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    Aerys II Targaryen 
King Aerys Targaryen, The Second Of His Name, God of Royal Inbreeding (The Mad King, King Scab)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The sigil of the Targaryen flag (a red, three-headed dragon on a black background), singed by flame
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Posthumous Character, Brother–Sister Incest Both Villainous And Royal, Violently Insane Kings, Pyro Maniac, White-Haired Villainy, Evil Overlord Deconstructed, Despised Leaders, Envies Tywin And Lusts For His Wife, The Paranoiac, BURN THEM ALL!
  • Domains: Fire, Madness, Dragons, Incest, Cruelty, Fire
  • High Priest: His second son, Viserys Targaryen
  • Allies: Caligula, Luca Blight, The Queen of Hearts, Draco Malfoy, Ragnaros the Fire Lord, Firefly, Deathwing, The Firebird, Nefarian, Albedo Piazzollo, Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel, Kuja, Vile, The Pyro
  • Special relationship with: Daenerys Targaryen (his daughter), Jon Snow (his grandson)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oberyn Martell
  • Enemies: Anyone who's a member of Houses Stark, Baratheon or Lannister (Jaime Lannister most of all, for for slaying him), Gregor Clegane, Ornstein, Caim, Dovahkiim, Lesale Deathbringer, Typhus, The Plague Knight, Beedrill, Charizard, James Raynor, Barroth, Alexstrasza, Johnny Blaze, Jean Grey, Zuko
  • Opposes: The Houses of Food, Bladed Weapons, Water and Ice (especially Swampert)
  • Opposed by: Almost all of Westeros, the Ice King, The Kasugano twins and every good-aligned member of the House of Royalty
  • Aerys Targaryen, The Second of His Name, was the son and successor of King Jaehaerys IInote  and his sister Shaera. Targaryens typically wed siblings or other relatives, and as such it's often said the gods would flip a coin; either to produce a great king or induce Targaryen madness. Though initially showing promise, Aerys proved to be the latter as an utterly mad monarch who got off on burning people alive and who's cruelty would help lead to Robert's Rebellion. Now, the Mad King returns to reclaim the Iron Throne in the pantheon, as the god of Royal Inbreeding.
  • Though a product and partaker of Royal Inbreeding with his sister-wife Rhaella, Aerys would rather not have the title. He didn't want to marry his sister, but his hand's wife Joanna Lannister. He demanded that he be made on of the Fierce Protectors of Royalty...however was quickly shut up when the Court of Gods both pointed out he is in no way deserving of that title, but if he doesn't want the title he'll be stuck in the seven hells. The Mad King quickly shut himself up.
  • He is thoroughly disliked by almost every inhabitant from Westeros, god or not. However, it's the Starks, Baratheons and Lannisters who hate him the most; Ned Stark for burning his father and being part of Robert's Rebellion, Tywin Lannister for their awful "friendship" and Robert Baratheon for starting the Rebellion in the first place. Their shared hatred of the Mad King is one of the only things to invoke an Enemy Mine situation. Out of personal experience, he detests the rebel leader Jim Raynor.
  • Was horrified to learn that the man who killed him, Jaime Lannister, was in the same house as him. He almost never stays in his own house, not wanting to feel his blade against his back again. From a safe distance, however, he'll take enormous relish at mocking both him, Tywin and Robert on how Joffrey turned out.
  • Some have speculated he might be Tyrion's biological father, and/or Jaime and Cersei. After all, the Mad King did blatanly lust after Tywin's wife Joanna, and is said to have taken "certain liberties" with her; the Lannister family understandably fears he may have gone all the way and used the law of of first night on her. Tyrion would rather not think about this, and Tywin's response spoke volumes:
    Tywin Lannister: "Even I don't hate Tyrion enough to use you to de-legitimize him."
  • Was interested in learning what his surviving progeny was up to in the years after his mortal death. He was upset that his favorite son Viserys ended up being a failure of a re-claimant, but is proud of Daenerys for her work in Essos, not to mention being the first Targaryen in over a century to hatch dragon eggs. Though Dany does care for her father, she'd rather stay her distance from the Mad King.
  • Like Oberyn Martell, he's enraged at Gregor Clegane's crimes against his family. The two are working to get back at the Mountain, however the Red Viper has made it clear he thinks Aerys is despicable; he's only helping him in getting back at Gregor and Tywin, nothing more. It's rather telling that to counter the Mountain he's hired another Psycho for Hire, Vile.
  • Though Cersei desired his son Rhaegar Targaryen and Tywin wished to arrange the marriage, Aerys refused as "A king does not marry his heir to his servant's daughter." This serves to be yet another reason why the two ended up at each other's throats.
  • Being the deranged monarch he is, Aerys is unpopular with most in his House. Caligula and Luca Blight, however, get along (Caligula in particular due to partaking in incest). The three have teamed up along with The Queen of Hearts in hopes of taking over their house, forming "The Quartet of Mad Monarchs" (to be made a Quintet if Joffrey ever manages to join them).
  • Got on the bad side of the Ice King due to his association with fire and being too viciously crazy for his standards.
  • Has a complete obsession with fire, particularly wildfire; his pyrophilia would go so far as to savagely rape his wife after getting aroused at the sight of men being burned alive (most believe Daenerys was conceived in this manner). The Mad King was positively giddy at learning of the House of Fire and Electricity, where he now spends 90% of his time in. You can usually see him fanboying over Ragnaros the Burning, and is fascinated by the potential of the Firebird. The only reason why he doesn't spend the remaining 10% there is that Johnny Blaze doesn't appreciate him, inflicting the Penance Stare on him; an experience he described as "too fiery for my tastes" before curling up in the fetal position from the psychic pain.
  • The Mad King was happy to learn of the existence of the House of Dragons, though has not had any success in allying any of them. He did form a bond with the psychotic, incestuous Deathwing and Nefarian due to being a fiery dragon, while earning Alexstrasza's ire for trying to enslave her. There was also the time where he met Charizard, only to get mad that it wasn't a real dragonnote  and tried to spear Charizard.
  • To the dismay of the good-aligned pantheon members, he has hired The Pyro and Firefly as his head pyromancers. He also seeks to make Jean Grey his new queen due to her Phoenix Force, something that utterly disgusts her.
  • Opposes the House of Water and Ice, by virtue of it putting out flames. He's shown particular contempt for Swampert and Barroth as their earth powers can put out his Greek Fire. Aerys has also put a hit on dragon slayers in the pantheon.
  • Zuko hates the Mad King, as his fire obsession and madness reminds him of his own father Ozai.
  • In his universe, white hair is a sign of Targaryen blood. As such, he believes that the other white-haired gods are members of his family and has tried to make alliances with them. He got along with a bunch of fellow white-haired crazies like Albedo Piazzollo and the incestuous Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel. In particular, he approves of Kuja's final act of spite. The Kasugano twins despise him however, as he represents the negative aspects of both incest and white-haired people.
  • Since Lucius Malfoy looks like an older Viserys Targaryen and Draco Malfoy acts a lot like him, he treats the boy as his grandson. Draco doesn't mind, since it gives him a place to hide.
  • Despite his appearance, he was at his forties maximum at death. A lot of this comes from his paranoia; he almost never groomed himself because he feared he'd cut himself(which he's had personal experience from his Iron Throne), and almost never ate because he was worried of poisons. As such, he opposes the House of Bladed Weapons, and is seriously concerned of catching something from Typhus and the Plague Knight. He's against the House of Food because he believes they'll poison any food they'd give him.
  • Once enjoyed some delicious honey from Beedrill. When he learnt of the Poison Bee's typing, Aerys immediately suspected foul play and tried to torch the Pokemon. Beedrill promptly Mega Evolved and jabbed at the Mad King, causing him soil himself and run.
  • Though he hopes never to return to the seven hells again, Aerys admits he'd at least take comfort at his gravest enemies for the civil war they're stuck in. He's very happy that Petyr Baelish exists to flame the fans of discord, all out of a final "fuck you" to Westeros. Littlefinger hasn't commented about if this feels insulting or not, but would certainly try to off such a unpredictable chess piece as soon as possible.
  • Has yet to comment on the popular theory that Jon Snow may be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, other than hoping if it's true more civil war and chaos will come from it.

    Alistair Theirin 
Alistair Theirin, God of Unknown Royal Heirs (King Alistair, Royal Bastard, Alibear)

     Ashe (Final Fantasy XII) 
Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Goddess of Royal Spares (Princess of Dalmasca - formerly, now Queen of Dalmasca, Ashe, Amalia)

     Cecilia Alcott 
Cecilia Alcott, Goddess of Dimwitted Aristocrats

Princess Daisy, Goddess of Tomboy Princesses

    Estellise Sidos Heurassein 
Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Goddess of Sheltered Aristocrats (Estelle, Child of the Full Moon, Insipid Poison of this World, Sheltered Little Princess, Colette, Uguu, Bunny, MERLIN, Frederica, Envy, Minmay, Irulan, Maddy, Grushenka, Ai, Anita, Nell, Tappman, Terry, Wyoh, Hokuto, Trevor, Marcus, Ryan)

    Jaime Lannister 
Ser Jaime Lannister, God of Kingslaying (The Kingslayer, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, The Best Swordsman In Westeros)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The White Cloak Of The Kingsguard, And His Golden Hand
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil at first, Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Considered To Be The Greatest Swordsman In Westeros, But Lacking In Ambition, Father To Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella, Affably Evil In the Beginning, Had His Sword Hand Chopped Off, Which Led To Being Fitted With a Golden Hand, Killed The Mad King, Broken Ace, Conflicting Loyalty, In A Sexual Relationship With Cersei, Cool Big Bro To Tyrion, Joined The Kingsguard At 16, Failure Hero, The Heart, Hero with Bad Publicity, Master Swordsman, Pragmatic Hero, Wicked Cultured, Currently Attempting to Atone, Having a Good Reason for Murder, Committing a Noble Deed that Breaks His Oath at the Cost of His Reputation, Only Feels Alive in Battle
  • Domains: Knights, Swordsmanship, Sibling Incest
  • Herald: Brienne of Tarth
  • High Priest: Madmartigan
  • Followers: Queen Artemesia, Marc Anthony
  • Additional Relationships: Tywin Lannister (his father - disowned), Tyrion Lannister (his brother), Cersei Baratheon (his twin sister/lover)
  • Allies: Artoria Pendragon, Jack Rakan, Nariko, Aragorn, Odysseus, Rhaegar Targaryen
  • Rival Swordsmen: Snow White (the Fables one), Sophitia Alexandra, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon, Leonidus, Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, All evil deified rulers in the House of Royalty, especially Aerys II Targaryen, whom he slew
  • On (Somewhat) Speaking Terms: with Eddard Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Oberyn Martell
  • Opposes: Shiro Tagachi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Jaime Lannister's path of redemption begins at the Pantheon, where he accepts the offer to ascend. Rather than to be sent to The Fallen, Cosmos had not only placed him on probation, as a condition of accepting his deified status, Jaime has joined the GUAE. Cosmos has made it clear that should Jaime finds himself in Cersei's bed should she ascend, then he will be sent to the House of the Fallen. When Jaime considers objecting, Cosmos reminds him that, "a Lannister always pays their debts." Jaime accepts the conditions…after mumbling under his breath.
  • Upon ascending to the Pantheon, Jaime discovered that his sword hand has been restored to him, encased in a golden gauntlet.
    Cosmos: Your father was right about you. You have let your skills stagnate whilst in King's Landing. Now comes the time for you to prove your worth.
  • Upon finding out that he has ascended to the Pantheon, Daenerys's first line of thought was to sic her dragons on the Kingslayer. But it was Tyrion who had convinced her not to do so. She instead demanded a meeting with Jaime, demanding why he betrayed his oath to her father. Jaime told her of what he had seen during his tenure under Aerys. He told Dany of Aerys' habits of burning men alive and raping his sister-wife, Queen Rhaella, as the men burned. Then he told her the truth about the Wildfire Plot, in which Aerys wanted to burn King's Landing to the ground with wildfire, and that he killed Aerys in order to save King's Landing, not on his father's orders.
    Jaime: 'Let [Robert] rule over ashes and cooked meat,' he said. 'Burn it all.' He was still chanting that when I ran him through.
  • While understanding the reasons why Jaime back-stabbed Aerys the Mad, the deified members of the House of Royalty watch him with a wary eye.
  • Two of Jaime's allies are Aragorn and Odysseus. While Aragorn helps improve on Jaime's swordplay, Odysseus is training Jaime on how to use his mind more effectively. Jaime is slightly put off by how the wily demigod looks so much like Ned Stark, but he accepts his help nonetheless.
  • Surprisingly, Jaime is on good terms with Artoria Pendragon and Snow White (not the Disney one). "You remind me of Brienne," he quipped when he and Artoria had sparred. Jaime had lost the spar, but Artoria promised him a rematch. In regards to Snow, she reminds him of Elia Martell, graceful, but not as frail. He even admits that she is more than a match for him when it comes to swordplay.
  • Mistaken Arthas Menethil for Rhaegar Targaryen, as they both looked alike. Out of all of the Targaryens, Jaime respected Rhaegar the most.
  • Jaime is also privy to the fact that his father and his insane henchman are here in the Pantheon. After decades of verbal abuse towards himself, Cersei, and Tyrion, Jame steers clear of his father. When Tywin confronted his eldest son, demanding that he return to his side, Jaime rebuffs him.
  • His main rivals when it comes to swordplay is the deified Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia, and his former pupil/surrogate daughter, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon. While Geralt was accused of Kingslaying in the past, Jaime is the real deal. Fortunately, both Geralt and Ciri are sympathetic to the reason why Jaime had done what he had did.
  • Another of Cosmos' conditions set is that Jaime spends time at the House of Bladed Weapons in order to experience fighting against different styles of swordplay. Before losing his sword hand, he would have given the deified swordmasters a run for their money. Now, after being humbled, he seeks to try and better himself.
  • Upon having his abilities and hand restored to him, Jaime has been summoned as the servant Saber in the place of Artoria to participate in the 4th Holy Grail War under Kiritsugu Emiya. Although promising at first, once he realized the true nature of the war, well let's just say that the partnership between the two is marginally better than Arturia's . Though Jaime has yet to comment, he plays along due to Irisviel resembling the Targaryens and her innocent nature.
    • Having learned that Jaime actually punched her former master square in the mouth, Arturia Pendragon was left in a giggle fit for an unspecified amount of time, due to her chaffing under the Magus Killer. Since then her respect for the Kingslayer grew and looks forward to meeting with him again.
  • When he learned that Rhaegar Targaryen ascended to the Pantheon, he went to Rhaegar's temple and begged him for forgiveness for his failure to protect Rhaegar's family. However, Rhaegar did not blame him for what happened, since he knew Jaime was not complicit with Tywin's machinations, but he forgave him nonetheless.
  • After learning that Cersei ended up destroying most of King's Landing with, wildfire nonetheless. The same plot that the Mad King set out to do, thus she unleashed the disaster he prevented all those years ago. He has now done away with her and left her to her fate and with that Jaime has began to notice other women in the Pantheon.
    • With this recent turn of events, Cosmos was most pleased by this and has given Jaime her blessings and protection.
    • While his incest with Cersei is cause for disgust and concern, he does, believe it or not, have his own share of admirers due to his growth and hidden depths.

    King Hippo 
King Hippo, God of Corpulent Kings
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crown
  • Theme Song: His rendition of the Punch-Out! theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Sometimes Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Attack Its Weakpoint, Big Eater, Gonk, Mighty Glacier, Stout Strength, The Unintelligible, Wild Samoan
  • Domains: Royalty, Big Size, Food, Islands, Bosses.
  • Allies: Lord Fredrik, Mother Brain, The Rock, The Usos
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Pit, Megaman, Stitches
  • On good terms with: Lilo and Stitch
  • King Hippo is the ruler of the Hippo islands, a place located in the South Pacific where he spends his day eating large amounts of food and sleeping. He is also a boxer, and feared because of his tremendous size and strength. Because of his large size, King Hippo easily took the title for himself.
  • While Hippo is a really tough opponent, he has a huge weakpoint that holds him back. If you hit him in the mouth when he opens it his pants will fall down and then you can lay down a beating on him. And if he falls he is not getting back up.
    • Sometimes carries a manhole on his belly to avoid being hit. More often than not, it tends to fall off and hurt him.
  • Many wonder if he is actually a human being or just an actual Hippo, given that he doesn't talk outside of grunts and roars.
  • His title used to belong to Lord Fredrik, until the latter dropped it and got a new one, allowing Hippo to get a spot. They seem to be on really good terms, especially when DK himself has fought in W.V.B.A. as well. making Fredrik take interest in sabotaging one of his matches.
  • Because of his Samoan descent, King Hippo ended up befriending the Rock and the Usos. While he doesn't quite wrestle, he is interested in taking part
  • Hippo can be usually found in the House of Food eating whatever he likes. He is also a frequent participant of the Gourmet Race, but he has faced a though competition there. He especially has some sort of rivalry with Kirby and King Dedede.
  • Because of his background, he was interested in meeting fellow islanders just like him. He seems to get along with Lilo and Stitch, and even lost a boxing match to the latter once.
  • Sometimes, King Hippo has been claimed to be an evil boxer in another realm and a henchman of Mother Brain no less. While he really doesn't remember all that well, he doesn't get along very well with Megamen and Pit.
    • He has a somewhat normal relationship with Mother Brain, but they tend to ignore each other most of the time.
  • Hippo wants to become the strongest fat fighter in the pantheon and that's why he has decided to challenge others like E. Honda, Rufus and Bob to see who is the best.
    • However, he is not very fond of Stitches. Besides the abomination trying to be friends with the King, he doesn't like that he keeps eating his food and leaving a mess in his temple.
  • Whatever you do, don't touch his crown. You might make him angry and he will promply punish you.

Lyndis, Goddess of the Chieftain's Daughter (Lyn, Noblewoman of Sacae, Lady of the Plains)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Mani Katti or the Sol Katti
  • Theme Song: Winds Across the Plains and Girl of the Plains: Lyn's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Lady of War, Iaijutsu Practitioner, half-Lycian, half-Sacaen, last of the Lorca tribe, destined wielder of the Mani Katti, never deceitful, She's Got Legs, Named after her late grandmother, Heroes Prefer Swords (and bows later)
  • Domains: Native, Nomadic, Swords
  • Followers: Sue (who may or may not be her daughter), Rath
  • Allies: the Tactician, Eliwood, Ninian, Hector, Lilina, Sain, Robin, Marth, Caeda, Kamui Tokinomiya, Mulan, Arturia Pendragon, Pocahontas
  • Enemies: Gangplank, Cervantes, Vergil, Eric Cartman
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jack Sparrow, Balthier, Isabella, Guybrush Threepwood, all good-aligned thieves and pirates in general
  • Ambiguous Relation: Roy
  • Spear Counterpart: Baine Bloodhoof
  • Good Counterpart to: Esdeath
  • When she was being ascended, she was originally going to share the title with Pocahontas. However, the Court of the Gods decided that she will inherit the trope by herself while Pocahontas would get a completely different trope. Though after the decision, the two became friends as a result of the possibility of sharing the same temple.
  • Lyn has a lot of hatred toward bandits and pirates since her tribe was massacred by the Taliver Bandits, who were by far the worst she has known. In fact, she was motivated to be stronger so she could destroy the Taliver Bandits herself. Although in the end they were destroyed, but not by Lyn.
  • Though she does not fight in the Smash Bros. tournaments, she will occasionally appear via the Assist Trophy, where she strikes her summoner's enemy.
  • Lyn was a follower of the swordswoman Kamui Tokinomiya, but has since ascended and have readied herself to duel with her. Though she lost a few matches with her, due to her time-stopping abilities, she is still eager to spar with her again.
    • She is actually training with other swordsman, seeing them as good trainers in different ways of wielding a sword. Though she clearly doesn't like Vergil for his attitude.
  • She was rather astonished and excited upon seeing Robin and hearing of his plea of waking in the field with no memory, in which, she is reminded of a tactician who accompanied her and her allies in their journey.
    • And then when said tactician ascended, she was overjoyed to see her old friend again.
  • Of all of her allies, the only one she has successfully located was Sain, who was her retainer during her journey. He practically knelled to his Lady of Caelin.
  • If she could contain her own temper, then she wouldn't have butchered Eric Cartman for a lot of his racial slurs. Examples like "Plain Bitch" is practially the tamest insult (out of many) he made.
  • There has been a major controversy with her in regards to Roy, Eliwood's son. Some suggests that she could be the mother of Roy, might not be related to Roy but could be mother-in-law through Lilina, Hector's daughter, or Sue, Rath's daughter. Again, another controversy.
    • Futhermore, considering that she end up abdicating Caelin to Ostia after her grandfather died and return to Sacae and she was nowhere to be seen during Bern's invasion, what happened to her is still unknown. Alternatively, she is nowhere to be mentioned should she marry to either Eliwood or Hector.
    • Regardless of her marriage status, Lyndis learned one thing that horrified her: After her battle with Nergal, it turned out that the Wise Prince Zephiel that she saved, would continue to receive abuse by his father Desmond and grew to be a misanthropic tyrant that tried to kill all mankind in Elibe, even killing a lot of her friends like Hector... and Roy had to clean up the mess. Lyndis apologized at Roy that she couldn't prevent all those, wishing that if she could go back in time, rather than leaving after saving Zephiel from the Black Fang, she would directly confront King Desmond and give him a piece of her mind... and by 'piece of her mind' it means "Put her sword right onto his neck and demand that he be a better father or else."
    • That said, she's really surprised that not only Hector ascended, but so did his daughter Lilina. Lyndis has told about her 'plan' if they could get to 'file the complaint' on Desmond and got Hector on board. Though talking about possibilities of Lilina becoming her daughter are usually not advised because it goes nowhere and it spreads an awkward air around all three. Eventually the last of the trio, Eliwood, ascended and there was a group hug... and at least Lyndis feels less awkward with the rumors with Eliwood because at least her good friend Ninian is there to shed it, though the ambiguity might remain a little.
  • Considered the Spear Counterpart to Baine Bloodhoof, since he was the son of the chief of the Bloodhoof Tribe. She is rather thankful of that fact.
  • Is seen as the good counterpart of General Esdeath, who is also the daughter of a tribe leader. As such, Lyn cannot agree with Esdeath's world view. It is the duty of the strong to defend the weak, not abuse them. She is also not afraid to cross swords with her should they come to blows.
  • Lyndis seemed to be taking notice of a certain curious Templar Assassin Lanaya as she saw her extremely curious nature and knowledge seeking and then gets reminded of a Dark Druid she faced in the past, whose pursuit of knowledge corrupted him. She's trying to make sure that this Lanaya won't fall for the same trap.
  • Some people caught wind of Lyndis wearing a stunning bridal dress, which they imply that she must've married a non-plainsman, probably either Eliwood or Hector. Lyndis insists that there's a damn good reason she's wearing that (and she's not telling) and wearing that dress isn't her idea.

    Margaery Tyrell 
Queen Margaery Tyrell, Goddess of Hot Consorts (Margaery Baratheon, Margaery Lannister)
  • Leitmotif: Theme of House Tyrell
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: The sigil of House Tyrell - a golden rose on a green field.
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good (in truth, she's a Wild Card in the game of thrones)
  • Portfolio: 100% Adoration Rating, The Arch-Enemy To Cersei Lannister, Married Three Times, Big Sister Instinct, Brainy Brunette, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, Cool Big Sis To Loras Tyrell, Ethical Slut, Friend to All Children, Considered To Be Either A Guile Heroine or a Manipulative Bitch, The High Queen, Ms. Fanservice, Obfuscating Stupidity, Silk Hiding Steel, Wealthy Philanthropist, Wild Card, Women Are Wiser
  • Domains: Queens, Manipulation, Popularity
  • High Priestess: Anne Boleyn
  • Commonality Connection: with Jaime Moriarty
  • Odd Friendship: with Danny Rand/Iron Fist and Arya Stark
  • Superior: George RR Martin
  • Additional Relationships: Renly Baratheon (husband No.1), Robert Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon (brothers-in-law), Cersei Lannister (mother-in-law)
  • Allies:
    • From Westeros: Eddard Stark, Catelyn Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Rhaenys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Oberyn Martell, Lord Varys
    • Other Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Queen Elizabeth I, Artoria Pendragon, Snow White (Fables), Anna Henrietta
  • Rival: Sherlock Holmes
  • Enemies: Cersei Lannister, Petyr Baelish, The Queen (Disney)
  • Annoyed By: Henry Tudor
  • Wary Around: All fire-based deities.
  • Margaery Tyrell's life had came to a violent end when Cersei Lannister blew up the Great Sept of Baelor using a hidden stash of wildfire left over from Aerys the Mad's reign, killing not only her, but her father, brother, the High Sparrow, most of the nobility in King's Landing, and Kevan and Lancel Lannister. But in some cases, an end is only the beginning, as Margaery finds herself ascended into the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of Cersei, the mad goddess flipped her shit upon discovering her hated daughter-in-law's ascension to the Pantheon. This was witnessed by Arya Stark, who was disguised as a serving girl, as she watched in amusement as Cersei ranted and raged on about Margaery's ascension. So much so that she plotted to blow up Margaery's temple with wildfire. Fortunately, Arya warned Margaery of the plot, and brought it to a halt. While Margaery is slightly put off by the young homicidal Stark, she is spared Arya's wrath due to her showing kindness to Sansa.
    • However, in one scenario, Margaery had tried to seduce Arya's betrothed away from her, thus earning her a black eye from a furious Arya.
  • The daughter of Mace Tyrell and his wife, Alerie Hightower, Margaery is much more than just a pretty face. She learned how to play the game of thrones from her grandmother, Olenna Redwyne Tyrell. And as Tywin himself verifies, Margaery is much more competent when it comes to Westerosi politics, so much so that she even gave Joffrey good PR for the people.
  • As it turns out Queen Elizabeth had thought her mother had ascended to the Pantheon, which is why she made her way to Margaery's temple. Due to the striking similarities Elizabeth mistook Margaery for her mother. Amused, Margaery pointed out that Anne is her High Priestess. Mother and daughter were reunited, and many, many tears were shed as Elizabeth and Anne caught up on what has happened the last time they saw each other.
    • Speaking of Henry VIII, he was less than amused to find out that wife No.2 was now the high priestess of Margaery, let alone that many people tend to mistake both Anne and Margaery for each other. Unlike Cersei, he keeps his distance.
  • In passing Captain America had said that Margaery "reminded him of a woman that planted a big kiss on him during the war."
  • Margaery found herself being drawn to the House of Crime. There, she met Professor Moriarty. Or rather, Jaime Moriarty. While Margaery knew of Anne sharing the same likeness as her, she is surprised to see that Moriarty's female incarnation looks just like her. "This keeps getting stranger and stranger," Margaery muses. "Try it from my end," Moriarty replies. The two became fast friends as a result. So much so that most of the deities in the House of Crime give Margaery a wide berth due to her connections to Moriarty. That, and it pisses Cersei off something fierce. For his part, Sherlock Holmes now has to keep a wary eye on Margaery.
  • Margaery mistook Danny Rand for her brother, Loras Tyrell. "You two look exactly the same," Margaery notes. Danny tells her that there is no hard feelings.
  • While Margaery is ambitious, she knows that there are limits to her ambition. While she wants to be Queen, she knows that she has to be smart about. She just didn't take into account that Cersei had nothing to lose after Tommen banned trial by combat, hence what is now being called 'The Green Trial." The deities in the Pantheon were sorely dissapointed, as they wanted to see Cleganebowl take place.
  • One possible future has not only Tyrion Lannister winning the trial by combat, but also sees Margaery not being arrested by the High Sparrow. A lot of people survive as a result of this, Margaery included. She did apologize to Tyrion for her grandmother's role in the Purple Wedding.
    Tyrion: I don't know if I should be upset with Olenna or send her flowers.
    Margaery: Go with the latter. Joffrey was a monster.
    Tyrion: I'll drink to that. At least she killed Baelish.
  • On good terms with most of the defied royals in the Pantheon. Suprizingly enough, she gets along very well with Rhaenys Targaryen. Visenya...not so much. Maybe it's because that they have the tendency of wooing the opposite sex.
  • There were rumors that Margaery was planning on wooing Arthur Pendragon. Margaery shot those rumors down by saying that being married thrice is enough for her.

Marth, God of Warrior Princes and Cameo Debuts (Prince Marth of Altea, Prince of Light, Star and Savior, Star Lord, Lodestar, Hero-King, Mars)

    Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear 
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, The Divinely Politically Active Princess(Meryl Oakland)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: the Royal crest of Kimlasca
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Princess, Lethal Chef, White Mage, Combat Medic, Status Buff, Super Gullible
  • Domains: Royalty, Archery
  • Allies: Luke Fon Fabre, Guy Cecil, Jade Curtiss, Tear Grants, Anise Tatlin, Yona, Merida, Relena Dalian, Zelda, Princess Ashe, Sapphire
  • Admires: Catwoman and Black Cat
  • Odd Friendship: Hinata Hyuga, Mikuru Asahina, Hungary, Orihime Inoue, Sophitia
  • Opposes: Nui Harime, Airy
  • Enemies: Any of the evil gods in house of commerce and royalty.
  • Her ascension came after many of the citizens of Kimlasca complained that their princess who helped them so they form a petition getting many signatures many in the pantheon including herself were impressed by the adulation she received from her subjects.
  • She is a hell of an archer and can be seen in the house of combat participating in various archery contest.
  • She is often the victim of trolling as she is Super Gullible she was actually convinced that Guan Yu's power came from his beard. In this case, however, Natalia was actually on the right side because it is really the case, being the God of Beards and all.
  • She is big a fan of Catwoman and Black Cat and always wanted to be like them when she was a child. Including those skin tight Spy Catsuit... Of course, please don't even say that it should've been worn by someone with bigger boobs...
  • She has noted that quite a few goddesses sound very similar to her and befriend some and was appalled by Airy and Nui Harime.
  • It turns out that she's not of royal birth. However that doesn't discourage the citizens of Kimlasca in the slightest.

Princess Peach, Goddess of Princesses Constantly In Need of Saving (Princess Toadstool, Princess Peach Toadstool, Princess of Toadstools)
  • Theme Song: Princess Peach's Castle (Super Mario 64)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Stylized Crown or a Pink Parasol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: constantly being captured by Bowser (but able to kick ass despite it), wearing pink, baking delicious cakes, powerful healing spells, wielding frying pans and parasols, heart power, floating using her dress Always being in another castle.
  • Domain: Princesses, Rescuing, Love.
  • Allies: Princess Daisy and Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, The Toads, Rosalina, Rapunzel, Millhiore, Estelle
  • Enemies: Blooper
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Crow
  • There was a fight between Princess Peach and Princess Zelda to see who would get this spot, so Wiz and Boomstick pit them into a death battle to see who would come out on top. Due to Princess Peach constantly being kidnapped by Bowser, many would assume that Peach would lose. They were shocked to see Peach defeat Zelda with a kick in the face that made her head explode. Peach's response to this? "Did I win?"
    • Unfortunately, this also means that she's an easy target for Bowser to capture. Peach doesn't mind at the slightest (seeing as she's used to this), but also because she knows Mario and Luigi will be there to save the day.
  • She sometimes goes to the House of Food to make delicious cakes, which have caught the eyes of Kero, Kirby and Stocking as being the best there is. Pinkie Pie in particular, transformed into a rocket and burst with excitement at the taste of her delicious strawberry shortcake.
  • Upon entering the new House of Royalty, she met up with Charlotte LaBouff who was excited to see a real life princess. After a talk over beignets, cake and tea, Princess Peach decreed that Charlotte could become a "Princess-in-training". Charlotte fainted in happiness.
  • Is a very honored member of the GUAG Medical Division due to her white magic. In particular her Group Hug spell has been a godsend in healing a mass amount of people.
  • Despite not getting into action a lot, there was one time where she saved the Mario Bros. after they were kidnapped by Bowser. She has also aided both brothers in many of their adventures, proving that she is capable of being a powerful fighter when provoked.
  • When she's not kidnapped or baking cakes, she hosts one of the deadliest trials ever to be created. Mario Party. She is a complete monster to fight against in higher difficulties, as the Runaway Guys can attest to.
  • She succeeded in ascending her best friend Daisy after a talk with the Holy Trinity. Peach thanked them for that.
  • In what shocked the Pantheon, she was not kidnapped by Bowser in recent memory—he went after something called the Sprixie Princesses. She then went along with Mario, Luigi, Rosalina (and Blue Toad) to stop him from causing chaos.
  • Despite being a friendly soul who will break up fights with tea and make delicious strawberry cakes, there is ONE Berserk Button that must never be pressed: NEVER EVER mention about her eternal Damsel in Distress problem. The last person who mocked her about it got their ass kicked with nothing more than her pink parasol.
    • At one point, Yagyuu decided to teach her how to use her parasol even better. Yagyuu says that she is surprised how well she can fight with one, especially with that living one.
  • Was glad to find Rapunzel in the Pantheon, especially since Rapunzel also specializes in the use of the frying pan as a weapon. The two take turn playing "Frying Pan Tennis" to practice their skills...just as long as they don't lose their grips on said frying pans.
  • In the midst of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", she was at the GUAG Medical Division, saving Takatora Kureshima from a pretty nasty fall. Takatora assumed that, like almost everyone else, she had a bone to pick with him. Peach just said that she was happy that there was still good in his heart and that he was atoning for his mistakes. Just the sound of that made the proud Kamen Rider cry, as he had been helplessly accused for days on end. After the Friendship Asylum was destroyed, Princess Peach occasionally goes to his temple to share some of her homemade cake and tea. While many gods are baffled at this friendship, Princess Peach just invites them to partake in the little tea party.
    • And then earlier than that, she was the one who had to help Seto Kaiba going through a bad case of Sanity Slippage (caused by Yugi Muto during his stay at the Darkness Proxy). She was devastated for a time when poor Perry the Parasol was broken into pieces and set on fire but has quickly recovered (and Kaiba, as payment for her saving him, is now willing to help her figure out more of Perry's past...not that he will admit it.)
  • Peach is also willing to forgive Mitsuzane for his faults, as she sees him as someone just wanting to show his older brother what he's capable of. When he's ready, she'll have a cake with his name on it waiting for him, which she did give when Mitsuzane made it to the House of Heroes.
  • An interesting theory has been raised about Peach's actions, that theory being that she was literally a goddess ''before'' ascending to the Trope Pantheon. No one is quite sure what to make of this idea, and Peach hasn't said anything on the subject.

    Perrine H. Clostermann 
Perrine Henriette Clostermann, Goddess of Poor Royalty (Four-Eyes)

Richard, the Royal God who Actually Does Something (King Richard, King of Windor, Tiger Festival, The Mask of Barona, The Masked Barona)

    Roose Bolton 
Roose Bolton, God of The Right Of First Night (The Leech Lord, Lord of the Dreadfort, Warden Of The North)

     Sapphire Rhodonite 
Sapphire Rhodonite, Goddess of Badass Princesses (Princess)

    Stannis Baratheon 
Stannis Baratheon, God of Dutiful Members of Royal Families, (Stannis the Mannis, King in the Narrow Sea, The Rightful King, King of Westeros)
  • Theme Song: Don't die with a Clean Sword or Lord of Light.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crowned stag in a flaming heart.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but leaning toward Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Reluctant Ruler, Unpopular Popular Character, Hero with Bad Publicity, Middle Child Syndrome, No Social Skills, Rightful King Returns, Brutal Honesty.
  • Domains: Offspring, Royalty
  • Herald: Davos Seaworth, his Hand.
  • Allies: Eddard "Ned" Stark, Melisandre, Aegon Targaryen, Jon Snow, Robert Baratheon, Aragorn, Judge Dredd, Tyrion Lannister.
  • Enemies: Tywin Lannister, Renly Baratheon, Roose Bolton, Varys, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, Daemon Blackfyre, Aerys II Targaryen, Scar, Macbeth.
  • Stannis will get very angry if anyone claims he is not the rightful King, pointing out the law. However he also gets angry if people try to flatter or sugarcoat their words, preferring the truth.
  • Spends a lot of time complaining about certain people being in the Pantheon, thinking them unworthy and wanting to sweep it clean of all the untrustworthy figures. He criticized Tyrion and their role as an Honest Advisor, pointing out their honest advice helped keep a monstrous usurper on the throne. He is furious that Renly somehow got into the Pantheon before him, telling everyone they hardly did anything to deserve it. This lessened when he found Renly was the God of Usurpers but mentioned how sad he was that Renly couldn't be helping him. However Stannis showed some happiness at meeting his ancestor Aegon, idealizing them as a great figure.
  • When he heard of YHVH not certain what to think of them, considering he refuses to believe in benevolent Gods. Agreed that law must be followed... but felt they were too harsh as they weren't protecting their people. Stannis finds it rather odd that he is a God, considering he refuses to believe in a benevolent God, however strives to do his duty as a God. However when he met Inspector Javert and agreed with some of their views, feeling that breaking laws must be punished.
  • Found out about Eru and just felt... that they had genuine power, but still not sure whether they should be a God. However he wonders if Melkor is the Great Other.
  • Aragorn felt Stannis was the rightful King but was being a bit of a jerk. In response to this Stannis spent ages ranting about how he was never given any respect.
  • He is not happy at Brienne's actions in the TV series, considering Renly was so clearly a usurper, and is still wondering how Ramsay and 20 men somehow destroyed his army. However he reminded people the show is not the books and hints he'll be important in "The Winds of Winter".
  • When he heard what had happened to the Tyrells pointed out the irony that their usurping ways led to them getting killed.
  • Ned fully supported Stannis getting into the Pantheon and was surprised this hadn't happened before. Melisandre was delighted he was finally in the Pantheon, saying he is the true savior. Varys made sure to keep out of Stannis' way, knowing that Stannis had always disliked him and thought he should lose his head.
  • Stannis is growing suspicious of Varys and Daemon Blackfyre and tries to draw the attention of the rest of the Pantheon towards them, suspecting they are working on something together. Robert responded by laughing and getting drunk, though Ned paid attention to Stannis.
  • Scar thought he had found a kindred spirit in Stannis, as they both killed their brothers and aspired to become Kings. Stannis was furious at this allegation, pointing out that Renly was a younger brother who planned to kill him, and that he had always followed his older brother. Scar slunk back to Renly.
  • Feels uncomfortable about the Pantheon of Lust and avoids its members, while his older brother frequents the place.
  • One possible future has him invading Winterfell, only to fall before Roose Bolton. In a frenzy, Selyse attacks Roose and despite being ran through by Bolton, stabs him repeatedly in the face while dying.
  • Is trying to get Davos Seaworth into the Pantheon, feeling he needs someone there he can trust.