Pantheon: Purgatory

Many Gods have found themselves in this dimension because they have redeemed themselves. But the fact is they have not become worthy of the Pantheon proper. They stay here until they can truly be brought back. Others stay to clean away the remaining small sins they have made. But all will remain if they have proven themselves better.

The realm of Purgatory is merely a blank space where they can float on or stand around. They are only allowed to interact with each other and gain nothing. Gods never go hungry here, as the dimension keeps them full of energy. It's not that bad. It's not that good, but it's not that bad.

For a quick reminder, any Disgraced One in Purgatory are considered Redeemed Gods like their fellow Fallen brethren here. Because, at least they have at least done enough to be at least considered a God again.

They are not Jesus. Maybe.

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Currently Awaiting Trial:

Former Fallen Gods

    Asagi Asagiri 
Asagi Asagiri, Goddess of Vapor Ware

    Misuzu Kamio 
Misuzu Kamio, The Goddess Who Was Formerly Deader Than Disco

    Patrick Star 
Patrick Star, Former God of Unpunished Idiocy and Soon-to-be God of Fat Best Friends (Mr. Superawesomeness, The Elastic Waistband, Rick, Tubby)

    SpongeBob SquarePants 
Spongebob Squarepants, Former God of Franchise Zombies, Jumping the Shark, and Soon-to-be Recovered God of Cash Cow Franchises (The Invincibubble, SpongeBoob, Cheesehead, The Quickster)

Former Disgraced Ones

    Kaldor Draigo 
Kaldor Draigo, Former Absurdly Overpowered God (Chapter Master of The Grey Knights)
  • Redeemed Greater God
  • Symbol: A Grey Sword piercing a Tome.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Knight Templars, Paladins, Nerfed Characters. Formerly Purity Stus, God Mode Stus.
  • Domains: Law, Light, War.
  • Superior: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind.
  • Enemies: All four chaos gods, Abbadon, nearly every God originating from Warhammer 40,000, all demons in the Pantheon.
  • Castaway Type: Disgraced.
  • Offense: Breaking in-universe power levels and easily doing things (killing a Bloodthirster, carving his name into the heart of a daemon primarch) supposed to be incredibly difficult to impossible, even for a Primarch.
  • Upon the Emperor's orders, he is forbidden from harming Valvatorez, with the explanation that Lord Val while extremely powerful (ESPECIALLY in "Tyrant" state which could even give the Emperor a challenge) is actually quite harmless unless provoked and actually bears no malice towards humans. This order also extends to Adell who actually protects humans.
  • Draigo has been trying to persuade his apprentice a beloved Grey Knights character by the name of Captain Stern to succeed him as chapter master due to the belief (even from Draigo) that Stern is a better representation of the chapter's virtues than Draigo.
  • Originally trapped in the Warp in his time in the Disgraces, as to prevent them from using him to their own advantage. He still held loyalty to the Emperor, fighting demons in the Warp, and would only see only a few seconds of freedom at a time, until he was ascended to Purgatory for his First Act of Redemption (below), where he was subsequently freed from the Warp permanently, out of reaches from the Disgraces.
  • First Act of Redemption: He and his chapter being significantly toned down, their fluff significantly being improved in the process. That and his combination of rules, Lord of War slot (point cost is at mini primarch level) in the army list, and wargear (especially his sword) making his ability to fight against Primarchs and be able to survive (formerly his worst offense) believable.
  • His task: Find a proper position in the Pantheon.

     Natsuru Senou 
Natsuru Senou, Former Enforcer of Adaptation Decay and Former Disgraced Love Oblivious People (The Densest Material Known To Man)

    Nena Trinity 
Nena Trinity, Former Disgraced "Accidental" Mass Murderer (The Last Survivor of Team Trinity)

    Robot Chicken 
The Robot Chicken, Former Enforcer of Brainless Parodies

    Sagi Tsukiko 
Sagi Tsukiko, Former Blame Game Master (and those who Never Admit Their Mistakes), and She Who Caused Easily Avoidable Mayhem