'''Prophecy and Fate'''

The House of Prophecy sits upon the highest mountain, standing above the rest of the Pantheon as if silently watching them. There are a lot of rumors about what the inside of the House looks like. The truth is that it is possibly the most spartan and austere of the Houses - very plain, very bare of comforts, a rather boring place. That has not stopped a brave few from climbing up in order to ask the inhabitants what the future holds. Most either never reached the top or were frustrated by prophetic gibberish, and the few that had the patience to listen returned... changed somehow, though none would speak of what had taken place. Occasionally, a deity from the House of Prophecy would come down from the mountain and offer to tell fortunes... for a price, of course. However, many would find their predictions frustratingly vague and nonsensical, while others would have preferred not to have known their fortunes at all.

[[Pantheon/{{Speech}} Kamina]] currently stands as the House of Prophecy's number one threat, due to his alarming [[ScrewDestiny invincibility to prescience]] as well as the ability to change fate. The House of Prophecy is quick to involve itself in any issue that pertains to him.

Dead silence reigned over the whole of the Pantheon after their latest prophecy came to pass: the so-called [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion "Great Upheaval"]]. They were ''not'' kidding when they called it that: it touched almost every house in the Pantheon in some way, shape, or form.

There was another minor prophecy about a being of happiness corrupted by an unseen darkness. Many Gods shrugged it off [[SelfDeprecation as it wasn't as big as the Great Upheaval that came after it]], but when a forboding ''asylum'' appeared in the middle of the Friendship House, that's when gods started to get concerned about it that they asked just what was going on. The answer was known as "Project: Alternate Gentaro".

* Pantheon/{{Destinies}}
* Pantheon/{{Harbingers}}
* Pantheon/{{Prophets}}
* Pantheon/OpposingFate
!!The Four Archprophets

'''[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Absol]], Goddess of [[CassandraDidIt Falsely Persecuted Omen]]''' (The Disaster Pokémon, [[LetsPlay/{{Chuggaaconroy}} Pandora]])
[[caption-width-right:250:[[labelnote:Mega Absol:]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/mega_absol_1781.png[[/labelnote]]]]
* Lesser Goddess, Intermediate Goddess as Mega Absol
* Symbol: Her scythe-like "horn"
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Gender: Female
* Ability: Pressure (Magic Bounce as Mega Absol)
* Moves: Foul Play, Razor Wind, Night Slash, Psycho Cut
** Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
* Portfolio: DarkIsNotEvil, BearerOfBadNews, HeroWithBadPublicity, BadassPacifist, ReluctantWarrior, ChronicHeroSyndrome, [[CriticalHitClass Critical Hit Focus]]
* Domains: Disaster, Heroism
* Allies: [[Pantheon/ElementsAndNatureOther Rayquaza]], [[Pantheon/{{Gameplay}} Zinnia]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Madoka Kaname]], [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Chuggaaconroy]], [[Pantheon/{{Anger}} Terra]], [[Pantheon/HeroicAttitude Seigfried Schtauffen]], [[Pantheon/HeroicRoles Spider-Man]], [[Pantheon/LightAndDarkness Midna]], [[Pantheon/FanReaction Ron Weasley]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Archer]], [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Artina]], [[Pantheon/FriendshipLesserGods Gardevoir, Gallade]], [[Pantheon/HairColor Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury]], [[Pantheon/WeaponizedObjects Ratchet]], '''[[Pantheon/TechnologicalExperts Clank]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Fear}} Darkrai]], [[Pantheon/{{Insects}} Scyther]], [[Pantheon/NarrativeTone Jak, Daxter]]
** Partner: [[Pantheon/OpposingFate Riku]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/ElementsAndNatureOther Groudon, Kyogre,]] [[Pantheon/PowerLevelsAndAppearance Magikarp]], [[Pantheon/{{Advertising}} Kyubey]], [[Pantheon/{{Insanity}} Kenji Setou]], [[Pantheon/FanReaction Draco Malfoy]], [[Pantheon/LivingObjects Banette]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Nephrite]]
* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/GUAGMagicalGirlSisterhood The GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood]]
* Uneasy Alliance: [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Homura Akemi]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Corvo Attano]]
* OddFriendship with: [[Pantheon/{{Locations}} Latias]]
* Upon ascension Absol was only warmly welcomed by a few and pelted with many unsavoury objects by many. Shrugging this off she continues to try and warn others of impending doom. It doesn't help that there have been reports of fainthearted people dying from an aura caused by her Mega-Evolution. As a result, she hates Mega-Evolving unless someone she holds a strong bond with triggers it, which keeps the aura in check.
* She is routinely voted to be moved to the GUAG Token Evil Teammates and has only been saved from this by the wiser gods forcibly overruling this decision.
** Fortunately, Absol's partnership with Riku has given her better publicity lately, with younger generations taking great interest in her powers, but the elderly still distrust her. Who knows what could've happened if she was partnered with Terra, who's equally distrusted by the pantheon [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter for a similar reason]].
* Dislikes many of her fellow Pokémon gods that cause chaos throughout the pantheon. One of the few she is on good terms with is Rayquaza, with Absol attempting to summon it whenever Groudon and Kyogre fight.
** In general, Absol hates violence. While she's fine with general Pokémon battling, she hates it when she or her fellow brethren are used for more malicious intentions that outright cause harm. She's also not keen with violence in general, and despises sadists such as [[Pantheon/SingersAndPerformers Courtney Gears]] for causing suffering to others.
* Gets along well with Chuggaaconroy due him having once travelled with an Absol named Pandora.
* Absol has in the past attempted to warn girls against forming contracts with Kyubey, knowing some disaster will befall them and make the offer tempting. The majority of attempts failed with Absol again being blamed for the disasters. Despite this she refuses to give up.
** These efforts have eventually earned the trust and adoration of Madoka Kaname, who hopes to ease people's opinions of Absol.
** Absol's efforts against Kyubey has earned her an ally in Homura Akemi and even some sympathy but it remains fragile due to Homura's... [[Fanfic/TheGreatUpheaval less scrupulous actions]].
** On a somewhat better note Absol has gained a growing degree of trust among some gods after an incident in which Kenji Setou, attempting to prove a link between Magical Girls and feminists, mistook Absol for Kyubey. Following this some misinterpreted this as Kenji hating Absol instead of Kyubey and because of Kenji's many logical fallacies, reasoned that 'that fluffy white demon thing' must not be that bad. Absol was annoyed by this sequence of events despite the marginally better image she received and treats Kenji with disdain.
* Gets along well with Ron Weasley over being unreasonably hated and dislikes Draco Malfoy for being unreasonably liked.
* Has aided Corvo Attano in the past in order to prevent a swarm of plagued rats from entering the House of Nature (with the unfortunate result of people thinking Absol was herding the rats towards it while in reality she was trying to get ahead of them) but prefers to keep distance lest Corvo gives Absol's opposition justification for hatred by accusing it of directly aiding or allowing the former's unsettling acts.
* Absol is one of the few Pokémon that [[Pantheon/VillainousArchetypes Team Rocket]] would ''never'' go after, given that they think she won't do anything but stare at Giovanni as he brushed his teeth, after they encountered another Absol in Hoenn. The opinion seems to have changed, though, as now they regularly target her. That is, [[BlindfoldedVision if she's not Mega Evolved]].
* She's been compared with Riku, in that both are [[DarkIsNotEvil darkness users who fight for good]], having yin-yang themes, try to help out others, and having bad reputations (though they're both breaking out of this). Both also have white hair/fur, and are known to have concealed their eyes at one point (Riku through a blindfold, and Absol through PeekABangs while Mega-Evolved), and their appearances in a certain form have caused deaths [[VideoGame/KingdomHearts358DaysOver2 or near-deaths]]. Their similarities make them both perfect to be partners.
* Absol is aware of Sailor Mercury's fall to darkness, and has offered her support. When she found out that Nephrite brainwashed her, she Mega-Evolved and attacked him with a single critical-hit Night Slash (which was then followed by Riku's Dark Aura, and Terra's Ultima Cannon).
* She sensed the [[Anime/PokemonHeroes Altomare Crisis]], but as she couldn't get to the island city, she couldn't do anything to stop it. Because of this, Absol tried to avoid Latias out of shame for some time after she heard of Latios' death in the aftermath, but she was pleasantly surprised that Latias bears no grudge against her; Latias [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre even told her she's a true hero for doing whatever good she can even if it means being hated]]. The two became unlikely friends ever since.
* Absol really likes Clank, and is known to be quite a GenkiGirl when he's around. [[AndroclesLion It is because Clank was the first]] besides the Main House and Riku to [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe be very nice to her]] and fully understand her intentions, taking her warnings very seriously and even helped ''prevent them from getting worse''.
* According to many Pokédex entries, Absol as a species are known to detect natural disasters, with no mentions of man-made or supernatural disasters anywhere. But ''this'' Absol can detect them. A lot of people are asking how this is possible, ranging from her being a [[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Totem Pokémon]] (or at least powered by Ultra Beasts, similar to [[spoiler:Lusamine's team]]), being enchanted by Riku, actually being a sorceress in disguise, or poor documentary on her species. It doesn't help that another Absol predicted a man-made disaster in [[Anime/PokemonJirachiWishMaker a fake Groudon]].
** For awhile, it was believed that Absol is actually [[Pantheon/MotivationsForRevenge Maleficent's]] estranged daughter Mal, turned into a Pokémon as punishment for betraying her mother. This was jossed by [[Pantheon/CharacterRoles N]].
* Ever since the Alola League had opened, it had become quite popular for those who climb the mountain to this house to stop briefly and take a picture of Absol. Photos of her are very popular online, tending to let likes well into the thousands, but she will only appear during the day. And even then, Vanillite and Vanillish are more common sightings.

'''[[Theatre/{{Agamemnon}} C]][[Literature/TheTrojanCycle as]][[WesternAnimation/{{Hercules}} san]][[Myth/ClassicalMythology dra]], Patron Goddess of [[TheCassandra Ignored]] [[CassandraTruth Truths]]''' (Princess of Troy, Alexandra, [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Kassandra]])
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: The TrojanHorse
* Alignment: Neutral Good, though people often think she is Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Greek Mythology]], [[{{Seer}} can see the future]] but was [[BlessedWithSuck cursed]] [[TheCassandra to never be believed]], warned people about the TrojanHorse [[CassandraTruth but wasn't believed]], [[SanitySlippage went insane]] [[TraumaCongaLine after the Trojan war]]
* Domains: Prophecy, Power, Insanity
* Allies: The House of Prophecy, especially Absol, [[Pantheon/{{Power}} Hercules]]
* High Priest: [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail Tim the Enchanter]]
* Enemy: [[Pantheon/MotivationsForRevenge Hera]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Aphrodite]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Nerif]]
* Opposed: [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Athena]], [[Pantheon/{{Sinners}} Kratos]], [[Pantheon/SpecializedNarratives Odysseus]]
* Pitied by: [[Pantheon/InvestigativeWork Jack Bauer]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace The Doctor]], [[Pantheon/{{Logic}} Fox Mulder]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Harry Potter]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Commander Shepard]], [[Pantheon/IntrovertCharacterization Rika Furude]], [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Homura Akemi]], [[Pantheon/LivingObjects Woody]]
* Doubted by: [[Pantheon/ScientistsAndGeniuses Hermione Granger]], [[Pantheon/{{Logic}} Dana Scully]]
* Hearing about her ascension, Hercules personally paid her temple a visit because [[WesternAnimation/{{Hercules}} one of their alternative versions]] are good friends. However, upon learning about this Cassandra's story, Hercules became angry at Apollo for giving her this curse and hopes she will get better with time.
** Because Hercules is one of the few people who genuinely respect her prediction and one of their alternative version shared were in the same school when they were teenager, Cassandra was NOT impress with Kratos's action of [[spoiler:killing Hercules and one of her other friend Icarus]] despite Kratos has utter sympathy for her for also being screwed over by an Olympian.
* Her ascension has caused the Pantheon a major headache in deciding who would handle the managing of her temple as Cassandra is a little... [[SanitySlippage unfit]] after [[TraumaCongaLine the event]] at Troy. Luckily, Hercules introduced them to a version of her resides in the Disney universe that expresses her misery by [[DeadpanSnarker sarcasm]] and [[LighterAndSofter didn't live through the same traumatic experience]]; thus this version was entrusted with handling the temple.
** However, this version wasn't very happy because her title caused people to disbelieve in her psychic hotline. This caused her to use a different name whenever dealing with callers not from the Disney universe.
* It should be noted that her mental state has gotten worse ever since her ascension due to the power of the [[StatusQuoIsGod Status Quo]] dispels any attempts from any deities trying to break Apollo's curse. Many believe that is because Cassandra cannot hold her position if she was ever cured of her condition. This means the curse will ''make'' even the most ProperlyParanoid deities with lesser power than him distrust Cassandra's advice and vision. Of course, the curse intensifies to deities that have history of ignoring other people's prediction such as Hermione Granger, Dana Scully and Sparatus.
** It doesn't help that the few times people ''did'' believe her, [[YankTheDogsChain bad things generally happened]]: The Trojan war happened partially because her citizens trust her prediction that Paris is her long-lost brother and brought him into Troy; [[WesternAnimation/{{Hercules}} believing in her made-up prediction about Atlantic]] [[NiceJobBreakingItHero caused destiny to be changed and the city was sunk for real]]... This earned her disdain from Nerif [[KickTheDog who regards Cassandra as useless and powerless who fails to control her own fate]].
* Many deities in the Pantheon felt utter sympathy for Cassandra for the tragedy that she went through that left her the way she is. Doubly so if they have been in a similar position of being ignored by everyone else and was proven right. This list include: Jack Bauer, The Doctor, Mulder, Harry Potter, Commander Shepard, Woody, Rika Furude and Homura Akemi. However, Homura Akemi was restricted from visiting Cassandra's temple by the House of Prophecy given the fact that Homura reacts [[HeelFaceTurn far more negatively]] to her situation than the rest of Cassandra's sympathizers.
* Do NOT mention Hera and Aphrodite's name in her temple unless you want to suffer [[KillItWithFire the same fate]] Cassandra almost inflicted to the soldiers hidden in the Trojan Horse. She still gets rather... [[GoMadFromTheRevelation touchy]] about the fact that the goddesses she worshipped for her entire mortal life caused the Trojan War and her entire tragedy [[DisproportionateRetribution over]] an ''apple'' and the desire be the fairest one. Athena ''may'' get a pass in Cassandra's place as the goddess [[PetTheDog convicted and punished Cassandra's rapist after her death at his hand]], but Cassandra still resents her for lending help to the enemy of Troy during the war.
** Rumor has it that because of her ability to see the future, Cassandra has a full list of the people Zeus has and will sleep with and the name of the children result from those affair. While most dispel this notion as they think Cassandra knows better than to hide that kind of things from someone like Hera, the jealous goddess still losing sleep about the mere possibility of its existence. Cassandra's unusual [[TheDogBitesBack quietness]] about the whole thing doesn't help the matter.
* Rarely if ever step foot outside of her temple and the House of Prophecy as she was often perceived as a liar and a madwoman by everyone else. This earned her great sympathy from the good deities reside there and they tried their best to let her have as much time she need to recover from the Trojan war. Although some of them fear how powerful the effect of the Status Quo has on her recovery. [[ThrowTheDogABone She recently strikes up a friendship with Absol]] over shared experience of being persecuted for their prediction.
* One of her avatars is an acquaintance of [[Pantheon/{{Passion}} Bell Cranel]]. He retrieved her pillow, [[SecurityBlanket which is very precious to her]].

[[folder:Destiny of The Endless]]
'''[[ComicBook/TheSandman Destiny of The Endless]], God of [[BlindSeer Blind Prophets]]''' (Pothos)
* Overdeity
* Symbol: His book.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Portfolio: [[AmbiguousEnding Ambiguous Fate]], YouCantFightFate, [[TheOmniscient Knows Everything]], TheStoic, BlindSeer, [[PrescienceIsPredictable Captive To His Own Awareness]], [[TimeAbyss Old As Time]], NonLinearCharacter, TheFettered, [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Fate And Destiny Personified]], PrescienceIsPredictable
* Domains: Destiny, Freedom, Ambiguity, Prophecy, Knowledge
* Allies: The other members of the Endless.
* Enemies: Everyone who wants to ScrewDestiny, (maybe. How the Book Of Destiny actually works and how many "paths" there are is left ''very'' open).
* Beyond yet apart from the gods are the Endless, basic embodiments of the most fundamental concepts. The eldest of their rank and inevitably the last thing in the universe to die is Destiny. This ancient being is blind, [[BlindSeer but can see]] ''[[TheOmniscient everything]]''. It is said that his book contains the universe, and knowledge of everything that has ever happened or will happen. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but many gods who have approached him more politely have been allowed to read parts of his book for themselves.
* Considered the unofficial leader of the House of Prophecy, though in reality he shares the position with the other Prophets. They still look up to him as an elder voice of authority and reason though.
* Technically speaking, he's one of the most powerful beings in the entire Trope Pantheon. However his complete awareness [[PrescienceIsPredictable chains him figuratively and literally to his book]]; he can't help but do things because that's what the book and his own knowledge says, and in a very real sense he doesn't have free will. [[Pantheon/OtherPowers Doctor Manhattan]] pities him because of this.
* Multiple attempts have been made by other gods to steal his book so they can read it, or destroy it. Mostly, they have been unable to find him due to his being TheOmniscient and gave up.
* Is the only person in existence who managed to get [[Pantheon/{{Demons}} Samael]], stubborn CosmicEntity of infinite pride, to change his mind.
* Most of the Pantheon is unsure what to think of him, due to his rarely speaking or interacting with others, even his own family, and only doing what his book tells him to. Usually does not interact directly with the rest of the Pantheon, staying in his garden unless someone is coming to try to destroy him or his book.
* One of the few coherent things [[Pantheon/{{Prophets}} Dalek Caan]] has said between babbles is that, through the Time Vortex, it managed to read Destiny's book. It's unclear if it's being truthful, but it might be another explanation for [[GoMadFromTheRevelation why it]] [[MadOracle is out of its mind]].
* His garden can be reached via any of the mazes in the Pantheon, through a sort of "universal path" that eventually leads there.
* [[Pantheon/{{Vengeance}} Enrico Pucci]] seeks Destiny's garden in an attempt to fundamentally alter destiny, to finally achieve his dream of humanity knowing their fate. The GUAG has been doing its damndest to make sure he doesn't step 50 feet in it.
* To what extent his book defines fate is unknown; Delirium has, during her saner moments, stated that there are paths "outside Destiny's Garden" to other members of the Pantheon. Many take her words to be proof that one can indeed ScrewDestiny.

'''[[Videogame/WorldOfWarcraft Nozdormu]], The God [[YouCantFightFate Who resigned to his Fate]]''' ([[FanNickname Noz]], The Timeless One, The Timeless, The Lord of Time, Lord of the Centuries, Master of Time, Dragon of the Ages, [[spoiler: Murozond]])
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click to view his humanoid form:]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/nozdormu_2.png[[/labelnote]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote: Murozond]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/murozond.jpg[[/labelnote]]]]
* Greater God
* Symbol: A Giant Hourglass with Draconic Motifs.
* Theme: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh4mAANflbk Caverns of Time]]
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral, leaning towards LawfulGood
* Portfolio: RealityWarper, [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons The Dragon]] [[TimeMaster Aspect of time]], SssssnakeTalk, [[TimeTravel can travel trough time]], [[RippleEffectProofMemory Can remember all the important moments]], [[ForeSeeingMyDeath Knows how he is going to die]], [[TimeAbyss The oldest of the Dragon Aspects]], [[spoiler: [[FutureMeScaresMe Wary of his future self]]]]
* Domains: Time, Fate, Dragons
* Heralds: The bronze Dragonflight
* Allies: '''[[Pantheon/FireAndElectricity Alexstrasza]], [[Pantheon/MindGames Ysera]]''' (his sisters), '''[[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Chronormu]]''', [[Pantheon/FantasticRaces Thrall, Vol'jin]], [[Pantheon/PlanetaryAndCelestial Malfurion Stormrage]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Dialga, Chronoa the Supreme Kai of Time, Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto, Future Trunks]], [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Kyurem, Bahamut]], [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Shulk, Whis]], [[Pantheon/IntrovertCharacterization Rika Furude]], Eldrad Ultharan, [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Eiki Shiki]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Cosmos]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace The Doctor]], [[Pantheon/{{Disguises}} Lucina]], [[Pantheon/HairStyles Flynn]]
** Partner: [[Pantheon/EyeAbilities Xatu]]
* Rival: [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Ophis]]
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/RuinAndDestruction Deathwing]]''', [[Pantheon/WritingTechniques Nefarian, Bernkastel]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Nerif]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} YHVH]], [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Grima]], [[Pantheon/{{Categorism}} Acnologia]], [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Tiamat]], [[Pantheon/WordsAndPhrases Alduin]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Grandfather Paradox]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Dio Brando, Funny Valentine]], [[Pantheon/{{Insanity}} Yuno Gasai]], [[Pantheon/VillainousAppearances Master Xehanort]], [[Pantheon/TimePlacement Porky Minch]], [[Pantheon/MagicalItems Gul'dan]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Randall Ross]]
* Opposes: Anyone who tries to screw with time for selfish or evil reasons
* Good counterpart to: [[Pantheon/{{Dragons}} Smaug]]
* Conflicting Opinions: [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Homura Akemi, The Dahaka]]
* Interested in: [[Pantheon/{{Luckiness}} Judai "Jaden" Yuki]]
* Nozdormu, the timeless Bronze Dragon, just showed up one day. Nobody knows how he ended up in the Pantheon, though many theorize he just [[NoSenseOfDirection got lost when surfing trough time]]. He managed to get a spot in the Prophecy house.
* Both of his sisters, Alexstrasza and Ysera, were glad that he could ascend own his own, [[AchievementsInIgnorance even if by accident]]. Nozdormu on his part just stays secluded in his temple and rarely comes out to visit them.
** For this reason he is considered one of the more lazy and grumpy dragons in the Pantheon. Except for his sisters, and occasionally Thrall and Chronormu, no one visits his temple. In fact, not many gods were aware that he is in the Pantheon, [[NoodleIncident Until one incident that involved him unwillingly breaking all the clocks in the Pantheon]]. No one knows how he managed to do that.
* Kyurem has a great amount of respect for Nozdormu for his role as the Dragon Aspect of Time and how [[spoiler: he accepted his fate as the mad Dragon Murozond]]. The Timeless admires the Pokemon's allegiance to fate and is planing to make him an honorary member of the Bronze dragonflight, even though Kyurem himself is not interested.
* Shulk has become quite close with the bronze dragon, admiring Nozdormu's control over time itself. He has tried to convince the dragon that [[spoiler: there must be a way to stop his future self, Murozond, from becoming corrupt]], but the Dragon knows that, even with Shulk's future visions, [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption there is no way out for him]].
* Ocasionally, when bored, he goes on a stroll... [[MundaneFantastic Through dimensional rifts]], claiming this is one of his favorite hobbies. He tends to get lost in them and usually various gods are tasked to find him.
* Has been compared with the other dragon Smaug because of their tendency to stay in their temples and rarely leave. Nozdormu is mad about the comparison citing that, unlike that dragon, [[EveryoneHasStandards he has better things to do that laze around sleeping on gold and overall doing nothing productive]].
* Many gods have started to nickname him "the snake dragon" for his [[SssssnakeTalk peculiar way of speaking]]. He doesn't understand where does this joke comes from and doesn't find it funny to say the least.
--> "[[ComicallyMissingThePoint I don't get why everyone thinksssss i am a sssssnake. Doesssss my tongue ressssemblesssss that of a sssssnake? Am i too thin? or isss my sssskin turning pale green? THISSSSS DOESSSSS NOT MAKE ANY SSSSSENSSSSE!]]"
* Ophis has developed a fixation with Nozdormu because of his similarities with the Great Red. Even though Nozdormu considers the ouroborous dragon [[WorthyOpponent a powerful foe on its own right]], he cannot take seriously [[ElegantGothicLolita Ophis's Current form]].
* The Dahaka offered him the chance to work with him in the case someone threatens fate. The bronze dragon accepted but does not approve of the Dahaka's extreme methods when dealing with his prey.
* His duty is to preserve the flow of time and keep it unchanged. Those who have defied or changed fate are not seen in a good light by the bronze dragon and [[LetsGetDangerous he will personally intervene if someone tries to mess with time]]. Even then he has particular opinions on various gods:
** The story of Rika Furude made him pity the girl [[spoiler: for her constant loops around time and admired how she eventually ended the cycle]]. Rika on his part is looking for a way to [[spoiler: prevent Nozdormu's [[BadFuture eventual decent into madness]], even against the dragons wishes to not tinker with time]].
** Eldrad Ultharan is one of the few gods who tries to defy fate he respects, given by the fact that he too already knows how he is going to end up and already accepted it. Eldrad respects the bronze dragon in return and tries to persuade him to at least try to prevent [[spoiler: his BadFuture]].
** Judai has become an interesting person for the dragon, amazed by the fact that fate does not affect him. He is currently investigating how he is able to do this and [[spoiler: if this could somehow help him preven the rise of Murozond.]]
** Homura Akemi is a difficult subject for him. On one hand he admires how she is so caring and protective of Madoka but he does not approve of how she ended depowering Madoka without her consent. Homura doesn't see the Dragon in a better light and accused him of being a coward who just cares about himself for not trying to fix various events that could have been easily prevented.
* Having the ability to see every moment that happens within time itself, including the future, many are quick to point out that, [[WhatTheHellHero he knew of Neltharion's betrayal and his eventual transformation into Deathwing and still did nothing to prevent it]]. In his defense, he said that any action he would have taken wouldn't change the current situation about the death aspect.
* No one knows the exact reason why, but apparently he told Uther that some Blood Elves desecrated his grave, so the latter's not very pleased.
* He has his own plans to join [[VideoGame/HeroesOfTheStorm the Nexus]], just that he didn't expect there will be difficulties that eventually prevents him to join and the best he can do is just to send his apprentice, Chromie, in. Nozdormu just sighed at this, resigned to his fate that he's probably at best just a cameo there.
* ''[[http://wowimg.zamimg.com/hearthhead/sounds/VO_EX1_560_Play_01.mp3 "Jusssssst in time"]]''