Pantheon: Power Overdeities And Greater Gods

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Accelerator, God of Attack Deflectors and No Selling (The One Who Wields the Power of God, Number One, The Strongest, Yuriko Suzushina)

    Androids 17 and 18 
Androids 17 and 18, Gods of Infinite Energy and Power (Android 17: Artificial Human 17, Cyborg 17, #17, Lapis. Android 18: Artificial Human 18, Cyborg 18, #18, Lazuli)

Augus, God of Enthusiastic fighters, Odd mentors and Extendable Blades
  • Theme song: "New World Symphony 4th Movement".
  • Greater God (Being able to fight on par with Six-Armed Vajra Asura without even using his blade makes him this by default).
  • Symbol: His Mantra Halo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Old Guys, big and loud warriors, Cool Old Guys, Dirty Old Guys, Blood Knights, EXTREMELY huge blades, Greed, Shameless display of manliness, Baretopped Old Guys, seeing with blind eyes.
  • Allies: Asura, Zaraki Kenpachi, Master Asia, all the other Combat deities that can give him a good fight or have similar enthusiasm when it comes to fighting, Jack Rakan.
  • Ascended upon his defeat from his former pupil, he decided to join the combat house after hearing that there were fighters there. Him and Kenpachi got off to a good start. In spite of Kenpachi being defeated every time, Augus says he always has fun with the strong deities of the combat house, and usually spend his time there exclusively.
  • He understands the fact that his blade is in Maximum Security, as they wanted to make sure no one could figure out the secrets behind the blades extending capabilities. He says that he never really uses it unless he's serious, though, and has only ever unsheathed the blade twice in his whole lifetime.
  • He's so strong that he can make Goku and even Bruce Lee sweat in a fight of pure martial arts with no ki attacks used. Their strength earns Augus his respect.
  • Being Asura's former mentor has it's effect on the many evil deities in the pantheon, as they tend to try to avoid him whenever possible, due to the fact that he basically taught Asura everything he knows.
  • Due to just how big his blade can really get, he was offered the possibility of taking over Cloud and Jack Rakan as the God of Swordsmanship, but he declined, stating that while they use blades regularly, he only uses the actual blade when he finds an opponent worthy for it. When he does bring it onto the battlefield, he never unsheathes it unless in those circumstances, the the sheath alone is enough to kill massive mooks with just a swipe. He does find jack Rakan to be a rather interesting character, and thinks he might actually be worthy of his own blade.
  • Accepted a challenge to a fight from Flandre Scarlet. He was able to defeat the poor vampire effortlessly without using his blade, though he found her nature of having immense thrills for fight to be rather complementary of his own, which earned her his respect, and that he's ready for a rematch anytime she wants to. Most of the pantheon fears the day it happens.
  • Many other deities swear they can hear the New World Symphony Fourth Movement by Dvorak playing when ever he gets in a fighting mood with a worthy opponent.
  • Augus refuses to fight for either the GUAG or GUAE, as their missions run contrary to his belief of fighting for the fight's sake.
  • It is once said that the swordsman Gilgamesh wanted the Wailing Dark as part of his collection. Augus responded by unleashing the sword and impaling him through his head. Augus would later clarify that he did not think of Gilgamesh as worthy of his blade, but thought of him as an "annoying little wannabe".
  • When ever he isn't fighting in the combat pantheon, Augus can be found drinking as much of the best wine as he can in the Food pantheon, or untill they run out of wine, which is usally what happens. He has been spotted quite often in the pantheon of Love as well, doing... stuff with the many beautiful females that inhabit it.
  • Despite being blind himself, Augus has made no indication of joining the other Blind Masters. Augus himself has never felt particularly blind.
  • Also present in the House of Combat.

Broly, God of Enjoying Destructive Power (Brolly, Broli, Brolli, The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bio Broly, "Broccoli")
Super Saiyan Broly (top), Bio Broly (middle), and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (bottom)
  • Theme Song: 10's or Deeper
  • Greater God (Regularly), Overdeity (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Symbol: The Gold Crown on his Head and Gold Necklace
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Insanity on par with Majin Buu, One of his favorite powers, Is positively delighted fighting strong opponents, The Dreaded, A nigh-unstoppable mass of pain and destruction, Also on par with Majin Buu, Ominicidal Mania, Person of Mass Destruction, His Legendary Super Sayan trasformation literally burst from within his body in a painful manner
  • Domains: Laughing, Rage, Destruction, Power, Fear, Strength, Legendary
  • Allies: Majin Buu, The Dark Judges, Khorne, Omega, Nightmare, Soul Edge, The Kurgan, Cell, Mr. Satan, Dr. Weil, Vanitas, Cooler.
  • Teeth Clenched Teamwork: Kefka Palazzo.
  • Odd Friendship with: Terra Branford (One-sided).
  • Enemies: Goku (KAKAROT!!!), Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, Kenshiro, Frieza, Asura.
  • He is the True Super Saiyan of Legend, being the powerful force that destroyed The Entire Southern Galaxy of Goku's home universe.
  • With his power he has decided to live up to the legend by being a born paragon of everything the Saiyan race stands for; fighting, killing, and destruction.
  • Besides his usual enjoyment of wanton death and destruction, he is fixated on killing Goku, as he connects Goku's crying when they were both babies to his and his father's near death and escaping the destruction of their planet.
  • Thus every time he even notices Goku or any of his family, he goes on a rampage, one of which nearly destroyed The House of Power. Now The Main House is attempting to put another controller crown on his head to try and calm him from spreading his destruction to other parts of the Pantheon.
  • Is one of the few beings in the universe that can outright scare Vegeta into submission to the point of him crying, though sufficient calls for help can get Vegeta into action.
  • He enjoys destroying everything in sight with Majin Buu though he knows that they will try and kill each other, he relishes the fight when it comes.
  • There are rumors that he may be able to tap into a Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form. The Pantheon fears the moment that may become reality.
  • Does not like to be called a God and likes to prove that he is worse then a monster, he in fact wants to be called The Devil. This causes Dr. Weil to form a rivalry with him.
  • A good way to anger him is to bring up his weak clone or call him Broccoli.
  • One of the few people that can stop his rampages (Though not around Goku) is Mr. Satan after an event where Broly fell on his head and lost his memories. Mr. Satan found him, saved him, and made him his Disciple. They later became friends. Though Broly later regained his memories, he now tries to make sure to not let his rampages harm Mr. Satan.
    • Though he did have to extend that to Videl. It gets awkward due to the fact that he attacked her the first time he came to earth.
  • Another person that can calm him and one of the few people Broly is surprisingly nicer to is Terra Branford, as he knows what it is like to be under control for most of his life through the use of a mind controlling crown, thus he tries to avoid causing too much destruction around her and even tries to destroy Kefka from time to time.
    • Though he also takes in interest in fighting her at her full power to see how powerful she really is.
  • While he agrees with the idea that destruction is the fate of all things, he does not like Kefka's use of mind control.
  • He often wants to keep destroying to the point that he'll do so to spite others as he had done when he destroyed a planet of a slave race for no other reason then for kicks. Vanitas was thoroughly impressed upon hearing this.
  • He is also one of the few beings that can take a powerful head-on Super Kamehameha Wave without taking damage, a feat that even Majin Buu can't claim to do.
  • He does not take well to abusive fathers, as it is what caused him to crush his father inside an escape pod with his bare hands.
  • He raises an eyebrow over the idea of someone claiming that he may have sounded like Edward Elric in his youth.
  • He is starting to get upset that others claim that he could also sound like Luke Skywalker if he didn't have such a deep voice.

    Captain Falcon 
Captain Falcon, God Of Very Powerful Punches (Douglas Jay Falcon, The Supersonic Slugger, Supersonic F-Zero Pilot)
  • Theme Music: Mute City (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Remix, alternatively The Meaning of Truth.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Golden Falcon.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Calling Attacks, Badasses, Overly Powerful Attacks, Bounty Hunters, Badass Driver, Being a Meme, Protagonic Fan Favorites.
  • Domains: Speed, Fire, Fist.
  • Allies: Kamina, (Presumably) Bright Noa, Solid Snake, Otacon, Kirby, ProtonJon.
  • Rivals: Jecht, Chuck Norris, Samus Aran, Lobo, Robin.
  • Followers: Lugnut, Takeda Shingen, Dantetsu Kiryu, Ymir the Tusk, Sonic Blast Man
  • He can also kick, but considers that more of a hobby.
  • Captain Falcon is also superb pilot. Not even the creators of his universe can defeat him in an F-zero race.
  • Should Kamina or Guy become derailed in their efforts to re-start the universe, he will probably attempt to get things going with a PAWWWWWWWNCH.
  • Is frequently sought out by members of the Love house as an… alternate method of contraception.
    • However, his crotch trusts have been known to cause explosions powerful enough to flip him over while sending the poor recipient away in flames(YES!), so few are willing to take the "Falcon dive".
  • Vert of the console patron units has blamed Captain Falcon's involvement in the first Super Smash Bros for causing the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death and is currently investigating his activities to see if he was involved in the red ring of death incident as well.
  • Recently fans of Jecht have called for him to take Captain Falcon's title and began calling him "Captain Jecht" in preparation his victory should he challenge Falcon. Currently the two are searching for a plane of reality stable enough to contain the force of their clash without endangering others.
  • During the time his second theme was unveiled, Captain Falcon was Trolled by Terumi by calling his 'meaning of truth' futile and there is only despair. Falcon said no words, but accurately in the middle of Terumi's babblings, a fist was planted onto his mouth and there was A Twinkle in the Sky accompanied by the mighty yell "FALCON PAAAAWWWNCH!!!". Followed with a shiny teeth grin from the Captain himself and the exclamation "YESZ!"
  • ProtonJon has once proclaimed that Captain Falcon is secretly Batman. No one else has commented on that yet.
  • Ever since Fox McCloud's ascension, the two have spent some time on a technique called the "Wombo Combo".
  • It is said that Terry Bogard stole his punch... but Terry denies it as his Burn Knuckle is older than it seems. Although he'll give it a complimentary that he kind of based his Buster Wolf on that punch.
  • Is known for being calm and stoic in his native F-Zero but Loud and Boisterous in his Super Smash Bros. outings. Some of his follows have speculated that the later are merely "toys" that representing the Captain in an exaggerated way but other follows view that "theory" as heretical.
    • The schism grew when during Super Smash Bros Melee's events, Samus beat Captain Falcon to a bounty, some seeing it as further proof it was not the real Falcon while others insist it was and that Captain Falcon was the real victor, somehow.
  • Enemies to the Church of Falcon have been attempting to create Falcons for their own uses. While the closest thing to a success, the Blood Falcon, has proven inferior to the original, Captain Falcon has still braved Kirby's stomach in order to train him in the ways of the Falcon Punch. This ensures the pantheon will have little to worry about in the unlikely event an evil Falcon clone shows up while Captain Falcon himself is not around.
  • "Why is it so many stars shine far away? While there's only one that determines the day? On Earth it's the very same tale! We drank from one well! A common life spring. Captain Falcon will always prevail! Sending the forces of darkness running. When myopic confusion threatens your lunch, Falcon will be unleashing a Falcon Punch. Thank heaven he's on the right side! Or else there'd be, nowhere to hide! Captain Falcon will always be bound, hot on the trail, tracking rogues down! Give it up for the Captain! Three cheers for the Falcon! He is on the track, F-Zero. Bounty tracking hero."
  • Captain Falcon tried to enter the fourth Smash Brothers tournament at the same time as Lucina and Chrom, which led to a fight among the three of them. Robin did not appreciate this, and stepped in to teach Captain Falcon not to hurt his/her closest allies, ironically getting himself/herself into the tournament, alongside Lucina. After their fight finished, Captain Falcon and Robin remain rivals, but have at least gotten onto better terms.
    • Because of rumours that the reason why Chrom wasn't able to get into the game was because Captain Falcon delivered a Falcon Punch so powerful, it removed him from the roster, some gods wonder if Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch has the power to remove gods from the Pantheon. So far, there hasn't been a need to test that theory.
    • However, many have called for the theory to be tested on YHVH.
  • Captain Falcon ascended to the Pantheon when he sacrificed his life in the mortal realm to defeat Black Shadow once and for all. Before his ascension, he named Ryu Suzaku as the successor to the title of Captain Falcon in the mortal realm.

Cell, God of Fast Healing and Ultimate Lifeforms (The Perfect Being, Android # 21)

    Eucliwood Hellscythe 
Eucliwood Hellscythe, Goddess of Communciating via Notepad Who is Blessed with Suck (Eu)
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity if she could effectively control her power)
  • Symbol: Her Notebook and armor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Story-Breaker Power that can't be controlled by any normal means, Doesn't talk and only communicates via notepad, Reality Warper, Benevolent Necromancers, being a Magical Garment Girl
  • Domains: Death, Power
  • Allies: Ayumu, Haruna, Gyubid, Madoka
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Albert Wesker, Lucifer
  • Ascended after Ayumu invited her into pantheon and was hoping that some of god could help her control her power.
  • After hearing about the series of events surrounding the Great Upheval. She rather wary believing she could be next especially considering her power could rival Madoka's and would hate for her to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Because of her uncontrollable power she is forced to suppress her emotions, wear armor 24/7, and can only communicate via writing.
  • She apparently has many voices according to Ayumu's delusions. Why none of them sound the same? No one knows for sure.
  • Is also a member of the Magical Girl Sisterhood after going through intensive training.
  • Do not talk about death so casually in front of her. It'll piss her off.
  • Also do not harm her friends, she will hurt you.

Frieza, God of Streamlined Transformations (Freeza, The Strongest Being in the Universe, Emperor of the Universe, The Terror of Namek)
  • Theme Music: Only a Chilling Elegy.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Death Ball hitting Planet Vegeta.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlords, Galactic Conquerors, Power Limiters, Painful Transformations, One Winged Angels, Bishonen Line Transformations. Hating filthy Monkeys
  • Domain: Destruction, Tyranny, Order, Evil.
  • Followers: All non-ascended Arrancars, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Sorbet and Tagoma
  • Allies: Cell, Majin Buu, The Ginyu Force, Corset
  • Enemies: Goku and Vegeta (filthy monkeys), Piccolo, Krillin, King Kong and Donkey Kong (because two monkeys aren't enough), Jack Bauer, Sun Wukong (who keeps inviting these damn things?!)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Galactus, The Anti-Monitor.
  • Often confuses the other gods by appearing in his myriad other forms. No one has seen Final Frieza and lived... except for Jack Bauer. And Goku.
  • He doesn't consider that his brother Cooler should join the Pantheon. Why? Because he's a prick. After ascending, He's going to slap Cooler in his smug prick face.
    • Unfortunately, and much to Frieza's charign, Vanitas has been working on getting Cooler into the Pantheon.
  • Also, He's kept a mental list of how many heroic speeches he's heard before.
  • Really needs to lay off the Space Twitter.
    Frieza: Lol Blewed up Filthy Monkey Planet.
  • With the recent ascension of Sun Wukong, Frieza is getting really tired of monkeys ascending into the pantheon, so he orders the Ginyu Force to kill any other monkeys who attempt to ascend.
  • He's still seeking immortality, which is really odd since he's already a God. Most likely he just wants to be extra-unkillable when he finally faces Goku in a rematch.
  • Recently, Sorbet and Tagoma, two of his followers are planning to revive him. If he does come back more powerful then ever, the GUAG fears what could happen to his archenemy, Goku.
  • He and Corset have forged an alliance based on them sounding the same and their ideas of tyranny.

Grahf, God of Imparting Power Unto Others (The Seeker of Power, Emperor of Darkness, Lacan, Khan Wong, Wiseman)

    High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman 
High Councilor Kal-El, God of Tyrannical Superhumans ('Regime' Superman, The God Among Us)

    Jedah Dohma 
Jedah Dohma, God of Bloody Combat

Kars, God of Otherworldly Power (Cars, The Ultimate Life Form, The Perfect Being)
  • Theme Song: "Light Mode" (By Himself), "Awake" (With The Rest of The Pillar Men), Avalon (When He is The Ultimate Life Form)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stone Mask with The Red Stone of Aja.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: His beginning power, Cares about Animal and Plant Life, Most preferred transformation after becoming the Ultimate Life Form, Can turn parts of his body into animals by manipulating his DNA, What he has become with the use of The Stone Mask and the red stone of Aja
  • Domains: Sun, Creation, Animals, Life, Perfection
  • Allies: Whamuu, Esidisi, Santana, The Pillar Men, Gill, Algol, Ogre, Vampires, Ra's Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Melkor, Gohma Vlitra, Orochi, Albert Wesker
  • Rivals: Shadow The Hedgehog and Cell
  • Enemies: Joseph Joestar, Rudolph von Stroheim, Caesar Zeppeli, Lisa Lisa, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Nazis, Red Skull, Millennium
  • Ascending to Godhood after using The Stone Mask with The Red Stone of Aja during a sun rise to become The Perfect Lifeform though he did not realize that would do him little good in space and was plucked out of space by Melkor. It took a while for the GUAE to bring his mind back from the shutdown mode he had put it into, but he is now here watching the other gods and planning to help his fellow Pillar Men and other Vampires into other perfect life forms
  • With the power of being The Ultimate Life form he now can turn parts of his body into other animals. This includes things like turning his hand into a murderous squirrel and launching feather-arrows that turn into armadillo scales, piranhas, and giant cephalopods.
  • He is also able to use Hamon that is almost as powerful as The Sun itself, he cannot use it around the other Pillar Men but he has attempted to use this to fight Undead Beings that have attempted to stop him.
  • He is often away from the House of Power to go to The House of Beasts to treat every animal there with love and respect, From the largest beasts to the littlest of ponies he has attempted to pet each one and treat them nicely, this does not extend to the humans in that house as he is more often trying to kill them.
  • Also seems to be try and be friendly towards vampires wanting them to become ultimate life forms along with his pillar men.
  • He is proud of the work of Dio Brando and what he has done with the power of the stone mask, after all Kars was the one to invent the stone mask and is happy to see his craftsmanship at work.
  • Kars is now afraid of going into space after what had happened to him before Melkor brought him back.
  • He is often perplexed at Shadow The Hedgehog and Cell with their claims of being The Ultimate Life Form and wishes to study them closer to see if they are the ultimate life forms of their species.
  • He has decided to never be around the House of Love as he feels that due to him being the ultimate life form to him it means he no longer needs to procreate.
  • Gained a friendship with Poison Ivy after telling her the story of getting in the way of a plane crash to stop it from crashing into a beautiful set of flowers.
  • Usually likes to work with any other gods or goddesses that wish to wipe out humanity.
  • Has shown a dislike for Nazis due to the actions of Rudolph von Stroheim, also has an attack on sight mentality on Guile due to the fact that he looks like Stroheim.
  • Is often seen attempting to work with Albert Wesker as he wants to see the end results of what his use of Uroboros will led to on humanity.
  • Due to the amount of Allies Kars has made others are worried about the threat of The Pillar Men and the amount of fabulous posing done by this group.
  • Recently greatly angered The God Emperor of Mankind after it was revealed that he persuaded some of the Adeptus Custodes to dress differently in honor of The Emperor.

Kazuma, God of Power Despite Pain (The Shell Bullet, Kazuya, NP3228)

    The Maiden in Black 
The Maiden in Black, Goddess of Soul Power
  • Theme Song: "Maiden In Black".
  • Humanoid Abomination approximate to Greater Goddess, or perhaps even Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her Staff.
  • Allignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Super Empowering, Soul Manipulation, Dark Is Not Evil, Shoelessness, Eye Scream, Undefinable Accents, The Woobie, Ye Olde Butchered English.
  • Domains: Souls, Demons.
  • Allies: Philemon, Cosmos, Artix von Krieger, Gwyn, Artorias.
  • Enemies: Allant, M.Bison, Shang Tsung.
  • High Priestess: Rose.
  • Washed up unconscious on the shores of the Pantheon, surrounded by deadwood and leaves. Upon awakening, she seemed surprised, confused and disappointed that she was still alive.
  • Though she is hardly an imposing figure and in fact has a very soothing presence, many find the Maiden’s wax-caked eyes REALLY unsettling. When they are brought up, the Maiden simply bows her head and apologizes.
  • Belying her demure appearance and personality, the Maiden is, in fact, THE single strongest thing in her native universe, capable of lulling a godlike Eldritch Abomination back to slumber with ease.
  • Her ability to manipulate Souls to awaken new powers is unparalleled: using Grief Seeds, for example, she can elevate the power of Puella Magi to truly astounding heights. Considering where the Seeds come from, however, Madoka has asked her to respect the memory of her Puella Magi and not do such things. The Maiden complied. She is currently courting the Dovahkiin, offering to refine the souls of the dragons he slays: he hasn’t made a decision yet.
  • As Personas are pieces of the soul, The Maiden may be able to refine them. She is in talks with Philemon for permission to offer her services.
  • Was amazed at Artix's powers over Spirit Orbs (souls of the undead that he has slain) and is wishing to help provide a more powerful attack than the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs. Artix thanked her for the offer, seeing that despite her dark appearance, she's on the side of good.

    Son Gohan 
Son Gohan, God of Immense Unlockable Potential, Inheriting Great Strength and Dormant Power (The Great Saiyaman, Ultimate Gohan, Mystic Gohan, The Gold Fighter, The Golden Warrior)

Vanitas, God of Darkness, Evil Twins, Mook Makers, and Dramatic Unmasks
  • Theme Song: Enter the Darkness
  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbol: The Unversed Symbol.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Magnificent Bastard, Humanoid Abomination, Laughing Mad, Ax-Crazy.
  • Domains: Enemy Without, Evil Twin, Mook Maker.
  • Allies: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Bernkastel, Cooler, Baby, Broly, Baby
  • Enemies: Sora, Terra, Aqua, Riku, The Magical Girl sisterhood, Mickey Mouse, Son Goku, Beerus, Son Gohan, all the Disney Princesses
  • Opposes: Master Xehanort.
  • Is the ONLY person that Terra can actually tell is evil. Multiple gods are baffled as to why Vanitas is one of the few exceptions to Terra's otherwise bad judgment.
  • He looks up to The Joker, the two of them sharing an inherent love of creating chaos, though Vanitas's brand of chaos is a bit more malicious, if that were even possible.
  • Has been caught trying to forge the X-Blade, using, on separate occasions, Aqua, Nanoha, and a few other Magical Girls, due to their reputation of being pure of heart. He is not allowed anywhere near the House of Magic as a result. He hasn't given up trying. He's thinking of going after Madoka next after the Pantheonic Rebellion dies down. Or so he lets people think. In reality, his true target is Sailor Moon; Madoka's hatred of Lucifer gives her heart enough of a taint that forging the X-Blade with it is not feasible.
  • As psychotic as he is, he will never hurt Mithra. He knows that making Asura angry is a horrible idea no matter who or what you are, and that it wouldn't be worth it in the end.
  • Despite being Made of Evil, even he finds Aki Honda utterly detestable.
  • Seems to dislike Master Xehanort, but he refuses to go into detail as to why.
  • Is sick and tired of people comparing him to Sora. It's even worse because they sound so similar.
  • Harley Quinn has taken to calling him "Mistah V". Vanitas doesn't really mind it all that much.
  • Generally stays away from the House of Love, as MANY of the girls there find him attractive. It got even worse when Panty managed to unmask him. To this day, he has never gone back to retrieve his mask.
  • Gets along... Disturbingly well with Bernkastel, and, to a lesser extent, Lambdadelta. This has caused concern among many deities.
  • As he was born from the purest form of darkness, Vanitas can manipulate negative emotions and spawn them as his own minions, the Unversed. Vanitas can also absorb the negativity of any defeated Unversed to increase his power, and is able to summon them if needed. Considering he's in the same house as Baby, who has a very strong hatred of Saiyans, and has made an alliance with Broly, who's had a hatred of Goku since birth, one can only wonder how powerful Vanitas is now.
  • Upon Bernkastel's suggestion (because she wanted to troll Frieza), Vanitas managed to get Frieza's brother Cooler into the Pantheon.
  • Vanitas was strangely absent during the Friendship Asylum incident. He claims to have had no part in it. Turns out, he was searching Castle Oblivion for Ventus's comatose body. Ven's body was, for a while, tied to the bumper of Cooler's ship, infuriating Aqua. Ven was put back in Castle Oblivion eventually, much to Cooler's disappointment. This was part of a failed plot of Vanitas's to kill Aqua by infuriating her enough so that she'd get into a fight with Cooler. A battle she would almost certainly lose. Unfortunately for Vanitas, Aqua simply walked away rather than get in a fight.
  • He has briefly argued with Baby over the title of God of Possession. Eventually, Vanitas gave up and let Baby have the title, admitting that Baby probably deserves it more.
  • Mostly keeps to the House of Mentalism, though he does sometimes come by. He is extremely wary of Goku, as well as Vegeta.

X, God of Unlimited Potential (Mega Man X, the Father of Reploids, the Azure Bomber, The Blue Bomber of the 22nd Century)

Yami, God of Glowing Evil Power (The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, Tokoyami-no-Sumeragi, Akuro, Akuro-ou)

    Yuuka Kazami 
Yuuka Kazami, Goddess of Growing Stronger with Age (Flower Master of the Four Seasons, Youkai Moe~)