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Greater Gods

Achilles, God of Semi Divinity (The Lion of Greece, Rider of Red, Pyrrha, Hero of the Trojan War)
How he's seen within the Battleground of the Gods 
  • Theme Song: "Achilles Leads The Myrmidons", "Profound Soldier"
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Spear (Diatrecon Aster Logche), Shield and Sword (Lionheart) of Achilles.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Fatalist, Blood Knight, Charles Atlas Superpower, Jerks, Will refuse to fight for someone that disrespects him, Has one true weakness, Loves making these.
  • Domains: War, Rage, Fighting, Skill, Power, Strength.
  • Allies: Atalanta, Lu Bu (Sometimes Rival), Lu Lingqi, Diaochan, Kratos, Zeus, Leonidas, Mordred.
  • Rivals: Hercules, Maximus, Percy Jackson, Algol, Gilgamesh, Karna, Kenpachi Zaraki, The Kurgan, Siegfried, Chiron (his master)
  • Enemies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Arturia Pendragon, Aphrodite, Apollo.
  • A powerful warrior born from The Sea Nymph Thetis who was the Daughter of The Sea God Nereus. This had given him divine origin and the strength and skill in battle that he has been known to have. He was later even more enhanced when his mother anointed the boy in ambrosia and put him on top of a fire, to burn away the mortal parts of his body, he was left vulnerable at the part of the body by which she held him, his heel.
  • He had his hand in The Trojan War, this was a war that he did not want to be apart of, his reasoning was that while he enjoys fighting battles he hates wars that are created for idiotic reasons, such as a king furious for his wife leaving him for another.
  • Despite this he loves battle and will often try and fight the strongest for Glory, this had led him to ally with Orochi as he wanted to find great battles, this had led him to fighting Lu Bu, they had discovered a strange sort of friendship in their battles both against each other and later against Orochi. Achilles sees them working together as Hunting prey and Achilles has stated
    "It's not so bad being next to the strongest beast on the battlefield. I can hear numerous cries and see much blood being spilled"
    • This would later turn into Achilles willing to help Diao Chan and Lu Lingqi if they ever need it.
  • Has a very deep view of fate as he believes that everything will eventually die and that it is better to understand and cherish it
    "The Gods you speak of I've met them. I'll tell you a secret: The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now and we shall never be here again."
  • Once dressed up like a woman to avoid The Trojan War and went under the name Pyrrha, unlike others who would be embarrassed by such a fact, Achilles likes to laugh and joke about those times, to him it didn't matter and would fight in his armor or in a dress as in his eyes the fight would end the same way: Him Victorious.
    • Though it did confuse Jaune Arc when he first heard from someone that "Pyrrha" ascended, he thought it was his teammate and visited only to meet Achilles who assumed he was there for battle, it didn't end well for Jaune.
  • Wants to fight Karna, as he is one of the few that can fight Achilles on an even level and expresses that it would be a hell of a battle.
  • Once confused Arturia for Mordred, a Saber he knew; this was quickly met with a fight much to Achilles' enjoyment.
    "Come... I'll let you feel what a true warrior is."
    • Was pleased to see that Mordred managed to ascend herself.
  • He is often manipulated by other gods to fight their battles for them; he knows this but doesn't care as long as he finds great battles.
  • He somehow wondered why he hasn't received official invitation to Chaldea yet... In case it DOES come, he also wondered why it took so goddamn long when he heard that his rivals like Hektor or Penthesilea got there first.
  • Is extremely glad that his 'Sister'/'Idol', Atalanta, ascended and completely sane, meaning that his efforts to save her from madness was a success... but he got the cold shoulder again like usual. However, at one point, Achilles managed to overhear Atalanta mumbling that she really owed him one and was grateful to him, making Achilles blush. But before he could reply on that, he heard that Atalanta also owed the people at Chaldea, causing Achilles to just retreat to his room and tap his foot on the ground repeatedly, wondering when that invitation to Chaldea would come to him.
    • It was even worse when Karna showed one of the things he learned from Chaldea: A high-five followed with "HEY YO, CHADELUXE".
    • Eventually Achilles was invited to join Chaldea, much to his joy to reunite with his idol Atalanta and having the chance to meet Hercules. Though he's also wary that he might meet a certain Amazon Queen that was so mightily pissed at him for some reason. He requests that if said Amazon is about to ascend to the Pantheon, they let him know in advance.
  • One day, Achilles received an invitation letter. He thought it was for Chaldea, but it turned out to be from other deities (including Chiron) to participate in the Battleground of the Gods. This excites Achilles, not just for the possibilities of good fights while waiting for the call from Chaldea, he gets a chance to smack Apollo in the face for that one guided shot of Paris (he'll have to wait later) on his heel.
    • While he did enjoy his new blonde pretty boy look, he's a bit disappointed that his Noble Phantasm got nerfed to hell, he can still wreck havoc, but not in the extreme manner of Holy Grail War ("Wouldn't it be cool if I could bring the world of Achilles Cosmos against those Gods? Instead of... just bashing them?"). Chiron just tapped in his shoulder and advises to just bear with it, it happened to him too. Point taken.
    • He also once had an idea to bring in the power of Diatrecon Aster Logche to the battleground, since he noticed that unlike the Fields of the Ancients or the Summoner's Rift, the battleground lacked a skill that stops time. Unfortunately his idea was overruled by Chronos, who didn't even have the heart to bring such power despite his dominion on time.

Millennium, Gods of Supernatural Nazis (Letzte Bataillon)
  • Role Call: The Major, The Doctor, The Captain, First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle, First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz, Warrant Officer Schrodinger and Tubalcain Alhambra.
  • Greater Gods (the organization as a whole), Intermediate Gods (individually)
  • Theme Music: Gradus Vita, War
  • Symbol: A swastika and the number 1000 splattered with blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those Wacky Nazis, The Remnant, Stupid Jetpack Hitler, For the Evulz, Monster Mash.
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, War, Destruction, The Undead.
  • Followers: Vindel Mauser (Super Robot Wars)
  • Allies: Red Skull, Ali Al-Saachez, Johan Liebert, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Edward Richtofen
  • Enemies: Raiden, Captain America, Yuji Sakai, Master Chief, Kiritsugu Emiya, Setsuna F. Seiei, Heero Yuy, Bright Noa, Amuro Ray, Hayate Ayasaki, Booker DeWitt, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Hakumen, Ragna the Bloodedge, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Dizzy, Painwheel, Gertrud Barkhorn, Alexander Anderson, Valvatorez, Tracer
  • Disrespects: Mard Geer Tartaros
  • The entire Kampfgruppe is confined to their zeppelin, the Deus Ex Machina. However, they have little problem in escaping, especially Schrodinger.
  • Despite having access to massive caches of wealth, they prefer to stick to WWII weaponry. They're classics, after all, though Deathshead suggests giving them new weaponry and equipment he invented.
  • Each of the members has their own pastimes:
    • The Major is often sought by other Chaotic Evil deities, as his famed "I Love War" speech can inspire bloodlust in even the most pacifist of hearts. Is an avid music connoisseur, though he specializes in grandiose war songs. May be a bit of an otaku as well.
    • The Doctor just as often is invited to myriad Mad Scientist symposia, where he has gained some notoriety. Currently seeks to obtain more research specimens. Human-demon fusions, SPARTANs, robotics of all rank and file and EVAs rank high in his list of interest, though he is closely watched so isn't allowed to get his mitts on anything that could serve to improve his technologies. Is rumoured to be as much an otaku as the Major.
      • He also tried to kidnap Dizzy and use her Gear cells to further enhance his vampire army. The end result is that he ends up getting his ass kicked by Sol and Ky.
      • In addition, he tried to kidnap Ryuko Matoi and experiment on her to create Goku Uniforms for the Millennium soldiers and Kamuis for the Werewolves to wear before she and Satsuki kicked him out.
      • However with Wilhelm around, he's managed to obtain parts of the information concerning the aforementioned technologies. So far, they've managed to to get a hold of and reverse-engineer the blueprints of the SPARTAN program and have combined it with the Millennium's vampirification process to create their own iteration dubbed "Ubersoldaten Zwei".
    • The Captain rarely leaves his post as the Major's bodyguard, but is quietly seeking someone strong enough to conclusively kill him. He was quietly delighted at Seras Victoria's ascension.
    • Rip wastes much of her salary in super-sugary merchandise. Other than that, she likes to hang around the House of Weapons, seeking challengers for marksmanship contests. Is often accused of cheating, though the accusers rarely last more than a few seconds before being killed by the same bullet. For some weird reason, she has developed a relationship with Bullseye.
    • Zorin is a renowned Mind Rape technician, much to Johan Liebert's pleasure. Unlike her fellows, she has no funny traits. At all. However, she prefers to remain aboard the Deus Ex Machina these days and is very careful when leaving, as not to endure a repeat of the Hellsing Manor incident, now Seras has ascended.
    • Schrodinger has seized the throne of God of Villain Teleportation in the House of Travel to extend Millennium's hold.
      • The fact that both him and Hayate Ayasaki share the same voice is what bothers the latter so much. Schrodinger gleefully loves that fact and uses it to troll him on a daily basis, ultimately gaining the praise from Yuuki Terumi, who has since made him his new minion to troll Hayate.
    • Alhambra has been banned from all casinos hosted by Marge and Tsunade after he attended one of the largest and proceeded to effortlessly break the bank at every card game. Is currently seeking the title of God of Cards. Yugi Muto has vowed to defeat him, considering him an affront to card games.
  • The Major prefers that nobody brings up the Cold War in his precense, due to it reminding him of suffering through "Blueballs for fourty years!".
  • Despite the intense lack of morals, the Major still maintains his pride and belief in humanity, something shared with his mortal enemy Alucard. As such, he found Mard Geer's embarrassing defeat at the hands of Alucard simply delicious and overall the slaughter of those who believe Humans Are Insects to be hilarious. Even if this mocking ended up with the demon showing up to wreck several zeppelins, all he said was...
    "Ha! Who gives a shit? They're Nazis!"
  • His joy only increased when he learned that Zeref had finally died and in a way that would've confounded Mard Geer. He relished in laughing at the demon that not only did Mard Geer fail in his purpose, it was done by the humanity he looked down on and by the fact the One Magic was something the demons would likely never be able to comprehand, much less reach.

Talos, The Apotheosized Man (Tiber Septim, the Dragonborn, Ysmir, Dragon of the North, Hjalti, Wulf, the Prophet, and a whole bunch of other names)
  • Greater God (potential Overdeity, assuming that he really is the glue holding Mundus together)
  • Symbol: The hammer-cross on his amulets and shrines
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (by his Nordic interpretation)
  • Portfolio: Ascension from mortality, conquering a whole continent, need for worship
  • Domain: Shouting, Conquest, War
  • Allies: The Dovahkiin, Kratos, Madoka Kaname, Oyashiro-sama, Paarthurnax
  • Enemies: Miraak
  • Followers: Heimskr, the Tribunal, the second Sheogorath, many citizens of the Empire, the Stormcloaks, virtually everyone on the A God Am I page
  • Talos represents all deities who started as man and ascended to godhood through their own methods, without the help of this Pantheon.
  • Though mostly thought of as The Good King by his human worshipers, there have been several controversial takes on his story, which portray him as a cunning usurper. He doesn't appear to say much on the whole deal.
  • Likewise, he keeps rather quiet on the status of the Civil War within Skyrim. Sure, he needs the open prayer supplied by the Stormcloaks, but, whether ruled by a Septim or not, the Empire is still his own.
  • As the Aldmeri Dominion wants to remove all traces of his worship, citing the "fact" that man cannot be god (though apparently elves can), Talos is forming alliances with all men who ascended to godhood outside the Pantheon just like him, whether they be messianic like Madoka or sociopathic like Kratos.
  • He owes his gratitude to Paarthurnax, who led the Greybeards that taught him the Thu'um. Likewise, he's more than a little PO'd at his former warrior-servants, the Blades, for trying to have him killed.
  • Even he thinks that Heimskr, his most vocal follower, needs to tone it down a bit.

Intermediate Gods

    Grigori Rasputin 
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, God of Fantastical Historical Figures (The Mad Monk, Lover of The Russian Queen, Russia's Greatest Love Machine, The Magician Arcana, Kirei Kotomine)
A Real Life photo of him
How he's usually seen in fiction

Paarthurnax, God of Ascended Evil Creatures (Ambition Overlord Cruelty)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An altar with Dragon language written on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Mighty scaled beasts, usually mixing Dragon language with English, ancient awesome people, shunned despite making up for past actions, possesing a badass voice
  • Domains: Dragons, Shouting, Age, Wisdom
  • Allies: Dovahkiin, Talos, Arturia, Torin, Seto Kaiba, Spyro
  • Followers: The Greybeards
  • Enemies: Alduin, Miraak, The Ebon Dragon, Acnologia, Mordremoth, Deathwing
  • Many millennia ago, he was the right hand man of a dragon who wished to enslave humanity and was responsible for many massacres. Now he is an old master of the Thu'um who fights evil dragons no matter where they might be found. He sits on the highest peaks of the Pantheon, willing to teach mortals and gods the power of the dragon shout.
  • He seems rather forgiving and understanding towards people who wishes to assassinate him for his past crimes, even if they turned out to be his own students. He even allows them to get a few hits on him without trying to avoid the attacks. Sadly for his assassins, they tend to forget that he only tries to make it fair for them before defending himself.
  • Black Bolt has been seen talking to him, wondering if he could teach him the Thu'um. There has so forth not been any words from Paarthurnax about what his choice was.
    • Arturia, on the other hand, has been approved by Paarthurnax to be taught, as he believes that she is Dragonborn.
  • On rare occasions when he leaves the mountains, he has conversations with Mario. Not many gods know what their connection is with each other. It is known, however, that they enjoy each other's company, because of their similar voices.
  • Seto Kaiba enjoys visiting Paarthurnax because where else is he going to find a dragon and a giant rock together? He makes sure to visit whenever Dovahkiin is absent, due to his dislike of the Dragonborn.
  • Spyro admires Paarthurnax for being a formerly evil dragon who changed his ways.
    • However, Acnologia despises him for teaching humans about the secrets of dragons, despite the utter hypocrisy in that statement.

Volcarona, Goddess of Creatures that Contradict Themselves (The Sun Pokémon, Moth of Solar Flame)

Lesser Gods

CatDog, Gods of Conjoined Creatures (James Cat, Thomas Dog)

    Nero (Devil May Cry
Nero, God of Uneven Hybrids
Devil Trigger mode 
  • Theme Song: Never Surrender
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Devil Bringer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Badass Longcoat, Having a Powerful Devil Arm, Being Vergil's Son, Getting Together With a Redhead, Blue and Red Right Hand, Son of a Whore
  • Domain: Demon, Swords, Guns, Rebellion
  • Allies: Dante, Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Squall Leonhart, Laharl, Rutile, Mana Tatsumiya, Kat (DmC)
  • Enemies: Mundus, Nui Harime, Mard Geer Tartaros, Satan, Zeldris, Estarossa.
  • Complicated Relationship: Vergil (his father)
  • When Nero first ascended to the pantheon he thought he heard his girlfriend Kyrie. To his surprise, and a bit dissapointment, the person was actually Orihime Inoue who sounded and kind of looked like Kyrie. He was in for another surprise when she introduced him to Ichigo Kurosaki who sounded just like him. And then was surprise again when he found out Ichigo was also a hybrid. Nero was totally weirded out by the similarities. One wonders how he'll react when he learn about Ichigo and Orihime's adventure in Hueco Mundo.
    • Because of the similarity between Nero and Ichigo, deities would purposely call them by the others name.
  • Became the unfortunate desired target of one Nui Harime. Nero is utterly disgusted with her and her psychopathic antics. The fact that she shares Kyrie's English voice makes it even worse.
    • This shared animosity has made him an ally to both Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu. Though, he declined in trying out Senketsu.
  • Mundus has became very wary after Nero's ascension once he learned he was a blood of Sparda. Though, he has some sinister plans for him once he found out who is father is.
  • When Dante heard of Nero's ascension, he was pretty much happy and decided to mentor the kid. Though, he doesn't go all out in their training, yet.
    • Might know that Vergil is Nero's father and thus making him his uncle.
  • As a welcome to the Pantheon gift, Dante has given Nero both Cerberus and Agni and Rudra.
  • Can play a mean air guitar.
  • Is hated by Mard Geer because of their conflicting views on humans; Mard views them as nothing but insect, but Nero believes being human is something special and makes them stronger then demons.
  • His family matters is a little bit of a touchy subject for him. His mother was a prostitute and he doesn't even know who his father is. Some of the Pantheon believe Morrigan Aensland might be his mother. She denies ever giving birth to him, because if she did, she wouldn't be able to have a taste of the demon cutie. Others think it might be Jeanne, but as she was under Balder's control at the time, she doesn't think so.
  • Has been acting as a sort of big brother towards Rutile. He cracked up when she mention how she and Stella broke Satan's rips.
    • Because of his friendship with Rutile, he met her other friends Sapphire and Almaz. And once again he was shock that the two sounded just like Kyrie and himself. And unlike Ichigo and Orihime at least for the time being, these two were in a relationship.
  • For some odd reason, Nero still has Yamato despite Vergil ascending with the demon katana. Not only that, but when ever Nero is even near Vergil, his devil bringer would glow bright blue. Because of this, Nero is determined to find out what's the connection between the two. This is despite him having brushed off the notion of being Vergil's son when it was first brought up to him by Fortuna's evil Pope.
  • Had an utter facepalm upon seeing how Dante and Vergil's second counterparts turned from partners to enemies after winning their war. So much Poor Communication Kills all around, from the way second!Vergil announced his plan for he and his brother to rule and then reacted to second!Dante's refusal almost as though he thought he already said it to the way second!Dante immediately got so incensed it led to the two trading blows and severing their previous bond all the while Kat watched helplessly when she could've been the voice of reason between both brothers' perspectives. Watching his slight temper tantrum, the original Vergil dryly joked that Nero sounded like a disappointed father.
    • Despite this, Nero did later find and befriend Kat in the Pantheon. He respected that she survived such a rough life and was so outmatched by demons yet still managed to be such a courageous help against the demons controlling her world, while she saw similarities to both versions of both brothers in the white-haired rebel of Fortuna (aside from the backstabbing tendencies of second!Vergil, that is). Speaking of which, he couldn't help but offer this parting shot at the tail end of one of their conversations:
    "By the way. If your two friends ever show up in the Pantheon, tell 'em I said they're idiots."
    • He could've sworn he heard her actually laugh as he walked off.

    Reinforce Zwei 
Reinforce Zwei, Goddess of Pure Magic Beings (Unison Device, Rein, The Blessed Wind, The Tome of the Night Sky)

Riki, Godpon of Adorable Creatures (This Year's Legendary Heropon, Your Rikiness, Big Ball of Fun, Stupid Furry Volleyball, Fuzzball, Old Geezer, Gramps, Cheeseball)

    Scanty and Kneesocks 
Scanty and Kneesocks, Goddesses of Horned Humanoids (The Daemon Sisters, High-Class Demon Commanders)


    The Temmies 
The Temmies, Race of Childlike Creatures (tEMMIE!, Tem, Temmiy)
Your average looking Temmie (Source)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A box of Temmie Flakes, sat on top of one of their jumpers. Alternatively, a graduation cap.
  • Theme Song: Temmie Village, Tem Shop
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Author Avatar for Temmie Chang, Cat Smile, Cloud Cuckoolanders, Cute part-cat creatures, really love Humans, The Ditz, love Temmie Flakes, will Buy anything
  • Domains: Monsters, Cuteness, Childlishness, Commerce
  • Allies: The Human Child, Ness, Lucas, Mr. Saturn, Rena Ryuugu, Tom Nook, Anna, Crazy Dave, Riki
  • Enemies: Flowey, Anyone who decides to not sell them what they want (Particularly Trolls).
  • Adore: Humans
  • Temmies are a particular race of creatures that are Part-cat/Part-dog and are very peculiar amongs other monsters of the underground given that they live all in a village. They are rather childish creatures and have a particular way of speaking, making their ascension sort of a weird one. They just showed up one day and nobody questioned why they were there to begin with.
  • The members of the Temmie race are known as Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie and Bob. The latter is the one that had the decency to ask the court of gods about their stay in the pantheon, given that Bob is the most normal of them all.
  • Temmies love humans and they are known to freak out whenever they see one. There is a rare high chance that you could be allergic to Temmies, so be careful.
  • The Temmies have trouble pronouncing words correctly, often pronouncing words in a bizzare way. Of course, others could say that this language makes them a lot more cuter.
  • When Rena first caught a glimpse of a Temmie, she immediately took her home. What Rena did not expect was that all the Temmies followed her as well and started hugging and petting her. It's not rare to see a lot of Temmies hanging around her temple, as they became good friends after a while.
  • The Temmies are considered to be the more Ditzy counterpart to the Mr. Saturns, given their similarities. Often the Saturns and the Temmies like to hold meetings in the house of Food where the Temmies share their Tem Flakes with the Saturns, who surprisingly they enjoy. It also happens that the Temmies are fans of both Ness and Lucas, who are also similar to the Human Child (And of course, they are humans).
  • Temmies used to be followers of Riki and now that they share houses they tend to visit him very often. Others will say that when the Temmies are around, they make Riki look like the most normal of them all.
  • There is one particular Temmie that runs the Tem Shop in the House of Commerce, where they sell and buy pretty much anything. It's been a popular place to visit and Temmie is happy with it.
    • Temmie will sometimes ask for money so she can go to college. She did go once but she forgot what she learned. Thankfully the Child stepped up and pay her college again. Now Temmie proudly sports a graduation cap when she is in her shop.
    • This Temmie is also good friends with other vendors like Anna or Tom Nook. The one she likes the most is Crazy Dave, since they aren't too different— and because he's a human.
  • One thing worth pointing out is that they don't like being refused when they want to buy something, specially the Temmie who runs the Tem Shop. They actually take it very seriously.
    Temmie: You will regret this.
  • There is one Temmie who is allergic to herself and when she realized this, her face erupted. No, no one knows why this is a thing
    Temmie: hOIVS!
  • Many have noticed that Temmies' faces are in constant vibration, sometimes even moving away from their bodies alltogether. There is not an explanation of this strange phenomenon.
  • "hOI!!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!!"

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