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Greater Gods

King Allant XII, God of Corrupted Kings (King of Boletaria, Old King Allant, False King Allant, King Allant XII, The Arch Demon, The Fallen King)
  • Theme Song: Old King Allant
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Soulbrandt, his sword
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Soulbrandt, Guttural Growler, Explosive Sword Planting, Power Level Drain, Light Is Not Good, Magic Knight, Man in White, Sword Wind, Straw Nihilist
  • Domains: Light, Truth, Hatred, Death, Discovery, Worship, Madness, Fallen, Corruption
  • Followers: The Tower Knight Alfred, Phalanx Oolan, and Penetrator Metas
  • Allies: Manus, Griffith, Kafka Palazzo, The White, Melkor, Zant, Satan, Darkseid, Dracula, Fortinbras, Ostarion
  • Enemies: The Maiden in Black, GWYN, Artorias, Ornstein and Smough, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Madoka Kaname, Cosmos, Albus Dumbledore, Dr. Stephen Strange, Simon Belmont, Adrian Tepes, Guts, The Flood
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Acnologia
  • The once great King of Boletaria, he studied ancient magics known as the "Soul Arts", using them to power his mighty kingdom, believing they were the work of God. Then he discovered "God", and found out that such an almighty being was the Old One, a powerful Time Abyss Eldritch Abomination that longed to tear reality to pieces. With this discovery, he fell into despair, awakening the Old One. He not only gave himself to such the monster, he also allowed a powerful fog to cover the land, turning his best men into demons and unleashing countless monsters across Boletaria. He now believes that there is only one "Truth" for the Pantheon - the forces of good are only fooling themselves believing that things like Love, Hope, and Peace truly help anyone, when they are merely melancholic delusions. In his mind, letting Omnicidal Evil win is the true solution to end the suffering of existence.
    • He has claimed "No one truly wishes to go on!" as his new banner.
  • Does not like the Maiden in Black, as he sees her as the villain trying to prolong the misery of living.
  • Is willing to serve any being that wishes to destroy everything to escape the suffering of existence. Thus, he's greatly interested in the White, and the feeling's mutual.
    • Allant also shares the White's antagonism and hatred of The Flood, as its goal of eternally prolonging the suffering and despair of all of creation is in complete antithesis with his own objective of trying to destroy everything to escape the very suffering that the Gravemind wants to prolong. This is one of the EXTREMELY rare cases where he and Gwyn can agree on something.
  • He is deeply disappointed in Madoka's actions, as she reminds him of Maiden Astraea. He's tried to push her to succumb to her darker influences and see his "Truth", but for now he simply waits. One day she'll learn. Between Allant and the White they shall teach her.
  • Allant believes he discovered a way to begin the process of killing everything when he discovered the fates of Artorias and Ornstein. Now he seeks to kill Gwyn permanently to extinguish the First Flame and allow everything to fall into the Abyss.
  • Those that have come to fight him must go through his Temple, the fog-shrouded Boletarian Palace, wading across its many resident monsters, demons and his three greatest Knights as well. This is what happens when anyone confronts him.
  • His search bore fruition when he found the resting place of Manus, Father of the Abyss. Allant intervened in its fight against the tainted flames of the Old Chaos, ensuring Manus' ascension into the Pantheon and its eventual victory and release.
  • Seems overjoyed that the world Gwyn hails from has come to an end. In his eyes it was the proof he needed to show the Pantheon that the will to live leads only to Suffering. He has been lauding this over Gwyn in this very temple showing what his "sacrifice" lead to.
    • Unfortunately for him, Gwyn has proved more resilient than he could have expected. Instead of giving into despair and accepting oblivion, Gwyn persisted even more doggedly than ever and discovered a way to protect the First Flame more effectively than he ever could in the past by becoming the "Soul of Cinder." To say that Allant was furious to discover this would be a massive understatement. However, he was overjoyed to learn the Abyss has successfully snuffed out the Witch of Izalith's Chaos Flame and even now moves towards Gwyn's precious First Flame.
  • He is now more convinced then ever to finally start his war against the First Flame and potentially destroy the Pantheon forever.

    Artoria Pendragon 
Artoria Pendragon, Goddess of Female Kings (Saber, Saber Lily, King Arthur, The King of Knights, Saber Alter, The Princess of Knights, Lancer, The Lion King, Archer, The Once and Forever King)
As a Lancer 

Gwyn, God of Impressive Crowns of Royalty (Lord of Sunlight, Lord of Cinder, Leader of the Lords, King of Anor Londo, The Old Iron King, Ichorous Earth, Soul of Cinder, The Red Knight, The Incarnation of Kings, The OG Lord of Cinder)
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  • Theme Song: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Old Iron King, Soul of Cinder
  • Greater God, Overdeity as the Soul of Cinder.
  • Symbol: The Crown and Fiery Soul of Gwyn
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magnificent Kingly Beards, Sunlight Spear, Flaming Sword, Bright Flames and the Corruption Thereof, Power of the Lord Souls, The Power of the Sun, Mistreated His Children
  • Domains: Fire, Sunlight, Godhood, Royalty, Eternity, Lightning, Thunderbolts
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Once the king of the wondrous realm of Anor Londo, he and his knights slew the Everlasting Dragons, ending the Age of Fog and allowing the development of mankind into the Age of Fire, a time of prosperity and peace. However, he eventually discovered that the First Flame that allowed this to happen was dying. He tried to use his Lord Soul to reignite it and stave off the darkness, but was soon consumed by the fire and withered into the Lord of Cinder. Wandering in the Kiln of the First Flame, one day he was surprised to feel his mind return and found himself in the House of Royalty. To this day, he still says he doesn't know how it all happened.
  • While many Undead have attempted to recreate his lordly crown, all have failed to correctly imitate its awesome power, inspiring Gwyn to claim it as his spot at the Pantheon.
  • Has an intense hatred for dragons regardless of alignment, as in his mind they are vile remnants of the Age of Fog. Still, those willing to help Humanity are exempted from his wrath, as he sees them as worthy successors to his old ally Seath the Scaleless' legacy.
    • His stance on Dragons has soften as of late, when it was revealed one of his most powerful, and loyal subjects was an Archdragon of immense power, Midir the Darkeater, a Dragon that him and the other gods raised themselves to be a stalwart defender against the darkness. Though it was revealed that ultimately he raised the dragon to eternally fight the dark for him, meaning he meant for him to be a Tykebomb rather than genuinely changing his stance.
  • Gwyn constantly assaults users of the powers of darkness, driven by his fanatical hatred of the Abyss. However, he has cautiously chosen to trust the channelers of The Sacred Darkness such as Midna, Cecil and Riku, as they have proven they are capable of using the Darkness without being taken by the void.
  • Seeks his lost followers and fellow Lords. He's aware he can't reasonably expect to return to the height of the Age of Fire, but nonetheless tries.
    • Often tries to help vulnerable Magical Girls in memory of his friend, the Witch of Izalith, whose ill-fated attempt to duplicate the First Flame instead transformed her into the chaos-tainted monstrosity known as the Bed of Chaos. Pained by this, Gwyn seeks ways to avoid these senseless acts of suffering.
    • Successfully reestablished contact with Nito, and seeks to strenghten his position by convincing Zobek and Quan Chi to aid him (so far unsuccessfully).
    • Greatly cheered up by finding his faithful knight Artorias, along with the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Gwyn has also developed great respect for Guts.
    • Likewise, he was also most pleased when he found Ornstein and Smough, and promptly had them ascend as protectors of his Temple. Gwyn allows Ornstein to indulge in his dragonslaying duties, though he often has to rein him in. While disgusted by Smough's eating habits, he has pondered on the possibilities of setting him loose on the Disgraces.
  • Speaking of Ornstein's obsession about killing Hyodo Issei, Cosmos had a stern talk with Gwyn. The boy's doing his best to help and really doesn't deserve the Old Dragonslayer obsessively trying to collect his head. As a result, master and servant are reviewing exactly which dragons are fair game. So far Gwyn has decreed the Fairy Tail guild can only be challenged in established non-fatal duels, and that Issei is severely off-limits and must not be killed, otherwise the Dragonslayer will be stripped off his title as protector of Gwyn's temple. Ornstein's not really happy, but abides by the word of his lord.
    • On the other hand, he is known to carry a deep hate for Issei's rival, Vali Lucifer. To him, Vali is the very image of the depraved Everlasting Dragons of the Age of Fog, so Ornstein is free to kill him, and Smough is welcome to devour what remains. Vali, however, is greatly annoyed by the two of them, and asked Wiz and Boomstick to make a tag-team Death Battle between him and Issei versus the two minions of Gwyn.
  • Still obsesses about the First Flame, and seeks undead of all kinds to feed them into the Kiln in an attempt to prolong the dying Age of Fire. This has already netted him a permaban from the House of Otherness after repeated attempts on some of the occupants, but he believes the diversity of the Pantheon gives him possibilities. While his cause is certainly noble, his methods aren't, and so many are reluctant to openly ally with him.
    • A new possibility has opened to Gwyn with the ascension of the immortal Mokou no Fujiwara, with whose infinite life and fire powers could theoretically sustain the First Flame indefinitely. As desperate as Gwyn is, though, he sent his knights on fact-finding missions before immediately tossing her into the Kiln, remembering what happened last time he acted rashly without thinking of the possible consequences.
  • When he is forced to fight, he invokes the persona of the Lord of Cinder through the power of his Lord Soul. He really doesn't like wallowing in the ashes, especially knowing he might still sink into the abomination that is Ichorous Earth, but often sees little way of imposing his will otherwise.
  • Despises his Boletarian counterpart, False King Allant, and is greatly incensed by his actions - not only successfully locating and reactivating the threat of the Abyss by awakening Manus, he's also ensured the death of the Old Chaos and Manus' eventual release. While it can be said no one knows the risks better than Gwyn, his paranoia and utter fear of the Flame being extinguished is an opening Allant has seen fit to exploit by turning Gwyn's mistrust against him. His mood was not helped when he learned Nadalia, the Bride of Ash, one of Manus' fragments, sought his own Lord Soul as her King.
  • Utterly hates Acnologia, for not only does the Black Dragon represent everything he despises about the dragon race, but also because he was a Dragon Slayer before he transformed and betrayed humanity. In his eyes, the Dragon King is worthy of no other end but utter extermination, and it's to the point that sometimes he is tempted to abandon his fight with Allant to strike the beast down with his own hands, although he almost erupted in anger when he heard Acnologia allied with Allant, even if they don't get along that well.
  • Gwyn's opinion of Grima is similar, but made more complicated by Grima's working relationships with two of Gwyn's own allies, Seath the Scaleless and Gravelord Nito.
  • A mortal lore-ist by the name of VaatiVidya has taken it upon himself to recount the story of Gwyn and his kingdom in all its glory. His efforts have impressed the Lord of Sunlight and his warriors greatly.
    • He was equally impressed with the story of the most recent Bearer of his Lord Soul and his closest ally, Sir Alonne, who reminds Gwyn somewhat of both Ornstein and Artorias.
  • The Fate of his world has left the Lord of Sunlight broken, the fate of his family (gone or devoured) became the reason Gwyn refused to leave his temple for awhile, The fate of his loyal knights (all dead) has left him enraged. He fell into a depressing obsession to find a way to keep the First Flame alive here in the Pantheon no matter the cost, no matter how many had to be sacrificed, no matter how many enemies must be slain.
    • It was through this madness that he discovered how to protect the Flame if he found no other way, by connecting his soul to it he can combine it with all others that linked the flame after him becoming "The Soul of Cinder", this devastating amalgamation uses every bit of skill, knowledge and power in every single one of those souls to be the striking force stopping those that attempt to end the Flame, especially against Allant!
  • He was noted to be very "unhappy" about the ascension of The Nameless King and has done everything he can to prevent The Nameless King from entering into the House of Royalty. Other gods have noticed the animosity held by Gwyn and The Nameless King which has led to an unofficial agreement by a majority of the pantheon to make sure the duo never meet under any circumstance despite the fact that evidence points toward The Nameless King being Gwyn's firstborn son.
    • He also seeks to slay the leader of the Cathedral of the Deep, Pontiff Sulyvahn. Not only did the mad sorcerer successfully drive his forces from his realm of Anor Londo, corrupted his palace into an abominable church to the Abyss, he also fed Gwyn's son to his grotesque master, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep and all but exterminated Gwyn's line. By now, the Lord of Cinder's hate for the Pontiff easily surpasses his rivalry with Allant, and has stated he will mow both down and feed them to the Flame.
    • To add further insult to injury, Friede and Ariandel have ascended and the former has permanently grudged Gwyn's system of Linking the Flame, with the Painted World of Ariandel as proof of her statement. The fact that she wields Blackflame makes the situation worse, since its a sign of the Abyss.
  • Many gods that came from humanity and aligned themselves with Gwyn have started to question their loyalty after news from the Ringed City, ancient city of the pygmies, arrived in the pantheon. The Pygmy Lords, humanity's ancient rulers, willingly fought alongside the gods against the dragons and sent their own knights to fight alongside Gwyn's out of loyalty and longing to serve the gods of Anor Londo. These ancient humans had control over the Dark Soul and was able to keep control over the Abyss but still Gwyn felt fear towards those that sought to serve and worship him. Gwyn erased the contributions humanity gave to the war against the dragons and put a seal of fire aka the Darksign itself, which in turned caused humanity to loose much of its connection to The Sacred Darkness, in an attempt to curb the power of humanity and the Abyss. The truth that Gwyn was responsible for one of the greatest causes of suffering the humans in his world face despite their loyalty has been one of the largest discoveries made in the ancient city Gwyn sent the early humans of his world to. This revelation has caused members of the pantheon who often side with humanity and a few of the channelers of The Sacred Darkness to become weary of Gwyn in light of what he did out.
    • Gywn on the other hand argued in his defense, stating that he did reward humanity, by gifting them the Ringed City, granting there leaders lordship, and gifting them his beloved youngest child. He also pointed out the out of control Darkness is one of the root causes for the atrocities committed in his universe, and no matter how extreme his actions are, he is justified. This has just split the Pantheon's opinion on him even more, especially as said gifts had ulterior motives behind all of them, especilly his daughter. Regardless most people agree, for good or ill, Gywn will attempt to protect the flame at any cost.

    Malcador the Sigillite 
Malcador the Sigillite, God of Benevolent Chancellors (The Regent of Terra, Master of the Adminstratum, Grand Master of Assassins, and Lord of the Council of Terra)
  • Greater God
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Inquisitoral Ordos.
  • Portfolio: The Emperor's right hand man, Third most powerful human psyker of his time , knocked out Angron, a Primarch with a touch, Sacrificed himself for the Emperor, Collector of the Strange, Fan of the Past, Wielding a Force Staff with a burning eagle, Malcador the Hero, Founded the Administratum, Officio Assassinorum, Inquisition and was deeply involved with the Grey Knights, Number Two, The Emperor's chief assistant and only confidant for centuries, Head of the civilian administration and ruled the Imperium of Man while the Emperor was working on the Webway of Mankind, Geometric Magic, Ritual Magic, The Ageless
  • Followers: The Adeptus Administratum, the Officio Assassinorum and the Imperial Inquisition
  • Domains: Loyalty, Sacrifice, Administration, Governance
  • Allies: The Emperor, Vulkan, Leman Russ, Sanguinius, Gabriel Angelos, Marneus Calgar, Sergeant Cyrus, Gaunt, Ciaphas Cain, Jurgen, CRREEEEEED, Kaldor Draigo and Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
  • Enemies: All enemies of the Emperor and Mankind, especially the Chaos Gods, Magnus though he won't interfere in his rehab if the Emperor wills it and Angron
  • Opposed by: Trazyn the Infinite
  • Malcador's ascension received a varied response from the Pantheon, the Gods of the Imperium and especially the Emperor are glad to have the Sigillite with them for this portion of the war against Chaos while enemies of Mankind are furious that another champion of Humanity has ascended but they are cautious since his presence heralded the arrival numerous Inquisitors and Imperial Assassins from various temples alongside some paper pushers from the Adeptus Administratum.
  • Shortly after his ascension, Malcador and several Assassins infiltrated Trazyn's temple, destroying a sizable number of Necrons and retreated after accomplishing their objective. Trazyn was furious when he learned that copies of the Mona Lisa and Sunflowers were missing from his collection, he has since sworn vengeance.
  • Malcador's past is something of a mystery even within the Pantheon. Within the mortal realm, members of the Imperium have speculated that Malcador was a psyker granted immortality by the God Emperor during the Unification Wars, while others believe him to be far older than that. Malcador has not revealed much but there are rumors abound that he was once a member of the Illuminati, leading him to be at least 20,000 years old.
  • The Sigillite's status of being the third most powerful psyker in the Imperium was once put to the test by the forces of Chaos. The Archtraitor Horus and the traitor legions were rapidly advancing upon Terra, endangering the Grey Knights Chapter during it's very founding. Thus Malcador cast Titan into the Warp, centuries later the moon resurfaced from the turbulent tides of the Immaterium with a complement of thousand Space Marines and their many serfs, all pure and unaffected by their journey within the realm of Chaos itself.
  • He is incredibly honored and proud that the Emperor called him his most loyal servant ever and bro for life but is not very happy about the context in which it and his sacrifice were brought up. He expected better of the Inquisition and the Grey Knights and is furious at them for letting the Emperor down with their deeds.
    • But despite his anger with the Grey Knights, he is glad that Kaldor Draigo redeemed himself.
  • After learning of Malcador's ascension, Angron seeks to confront the Sigillite for how their first encounter ended. Thus far Malcador has been able to evade him
  • Malcador has a strong It's Personal attitude towards Magnus for not only betraying the Emperor and endangering Terra itself by risking it becoming a Daemon World, and as such he opposes the traitor Primarch in any way possible. Grudgingly, Malcador's delayed his plans for Magnus after the Primarch proved his willingness to rejoin the Imperium by annihilating the rotten core of the Inquisition, one of the very few things he hates more than Magnus himself.

Rassilon, God of Scientific Emperors (Lord-President of Gallifrey, The Narrator, Conquerer of Yssgaroth, Overpriest of Dronid, First Earl of Prydon, Patris of the Vortex, Ravager of the Void, Razz(Only can be called that by Omega))
  • Theme Song: The Council of the Time Lords
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Great Seal of Rassilon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifacts of Rassilon, Co founded Time Lord Society, He would sacrifice all of creation to stave off death, a medieval-style gauntlet on his left hand that can act as a remote control for other devices and can vaporize a Time Lord with a gesture, Enjoyment of eternal life
  • Domains: Time, Regeneration, Immortality
  • Allies: Omega, YHVH, Most of The Time Lords, the Kro'ka
  • Enemies: The Doctor, The Master, Davros, Dalek Sec, Vampires.
  • Established himself as the founder and creator of all Time Lords, and the ability to regenerate, He was also the one to help many civilizations grow to the stature that they reached today, even Earth, He even gave himself the ability to live forever through unlimited regenerations.
  • The reason for the abundance of bipedial, humanoid aliens in the Whoniverse? Rassilon threw those that didn't fit the mold into a pocket universe and/or ensured they never existed in the first place, whichever was more expedient for him.
  • He comes to this House to establish The Time Lords into the Pantheon in order to escape The Last Great Time War and was furious to learn that The Doctor and The Master resided in it as well.
  • He is trying to learn more from Galifrey's future from the House of Prophecy and is trying to destroy the House of Life and Death in hopes that he will never die.
    • Though when told that may one day happen he is quick to yell
    "I will NOT DIE! Do you hear me? A billion years of Time Lord history riding on our backs. I will not let this perish. I Will. Not"
  • He is also trying to destroy any and all vampires after an event in Gallifrey's past caused a great vampire to become Rassilon's enemy. This even includes deities who can temporary becomes vampires, such as Sora.
    • Thanks to this program, Rassilon is not allowed to go within 500m of any ascended vampire deities, and is banned from the House of Otherness.
  • Is attempting to kill Dalek Sec and Davros to finish the Last Great Time War here and now in The Pantheon.
  • He has many artifacts that are named after him, much to the annoyance of The Doctor,
    "So what have you got squirelled away? The Hairdryer of Rassilon? The Hoover of Rassilon? The Rassilon Patent Trouser Press? "These creases last forever!""
  • He has earned an enemy in The Master as it was revealed that he was the one to through a signal through the time vortex to be implanted in the mind of The Master effectively creating the sound of drums in his head.
  • Also the one to turn Humanity back to their original state after they were turn into "The Master Race" with the flick of his gauntlet.
  • He is also attempting The Ultimate Sanction. To be rid of all enemies of The Time Lords he is creating a paradox so powerful that it will tear the very fabric of time and space asunder and to escape the destruction by having the whole race shed their corporeal bodies and become creatures of consciousness alone; ones that would escape the effects of time and of cause and effect.
  • Tries to get others in the Pantheon to kneel to him when he enters a room by stating On your knees Pantheon Gods
  • Only wants one thing for Gallifrey.
    "Whether we die here today or return to the waking world and complete the ultimate sanction. For this is the hour when either Gallifrey falls. Or Gallifrey rises!"
  • Is attempting to get his friend Omega to work with him to fight in The Last Great Time War despite Omega's new found hatred of Time Lords, though Omega has gone back to calling Rassilon by his nickname every now and again.
  • He decided to let The Great Will use Time Lord Technology as part of The Regime in order to allow a place for the other Time Lords to escape The Last Great Time War. Even if that were to fail then it would give Rassilon the resources needed to do The Ultimate Sanction.