currently without his God. With her godly power, Sylvanas managed to overwhelm her, but felt that something was not right. To her surprise, she suddenly feels depowered, and Arthas reveals that [[{{Suikoden}} Luca Blight]] had struck while she was away and had effectively taken over her house, somehow echoing The Battle Of Undercity. Before Arthas could strike her down, however, Sylvanas' loyal follower [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible Shego]] took her away and both escaped. Right now, the problem is to take refuge...

In the meantime, most of the Pantheon Gods, including [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars Sanger Zonvolt, Ryusei Date, Excellen Browning, Elzam von Branstein, Setsuko Ohara]], [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Medusa]], [[Manga/FlameOfRecca Mikagami Tokiya]], [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Mitsuru Kirijo]] and Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo, arrived at the Main House to check on Lamia. Excellen almost fell down crying in pure, genuine grief when she heard that Lamia might not be able to come back, once again repeating her trauma of almost losing her. Even Mikagami was appalled, and thought that even though he is the God whose job is to save people from the clutches of revenge, this particular event is most unforgivable and just might permit revenge. Sanger wholeheartedly agreed. When [[Anime/SerialExperimentsLain Lain Iwakura]] arrives, she finally announces that it IS possible to save Lamia, but that she could only restore her mind. Her body would need to be repaired by someone else. There's only three people that can do it, and all of them must be present... [[WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers Gadget Hackwrench]], Isara Gunther with her arsenal of body parts, and Isaac Asimov with his mastery of programs. The last is thankfully already within the Main House. But she still needs one more person to temporarily meld the boundary between internet and AI, and she would need the help of the sleeping [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Yukari Yakumo]].

On the next episode...what would happen to Isara, and would she avoid death...? Will Lelouch, Jade and Axel rot in prison, waiting their execution to commence...? And what of Sylvanas? What of the escalating war between Sora and Zorc, what with Judas out of the picture and no one else present to mold their unity? What will be the plan to wake Yukari up? Will Kenshiro find a way to save Shanoa and investigate Raoh's sudden change, and what will Kan'u and Aisha do in the wake of Guan Yu's depowering? Will Signum and Raidou wake Vita up? And what is Heero trying to do by shooting at Axel and taking Alfimi away?

Tune in next time.


In the meantime, although all seemed quite peaceful in the House of Magic, [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Alice Margatroid]] was suddenly confronted by [[Manga/RozenMaiden Suigintou]]. Under the similar rage effects, she starts accusing Alice's favoritism towards her combat dolls Shanghai and Hourai. In her own words...

-->'''Suigintou''': ''"I... am not... '''JUNK!!!!'''"''

An inevitable combat occurs, as Alice starts with her composure high, but quickly lost it as Suigintou began to overwhelm her. Eventually, she completely lost it and screamed "HELP ME, MARISA!!!". But Suigintou will not have any of it and used the chance to bring Alice down. Thinking that she's beaten, Alice sighed as she shows another of her tender side (or maybe she's a bit of a coward to face death this way), she never really considered Suigintou junk, and has no favoritism. She is in a different league than her Shanghai and Hourai, has greater power and a whole different level of trust on her... so how can she be a junk? Suigintou waned a bit on that expression.

And suddenly Alice was struck unconscious by another assailant: [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Sasori]]. He reveals that the rage has done a perfect timing and with Suigintou massively weakening Alice, he has taken over the house of PuppetMaster in the name of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''. [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Realizing what she has done]], Suigintou tried to attack Sasori, but she was too drained to defeat Sasori and his puppets as he left with Alice in his tow, also taunting that after all, Suigintou is only a ''junk''. Suigintou, instead of screaming '''"I AM NOT JUNK!!!''', [[TheKhan screamed]] [[SayMyName Alice's name]] before collapsing.

In the meantime, [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Marisa Kirisame]], on her way to the Hakurei Shrine, sneezed. But she brushed it off quickly as she continued her travel to the shrine... only to find it leveled down, just like that previous incident. Standing before her is [[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Lina Inverse]]. She says she has her reasons for being the one to blow it down, and Marisa was pissed, she could no longer attend to Reimu's feasts. She attacks Lina, who retaliated, now much more determined to claim Marisa's spell cards and the things she stole from her. In the shadow, someone smirked as 'everything goes as planned'.

While in this, the God of Coffee, [[VisualNovel/AceAttorney Godot]] stumbled upon the battle. He is in no power to stop the rampaging sorceresses, but at least he spotted the smirking man. The man glared at him on purpose, shocking Godot to reveal that... it's [[Franchise/{{Castlevania}} Simon Belmont]]. Simon ran off afterwards, and with this suspicion, Godot decided to warn several Gods of Simon's possible treachery. The God that he first met was [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai]]. Appalled at the betrayal, Yamamoto sends several of his followers to burn Simon to death.

Simon later found himself surrounded by Yamamoto's followers, but they couldn't apprehend him. It was then [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Sol Badguy]] arrives to help, disturbed at this insurgence. Simon fended off the assault, but confessed to Sol that he has yet to meet Marisa or Lina, more or less destroy the Hakurei Shrine nor plot about it. It was then Yamamoto personally arrive to punish Simon himself. Disgusted at the old man's constant 'by-the-book' attitude, Sol decided to knock some sense to Yamamoto.

-->'''Yamamoto''': ''There will be no excuses. By helping this criminal, Sol Badguy, you have committed another treason to the Pantheon, and must be punished in the name of Pantheon justice.''
-->'''Sol''': ''Is that the justice you believe in, old man?''
-->'''Yamamoto''': ''No personal justice will take precedence over the world's justice!''
-->'''Sol''': ''What a bunch of bull.''

[[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Fate Testarossa Harlaown]], however, grew uneasy on Yamamoto's sudden aggression to Simon like that, citing that something is wrong. She decided to investigate further, but was stopped by Dio Brando and his ally {{Dracula}}. With Dracula and his 'follower' [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Remilia Scarlet]] empowering Dio's vampire power, and his 'follower' [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Sakuya Izayoi]] empowering Dio's time manipulation power, Fate let herself be captured, for she had a plan in order to save her sister, Alicia Testarossa. While in her house, [[WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck Megavolt]] struck a coup assisted with [[OnePiece Eneru]], causing him to be elected as the new God of Lightning, as some of her old followers fled, never wanting to serve such a God. Fate was later brought to the House of Madness and Hate and would suffer similar torture as Lamia, except that instead of being scrapped down, she was later personally requested by [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Precia Testarossa]] to be imprisoned and bound in her house, so she could be tortured to her pleasure. Precia promised that she won't let her die, but will [[FateWorseThanDeath give her an endless torture that she'd wish she could die.]] This was precisely what Fate was planning on.

In the same time, Isara and Gadget were visiting the Neo Venezia. They were, however, ambushed with both Maxmillian (who has leveled down her House after finding out that Isara wasn't there) and also Ali, who showed up 'to go along with it'. They aim to kill them both in the name of Palpatine. Before they were shot...


[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam God Gundam]] rose from the nearby fountain, and [[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Domon Kasshu]] rushed to protect them both, condemning their acts. After telling them to Isara and Gadget to run, Domon starts to take on both Ali and Maxmillian, along with his troops enhanced with the power of Valkyria... until suddenly Ali retreats. Domon attempts to follow him, but Maxmillian's troops hindered him. Thankfully, [[IronMan Tony Stark/Iron Man]] also happens to be in the scene and helps out Domon. After being briefed with the situation, Domon proceeds to confront Ali while Iron Man stalls Maxmillian's troops.

In the meantime, wherever Isara and Gadget runs, Ali always stop them by destroying the vicinities, blocking their path. Eventually, they were cornered, as Ali laughed in triumph, gloating about how he will kill them as well as the beautiful destruction of a good place like Neo Venezia. Domon made it in time to save them again, but was also horrified with the destruction that happened. Ali reveals that he's the one doing it, proud of it and there's nothing else he could do. Domon condemned this act and emits a TranquilFury that awed both girls.

-->'''Domon''': ''This hand of mine is burning red...!''
-->'''Ali''': ''Its load roar tells you to grasp DEFEAT!''

GenreSavvy enough to grasp Domon's tendency to recite his special move speech, Ali proceeds to dash and interrupt Domon by kicking God Gundam in the face. Domon was surprised... how did he predict it... and why the hell is Ali dodging so good in a Gundam like that!? This is going to be one hell of a hard fight between Domon and Ali...

The ravaging of Neo Venezia finally reached the news of several Greater Gods. Franchise/{{Batman}} called several Gods to gather in the Main House and discuss the current trouble, now that its residents were away from the Main House. Amongst the gods he called was his apprentince/ally [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Shikamaru Nara]]. Going from his home at the Mentalism Pantheon, he muttered about [[CatchPhrase what a drag]] this all was, when he runs into a gigantic devil-like man accompanied by a host of zombies. He introduces himself as [[Main/OnePiece Gecko Moria]], one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and as of today, the NEW God of Shadows for the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''. Shikamaru is then swarmed for all sides by Moria's zombies who dragged him away to places unknown.

In the meantime, Sylvanas arrived at her home. However, in a sudden, she was ambushed by her own followers, Shego included. It turns out that when she was away, Luca Blight has already instated another DarkActionGirl member of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''' to take over her house, [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Aizen's Espada Halibel]]. Having converted almost all her followers, Halibel imprisons Sylvanas in her own house, notifying that she's in no immediate danger to them.

In the meantime, the spar between Signum and Raidou against Vita eventually reached a quick end as Vita regained he senses. Raidou said he would take care of her, and urged her to go visit Lamia. Signum did so and stations herself into the Main House, lamenting the fate of her ex-avatar. Just then, more 'victims' arrive to report the news. Alfimi arrived to tell about the fates of Axel, Jade and Lelouch, but Heero was nowhere to be seen (though she cited him as her savior). Kan'u and Aisha also arrive to tell the fate of Guan Yu, who has now been sent to rest in Unohana's house. However, Signum's true shock was when she saw her three followers [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Saber]], [[{{Suikoden}} Chris Lightfellow]] and [[Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena Utena Tenjou]], arriving with a lot of wounds reporting that her house, during her absence, was taken over by [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Char Aznable]], alongside with his female companion [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ Haman Kahn]]...

-->'''[[TheKhan KAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNN!!!!]]'''
-->''[[ShoutOut Knock it off!]]''

Haman has also taken her place as Goddess, leaving Signum quite depowered and wonders if the assault on Lamia was also another part to distract her, considering their relationship. But she already has a hunch that this is also part of another plan to something even greater. After hearing the plan to recover Lamia, Signum, despite being depowered, opted to go to the most probable person to wake Yukari in peace: [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Reimu Hakurei]]. But thanks to her depowered state, Kan'u and Aisha, who were still on full power, opted to go assist her. Rumors also fly that [[VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy The Guy]] has gone berserk and was trapping some Gods in his maze, as they also lost contact with some Gods like [[StreetFighter Ryu]]...

In the meantime, Sora, overwhelmed with Zorc's increasing power, as well as M. Bison and Barbatos' help, still continues to defend his house, until he found out that [[VideoGame/ArcanaHeart Mildred Avalon]] also rallies her followers to assault his house. Sora was heavily wounded, but managed to escape with his life. He only hopes that he could reach Franchise/{{Batman}} to inform all this. In the meantime, Mildred is appointed as Sora's 'successor', thereby changing his house name from 'House of Light' into 'House of [[LightIsNotGood Evil Light]]'

Meanwhile, [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Reimu Hakurei]], who was away from her shrine, stumbled upon an issue of Bunbunmaru Newspaper. As she reads it... her jaws dropped, and while shaking hard, she screamed...

-->'''''[[TheKhan AAAYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!]]'''''

What did Reimu read? What is the Alliance plan about kidnapping various Gods and Goddesses? Will Yamamoto and Sol finally settle their differences? Is Simon really innocent? Will Domon prevail against Ali, and likewise, Iron Man against Maxmillian's troops?

There's a lot to stake next week...


Domon had a very tenacious fight against Ali. Deep in his heart, he is glad to fight such powerful opponent. However, he also couldn't forgive Ali and his atrocities. Learning from how he moved, Ali could somehow read his mind and takes a wild guess...

-->'''Ali''': ''Hey, you're a pretty good fighter, and seem to enjoy fighting. Same like me, you know.''
-->'''Domon''': ''What...?''
-->'''Ali''': ''War is my enjoyment, fighting is my life. Money's nice, but nothing beats a good fight.''
-->'''Domon''': ''....''
-->'''Ali''': ''I wouldn't want to kill you if it isn't convenient. I want a partner. One who thinks like me.''
-->'''Domon''': ''SILENCE!!''
-->'''Ali''': ''Heh...''
-->'''Domon''': ''It's true that we may be the same. But we have one main difference... For one... I do not lavish in such senseless destruction like this! That's why, I will defeat you, as the King of Hearts!! RYUUHA!! IN THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL OF TOUHOU FUHAI!!!''
-->'''Ali''': ''What!? (He didn't get mad...?)''

Ali failed to goad Domon into anger as he activates his true Hyper Mode made of TranquilFury. Noting that it was very similar to Trans-AM, Ali kept up very well with Domon's speed. However, two beams were shot from the other side... from two other Gundams: Wing Zero and Dynames, causing Ali to be distracted and caught on Domon's God Finger. Before he could explode, Ali also saw another familiar face running at him... [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Setsuna F. Seiei]] in his Gundam 00, rushing to slice him. Ali escaped just in time before the lower part of Gundam Arche got torn by Setsuna and the upper part were destroyed by Domon's Heat End. Lockon Stratos in Dynames then prepared to snipe on Ali's escape pod. Unfortunately, seeing Ali made him almost lost it and this disrupts his skills as it missed. Lockon sighed as he forgot Mikagami's warning to stop revenge from clouding his skills, and Setsuna growled that Ali escaped again. Heero tells them to forget it for awhile and resume their mission...

In the same time, Iron Man defends well against Maxmillian's troops. Unfortunately, Maxmillian already called him to surrender as he reveals that [[Franchise/SailorMoon The Dark Kingdom]] sent its monsters to take both Gadget and Isara hostage. However, the sudden arrival of Simon, who were told by Sol to flee lest he be turned into ash, managed to turn the table as he freed the two and destroyed the monsters, just like he did to Dracula's minions. With nothing more holding him back, Iron Man decimated the rest of Maxmillian's troops as he retreated. Iron Man reported to Batman about the situation, and Batman ordered him to return ASAP with Isara, Gadget and Simon.

In the same time, the depowered Signum , driven with her will to restore her friend continued to go forth, earning her the respect of both Kan'u and Aisha. This faith in her replenished her powers. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the Hakurei Shrine, it's already on the ruins with Marisa and Lina still duking it out. Still confused, they were suddenly met by [[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Xellos]], who reveals that Lina got herself entangled with the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''. Infuriated, Kan'u tried to strike Lina, thinking her stooping too low to the scale of evilness, but Aisha restrained her and opted to ask why. Instead, Xellos revealed Reimu's location... a dire one, as it reveals that she was surrounded and on the verge of capture. Signum asked the name of whoever leads the army and Xellos tells them it's Lu Bu. This time it's Aisha's turn to get mad and urged to rush and defeat him. Now worried, Signum asked why is he informing this, about Lina's apparent FaceHeelTurn and locating Reimu. Xellos only playfully answered, [[CatchPhrase "That's a... secret!"]], which prompts Kan'u to point her Blue Dragon next to Xellos' neck and tells him that if he plans something bad, she promises to make him pay.

They caught up to Lu Bu's army attacking Reimu who held out in Fan Castle. Signum noted that it would take awhile for someone like Lu Bu to try and challenge Reimu, and if that happens... she's doomed. Judging from the surrounding, Aisha announced that a flood attack will suffice to wipe out Lu Bu's army and give an opening for Reimu to escape. However, Kan'u noticed that something is strange, [[GenreSavvy recalling the events from the]] RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms and Guan Yu's tales himself, then warns Aisha not to get reckless unless they want to end up like their predecessor in the similar battle. Aisha tells her not to worry and tells her to open the floodgate while Signum retrieves Reimu, and she will stall Lu Bu.

Meanwhile, as Suigintou woke up, she found herself tied up in a crucifix that sealed her powers. She found out that she was brought into the lair of [[Anime/MaiOtome Tomoe Marguerite]], who was still pissed that she dared leaving her out. Tomoe declared that from the day they meet, Suigintou was destined to be her junk, her lapdog, and she is free to do whatever she wants on her. Tomoe also brought a tied up Alice whom she constantly tortured as a payback for what she did when Alice blasted her out 'without going on full power'. "Nobody underestimates me!" as Tomoe claims. Suigintou, growing to care about Alice, suddenly begged Tomoe to stop the assault, but in turn she also received a fair share of torture, even though Alice tried to stay aloof and tell Suigintou that this was nothing. While Tomoe was glad to torture both of them for life, [[Manga/CandyCandy Eliza Reagan]] suddenly comes in and offered Tomoe another deal: Why not have Suigintou once again come back and do the dirty work for them, and since it's known that she has grown to care about Alice, she could be used as an insurance to get Suigintou to work. Tomoe agreed and she promised that she would let go of Alice... if Suigintou does her dirty work, with no complains, under the banner of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''. Eliza then reveals several targets that Suigintou should launch a surprise attack... including [[Anime/MaiHime Shizuru Fujimura]], [[Manga/KannazukiNoMiko Himeko Kurusugawa, Chikane Himemiya]] and [[VisualNovel/YamiToBoushiToHonNoTabibito Hazuki Azuma]]...

Vita explained to Raidou Kuzunoha asked what happened, that she suddenly acted from a voice that strongly compelled and hypnotized her through brain waves; fortunately she had shrugged such a thing off. Raidou immediately suspects that it would take a MadScientist to do that. He decided to report this to the Main House, just in time when {{Superman}} tells him to get into the Main House. Vita, however, opted to do something else. She contacted Signum and asks if there's anything she could help to make up for her past blunder. Before Signum could say anything, Aisha interrupted and told Vita about Signum's depowering and rempowerment. Vita didn't need to be asked to in order to ask where they are promising that she would help. In the end of the conversation, Signum sighed, telling that she wouldn't want to put Vita into danger, knowing her recklessness. Kan'u only tells her to trust Vita.

Meanwhile, in the House of Ice, [[SaintSeiya Cygnus Hyoga]] also prepared to meet up with the rest within the Main House, until then it was attacked by Mildred Avalon, who plans to add to her arsenals the Arcana power of one of his followers [[VideoGame/ArcanaHeart Zenia Valov]]. Hyoga fought against her on even grounds, but was even more overwhelmed when suddenly [[Anime/DragonBallZ Frieza]] attacks him, draining his Cosmo further. As the Cosmo reached its peak, [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Mr. Freeze]] shows up and made a HumanPopsicle out of Hyoga, using his freeze ray gun that is powered to freeze and depower God. Mr. Freeze was going to take over the House, but was thwarted by Hyoga's other followers, including Zenia, Kula Diamond and [[ComicBook/{{X-Men}} Iceman]] and [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Toshiro Hitsugaya]]. In the midst of battle, Hitsugaya received psychic link with Hyoga who were losing his power and entrusted his God powers to Hitsugaya. His power increased as the new God of Ice, but suddenly, the three villains ceased their assault, and fled. Frieza, however, smirked that of all people, Hyoga chose Hitsugaya as his successor, which means maybe Xanatos was RIGHT after all...

(In truth, however, Mildred only used Zenia due to having the same power that she can absorb, and her true aim was not her, but to depower Hyoga, as the rest planned)

In the meantime, someone knocked the home of WesternAnimation/BugsBunny. It was Freddy Krueger who somehow came in 'peace'. Bugs at first welcomed him, and Freddy offered him to join the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''', as it will give them time to get even against James Rolfe A.K.A WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd. Bugs seemingly agreed, and asked Freddy to wait in a certain room as he 'prepare' to wage war. Bugs soon came back with a rocket and said, "Why don't ya hold onto this, pal". Unaware that Bugs already had his fellow rabbit [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Tei Inaba]] snuck a [[IdiotBall certain ball]] when Freddy entered the room, he willingly accepted the rocket and lifted it up, boasting that the power given by the Alliance allows him to operate just as good as he was in the dream world. Of course, unbeknownst to him, Bugs ignited the rocket, launching Freddy up to the sky [[ATwinkleInTheSky complete with twinkling light]]. Bugs smirked.

--> '''Bugs''': ''"[[CatchPhrase Gee, ain't I a stinker.]] See, I want that Nerd to pay, but not right now. He's a little bit tied up with a certain... [[VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy Guy]]. And not with someone like Freddy, since that's not gonna attract some crazy fun."''

True enough, in the maze created by The Guy, WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd was trapped there, posing through challenges, dying and respawning here and there, his screams '''[[TheKhan "FUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!"]]''' was loudly heard here and there. Though even Bugs gotta admit, The Guy going berserk so unusually and trapping gods in his dungeon IS a bit weird.

Back in the House of Nature, Zorc visited Gecko, who were preparing for a certain ritual with the grudging help of Shikamaru, whom they forced. The ritual revolve around summoning a certain shadow entity, which Gecko believes can be very helpful in the Alliance's cause. Once summoned, the Shadow would hereby enter Gecko's services and aid him. This shadow is the Forbidden Beast [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Eddie]]. After Gecko gave his proper sacrifice and thereby bound Eddie to his contract, confident that his godlike power will keep the beast in check. Shikamaru has heard on how Eddie took over his former host, and left alone it could be dangerous for the Pantheon. However, he sees this as a slight chance to escape Gecko, but right now there's nothing he can do.



Reimu, reading the newest release of Bunbunmaru Newspaper in Fan Castle was shocked. Written on the headline of the Newspaper was "Grand United Alliance Of Evil! Possible New Ruler Of The Pantheon?". Reimu couldn't believe that [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Aya Shameimaru]] had sank so low that she could be allying such Alliance that she heard. To her, the Alliance just means nothing good at all. She wanted to check out how it goes, but before she could get into the bottom of it, she found [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Vivio Takamichi]] ready.

-->'''Reimu''': ''Is that you, Vivio? What's the matter?''
-->'''Vivio''': ''Aunt Reimu.''
-->''(P.S: As Reimu used to be Nanoha's follower, Vivio considers her auntie)
-->'''Reimu''': ''I... I'm not your auntie! Anyway, why are you crying?''
-->'''Vivio''': ''Fate-mama... Fate-mama is missing... I have to find her!''
-->'''Reimu''': ''Fate...!?''

Before Reimu could assess the situation or at least contact Nanoha about this, she found herself surrounded by an army.

-->'''Lu Bu''': ''Hmph, kidnapping like this is stupid. But that [[Manga/DeathNote Light]] says I should just go along with this plan, and a worthy enemy may appear... Men, move out and get that little girl!''
-->'''Reimu''': ''Agh, damn it! It's Lu Bu! Tch, better get out of here with Vivio...what a sad man to try and challenge a little girl. He will be more then surprised.''

!!!End flashback

So at this point, Reimu fought with all her might to cover for Vivio. It didn't take long for her to overpower the tons of {{Mook}}s. Lu Bu slowly grew an interest on Reimu, even though she's just a little girl, she might provide him a good fight and perhaps this is what Light perceived as the WorthyOpponent.

Before Lu Bu moved, though, he was interrupted by Aisha. Fueled with anger on how Lu Bu took out her 'mentor'/'origin' Guan Yu, Aisha [[{{Determinator}} refuses to give in]] and continued to fight the NighInvulnerable Lu Bu. And in the same time, Signum makes a dash to Reimu, signalling that she has secured an escape route. Although Reimu worries about Signum's condition, she tells her not to worry and she'll protect her and Vivio.

-->'''Vivio''': ''What about Fate-mama?''

Signum was shocked at hearing Fate's uncertain... fate. However, she tried to keep her cool and attempted to escape together, until they find out that Lu Bu has dragged his battle with Aisha to block their escape route and beckons to take them all on. With Reimu quite tired from the previous battle, Aisha starting to tire from her constant bouts with Lu Bu, and Signum depowered, things were looking bad... until [[BigDamnHeroes Vita]] broke through the wall and smashed Lu Bu, though it wasn't enough to finish him off. Aisha told Vita about the overall plan, and thankfully she's listening quite well. Thus, Vita fought Lu Bu for several bouts as Signum, Reimu and Vivio escaped and Vita quickly followed.

When they reached out the castle gates, Lu Bu has somehow prepared an ambush party. However, before they could get into action, the ground quakes and the castle is soon flooded. Signum, Reimu and Vita used their flight power to escape, and although the soldiers drowned, Lu Bu only stood there, unaffected and prepares to strike again. They flew to Kan'u and thanks her for the flood attack, whereas she knew that it's a strategy from a certain [[RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms novel]] she read. Signum reveals that she needs Reimu's help to recover Lamia, as Reimu is one of the closest allies of Yukari Yakumo, the one who may be able to help her and also counter the Alliance. Unfortunately, M. Bison made a quick move and teleported near Vivio, capturing her. Declaring that she will be joining her 'mama', Bison vanished, leaving both Signum and Vita in shock as they concluded that Fate has been captured.

Before they could react further, they saw Lu Bu making a mad dash wanting a rematch. Kan'u tells Signum, Vita and Reimu to leave as she will hold Lu Bu back, while Aisha rests so she could have a shot together. Signum and the rest fled as Kan'u makes a valiant defense against Lu Bu. As Aisha fully recovered, she is ready to make a comeback... but a huge shadow loomed over her and threw a bomb filled with sleeping gas, putting her to sleep. Distracted over her friend's well being, Kan'u received a huge blow from Lu Bu, knocking her unconscious.

Lu Bu was more than ready to kill Kan'u, but a voice coming from the shadow echoed to stop him. It was none other than... Selena Recital inside her AS Alegrias, telling Lu Bu that Palpatine wants them alive. Grunting, Lu Bu left as Selena hauled them with a serious look, unlikely of her normal flirtuous self, but she knows when to get all serious...

In the same time, in Palpatine's dungeon, Lelouch was dragged out. Being forced to wear a strait jacket, he was brought into two beings: [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Sosuke Aizen]] and his father [[Anime/CodeGeass Charles zi Britannia]]. Declaring that they will make him look forward to his execution, Aizen subjected Lelouch into his hypnosis using Kyoka Suigetsu, and in succession, Charles uses his Geass to subject Lelouch into a massive MindRape, multiplied with Aizen's hypnosis power, making it a very very brutal MindRape. Lelouch was left in such cataconic state when he was brought back to the jail, now reduced to someone who could only say "Kill me now..." However, noting on this torture, Aizen brought out his experience on how he tricked Wilhelm von Juergen and had Lamia participate on it. One look at her, and he could tell that her willpower was extremely strong and that even though she had it worse, her chance to regain her composure might be even higher than how they put Lelouch to what he is now. Charles assures him that he will consider it and find a way that if she was ever recovered, she will never recover mentally.

In the same time, as Bugs Bunny slept, he was invaded by Freddy Krueger in his dream. Bugs used all his trickery and cunning to sucker Freddy again, but in the world of dream, Freddy's power rules over. As Bugs finally loses composure and panicked, Freddy gloats on how 'confident' Freddy was. Fortunately for Bugs, [=NiGHTS=] was there to help him. Though [=NiGHTS=] was able to hold Freddy to chase at Bugs, Freddy has made sure that Bugs would never escape his dream... until suddenly, [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Yukari Yakumo]], who was awake at that time, pulls Bugs out from his dream. Yukari left Bugs as she tried to search for the voice who woke her up, while Bugs, finally fed up with Freddy's assault, finally declared...

-->'''''Of course you realize, dis means WAR!!!'''''

In the meantime, Freddy suddenly ceased his attack, as someone from the Alliance called him. [=NiGHTS=] was left confused, but he knew that it wasn't the last of him. In the meantime, Yukari found out that it was Reimu who called her from the Main House, thus she jumped there. In the meantime, Iron Man, Heero, Domon and Simon have also returned, reporting the destruction of Neo Venezia, also bringing along Isara and Gadget. Lain finally announced that Lamia's recovery may commence now that Isaac, Isara, Gadget and Yukari is around. While she and these beings will work on the recovery and connecting to her mind, Lain asks for two mental supports, should something happen. Signum, Excellen and Mitsuru gladly volunteers.

While this happens, Hitsugaya also made his way to the Main House, reporting about the battle between Yamamoto and Sol which has raged for a very long time and is almost ravaging most parts of the House of Nature, and his newfound power from Hyoga certainly couldn't handle it alone. Simon realized that he should go there, but with the current standing, he's not sure if it will cease Yamamoto from the fight. [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Bright Noa]], realizing that even old men could get their emotions astray, decided to come along with Simon and Godot, who has realized that Simon is innocent, to punch some sense on Yamamoto, and Sol too if necessary. The loss of contact with Judas also worried the people at the Main House. Knowing that with his absence, people would completely mistake that Dark is AlwaysChaoticEvil, Batman sends out [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Midna]], assisted with Medusa, to find out what happened to Judas...

{{Superman}} converses with Batman that the Grand United Alliance Of Evil certainly cannot be taken lightly and an equally united force of good is needed to counter it. Batman agreed that in the absence of greater beings like LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya, or Fred Rogers, the defense of the Pantheon falls into their hands. And when asked why his student Shikamaru never arrived... Batman just smirked.

Vita was also called by Batman to plan things further. However, when she passed through a monitor, she suddenly witnessed a challenge issued to her by one of her more recent follower, [[ProfessionalWrestling Triple H]]... (obviously since it opens up with his {{Leitmotif}} ''TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!'')

-->'''Triple H''': ''Vita... Goddess of Hammers. I was thinking that at first you were a worthy Goddess, but look at you right now! You fell into such rage so easily, and THAT'S what a Goddess would do!? And look at your so-called 'hammer'... That's no hammer, that's a ''croquet mallet''! Ladies and Gentlemen, we've been HAD with a false Goddess! But that won't last very long... Because tonight, Vita... I don't care if you're a [[TokenMiniMoe little girl]] or whatever, but I AM CHALLENGING YOU AS THE PLACE OF THE HOUSE OF HAMMERS! --
-->'''Vita''': ''... THAT DOES IT! If he wants to mess around like that so badly in the middle of this crisis, I'll knock a lot of sense to him!!''

Even before the promo finishes, Vita already stormed off. Batman saw her off and wondered what happened, when he eventually witnessed Triple H's continued promo. He then takes up a phone and dialled a number.

And meanwhile, in the Pizza Hut branch of the Food Pantheon, [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Dante]] invited [[Anime/CodeGeass C.C]] for a pizza dinner. At that time, C.C received a telepathical feeling, noticing that something horrible might have happened to Lelouch. Just then, a chain sword suddenly flew from behind Dante's head, which was easily dodged... but instead split the pizza. Dante, pissed off at whoever ruined his pizza, turned behind and saw his main rival [[VideoGame/GodOfWar Kratos]], now a member of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''', and has been tasked to ensure Dante's death.

--> '''Dante''': ''Heh... that pizza costs me a lot. You better pay this with one hell of a show!''
--> '''C.C''': ''But that wasn't even the most expensive...''
--> '''Dante''': ''C.C, I'd advise you to stay away... I want to kick some butts, and definitely not your nice butt.''
--> '''C.C''': ''... All right.''

Kratos and Dante had a showdown which causes the Pizza Hut building to crumble. C.C tried to find any nearby Knightmare Frame to help, knowing that Kratos is a very formidable opponent in battle, but someone snagged her from behind.

As Dante and Kratos fought on, dragging themselves outside the ruins of the house, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by an army. The army was led by [[VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors Date Masamune]], God of Eyepatches, who has declared himself an ally to the Grand United Alliance Of Evil. He beckoned at Dante on the top of a mountain.

-->'''Masamune''': ''Surrender now, Dante! Or the Alliance will crush you!''
-->'''Dante''': ''Oh, sorry, brat. I ain't think that I have the cut to join the Alliance. It's way too lame.''
-->'''Masamune''': ''You idiot! Can't you see the Pantheon is doomed!? Only with the Alliance that order can be restored!''
-->'''Dante''': ''Kid, can't you see I'm in the middle of something fun!? And one more thing, I'm not interested!''
-->'''Masamune''': ''*sigh* Usually I don't resort to this, but sometimes, extremities must be taken. Bring her forward!''

A wheeled wooden cage was brought forward and it reveals a BoundAndGagged C.C. Shocked seeing his buddy for eating pizza captured, Dante was slightly distracted a bit, enough for Kratos to knock him down, alongside his sword Alastor.

-->'''Dante''': ''Dirty little...''
-->'''Kratos''': ''Brat! What are you doing!?''
-->'''Masamune''': ''Isn't it obvious, you moron!? I'm using the hostage for the Alliance!''
-->'''Kratos''': ''That can wait later! Right now all I want is to fight and kill him by myself! Don't interfere!''
-->'''Masamune''': ''Wait, but wasn't the order...!''
-->'''Kratos''': ''Bah, deal with it later!''
-->'''Masamune''': ''That's not doing good. The order is to capture Dante alive, the fight can wait later! ... Ugh, fine! Men, capture Dante!''

Some of the Date army ran down the hill to capture Dante as he still continues to dodge Kratos' attacks. However, Kratos' attacks became so restless that even he didn't mind slaughtering any Date soldiers that got in his way. Masamune slowly got himself irritated seeing Kratos' misbehavior, but in the same time, several Date men defected from him and whisked away the cage containing C.C.

-->'''Masamune''': ''You blockheads! Where the hell do you think you're going!?''

Masamune gave chase by himself, but before he could fire a shot on the traitors, another horseman charged to him and forced him to block, making him lose the chase.

-->'''????''': ''Wow, so this is how my other self do work? This is more pathetic than I thought...''
-->'''Masamune''': ''!! You...''

The attacker was... [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara ANOTHER Date Masamune]], sitting down on his horse with arms crossed like a badass.

(for convenience, SW Masamune is called as Musou Masamune, while SB Masamune is called Basara Masamune)

-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''You're... me!?''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''HA! Of course I am you. Or to be exact, I am from the other side. Oushuu's One Man, One Eyed Dragon Date Masamune, God of Eyepatch! Not a fake one like you.''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''Hah! The Pantheon only needs one Date Masamune, and that's me!''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''OH? A Date Masamune who bows his head to anyone? Sorry, but being 'overly dependent' is not what makes a Date Masamune!''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''What did you just say?''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''Ya know, I've been waiting for this day to come. I've heard in your mortal life, you used to bow your head and [[WarriorsOrochi worship a stupid snake]], after being beaten. That's a complete letdown! You just insulted the name "Date Masamune" everywhere!''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''Only the strong survive, and the weak serve the strong! IDidWhatIHadToDo! If at that time I didn't come to serve Orochi, humanity will...''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''BULLSHIT! So you gave up on humanity that quick!? Just because a stupid snake beat you!? And probably, the Grand United Alliance Of Evil bullies and pressures you so hard and you start worshipping them like a God. Am I right?''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''Ah, shut up you idiot! Good and Evil are just trivial matters, don't tell me what to do!''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''Oh yeah? Well, it's true that Good and Evil are trivial. But bowing your head and letting your pride getting stomped, easily giving up the belief that you're the strongest, [[PunctuatedForEmphasis JUST. LIKE. THAT!]] That's not what a Date Masamune would do, that's what [[SmugSnake WUSSES]] would do! And you call yourself 'Date Masamune, the One Eyed Dragon'? Call yourself 'One Eyed Chicken Wuss'.''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''THAT DOES IT! I'll show you the true power of the Date clan and you'll soon know the might of the Grand United Alliance Of Evil!''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''Then let's see whose Date army is stronger!''

Both Masamunes summons their army and they charge into a massive battle. As the battle raged on, many times the word "IDIOT!" is yelled, and another time, this phrase is also heard [[GratuitousEnglish "LET'S PARTY!!!"]]

!![[IntentionalEngrishForFunny EPISODE 5]]

Eventually, Gadget and Isara managed to bring back Lamia's body into her former self, but she did not awake yet. Yukari took a peek on her state of mind by crossing the border between reality and her dreams (everyone already know that since she gained consciousness, she could dream), only to find out that she's having a crisis from the inside and things could get really bad if left like this. Lain starts connecting Lamia to the WIRED and tells the volunteers (Signum, Excellen and Mitsuru) to concentrate, as she's going to connect them and her dreams together.

The dream starts with Lamia being approached by Freddy Krueger, who deliberately told her that she is weak and that is what she is going to end up as, for eternity. With his control over nightmares, Freddy relived Lamia's humiliations brutally, starting from her mortal 'humiliation' by Wilhelm von Juergen, and then her recent brutal torture from the Alliance. It started to work, as she thought she was alone, nobody came to help her. This, however, is interrupted when finally Signum, Excellen and Mitsuru arrive. All of them encouraged her to move on from the past humiliation, she still has her future and her strength is needed. Excellen voiced that she's never alone, and she apologized for not being there to protect her, but she's not going to let her succumb into this, whereas Signum told her about her depowering, but despite so she will never back down as long as her strength is needed. Lamia wanted to protest on how weak she was, and that was when Mitsuru told her about how she saved her life during Juergen's assault to the House of Justice, which caused her to lose her former House, but it was Lamia who encouraged her to move on, and now it's her turn to help her.

All these, while Freddy used his power to attack Excellen, Signum and Mitsuru, and they didn't even bother to fight back. Freddy was amused that they chose death so easily over someone who couldn't be saved, but they answered that [[HeroicSacrifice if their death could restore a friend, they would gladly give their life]]. Moved with their resolve, Lamia slowly got up and coldly told Freddy to stop.

-->'''Lamia''': ''I understand now... No matter how humiliating and inhuman the torture was... I know I still have friends to support me and I was never alone... I have yet to lost anything permanently... and that is why I am going...!''
-->'''Freddy''': ''You really are a fool, W17. You do realize you will live forever in shame of those?''
-->'''Lamia''': ''Perhaps that is part of living like a human, in that case I will take that 'shame'! And my name is Lamia Loveless... not W17''
-->'''Freddy''': ''Don't you realize that you are trying to die anyway? You want to fight me in dreams? I conquer dreams, in here, you are nothing...''
-->'''Lamia''': ''This is '''my''' dream... and I have no need of you inside it!''

Fueled with HeroicResolve and ThePowerOfFriendship, Lamia pushed her body forward and assaulted Freddy, despite not being combatly proefficient unlike her mortal sister. Freddy tried to indimidate her by [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever growing huge]], but in a sudden, the Mecha Angelg fell from the sky and Lamia entered it and both fought in a massive battle. The battle was soon joined by Signum, as well as Mitsuru summoning her Persona. In addition, later on Rein Weissritter also materialized itself thanks to Lamia's will, enabling Excellen to help. However, despite this, Freddy was far from defeated, although he was surprised that these ladies show no fear in his realm. He eventually was forced to retreat, and the dream ends.

As Lamia woke up, her friends once again glomped at her, thankful that she was cured. Lamia apologized for causing so much trouble, but Signum assured her that it was her willpower which triumphed against the torture, however Lamia thanked them for keeping her willpower unbroken, which was close enough. However, Yukari told her that she has no time to relax, as she told her the fates of her followers and indirectly Axel's fate as well. Lamia decided that it would be her turn to save him after he saved her in her mortal life, and dedicate herself to stop the Alliance. With her willpower, a portion of her power was restored, but in order to completely restore it, she will need to rescue her followers from SHODAN...

With the hijinx with Lamia over, Signum tried to assess the situation about Fate, and that she lost contact with Kan'u and Aisha. Nanoha was also gone for a certain mission, and Reimu already left the House after she told her that the Hakurei Shrine was leveled...

Meanwhile, in the middle of battle between Yamamoto and Sol, it caused a great damage that the whole Pantheon was almost burning down. Yamamoto finally sealed Sol into his flame prison, only for him to charge right through it, forcing him to slightly release his headband, thus giving him 10% more of his true power, in order to stand a chance. It takes one booming voice from Bright Noa to make them stop. Seeing Godot and Simon together with Bright, Yamamoto began to suspect that they're collaborating against the traitor. Simon assured him that he didn't, but Yamamoto was too stubborn to listen. Bright eventually couldn't take it anymore.

-->'''Bright''': ''Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai. I respect you for being an elder God, and your wisdom. However... it has come to this, so I sincerely hope you will forgive my impudence... I apologize!''

Bright stepped forward approaching Yamamoto, his eyes showing determination, which somehow stuns Yamamoto. And all of a sudden...

Bright administers the '''Bright Slap''' to Yamamoto!

-->'''Yamamoto''': ''GUH! To slap an elder man... Bright Noa, have you no shame...!?''
-->'''Bright''': ''Hate me, consider me an ungrateful child who never respected the elders, but... You have to get off your guilibility and severe by-the-book attitude or it will destroy the Pantheon!''
-->'''Sol''': ''Well that Captain have a point...''
-->'''Bright''': ''I have nothing against the Pantheon's justice, but sometimes, blindly looking at it is not the best way to go! We almost blamed the wrong person because of this insistence!''
-->'''Godot''': ''It was my fault as well. I gave you the wrong information, but after much testimonies with that [[AccidentalMisnaming Trite]], I can vouch that Simon has an alibi about the destruction of Hakurei Shrine''
-->'''Yamamoto''': ''What!?''
-->'''Sol''': ''Come to think of it, I think these days, Simon looks like that Manga/DeathNote user...''
-->'''Godot''': ''... Indeed.''
-->'''Simon''': ''Light Yagami, isn't it!? Come to think of it, I came to think that he might be the one conspiring against those from my realms. It could be that he is the one behind Shanoa's reckless assault to Raoh, and ending in Raoh's defection!''
-->'''Yamamoto''': ''...... Huh. Youngsters these days...''
-->'''Bright''': ''Captain Yamamoto...''
-->'''Yamamoto''': ''Bright Noa... I suppose that slap was necessary. I needed that. Thank you. Hohohoho...''

Yamamoto later made his apology to Simon and promised that together they will uncover Light's nefarious plans...

''At the Pantheon Wrestling Federation...''

The show kicked off with a promo by Triple H. Hunter's promos invariably being long-winded, we will spare the reader the full speech, but he essentially reiterated the points he had made in his challenge to Vita. The promo continued on from where we left off in the last episode...

-->'''Triple H''': ''As I have reiterated, Vita no longer deserve to be the one who held the title 'Goddess of Hammers'. Not only her attack to Raidou Kuzunoha was inexcusable, she's not even wielding a proper hammer! I say...
-->'''Vita''': ''I SAY YOU TAKE BACK THOSE WORDS!!''
-->'''Triple H''': ''So, Vita girl, I see you're not shivering in terror. But you think you can beat The Game and defend your position!?''
-->'''Vita''': ''SURE AS HELL!! Whatever the rules, whether it's a wrestling match, or whatever, bring it on! I'm not scared at you!''
-->'''Triple H''': ''Ha, fine! Take that 'hammer' of yours with this ring and use whatever tactics you want! I'll beat you down to pulp and rightfully take your position!''

The ring goes wild and even the announcers are left in shock and awe.

--> '''Jerry Lawler''': ''Whoa! JR, looks like we might have a new God of Hammers!''
--> '''Tony Schiavone''': ''This isn’t just the greatest night in the history of our sport, it’s THE GREATEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF THE PANTHEON!''


Backstage, Bret Hart was preparing for his match, when someone approached him…

--> '''Bret''': ''Edge... what do you want?''
--> '''Edge''': ''I’ve been thinking... you’re probably the greatest technical wrestler of all time. As you said yourself, “The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.”''
--> '''Bret''': ''Thanks for the compliment. Where are you going with this?''
--> '''Edge''': ''Where I’m going is… the four great wrestling gods – you should rightfully be up there with them. And Vince screwed you out of it. As a fellow Canadian, it burns me up just thinking about the way he treated you. So I’ve decided to make you an offer...''

Back in the ring... of course Vita had a tremendous advantage against Triple H, not only her hammer is extraordinarily empowered, she has tremendous speed and various long range attacks, which Triple H didn't mind taking on. Eventually a strike from Graf Eisen drove Triple H into the turnbuckle, setting up Vita’s finishing move.

--> '''Jerry Lawler''': ''Here it comes, JR!''
--> '''Vita''': ''I'll make sure that after this, no more of this promotion crap, and you will get yourself to fight the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''' alongside me! GIGANT...''

Before Vita could finish her sentence, someone snuck behind her and [[DynamicEntry drop kicked her off]]... it was Bret Hart!

--> '''Bret''': ''Did someone say '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''!?''

Bret then immediately followed up and tore his jacket, revealing a shirt with the logo of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''' painted in it.

--> '''JR''': ''Bah gawd! That’s Bret Hart! Bret Hart has joined the Alliance of Evil! And now... is he looking for... he is!''
--> '''Vita''': ''How did someone like you join... GACK!!''
--> '''Triple H''': ''Talk about chance...''

Before Vita could finish her sentence, she was held in a submission hold: Bret's signature Sharpshooter! Worse, Triple H is now back on his feet and would crush her head with his own sledgehammer.

--> JR: ''Sharpshooter! Bah gawd, Sharpshooter! Vita’s locked in there... and now Triple H is laying into her with that damn sledgehammer! Stop it! I don’t care if she’s a goddess, she’s a little girl, gawd dammit! And no one, especially not a little girl, deserves this kind of treatment!''
--> Vita: ''Will you shut up about the 'gawd'!? GAAAHHH!!''
--> '''Bret''': ''I say you tap and swore your allegiance to the Alliance and maybe I'll let you go!''
--> '''Vita''': ''N... NEVER...!!''
--> '''Triple H''': ''I see that you don't mind being beaten down like this!''
--> ''*Vita continues to receive beat downs*''
--> '''Vita''': ''Why... are... you... DOING THIS...!?''
--> '''Bret''': ''Why don't you ask that [=McMahon=] himself!? [[WhatHaveYouDoneToMeLately What has he done to me these days!?]] Well, I guess you're almost at your limit, so if you want to tap, tap now!''
-->JR: How much longer can she hold out?
-->Lawler: Just tap, dammit! Just tap!
--> '''Vita''': ''[[{{Determinator}} In hell... I... WILL...!!]]''
-->''(HUGE pop from the crowd)''

Somebody then made an entrance... It was...

-->''JR'': '''That’s...'''
-->''Lawler'': '''It’s Hulk Hogan! Hogan’s here!'''

Hogan proceeded to clean house on Hart and HHH, sending Hart running to the back, before hitting the Atomic Leg Drop on HHH, allowing Vita to recover and get the pin. Afterwards, Hogan grabbed the microphone.

-->''Hogan'': ''I’ve got some words for this so-called “Grand Unified Alliance of Evil”, brother! If you think you can just come in here and take the place over, you’re gonna have to deal with me! So, you better be ready to ask the question… what you gonna do, brother… when Hulkamania runs wild on you?''

“Real American” played as Hogan escorted Vita to the back. Vita thanked him for his assistance and swore that when she recover, she will get Triple H back on his senses. Hogan congratulates the little girl for being strong and determined, and advises that to be stronger, she is recommended to follow his 'Three Commandments': Train a lot, eat her vitamins and believing in one self ('Saying prayers' was omitted because she's already a Goddess). In the same time, he'll try to investigate why Bret Hart would join the Alliance.

Elsewhere, far from the Pantheon in a dark and distant dimension, a conference meeting of the members of the Grand Unified Alliance of Evil was taking place. Thousands of figures of various shapes and sizes sat at a long table inside inside a vast chamber. At the end of the table, sat [[Administrivia/RenamedTropes Nohamotyo]], TheJoker, [[LordOfTheRings Sauron]], [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} Tzeentch]], [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Khorne]], [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Nurgle]], [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Slaanesh]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI Lord Chaos]] and [[Main/StarWars Palpatine]] the supreme commanders of the Alliance.

-->'''Palpatine''': ''It seems we are all here excluding our friends who are currently out battling. Now than ladies and gentlemen, let's get down to the business of going to war. Let us start with a status report on the current state of our army, you will be pleased to know that I already assembled the entire Imperial fleet of the Galactic Empire. How goes your progress gentleman?''
-->'''Sauron''': ''The forces of Mordor have been assembled and are at the Alliance's disposal.''
-->'''Tzeentch''': ''I and my brothers Chaos legions are assembled and we are ready for-''
-->'''Khorne''': ''WE ARE READY TO SPILL BLOOD!!!!!''
-->'''Aizen''': ''My army of Hollows are assembled and ready for war.''
-->''Megatron'': ''All Decepticon and Predacon forces are assembled and ready for battle, [[VerbalTic Yessss]].''
-->'''Davros''': ''By my current estimates, I have 50 million Daleks ready for battle and will have another 50 million created by the end of the week.''
-->'''Dracula''': ''As we speak, my loyal lieutenant Death is gathering my legions of the night.''
-->'''Charles zi Britannia''': ''I have the entire Britannian military on standby and only had to give the order to attack.''

And so it went for an hour, with various members of the Alliance who possessed large forces informing the others on their current status.

-->'''Palpatine''': ''Excellent, we currently have an army now with numbers in the tens of trillions. And now I think we should have an update report on the project that our science division has been working on. How goes progress on the construction of the machine?''

A group of figures rose from their seats, They were Doctor Doom, [[ComicBook/DoctorOctopus Dr. Octopus]], [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Mayuri Kurotsuchi]], [[Anime/DragonBallZ Dr. Gero]], [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Jail Scaglietti]], [[Franchise/SailorMoon Professor Tomoe]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan Dr. Wily]] and [[SonicTheHedgehog Dr. Robotnik]]. It was Doom who spoke for the group.

-->'''Dr Doom''': ''The device that Doom and his esteemed colleagues have been working on day and night with cooperation from the [[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Devil Gundam]] is 70% complete. In another week or so it will be fully operational.''

-->'''Sauron''': ''Good, the machine will play a vital part in our conquest of all dimensions, now we can turn to the main objective of this meeting. Staging our first major offensive based on the plan created by Mr. Aizen and Mr. Xanatos to seize control of the Pantheon's House of Treasures....''

And in the meantime, when Vivio woke up, she realized that she was being [[CrucifiedHeroShot crucified]] In front of her was a an apparently tied up Fate. With a flash of telepathy, Vivio realzies that Fate's bonds are not bonded anymore; yet she continued to pretend to be a prisoner. Inbetween them is her grandma Precia Testarossa.

-->'''Precia''': ''Why, hello there... 'Granddaughter'''
-->'''Vivio''': ''Wa... waah... who are you...? What are you doing with Fate-mama?''
-->'''Fate''': ''Mother... *was slapped* She takes it without a word
-->'''Precia''': ''Shut up, you. The Alliance may take care of my other affairs to revive Alicia... However, right now, I want to really make that Nanoha... and you, Fate... to suffer...!''
-->'''Fate''': ''If you continue this path, mother, there will be a sorry end.
-->'''Precia''': ''And exactly that is why I have prepared this for my 'dear' granddaughter...''

But Vivio had been trained by both Nanoha Takami and Fate Testarossa, the most powerful mages in the TSAB, an exceptional gods in their own right. She came prepared. Alicia Testarossa, in whose image Fate had been made, was restored to life by the Lenneth, the goddess of Rebirth. Using telepathy (Fate and Alicia had similar genetics) Vivio had directed Alicia to try and save her mother; but first Alicia untied Vivio from her bonds.

Upon seeing "Fate" free and not looking or caring of anything else, Precia, borrowing a spell from [[Franchise/HarryPotter Voldemort]], cast Cruciatus briefly on Alicia. Alicia dropped to one knee, but continued facing her mother. "Stop....."

--->'''Precia''': "Stop, Fate? When will you STOP PRETENDING TO BE MY DAUGHTER?! You look nothing like her! You act nothing like her! I hate you!
--->'''Alicia''': I ''am'' your daughter! Please stop, I've been cured!
--->'''Precia''': I HAVE NO DAUGHTER!
--->'''Fate''': ...yes, you do.
--->'''Precia''': (Looks around in shock, and sees that Fate has broken her bonds) "...but you're not supposed to be there! You're over there! That looks nothing like Alicia!
--->'''Fate''': Alicia has grown older too! People change!Your memories of Alicia are from 10 years ago!Are ''you'' the same person you were 10 years ago?
--->'''Precia''': ....I would have ordered her raped. I would have ordered her tortured. I... ''I'' hurt her... MY DAUGHTER! do I know she's my daughter? Her... personality has changed. Genetics... mean nothing....and even if she is Alicia. She....can'

Precia's eyes grow glassy and she collapses. With a sigh, Fate snaps the bonds holding her.

Meanwhile back at the GUAE meeting.....

-->'''Aizen''': ''And that my dear comrades, is the plan in its entirety.''
-->'''Palpatine''': ''Now all we need is some volunteers to provide a deversion for the operation.''
-->'''Sauron''': ''I already have two that I've sent ahead.''

Sauron waves his hand and the image of two creature appears, One a giant demon made of flame and darkness. The other, a massive spider with hundreds of eyes and jaws dripping with venom.

-->'''Sauron''': ''Behold, the Balrog of the Mines of Moria and Shelob, last of the giant spiders. I'm sure they'll will provide quite a nice distraction for our enemies.''
-->'''Aizen''': ''I too have some contributions to add. Come here Nnoitra Jiruga, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Zommari Leroux, Szayel Aporro Granz and Aaroniero Arruruerie.''

Numbers 5 through 9 of the Espada stepped forward to receive orders from their master.
-->'''Aizen''': ''I want the five of you to go down to the Pantheon and causes much destruction as you can.''
-->'''Zommari''': ''As you command, Aizen-sama it will be done.''
-->'''Grimmjow ''': ''HELL YEAH! I've been waiting for a chance to fight!''
-->'''Szayel''': ''This will be a wonderful opportunity to get new research material.''

Several more figures rose from their seats.
-->'''Maleficent''': ''I'll go, I wish to test my dark magic against certain someones down there.''
-->'''The Major''': ''We of Millennium are always up for battle.''
-->'''Frieza''': ''Cell, Buu, and I have decided to go down, we could use the exercise.''
-->'''Cell''': ''And besides killing people and causing massive destruction is so much fun.''
-->'''Davros''': ''I will have Dalek Sec take with him a battalion of a thousand Daleks to assist you.''
-->'''Luca Blight''': ''If it's going to be a massacre, I'll be there.''
-->'''Sephiroth''': ''Cloud's down there.... I think I'll take this opportunity to torment him some more.''
-->'''Pain''': ''We of the Akatsuki wish to be involved in this decoy battle. I want to teach them the meaning of pain.''
--> '''Legato Bluesummers''':'' As my mission given to me by my master is to cause eternal pain and suffering to Vash the Stampede who is a part of the Pantheon, I shall lend my powers to this battle.''
-->'''Char Aznable''': ''If I attack, Amuro Ray will certainly appear to try and stop me, So I will lead the Alliance's mobile suit pilots into battle.''
-->'''Palparepa''': ''The 11 Masters of Sol will take part in this operation, We have a score to settle with the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.''
-->'''Anti-Spiral King''': ''I will also take the field. The Spiral Nemesis is down there and we Anti-Spirals wish to destroy it as soon as possible.''
-->'''Nohamotyo''': ''I do believe we have a full force now, one big enough to keep our enemies occupy for an entire day. Now then, we will have a few words from our glorious leader, the one who brought us together and gave us this chance to achieve our ambitions.''

A invisible presence enters the room and a voice deep as the bowels of hell speaks.
-->'''Mysterious Voice''': ''My brothers and sisters, our time has come at last. Never again will those so called "heroes" oppress us with their hypocritical ideas. We shall become the rulers of all existence as we were meant to be. But first we must deal with those who have long opposed and thwarted us. We shall make them know true despair and suffering! WE WILL BRAKE THEM UTTERLY! FORWORD TO VICTORY AND A NEW AGE OF DARKNESS AND TRANNY!''

!!Episode 6

Cut to meeting between the Alliance, especially regarding of the assault of the House of Treasures.

-->'''Sauron''': ''Good, the machine will play a vital part in our conquest of all dimensions, now we can turn to the main objective of this meeting. Staging our first major offensive based on the plan created by Mr. Aizen and Mr. Xanatos to seize control of the Pantheon's House of Treasures....''

Unbeknownst to everyone, a certain cardboard box slipped away. Inside that was none other than [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Solid Snake]], who quickly activated his Codec and contacted... Selena Recital.

-->'''Snake''': ''This is Snake. Selena, did you hear me?''
-->'''Selena''': ''Yep, of course. So how are you doing, hottie?''
-->'''Snake''': ''... Well, there's this... plan to attack the House of Treasures, I heard.... what are they, 'Grand United Alliance of Evil ''Bandits''?''
-->'''Selena''': ''An attack to the Treasures, eh? Got it, I'll leak that to the rest. This could be bad, though.''
-->'''Snake''': ''Sure is. If they take over that House, they could've acquired a power greater than 10000 Metal Gears combined.''
-->'''Selena''': ''...''
-->'''Snake''': ''Oh and there's one more thing I haven't been informed. You know Mayuri Kurotsuchi?''
-->'''Selena''': ''That freaky scientist Shinigami? Why, yes. I've contacted him a lot and he seemed very confident on his 'research'.''
-->'''Snake''': ''... What the hell? Back then I heard he was a member of that old man Yamamoto's group... Is he really serious about being evil?''
-->'''Selena''': ''What do you mean?''
-->'''Snake''': ''Well, just kinda thought someone who acts so ''ObviouslyEvil'' might not turn out very evil... These days, most evil people try to hide their ambitions with good intentions and promises.''
-->'''Selena''': ''Actually I think I see him conversing a lot with one of Thrawn's follower Zhuge Liang. I wonder what that means... Whoops!''
-->'''Snake''': ''What?''
-->'''Selena''': ''Gotta scram for awhile, or else I'll be busted! Later, Snake.''

The contact was eliminated, and soon after, Selena quickly regained her composure... Cue to TheJoker and Kefka entering. They conversed with Selena once in awhile as she also brought up ideas and jokes about using her [[{{Gainaxing}} bounce]] to boost the Alliance's morale. Unfortunately, she spent too much time conversing with Kefka that Joker found out about her plans.

-->'''Joker''': ''Sooo... betrayal, eh, my hottie?''
-->'''Selena''': ''!! D... damn!''
-->'''Kefka''': ''Thanks a lot for making this up, girl, this makes the assault to the Treasure House easier!''
-->'''Selena''': ''What do you mean by that?''
-->'''Kefka''': ''Uweeehehehe! Easy! We just alter your message so they think otherwise!''
-->'''Joker''': ''And as for you, my dear... Don't worry, I've prepared the main seat to you for the most magnificent joke ever, consider it your reward for sneaking like this!''

As Joker snapped his fingers, suddenly Selena was ambushed and grabbed by various clowns, being the Joker's henchmen.

-->'''Selena''': ''You can't be serious... by this joke, you didn't mean...''
-->'''Joker''': ''Of course, a joke to make everyone laugh. Why so serious?''

Meanwhile, back in the Nature Pantheon, both Medusa and Midna finally arrived at Judas' abandoned house, which is now guarded by Barbatos. Beckoning that those 'goody two shoes' has gone so low that they sent out girls to fight him, Barbatos lashes out and struck both of them. Medusa was forced to utilize her Mystic Eyes to immobilize Barbatos as Midna snatched Judas away. However, Medusa was wrong in predicting Barbatos' bloodlust and willpower that he alone broke off her petrification, leaving Medusa to battle some more while Midna got away. Just as she was cornered, Barbatos was knocked down by someone else... it was Kenshiro, who also noted the disturbance between light and dark, which he suspected as one of the reasons of Raoh's change. He sees Medusa off as he tried asking Barbatos about it. Barbatos would have none of it and lunged to Kenshiro, opting him to consider him another of those {{Mook}}s he defeated in daily basis and hit him with [[RapidFireFisticuffs Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken]].

-->'''Kenshiro''': ''[[CatchPhrase You're already dead]]''
-->'''Barbatos''': '''''B... BRRRRRUUUUUUAAAAAAAA!!!!!'''''

Through sheer god and will power, Barbatos managed to minimize his body damages, shocking Kenshiro. Barbatos boasts that he is more than just a human, not even something like Hokuto Shinken can take him down. And after defeating him, he'll take on the rest of the Gods and kill him himself, which prompts Kenshiro to take this battle seriously...

In the meantime, as Medusa ran off, she was fatigued heavily, that she almost collapses. A hand was offered to her, it was a hand of the Orcs. Recognizing it as [[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Thrall's]] men, she decided to use this chance as a mean to rest. However, when she realized that in truth it wasn't Thrall's, but [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Warboss Ghazghkull's]], it's already far too late.

In the meantime, Midna successfully brought Judas to Unohana, but in the same time, Unohana noticed that Shanoa has slipped away...

Back to the Main House, Selena's message was finally delivered, and it is said that the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''' will send out a huge force to station themselves in the ruins of Neo Venezia, and they're going all out. Superman reads it well and decided to relay the message throughout various members of the Travel Pantheon. Batman also instructed that Link and [[Anime/GaoGaiGar Guy Shishioh]] should also head to the House of Treasures to reclaim their weapons. Guy promised to catch up with them so if the Gods has gathered, they should go on ahead before of him. After they left, however, [[Manga/AhMyGoddess Belldandy]] expressed a certain premonition that they could be in danger. Acknowledging Belldandy's power and self control, Superman sent her to accompany Link and Guy.

In the meantime, [[{{Hellsing}} The Major]] of the Millennium organization approached Axel's prison, promising him to be freed if he goes back into his warmongering way. The Millennium has heard of his past prowess under their follower Vindel and they will appreciate him if he joins the Alliance. However, Axel vehemently refused, he just doesn't think it'll click to him anymore. The Major curses him and tells him to rot in his prison. However, unbeknownst to them, on the duct pipe upwards, Snake was there, finally taking note of the location of Axel's prison.

'''Snake''': ''(Okay, Lelouch and Axel located. Now onto Jade's...)''

He then reached out his CODEC....

And back to the Alliance's headquarters, Joker gleed in interest and joy alongside with Kefka, as he sent out the misleading message, while typical to his 'joke' self, he had Selena BoundAndGagged on a chair nearby and promised that she will be the main event for the joke especially prepared for that Snake. And SpeakOfTheDevil, suddenly the CODEC rang again...

And back to the heated battle between Dante and Kratos, just as the battle raged further, several arrows were shot near them. It was [[{{Manga/Berserk}} Guts]], who immediately asked Kratos if he knows about Griffith. Kratos roared that he did not give a damn and if he's come to be killed, he'll gladly grant Guts the favor. Dante, thinking that it'll be a two on one against Kratos, complained that Guts is ruining all the fun. Guts sighed, complaining that he's just wasting his time, but he tells them that he'd rather be the one who's being handicapped. Dante wouldn't have that and preferred a 3 way fight. Kratos agreed and the battle continued further.

And back to the clash between the two Masamunes, both once again clashed on their ideals on who is the right Masamune. Musou Masamune taunts Basara Masamune that he's a fool to be clinging with good and evil and being an idiot on siding on those who cannot win, which was denied that Basara Masamune only fights for himself and there's no way that he'd bow down to anyone: Not to the Grand United Alliance Of Evil, or whatever these 'goody goody' Alliance itself.

-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''You're an idiot, you know that!? If you don't side with the Grand United Alliance Of Evil, you will...''
-->'''????''': ''WAIT!!!''

The fight suddenly stopped, as a silhouette was seen ontop of a small hill. It was Rom Stoll, the God of Justice Interruptions and Speeches. He proceeded to give one...

-->'''Rom''': ''Pride, a high sense of the worth of one's self and one's own, or a pleasure taken in the contemplation of these things. Its the opposite is humility, one of the virtue of men. However! To humble yourself to the ObviouslyEvil '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''' due to their power, that is not humility! People call it cowardice!''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''W... who the hell are you!?''
-->'''Rom''': ''[[CatchPhrase You don't deserve to know my name!]]''
-->'''Basara Masamune''': ''*whistle* Even our goody two shoes friend know better which one is cowardice and which one is pure stupidity.''
-->'''Musou Masamune''': ''How dare you putting up that stupid justice speech! I'll cut your tongue right here right now!''
-->'''Rom''': ''Those who cower in the face of evil so easily are no match for the confident force of righteousness! Take your punishment!''

Musou Masamune charged towards Rom, who didn't even bother to change to his Viking-fu armor to battle him, as his army take on Basara Masamune, who ends up being a OneManArmy thanks to his StreetFighter-like moves in his disposal. Eventually, he interrupted Rom's fight, telling him that he'll take care of his other self and he could take C.C away, he just took her off from Musou Masamune to attract him so he can give him a piece of his mind and duke it out. Rom said he is done with his interruption and leaves the rest to Basara Masamune. He did give his opponent time to rest a bit so he can have a good fight. And in the meantime, Rom freed C.C and informed him that thanks to the information thus far, he learnt about the fate of Lelouch, which shocked C.C and asked him to drop by in the House of Loyalty...

In the ruins of the Hakurei Shrine, the battle between Marisa and Lina has reached its peak when finally Lina challenged Marisa to use her ultimate move, the Master Spark. Marisa already predicted that she'd counter it with either Dragon Slave, Ragna Slave or Giga Slave, but she beckoned her to just bring it on. They started charging their moves, but were blasted off from behind by... Nanoha Takamichi.

-->'''Nanoha''': ''Would you two cut it out already?!''

Nanoha started questioning Lina about why someone like her would destroy the Hakurei Shrine, which left poor Reimu who were tagging along practically wailing at the loss of her Shrine. Lina revealed that someone contacted her first and that person seems to be bearing the insignia of the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil'''. That person promised her a chance to reclaim her spells that Marisa stole. Nanoha told her that she was misguided and maybe they could be friends fighting the Alliance. Lina was reluctant at first, but Nanoha finally used one more thing to befriend her: Promising money with Reimu's donation. Lina was baffled because the box was always empty, but Nanoha assured her that by fighting for the good, it will generate money due to reputation, which finally got Lina to agree. Nanoha then consoled the weeping Reimu about her shrine, promising that it would be rebuilt in a better condition.

In a sudden, Suigintou flew nearby and suddenly asked Nanoha to take a certain black orb and stormed off. Noticing that she wasn't around Alice, and her presence wasn't even detected, Marisa decided to tail Suigintou as she flew towards the House of Love. '

Lina decided to answer the call, but Reimu was more worried about her friend and decided to storm off following Nanoha.


On the outside, the Pantheon looked as it always was. Hundreds of beautiful buildings that served as homes and temples for the gods and their followers under a clear blue sky and a bright sun. However on the inside, war for the fate of all existence had begun and now that war would finally come out into the open. All of a sudden, the sky turned black as night and the sun blood red. Three dimensional holes appeared in various locations around the Pantheon. These were portals that linked the dimension, the GUAE was residing in to the Pantheon and coming out of these portals was a force ready to do battle....

The change on the sky was noticed by [[Manga/KannazukiNoMiko Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya]]. Worried about what's going on the outside, Himeko went against Chikane's ideas to stay back and tried to go outside and make a report to the Main House. Unfortunately, this chance was used by Suigintou to ambush her and knock her unconscious. Chikane was abhorred at Suigintou's actions, but Suigintou threatened to kill Himeko if she tried to resist. Worried about Himeko's condition, Chikane surrendered and was rendered unconscious with Suigintou's attack.

When Marisa caught up with her, she was shocked to see both Himeko and Chikane down and asked about what Suigintou was up to, as if Alice would do order her such thing, and if she did, Marisa would've known. Suigintou tells her that this has nothing to do with her and if she wants to live, she had better take care of a horde of Hollows that has started to arrive. Marisa was left off to fend for herself, which she did, confidently.

In the meantime, as Barbatos fought Kenshiro to a stalemate, the battle was suddenly interrupted by Shanoa, who felt indebted at him and has at least decided to use the remnants of her fading life to do something useful and good. Barbatos was still more than a match for both of them, until Cell arrived, ambushing both Kenshiro and Shanoa, surrounding them with monsters borrowed straight from Dracula's army. Kenshiro tells Shanoa to fall back if she think she can't go on, but she promises that she won't be a burden. [[BackToBackBadasses Standing on each others' backs]], they prepare for the assault...

In the meantime, back in the Alliance's headquarter, Snake also witnessed the sky going red. He then decided to ask Selena about it, but unfortunately, what answered him was Joker who used a voice-imitator to lure Snake into a place covered by his own clown soldiers. Kefka greeted him with a [[GigglingVillain giggle]], also showing Selena in his captivity, forcing Snake to surrender and got knocked on the head, rendering him unconscious.

Back in the House of War, Zaraki Kenpachi was thrilled with the hordes and hordes of evil orcs who came to invade the house. Eventually the leader of the Orcs Warboss Ghazghkull approached him that he would give him the challenge that Kenpachi sought thus far, which he gladly accepted. However, while snapping his finger, Warboss lets some of his orcs lets out their secret weapon: a restrained Medusa. They proceeded to open her eyes while Warboss managed to [[BarehandedBladeBlock easily grab Kenpachi's sword with one hand]]. Throwing him in front of Medusa, he made her stare into Kenpachi's eyes. And as they made eye contact, Kenpachi was eventually petrified. Having no more uses to Medusa and decided that she's not worth killing, Warboss had his orcs chain Medusa into Kenpachi's statue and threw them to the endless sea of the Pantheon.

Back in the Main House, Batman was glad that many gods and goddesses answered the call... with the exception of some, such as Motoko Kusanagi who was defending her own house from the combined assault of Haman Kahn and Halibel, she held up quite fine thanks to the timely assistance of Caerula Sanguis. Some chaotic gods, such as Ichigo Kurosaki, refused the call to arms, as apparently when the sky turns red, his {{True Companion|s}} Orihime Inoue got kidnapped and he decided to screw the meeting and save his friend. Batman sighed at hearing that, thinking that it would lead to his downfall. As did Nanoha, as Lina reported (this one is excused). Preparations were made, such as locking LeeroyJenkins inside the Main House's basement while having him wear a strait jacket. Batman issued the order to move out and save the Pantheon.

The Goddess of {{Tsundere}} Shana traveled back to her domain, the Pantheon of Emotions, to wipe out any invaders that attacked it. During a fight, however, a loud scream was heard. Knowing that it came from the House of {{Yandere}} where her non-action friend Fuyou Kaede resided, Shana rushed there, only to find her lying on her own pool of blood. In one rare occasion, Shana mourned and cried on Kaede's body, losing her own counterpart really hurts. In an unfortunate moment, Nena Trinity passed by, and the moment she looked at Kaede, Shana glared at her, her eyes full of anger, now that she thought Nena was the one who killed Kaede.

-->'''Shana''': ''Murderer... so not only you ruin the image of my priestess, now you killed my friend! ThisIsUnforgivable...''
-->'''Nena''': ''Wait, you've got it wrong! I know I like destructions and such, but this is not my doing!''
-->'''Shana''': ''[[ShutUpHannibal Urusai...]]'' *draws her Nietono Shana*
-->'''Nena''': ''I'm not with the Grand United Alliance of Evil, honest! I was kicked from there, and now I want them dead...''
-->'''Shana''': '''''[[CatchPhrase URUSAI, URUSAI, URUSAI!!!!]]'''''

At that moment, Shana lunged at Nena, BerserkerTears flowing through her eyes, quickly set aflame...

Meanwhile, in the entourage of Link, Guy and Belldandy, they eventually arrived in the Treasure Room, only that they have been preceded by Palpareppa, Johan Liebert and Dio Brando, with Johan already subduing Index with his own MindRape. Angered, Guy calls out Anime/GaoGaiGar, but inadvertently fell onto a trap set by Palpareppa, who has covered the Treasure room with restraining bolts that will {{Brainwash}} him like what he experienced in his mortal days. With Guy turned against them, Link bravely decided to stand against him and wake him up... by beating him to a pulp.

-->'''Dio''': ''Hero of Time, huh. How can you be a Hero... when time itself stopped? '''ZA WARUDO!!!'''''

Link wasn't able to prevent the Time Stop, Dio's power was way too powerful for any of the tools he prepared. Dio then threw many knives in front of Link, however it was stopped by Belldandy, whose power is so tremendous that she could still move within Dio's time stop. With the knives down, Belldandy decided that for this time she would embrace her battle and fight. Unfortunately, Johan already had Index with his gun pointed and said that should Belldandy do anything funny again, he'll destroy Index and doom the House of Treasures. Without a choice, Belldandy depowered herself and was grabbed by a brainwashed Guy, allowing Dio to take and throw his knives again, then finally flatten Link with the Road Roller.

On this very victory, Johan declares that the House of Treasures are theirs and lets several members of the Alliance enter. After putting Link and Index to jail and putting Belldandy on a mechanical [[CrucifiedHeroShot crucifix]], he lets out an ultimatum for Belldandy to use her power to supply their KillSat, the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Memento Mori]], for the crucifix where she was bound could channel tremendous energies to activate the Memento Mori and with modifications done in collaboration of Albert Willy and Mayuri Kurotsuchi, it could fire off a magical energy that could destroy parts of the Pantheon. Should Belldandy refused, they will send Guy into a definitive suicide mission, and kill Link and Index. Of course, Johan exactly knew that Belldandy was too kind to sacrifice them, and as he expected, she reluctantly accepted...

''Pantheon Wrestling Federation''

Bret Hart approaches the ring, microphone in hand, accompanied by Edge. The crowd boos as he enters and begins to speak.

“Since last week, there’s been a lot of speculation, a lot of talk, as to why I did what I did. Why would someone like myself, revered as the greatest technical wrestler in the world, join the Grand Unified Alliance of Evil? Well, it’s not as if I owe anyone here any sort of explanation… but I just can’t resist.”

“You may remember, back in the 90s, there was a group called the New World Order, who came into WCW and did whatever the hell they wanted. Nobody could stop them – not the other wrestlers, not the people who ran the company… certainly not the WWF. Within a couple of years they were running the whole place.”

“And when the Grand Unified Alliance of Evil came along, it reminded me of the days of the n.W.o. And so, when my friend Edge came along and made me an offer to join, I thought to myself, “Why not? Why not claim what’s rightfully mine? My place among the great wrestling gods, as the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be? Why should I just accept what Vince [=McMahon=] did to me? And why the hell do I owe any of you out there in the audience anything?”

“You see, the Grand Unified Alliance of Evil is very similar to the n.W.o. – simply on a cosmic scale. And so, I’ve got three simple words for you... WE’RE TAKING OVER!”

Suddenly, Hart and Edge's gloating was interrupted by the sound of...


''To Be Continued...''


In his effort to rescue Orihime, who has been captured by the '''Grand United Alliance of Evil''', Ichigo resolved to rescue her at all cost, alone if necessary. Even when Superman told him that the Pantheon's survival is at stake, Ichigo brushed off everything that Superman threw towards him.

-->'''Ichigo''': ''My loyalty is to my friends... not to the Pantheon.''

Ichigo, however, was not alone. Assisting him was another good friend of Orihime, Hinata Hyuuga, who was equally worried at Orihime's captivity and decided to help him, though deep down, she wished Naruto would watch her pull such a brave act that will impress him. Unfortunately, before they could reach the portals leading to the Alliance's quarters, they were stopped by two figures, those without Godhood presences, but with extremely immense strength... [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Pain]] and [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Ulquiorra Schiffer]]...

In the meantime, after subduing Belldandy and taking over the House of Treasures for future uses, Dio visited the [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Scarlet Devil Mansion]]. He found his loyal student, Sakuya Izayoi, in a very bad mood. Apparently her loyalty towards her Master (in this case, Dio), who gleefully joined the '''Grand United Alliance Of Evil''', has caused ZUN to ignore her in his next project and chose [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Sanae]] [[{{Miko}} Kotiya]] as her replacement. Knowing this as a chance, Dio then comforted her... and tells her that if she wants ZUN's attention back, she may as well [[MurderTheHypotenuse kill Sanae]]. Overcame with jealousy, Sakuya [[DealWithTheDevil accepted Dio's suggestion.]]

Fortunately, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's Gate Keeper, Hong Meiling, heard about Dio's diabolical plan and swore to put a halt on Dio's nefarious schemes to influence her mistress, and later Dracula's on her mistress' mistress. Unfortunately, even if she attained Godhood, [[BlessedWithSuck she's saddled with a poor]] [[ButtMonkey portfolio]], thus she was quickly swatted aside by Dio and Sakuya. As Sakuya prepared to leave to murder Sanae, Dio headed back to the House of Treasures, but not after he taunted Meiling.

-->'''Dio''': ''You're just a weakling, though you're a Goddess, even mortals can still stop you. There is nothing you can do to stop us. Just lie down there and grovel on your weakness... Stupid [[FanNickname China]]!''

As Dio's laughter echoed, Meiling could only struggled to move as her body was fully riddled with knives, tears starts streaming as she cursed at her weakness...

Back to the Pantheon of Emotions, Shana's anger made her almost uncontrollable as she tried to slice Nena. However, Nena reacted in self defense and shot Shana with a gun, although she couldn't kill her. Shana struggled as she got out of the House and came face to face with Nena, now inside her trusty Throne Drei.

-->'''Nena''': ''Shana... you know what? I don't like you. Don't think that I have forgotten how you and that [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist tin bastard]] put me in the Disgraced!''
-->'''Shana''': ''Because you brought it on yourself! I thought by being put in the Disgraces you would draw a moral compass, but no, you didn't! Now you killed Kaede!''
-->'''Nena''': ''What if I said I did kill her?'' (Of course this is just a bluff and lie)
-->'''Shana''': ''Kaede... she has planned to forgive you if you repented... and this... THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HER!?''
-->'''Nena''': ''What can a little girl like you do against me and my Throne Drei? You can't do a thing, Shana... People like you... that I hate... IS BETTER OFF DEAD!!''

Nena shot down Shana with her gun, but thankfully, she grew her flame wings and managed to dodge, only hitting a little from her leg, and the Fake GN Particles started to poison her.

-->'''Nena''': ''That's just a start. Your legs won't move so easily, now and forever...''
-->'''Shana''': ''I won't lose to you...! [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya I am a Flame Haze, one who swore and chose to protect the balance of the world... AND THIS PANTHEON!!]]''

In a quick movement, Shana flew and slashed Throne Drei's arm, the one not holding the gun, and eventually cutting it down. Angered, Nena prepared to shoot again... until suddenly a mysterious laser blast suddenly blasted through the Drei, cutting it to two. Shana could only watch as Nena luckily was able to escape through a pod, only for a silhouette to drag it down to Earth. When Shana looked at her, she found her being held in a choke by a devilish man... none other than Devil Kazuya Mishima himself.

-->'''Nena''': ''*cough!* Wh... who're you...!''
-->'''Kazuya''': ''Remember me?'' *reverts back to normal human form*
-->'''Nena''': ''Y... you...!''
-->'''Kazuya''': ''I told you I'll kill you myself.''

Kazuya then quickly raised his other arm and punched through Nena's body, impaling and killing her in instant, thereby returning her the favor of 'killing' him when she committed her past mass murder. After tossing aside her corpse, Kazuya then turned to Shana, who landed.

-->'''Kazuya''': ''Flame Haze... you're next.''

Meanwhile in the other dimensional headquarters of the GUAE....

A holographic image of Johan Liebert appeared in the center of the large conference table around which the members of the GUAE sat.

--> '''Palpatine''': ''Ah Mr. Liebert, I trust you bring us good news?''
-->'''Johan''': ''I do indeed, the operation to capture the House of Treasures is definite success. Not to mention, Mr. Dio, Dr. Palpareppa and myself managed to capture a very potent power source for Memento Mori.''
-->'''Palpatine''': ''Well, then... perhaps it's time we utilize that [[KillSat satelitte]] on another potential threat of the Alliance...''

Palpatine then shut off the holographic image, and looked behind, on a green haired woman in blue robes. This woman is the forgotten evil spirit of the Pantheon, who was once defeated by Reimu Hakurei and was [[BrotherChuck almost deleted from existence]] by Yukari Yakumo. Her name?

-->'''Palpatine''': ''Exactly as we planned, isn't it... Miss [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Mima]]?''
-->'''Mima''': ''Indeed... soon my vengeance on both Reimu and Yukari will come into fruitition... they will regret of trying to erase my existence...''

And in the meantime, between the battles of two Masamunes, the Musou one eventually gained the upper hand, thanks to the combination of tactic and surprises. However, even in the brink of defeat, the Basara version of Masamune refuses to bow down and lo and behold, [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya he rose back for another round and proceeds to take down his Musou version and his army to the boot]] [[OneManArmy singlehandedly]]. Defeated, the Musou version of Masamune demanded that his head be cut off, but instead, the Basara version put him on his lap, and proceeds to give him a spanking, while telling him that [[IAlwaysWantedToSayThat he always wanted to do it once]]. Exparasted, the Musou version of Masamune asked why did he do it, in which the Basara version of Masamune reminded him what it takes to be a Date Masamune: To never give up, to never bow down to anyone just because he's beaten. Especially if it is because of FEAR. Just as the word 'fear' was uttered, M. Bison arrived along with his massive Doll army, revealing that indeed, he was the one to instill fear on Musou Masamune, forcing him to bend to the Grand United Alliance Of Evil's will. The God of Eyepatch simply tells his other self to stand back... and watch how a true Date Masamune fights.

-->''[[CatchPhrase Miseteyaruze...]] '''[[GratuitousEnglish SHOWTIME!!!!]]'''''


Meanwhile, back to the Alliance's headquarters, while Suigintou successfully brought both Himeko and Chikane, BoundAndGagged to the boot, Tomoe still mistreat her, hitting her and yelling at her about why didn't she bring SHIZURU first. Further protest from Suigintou about how she wasn't described about the order of capturing only nabbed her much more abuses. Meanwhile, Eliza confirmed that at least she has been successful in preventing Nena to cross over the good side (and now that she's dead, good riddance), which saddened Himeko as she was looking forward to see her repent. Tomoe drove Suigintou away and demanded that this time, she better get it RIGHT, any slight mistake will result on Alice's death... and more abuses for her. As Suigintou left, Eliza prepared to torture her new target, Himeko (at least before her main target Candy is brought here) while Tomoe also prepares to molest Chikane.

On the other place, Yukari was preparing to enter her sleep, but was ultimately reprimanded by the TimePolice [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars Cobray Gordon]], who reminded her that she should've known better that the Grand United Alliance Of Evil is a threat to the multiverse and her power on the good side will be a tremendous help. Yukari shove him away, telling him not to worry, but as Cobray left, a huge beam was shot down from the sky. Recognizing it as Memento Mori, he shrug it off that it won't be of any harm, but as he started feeling that Yukari's presence was diminishing, he came back to the spot, and found Yukari ultimately crisped and drained of many of her supreme powers. Cobray wondered what has gotten into the KillSat that it became so powerful. Before he could think about it, another shot was seen.

The shot was this time directed to The White Death, Simo Hayha. The God of Sniping, Lockon Stratos, felt that Simo deserved his place and was preparing for Simo's takeover... until suddenly he was blasted and unfortunately, the blast was powerful enough to kill him ([[GlassCannon He may hit very hard, but his defense isn't exactly real spectacular]]). After properly burying him, Lockon was sure that one day, Simo will return to the Pantheon. This came to a realization to him... right now, the Memento Mori, owned by the Alliance, possesses the power to even kill even the Greatest of Real Life Gods, such as Chuck Norris...

Meanwhile, Pain and Ulquiorra beckoned that they may as well have an exchange of knowledges, by fighting those not from their universes. In short, Pain would face off Ichigo, while Ulquiorra face off Hinata. Forced to fight, both managed to hold off, surprisingly. Unfortunately, Hinata was quickly overwhelmed with Ulquiorra and that's before he even released, but she [[{{Determinator}} just refused to give up]], to save her friend. Amused, Ulquiorra decided to show her despair that she has never felt... by releasing his Murcielago (but not yet his second release). Ichigo witnessed how Ulquiorra completely trashed Hinata, and used his Bankai and Vizard mask to quicken his battle against Pain, but Pain was also more than a match to him. With both Ichigo and Hinata battered, eventually both moved in for the kill, Pain unleashed a close range fatal Shinra Tensei to Ichigo, exploding his chest, while Ulquiorra unleashed his Cero Oscuras towards Hinata, consuming her, leaving her in heavy wounds. In short, both Ichigo and Hinata were near dead.

In the same time, in the Alliance's headquarters, Raoh approached Aizen, signifying his annoyance that he was reduced to menial tasks such as capturing Orihime and keeping her away from everyone else. Aizen explained that he was apparently GenreSavvy enough to realize her messianic presence and would like it not to affect any of the Alliance's members. And then, he told Raoh that if he's bored with menial tasks, he may as well take back what's right for him. Raoh grinned as he led a band of mohawked {{Mook}}s towards the House of Brothers. He swore that he will reclaim [[AloofBigBrother his rightful place]] from AloofBigBrother Byakuya Kuchiki.

In the meantime, Marisa, after rounds and rounds of fighting Hollows, suddenly found herself fighting fairies she's much more familiar with. Along the way, she also met up with the mortal priestess Sanae Kotiya, on the run from the jealous wrath of Sakuya Izayoi. Marisa learnt from Sanae about Sakuya's jealousy and couldn't even quell her rage. And since Sakuya was in her way, Marisa had no choice but to open fire at her. The battle was quickly cut short as a beam was fired down to the ground. Marisa recognized this firepower, which felt very nostalgic. As she looked at the sky, she was terrified to look at who fired it...

-->'''Marisa''': ''Mima-sama...''
-->'''Mima''': ''Marisa Kirisame... my rebelling girl.''

In the meantime, after making a full recovery, Lamia was told to spy on the Memento Mori, as the good guys lost track of Snake. Unfortunately for her, such mission was overheard by Kamina, who, out of worry of the absence of his fellow God Guy Shishioh, decided that they might be keeping Guy out inside the Memento Mori and drags Simon along to rescue Guy, [[LeeroyJenkins ignoring whatever Lamia had to say about the plan]]. Sighing, she went to space riding her Angelg, but when she arrived at the exact location, she found Kamina and Simon already engaged with a BrainwashedAndCrazy Guy. As she attempted to help them, she was suddenly stopped by Ali Al-Saachez. He told her that he's not here to fight, as much as he dislikes that notion, and told her to make a choice. The Memento Mori was ready to fire again this time, and her decision will affect where it will fire... whether it's aimed to Kamina and Guy who were fighting, or whether it is aimed to the captured Axel, now inside his Soulgain, powerless and [[CrucifiedHeroShot crucifixed]] on a space cross. Any silly movement, and the Memento Mori will destroy both of them. The SadisticChoice is now in Lamia's hand, whether she lets the courage (and drills) of the Pantheon be destroyed forever, or she let the man who saved her die.

Back in the Alliance's headquarters, Precia's comotose body has been secured. Fate and Vivio are reunited by Nanoha, who came to "rescue them." Upon their hands touching, a new Portfolio is given to Nanoha and Fate; turning them into the Goddesses of HasTwoMommies.

Meanwhile the rest of the GUAE members were discussing their plans for looting the House of Treasures
-->'''Sauron''': ''Now than, first comes the matter of ownership. The infinite amount of gold and jewels stored there will be divided equally amongst the those of us who care for such things. The Ring of Power is mine of course, as for the rest of the objects such as the Holy Grail, The Dragon Balls, the Chaos Emeralds and so forth they go to power the machine that shall make our leader invincible and allow us to conquer the Omniverse. I shall take with me our comrades from the universes of DC and Marvel who are professionals in this sort of thing and-''


-->'''Sauron''': ''What was that!?''
-->'''[=GLaDOS=]''': ''Intruder alert, Intruder alert. Defenses have been breached.''
-->'''Aizen''': ''That would be Nanoha Takamachi, I believe. She is a member of Space/Time Administrative Bureau after all, which means she'd be able to locate this dimension of ours quite easily, and we do have her girlfriend and adopted daughter held prisoner here. Well....we ''did''.....''
-->'''Voldemort''': ''But we have stationed outside this castle and all around this dimension; Orcs, Imperial Stormtroopers, Daleks, Cybermen, Hollows, Youma, Necrons, Tyranids, My Death Eaters and much much more! It's impossible that anyone could penetrate our defenses!''
-->'''Jail Scaglietti''': ''That's because we're dealing with no ordinary being. I and my Numbers know the lady in question and I can assure you that she is quite the troublemaker when it comes to interfering with important plans.''
-->'''Nohamotyo''': ''Let's see what's going on shall we?''

A holographic image appeared in the middle of the large table showing the battle between Nanoha and Precia.
-->'''Diabolus Ex Machina''': ''From the looks of it it seems like Lady Precia may need some help. Why don't we all go down there and assist her? We could have loads of fun playing with that girl.''
-->'''Nohamotyo''': ''An excellent suggestion, all in favor say I.''

'''I''' came the the unanimous reply. A dimensional portal opens as the members of GUAE all rise from their seats and walk into in to it.
-->'''Joker''': ''PARTY TIME [[Main/LaughingMad HA HAHA HA HA HAHA HA HA!]]''

A chorus of evil laughter is heard as the portal closes shut. Meanwhile, Orochimaru approached Aizen.

-->'''Orochimaru''': ''I bring good news, Aizen... it looks like that Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo has fallen.''
-->'''Aizen''': ''Is that so... I suppose keeping Ulquiorra away from Inoue Orihime did pay off. A beast unrestrained from meaningless emotions...''
-->'''Orochimaru''': ''That Pain was also doing good as well. I heard he wounded Hyuuga Hinata. I know how Uzumaki Naruto would react... it's all going according to plan.''
-->'''Aizen''': ''Yes. Now, let us be off. We do not want to keep our little Takamachi Nanoha waiting, do we?''
-->'''Orochimaru''': ''I suppose. But I suggest we capture her. She would make a great trophy for you and Precia's future marr-''
-->'''Aizen''': ''Let's skip the details for later.''


Back to Kenshiro and Shanoa against Cell, he was surprised that Shanoa held out longer, expecting her to die from the wounds caused by Raoh. He quickly grew bored as her HeroicWillpower kept her alive, thanks to the mermaid scale she ate previously. Cell then retreated along with his minions. Kenshiro then took his leave to wander and find the whereabouts of Raoh, accompanied by Shanoa. Soon enough, however...

They stumbled in front of the fallen Ichigo and Hinata. Realizing the danger, Kenshiro and Shanoa butted in to the fight, against both Pain and Ulquiorra. Kenshiro's interruption forced Ulquiorra to release to his second form. In the meantime, Ichigo tried to get up and finish what he started. But due to his sapped powers, eventually he fell to his Hollow form and crippled Pain, forcing him to retreat. Soon enough, he rushed against Ulquiorra, forcing Kenshiro to step aside. Ulquiorra was quickly decimated, but before Ichigo could kill him, he was rescued by a timely Garganta. Ichigo quickly regenerated and regained his senses, and he was glad when Shanoa told him that Hinata is NotQuiteDead and if she is given medications, she will recover. She then took her leave.

-->'''Ichigo''': ''Thanks. Take care of Hinata, will you? And give my regards to Naruto.''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''Where are you going?''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''To save Inoue, of course!''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''Alone?''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''Of course!''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''Well, I would probably leave you to die, but...''

And suddenly, Kenshiro punched Ichigo to the ground.

-->'''Ichigo''': ''What gives!? I didn't do anything...''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''Stop following LeeroyJenkins' footsteps. It's bad for your health.''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''Leeroy? What does he has to do with this?''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''You have a honorable intention to rescue your friend. But it is executed foolishly.''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''What the hell!? My friend is in danger and you ask me to abandon her!?''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''And you propose to charge right through the enemy base, without any plans, all for your benefits, not for the greater good. What are you, [[IdiotHero stupid]]?''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''Stupid or not, I don't care! My loyalty is with my friends! You and the rest of Pantheons only cared for...''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''WATATATATA!!''

Before Ichigo could protest further, Kenshiro already proceeded to punch him several times.

-->'''Ichigo''': ''Wha...!? Are you trying to kill me!?''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''That's not Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken. Besides, that won't kill you. [[CatchPhrase You're already dead]].''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''... Huh? My head feels fine, it's not like [[YourHeadASplode it's gonna explode]]... W... what!? Hey, my body...!''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''I hit your pressure points. Now your body can't move as you like.''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''What!?''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''You will cease your suicidal charge to the Alliance's base and return to the Main House. We can't afford any more casualties.''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''Damn you! You're not stopping me! Inoue... Inoue is...!''
-->'''Kenshiro''': ''We're not abandoning her. The time will come when we will rescue her.''
-->'''Ichigo''': ''Urgh...!''

With his pressure points pressed, Ichigo was forced to WALK into the Main House, as Kenshiro resumed his search for Raoh. But at least he was glad that he could avert a senseless casualty. He doesn't know much about Hueco Mundo, but he knows that the Alliance is a much bigger force and one man alone cannot win against them....

And in the same time, the battle between Shana and Kazuya eventually reached a conclusion... they end up in a draw, because Shana [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya just refuses to give up, EVER, not even falling down]]. Somehow impressed with Shana's determination, Kazuya commended his strength, but promises her that next time, she won't be so lucky. In tears, Shana turned to Kaede and prepared to bury her in her throne room... However... the current rightful owner of the House, Yuno Gasai, was already there, and threatens to cleave down Shana unless she wants to end up like Kaede. Face-to-face with Kaede's murderer, Shana asks about why she's doing this, and why is the poster of GUAE are put everywhere in the House. Yuno, with an innocent yet CREEPY smile, responds that she's doing this for the Alliance, so she can make her Yukiteru Amano happy and be proud at her. This enraged Shana that this girl refused to listen to everything she said and justified that it's all for her Yukiteru. She then swore to destroy her to preserve the Pantheon AND to avenge Kaede. However, slightly exhausted after the battle against Nena, followed by another battle with Kazuya, Shana's instincts lowered, enough for Griffith to sneak behind her and knock her down unconscious. Griffith then commanded Yuno to tie Shana on a crucifix and promised to guide her in terms of ''how'' to torture her, painfully and slowly, especially WHERE to cleave. And if she does it perfectly, he told her that it will please Yukiteru. Yuno creepily smiled and nodded, as both dragged Shana into the House's torture chamber... And for good measure, he also brought Kaede's corpse with him.

In the same time, crow Tengu Goddess of Paparazzi Aya Shameimaru was still giving off her Bunbunmaru Newspaper. However, when she accidentally gave her newspaper to Batman, she was approached by the Dark Knight himself.

-->'''Batman''': '''Grand United Alliance, New order of power'? So, you've joined the Alliance. Why is that?''
-->'''Aya''': ''Well, uh... I mean...''
-->'''Batman''': ''Reimu at least knew you're not like this. Chaotic, yes, but not so low like this.''
-->'''Aya''': ''It's... it's none of your business!''

Aya started attacking Batman with a barrage of Danmakus. Fortunately, Batman has borrowed a Stopwatch from Simon Belmont, enabling him to stop Aya with time and knock her down. Batman tells her that her actions were bringing forth fear towards the mortals, as if promoting the Alliance. And if she continues to do so, he had no choice but to put her under arrest and have her await punishment for later. Aya suddenly fell down to her knees and begged for mercy, saying that she was being forced to advertise for the Alliance. Batman simply told her to tell her story later in the Main House, with the proper Goddesses. He's still preparing for the war. In a lucky strike, Reimu arrived, finally caught up with Aya. Batman told her to escort Aya to the Main House.

In the battlefield where both Aquaman and Toshiro Hitsugaya face off against Starscream and his men, in a sudden Hitsugaya suddenly felt like he could no longer feel the blessings from Hyoga and was stripped away from his god powers. Aquaman recognized this and had Hitsugaya flee to check on whatever happened to his House. Hitsugaya eventually, but to his horror...

He found all his followers knocked down unconscious and bleeding. He entered to the chamber where Hyoga's being kept, and found the culprit behind this... [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Jin Kisaragi]] of the Novus Orbis Librarium Armagus. Declaring the Library to be an ally to the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Jin gave out a speech why the position of God of Ice belongs to him, not someone like Hitsugaya. As his last act, he pressed on Hyoga's ice prison and for some reason, all of Hyoga's god powers were transferred to Jin. LaughingMad at the abundant power he received, Jin gloated that with this power he will get what he wants. Enraged, Hitsugaya activated his Bankai and attacked Jin, only to be repelled back with his Frost Bite Drive. Jin proceeds to lay smack to Hitsugaya with his new godlike power. Moments before Hitsugaya could die, however, fellow ice user Mikagami Tokiya [[BigDamnHeroes arrived just in time]] and managed to block Jin's attack. With the help of Mikagami, Hitsugaya managed to flee, and Mikagami has reassured him that his followers have been transferred to the Main House for further medications, and although unfortunate, they have to retreat and reclaim the house in the future time.

Jin only witnessed the two retreat and scoffs them as pathetic Gods. But regardless, with this, he has set his next plans on motion... find out the whereabouts of his target 'Ragna The Bloodedge'. And his first aim for information is... Sol Badguy. In a sudden, however, Jin's eye suddenly let out a psychotic glare...


Back in space, Lamia was very doubtful about which course of action she should take. Save her respected friend and risk the Pantheon's well being, or just stand there and let him die for the sake of the safety... She was considering the second, until...

-->'''Kamina''': ''Oi, oi! The hell you're doing!? Go save your boyfriend already!''
-->'''Lamia''': ''Ah... wait, what? Boyfriend? [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend He's not...]]''
-->'''Kamina''': ''Boyfriend or whatever, he's a friend, right?! That's more reason to save him!''
-->'''Lamia''': ''But if I save him, the Pantheon will...''
-->'''Simon''': ''We'll cover you.''
-->'''Lamia''': ''What? Cover? But this is one thing that will...''
-->'''Simon''': ''Lamia... Who the hell do you think we are?!''
-->'''Lamia''': ''Don't you have Guy to take care of? He needs your help as well.''
-->'''Kamina''': ''Oh, don't worry about him. I got him under control. Just go on and make a rush to save Axel. Simon will take care of the rest. Ready, Simon?''
-->'''Simon''': ''Of course, Bro!''

Lamia sighed a bit until she finally understood what she has to do, and makes a mad dash towards Axel and Soulgain. Ali grinned as he had his Gundam Arche snapping its finger, signalling the Memento Mori to fire... only for Simon to stand in front of it.

-->'''Simon''': ''This is a thing that can depower Gods... But... if I can deflect it, WHY NOT!?''
-->'''Ali''': ''Hah! You're nuts! No Gods, nothing can stop this thing! You're dead!''
-->'''Simon''': ''Silly villain, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? '''GIGAAAAAA!!!!! DRILLLLLLL!!!!! BREEAAAAKKEEEERRRR!!!!'''''

Simon then had his Gurren Lagann unleash the drill that will pierce the heavens, that is, piercing the Memento Mori blast that it is split away into weaker particles. Ali, deciding to harass Simon so his defense breaks away and he is defeated, proceeds to blast away the Gurren Lagann, somewhat powered enough to make it hurt more than a pinch. Simon continued to hold his line, until Ali was suddenly hit from behind with Lamia's Phantom Phoenix, ripping away Gundam Arche's half body, and causing Ali to escape with his escape pod.

Finally, the blast subsided. Unfortunately, a bit of the dissolved rays hit on Kamina, and the very little sap of power made Guy eventually take the upper hand of battle. Even with the BloodFromTheMouth, Kamina never faltered down, not even when Guy unleashed something he took from the House of Treasures... the Goldion Hammer. Lamia as of now has been encumbered as she had to carry Axel unconscious inside the Soulgain. Instead, Kamina tells her to retreat, her task is done. Even when she protested that she has yet to finish her investigation mission, Kamina still tells her to run off, because she needs to tend to Axel. Without any choice, she started to retreat as both Simon and Kamina stood side by side...

-->'''Simon''': ''This is it, bro...''
-->'''Kamina''': ''Of course... Guy, I hope our drills will pierce through whatever stupid brainwashing is put on you! '''GIGA!!!'''''
-->'''Simon''': '''''DRILL!!!!!'''''
-->'''Simon & Kamina''': '''''BREAKEEEERRR!!!'''''
-->'''Guy''': '''''UOOOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!!'''''

Both Goldion Hammer and Giga Drill Breaker clashed in a massive explosion. The impact was so much that it hits Lamia, thereby threwing her off the course and made her plummet to the Pantheon grounds. However, she had her Angelg hold Soulgain as tight as she could, and both eventually plummetted.

When Lamia woke up, she found out that Axel was already up and told them that they're lost, their translocators were ruined, they had to find their way home by themselves. The fates of Kamina and Simon remain unknown, as do Guy's. Lamia sighed as her mission ends in failure, but Axel assured her that she did well... at least she rescued him. And as of now, they're off to find their way home...

In the meantime, when Mikagami tried to get Hitsugaya into the Main House, they were suddenly intercepted from behind, by none other than Jin himself, who quickly proceeded to use his newly acquired godlike power to sever Hitsugaya's limb and incapacitating him further. Jin then proclaims that he has concluded Hitsugaya to be a weakling that doesn't deserve a place in the Pantheon, and the weak must die. Mikagami launched a slash at him (which was unfortunately dodged), [[ShutUpHannibal telling him that he doesn't give a damn to whatever his theory is, or how right it is]]. Jin then calmly tried to goad Mikagami whether he's trying to pick a fight with him because he wounded his friend Hitsugaya. Mikagami shrugged it off, telling him that fighting for his revenge is futile, he's fighting to protect him. Deeming him an annoyance, Jin proceeds to engage Mikagami.

The fight raged for quite some time, with both mastering their ice usages. Jin slowly grew frustrated, he is now the God of Ice, Mikagami wasn't, yet he could match him evenly. However, before a conclusion was made, a jet of flame separated them... And from afar, someone approached...

It's Sol Badguy. He asks if Mikagami is just wasting his time and waiting for Hitsugaya to die, as he needs medical attention ASAP. Mikagami realized his mistake and retreated from the battle. Before Jin could cut him off, Sol effortlessly threw him off, giving Mikagami time to run. When Jin realized who he was fighting, he felt rather ecstatic, as it is the man he's been looking for.

-->'''Jin''': ''Sol Badguy. I have questions for you... and you better answer it.''
-->'''Sol''': ''......''
-->'''Jin''': ''Surely you know the name "Ragna the Bloodedge"''
-->'''Sol''': ''Yeah, so?''
-->'''Jin''': ''Where is he? WHERE!?''
-->'''Sol''': ''Beats me.''
-->'''Jin''': ''Stop lying to me, you bastard! Where is he!? My brother!''
-->'''Sol''': ''He's your brother? I don't know. Find him yourself.''
-->'''Jin''': ''You...!''

In a sudden, Jin attacked Sol, but was deflected easily.

-->'''Sol''': ''What's with this attitude? You're annoying me, brat.''
-->'''Jin''': ''If you don't reveal where my brother is... I will...!''
-->'''Sol''': ''... Let me guess. "I always get what you want", is that what you're trying to say?''
-->'''Jin''': ''!!''
-->'''Sol''': ''You're just a stuck up brat who thinks yourself great because everything is provided to you. And you're trying to kill me?''
-->'''Jin''': ''THAT'S IT! DIE! DIE!!!''
-->'''Sol''': ''This is why I hate snobby little Gods like you.''

In complete anger, Jin once again attacked Sol, but he's not even lifting his muscle or taking a stance...


Deep in the Heroes and Villains house, Travis Touchdown was relaxing in his temple, watching his old wrestling [=DVDs=] until the temple doors were busted open by Konota. She ran scared and ducked behind his recliner screaming "Kill him! Kill him!" Travis stood up, seeing the Black Knight charge at him. He sliced off the Black Knight's left arm, right arm, and left leg, yet the knight still came at him.

-->'''Black Knight''': ''Right, I'll do you for that!''
-->'''Travis''': ''You'll what?!?''
-->'''Black Knight''': ''Come here!''
-->'''Travis''': ''What are ya gonna do, bleed on me?!?''
-->'''Black Knight''': ''I'm invincible!''
-->'''Travis''': ''You're nuts!''
-->'''Black Knight''': ''The Black Knight always triumphs! Have at you!''

The Black Knight charged at Travis again until the blade of the Tsubaki MK-III struck his chest. Travis pulled the beam katana out and decapitated the knight. Konota stepped out and clapped.

-->'''Konota''': ''Messy, messy, messy.''
-->'''Travis''': ''Who the hell are you, busting in my temple like this?''
-->'''Konota''': ''Are you really going to talk like that to a messenger for the great Haruhi-sama?''
-->'''Travis''': ''Haruhi?!? She sent you here?!?''
-->'''Konota''': ''I brought the Black Knight along to test your skills. The thing is that we need someone to deal with some of the Alliance's non-pantheon members. Altair is busy, so will you take the offer?''
-->'''Travis''': ''That's it? Sure! You've got an assassin!''
-->'''Konota''': ''Good. Your first few targets are Organization XIII. Good luck to you, Mr. Touchdown.''

Konota walked out of the temple, bowing her head to Travis. Travis went to the bathroom before getting on his Schpeltiger and riding off...

Little did he know, nor he cared that the bodiless head of the Black Knight continued to yell taunts.
-->'''Black Knight''': ''Oh, oh, I see. Running away, eh!? ''YOU YELLOW BASTARD AND BITCH! COME BACK HERE AND TAKE WHAT'S COMING TO YOU!! I'LL BITE YOUR LEGS OFF!!!'''''

Freddy Krueger, having escaped from the maze, now found himself wandering through a cornfield. As he made his way throughout the field he came across a scarecrow on a yellow cross. Freddy decided to ignore it and continue wandering through the field until the scare crow turned its head and spoke to him, "Hello Mr. Krueger, my name is Scarecrow, and I've been looking for you." "Well what do you want and why should I care?" Freddy snidely asked. "Because Mr. Krueger, "I come as an emissary of a man who is greatly interested in your skills of instilling fear.", he then paused and withdrew a small yellow ring, he is impressed by your credentials and has asked me to recruit you for his organization. If you join you shall be able to instill fear not just in the real world, but across the universe.". I'm listening", said Freddy, always eager to find new places to instill fear, "but what’s the Catch?", he asked. The Scare- crow held out the ring and said, "All you need to do is don this ring and swear your loyalty to the Yellow Lanterns". Without hesitation, Freddy snatched the ring and placed it on his finger, the yellow glow engulfing him in in its aura. Scarecrow chuckled evilly, "Welcome aboard, Yellow Lantern Freddy Krueger.".

Travis had ridden through the Pantheon's network of streets to the location on his map where Organization XII had set up base, seeing 13 large as he wheelie jumped into the center and parked the Schpletiger and picked up his cell phone.

-->'''Sylvia''': ''Hello, Travis. It's nice to be hearing from you again.''
-->'''Travis''': ''What the- Sylvia?!? Why are you my communication in the Peantheon?''
-->'''Sylvia''': ''Haruhi hired me. She said our talks together were very entertaining. The Commerce house is still sorting out where to place me as a goddess, so I am currently your financial handler.''
-->'''Travis''': ''My what?''
-->'''Sylvia''': ''I will be taking care of all your monetary gains and will make sure everything is welll organized. For a fee, of course.''
-->'''Travis''': ''Whatever! Just tell me what I'm looking at.''
-->'''Sylvia''': ''Looks like one god got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. These are The 13 Spires, specially built to house each of the members of Organization XIII. They may looked cramped, but they are much bigger on the inside. Travis, I am 1300% that you will die within the first fight. But, even as a god, you must trust your Force, and head fore the Garden of Madness!''

Travis hung up and ran, Tsubaki Mk-III akimbo, into the first spire. He jumped right at Roxas, who tried to block the attack as best as he could.

-->'''Roxas''': ''Whoa! Hey! Watch it! Waht do you think you're doing?''
-->'''Travis''': ''What the you think? I'm going to kill you?''
-->'''Roxas''': ''Are you really some kind of idiot?''
-->'''Travis''': ''What?!? Who are you calling an idiot?!?''
-->'''Roxas''': ''I'm a mole for the Pantheon.''
-->'''Travis''': ''What?''
-->'''Roxas''': ''Wizardmon recruited me to be a part of his plan. I'm working to take the alliance down from the inside. I'm here to help?''

Travis backs down. Was this kid for real? Or was he just waiting for the chance to strike? Travis turned off his beam katana.

-->'''Travis''': ''All right, kid. I'll let you live, but you gotta help with the other 12.''
-->'''Roxas''': ''Okay then, but you kill them.''
-->'''Travis''': ''Ha! Best part of the job!''

Meanwhile, Nanoha, Fate and Vivio emerged from a secluded church, . Nanoha was stunned with such an elaborate church, until suddenly Aizen arrived there and announced that she has come to a good place for a certain [[UnholyMatrimony unholy marriage]] that was planned between him and Precia. And Nanoha... is going to be the trophy for that marriage. That being said, Aizen had also prepared several drones to once again capture Nanoha...little did they know what type of honeymoon they would have.

The words [[Anime/GunXSword "Wake up, Dann"]], it forms a HumongousMecha. Van, the protector of all sacrilege of marriage, declared that not only the Grand United Alliance Of Evil has gone too far, he also cannot let such marriage of evil be left like that. He will stop it.

It was the Dygenguard, piloted by Sanger Zonvolt. Fighting at its side, Fate, Vivio and Nanoha were providing air support. Sanger declared with Van; for all of the Alliance's crimes, they will pay.

All were connected by the same purpose. The Grand United Alliance Of Evil would fall.

Back with Travis and Roxas, both off them were standing outside of Pillar XI. Having defeated and killed Larxene, Marluxia, Luxord, Demyx, Axel, and Saix, both were worn down.

-->'''Travis''': ''This has been... a pretty rough fight... huh, Roxas?''
-->'''Roxas''': ''You... said it Travis... I can't... stay awake...''

Roxas passed out due to exhaustion.

-->'''Travis''': ''Dammit! Looks like I'm on my own... shit! Not... gonna... make it...''

Travis fell to the ground, his eyes closing, he then heard someone speaking his name.

''Travis... Travis... Hey! Wake up, you stupid bastard!''

-->'''Travis''': ''What the hell? Who?''

He looked up to see someone there. Three girls whom he recognized. [[ShowWithinAShow Strawbery, Blueberry, and Cranberry.]]

-->'''Strawberry''': ''You call yourself a god? Don't make me laugh! You'd better get up and start fighting! People need you! Rally the troops! Fight! Win! Unleash Anarchy!''
-->'''Travis''': ''I... I can't... I'm too weak...''
-->'''Strawberry''': ''Ahh... is that all? Okay then, Travis. You want power? You've got it."

The three girls begin glowing and form crimson red 7s, which are launched into Travis.

-->'''Blueberry''': ''You have now been given great power, once you unleash [[LimitBreak Anarchy in the Galaxy]], you will rise to the power of Greater God. Unleash that power, Travis Touchdown. Don't let the Pantheon down.''
-->'''Travis''': ''Right... thanks...''

Travis stood up, awake and called out "Anarchy in the Galaxy!" Suddenly, a surge of red energy went out, destroying the spires. Travis hair glowed white, and his 4 beam katanas merged into one.

-->'''Travis''': ''I shall name you.... [[ICallItVera The Holy Blade]].''

Travis concentrated his power and summoned all the non-Alliance dieties still alive. Wizardmon walked over to him.

-->'''Wizardmon''': ''Travis... this goes against my plan. What are you doing?''
-->'''Travis''': ''No more planning, Wizardmon. No more plotting! We can't just stand around and wait for the next move to be made! We will strike them down as Gods and Goddesses! Cast away the shadows! Bring light! We will fight! And we will win!''

The other deities stood silently, confused. But then, they started to clap. One by one, they were moved by his words, and they all started cheering.

-->'''Wizardmon''': ''I don't understand, Travis. Do you think we can beat the Alliance so easily?''
-->'''Travis''': ''We have to, Wizardmon. It's our job as heroes to triumph over evil.''

Wizardmon sighed in resignation and then nodded, and the heroes headed out to fight the Alliance off.

'''Commerce House'''

Montegomery Burns looked in horror at the {{Fiction500}} counter to see that his wealth was draining. He was losing everything, but how?

-->'''Burns''': ''I don't understand! How is this possible?''
-->'''Kaiba''': ''It's quite simple, Burns.''

Seto Kaiba stepped in, [[MagnificentBastard a magnificent smirk on his face.]]

-->'''Kaiba''': ''With Konota, C.C, and Yogurt's marketing skills, Kaiba Corp was able to make it big on the sale of Duel Disks in Springfield, enough to buy out the Plant and create a Springfield division of Kaiba Corp. I've bought everything out from you. And once your wealth reaches 0, you'll be out of the Commerce House and out of the Pantheon.''

Burns gasped in shcok and then grew angry, running at Kaiba, ready to strangle him. Kaiba flicked a card at Burns, easily knocking him over. Burns soon saw his wealth hit 0, and then vanished from the House. Looten Plunder busted into the room to see his wealth going down as well, and Kaiba's rising.

-->'''Plunder''': ''You!''

Plunder ran at Kaiba with his cane. But his wealth hit 0, and he vanished as well. Tom Nook and Wario were also taken out by Kaiba's scheme, bringing Kaiba up to high ranks in the {{Fiction500}}, while taking down some of his opponents.

'''Craft House'''

Dethklok was preparing to sing a tribute to the victory of the Alliance.

-->'''Nathan''': ''Alright! 1! 2! 3! 4!''

''Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time...''

-->'''Nathan''': ''Hmm?''
-->'''Murderface''': ''Who the Hell is making that noise?''

''I feel alive...''

And at that, Freddie Mercury descended to Dethklok.

-->'''Toki''': ''Holy craps, it's Freddie Mercury! What's he singings?''
-->'''Pickles''': ''I think it's "Don't Stop Me Now."'''

-->'''Freddie''': ''And the world, I'll turn it inside out, yeah! I'm floating around in ecstaay, so don't stop me now don't stop me, 'cause i'm having a good time having a good time. I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky, like a tiger defying the laws of gravity. I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva. I'm gonna go go go, there's no stopping me. I'm burning through the sky yeah! 200 degrees! That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit! I'm traveling at the speed of light! I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!''

At this point, a white light shot out of Mercury, creating white hands that swiped Deathklok's power and turn them into mortals, sending them back to the mortal realm.

-->'''Freddie''': ''Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time! I'm having a ball! Don't stop me now! If you wanna have a good time, just give me a call1 Don't stop me now, 'cause i'm havin' a good time! Don't stop me now! Yes! I'm havin' a good time! I don't want to stop at all! I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars, on a collision course. I am a satellite, I'm out of control! I am a sex machine ready to reload! Like an atom bomb about to oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Explode! I'm burning through the sky yeah! 200 degrees! That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!I'm traveling at the speed of light! I wanna make a supersonic woman of you!''

His powers shot out and hit I-No, turning her mortal and sending her away as well.

-->'''Freddie''': ''Don't stop me! Don't stop me! Don't stop me! Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't stop me! Don't stop me! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I like it! Don't stop me! Don't stop me! Have a good time! Good time! Don't stop me! Don't stop me! Ohhhhhhh! I'm burning through the sky yeah! 200 degrees! That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit! I'm traveling at the speed of light! I wanna make a supersonic man out of you! Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time! I'm having a ball! Don't stop me now! If you wanna have a good time, just give me a call! Don't stop me now, 'cause i'm havin' a good time! Don't stop me now! Yes! I'm havin' a good time! I don't want to stop at all!''

'''Heroes and Villains House'''

Mr. Freeze, having frozen Carrot, Guts, Robin, Tommy Oliver, and Clouseau, is stopped by Zuko.

-->'''Zuko''': ''Victor! Stop this! You don't have to do what the Alliance says. You have a choice.''
-->'''Freeze''': ''They promised me they would cure Norah. You would not understand, Zuko...''
-->'''Zuko''': ''I understand where you're coming from. We have healers, I promise you. Join us, Victor. Fight for what's right.''

Harley Quinn then shot Zuko, non-fatally.

-->'''Harley''': Sorry, sweetie, but Vicky's gonna have to give you the [[IncrediblyLamePun cold shouler!]] Ha ha ha ha ha!''

Harley was about ready to kill Zuko until she was suddenly frozen.

-->'''Freeze''': ''I hate puns...''

Soon enough, most of the alliance was defeated and the gods gathered around each other and pooled their energy together, hoping it would help the Main House, but instead creating a [[ResetButton large red button.]] They looked at it for a while, confused. They then, one at a time, climbed onto the button, adding weight until a sudden click went off. A powerful glow came from the button and they all became sucked into a portal, which soon the Pantheon fell into.

-->'''Dream''': ''Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.''

-->'''Morgoth''': ''Last of all is set the name of Melkor, He who arises in Might. But that name he has forfeited; and the Noldor, who among the Elves suffered most from his malice, will not utter it, and they name him Morgoth, the Dark Enemy of the World.''

-->'''Nohamotyo''': ''No on has a memory over two years old.''

-->'''Gary Gygax''': ''While it is possible to play a single game, unrelated to any other game events past or future, it is the campaign for which these rules are designed. It is relatively simple to set up a fantasy campaign, and better still, it will cost almost nothing. In fact you will not even need miniature figures, although their occasional employment is recommended for real spectacle when battles are fought. A quick glance at the Equipment section of this booklet will reveal just how little is required. The most extensive requirement is time. The campaign referee will have to have sufficient time to meet the demands of his players, he will have to devote a number of hours to laying out the maps of his "dungeons" and upper terrain before the affair begins.''

-->'''Haruhi''': ''I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers, sliders or espers here, come join me. That is all.''

-->'''Kyon''': ''I am John Smith.''

-->'''Joker''': ''Why so serious?''

-->'''Immortal God-Emporer of Mankind''': ''A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt.''

-->'''Amaterasu''': ''Bark! Bark!''

-->'''Kane''': ''One Vision. One Purpose. Peace Through Power.''

-->'''Sauron''': ''And who is this? Isildur's Heir? It takes more to make a King than a broken Elven blade.''

-->'''Bill Brasky''': ''Did someone say Bill Brasky?''

-->'''Fred Rogers''': ''Hello, neighbour...''

-->'''King of All Cosmos''': ''My, the Earth certainly is full of things.''

-->'''Random Number God''': ''If a statistician hands you a die insisting that 'any given roll has the same odds of rolling a one or a twenty', it means he's handing you a depleted die in the hopes of taking advantage of you. Don't fall for it!''

-->'''Zetta''': ''Disperse, loyal battle monkeys! Do my bidding and BUST A CAP!''

-->'''Adam Young''': ''Kids! Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it in your own home.''

-->'''Mario''': ''It'-a-me, Mario!''

-->'''SCP Foundation''': ''To Secure, Contain, and Protect.''

-->'''Terry Pratchett''': ''But the fact is that any fantasy world is, sooner or later, our own world. ... However towering the local mountains, however dwarf-haunted the local woods, any character wanting to eat a piece of zorkle meat between two slices of bread probably has no other word for it than 'sandwich'. ... The builder of fresh worlds may start out carefully avoiding Alsatian dogs and Toledo steel, but if he or she has any sense will one day look up from the keyboard and utter the words "What the hell?''

-->'''Walter Cronkite''': ''But it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to give up the Death Note, not as a victor, but as an honorable Magnificent Bastard who lived up to his pledge to rid the world of injustice, and did the best he could.''

-->'''G-Man''': ''Ah, good. A customer."

ResetButton pressed. Begin reset of [[TropePantheons TV Tropes Pantheon]] now.