Pantheon: Nature Intermediate Gods

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     Arthur Curry/Orin/Aquaman 
Arthur Curry, God of Water (Aquaman, Orin)

Baldez, God of Casting a Shadow and Darkness ( The Dark King)

     Cecil Harvey 
Cecil Harvey, Molder of Light And Darkness (The Split Soul)

     Cole MacGrath 
Cole MacGrath, God of Extremely Multi-Purpose Electricity (The Devil, Electric Man, The Patron Saint of New Marias, The Demon of Empire City, Kessler)
  • Theme Song: Cole MacGrath.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Amp.
  • Alignment: Starts as True Neutral, and later goes into Lawful Good. (His evil form isn't part of him.)
  • Portfolio: Shock and Awe, Parkour, Creator of Electric Slide, Former Courier, Hero with Bad Publicity, Empowered Badass Normal, Blessed with Suck, Civvie Spandex, Karma Meters, An Ice Person later on
  • Domains: Electricity, Karma, Justice, Ice, Morality.
  • Followers: Eneru.
  • Allies: Thor, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Zeke Dunbar, Lucy Kuo, Nix, Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, The TMNT, Ryu, Jin Kazama, Misaka Mikoto, Satori Komeiji
  • Rivals: Alex Mercer, Raiden.
  • Enemies: Kessler, Kratos, Dracula, Polygon Man, Zeus, Ali Al-Saachez.
  • High Priest: Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock).
  • Upon his ascension Cole immediately went to the House of Otherness to settle his rivalry with the god known as Alex Mercer. However, their battle was interrupted by a horde of mutants which the two seem to encounter every time they try to finish what they started. They have grudgingly moved on. Their followers however...
    • In an attempt to settle the rivalry, Yahtzee claimed that the winner will be whoever's creator made the best lingerie for the rival character. Although he meant it as a joke, their creators took up the challenge and Yahtzee was forced to judge the event. MacGrath was ultimately declared the winner because Yahtzee did not want to see MacGrath's thighs and pubes ever again. Plus, Sucker Punch made Mercer enter with a better unicorn.
    • Speaking of rivalries, him and the God of Revengeance, Raiden, have met each other prior to both of their ascensions. While the outcome of their battle is unknown, the two appear to have landed on friendlier terms.
  • In his earlier adventures, he was assisted by the Ninja Turtles during his trips through the sewers. Donny even offered to upgrade his Amp.
  • Him and Nathan Drake have a good friendship, whenever they aren't hanging around at a bar with their fellow All-Stars, they are in in gun fights, even once KO'ing Kratos. (with a little help from Sackboy).
    • Speaking of the All-Stars, during this event, Cole's body was split into to parts, one representing his good heroic side, and the other his Chaotic Evil side. How this happened, no one is certain, most believe that it was the doing of Polygon Man.
  • Having once met Ryu and Jin Kazama in a battle to reach a mysterious object called Pandora, the two were impressed with his combat skills, and are glad to be able to spar with him again.
  • Him and The Cooper Gang are on good terms, especially considering the fact that they share the same creator.
  • Dracula is wary around him, considering he was able to kill Bloody Mary, a legendary vampire. Alucard, the Belmonts, Sypha and Grant have taking a liking to him.
    • Cole does his best to avoid Alucard however. The latter however does otherwise
  • He is fully aware of Kessler's true identity, and thus, attempts to avoid him as much as possible.
  • He has angered Zeus on the account of the fact that "A mortal has gained a mockery of his power", but regardless, Cole is not afraid to take on the God.
  • Outside of Pantheon, Cole was shown to hang around with Misaka Mikoto apparently sharing ideas of their powers to develop their own arsenal. They are like siblings Touma had once said
  • Cole frequently hangs around the House of Technology, often testing out and charging the various machines that run the Pantheon. Just don't give him anything with Gunpowder, unless you're up for some fireworks.
  • He also refuses to talk about his problem with swimming. Has nothing against Percy, Katara, Aang or others that control water personally though, he just avoids them at all costs.
  • After finding out about Cole's ice powers, Deadpool has been getting on his nerves, constantly asking "Do you want to build a snowman?" Cole eventually agreed, but first he visited Polygon Man, who split Cole into his good and evil halves temporarily. Good Cole then created an icy vapour around Deadpool, which Evil Cole shot at with his lightning, flash-freezing Deadpool.
  • Does not like Ali Al-Saachez, especially considering that they share the same Japanese voice.

     David Zappa 
David Zappa, God of Ominous Colored Moons (The Moon King, The Man That Stole The Moon, The Man Chosen By The Moon)
  • Theme Song: Lotus Power (Regularly), Never Mind (Stronger Form), Chosen By The Moon (Final Form)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Purple/Red Moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Appalling Fashion Sense, Badass Longcoat, Dual Wielding, Former Executioner, Acts causal out of arrogance, On par with, if not exceeding Mondo's, Able to easily block machinegun fire, Pretty much everything about him is over the top, Wields two gold encrusted Scimitars
  • Domains: The Moon, Dark Matter, Arrogance, Gold, Chess
  • Allies: Nightmare Moon, Kun Lan, Yami, Azel, Mr. Scratch, King Sombra, Randall Flagg, Xehanort, Death Phantom, Angus Bumby, Miracle Matter
  • Enemies: Mondo Zappa (His Brother), Travis Touchdown, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino
  • His influence on Dark Matter has effected The Moon that he rules, going from being outlined in purple, being purple with black energy around it and eventually Red in his final battle with Mondo.
  • He is a former Executioner of monstrous beings corrupted by Dark Matter know as "Wires", though now the very corruption that he fought has now turned him into a megalomaniac wanting to spread Dark Matter through out the world.
  • He is also The King of The Dark side of The Moon as he needs it for its true purpose even though he constantly claims that The Earth is actually his and the Moon actually belongs to Mondo.
  • Unknown to many even some other Members from The Moon does not realize that the moon is actually a Large Container for all the Evil Energies of every evil being in the Pantheon called Dark Matter, David wishes to crack into that power and let it flood the earth turning everyone into Wires.
  • He is often hanging around his palace on the moon and he often greets his enemies in a very casual manner, more often then not he will try to strike up conversation and tries to see if there is an alternative to fighting, though many already feel that it is about how arrogant he is.
  • He also seems un phased by their attempts at stopping him as he claims that he knew it would happen as he claims that his eyes can see everything. "Past, Present, and Future"
  • He is often fond of wearing an outfit that many claim to be "Eye gouging Bad", thus he is often forced to wear a suit that is similar to Mondo's except that it is White and Gold.
  • He takes getting hurt surprisingly well like the time getting his throat slashed by Mondo he simply staggers a tad and sarcastically chastises his would be assassin for the act.
  • He is often working with Kun Lan trying to make Dark Matter infested Heaven Smile, a combination that worries other members of the house.
  • Some are claiming that he is the reason Nightmare Moon is in the house, He merely scoffs at how boring that sounds.
  • He often seemingly bored and flat out dismissive of other members that are not Mondo as he only wants Mondo to be the one to inherit the moon from him.
  • He also claims that if The Earth or Moon are not enough then they can take The Sun, they would have to kill Mika for that though
  • What gets a good chuckle out of him is whenever he has to battle Gaara or Kain Highwind due to the fact that they sound similar
  • He has taken a liking to an aggressive Dark Matter being known as Miracle Matter. Though they have yet to conversed with one another yet David Zappa has increasing based his plans around Miracle Matter's movements and the creature does not seem to mind this.
  • Loves to use the fact that he sounds like Satan, Ragna, and Joseph Joestar. He believes he could use this to his advantage to draw in friends and foes alike to infect them with Dark Matter.

Diancie, God of Gemstone Assault (Jewel Pokémon, the Royal Pink Princess)
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  • Intermediate Goddess? (Greater Goddess? when Mega-Evolved)
  • Alightment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: A diamond with the Mega-Stone sigil inside
  • Portfolios: Badass Adorable, Gem-Encrusted, Everything's Better with Princesses, Legendary Pokémon, Princess Mook to Carbink, Rock-type, Fairy-type, Princesses Prefer Pink, Genderless in Spite of Its Very Feminine Appearance, Mega Evolution
  • Domains: Rocks, Fairies, Diamonds, Princesses
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Xerneas
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, thieves (except Sly Cooper), Spike
  • Uneasy relation with: Yveltal
  • As Diancie is capable of creating diamonds, it's spent a majorly of it's life fleeing from trainers who want to take advantage of this power. After seeing the pantheon, Diancie decided to settle there to hide.
    • However, even within the pantheon, there are greedy deities who'd want to abuse this power. Whenever this happens, Diancie would bring up a shower of diamonds and escape while the kidnapper in question celebrates their newfound treasure... only to have it disappear within minutes.
  • Despite having a very feminine-looking appearance and being refered to as a "princess" by its Carbink followers, Diancie is genderless.
  • In one universe, Diancie is a rather mischievous princess who's main purpose is to create a Heart Diamond for its kingdom once the current one dies. However, it needed Xerneas's powers to strengthen it, first, so Diancie teamed up with Ash and his friends to search for it.
  • Has an uneasy relationship with Yveltal due to the time where it absorbed the lives of many of its friends, including Pikachu. Diancie is just glad that Yveltal isn't evil, as it spent some time fearing.
  • Like many Pokémon, Diancie is capable of Mega-Evolution. However, it was somehow able to Mega-Evolve without it's own stone once, which brought many theories around. Though since Rayquaza can also Mega-Evolve without a stone, no one really cared, anymore.
    • Akemi Homura nearly had a heart attack upon first seeing Diancie in its Mega Form from a distance, thinking that somehow Madoka had gotten her powers back without her knowing.
  • Tends to stay away from the House of Heroes, since Spike once tried to eat it.

     Dune and Crocodile 
Dune and Crocodile, Evil Gods of the Desert Sand (Dune: King of the Desert - Sir Crocodile: Mr. Zero)
  • Intermediate Gods, Dune can reach Greater God in Giant Mode
  • Symbol: For Dune, the planet Earth as a Desert. For Crocodile, The Baroque Works jolly roger.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil for Dune, Neutral Evil for Crocodile
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Sand.
    • Dune: Hatred, Anti-Nature, Dryness.
    • Crocodile: Piracy, Crime.
  • Followers: The Desert Apostles (for Dune).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • As with many such conflicts, a fight broke out between the mortal Crocodile and the ascended Dune over claim to the title he held. The fight was drawn out until almost the entire mortal world they fought on was a desert. When Dune tried to return to the Pantheon to call the fight done, Crocodile was able to follow him into the Pantheon, where the battle resumed. Eventually a team of gods was called in to stop the fighting before every source of water in the Pantheon was dried up. The two have been forced to share the title ever since.
  • Dune ascended upon his mortal shell's purification, and his evil energy being reshaped and brought to the Pantheon by Black Hole.
    • Gaara of the Desert is currently trying to either stage a takeover against Dune or rise to the Pantheon as his Good Counterpart. He finally succeeded for the latter.
  • Crocodile was originally going to keep the Pantheon in the condition he and Dune left it to ensure his weakness couldn't be exploited. The damage was reversed to both the Pantheon and the mortal world thanks to Haruhi's Reset Button, and he has earned the hatred of most all water affiliated deities.
  • Dune serves Black Hole, and reluctantly lets his evil energy be used to power Black Hole. He finds it a bit weird that Black Hole is stuck in the Demonic Legion. As the first Pretty Cure villain to make it to the Pantheon proper, he decided to find a way to bring not just Black Hole, but also other villains into the Pantheon, to ensure his neverending hatred.
  • The Don has come to respect Crocodile after a while, and has welcomed him and his Baroque Works into the meetings of the many Families.
  • Dune is estatic at two of the Precure that defeated him being a part of the Pantheon, and is intent on crushing both them and the other Precure whenever he can.
  • Although Luffy has more or less put things behind him, the rest of the Straw Hat pirates hare still antagonistic to Mr. Zero, Robin in particular.
  • Gohma Vlitra and most of the good Nature pantheon deities Despise Dune for trying to make the planet Earth an inhabitable desert. Chakravartin finds his Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum amusing, though.
    • The Puella magi in particular hate him for his usage of souls in a way that seems not unlike the process of Puella magi's turning into witches.
  • When once confronted by Toph, who intended to put him in his place, Crocodile simply sank her into a Desert Girasole and walked away. Toph responded by sending him sailing with a rock under his feet. The two tend to avoid one another.
  • Though not a corrupt politician prolonging war, Dune has attained the enmity of Heero Yuy for their similar voice. Dune was particularly amused, pointing out that Heero's Wing Zero is also a tool capable of turning the world into a barren desert like he always makes, through war.
  • Despite being nominally indifferent, even Crocodile despises Akainu. Nevertheless, he is one of the many parties that try to prevent a confrontation between the admiral and Monkey D. Luffy so that way the Pantheon won't become ground zero.

Durathror, Goddess of Flower People (The Red Durathror, The Earth-Ruling Immortal)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A black rose sprouting vines covered in thorns
  • Theme Music: "Durathror"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Flower People, Green Thumb, Evil Redhead, Vine Ropes, Venomous Bees, Petal Power, Creepy Child, Sol-Elemental Immortal, Seeking For a Reason to Live
  • Domains: Flowers, Roses, Immortals, Light
  • Followers: Alraunes, Axle the Red, Optic Sunflower, Noble Mandrago, PlantMan.EXE
  • Allies: Audrey II, Exdeath
  • Enemies: Cecil Harvey, Tsubomi Hanasaki
  • One day in the Pantheon, these large, spiked roots started to sprout from the ground what tried to strangle every one who got near them, and for some reason were practically invulnerable to most normal methods, even fire. When gods in House of Nature started looking, they found a small girl wearing a black cloak. As it turned out, GUAE had somehow resurrected the Red Durathror, who was tasked to plant the Roots of Darkness across the Pantheon. Where Cecil quickly used his dark powers to eliminate the plants and defeat her, she managed to escape by burrowing underground.
    • Though as it turns out, the reason why she is with GUAE in the first place is because she doesn't know what else would her newly granted existence equate to.
  • Being an Immortal, she is almost impossible to kill unless she was purified with intense sunlight. However, after using her powers to seal the Solar Tree, she herself became Sol-Elemental, meaning that only way to weaken her is with darkness, making her a tough opponent to best.
  • Named after, but not to be confused with one of the four stags what live in the branches of Yggrasil. Some gods fear what would happen if she tried to use her powers to attack Xerneas in its recovering form...
  • Viridi would have tried to have her join her army due of being a living flower what could easily terrorize men. However, after finding out that Immortals in general want to turn every living thing into Undead or be destroyed, she decided to go against that plan.
  • Said to sound like Naruto Uzumaki when using Sexy no Jutsu, which is something she has utilized couple of times to lure out unsuspecting gods.
  • Harley Quinn mistook her to Poison Ivy after meeting her. However, Durathror isn't particularly keen on making any friendships with her.

     Erik Lensherr/Magneto 
Erik Lensherr, God of Magnetism and Evolution (Master of Magnetism, Magneto, Max Eisenhardt, Kuan-Yin Xorn[?], Mag-fuckin-neto)

Exdeath, God of Evil Trees (Exodus, X-Death, Exudesu, the Entropic Adversary)

Gill, God of Color Specific Elements (The Emperor of The Illuminati)
  • Theme Song: "Nile", "The Judgment Day" or "Psych Out".
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of The Illuminati.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: He respect his opponents and recognizes their abilities, Made Emperor simply because of his power and destiny, God Complexes, Combines Ice Powers with Fire Powers, Well Intentioned Extremists.
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, World Saving, Balance.
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, Whamuu, Algol The Pillar Men.
  • Rival: Orochi.
  • Enemies: Alex, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, M. Bison, Chun Li, Dudley.
  • Genetically Modified to become the Emperor of The Illuminati and The Savior of Humanity Gill has been given the power to use both flames and Ice through he red and blue sides.
  • He is currently trying to conduct tournament that would allow him to be able to weed out the weak and lead the Worthy to be able to live in paradise.
  • It has been prophesied by many that he would become the Messiah when the World Ends and lead them to The Promised Land, as such he is attempting to enter the various Parts of The Pantheon and get them ready for such an event.
  • He once had troubles with Dudley in the past due to that his organization owned Dudley's Father's Car, though they are still enemies Gill has given it back to him due to his combat skill and that Gill really didn't need it.
    • Now that Alex ascended... he's currently trying to convice him to join the Illuminati. Alex rejects, and since then, they're sworn enemies. The fact that he injured Alex's mentor Tom doesn't help at all.
  • Gill has also been able to fight on par with Akuma though he is not immune to The Raging Demon, he can resurrect himself as he did after his fight with Akuma.
  • He also has the power of Seraphic Wing which is able to show is Messianic power of creating a powerful multicolored field of energy that can defeat those that are not ready instantly.
  • He prefers balance and has a dislike for both forces of Order and Chaos though if they prove worthy then he will also bring them to The Promised Land.
  • Earned the Scorn of Chun Li after one of the adopted children she took care of was kidnapped by Gill's Organization in order to do genetic experiments on her, though it was his brother Urien that did that deed it was approved by Gill.
  • He's also the anti-thesis of Orochi. Wiz and Boomstick are currently arranging a potential Death Battle between the two.
  • Is getting help by Kars and The Pillar Men to try and pick out the Worthy in other parts of the Pantheon.
  • Often likes to claim when entering battle:
    "The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA."

Hexxus, God of Pollution (The Spirit of Destruction)
  • Theme Song: "Toxic Love"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A pitch-black skull
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those That Pollute For The Hell Of It, Showstealers, Showstoppers, Subversion of Heavy-Handed Morals, Sealed Evil in a Can, (Almost) Getting Crap Past the Radar
  • Domains: Blackwater, Blightbringer, Corruption, Death, Greed, Pestilence
  • Followers: Truax, Captain Pollution (as well as the rest of Captain Planet's Rogues Gallery, minus Looten Plunder), the Gaiark Ministers
  • Allies: Looten Plunder, Dr. Evil, Draco Malfoy, Majin Buu, Utsuho Reiuji.
  • Enemies: The rest of the House of Nature (especially Captain Planet, Ma-Ti, Viridi, and Shaymin), Tinkerbell, Jack the Farmer, Goku, Fluttershy
  • Despite their hatred of him, Hexxus cares little for his housemates—as he himself says, "flowers and trees depress and, frankly, bore [him]." His current goal is to capitalize on his long-awaited divine ascension by joining the main Gods of Evil.
  • Is currently stuck in a giant tree courtesy of Viridi dropping a Reset Bomb on his head after she found out about his newest plan to spread pollution. When he gets out, he promises to start concealing his plans a lot better.
  • It is not a secret Hexxus takes a very special interest in polluting, an interest of an almost sexual nature. Slaneesh actually tried to hit on him (then again, Slaneesh hits on Anything That Moves), but Hexxus refused, saying that Slaneesh might be foul, but not foul enough for his taste.
  • The Spirit of Destruction shares a rivalry with fellow fan favorite and Spirit of Chaos, Discord. Discord thinks of Hexxus that his "parking lots and shiny shopping malls" are too boring, Hexxus thinks Discord's methods is immature and juvenile. The tension between the two has gotten more heated considering that the only person Discord currently calls his friend, Fluttershy, values trees and wildlife dearly.

     John Egbert 
John Egbert, God of Wind and Comic Pranksters (ectobiologist, ghostlyTrickster, the Heir of Breath)

     Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider 
Johnny Blaze, Keeper of Flames Of Hell and God of Death Glare (Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance, Clifford Smith)

     Malfurion Stormrage 
Malfurion Stormrage, God of Druids (The Arch Druid, Furion, Prophet)

Nakoruru, Benevolent Spiritual Protector of Nature

     Nightmare Moon 
Nightmare Moon, Goddess of The Night… That Lasts… FOREVER!
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: a moon littered with craters forming a unicorn head
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: eternal night, twisted gods, sealed villans, shapeshifters, evil jealousy, those who used to be good, powerful darker sides, being hammy (though less so than her good side)
  • Domains: Darkness, Night, Moon, Space, Evil, Jealousy, Death
  • Allies: Balanar her former High Priest, Bladez (maybe) as they share the same enemies.
  • Enemies: Volcarona, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Utsuho Reiuji, Amaterasu
  • Hardly had Celestia and Luna ascended to the Pantheon than an unknown god or goddess somehow reawakened Nightmare Moon, Luna's resentful Superpowered Evil Side previously thought destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. There are three current culprit theories going about; Parsee, Bernkastel, and Terumi, though nothing has been proven yet. Laughing wickedly, the dark mare promised to bring upon the Pantheon an era of eternal night before being subdued by the promptly summoned Elements of Harmony. Unfortunately, they failed to function to their full effect and thus Luna is now in the same situation as Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff, her normal self still acting as co-Goddess of Winged Unicorns while her Nightmare Moon personality fills the role of Goddess of Eternal Night.
    • Months later, an unknown god or goddess (it's not known if it's the same one) managed to remove Nightmare Moon from Princess Luna completely…only for it to be plunged into Rarity, turning her into Nightmare's second coming. A fierce skirmish between Nightmare and her allies against Luna, Celestia, the remainder of the Mane Six, Spike, and all of their friends (including some gods whose followers were Equestrians), which eventually became a skirmish between forces in the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil. Eventually, the Nightmare was purged, and Rarity was saved. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon was revived by unknown means and provided a new body so she can continue her "crusade" against the Day.
  • Nightmare and Maleficent deny any and all connections to each other. The Pantheon is not fooled, though.
  • Nightmare Moon expresses interest in Utsuho Reiuji. Due to the singular nature of Equestria, she desires her help in comprehending the complexity of stars in other worlds. Utsuho herself, for her part, says she really likes Nightmare Moon's mane.
    • However, once she joined Sun Quartet, the two of them became enemies. Utsuho still likes her mane, but she gets distracted by Volcarona when she tries to stare into it too long.

     Ororo Munroe/Storm 
Ororo Munroe, Goddess of Weather (Storm)

     Percy Jackson 
Percy Jackson, God of Hydrokinesis and Assistant God of Mary Sue Hunters (The Son of Poseidon/Neptune, Seaweed Brain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Poseidon Cabin at Camp Half-Blood.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Summoning Typhoons, Badass Swords, Battle Couple (With Annabeth), Son Of A God, Evolving Power, Temporal Invulnerability, Slaying An Entire Battalion Alone, Communication With Sea Animals, Stopping The Tides.
  • Domains: Water (any kind, but especially salt water), Greek Mythology.
  • Followers: Gi, Irma Lair, Sogetsu Kazama.
  • Allies: Annabeth Chase, Harry Potter, Katara, Aquaman, Tytti Noorbuck, Captain Planet, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum.
  • Enemies: Kratos.
  • Opposes: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
  • He has a natural respect for Aquaman, even serving as the lead general of his armies in fighting for control of the ocean with Davy Jones.
  • Consistantly allies himself with Captain Planet in water-purifying endeavors, as he considers this extremely high up on his list of priorities.
  • Threatening anyone he considers a friend is not advisable, unless a watery grave is your preferred form of death.
  • Is currently appealing to the War Pantheon to bring in Annabeth as a Goddess of Strategy. So far, it's under consideration. Especially considering that he warned them that if they chose not to, they should probably consider not using their toilets. Ever. Again. Turns out that they approved for ascension and Annabeth is now reunited with him.
  • Whenever people compare him to Harry Potter, he is quick to remind them that one of them is a wizard, the other routinely takes on Gods and wins.
    • However, it is recently suggested that the two had a team up against two common enemies: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, and now actually respect one another.
    • After that, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum offered him to join in their group. Percy proudly accepts and now is hunting every Sue-ish Deity in existence.
  • He's royally pissed off at Kratos for killing his father, and plans to seek his revenge once he regains the Curse of Achilles.

     Queen Elsa 
Queen Elsa, Benevolent Goddess of Endless Winters (Snow Queen, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, formerly Princess Elsa of Arendelle)
  • Theme Song: Let It Go
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her signature snowflake. Alternatively, a crocus flower, the symbol of her kingdom.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Good, then Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ice Queen, Defrosting Ice Queen An Ice Person, Broken Bird, former inability to control her powers, Celibate Heroine, The High Queen, Braids of Action, care for her sister, Dreamworks Face, powers based on her emotions, Mystical White Hair, formerly stoic, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Snowlems, unintentionally caused an endless winter in her kingdom, able to undo the endless winter by love, strutting in the light of day
  • Followers: Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, all residents of her kingdom, Marshmallow
  • Special Relation: Anna (young sister), Olaf (creation), Marshmallow (creation).
  • Allies: Anna, Every Disney Princess (including Vanellope von Schweetz who doesn't consider herself to be a princess), Weiss Schnee, Sora, Cygnus Hyoga, Rylai, Charlotte LaBouff, Rachel Roth, Kazumi Amano, Ashe, Jarvan IV, Ice King, Jaina Proudmoore
  • Enemies: Anything that associates with fire (no offense to Gods like Zuko, Scorpion, K' or Human Torch), Arthas Menethil, Master Xenahort, Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Prince Hans, Tyrantrum(One sided).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rin Tohsaka.
  • High Priestess: None (Elsa hasn't found a suitable priest or priestess associated with eternal winter who isn't evil. She absolutely will not accept the White Witch for the position.)
  • Ascended as the literal counterpart of Mitsuru Kirijo.
  • Holds a spot in the House of Royalty as the Goddess of Winter Royal Ladies.
  • She is a good friend of Mello because of their (and Anna) liking of chocolate.
  • She despises Arthas Menethil for his evil use of ice and reminding her a lot of Prince Hans. However, she was able to respect Captain Cold for showing some humanity, despite his evil use of ice.
  • Many of the Disney Princess were shocked to see that she is crowned Queen and is not evil, considering their stances with them, particularly Snow White. Elsa shows that not all queens in Disney worlds are immediately evil and is willing to help her princess friends with that prospect.
  • She hope to see Lina and Rylai make up and become sisters again, just as how she and Anna were able to rebuild their sisterly relationship after thirteen years of separation and several other problems.
    • Likewise, Elsa wants Rin Tohsaka to make up with her estranged sister Sakura Matou, knowing about the latter's childhood trauma and how having a sister for comfort really helps. Unfortunately, Rin continues to be apathetic to the situation of Sakura; as Elsa doesn't see any way in which this coldness is helpful at all, she and Rin aren't on great terms.
  • When no one is looking, Elsa has an uncanny ability to phase her braids through her arm. She claims that her hair is very 'complex.'
  • She has made a statement that she is not 'interested' in Jack Frost and has told Nicholas St. North as much, but she is willing to help Jack with his merriment of snow.
  • Some people want her to be friends with Wreck-it Ralph due to their stance of heroism/villainy. Vanellope likes her a lot and is willing to share hot chocolate with her every now and then.
  • She sympathizes with Rachel Roth over their need to control their power and emotions, the havoc their powers can wreak if left unchecked, and Rachel's belief that she needs to be emotionally closed off from others. They have been helping each other to open up more emotionally.
  • She doesn't hold any antipathy towards the fire-based gods, but they are polar opposites, and it's simply not prudent to hang around pyrokinetics when your clothes are made of ice.
  • When she found out the God of Snowlems was a homicidal killer, she personally stormed his temple, destroyed him, and crowned Olaf as the new god in residence. As Jack had fallen into obscurity at the time, few gods objected to the change in leadership.
  • Has met Ice King before and surprisingly, Ice King isn't interested in her as he claims he's only interested in princesses.
  • Her theme song is popular. POPULAR. It has been translated to every known language spoken in the Pantheon—even the Disgraces like it (and that's saying something!). The House of Music compiled a whole album based on that one song. It rivals Emmet's theme of "Everything is Awesome!" in pure catchiness. Emmet himself has conceded in knowing that Elsa's song was well-known, and even did his own performance with his LEGO just for her. It has found a special place in the hearts of Himeko, Chikane, Shuichi and Eiri.
    • Lucifer gives his full recommendation to the song, citing the virtues of letting one's desires and emotions run free rather than bottle it up and put on a false face, and to use your powers to shape the world as you see fit, regardless of what others think: Elsa thinks he's a creep: at least she had the 'decency' to run away to use her power in solitude! Even at her worst, she didn't use her power to bully and crush those weaker than herself!
    • Considering 'building a snowman' or ninety to help out during the Great Upheaval.
  • In particular, she is in support of Ashe for her benevolent rule of Avarosa and hopes that one day she would succeed in uniting the region of Freljord.
    • While also forming friendship with the Demacian Prince, Jarvan IV, Elsa has gone around to stop Jarvan into trying to visit the Southern Islands and exact 'righteous' retribution towards Prince Hans for what he did, saying that the past punishment should suffice, and she's taking at heart about those words where people shouldn't be monsters to face one. Out of respect to the Queen, Jarvan complied.

     Rainbow Dash 
Rainbow Dash, Goddess of Rainbows (Dashie, Rainbow Crash)

     Recca Hanabishi 
Recca Hanabishi, God of Fire (Rekka, Recca-kun, Ninth Hokage, Third God of Fire)

Sakazuki, God of Magma (Fleet Admiral, Akainu, the Red Dog)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The emblem of the Marines
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, though will insist he is Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Magma, Overkill, Insane Admiral, General Ripper, Undying Loyalty, Person of Mass Destruction,
  • Domains: Magma, Lava, Law and Order, Justice
  • Allies: Nikolai, Inspector Jarvet.
  • Enemies: Over half of the House of Crime, the House of Villains, Monkey D. Luffy, Whitebeard
  • A follower of the idea of "Absolute Justice", which says that anyone who's convicted of a crime should be wiped out of existence, down to blood relatives and children who may not even be aware of what their family member did wrong or that said family member was even related to them in the first place.
    • Sakazuki's first appearance took this to an extreme that earned him the ire of most of the good gods, when he annihilated a civilian ship that might have had a "dangerous criminal" (read: An eight years old Nico Robin) onboard who was guilty of the "crime" of investigating his world's unwritten "lost age". He adamantly refuses to admit that the last time he tried something similar to this, it started a second Golden Age of Piracy.
  • Is despised by nearly every pirate in the Pantheon, even the normally indifferent Crocodile. Both Luffy and Whitebeard hate him especially due to killing Portgas D. Ace, their adoptive brother and son respectively.
  • Despises all pirates in return, and goes to great lengths just to kill one.
  • Because of his mentality, he has continuously attacked the House of Crime, seeking to wipe all but a few choice gods out of existence. The House of Villains he intends to leave nothing alive. Naturally as one god he has made no significant progress, but is relentless all the same.
  • Due to the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Whitebeard gave him in the mortal realm after the death of Portgas D. Ace, Sakazuki tends to avoid him.
  • Unlike his situation with Whitebeard, he intentionally seeks out Monkey D. Luffy. However, great efforts from other parties (including Luffy's own crew) have been made to ensure that the two aren't even in the same house together, much less the same room.
  • Has found and recruited a few like minded gods in his campaign against "evil". Though it's believed that should he discover Nikolai's concept of justice is not truly as absolute as his own, he would not hesitate to eliminate him as well.
  • When Luffy heard about his ascension, he went on a rampage that wrecked much of the Pantheon, and had to be restrained by many members of the Main House in order to prevent him from encountering Sakazuki and quite possibly destroying the rest of the Pantheon. Whitebeard was similarly enraged and also had to be calmed down. Since then, the two have made attempts to avoid him lest they risk a similar incident.
  • Despite wearing red, having red-based power and having the same voice as Char Aznable, Sakazuki is still in training about how he can move three times faster than normal admirals.

Shaymin, God of Petal Power (Gratitude Pokémon)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Sky Forme)
  • Symbol: A Gracidea flower
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grass-type (part Flying when in Sky Forme), Legendary Pokémon, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, takes on another form in the day, being quite graceful, having different personalities depending on forme
  • Domains: Gratitude, Hedgehogs, Flying, Flowers
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Viridi, Ika Musume, Yuuka Kazami
  • Enemies: Hexxus
  • Opposes: Most ice-elemental gods in the pantheon (except Queen Elsa),
  • Ascended just after the events of "The Friendship Asylum", when it was found cuddled up on a bed inside a seemingly-abandoned temple. After a quick search of what this hedgehog is, and any tropes relating to it are available, Shaymin was allowed to stay.
  • After hearing about how one was separated from it's friends because of Giratina trying to capture Dialga, some gods around the pantheon have begun to grow Gracidea flowers in the case that Shaymin ever found itself away from the House of Nature.
  • Tries to stay away from any gods who's element is ice whenever in Sky Forme. This is due to the fact that if it touches ice, then it reverts back to Land Forme.

     Shikamaru Nara 
Shikamaru Nara, God of Shadows
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A deer-shaped cloud
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Power Over Shadows, Plans That Get What You Want, Having An Enormous IQ Before You Can Drink
  • Domain: Shadows, Plans, Sloth
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gecko Morria, who once tried to usurp Shikamaru's title.
  • Ascended through stopping a plot by Light and Pandemonium Warden by merely making a few changes to the scrolls of Square Enix for the annual ritual of Sept'Em'Ber Up'Date, effectively locking PW from shape-shifting into Mr. Rodgers or any highly-powerful deity, and reducing his, uh, stamina. Now has a seat in the Council of Shadows, despite not wanting anything else to do with the Pantheons. Hell, Temari and Batman practically strong-armed him into this mess.
  • Constantly says he and Temari are Just Friends. Even with her agreement on this, not many gods think this is true (It doesn't help matters when their actions resemble his sensei's). Of course no one was surprised when they actually hooked up.
  • Never really wants to do any real work, and never puts any real stipulations on his followers. It's less troublesome that way.
  • Can be found hanging out with Yue in the House of Philosophy… as neither of them are connected to it so they can both avoid troublesome work there.
  • Nodoka attempted to read his mind once, to settle a bet about his activities with Yue, and feelings for Temari… she can't say what she heard, he was thinking too fast. Which is scary because he was taking a nap at the time. She says the headache didn't go away for a week and a half.
  • Coyote Starrk considers him an ally, noting how they're both Brilliant but Lazy to the extreme. Shikamaru doesn't seem to care either way, though the two have occasionally played shogi together... whenever they're not just napping in the same room.

     The Nothing Card 
The Nothing Card, Avatar of the Fifth Element and Crafter of Destructive Spheres (The Hope, The Sealed Card)
  • Intermediate God; but wields the power of a Greater God
  • Symbol: A red winged heart with a black shadow.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Element Number Five, Power of the Void, Yin-Yang Bomb, Empathic Weapon, Knight Templar, Sealed In A Can, Mercury's Wings (on her head), Nothing Is Scarier, Scenery Gorn, Perpetual Frowner, Sphere of Destruction, Dark Magical Girl, Lonely at the Top, The Unfettered.
  • Domains: Negativity, Void, Magic.
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Zeratul, Nanoha Takamachi.
  • Enemies: Yin Yang Bombers, Dune, Tabuu.
  • Creates spheres of destruction via Beam Spam.
  • Spent much of her existence imprisoned in card form beneath Clow Reed's mansion, acting as a negative counterbalance for the positive magic of the Clow Cards. She was freed and went on an unfettered mission to reunite with her friends, destroying Sakura Kinomoto's hometown in the process until Sakura and the transformed Sakura Cards into performing a Heel-Face Turn. She then fused with a nameless card made by Sakura and became the Hope Card.
  • Intended by the Main House to be a negative counterpart to the positive energy of nature and magic itself. Terrified of being imprisoned in a lonely dark place again, Sakura came to the aid of the Nothing and with help of Phoenix Wright, convinced the Main House to give the Nothing a less traumatic position.
  • Gets on quite well with Zeratul due to their similar powers, and he helps convince her that she is not evil nor are her powers.
  • Hates Tabuu, realising he is pretty much a male version of her, and vows to stop him from dragging the universe into the Subspace World.
  • Destroys only what needs to be destroyed, erasing them from existence within her black orbs. Has tried to destroy SCP-682 on more than one occasion but her powers have no effect on it for some reason. Further attempts have been performed on the Order of Suetopia and some of the destructive reality crushing members of the Pantheon, but they've defied the Nothing's powers in various ways. The Joker avoidied erasure by throwing a custard pie in her face.

     Toph Bei Fong 
Toph Bei Fong, Goddess of Earth (The Blind Bandit, The Runaway)
As an adult and as a elder 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Winged Boar or Badgermole
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Earth, Cute Bruisers, Disability Superpowers, Snarky Comments, Living Lie Detectors, Stone-Facaded People Whose Hearts Soften Slightly, Bare Feet.
  • Domain: Earth, Strength, Wealth, Truth
  • Followers: Kwame, Sherri Phoraena, Lexaeus, Cornelia Hale
  • Allies: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Molly Hayes, Batgirl, Daredevil, Mio Sasuga, Captain Planet, Korra.
  • Toph is not blind. She is merely physically incapable of seeing anything less awesome than she is.
  • Is on very good terms with Iroh, but the rest of the Gods have forbidden her to get too close to him, for they fear that so much concentrated awesome could put in danger the foundations of the Pantheon.
  • Part of the Blind Trinity: Those who are born blind.
  • Loves wrestling, and actually has participated in a few tournaments in the House of Combat. Many of them were unsure whether or not to fight a little blind girl…until she kicked their asses without any trouble.
  • Loves to proclaim that she's "THE GREATEST EARTH BENDER IN THE WORLD!" She's not lying.
  • Despite her repertoire of earth bending, she also knows how to metal-bend. She's recently opened a metal-bending school for those who'd like to learn.
  • She's been scheduled for a Death Battle against Gaara.
    • She actually won. Gaara himself actually congratulated her, and said he would learn from the experience. Though Gaara did end up scolding her about intruding on sacred grounds, Toph just ended up saying she "wouldn't mind hanging out with the sandbag again".
      • Unfortunately, some of Gaara's supporters are incensed at the result of the fight, saying that Gaara wasn't at his best in the confrontation. Gaara doesn't really care, and neither does Toph. However, she was feeling trollish enough to say this:
      Toph: All these minerals in the ground, and you chumps want to be salty!

     Utsuho Reiuji 
Utsuho Reiuji, Goddess of Nuclear Fusion and by extension, Stars (Chernobyl-tan, Bahamuko, Okuu)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Theme Music: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion
  • Symbol: her control rod
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (but recently tended towards Chaotic Stupid)
  • Portfolio: I Love Nuclear Power, Arm Cannon, Badass Cape, Genius Ditz, Gravity Sucks, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Creepy Crows
  • Domains: Anything regarding Nuclear Energy: Fission, Fusion etc. Being nuclear balls of molten matter, stars fall under her authority. In fact, when provoked, she can fire (miniature) stars at her opponent.
  • Opponents: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Firestorm.
  • Allies: Satori Komeiji, Cirno, Hexxus, Volcarona, Princess Celestia, Amaterasu
  • John Sheridan, God of Nukes, is technically under her authority.
  • Allied mainly with Cirno (due to similar mentality) and Hexxus (who loves any kind of pollution including radioactive waste).
  • Not a very smart person. Almost nobody in the Pantheon takes her seriously, but as with Flandre Scarlet, they avoid pissing her off due to her immense destructive powers.
  • It's almost common knowledge she's "plotting" (as far as a birdbrain such as herself can plot) to take over the Pantheon, but, once again, no one believes she has the brains for such a task. However the Gods watch over her closely, aware of how powerful a weapon she could become was she to ally herself to (read: become the pet of) a serious villain, such as The Emperor Palpatine.
  • When her benevolent two-in-one counterparts Jason and Ronnie recently joined the Pantheon... she's going to duel them in order to define who's the true Nuclear Deity.
  • It is speculated that Sauron is using her to spy on members of the Pantheon.
  • Volcarona has formed the Sun Quartet with Celestia, Utsuho Reiuji and Amaterasu to combat Baldez and Nightmare Moon should they ever decide to keep the Pantheon in eternal night.
  • Her temple is actually a huge nuclear reactor, with Utsuho acting at the power source for it. Remember to always take the front door. Taking any other route makes her think that you are trying to mess with the reactor and she will blast you into oblivion.

     Veralidaine Sarrasri 
Veralidaine Sarrasri, Goddess of Animals (Daine)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A silver Badger's Claw
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animals, Archery, Heroic Bastards, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Talking to Animals, Kickass Women
  • Domain: Animal, Nature, Magic
  • Allies: Belldandy
  • Unlike the majority of the other gods, started as a Demigoddess. Says that both of her parents are also gods, but unaffiliated with the Pantheon.
  • In the form of a giant bird, once killed an opponent by voiding her bowels into his face. He inhaled, the silly clunch. Don't chase her when she's out for vengeance.
  • Can shapeshift into any nonsentient animal, and speaks with them. Was briefly excited on finding that Ma-Ti could similarly speak to animals, but his downbeat attitude got to her.
  • Is good friends with Belldandy, who also comes from another Pantheon.

Viridi, Goddess of Destructive Protectors of Nature and The Unfought (Little Miss Cactus)
  • Theme Song: Viridi, Goddess of Nature
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: Her "representative" symbol in Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Domains: Nature, Snarking
  • Portfoilo: Apocalypse How, Bratty Half-Pint, Deadpan Snarker Among Deadpan Snarkers, Gaia's Vengeance, Heel-Face Turn, Immortal Immaturity, Karma Houdini, Knight Templar, Little Miss Snarker, Morality Pet Being the Hero,Nature Spirit, Ship Tease With Said Hero, Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Allies: Pit, Captain Planet... kind of, most of the other members of the House of Nature, Remilia Scarlet, Ika Musume, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Brief, Elpizo
  • Enemies: Gohma Vlitra, Hades, Lysandre.
  • Opposes: Panty Anarchy
  • Views interest in: Lucario
  • She ascended after Pit realized that the House of Nature needed a destructive nature protector. He immediately thought of her.
  • She's mellowed out somewhat on her stance that Humans Are Bastards after meeting many of the other Gods who were at one time human themselves.
  • She hates Hexxus with a passion, to the point that if he's even five feet away from her, she will not hestitate to try and hurt him with her staff or powers. If she finds out he's trying to spread his pollution, well, the last time it happened, she dropped a Reset Bomb on his head.
  • As she was The Unfought for the time she appeared, it was originally unknown what position she was going to get in terms of rank. However, after apparently showing the Pantheon what she could do, she earned the rank of Intermediate Goddess.
  • She gets along well enough with most of the other members of the House of Nature, but she's kind of disapointed that none of them are willing to take care of the obvious problem with the enviroment: humans.
    • However, even she finds Gohma Vlitra detestable, despite the fact it's more than capable of taking care of that problem.
    • She also wants to recruit Lucario to her cause due to his power over aura. He turns down her repeated attempts, as most of his friends are humans and knows for a fact that not all humans are terrible. She is still determined to have him in her army.
  • She is often seen with Pit quite a bit, utilizing the Power of Flight for him. She often also blushes whenever he compliments her. She denies that she has any feelings for him, but nobody believes that for a second.
    • She tried to flat-out KILL Hades when he stated, "You two should get married!" They destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villains, along with most everything between the two houses. She refuses to talk about it.
    • When asked, Hades simply stated, "Yow, she's a feisty one!"
    • Any more of her words becomes doubted after she learned that Panty has been seducing Pit into having having sex with her. Her response to that was to march into the House of Love and threaten the Fallen Angel to stay away from Pit. Panty only smiled, and asked why a piece of baby-faced man meat would want to waste time with a flat chested brat like her. What took place after that was a fight that nearly obliterated the House of Love.
    • Despite her general dislike for humans, she gets along rather swimmingly with Brief, though it could be that she sees him as chance to get Panty away from Pit once and for all.
  • She needs to keep her Reset Bombs under lock and key, and is only allowed to take them out and use them when given permission.
    • To that extent, Alexstrasza has acted as a restraining factor for her given the dragon queen's ability to do a similar job in a much more surgical, precise way.
  • She is the destructive counterpart of the first Nature Spirit to reside in the Pantheon, Nakoruru. Viridi is fine with her, but she gets annoyed with how Nakoruru occasionally had to get her to calm down in case she gets a wee bit too destructive.
  • Chuggaaconroy openly said that he ships Her and Pit. Pit was just horrifically embarrassed, Viridi had to be talked down by just about every positive emotion god to keep from dropping a Reset Bomb on the house of Gaming.
  • She has a surprisingly large soft spot for many of the good Equestrian deities in the Pantheon. The Main House has since secretly commissioned them to try and curb her more destructive tendencies.
  • Used to be the goddess of Immortal Immaturity, but her position was pass onto Remilia Scarlet. Viridi was pissed... until she realized that having such title removed from her would improve her image, so she let it pass.
  • Viridi and Ika get along well due to their mutual hatred of humans and Lysandre for trying to make Pokemon (read: animals) extinct.
    • Similarly has an understanding with Elpizo over the very same subject of humans and Lysandre, though in his case he objects to the deaths of Reploids that the latter would entail.

Whamuu, God of Cutting Wind (Wham, Wamuu)
  • Theme Song: A True Warrior (By Himself), Awake (With The Pillar Men), Burning Colosseum (When He Gets Serious)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Set piece on his circlet surround by a tornado
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Loves fighting worthy opponents, Keeps his promises, respects his enemies, and will not murder children, Can manipulate the wind to make himself invisible, Will fight an opponent fairly even if it may get him killed
  • Domains: Wind, Honor, Intelligence, Loyalty
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, The Pillar Men, Vergil, Algol
  • Rivals: Joseph Joestar
  • Enemies: Rudolph von Stroheim, Cesar Zeppeli, Nazis, Red Skull, Millennium
  • By using his barbed dreadlocks or turning his arms clockwise he can current mini twisters or large torrents of wind, even by twisting his arms into bizarre and often wrong ways to better use his powers.
  • Works with Kars to help The Pillar Men and Vampires to become Perfect beings so that he can find worthy opponents to fight.
  • He has shown to be honorable in fights, making sure that his opponents will fight him as expected and will not flat out cheat and on equal ground.
  • Though that is not to say that he will never adapt to those that try to be abuse his honor.
  • Those that try to exploit it by running away will be hit with poison so that they must fight him for an antidote rather then try and run away.
  • He might not believe in full-blown cheating, but he can fight just as trickily as others if they try and be underhanded in their fights if he needs to.
  • Is intensely loyal to Kars and will serve him no matter what.
  • He does not come out during the day as he is not immune to The Sun like his master, though found a way to make himself invisible to shield himself from the Sun for a short amount of time.
  • Refuses to work with Nazis because of Stroheim's attempts to stop them for becoming perfect life forms.
  • Was the first to introduce The Pantheon to The Pillar Men claiming "Awaken My Masters!".

Zeratul, God of The Void (The Prelate, Raszagal's Blade)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dark Templar clan symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Darkness-users, Laser Blades, Badassery, Ninja, One Man Armies, Teleportation, Religious Aliens
  • Domains: Assassination, Darkness, Wisdom
  • Followers: Kassadin
  • Allies: Jim Raynor
  • Enemies: Exdeath
  • Many who are unaware of his methods believe Zeratul never leaves his seat. He does, he just makes sure he's not seen doing it, which is often bad news for any evil gods about.
  • Claims to have lived many centuries and to have travelled to many worlds unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. His council is highly valued and is not given out lightly.
  • Regularly faces challenges from Exdeath, himself a powerful practitioner of Void energies. So far he has proven himself a Worthy Opponent, and though acknowledging of this, Zeratul remains victorious thus far. He would remind visitors that the Void is just another source of power and is not evil itself, but he's patient with them for misconceptions to the contrary, since he got used to that sort of attitude when he worked alongside Aldaris.
  • Occasionally, his followers uses the greeting phrase, "En Taro Zeratul". Zeratul himself is rather stunned hearing such phrase, he usually heard those for those he truly honored, like Tassadar or Adun.
  • Zeratul has recently taken rise again, tagging along with others like Thrall and even Sarah Kerrigan, in order to battle greater evils such as Diablo and The Lich King. In addition, on Thrall's request, Zeratul has used his knowledge of the void to bring forth Jaina Proudmoore into said battlefield, taking her before she descended into madness. He has hoped that the experience in that arena will prepare him for the eventual showdown with Amon.
    • He's also glad that he gets to fight alongside his honored friend, the aforementioned Tassadar.