Pantheon / Profession

Profession and Jobs

This House is a big, huge building with almost 500 floors, ideal for every job every God takes. Built by none other than Steve? himself.

Employed Gods should start work at the correct time, otherwise they're penalized with smaller salaries than usual.

The Gods in the House of Commerce are their main fundraisers. The Gods here are also often immigrants to the Houses of Combat or Gaming, representing their 'Class' and what they do in combat. Thus, this job is OFTEN a mess due to the asskicking that ensues for demonstration of what these job-system-based Gods could do.

The Manager

Bartz Klauser, God of the Job System (Butz, Warrior of Light, Mimic)
  • Theme Song: Four Hearts.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Chocobo Feather next to an Adamantite Crystal.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Many Talents, Wandering, Fun Personified, Older Than They Look, Vocal Mimicking, Foolishness, Ditto Fighters, Knowing When to Get Serious.
  • Domains: Technique, Copying, Wandering, Fun.
  • Followers: the Onion Kids, Brandt, Jusqua, Yunita, Aire
  • Allies: Cosmos, Kain, Firion, Squall, Cloud, Terra, Cecil, Sora, Kino, the heroes of Luxendarc
  • Rival (Arguably): Gilgamesh.
  • Enemies: Exdeath, Chaos, Garland, Mateus, Sephiroth, Kefka.
  • Many have wondered about the empty shrine to the God of the Job System. It seemed to just be vacant for years, with no one being named its lord. Only recently was its god discovered, as Bartz was found one day casually strolling through the House of Nature. Many are shocked to discover he had been in the Disgraces, The Fallen, and Purgatory before arriving to the Pantheon proper. He was never an official resident to those feared locations, but simply wandering around and exploring.
  • As god to the Job System, Bartz can become just about any warrior type a person could think of. Though his two favorites seem to be the Mime and Dancer jobs.
  • Declared, "Sweet Cosmos, it's a talking duck!" When he first met Sora's ally Donald. Though he did add that he could "partly" talk, having a hard time understanding him.
    • It took a few tries, but Bartz figured out how to perfectly match Donald's voice, which was indeed a surprise.
  • It didn't take long for Gilgamesh to catch wind that his chosen rival had at last found the Pantheon, and rushed as quickly as he could to meet up with Bartz. The meeting was a little awkward, but the wandering man did like the idea of some friendly sparring. The two have met up regularly here and there.
  • Has also become one of the GUAG's instructors alongside Firion. While Firion teaches beginner weapon combat, Bartz introduces new recruits to various styles of combat ranging from healing to martial arts.
  • Also serves as a Lesser God under Gameplay (House of Gaming).

Not listed, but worth mentioning: The 300 Spartan soldiers under the command of Leonidas. WHAT IS THEIR PROFESSION!?!?


Dr. Henry Killinger has submitted his resumé to be considered as the new God of Motivational Speakers.

Alternative Title(s): Profession Demi Gods And Quasideities, Profession Overdeities And Greater Gods, Profession Intermediate Gods, Profession Lesser Gods