Pantheon: Profession Lesser Gods

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    Agent 47 
Agent 47, God of Consummate Professionals
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbols: A pair of Silverballer pistols and a length of fiber wire
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (supposedly, but Lawful Neutral might be more likely)
  • Portfolio: Consummate Professional, Professional Killer, Scannable Man, Super Soldier
  • Domain: Assassination, Professionalism, Discretion
  • Allies: None, by 47's own choice, as he believes there's a chance he could be hired to kill anyone in the Pantheon. That said, he seems to have a soft spot for Fluttershy and Chester A Bum…
  • 'Professional' Rivals: Ezio, The Spy, Sniper Wolf, Corvo, Night Raid
  • Opposes: 'Pinkamena', anyone who forces people to kill.
  • When Pinkie Pie tried to host him a party upon his ascension, she was surprised and disappointed to find 47 never came, after eventually giving up on waiting for him, Pinkie caught Homer Simpson waking up in a trash bin with only his underwear on, which confused some of the gods who reportedly saw Homer leaving the party fully dressed, which caused Pinkie to shortly figure out how 47 slipped past her and noted she was actually quite impressed. Though Homer is still trying to find 47 to get his clothes back.
  • Being the professional assassin he is, 47 is not afraid to assassinate anyone in the Pantheon he is contracted to kill, regardless of the deity's rank and power. He won't even refuse to assassinate Asura if contracted to do so. Though he admits that such a task would be… difficult.
  • Despite usually distancing himself from other deities, 47 has a surprising soft spot toward Fluttershy, holding a fair amount of respect toward her love of animals. When he learned about what Gilda did to her, he offered to kill Gilda for free. Fluttershy quickly, but politely, refused, not wanting any unnecessary violence caused for her sake.
  • Agent 47 has an unusual respect toward the House of Faith, a fraction of the money he earns from his contract killings go to that house, the Gods of that house, however, have mixed feelings about it.
  • Agent 47 is one god that Chester A. Bum always looks forward to seeing, whenever 47 has to do 'business' in the House, he would consistently drop money into Chester's styrofoam cup whenever they meet. Chester is even one of the rare gods that always forgives 47 whenever he has to 'borrow' Chester's clothes.

    Aikuro Mikisugi 
Aikuro Mikisugi, God of Hot Teachers (Hildago)
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Anti-Mage, God of Mage Killing (Anti-Fun, BurNIng, Magina)
  • Rank: Lesser God.
  • Symbol: Mana Void with Manta Style crossed infront of it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Taking reduced damage from magic, considering magic inherently vile and all its users evil, being nameless, having a taste for talking in a different way, having a title that perfectly describe his occupation, life, mission and powers, being an extremist with understandable intentions, teleporting in the blink of an eye, burning his enemy's mana with his attacks.
  • Domains: Combat, Anti-Magic, War, Profession.
  • Followers: Mage killers and hunters in general.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Touma Kamijou, Illidan Stormrage.
  • Enemies: Dire Heroes, Mages, benders and users of magic.
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Radiant Mages and Sven
  • High Priest: Magebane.
  • Immediately following Anti-Mage's ascension, because of his mission to end magic by killing all users of magic, he was banned from being even five miles near the House of Magic. Anti-Mage is still grumbling about that.
  • A common misconception is that Anti-Mage has two twin brothers. These "twins" are actually illusions created out of nowhere with Anti-Mage's favorite weapon, Manta Style. Though they're not as powerful, they're still dangerous against mages as they can burn mana just like the real Anti-Mage.
  • Anti-Mage is often quick to inform confused gods that his powers are the result of "Purity of Will", not magic.
  • Despite his nickname and reputation, Anti-Mage doesn't truly hate fun, as he has been known to laugh heartily and loudly from time to time (and not necessarily while he's in the middle of killing mages). It's just that mages from the battlefield of the ancients consider spellcasting fun. Anti-Mage, being who he is, occasionally comes around to ruin these mages' fun, thus earning him his nickname.
  • Once upon a time, Anti-Mage decided to be a hard carry when he's normally just a midgame carry. Sven shut him down. Anti-Mage still bears a grudge toward him for that day. The rumors that Sven has a relationship with a mage doesn't help.
    • And ever since that day, merely listening to that kind of Training Montage music is enough to drive Anti-Mage nuts and try to get out of the vicinity until he can't listen to that song anymore, if he's not wrecking the music source already.
  • Nortrom the Silencer is probably the one "spellcaster" that Anti-Mage don't mind, since he's technically not using magic and his spells are primarily anti-magic in nature.
  • Although he's not a major threat normally, this changes dramatically if he manages to get farmed, as accurately illustrated by this comic.
  • The phrase "Friendship is Magic" is a huge Berserk Button for Anti-Mage. If you're lucky, he will just rant about foul sorcery and shout "EVIL is Magic" in the place of commas. If you're unlucky, you will find yourself with no mana for weeks.
  • Anti-Mage used to be a Night Elf once. Ironic, considering that magic is the reason why the Night Elves exist in the first place. While he doesn't appear to remember his past, Anti-Mage admits to faintly recalling some strange memories when he learned of the ascension of the Night Elf, Malfurion Stormrage. Malfurion himself cause some worry in Anti-Mage however, for some of the memories shows a familiar looking figure as his father. He was also shocked to hear that Malfurion fought in the battlefield of the ancients in the past, before passing the mantle to a different hero.
    • Eventually Anti-Mage found out that he has similar fighting style with Malfurion's brother, Illidan. While after a bout of pure fighting made them consider each other Worthy Opponent, Anti-Mage can't help but wonder if Illidan's eye situation was yet another result of the evils of magic.
  • He had an actual name once, Magina. He probably chose to discard it for obvious reasons.
  • Anti-Mage was also once brothers with an un-ascended Dire hero, Terrorblade, as Malfurion can attest to. However, he does not remember this.
  • Has a weird relationship with Touma Kamijou, with Anti-Mage acknowledging that his technique of punching mages are stuffs of legends. Except that Anti-Mage has been telling him that there are more ways than punching mages to counter them. Depriving them from their power source is one example.
    • He also has great respect on Kiritsugu Emiya, the well-reknown Magus Killer, as he admires some of his 'pragmatic' ways to kill off mages.
  • To him, benders are mages under a different name, and for that reason has chosen to work together with Amon. As Anti-Mage is unaware of Amon's secret, he mistakes his power to de-bend for an exotic form of "Purity of Will".
  • "The magic ends here."
    • Though some can misread it as "The fun ends here."

    Buffy Summers 
Buffy Summers, Goddess of Vampire Hunters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The First Goddess of the Trope Pantheons)

    Chifuyu Orimura 
Chifuyu Orimura, Goddess of Badass Teachers (Brunhilde I)
  • Theme Song: Straight Jet
  • Lesser Goddess (May bump up to Greater Goddess if she gets her IS back.)
  • Symbol: Her Infinite Stratos, White Knight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hot Teachers, Badass Teachers, Sexy Mentors, Ace Pilots, Deadpan Snarkers, Blue Oni to Aikuro's red, Harem Nannies, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Does not pilot IS anymore, but can still kick ass, Call her Orimura-sensei or else, World's Best IS Pilot
  • Domains: Teaching, Badassery, Mechas, War
  • Allies: ICHIKA ORIMURA (her brother), Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, Laura Bodewig, Houki Shinonono, Lingyin Huang, Hungary, Negi Springfield, Sol Badguy, Ness, Amuro Ray, Kamina, Tabane Shinonono, Aqua, Nagisa Furukawa, Simon, Yoko Littner, Yukari Takeba, C.C., Eikichi Onizuka, Suzune, Issei Hyodo, Aikuro Mikisugi, Ellen Kurokawa
  • Followers: Kobayashi, Professor Sycamore, Izumi Curtis, Tadaomi Karasuma
  • High Priestess: Raine Sage
  • Enemies: Phantom Task (non-ascended), Monokuma and his Mastermind
  • Being a teacher doesn't always mean having to teach students something. Sometimes, it can involve getting into action and it is something that Chifuyu Orimura has done. She is the head of IS Academy's Class 1-1 and is capable of using an IS herself.
  • Chifuyu ascended after managing to defeat turned-evil sister Madoka Orimura and Squall Meusel. She's also informally accredited with saving the nation of Japan from a Macross Missile Massacre while still a teenager. Eikichi Onizuka has also given his blessings to her alongside Aikuro Mikisugi, judging them as worthy to be his "successors".
  • Aikuro immediately took a liking for Chifuyu, and often teases her. One time he even described her as "a MILF version of Ryuko Matoi". She isn't really amused by this since she really doesn't like being teased.
  • She originally shared the title of both Badass Teacher and Hot Teacher alongside Aikuro, but at some point, the Court of the Gods decided to split the title amongst the two, with Chifuyu getting the Badass title and Aikuro getting the Hot title.
  • Chifuyu has legions of admirers due to her incredible badassery combined with gorgeous looks. Again, she's not amused.
    • Her introductory combat lessons, however, are well-sought after by many sword-wielding and mecha pilot hopefuls despite her Spartan approach. Many of the more seasoned mecha pilots approve of this.
    • Oversaw the combination of Ryuko's Senketsu to Charlotte's Rafael Revive and Satsuki's Junketsu to Laura's Schwarzer Regen. Her reaction: "Hmph, not bad."
  • Chifuyu gets along surprisingly well with Hungary. Some gods noticed that the two do sound a lot alike. She's also found a surprisingly strong kinship with Aqua from the House of Combat Magic due quite a few similarities. The two of them both have younger 'brothers' of whom they are very protective of, and are potentially the best fighters of their respective times. Oh, and they do sound similar to each other as well.
  • One time, Char Aznable challenged Chifuyu in a one-on-one battle between their mecha. Surprisingly, it ended in a draw. She has also been seen sparring with the likes of Sanger Zonvolt, Erza Scarlet, and even Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiyurin while they were in their Kamui. When asked why she would continue to train and practice as she does she gave a small smile and this answer, "Until he's strong enough."
    • As in her own verse, doubts of Chifuyu's combat potential, even after her bout against Chaar Aznable, have been effectively silenced with the knowledge that she fought against a high-tier IS on foot. And she would have won if she had a weapon that could withstand the fight.
  • Whatever you do, you must refer to Chifuyu as "Orimura-sensei" (when in class of course). If you don't do it, you'll get dope slapped so hard it's gonna leave a mark. She's done an exception, however, with Aikuro, much to his enjoyment. She has stated that no, she does not have the 'hots' for Aikuro, though that won't stop him from teasing her anyway.
  • Chifuyu has been known to leave her post from time to time in order to visit her, at the time, still-mortal brother Ichika down below with an empty stomach, baskets full of laundry, and demanding a massage. She has mixed feelings about introducing him to anyone else from the Pantheons other than those who already know him due to certain 'reasons'. Unknown to virtually everyone, she works tirelessly during her off-hours to see him ascended with her.
    • At long last, Ichika has ascended and has got a place in the house of Love. Chifuyu's reaction was a simple smile, but deep down, her heart was brimming with joy. She has resigned herself back to teaching and also making sure that the other Goddesses don't take things with her brother too far.
  • Chifuyu seems to get along with Issei Hyodo, since she is glad to see that Issei is acting as a mentor towards Ichika and has helped him release his feelings to his haremettes - even if that would make his life even harder than it is now.
  • She does not like Monokuma and his Mastermind at all for attempting to be in charge of a school and manipulating the students there into trying to kill each other. She hates the mastermind for another reason.
  • Has heard about Ichika's alliance with Banagher Links. She is noted to be impressed with the duo whenever they are in action. She's a bit surprised with something about Banagher.

     Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy 
Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, The Triumvirate of Survival Horror
Top: Chris Redfield; Middle: Claire Redfield; Bottom: Leon Kennedy

    Edward Chris von Muir 
Edward Chris von Muir, God of Quirky Bards (Prince Edward of Damcyan, Gilbert Chris von Muir)

     Frank West 
Frank West, God of Freelance Photojournalism

    Hattori Hanzo 
Hattori Hanzo, God of Escorts (Hattori Masanari, Devil Hanzo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ninja mask and kusari-gama shrouded with a black shadowy orb.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Ninja (Actual Profession: Samurai), Undying Loyalty, Ninja Weapons (though favoring Kusari-Gama), Dark Manipulations, Stoicism, Crossing of Iga, Babbling About Darkness And Shadows
  • Domain: War, Darkness, Combat, Ninja, Loyalty
  • Allies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Ryu Hayabusa, Ezio Auditore, Galford D. Weiler, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
  • Enemies: Not so much, unless you happen to be an enemy of Tokugawa. Though this particular Oda Nobunaga stands out.
  • History would have been very different for the land of Japan if Tokugawa Ieyasu did not survive being chased by Akechi Mitsuhide after the Incident of Honnoji. At that time, there came one of the earlier Ninja, Hattori Hanzo himself, who escorted Ieyasu through the daring area of his homeland, Iga. With that Ieyasu lived on to eventually succeed in unifying Japan, and Hanzo's escorting tale becomes legendary to the point of ascension.
    • Henceforth, if you need someone to escort you through a dangerous place, Hanzo's your man. That said, he'd appreciate if the escorted one does NOT stray from the path and put themselves in danger. It just makes the mission more difficult, and at least Ieyasu did not do that.
    • As of why he's in the Profession house in spite of his trope is about game missions, Hanzo made it clear that it's because escorting happen beyond games as well.
  • Of course, when he first came to the Pantheon, Hanzo felt a bit awkward, seeing that Ieyasu is now wearing yellow and much younger and hunkier than the fat old gentleman he knew. And Tadakatsu is a robot. Thankfully Hanzo adapted quickly and considered that their spirits remain the same, thus worthy of his loyalty.
    • He also had to adjust with a few more changes from what he knew so far, with Yukimura being FAR louder and more Hot-Blooded than he knew of, Masamune being more fight-crazy but less inclined to worship Orochi... but the most significant change is that Nobunaga became WAY too evil that Hanzou marked him for death.
      • Amongst the 'changed' figures, he also noticed a certain Kasuga, who he commends for at least being more serious for a Kunoichi, unlike a literally-named-Kunoichi he knew of. However, Hanzo doubts her practicality as a ninja. Revealing outfit is one thing, orgasming for whatever reason? No. Just no.
    • Though because of this, he avoids Gracia at all cost, not because he disliked her for being the daughter of the aforementioned Mitsuhide, but relaying that the Mitsuhide more known by the Pantheon is a sadistic bastard to this innocent girl would be too much for him.
  • He knows that one of his ancestors would went on to make a sword fabled to cut down Gods. He's impressed.
  • As he's a master with various ninja-weaponry and being a legendary ninja, he formed a bit of a bond with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, as the latter were willing to lend her strength to Hanzo, though not the fullest extent, only Black Star could do that. Not that it matters, Hanzo's immense skills make up for that.
    • But on meeting Black Star... the kid ended up bragging how he's just that good in Ninjutsu he puts ancient ninjas like him to shame. While he might prove his worth, Hanzo just never replied to him and wished he'd shut up.
  • He once took a slightly different form and took part in the battle against the demon Ambrosia. He became an ally of Galford this way.
  • Eventually he realized that he became the namesake of a certain school of ninjas. Though he certainly could not care less about the massive boobages around there. Nor does he have high or low opinion on Asuka's grandfather who's named after him and a bit of a Dirty Old Man.
  • No one realizes this a lot, but... ninja was like Hanzo's side specialty, he's actually a full-fledged Samurai who likes going to battle with a spear. But because his image popularizes the name of Ninja and Ninjutsu, he let that be.
    • He may even be an Assassin, on the other hand...

    Hong Meiling 
Hong Meiling, Goddess of Gate Guardians (China, Chuugoku)
  • Theme Song: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden star with the Chinese character for "dragon" on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anime Chinese Girl, Memetic Mutation, Ensemble Dark Horse, The Abused One, Ki Powered Martial Arts with Rainbow Colors, Gate Guardian
  • Domains: Protection, Gates, Comedy, Servitude, Abuse
  • Follower: Sunohara Youhei
  • Allies: Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge, Flandre Scarlet, Remilia Scarlet
  • Enemies: Dio Brando
  • Originally only allowed in the Pantheon so everyone can pick on her and provide humor. Even Black Mage picked on her. What differentiated her from the other disgraced Butt Monkey is that she managed to embrace the position strongly even though she was crying on the inside. However, with her mistress now released, she can start stomping back. Only when it's appropriately funny, but that's more than enough for her.
  • Just because she's Chinese and used to be the Goddess of Butt Monkeys, it does not mean that it is good to pick on Chinese people for humor. It's considered racism and a serious crime in the Pantheon. Even if bloody Guan Yu has practically become the Butt Monkey of the Pantheon.
  • The Pantheon ignored for a very long time the fact that Word of God completely ruins every reason to make fun of her. To this day, she serves as this House's first line of defense, guarding its gates. She hoped Marisa wouldn't follow here... but she still sneaks by every now and then in raids to the Treasures Vault.
  • Was once really happy, saying that she was able to drive off the giant catfish Namazu from the House of Nature and the Pantheon. Most gods just think she was dreaming, saying that they never had heard of this "Namazu" before. To pretty much everyone's surprise, Meiling was eventually vindicated when Namazu was revealed to be part of the GUAE.
  • Took part on the quest to save Remilia Scarlet and deify her. Afterwards, she was able to return back to guarding the gates of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; Remilia got tired of her servant getting the rather unwelcome position of Goddess of Butt Monkeys and had her moved here.
    • Understandably, she feels bit bad for Axel for the fact that he had to ascend to her former position.
  • One of the very few gods to have an unambiguously positive relationship with her mistress, Flandre Scarlet. When queried, she scoffed it was a matter of patience and perseverance; if others do not find it in themselves to honestly want Lady Scarlet as their friend, it's not like they are going to have her anyway.
  • Is one of many gods that is waiting for an opportunity to give the Godmodder a good face-kicking, due to an incident with a very large laser cannon and raid on the vault that got her sent to the GUAG's hospital for a short period of time.

    Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin 
Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, God and Goddess of Fighter and Mage Duos

    Kain Highwind 
Kain Highwind, God of Dragon Knights and Constantly Switching Between Good And Evil
  • Theme Song: "The Theme of Suspicion"
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as a Holy Dragoon)
  • Symbol: Baron's Dragoon battalion flag
  • Weapon of Choice: Abel's Lance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, but often pegged as True Neutral due to his constant 'betrayals'
  • Portfolio: Literal Lancers, Dragon Knights, Jumping Highly, Switching Sides, Troubled, but Cute, Unrequited Love, Badass
  • Domain: Heroism/Villainy, Profession, War, Love
  • High Priest: Estinien Wyrmblood
  • Allies: Cecil Harvey, Rosa Farrel, Cu Chulainn, Selena Recital, Zuko, Vegeta, Itachi Uchiha, Pantheon, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki
  • Ascended after overcoming his trials into a Holy Dragoon. But other Gods look at him funny, thinking that he may betray them anytime. Some, however, knew his true alignment, which is good.
  • There was a really huge reunion when Cecil came to the Pantheon, attended with especially him and Rosa.
  • Reportedly fell against an army of creatures known as Manikins. Upon hearing that even Cosmos was unable to revive him, the Elder Gods began searching for someone to succeed him. Before they could begin accepting applicants, however, Kain crashed through the roof of the building, very much alive, apparently having leapt there from the battlefield. Turns out he just got so bored slaughtering the Manikins that he fell asleep.
  • Is a member of the GUAG Sacred Knights.
  • He has since found a successor in his arts of leaping strikes, and left the house in good care of that successor, Pantheon. He moved to the Profession house as the leader of the Dragon Knights, as his status as a Holy Dragoon implies. Those who would wish to train in the ways of Dragon Knight would answer to Kain.
    • He's also considering to release his other portfolio, on the basis that not only his ascension as a Holy Dragoon washes away any doubts that he's bonafide good, there's also the existence of Ethan in the Ambiguity house. Should Kain release that title, however, he would've received a boost in divinity into an Intermediate God.

Kasumi, Goddess of Kunoichi (Kunoichi of Destiny, Nukenin)

    Katniss Everdeen 
Katniss Everdeen, Goddess of Deadly Game Participants (Catnip, The Girl on Fire, The Mockingjay)

    Lee Everett and Clementine 
Lee Everett and Clementine, Gods of Apocalyptic Survival (Lee, Clem)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A fire axe (Lee), a blue and white baseball cap with bloodspatter and a 'D' on it (Clementine)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Love, Good, Protection, Survival.
  • Allies: Whitebeard, Brian Mills, Tallahassee, Ben Paul, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Frank West
  • High Priest: Rick Grimes
  • Followers: The Green Flu survivors, Joel and Ellie, The School Life Club
  • Enemy of: [[Pantheon/Undead Sylavanas Windrunner]] (Lee only)
  • Opposes: Sabrina Spellman (one-sided)
  • Lee's past can be a little murky to some, histories telling him both as a noble man and as a selfish jerk, but no one doubts his commitment to his followers. If you are in an End of the World as We Know It scenario, and you call upon Lee Everett for aid, he will hear your prayers, and he will help you get through your darkest hour. You may not be in one piece, and you may have to do some unpleasant things…but you will live.
  • There was a little confusion upon his ascension, until Tallahasee pointed out that his realm was focused on zombie killing and not much else, whereas Lee's realm was surviving the whole damn thing, along with any other people that survive as well.
  • Lee claims that he's just filling in the position until the 'True Goddess of Survival' arrives. All he has said about her is that "She won't be arriving for a long, long time," and that her symbol is a blue and white baseball cap with bloodspatter and a 'D' on it. In the meantime, he watches over her, praying that she'll make it safe. Many gods agree on that statement.
    • And indeed she came. One day, there was a strong blizzard somewhere outside the Pantheon. And from it came an eleven-year-old girl with a baby in her arms. Having been foretold of her arrival, Lee's followers took her inside, led her to the House of Profession, and reunited her with Lee. Many Tender Tears were shed with this reunion, but instead of taking over his position, it's decided that the 'True Goddess of Survival', Clementine, instead share Lee's position.
      • Due to the nature of Multiple Endings, this Clementine turned out to be one of five potential versions of her future, selected by an unknown god(ess). Two went with Jane, live at Carver's old shelter, one of them took in a new family whose father is a lot like Kenny, and another turned that family away. Two went with Kenny, made it to the already-full Wellington, one decided to continue staying with him, and one entered the sanctuary at the cost of leaving him behind. And one where Jane and/or Kenny dies (and Clem abandons whoever lived) and takes off on her own. The Clementine that came is the last of those.
  • Just like Lee, Clementine's history after Lee's death can be a little murky to some, histories telling he both as a concerned mediator and as a Manipulative Bitch, but she's just as committed to her (and Lee's) followers as he is.
  • At first, Clementine was concerned about spreading her infection to the entire Pantheon and turning them into walkers when they die and unlike Ben and Lee, she didn't ascend by dying. Thankfully, the House of Life and Death has measures to prevent that from happening.
  • The baby that came with Clem, Alvin Jr., is under the care of both her and Lee. Soon after, the League of Adoptive Parents invited the two to be part of their group.
  • Whenever interacting with other child deities, Clementine has to learn to watch what she says since, having grown up in a Zombie Apocalypse world, she doesn't regard swearing as that big of a deal.
  • Their contempt for Sabrina is from the fact that she once unwittingly triggered a Zombie Apocalypse]]. As they had first hand knowledge of how harsh such apocalypse can affect a person, they would generally have ire for whoever initiates one. Not even Clem can forgive such an act.

    Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) 
Lockon Stratos, God of All Snipers (Neil Dylandy, Stupid Sexy Lockon)

    Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask 
Mamoru Chiba, God of Mysterious Protectors (Tuxedo Mask, Darien Shields, Moonlight Knight, Prince Endymion)

    The Marked Ninja 
The Marked Ninja, God of Realistic Ninjas
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: the Hisomu Clan motif, a raven
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: ninjutsu faithful to reality, mystical tattoos that eventually lead to insanity, bald head, has no name
  • Domain(s): Stealth, Darkness, Tattoos, Insanity
  • Allies: None so far.
  • Enemies: Anybody who ends up as his target.
  • Rivals: Ryu Hayabusa, every other Highly Visible Ninja. But he doesn't really care about this whole rivalry thing, he's got work to do.
  • What sets the Marked Ninja apart from other "ninja" is that stealth is paramount to him, he is not immediately recognizable, very little is revealed about him (we don't even know his real name), and bears nothing that is world-famous (like Ryu Hayabusa's True Dragon Sword). Just like ninjas in Real Life.
  • The Marked Ninja has no temple, and so has barely any followers (aside from a few in Ryu Hayabusa's that worked on ascending him). What little information that had been gleaned out of him was thanks to those followers and a couple of other curious gods, but the Marked Ninja has since made extreme efforts to silence further inquirers and destroy all evidence of being witnessed. He'd prefer to destroy what information is now at the public, but it's been secured in a place he cannot ever reach. That and because nearly everybody who is anybody is a god and thus cannot be killed (for good).
    • Regardless, he does admit that there is a purpose of the other so-called ninjas in the Pantheon: If all ninjas were like him, then no-one would ever know the existence of the term 'ninja'. Even if they're supposedly invisible, they do exist, and he owes these 'ninja' for showing the world of their existence.
  • This profile used to show his picture, but the Marked Ninja promptly took it away.
  • Has no care for the Ninjas vs. Pirates war.
  • There are actually two Marked Ninjas depending on the path he took in the end. One where he kills his master and succumbs to insanity as he wipes out his clan for their 'dishonor', and one where he kills himself and his clan degrades as they go high-tech. The Marked Ninja that is here is the latter.
  • Solid Snake is impressed that the Marked Ninja can hide in a cardboard box just as well as he can. The Marked Ninja on the other hand is happy (not that he'd let others see it) to see Dosan in the Pantheon as Snake's follower.
  • Once every couple days or a week, he commits seppuku to prevent himself from going totally batshit insane, which could compromise his job as a ninja. Thankfully, as a god, he 'regenerates', and his sanity is also restored.
    • On occasion, the Marked Ninja sometimes 'regenerates' without his tattoos, and so has to (secretly) visit Dosan (a follower of Solid Snake) so he can re-apply the tattoos. It is unknown why this happens, but just in case, Dosan occasionally visits the Plants sub-house or the House of Nature to harvest certain flowers (extinct in his mortal realm but thankfully existent in the Pantheon) as ingredients for the Marked Ninja's tattoos.
  • Due to his old clan's traditions, he bears contempt for modern technology, though he does understand its necessity. Still, his techniques and tools, and the Mark of Serenity allow him to bypass most security systems.
  • Ezio Auditore is impressed with the Marked Ninja's stealth abilities, and has offered to let him in as an unofficial member and help him be a better combatant. With no real clan to follow or lead, and because he's not really for-hire, The Marked Ninja has been taking this offer into consideration.

    Maya Fallegeros 
Maya Fallegeros, Goddess of Jungle Princesses and Patron Goddess of Monster-Hunting Orders
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Enchanted Daggers, Temperance and Vengeance
  • Theme Song: City of Dawn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Badass Hunter Who Defeated Gargos, The Sole Survivor Of Ultratech's Attack On The Night Guard, Wields The Enchanted Daggers, Vengeance and Temperance In a Reverse Grip, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Heroine of Another Story, Monster Hunter Extraordinare, Dreadlock Warrior, Formerly a Jungle Princess, Kick Chick, Dagger Nut, Originally Had Only a Single Name, Given the Surname Fallegeros in the Reboot, Spicy Latinas, Stands at 6'2"
  • Domains: Latina Women, Enchanted Weapons, Combat, Monster Hunting
  • Followers: Nidalee, Cham Cham and Tam Tam.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Simon Belmont, Talim, Mileena
  • Enemies Her Intended Prey:
  • Worthy Opponents: Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Diana of Themiscrya/Wonder Woman, Sonya Blade, Cody Travers, Ryu Hayabusa
  • Pities: Kitana, Liu Kang, and Sindel (as if they needed Maya's pity)
  • Potential Recruits For The Night Guard:
  • The sole survivor of the Night Hand had been sought out by the siblings Jago and Black Orchid. With them, was an invitation to the Pantheon. After thinking about it for a while, Maya accepts the invitation. Jago and Orchid were pleased to see another of their ally ascend to the Pantheon. First thing Maya did was to recreate the Night Hand's temple (the City of Dawn stage), and make it her own. With her ascension, she begins to rebuild the Night Hand, with herself as its patron goddess.
  • When asked about the scar on her left leg, Maya is tight-lipped about that particular incident.
  • Those enchantated daggers she wields once belonged to her primary target, the cursed Babylonian sorcerer Kan-Ra. Their names are Temperance and Vengeance. The knives not only have the powers of light (Temperance) and darkness (Vengeance), but also to trap enemies when thrown. They are also dangerous to their wielder, as not only they can affect the wielder's mind, but Vengeance has the ability to force their wielder into going on a bloody rampage. It's this little bit of info about Maya's weapons which worries Sonya Blade, her daughter and honorary niece, given Cassie and Jacqui's past experiences with cursed daggers.
    • Back when she was a mortal, Maya would endure great pain whenever she uses her daggers. Even worse, the daggers are constantly searching for their master, Kan-Ra. This is where Dr. Strange comes in, as the Sorcerer Supreme uses his magic to bind Temperance and Vengeance to Maya, not to mention that the pain from when she uses the daggers is now gone.
  • As former royalty, Maya is greatly disappointed in how Kitana, her mother and her love interest has fallen. Kitana has taken offense to Maya's comments, as she sees that as a revenant, she is no longer the victim.
  • Maya is now seeking to rebuild the Night Hand inside the Pantheon. The first group which has caught her interest is Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long), while the second consists of the students from the Hanzou Academy (Asuka, Ikagura, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, Hibari, and Daidouji), and the most resent being the assassins of Night Raid (Tatsumi, Akame, Lionelle, Bulat, Lubbock, Mine, Sheele, Najenda, Susanoo, and Chelsea). The parties in question know of Maya's prowess as a fighter and a hunter. They are, however, divided on whether or not to accept Maya's invitation to the Night Hand.
  • To say that Maya hates both Alexander Anderson and B.B. Hood is like saying the Pacific Ocean is a little wet. Despite the trio being hunters, they are at each other's throats. Anderson dislikes Maya for being 'a pagan and a heathen', while Hood dislikes Maya both for her daggers and the bounty on Kan-Ra that she is pursuing.
  • As Maya stands at 6'2", she is only an inch shorter than Samus Aran, which makes her the second-tallest human deitiy in the Pantheon (Jennifer Waters doesn't count, as she Hulks out to become the 6'7" She-Hulk).
  • Maya has drawn the attention of Buffy Summers through both Dante and The Hunter, who had witnessed Maya's combat prowess and hunting skills. The legedary vampire slayer knows talent when she sees it, and has extended an offer to Maya to join her group of Hunters. Maya has yet to respond, as she is still considering the proposal.

    Naoto Shirogane and Kyoko Kirigiri 
Naoto Shirogane and Kyoko Kirigiri, Goddesses of Detective Talents Since Childhood (Naoto: Detective Prince, Captain Pistol, The 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective. Kyoko: Ultimate ????, Ultimate Detective, Super High-School Level Mystery Chick)

Pudge, God of Butchers (The Butcher)
  • Theme song: I Am Pudge by Miracle Of Sound
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Meat Hook in front of several meats in display. Human meats.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Butcher Of Men, Pulling People In With His Meat Hook, Dead Fat Bastard, Damaging Self When Casting Something To The Point Of Suicide, Yelling Loud "FRESH MEATS!!!", Visceral Bad Guys, 'Australian' Accent.
  • Domains: Hooks, Meat, Combat, War
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra.
  • High Priest: The Butcher
  • Followers: Leatherface, Stitches
  • All was well in the Pantheon when suddenly there's someone pulling Kenny McCormick got caught in a meat hook and was heard screaming of being cleaved. Whatever attempts of people trying to yell "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastard!" was drowned with the scream "HA HA!! FRESH MEAT!!". Though the Radiants knew that Kenny would be okay, they know this can only mean one thing: Pudge the Butcher has entered the Pantheon and the Dires has gotten themselves one more member in the divine Pantheon.
    • in the Fields of Endless Carnage, where corpses cannot decompose or decay, Pudge had the important job of disemboweling and dismembering up corpses to ensure that the carrion birds could devour them. However, after a long time of butchering, Pudge himself wanted to try just one taste, which escalated quickly into a desire of devouring entire corpses, quickly turning him into the obese and rotting monster that he is. The Shopkeeper is willing to tell the story to those who're curious.
  • The fatter Pudge gets, the more dangerous and sturdy he becomes. Where do you think those fats came from? It's from any beings he butchered and consumed himself.
  • Despite his job, he's still pretty okay with butchering animals and serving food. It's just that everyone is too scared to invite him to any normal party.
  • His Meat Hook drag is one of the most feared thing in the Pantheon, with Scorpion himself saying it's a potent weapon based on his spear. However, Pudge can occasionally be seen pouting, because any time he missed, he's going to hear all those insulting "LOL NOOB PUDGE"
  • Don't ask why he's got this sudden Australian accent despite not knowing what this 'Australia' is. At the very least, it seems that The Spy seems to recognize that...
    • When The Sniper ascended, Pudge was confused as to why Mr. Mundy has a similar voice, down to the accent. Pudge does respect the Sniper's sniping skills, viewing it as some kind of "Hook immediately from any distance" kind of hooking, just without the actual hooking.
  • Naturally, due to his rotting body, his house is notorious to be amongst the stinkiest house in the Pantheon.
  • It was actually rumored that his high priest used to be a certain creature called Devourer. But when Pudge found out that all it did was just eating, not butchering, he ended up making the finest meat out of that creature and ate it.
  • "Oh, a battlefield is truly a wonderland!"

    Rosette Christopher 
Rosette Christopher, Goddess of Religious Militia

    Schwarz Bruder 
Schwarz Bruder, God of Non-Japanese Ninja (Kyoji Kasshu)

    Solid Snake 
Solid Snake, God of Stealth (Old Snake, David, Iroquis Pliskin)

     Takeda Takahashi 
Takeda Takahashi, God of Apprentices

Tallahasee, God of Zombie Killin'
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: #3.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Guns Akimbo, Crazy Awesome, Big Damn Heroes, Banjo Playing.
  • Domains: Chaos, Badassitude, Killing.
  • Followers: Always wear snakeskin jackets and cowboy hats, with flags that say "Nut Up or Shut Up" on them, Frank West, Chuck Greene.
  • Allies:
    • Non-ascended: Colombus, Wichita, Little Rock
    • Ascended: Lee Everett and Clementine, Frank West
  • Enemies: Caleb Goodman, [[Pantheon/Undead Sylavanas Windrunner]]
  • Upon ascension, the other deities suddenly found their supplies of Twinkies suspiciously low. When asked about them, all Tallahasee would reply was "You got a purdy mouth."
  • His true name, as well as the name of his prophet Columbus, has been lost to the ages.
  • He has been in great mourning ever since Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies, went out of business. However a new company has taken on making them once more.
  • There was a little confusion upon Lee Everett's ascension, whose position also pertained to zombies, until Tallahasee pointed out that his realm was focused on zombie killing and not much else, whereas Lee's realm was surviving the whole damn thing, along with any other people that survive as well.
  • Has formed poor relations with Sylvanas Windrunner when he and Lee began attacking her followers on reflex. Although she and Everett came to an understanding (The Revenants avoid him, he avoids them, Tallahassee shows no remorse and continues his zombie killing. The Banshee Queen has considered raising him as Forsaken to teach him a lesson.

    Teana Lanster 
Teana Lanster, Goddess of Magic Gunslingers (Tea, Tiana Lanstar)

    Drow Ranger & Windranger 
Traxex and Lyralei, Dual Goddesses of Forest Rangers (Drow Ranger, Drow (Traxex), Windranger, Alleria the Windrunner, WR (Lyralei))

    Trevor, Sypha and Grant 
Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Grant DaNasty, Triumvirate of the Fighter, Mage and Thief Alliance (Ralph C. Belmont (Trevor), Cipher/Syfa Fernandez (Sypha), Grant DaNusty/Danesti, Nasty Grant (Grant), The Legendary Three Heroes of Wallachia)