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Pantheon: Power Intermediate Gods
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Akuma, God of Dangerous Forbidden Technique Masters (Gouki, The Supreme Master of the Fist, The Raging Demon, Mech Gouki, Cyber Akuma, Shin Akuma, Kuruoshiki Oni, The Destroyer of Heaven)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God, as Oni)
  • Theme Music: Theme of Akuma -SFIV Arrange- / Theme of Akuma -SFxTK Arrange-.
  • Symbol: The kanji "Ten" (天). Red colored like on his gi.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (though easily mistaken as Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Badasses, Those Above Good and Evil, Blood Knights, "Evil" Counterparts, Shotoclones, Shun Goku Satsu, Noble Demons.
  • Odd Friendship with: Elena (don't ask).
  • Worthy Opponents: Ryu, Zaraki Kenpachi, Asura, Augus, Hibiki Tachibana.
  • Those That Disgust Him: M. Bison, Heihachi Mishima, Rugal Bernstein, Yuuki Terumi, Shang Tsung.
  • One considered by many as Ryu's Evil Counterpart. But as Akuma said, he doesn't quite like being labelled as good or evil. He does as he likes.
  • His fighting skill are very lethal, and he saw some that he could consider a Worthy Opponent. Other than Ryu, he finds Asura interesting to fight. Asura himself finds him interesting from that one incident he uppercuts a meteor to pieces.
  • There were rumors that he could be even more powerful if he lost control of the Satsui no Hadou, which would turn him to 'evil incarnate' Oni. Terumi has been trying to awaken that side of Akuma, thinking that he'll be more funner that way. That just made Akuma even more disgusted at Terumi, aside of his Trolling tendencies.
  • Has attempted to take over the throne of the God of Blood Knights, but after a very long, extended battle he recognized Kempachi's (slightly) greater battle-lust.
  • Can occasionally be seen helping little kids. It's a rare sight, though.
  • There seems to be a mortal named Genjuro Kazanari who seemed to channel a lot from him. Akuma wouldn't call him his follower, but this mortal piqued his interest...
  • The recent fight between both him and Asura has really made many of the head deities consider to move Akuma up to Greater god Level in strength. Most of the War and Combat pantheon members were definitely interested in their fight, at least.
  • Once fought against Shang Tsung with Shang actually stealing Akuma's soul. Akuma still kicked his ass anyway.
  • Didn't think that one Rey Mysterio was worthy enough to fight him. After a brawl that had Rey hit him with the 619, he's starting to have second thoughts.
  • Has made a very strange kinship with Elena. Many of the Street Fighter Gods looked in utter shock and disbelief, Juri Han cackled in glee before Elena kicked her in the face. Akuma makes no comment about this.

Azel, God of The Strength of The Devil Hand (The Devil Hand)
  • Theme Song: Devil May Sly
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Devil Hand in his left arm glowing with red energy.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blond Guys Are Evil, Cool Shades, Badasses With Longcoats, it's really his entire arm if you want to be technical.
  • Domains: Violence, Destruction, Coolness.
  • Allies: Kun Lan, David Zappa, Vergil Sparda, Father Balder, Fortinbras.
  • Enemies: Gene, Dante Sparda, Ryu.
  • Angered at how "That idiot" was able to ascended long before him, Azel decided to ascended himself with The Power of The Devil hand.
  • After his ascension, he decided to work with other demons and demon summoners to form a new Four Devas as he is attempting to summon The Demon King Angra, this time it will be under his control.
  • He has often seen with Vergil and giving him aid when he needs it as to him they share many similarities.
  • He often is mistaken for Leon S. Kennedy much to his annoyance.
  • He is one of the few that has no time limit on his God Hand thus he uses it freely when he needs to get serious.
  • Has formed a strange sort of alliance with Kun Lan as Lan believes that there is a connection between their God Hands, Azel is wary of what that may mean though decides to get the power needed to defeat Gene and gain his God Hand.
  • Finds that in order to gain power he has aligned himself under The God of Light, Fortinbras, though Fortibras has never hidden the fact that he hates his Humanity The White Serpent understands that The Devil Hand's power may have some use.

Azrael, God of Power Limiters (The Mad Dog, King of Atrocity, Genocider, The DeathBringer, Massacre King, and many more.)
  • Theme Music: The Tyrant.
  • Intermediate God (Can rise higher if he decides to release his Enchant Dragunov)
  • Symbol: His chest tattoo (Enchant Dragunov), imprinted into the back of his coat, on his emblem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (on a good day, a really dark shade of Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Thristing for battle and being crazy when being in one, Power Limiting Tattoos, Applying weak points and then hitting them, Being really destructive, Feared by All, Being Near Unstoppable.
  • Domains: Bloodlust, Combat.
  • Allies: None. He is known attacking his own allies due of his bloodlust so no one wishes to be near him.
  • Rivals: Any one who can provide a good fight, like Ragna.
  • Enemies: None in normal basics.
  • Opposed By: Iron Tager, Kokonoe.
  • After hearing all the warriors who lived in the Pantheon, Azrael considered it being the perfect feeding ground for him and wanted in. Originally he wanted to usurp Kenpachi Zaraki as the God of Blood Knights, but got tired of waiting and started searching for open thrones he would apply do.
    • After the fact that he was able to defeat Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn H. Hellsing, Iron Tager, Jin Kisaragi and Ragna the Bloodedge, whithout loosing his Enchant Dragunov, most gods were afraid what he could do if he could completely remove it. As such, he was able to get his godhood that way.
    • When Gods ask what he can do if he would loosen up Enchant Dragunov or remove it, they are directed to these videos. He keeps it on to draw out the battle and not kill people instanly for a reason.
  • Azrael also has another thing what limits him: A restriction from Sector Seven which prevents him from attacking people who have no will to fight, aside of Tager, Kokonoe and maybe Ragna, who he can attack anyway. Where this causes him being unable to just fight any god he wants, there are enough gods who will fight him to keep him satisfied and he also attacks Mooks if he needs to.
  • Wesker has found some interest on Azrael. It would be that his inhuman strenght has peaked his interest, or that they sound a kind.
  • Before he ascended, Terumi spread a rumour in a radio podcast which claimed that he might be gay. Azrael denies this and in worst case will put the person in the recieving end of Valiant Crash combo. This has gained him some sympathy from Kanji Tatsumi, but he tries to keep his distance from Azrael anyway.
  • He can also dance to the tune of the Love Phantom.
  • Believe or not, Azrael has a good side for him: he actually cannot stand strong bullying the weak. Whenever it is because he thinks that wasting their strength on the weak is waste of time or not, it is possibly a good idea to stop what you are doing and run away.
  • Considers himself to be somewhat of a opposite to Hyodo Issei due of them having quite the opposite positions. Neither of them had the chance of fight each other as of now, but after hearing that Issei gets mighty mad if some one hurts any one from his harem, let's just say that Azrael is not above attacking some one just to get some one to activate their full power.
    • When asked about Shinnok and his plans to steal away Boosted Gear, Azrael shrug, saying that he would only be interested on him if he was that bored, or if he actually manages to take away Boosted Gear, giving him a even stronger opponent to feast upon.

    Claire Stanfield 
Claire Stanfield, God of Superhuman Prowess (Vino, The Rail Tracer, The Young Conductor, Felix Walken)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His longcoat covered in blood.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badasses, Redheaded Anti Heroes, Cloudcuckoolanders, Self-Convinced, Godhood, Insane (in an Awesome Way) and Enjoying Every Minute of it, Super Strength, Ubermenschen, Wild Cards, Having a Few Names, Circus Brats, Fighting for Every Girl he's Barely Seen and Known.
  • Domains: Assassins, Super Human, Combat.
  • Ally: Batman (?)
  • Rivals: Shizuo Heiwajima, Shun Daimonji.
  • Ascended on Batman's request for reasons unknown, but they do keep in contact with each other from time to time. The Dark Knight is somewhat annoyed by his few alias. It's rumored that Claire is one of Batman's finest students outside the Bat Family.
  • Many Gods get nervous whenever he speaks, as he sounds eeriely similar to Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo's reaction to this is yet to be seen.
  • Many Gods are betting a match between him and Shizuo Heiwajima. Behind the scenes, Izaya Orihara rigs the bets in Claire's favor to spite and provoke Shizuo.
    • Doesn't consider Shun Daimonji a true rival in the sense that Shun's powers come from his Power Dizer, but will respect that Shun pushes himself to the limit when it comes to girls in trouble, and made a promise to not get anywhere near Miu Kazashiro since 1) hurting her will set Shun's Berserk Button up (aside from anyone hurting his friends, especially Gentaro Kisaragi) and 2) Miu recently got her own Queen Dizer so she can protect herself if need be.
  • Despite barely meeting all of the Goddesses from the House of Love, Claire occasionally visits there to charm them, much to their annoyance.
  • Was pretty happy to find Issac and Miria and Jacuzzi Splot also ascended. Jacuzzi Splot cried Tears of Joy (or fear depending on how one looked at it), while Issac and Miria were grateful for the man who saved them back at the Flying Pussyfoot incident.
    • Issac and Miria personally went to him when they heard about how Prince Charmles insulted on poor Jacuzzi, causing him to cry harder than ever. Claire personally dealt with the prince "free of charge".
  • Has gotten interested in the trains in the House of Travel, but Ryotaro Nogami is making sure he does not get his hands on the Den-Liner.
  • Has a strange god complex: he thinks that he's a god and that everything else was created from his mind just for his entertainment, along with believing that he is immortal.
  • Considers Gangrel and Luna Vachon as his blood brethren. And by that we mean, "Those who love pouring blood onto everyone else just for the sheer hell of it."

    Coyote Starrk 
Coyote Starrk, God of Gunslingers and Those Who Are Alone Due to Uncontrollable Power (The Primera Espada)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in his Resurreccion)
  • Symbol: His twin pistols behind a blue-gray wolf, emblazoned with the number 1
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some Lawful Neutral tendencies (though he has been mistakened for Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Abnormal Ammo, Alas, Poor Villain, Coyotes and Wolves, Awesome Mc Cool Name, Badass, Badass Long Coat, Firing a thousand Ceros at once, Unbelievably powerful yet prefering to lay around doing nothing, Eyepatch of Power, Friendless Background yet desiring them all the same, Envying the weak, Gun Fu and Kata, The Gunslinger, Having split one's soul and power in two, Always being alone due to incredible power, Perpetual Frowner, Summoning a pack of explosive spirit wolves, Token Good Teammate, Wave Motion Gun
  • Domains: Guns, Wolves, Loneliness, Laziness
  • High Priestess: Teana Lanster (For The Gunslinger)
  • Followers: Train Heartnet, Vlad Masters, Any who have been isolated for uncontrollable power.
  • Herald: Lilynette Gingerbuck: The other half of his power. Is allowed free reign to the Pantheon whenever he needs her.
  • Allies: Shikamaru Nara, Mami Tomoe, Noel Vermillion, Barragan Luisenbarn (though it's one-sided on his part), Many of the good-aligned deities within the House of Friendship, Princess Luna, Teddie
  • Enemies: Aizen, Yhwach, Yuuki Terumi, Anyone who harms those he considers his allies
  • He is the Espada who represents the Aspect of Death called Loneliness, a Hollow who grew so powerful that any who got too close would be destroyed by the pressure of his reiatsu. Because of this, he longed for companionship, and eventually went so far as to split his soul in two to have at least one companion. That being would become his herald, Lilynette Gingerbuck.
  • Spends much of his time lounging about within his temple, only leaving whenever he feels like it or the desire for companionship grows strong.
  • When he first arrived in the Pantheon, Pinkie Pie attempted to throw the customary welcoming party for him. He tried to get out of it due to being too lazy to go. The result was a massive chase across the Pantheon as he used Sonido and she appeared wherever he stopped. Finally, he gave in and went.
    • However, it was also how he first met Mami Tomoe, so it wasn't completely for nothing.
  • Sees Shikamaru as a kindred spirit in lounging around, and the two can occasionally be found playing shogi... whenever they're not just sleeping in the same room.
  • Beware those who think he's just a pushover: While he may not like fighting much, he can and will show you why he became the strongest member of Aizen's mortal army if you push him, often by firing Ceros. Multiple Ceros.
    • Speaking of Aizen, he has severed ties with him ever since he learned exactly what he did to Tia Harribel.
  • Despite his title, most will note that he doesn't have much in terms of accuracy. Then again, when you fire giant beams of energy, you don't have to be that accurate.
  • Detests Terumi, as the snake once attempted to interrupt his rest. Starrk would have let it slide had Terumi not insulted Lilynette in the process. Next thing anyone knew, a bright blue beam shot out of the roof of his temple, carrying Terumi all the way back to the House of Hatred.
  • Gets along rather well with Princess Luna, as they both know what it feels like to consumed with loneliness and the desire to find companions.
  • Has formed a strong friendship with Mami Tomoe, noting their similarities in fighting style and desire for companions. Her Afternoon Tea Parties are one of the few occasions that Starrk will happily leave his temple.
    • He has also taken to training both her and Noel Vermillion in taking the art of Gun Kata to the next level. Many a god fears what will happen when he teaches them their own versions of Cero Metralleta...
    • Also formed a friendship with Teddie for a similar desire for friends as well. Though, he does get annoyed somewhat at the constant bear puns...
  • Holds a conflicting opinion of Lucifer. While they can easily have a civilized conversation and he doesn't see the Lightbringer as a necessarily bad person, he disagrees with his philosophy that might makes right in the world, pointing out that it was his own great power that lead him to being alone.
    • Lucifer agreed that was indeed the case, but then noted that Starrk once said if being weak was impossible, he wanted allies just as strong as he was. As it happens, there IS an organization with members who have more than enough power to handle Starrk's presence. More than that, it's one that's rather informal, all things considered; Starrk would have plenty of time to laze around. After a long pause, Starrk said he'd consider it.
    • Sometime afterwards, he was reportedly seen among the members of GUAC, lounging about at meetings. In actuality, under that lazy demeanor, he's there spying on things out of request from Mami and by extension Madoka, as well as trying to get close to Homura. He does feel some regret about the deception though.
  • He sees the Great Upheaval as a similarly conflicting thing. While he has come to know Madoka through his time with Mami as a good person, he also personally sees Homura's actions as those of someone truly desperate to protect a friend, however misguided that desire might be. As such, he's reluctant to stand alongside the Sisterhood in the eventual battle against the GUAC in the Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • On the other hand, he has absolutely no problems joining them against the GUAL upon learning of YHVH's plot to kill Madoka. In his eyes, that falls under defending and taking revenge for a friend, something he can get behind. To that end, he has signed up with the "Deep Strike Front".
  • Also has a spot in the House of Profession, which is his preferred place to stay. He gets challenged to too many fights here for his liking. Cuts into his nap time.

    Dirk Strider 
Dirk Strider, God of Flashstepping (Bro)

Esidisi, God of Burning Bloody Power (ACDC, Eccentric Blazing King)
  • Theme Song: The Disturbing ACDC (By Himself), Awake (With The Pillar Men)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Green Jewel on his hat surrounded by blood tentacles
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: His Fighting Style, Capable of possessing people with his blood, Knows The Art of War because he met the man that wrote it, changes emotions on the fly, Usually extends his blood vessels through his finger nails, which open up to reveal the tendrils
  • Domains: Heat, Fire, Blood, Possession
  • Allies: Kars, Whamuu, Santana, Algol, The Pillar Men
  • Enemies: Joseph Joestar, Rudolph von Stroheim, Nazis, Red Skull, Millennium
  • He can raise his body temperature in order to heat his blood to 500°C/932°F, then extends his blood vessels out of his body and makes them into long, prehensile needles with which he injects his hot blood into enemies.
  • He often tries to act and fight in a very confusing matter to throw off his enemies.
  • He is often seen in The House of War talking to the more intelligent gods there about "The Art of War", it is one of his favorites after meeting Sun Tzu himself and discussing about what would go in that book.
  • He is often seen as more emotional and over the top then his brethren, a fact that he uses to his advantage to make the enemy underestimate him, or fake his death if need be.
  • If his body is destroyed he can still move around as blood and brain tissue and has done this to possess people and turn them into burning blood bombs.
  • Unlike his master he is not immune to the Sun and often avoids going out during the day.
  • Also refuses to work with Nazis after Stroheim's attempts at stopping The Pillar Men.
  • Has lost a bit of Power to Jedah by causing him to explode. Unknown to Jedah, Esidsi survived though as a brain once again and later regenerated. He has attempted to have Kars destroy Jedah but it seems Kars may have some interest in him.

Gene, God of Power Fists (The God Hand, The Comic Kenshiro)
  • Theme Song: Gene's Rock-A Bye
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The God Hand in his right arm punching an image of Skull split in half by the forehead.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (but he has his moments of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Blessed with Suck, Twinkles in the Sky, Badasses With Longcoats, Laugh Tracks, Bragging Theme Tune along with Creative Closing Credits.
  • Domains: Violence, Destruction, Coolness.
  • Allies: Dante Sparda, Ryu.
  • Enemies: Azel
  • Said to be one of the followers of Kenshiro, which ascended to godhood because of his status as the God Hand.
  • After his ascension, he decided to find Bruce Lee in order to have some fun. It didn't end to well.
  • Rumor says that he stole some of the moves of his master Kenshiro, but since his style is so staggering, nobody has said anything... yet.
  • His self bragging theme, mentioned in his ascension has become quite known in the House. Some people are trying to create their own self bragging themes and often ask to Kamina for help, since his hot-bloodness can inspire anyone to do anything.
  • Also present in the House of Combat as the God of Punching Across Rooms.

Greed, God of Instant Armor (Greed the Avaricious)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An ouroboros on the back of a hand
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first, Neutral Good later
  • Portfolio: Niceness and villainy, defecting from decadence, Benevolent Boss, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Greed (obviously), Wouldn't Hit a Girl, Defiant to the End, desiring friendship
  • Domains: Avarice, Combat, Defense, Companionship
  • Followers: His chimera henchmen
  • Allies: Ed Elric, Al Elric, Wario, Teddie
  • Enemies: Father, Lust
  • Ascended into the Pantheon a while after his Heroic Sacrifice, out of raw desire to gain things on a godly level. Though after a while of hanging out in the Pantheon and not doing much to acquire higher rank, more money, fame, or women, instead just spending time in groups, it has become clear that what he really wants is friends. Though he may not admit it at first, he won't outright lie.
    • For this reason, he sympathizes with Teddie, and the two are sometimes seen together.
  • In spite of the above, he is still rather greedy, and still tends to want things. Sometimes he's known to pocket objects from the Pantheon's treasury. His Ultimate Shield protects him from any security system.
    • Speaking of the Ultimate Shield, Greed still refuses to allow it to cover up his face, if he can afford it, and sometimes pushes his luck with that philosophy.
  • His ascension does not sit well with Father, and Greed isn't pleased to see him in the Pantheon either. Luckily for both of them, they don't cross paths often, Father has no further need for his son. He knows it'd be a lost cause by now.
  • Thanks to ascending, Greed has finally achieved immortality, one of his stated goals during his time in the mortal world.
  • Gets along famously with Wario, given how greedy the two of them are. Greed sometimes helps Wario's game business, and Wario funded the opening of Greed's new Bad-Guy Bar. Though the two still sometimes bicker over who gets what percentage of their profits, and Wario's greed is more for just money than universal desire.
  • Is looking into taking over Moe's bar in the House of Food (because he wants everything), so he can have two bars, but he's had no luck yet.

    Harold "Coop" Cooplowski 
Harold Cooplowski, God of Plot Sensitive Buttons (Coop)
  • Leitmotif: "Chicks Dig Giant Robots".
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Megas XLR. Barring that, a Philly Cheesesteak.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Destructive Saviors, Heroes that make things worse, Big Red Buttons That does anything it needs to do.
  • Domains: War, Destruction, Chaos, Video Games.
  • Ally: Kamina.
  • Manages to get along well enough with other Robot Pilots, but his lack of Hotbloodedness does irk them a bit and at worst they occasionally pick up his laziness. Kamina however gets along with him great due to Coop being something of a forefather to him.
  • The pilots also have trouble wrapping their heads around the power of Coop's Button, which has the power of resolving any situation and changes labels according to said situations.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Voltaire due to his song titled "Bomb New Jersey". Voltaire has nothing against Coop, but the song is more or less due to what happened in his childhood.
  • With the new House of Gaming, Coop can be seen getting high scores in many of the arcade games there.

    Hyodo Issei 
Hyodo Issei, God of Destroying Female Clothes, Doubling Effects and Worshipper of Oppai (Sekiryuutei, Chichiryuutei, Oppai Dragon, Ise, The Pantheon's Luckiest SOB) (aims to become the "Ultimate Pawn" and the "Harem King")
  • Theme Song: Sympathy, Kakusei (when battling), Zangeki (under Overdeity status or when REALLY angry)
  • Intermediate God, may become a Greater God once he is promoted into an Ultimate-Class Devil (becomes one if uses his Boosted Gear for enough time; becomes Overdeity in certain rare circumstances)
  • Symbol: His sacred gear, known as the Boosted Gear; alternatively, 8 crimson pawn chess pieces.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Harem Seekers, Loveable Sex Maniacs, Chivalrous Perverts, Power Perversion Potential, Nice Guys, Powered Armor, Oppai, UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNTS OF BADASSERYnote , Power of Oppai, Exponential Power Boost and Pawn Promotion, subject to heavy nosebleeds, Friend to All Children, Polyamory, Chick Magnet, owning an Amplifier Artifact, curb-stomping most of his enemies, empowered by his perversion, Clothing Damage, and coming back from the dead with no problems.
  • Domains: Clothing Damage, The Nudifier, Harems, Oppai, Heroes, and Dragons.
  • Followers: Anyone who commits clothing damage on women (deliberately or otherwise) even during combat. However, it is widely known as he has standards as a good person despite being a pervert. He also has his Oppai Dragon fans.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gideon Gordon Gravesnote , anybody who harms his harem in any way (that's his Big Red Berserk Button; Bryan Fury learned the hard way), Basco ta Jolokia, Ornstein, Melona, Yuno Gasai, Shinnok
  • Rivals: Vali Lucifer, Azrael
  • Opposes: Bryan Fury, Akio Ohtori, MAKOTO ITOU
  • Opposed by: Mordred (although he sometimes blushes when she's near him)
  • Commonality Connection with: Cuuko
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Asuranote 
  • Was offered a chance of becoming Chichigami-Sama's high priest but, after hearing his crazy feat of actually saving a girl's life by using his Dress Break to destroy her enchanted manacles which technically counted as clothes, the other gods were convinced that he deserves the post. Besides, Issei knew that becoming Chichigami-Sama's high priest would only cause more suffering for Ddraig (which is admittedly comical for some of the gods). That does not stop him from paying homage to her though, although it is also true that he pays homage to Litchi Faye-Ling, the other Goddess of Boobies, and many other beautiful/sexy goddesses (such as Jeane and Mai Shiranui, who reward him in... Rather flattering ways). Surprisingly enough, he has nothing against flat chests despite preferring large ones hence earning some degree of acceptance from flat-chested goddesses such as Noel Vermillion despite being a pervert.
  • Some argued that he was not fit to be in the House of Combat as Clothing Damage was not considered to be a part of the combat category. However, seeing him able to destroy even magic-reinforced armor on female opponents and quickly defeating them while they were distracted by their sudden state of nudity quickly quelled the argument. Many Goddesses had ever since been wary of his dreaded Dress Break, especially since he claims that his aim is to be able to render a woman naked just by looking at her (a skill which many perverts agree is indeed a godly skill worthy of reverence). There were some suggestions of him being in the House of Personal Appearance due to his Sacred Gear though.
    • Ultimately became an unofficial member of the House of Personal Appearance due to being Rias' beloved "Pawn" after her ascension.
    • When the Power Dome was established, Issei moved there as his title was better represented there. He still trains in the Combat Dojo though, and after Akeno's ascension, the two are often seen training together, with... Interesting results. He also goes to the House of Weapons to train with either Jack Rakan or his most recent friend Black Orchid, who has also sympathized with Rias and Akeno.
  • Being an overall nice person, a lot of the Pantheon's goddesses have fallen head-over-heels for him. That obviously instigated the jealousy of many Pantheon gods and earned him the nickname of "The Pantheon's Luckiest SOB". It was an insult directed towards him at first, interestingly enough. Plus, rumor has it he was given this title not only for being a nuclear-level chick magnet...
    • Because of this, he is often subject of teasing by Jeane, Mai Shiranui, Aphrodite, Bayonetta and Excellen Browningnote . Being the pervert he is, he's definitely happy about it. Unfortunately, one time they pushed him too far: one particular attempt caused Issei to have a really, really bad nosebleed, so bad it flooded the House of Power. Issei and the five goddesses agreed to never talk about it ever again.
    • His perversion, however, has also landed him in some troubles. Some time ago, Melona decided to play a rather nasty joke on Issei, proclaiming interest to join his harem and letting him grope her breasts. He immediately proceeded to do so, but Melona's acid badly scorched his palms. Rias and the rest of the harem still hold a grudge on Melona because of it.
  • Yuno Gasai is the only goddess in the Pantheon that Issei doesn't want to deal with. Why? Well, you know exactly why. The fact that now Yuno is currently hunting down Akeno as she seduced Yukiteru does not help matters at all. And it just gets worse by the fact she's the leader of the Yandere Quartet, which the Chick Magnet Quartet, his group, vehemently opposes.
  • Due to his Boosted Gear's ability to amplify the abilities of his allies as well as his own, many of the gods are interested in having him around whenever they set off as a team, especially gods from the House of Friendship. He often teams up with Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki whom he consider as his friends due to sharing similar values in friendship, the desire to help their friends, and refusing to give up.
  • Gods who use psychic powers are honestly baffled by his second ability, Bilingual, which allows him to hear whatever a woman thinks or feels through their breasts as a medium. As ordinary psychic defenses against mind-reading is supposedly useless against Bilingual, many Gods agreed that his new ability is not to be underestimated.
  • Despises bastard boyfriends and bastard girlfriends which is justified given his first death due to Yuuma Amano/Raynare cruel betrayal and realizing that Diodora Astaroth was responsible for having Asia Argento branded as a witch by the church just so that he can "claim" her as a sex slave in his harem. As such, he is antagonistic towards Gideon Gordon Graves.
  • Issei is supportive of Scott Pilgrim as his own efforts reminded him of how he fought against Riser Phenex to stop Rias Gremory's unhappy arranged marriage with him. Due to this, the two often hang out and talk about each other's girlfriends.
  • Bahamut has some mixed feelings for Issei as he knows that the current Sekiryuutei is a good person at heart but his perversion to the point that he is presently called the Chichiryuutei is mortifying. As for Bahamut's relationship with Ddraig, it is rumoured that Bahamut is acting as his councillor after Issei's ascension.
  • Issei gets along just fine with Jiraiya as he is a fan of his books, especially ones featuring "Sexy Onee-Chans". He also joins Jiraiya in his "research".
    • Same story goes with Kenny, as both him and Issei are unabashed perverts who love boobs.
  • Momo is quite happy to give Issei her support of getting a Battle Harem but she also admits that Issei is currently doing a very good job of getting that with just his own efforts and good nature, without any conscious effort to seduce them either at that. That would not stop her from giving ideas to any lady that want to woo him though.
  • Was horrified when he realized that Naruto's female form when using his Sexy no Jutsu is to his tastes as it reminded him too much about Yuto Kiba when he was turned into a girl. Emporio Ivankov's ability to change gender on the other hand made him wish that he had that ability as well just so that he could turn his male enemies into beautiful women.
  • Was very happy on hearing that Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia and Irina have all joined the Pantheon.
  • While Asura begrudgingly admits that Issei is not an evil to be crushed, despite being a shameless pervert, he refuses to be on friendly terms with him in fear that he would "corrupt" his daughter. Considering Issei's ability to attract girls, many of the gods are betting that Asura will end up going Papa Wolf against Issei at some point. Issei claimed that if push came to shove, there was actually a very slight chance that he might actually be able to be on even terms with Asura; with enough time, he could gain the necessary boost in power from his sacred gear. Upon hearing this, Asura calmly went up to Issei, sized him up, then closed his eyes and visualized something that would make him sufficiently angry to demonstrate his point: Issei using Dress Break on Mithra. The resulting Mantra shockwave from Asura simply powering up was the stuff ballads are sung about. Upon being resurrected by Virtuous, Issei swore on his life he would never pursue, talk to, look at, or even think about Mithra, any daughters she may end up having, any daughters they may end up having, and so on and so forth for all time.
    • Then again, Issei also has a little problem with Asura: his voice reminds him of Kokabiel.
    • It is known however, that when shit hits the fan, Asura would put aside his distrust for Issei and team up with him. The duo is widely feared and respected amongst the Pantheon, and yes, they kick ass at all times.
  • Issei is instinctively afraid of Dovahkiin due to his nature as a dragon slayer, which is understandable given Issei's second death due to Samael's curse. Bahamut does reassure him that he would not attack allies though as long as Issei doesn't make any references to arrows and knees.
    • Despite this, many have positively compared Issei to Dovahkiin as they're both equally badassnote .
  • Whilst he is known to dislike the House of Disgraces like the rest of the gods, he is absolutely disgusted of Makoto Itou, stating that he's like "Riser and Diodora, with their worst traits cranked Up to Eleven, fused into one individual". As such, upon learning they're animated by the same studio, he's made a Berserk Button out of it.note 
    • If there's another deity that Issei hates just as much as Makoto, it is Akio Ohtori, who tried to take Asia's virginity right in front of him. The result? Well...
  • He is the leader of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet, which also includes Negi Springfield, Criminy, and Hayate Ayasaki. Out of the three other members, he is especially good friends with Negi; they've caused Rias and Asuna to create a partnership between the Occult Research Club and the Ala Alba, dubbed "Ala Arcana", which could have been a main factor to the Quartet's introduction to the GUAG.
  • Some time ago, Negi introduced Jack Rakan to Issei. The two have been getting along ever since, with Jack taking him as his newest protégé. Issei did point out that Jack reminds him of Azazel for some reason, though.
  • He's also very good friends with Johnny Sfondi and Kagura Mutsuki, as all three are huge perverts but with great gallantry.
  • Some gods have noticed he sounds a lot like Eren Yeager. Issei's not sure what to say about such thing.
  • Being a half-dragon, he is constantly hunted down by Ornstein, who aspires to kill him. As a result, the entire Occult Research Club fiercely opposes him, with Issei managing to defeat him a few times, a truly wondrous feat considering the game where the armed dragonslayer comes from. Despite this, Ornstein's not willing to give up his prey. Not even Koneko's Breaking Speech had any effect. At least Gwyn got a hold of him. On the other hand, Smough is neutral to Issei, but was warned by Rias that should he ever try to eat the lovable pervert, he'll face her wrath.
  • Frequently visits the House of Love and the House of Personal Appearance, for obviously perverted reasons towards the ladies. If not so, he visits the former to hang out with his friends Scott Pilgrim and Negi Springfield, and visits the latter to see Rias, as they're engaged, or spending some time with his Occult Research Club buddies.
    • As a matter of fact, Issei would usually go spend his nights and sleep with his harem (that resides in the House of Personal Appearance), because he's not very willing to sleep alone. Many perverted gods, especially those residing in the House of Lust, revel on his antics with his girls. The girls, as many know, are completely fine with him and his perversion, and enjoy spending their time with him. One time, in fact, Rias, Asia, Akeno and Koneko gave Issei a lap-dance...And this is how it ended.
    • Twice every week, Issei and Rias would sneak into the House of Romance with the help of Scott Pilgrim (who is friends with Issei, see above), and make love until the sun comes up. Suffice to say the House of Romance residents are amused over this.
  • One day he got into a fistfight with Bryan Fury. Knowing Issei wasn't fighting with all of his power, he decided to encourage him by angering him: that is, by hurting the girls of Issei's harem. It did not end well for Bryan.
    • Whilst he knows Bryan has done it just to make him fight harder, Issei still doesn't want to forgive him. On the other hand, Bryan says that it was the best fight he had in some time, and is willing to train himself to battle with Issei once again.
  • A few jealous gods wondered what some of the goddesses who like him see in him. If only they knew the lengths he is willing to go through to help them.
  • After Vali revealed Issei's actual combat prowess, Issei was forced to put up with a lot more "attention" from MALE battle-manic Gods than before the information was made public knowledge. Needless to say, Issei was less than happy with the turn of events, especially when it comes to Zaraki Kenpachi who reminds him of Crime Force Dragon Grendel.
  • Although it is a relatively useless (and perverted) technique on its surface, a couple of deities hold an amount of fear and respect for Dress Break. Though it is exceedingly unlikely a fight between the two would occur, Tali-Zorah was quoted as saying "Keelah...remind me never to piss HIM off..." The other is Kyubey, and for even better reason: an incubator hit with Dress Break ends up splattered all over the room. And unlike with Tali, Issei has no issue using the technique on him, particularly if the alien is attempting to study the causality-defying power of Rias's chest.
  • Azrael has made it clear that he wishes to fight him one day, if simply because of their clashing positions. And upon hearing how mad Issei gets if any one hurts his harem (just look at what he's done to Bryan Fury!), Azrael knows how to make him fight with with all of his might even if he refuses to do it at first.
  • Having heard that Chichigami will be threatened in the future thanks to Vali's grandfather, Rizevim Lucifer, and found out that his Boosted Gear doesn't work on him, he visited the one guy no one expected to train with: the Demi-Fiend. While the training session boiled down to the Demi-Fiend pretty much just pummeling his foe, Issei managed to hang on to consciousness long enough to study and ultimately copy the Demi-Fiend's Pierce skill, landing a solid hit through Masakados' defenses. His joy at this was short-lived, as the Demi-Fiend took one look at the blood dribbling from his lower lip and proceeded to explode half the House of Gaming with Gaea Rage. Luckily, Asia was able to bring Issei back from the brink with her Twilight healing, and the Demi-Fiend admitted to Issei that he was impressed, noting that even he had a hard time learning that skill. Issei calls this technique Penetrate. The Demi-Fiend quickly cautioned the use of the skill, though: after all, the skill is a product of Lucifer's power.
  • Wasn't really amused once he knew of the presence of another version of Cao Cao, residing in the House of Royalty. He's keeping an eye on him suspecting he's much like the Cao Cao he's used to, that is, one of his descendants.
  • Opposed by Mordred ever since he used Dress Break on her while she was in full armor. It was only the intervention of Rias and the rest of the Occult Research Club that kept her from blasting him into oblivion with Clarent Blood Arthur. After that, Issei has since promised to never use it on her again... though he's noticed she's started wearing her casual wear a whole lot more since then and occasionally blushes whenever he sees her...
  • His relationship with Cuuko is quite complicated. Upon seeing her, he thought that she was lying for being the Goddess of Those Who Fight "Naked", due of what he thought was clothing in her combat form, and used Dress Break on her. Not only did he find out that the "clothes" were part of her body, but Cuuko got mad for not just for attacking her, but for the fact that the only person allowed to strip her is Nyarko. Issei had to apologise to her and run away before she would summon her Attack Drones on him. According to many a god, however, the two are Not So Different; even so, all reconciliation attempts between the two have failed miserably. A certain attempt of these was rather infamous, in which Cuuko gave Issei quite the perturbing "Reason You Suck" Speech, with the rest of the Occult Research Club as witnesses. Their reaction? They all calmly responded: "Shut the fuck up, Cuuko.".note  Some days later, however, Issei stumbled on Cuuko watching a hentai. He decided to join - even though he wasn't willing to at first, and while watching it, the two came to realize they are - all in all - not so different. Since then, the two reconciled; now they can be seen goofing around from time to time - for example, they ofter play H-Games together - and Cuuko forgave Issei for the speech she gave to him. The two would prefer not to speak of the incident, though.
    • Even before the two of them became friends, Issei had a good relation with Mahiro Yasaka, Nyarko and Hasta, though Issei does try to not hit on Nyarko, was it either knowing that her love for Mahiro wouldn't waver for him or due of Cuuko, first being out of fear and then being out of respect.
  • What Issei doesn't know that a sorcerer named Shinnok is trying to hatch a plan to steal away his Boosted Gear, for not only does he want the Boosted Gear's power, but it would also make him the sole god of a certain position. Asia, however, also having a place in the House of Magic, has unintentionally discovered his plans and quickly warned Issei about it.
    • The next goddess who found out about Shinnok's plans was Rachel Alucard, who promptly allied with Issei to help him stop the evil sorcerer.

    James Howlett 
James Howlett, God of Berserker Rage, Hand Claws, and Publicity (Wolverine, Best There Is At What He Does, Wolvie, Logan)

    Johnny Storm 
Johnny Storm, God of Covering Self In Flame (Human Torch)
  • Intermediate God... Greater God when uses his powers at full scale
  • Symbol: A circle with a four in it, engulfed in flames.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fire, Body In Flames, Johnny McCoolnames, Being Too Hammy, Hotblooded And In Charge, Fun Personified, Flight, Casanovas, Chivalrous Perverts, Death Is Cheap, Wreathed in Flames, "Flame On!".
  • Domains: Fire, Power, Superheroics.
  • Allies: Captain America, Zuko, Sol Badguy, Natsu Dragneel, Roy Mustang, Hwang Yang Long, Firestorm, Captain Planet, Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Temari, Toph, Mister Fantastic (his brother-in-law), Invisible Woman (his sister), Spider-Man, Bart Simpson.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds With: The Thing (not yet ascended).
  • Enemies: Doctor Doom, Starjun, Yhwach.
  • Johnny Storm was once the High Priest of Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai, the very first God of Fire, but with him being entirely disappeared from existence, the Human Torch refused the presence of the God of Fire, who was evil, and rose in his honor, culminating in an epic battle to dethrone said evil God with a former follower. The battle was with a cost: Johnny lost control of most of his powers and entrusted them to said friend as he now took up this position, considering that it fits better with his thing.
  • At this moment, he still stood ready to oppose the one who erased Yamamoto from existence, Yhwach. Johnny doesn't care about trivialties like that, if he says the old man lives in his and everyone's heart, then it's NOT existence erasure, and there's no way in hell Yhwach could say otherwise.
  • When he and Captain America are in the same room, the two look at each other weirdly since they look similar.
  • Not to be confused with Johnny Cage. Human Torch himself also happily joins in with the camp of "I refuse to let Johnny Cage play as me." despite acknowledging his heroic spirit.

    "Josuke Higashikata" 
"Josuke Higashikata", God of Aliment Transference (The Eighth JoJo, Jo2uke, Gappy, Yoshikage Kira)
  • Theme Song: Then Can You Tell Me... Who Am I?
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Soft & Wet"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Accidental Pervert, Amnesiac Hero, amazing peripheral vision, very smart but lacking common sense, trying to discover who he actually is
  • Domains: Bubbles, Combat, Combination, Memory
  • Allies: Jotaro Kujo, Luna Lovegood
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira
  • His Stand Soft & Wet allows him to create soap bubbles that, when popped, can steal anything from whatever they were on. So far he was able to steal water from a woman's body, causing her to become thirsty, and steal the sound in a room, making it soundproof. When the bubbles pop, they release whatever they stole onto whatever popped them.
  • He was ascended by Jotaro on the promise that he would be able to discover who he truly is. Until then, he is open to helping anyone that needs help or can find out more about him.
  • He is trying to get to know Yoshikage Kira as he knew someone with that name in his universe, but also for another reason that he cannot explain.
    • Though he himself does not know others have found out that "Josuke" is actually half Yoshikage Kira and someone else when his universe was rebooted by Enrico Pucci.
  • Other members of the Pantheon are often caught off guard by his personality, e.g. his attempts to sleep between the mattress and the bedspring for "increased compression".
  • He does well with other like minded individuals often trying make jokes or play nice despite it seeming strange to anyone who is not a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
  • Does not like the fact that he sounds like Tohru Adachi after learning about what he has done.

    Jotaro Kujo 
Jotaro Kujo, God of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs (The Third JoJo, Jotaro Cujoh)

    Ken Masters 
Ken Masters, God of Moveset Clones

    Kun Lan 
Kun Lan, God of Evil People With Good Powers (Director of The Heaven Smile, The Last Shot Heaven Smile, ANGEL, Mara Papimer, Vincel Dill Boris VII Iwazaruscof, Iwazaru)
  • Theme: Angel's Despair.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Face of the Heaven Smile.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Profolio: Power of Life, Laughing Hysterically, Playing with Humanity out of boredom, Long Time Manipulator, CompleteImmortality, Terrorism for the sole purpose of causing terror, Turning People into Heaven Smile
  • Domains: Magic, Life, Villainy, Laughter, Manipulation, Body Horror, Happiness, Smiling
  • Allies: David Zappa, Angus Bumby, Mr. Scratch
  • Rival: Harman Smith
  • Enemies: Smith Syndicate, Mondo Zappa, Princess Luna, Travis Touchdown
  • He decided to appear in the house after his boredom with his various games against Harman and decided to see if he can find new people to play against.
  • He wields the power of his universe's God Hand, a hand that embodies the power of the gods as he puts it and it grants him the power of Life and Creative Force, but decided to use it to twist the lives of people around him to make Heaven Smile and can do so with the touch of his God Hand.
  • If he cannot find a person to interest him then he simply attempts to go after other good aligned members of the pantheon so that he can turn them into Heaven Smile to up the stakes in his and Harman's game
  • He is often seen as immune to trolling as any attempts to do so will be meet with uproarious laughter before trying to make the trolls laugh and smile for him whether they want to or not with a good shake of the hand. This has made the Trollkaiger furious as unlike most other gods who are too ditzy or capable of replying with insults, he'll go along with it and throw it back to their faces.
  • Often gets tired of hearing people drone on about changing the world for good or ill as he claims:
    "The world won't change, All it does is turn"
  • Giggles at the mention of The Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    "A new generation of children will bring order to this age"
    • Those giggles have turned into outright Laughter as he continuously mocks them for their recent defeats and failures.
  • Likes to mock any gods that try to tell him to get serious.
    "Hmm, there's always time for fun, it's Friday night!"
  • He from time to time likes to mess with people that enter his part of the house by creating an illusion of a four winged blonde angel that claims to want to wipe out humanity. He just wants to see who can see through the trick and what they will do so they can amuse him.
  • Likes to hijack the Puella Magi's televisions to show them the process of becoming Heaven Smile, he often shows this to give them the idea, when asked why he answers with a laugh and a showing of his sparkling God Hand.
    "These games are often fun when the opponent has proper motivation".
    • He has recently attempted to find ways to turn them into Heaven Smile just to see what would happen
  • Knows of Gene and his God Hand and though to Lan knows he's not interesting enough to play against, he does note that Gene's God Hand is like Harman's, a destructive force.
  • He laughs off gun wielding gods as he can easily catch bullets with no struggle no matter how fast they are shot, even capable of flying by grabbing the bullet in the air just to show off.
  • Is unconcerned with people trying to kill him as 1) he very hard to kill and 2) he has thousands of Heaven Smile. Even if they did successfully kill him, he would return a hundred years later to return where he left off.
  • There is a warning issued around the house that if you hear these noises and cannot find the source to back away immediately, then contact those that can fight the Heaven Smile in the area.
  • Looked at both Rey Mysterio and El Santo with disdain, as they reminded him of one of the members of the Smith Syndicate, MASK de Smith. Neither of them are capable of MASK's true potential, whether it be the ability to use grenade launchers against the Heavenly Smiles or the fact that MASK was able to both headbutt an incoming bullet and suplex rubble. Not to mention, it is said in a legendary tome known as hand in killer7, MASK would eventually become the main personality of the Smith Syndicate a hundred years later.
  • He is a terrible Chess Player as he always seems to lose, though that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to manipulate useful pawns.
  • He also appears as a being named Iwazaru, calling those that stumble on this form "Master" and giving advice and directions that are either unhelpful or flat out wrong. He finds this form to be the best way to have some fun.
  • Kun Lan decided that the best way to find someone worth playing his games due Harman not being in The Pantheon to play against. he decided to attempt to release Heaven Smile everywhere and against everyone and turn many enemies into Heaven Smile for his amusement.

Lucy, Goddess of Psychic Powers (Lucy, Nyu/Nyuu, Kaede)
  • Theme Song: Lilium.
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Helmet.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as her Third Personality), True Neutral (as Nyu), Chaotic Neutral (as Kaede)
  • Portfolio: Split Personalities, Psychic Powers, Non-Human Supremacists, Unbridled Rage lasting 90% of her lifetime, Woobies, Destroyer of worlds, Villain Protagonists, Evil Redheads, Nightmare Fuel, Enfant Terribles, Creepy Children, Gone Horribly Right
  • Domains: Chaos, Domination, Mind, Madness, Pain, Hatred.
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Hansel and Gretel, Roberta.
  • Enemies: Herr Doktor Tenma, Revy, Magnus The Red, The Imperium of Man (especially The Emperor of Mankind).
  • Followers: Razputin, No. 7, Miroku Amagi, Darryl Revok, Alma Wade, the Red Man.
  • As her evil personality, frequently clashes with just about every other member of the Pantheon. As Nyuu, frequently tries to befriend them. As Kaede, simply wants them all to leave her alone.
  • This is some really fucked up person right here, and scares the shit out of a good portion of the Pantheon. It's not her life's dedication to random, senseless killing (pretty much two thirds of the Pantheon is like that anyways), but the fact that it's impossible to tell whether her murderous behavior is "Nature" or "Nurture".
  • It's only gotten worse now that she's 'married' to Johan Liebert and become the 'big sister' to Hansel and Gretel, of whom they share their passions of destroying human life. Lucy's relationship with Kouta still remains, but is purely one-sided in favor of Lucy due to being the 'wife' of an equally dangerous person.
  • Ness is currently trying to either stage a takeover against Lucy or have a spot in the house as her Good Counterpart.
  • Herr Doktor Tenma and some other members of the Pantheon who know of Kaede and Nyuu's (relative) innocence are formulating plans to find some way to separate the "Lucy" personality from them, likely by extracting Kaede and Nyuu and giving them their own bodies. This would perhaps allow Kaede (who is markedly less homicidal than her dark side unless provoked) to actually have a chance at happiness with Kouta and with friends (her already-present friendship with Himei Shoutan is strong evidence of this being possible). Of course, if it succeeds this is predicted to leave the "Lucy" persona wholly stripped of any goodness or restraint, including any of Kaede's or Nyuu's love of Kouta, leaving her just as evil but without anything holding her back; the general consensus amongst the would-be rescuers is "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". To everyone's shock (and horror,) Johan has expressed support of this endeavor: the idea of Lucy COMPLETELY uninhibited by any concept of morality is quite tempting to him. Tenma plans to move forward regardless: he's satisfied so long as he saves Kaede and Nyu from Lucy's (and by extension Johan's) grasp. Besides, there are more than enough powerful gods in the vicinity willing and able to stop Lucy if she goes on a rampage.
  • She's still pretty damn pissed about her last encounter with Magnus The Red, trying to find a way to get revenge for what he did to her in their battle.
    • She did try to get her revenge by building an army of diclonii, both for the sake of fighting Magnus and for the sake of eradicating humanity. Sadly for Lucy, Magnus had forseen this, leading to him making sure that hundreds of not thousands of her followers fell to chaos and rebelled against her. Her plans are currently on hold untill she can deal with this civil war.

    Might Guy 
Might Guy, God of Dynamic Entries (Maito Gai, Gai-sensei, Might GAR)
  • Theme Song: Might Guy's Theme.
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using the 8 gates)
  • Symbol: Team Guy logo, with a shiny sparkle like his teeth.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Dramatic, unseen, Lightning-fast strikes, Crouching Morons, Hidden Baddassess, Team Father Figures, Hot-Blooded, Large Ham, Super Awesome Names, Unknown Rivalry, Values of Youth, Epic Eyebrows, Manliness.
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya, Bang Shishigami, Guy Shishioh, Bruce Lee, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Kakashi
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Obito, Madara, anyone who gives him a thumbs down expression.
  • Literally made his entrance to the Pantheon by giving Jiraiya a flying kick on the face. He has since apologized.
  • Surprisingly gets along very well with Bang. Maybe since at least Bang was much more open in 'rivalry' than Kakashi ever did to Guy. It helps that they're hot-blooded Large Ham.
  • Is actually honored to ever share the same name with Guy Shishioh. Might is greatly impressed with Shishioh's courage AND youthful spirit, and Shishioh also respects Might's experience and dedication to the force of Good.
  • It is often that inhabitants of the Pantheon mistakes him for Bruce Lee from long distances. This has sadly made sure that he has gotten himself targeted by attacks from the GUAE's ranged troops many times. Not that it's a problem, because he always finds a way to get close quick and give them a flying kick on the face in lightning speed.
  • Is somewhat heartbroken by the fact that his once idealistic classmate, Obito Uchiha, is now on the side of the GUAE.
  • He is proud to hear that his beloved pupil Lee has ascended and he also proud to hear that his ultimate rival, Kakashi has ascended. Unfortunately, Kakashi's reply for his proudness is his usual cool "Did you say something?".

Rei, God of Ridiculously Sharp Fingers (Star of Justice)

    Samus Aran 
Samus Aran, Goddess of Planet Exploding (The Hunter, the Hatchling, Metroid)

    Scott Summers 
Scott Summers, God of Eye Beams and Power Incontinence (Cyclops, Cyke, Slim Summers)

    Shang Tsung 
Shang Tsung, God of Soul Absorptions
  • Theme Music: MK3 Soul Chamber Theme.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Green Orb of Soul.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifters, Playing with Fire, Flaming Skulls, Cursed With Awesomeness, Fighting Sorcerers, Evil Beards, Betrayal, Soul-Sucking And Regenerating From It.
  • Domains: Shape, Soul, Magic, Evil.
  • Those whose souls he absorbed: The Skrulls.
  • Allies: Starscream, Shao Kahn, The Joker, Mileena (his creation).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Quan Chi.
  • Enemies: Akuma, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Smoke, Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Kitana, Kurtis Stryker.
  • Opposes: Madara Uchiha, Gary Smith.
  • Shang Tsung was formerly just a Lesser God, and was actually competing the place of the God of Shapeshifting with the Skrull, especially their Queen Veranke. Fortunately, after Veranke's blunder of her perfect disguise for years and ended up not doing anything significant with it, Shang Tsung took advantage of it and absorbed her soul, followed with her whole race, giving Tsung tremendous power and lifts him to the power of Intermediate God.
    • However, by a strike of bad luck, Shang Tsung was ambushed by Wilhelm von Juergen and although he escaped, he lost grip to Veranke's soul, which now resides within Juergen's ODE as a result. Shang Tsung swore revenge, claiming that Juergen should know his place better than to mess with him.
  • He's the one who freed Quan Chi from the Disgraces after sending evidence that there's a worse offender in Gary Smith to the Court of the Gods. After all, he and Quan Chi formed the Deadly Alliance long ago... but this doesn't mean that there's some enmity each other. Recently, they delivered a severe Humiliation Conga on Madara Uchiha after the Court of the Gods found an even worse offender than Gary Smith.
  • Together with Starscream, Shang Tsung now plots to backstab every Gods in the Pantheons and then absorb them, giving him the power to Shapeshift to anyone with ease.
    • With the arrival of Shao Kahn, however, he might need to put those plans on hold. Kahn's not happy with Tsung's battle with Akuma.
  • He once tried to steal Akuma's soul in a battle for his immense power but failed.
  • Also present in the House of Shape as the God of Shapeshifting.

Sub-Zero, God of Destruction Through Freezing (Kuai Liang, Tundra, Sub-Zero II, Cyber Sub-Zero)

    Vali Lucifer 
Vali Lucifer, God of Divine Division (Hakuryuukou, Ketsuryuukou, Ketsu Dragon)
  • Intermediate God (aims to vanquish even Overdeities)
  • Symbol: His Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Showing No Sexual Interest, Divine Division to the point of non-existence, Rivalry, Aces, Searching for Worthy Rivals, Dragons.
  • Followers: His Vali team.
  • Allies: Bryan Fury, Vegeta, Kenpachi Zaraki
  • Rival: Hyodo Issei
  • Opposed by: Gwyn
  • Ascended not longer after defeating Pluto, the ultimate Grim Reaper, by using Divine Dividing to the point that Pluto could no longer exist.
  • Due to his desire to vanquish every powerful god in the entire pantheon, he has few allies and holds little political power despite his powerful abilities. That said, he is willing to work together with other gods, including Issei, if it would allow him to vanquish anyone too powerful for him to handle alone.
  • Had caused trouble for Issei by informing the other gods of his actual combat prowess, especially his Cardinal Crimson Queen form, thus causing Kenpachi Zaraki and various other "battle-manic" gods to gain an interest in him.
  • Hearing of Asura's incredible feats had earned his immense interest. Vali aims to one day defeat him once he becomes strong enough.
    • He also was sincerely amazed on how Bryan Fury could keep up with Issei.
  • Gets along quite well with Kenpachi due to their shared interests in fighting strong opponents. Kenpachi is also one of the few gods who can fight against Vali while he is using Juggernaut Overdrive.
  • Has a fetish for butts but has little interest in sex. Due to the latter, he's not exactly liked by the House of Lust.
    • Because of his fetish for butts, many gods think he likes twerking videos. This has not been proven as of yet.
  • Albion, Vali's dragon and Sacred Gear, was known to visit Xuanzang for counselling due to having to put up with the fact that he is currently known as the Ketsuryuukou while Ddraig is known as the Chichiryuutei. The fact that Azazel is currently considering adding Vali to the Oppai Dragon show only aggravated Albion further.

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