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Pantheon: Neutrality
Neutrality (Reserved for gods of True Neutral alignment only)

Weighted Companion Cube, Avatar of Inanimate Objects (Companion Cube, Cubey)

Ralph Wiggum, An Eternal Constant of Non-Sequiturs

President Neutral, Quasi-deity of Neutrality

Sigmund Freud, God of Sexual Metaphors (Dr. Freud)

Antimony Carver, Goddess of Serenity (Annie)

Ciaphas Cain, Patron of Accidental Heroes (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!)

Lain Iwakura, Goddess of the Internet (Lady of the Wired)

Enma Ai, Ferry Girl of Hell (Hell Girl)

Roberta, Goddess of Roaring Rampages of Revenge (The Bloodhound of Florencia, Rosarita Cisneros)

Equinox, God of Balance
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A balanced scale.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil but claims to be True Neutral

Commander the Non-Entity General
  • Demi-Greater God/Goddess
  • Symbol: Variable, symbol changes daily to that of (temporarily) aligned faction
  • Alignment: Variable, alignment changes to regularly that of (temporarily) aligned faction
  • Portfolio: Armchair Military, Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors, Command And Conquer Economy, Ridiculously Fast Construction, Easy Logistics, Construct Additional Pylons, Zerg Rush
  • Domains: Real-Time Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy
  • Allies: China against Mongols, Allies against Axis, Rebellion against Empire, NATO against Soviets, Alliance Against Horde, GDI against Nod, Humans against Aliens, Protoss Vs Zerg, Thin Crust against Deep Dish, the commander plays for all sides without discrimination.
  • Opposed by: The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard
  • The Commander continues to command countless battles across time and space. This supreme commander commands and conquers in total war often against total annihilation, from the dawn of war to beyond endwar, some say living only for the craft of war.
  • The Commander has never actually been seen anywhere in the Pantheon, but receives and accepts missions from all Houses and Factions by way of Full Motion Video Cutscenes.

The Courier, God of Couriers
  • Intermediate Deity (is both an aspect and high priest to The Vault Dweller)
  • Symbol: The Platinum Chip, Alternatively, a bright yellow 21 on a black Spade
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as far as anybody knows
  • Portfolio: Delivery People Who Get Their Job Done, Those Unhindered By Death, Legendary Figures of Humble Origins, Cunning, Taking Levels in Badass, Viva Las Vegas, Wild Cards, Destroyer of one's Hometown
  • Domain: Delivery, Commerce, Endurance, Travel
  • Allies: Yes Man, Various Companions and Factions, The Vault Dweller, The Chosen One, The Lone Wanderer, Cole McGrath, Ron Perlman
  • Followers: Peregrine Medicant, Gordon Krantz
  • Official delivery-person of the gods, The Courier is a mysterious figure who is known for one thing: Being unhindered by such a thing as being shot in the head. The Courier will make the delivery, one way or another and settle a war in-between.
  • While all factions will want the services of the Courier, it seems that this humble messenger may have plans of his/her own, with the help of a certain ridiculously cheerful robot.
  • Most evil aligned gods, unless the Courier is already hostile to them, try to avoid getting said delivery person pissed, as they remember well the words of one of his heralds: Don't fuck with the man who delivers your mail.

Black Beanling, God of Rare RPG Enemies that give a disproportionate amount of experience points.
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