Pantheon: Power Demi Gods And Quasideities

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Elpizo, The God Who Is Drunk with Power (TK-31, Elpis)

    Guan Yinping 
Guan Yinping, the Goddess who's Unaware of Her Own Strength (Guan E, Guan Feng, Guan Sanxiaoje, Karinping, Hulkping)
  • Theme Song: Will to Fight
  • Demigoddess (with the strength of Greater God)
  • Symbol: A dual headed mace on the ground with a rather large dent where the maces are.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Super Strength despite her small frame, Double Ended Epic Flail occasionally Wielding her mace with one hand, being innocent, Spins while attacking, Cloudcuckoolander, Kicking ass while being cute
  • Domains: Combat, War, Strength
  • Followers: Cassandra, Apachai Hopachai
  • Allies: Guan Yu (her father) Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Zhang Xingcai, Molly Walker, Yui Hirusawa, Hinata Hyuga, Orihime Inoue, Morgiana
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, Cao Cao
  • Odd Friendship with: Eureka, Broly
  • Guan Yu was proud to hear of her ascension, proudly announcing how happy he was that his daughter had ascended. They now eagerly wait for her brothers ascension.
  • Many gods that fought were utterly surprised at her immense strength despite her small frame.
  • It's noted amongst the pantheon sparring is quite a chore if you're not strong enough because she doesn't know how to hold back. Her brother even notes it as suicidal. Luckily for everyone she found a decent sparring partner in Morgiana
  • She is very impressed with Major Armstrong's muscles. As she wonders if she can get muscles like that. Of course a few gods say she doesn't actually need it.
  • Is one of the strongest goddess in terms of brute strength. For she is capable crushing boulders with her bare hands. Though she thinks the boulders are too frail.
  • She actually managed to befriend Broly of all people. She called him awesome and Broly not being used to anyone praising him and for the first time in his life. He actually nice to her and even smiled too.
  • Ever since the ascension of her friend, Xingcai, she's taken it upon herself to hopefully put some more muscle on the girl with some harsh training sessions. Although, Xingcai really doesn't see the point.

Merrill, Goddess of Good People with Evil Powers (Daisy)
  • Demigoddes
  • Symbol: The Eluvian mirror.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable Badasses, Blood Magic (with a mix of Keeper magic), Cloud Cuckoolanders, Covert Perverts, The Lack of Understanding Sarcasm, Cheerful Innocence, Moe, No Sense of Direction
  • Domains: Magic
  • Allies: Hawke, Varric Tethras, Hisao Nakai
  • Merrill's ability to get lost is matched only by the ridiculous places she has ended up ranging from the Go kart tracks in the House of Travel, a cupboard in the House of Food, Dream's Bathroom, and once she accidentally wandered into the Council of Shadow's Chamber. She couldn't see anyone because it was to dark and wandered out again about a minute later.
  • Merrill is frequently found digging through the House of Knowledge's section on Elven History. Sadly her progress has been slow since there is quiet a lot of Elven histories and she has a habit of getting lost in the shelves.
    • It's here she met Hisao when he was looking to brush up on his subjects. They've become friends as Hisao can mostly keep up with her trains of thought though she sometimes unnerves Hisao with the dangers of her field.
  • Rumor has it that the Chaos Gods of the Warp are entice her into making a Face-Heel Turn. It may only be thanks to Hawke's influence that she has not accepted their offers.
  • Merrill is known to be "friends" with Fenris, a known hater of magic as well as Anders, one of the most infamous and controversial mages known. It is only through Hawke's influence that they do not kill her (and presumably other deities)

Nepgear, Goddess of Powerful Purple People (Purple Sister, Gear, Ge-Ge, Nep Jr.)

    Utena Tenjou 
Utena Tenjou, Goddess of Extraordinarily Empowered Swordswomen (The Revolutionary Girl)


Magikarp, God of Future Potential Power (The Fish Pokémon (As a Magikarp), The Atrocious Pokémon (As a Gyarados))
  • Quasideity (As a Magikarp), Lesser God (As a Gyarados), Greater God (As Mega-Gyarados)
  • Symbol: A gold three point fin
  • Alignment: True Neutral (As a Magikarp), Chaotic Evil (As a Gyarados)
  • Portfolio: Com Mons, Joke Characters, Water, Starting Out Useless But Becoming Strong Later, Taking Levels in Badass
  • Domains: Water, Battle, Power
  • Allies: Aquaman, Misty
  • Enemies: Electric power Gods (especially Pikachu) but only as a Gyarados
  • Probably the most unthreatening god in the entire Pantheon, but be wary of mocking it for when it evolves, it will get its revenge.
    "I swear to Arceus, when I evolve, I will kill all of you."
    Book of Magikarp, 1:1
  • It has been known to evolve into its next form Gyarados while in the Pantheon. However, it never stays in that form for more then a day, at which point it will turn back to its Magikarp form again at level 1.
  • Don't think you're too good enough not to train it. It will follow you to the ends of the Earth for that slight.
  • Despite its massive power boost as a Gyarados, it can easily be defeated by electricity, which considering the number of Gods who wield such powers can easily put a stop to any rampages it may have before they start. Naturally it has developed a hatred for them when it turns into its Gyarados form.
  • Naturally, as a creature of the sea, Magikarp gets along well with Aquaman, in both of its forms. Thus, the easiest way to quell its rage as a Gyarados is to simply get Aquaman to talk it down before things get out of hand. The same goes for Misty who is a trainer of Water-type Pokémon and has a Gyarados.
    • However, since Lysandre has a Gyarados and a Gyaradosite stone, he and Gyarados should not under any circumstances be in the same area, lest even more carnage would happen.

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