'''Nature and Elements'''

Technically not a House, in the sense of everything being under one roof, although there are buildings in it. Visitors stumbling here often ask if this is the Pantheon's Garden. It isn't - they will know the glory of the Garden when they see it - but it's a forgivable mistake.

The House appears to be a vast cross-section of forests, oceans, deserts, mountains, valleys - all kinds of climates are in evidence, inhabited by all manner of plants, wild animals, minor wilderness spirits and a large variety of {{mons}}. For the most part they are pristine with only a few structures to mar the landscape. There are a few oddities, like the plain covered in fire spouts, the one where no light shines, and the clouds that can bear the weight of humans.

[[Pantheon/{{Beast}} The Bestiary]] is contained within here, to make the place more survivable for visitors.

For the record, [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons C. Montgomery Burns]] is banned from this house for his anti-environmental activities and his threats against the house in general. There's also been some talks about banning [[Pantheon/TheFallen Lisa Simpson]] from here as well after [[NoodleIncident she threw red paint all over Bianca]] for her supposed "animal cruelty" and has threatened to do the same to other {{Mon}} trainers for the same reasons.


* [[Pantheon/EarthAndMetal Earth and Metal]]
* [[Pantheon/FireAndElectricity Fire and Electricity]]
* [[Pantheon/WindAndAir Wind and Air]]
* [[Pantheon/WaterAndIce Water and Ice]]
* [[Pantheon/LightAndDarkness Light and Darkness]]
* [[Pantheon/{{Plants}} Plants]]
* [[Pantheon/PlanetaryAndCelestial Planetary and Celestial]]
* [[Pantheon/ElementalFive Elemental Five]]
* [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Weather]]
* [[Pantheon/{{Toxicity}} Toxicity]]
* [[Pantheon/ElementsAndNatureOther Elements and Nature Other]]

!The Mediators of Nature


[[folder: Aang]]
'''[[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Aang]], God Of [[ElementalPowers The Elements]]''' ([[AvatarTheAbridgedSeries Kung-fu Action Jesus]], The Avatar, Twinkletoes) [[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Aang_Official.png]] [[quoteright:350:[[caption-width:300:[[labelnote:At age 40]] http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/tumblr_nd8dafc5ua1rss05ao1_500_7029.png]][[/labelnote]]]]
* Intermediate God without the Avatar State, Greater God with it.
* Symbol: Airbender Tattoos.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: {{Kid Hero}}es, UnstoppableRage, AllLovingHero, TakeAThirdOption, [[TheChosenOne Chosen Ones]], [[BaldOfAwesome Balds of Awesome]], [[NiceGuy Nice Guys]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes You Shouldn't Enrage]], [[Main/ElementalPowers The Elements]], [[InstantExpert Instant Experts]], ElementalPowers, ThouShaltNotKill, TheFettered, [[ChildProdigy Mastery before Puberty]], [[RefusalOfTheCall Not wanting to be the Avatar,]] WiseBeyondTheirYears, MartialPacifist.
* Domains: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit, Balance, Mercy, Peace.
* Allies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Katara]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Sokka]], Toph, [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Zuko]], Captain Planet, [[Pantheon/TokuBase Haruto Sohma]], [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Spyro]], [[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} Korra]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Naruto Uzumaki]], [[{{Pantheon/Personality}} Asami Sato]], [[Pantheon/OtherWeaponTropes Toa Nuva]].
* Enemies: [[{{Pantheon/Family}} Azula]], [[Pantheon/AntiVillains Zaheer]], [[{{Pantheon/Philosophy}} Amon]], [[{{Pantheon/Leadership}} Lucifer, YHVH]].
* Respected by: Every Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network and Disney Toon deities.
* Aang was the latest incarnation of the Avatar, the sole being that maintains balance between the nations of his world. Unfortunately he was made a HumanPopsicle when he tried to run away from his destiny. 100 years later, he returned, and upon his defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, earned a spot in the pantheon.
* Aang often joins Captain Planet in making sure that pollution is confined. Or just because he's the only one who laughs at Captain Planet's puns. He also gets along well with Aquaman when he's in his [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Outrageous!]] mode.
* Despite being a greater god at his most powerful, Aang is still relatively human nonetheless. He likes having fun, going to plays, chasing penguins and playing air ball (which he introduced into the pantheon since all the flying gods could play on his level). Though he never likes to talk about his lost years.
* After years of courtship and dating, [[OfficialCouple he married Katara]]. They even had 3 kids; Eccentric normal Bumi (named after Aang's best friend), Smooth waterbending Kya (after Katara's mother), and stoic airbender Tenzin. Sadly, while Aang loved all his children, as the only other airbender on the planet, he showed some ParentalFavoritism to his youngest son. Some time after Tenzin was declared new head of the airbenders, Aang ascended to the pantheon full time, having existed for 180 or so years.
* His successor, [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Korra]], wants to know if she could one day replace him, though most of the Pantheon doubts it. Aang himself is supportive of Korra's continued growth, but privately considers that once you [[SavingTheWorld save the world]], end a 100 year war, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking can stand being with Captain Planet for more than a couple hours]], it will definitely be hard shoes to fill.
** Now that his spiritual connection to Korra [[spoiler:via Raava]] has been shattered, he can no longer guide her and is stuck in the Pantheon plane. At least until she ascended.
* Witnesses the battles of Toku Base member Haruto Sohma, also known as Kamen Rider Wizard.
* There's an unspoken rule among the GUAG that whenever Aang is going into the Avatar State to give him extra protection. After what happened with Azula, they don't want to risk him losing this spot again.
* Aang has shown an interest in Spyro’s ability to use various elemental breaths. He never thought other worlds would have their own Avatars, and non-human ones at that!
* As a spirit of Balance in the world, he hates what [[Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfChaos Lucifer]] and [[Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfLaw YHVH]] have been trying to do to the Pantheon. He especially is saddened by what happened with Madoka, as he found her position as a HopeBringer to be something he did a lot as well. As as result, he's thrown himself in with Cosmos for the Great Pantheonic Rebellion.
* Right after the fall of his fellow Nicktoon [=SpongeBob=], Aang, as the Nicktoon Representative of Toontown, prepares for a big debacle with Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Finn the Human in the Cartoon Civil War. He chooses between the already earned respect from them or siding with the yellow sponge if he's redeemed, although this means breaking his ties with them for siding with a "shameful excuse for a toon".
* While he was initially quite pleased when Zaheer ascended, due to having another airbender in the Pantheon, he changed his mind completely after Korra told him of his actions. He now views Zaheer as a disgrace to the Air Nomads, especially after he threatened to wipe out the Air Nation, finding him to be NotSoDifferent from [[BiggerBad Sozin]].
* Often goes with Korra, Asami, and Katara to the House of Love on double dates. Sokka has been frozen in the house multiple times after attempting to sneak in to watch them.
* Became fast friends with Asami after they met, due their to [[NiceGuy similar personalities]], and balancing out their often more hot-headed lovers.
* Despite having lived his whole life out, he is most often seen in his child form, since it was how he looked when he first ascended to the Pantheon and ended the war.
* Was once taken away for a few hours from the Pantheon by [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Death of the Endless]], who offered to allow him to travel to the Sunless Lands to meet up with and say goodbye to the Air Nomads. He apparently did so, and seemed more at peace afterwards.
* Along with Korra, has attempted to talk Amon down from his philosophy of "equalizing" benders after he ascended. The two have had little success so far.
* Became extremely uneasy when Azula reascended, due to her killing him once. He has been practicing his lightning redirection with Zuko as a result, as well as his firebending.
* Upon discovering that the GUAC was planning to extract Vaatu from Korra, has been attempting to warn them about what Vaatu [[KillAllHumans is really after]] would go against their goals of freedom. However, the ones who have heard either believe he is [[CassandraTruth lying to protect Korra]], or do not care.
* Sometimes seen with the [[{{Franchise/Bionicle}} Toa Nuva]], working out new ways of using his bending, whether for combat, or for fun, particularly [[BlowYouAway Lewa]], who he sees as a kindred spirit.

[[folder: Captain Planet]]
'''[[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Captain Planet]], God of Nature''' (Our Hero)[[quoteright:312:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/captain-planet2_8052.jpg]]
* Theme Song: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGegECwSiGY Captain Planet]]
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: The Earth
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: ElementalPowers [[AllYourPowersCombined Combined]], [[{{Anvilicious}} Unsubtle]] {{Aesop}}s, {{Pun|geonMaster}}s, [[TheGoodCaptain Good Captains]].
* Domain: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, [[Main/WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway Heart]], Purification, Renewal.
* Followers: The Planeteers.
* Allies: Toph Bei Fong, Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Temari, Human Torch, Nakoruru, Viridi... kind of.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} Looten Plunder]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Kefka]], [[Pantheon/VillainsOverdeitiesAndGreaterGods Xykon]], Black Mage, Hexxus
* Can often be seen leading environmental protests in front of the House of Commerce, much to Looten Plunder's chagrin.
* Constantly cleaning up the ash and smog that wafts off of Hexxus's patch of territory.
* Hitler can kill him just by hating him enough. Xykon, Kefka and Black Mage would presumably make him explode if they got within a mile of him, and being in the same ''universe'' as [[MemeticMutation Bonecrusher]] would probably cause him to [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill melt into a puddle of primordial slime]].
* Any of the following situations would [[RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude summon his young followers]], who would take what's left of his power, resummon him, and proceed to kick butt (and clean up after, because real heroes don't litter).
* It is still unknown if he is simply [[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken Ted Turner in a costume and body paint]]. Considering that according to the House of Prophecy, Turner has [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall karate-chopped meteors]] [[Comicbook/{{Marville}} in the future]], there might be some truth to this.
* He may be allies with Viridi, but he still finds her stance on humans extreme. While he stands firmly against humanity's polluting ways, he's in no way willing to flip the table and wipe them all out: he has full faith in their ability to learn from their mistakes. As such, he's as willing fight by her side against Hexxus as he is willing to reign HER in if the situation demands it.
** At one point, Viridi showed the Captain a recorded vision she got from the House of Prophecy, of an [[VideoGame/StrangeJourney alternate world]] where [[GaiasVengeance a plasma storm, commanded by that world's incarnation of Gaia]] began spreading across the world in response to humanity's polluting ways. The Captain was initially stunned at the brutality of this 'Schwarzwelt', but upon seeing that humanity managed to destroy it and save their civilization, he was driven into a full blown HeroicBSOD. Viridi [[BreakingSpeech told him that eventually, humanity may become too strong for even them to stop, and they'll be free to destroy and consume whatever they want until nothing is left. The only way to save the world is to stop humanity before that happens.]] The Captain almost gave in, but Ma-Ti told him to watch the rest of the vision: humanity vowed to learn from what they had seen in the Schwarzwelt and better themselves so they don't destroy the planet. Needless to say, when the Captain realized he had almost been duped, he was [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness infuriated]], and Viridi made a quick escape.
* Has expressed honest confusion on '''[[Pantheon/OtherEmotions Master Bison]]''' being compared to him by [[Pantheon/WarDemigodsAndQuasideities Boomstick]].
* As a result of Ma-Ti's [[SuburbanKnights death]], Captain Planet is working to find a successor to be properly summoned on the mortal plane. [[Pantheon/{{LifeAndDeath}} The Lich]] is [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy using this as the perfect opportunity to take him down.]]

[[folder: Korra]]
'''[[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Korra]], Master of the [[SoulPower Spirit Energy]] and Dual Goddess of {{Contrasting Sequel Main Character}}s'''
* Greater Goddess
* Symbol: The Silhouette of Raava.
* Alighnment: NeutralGood with chaotic tendacies
* Portfolio: [[BrokenAce The Rebuilt]] [[TheAce Ace]], NiceGirl [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold With A Rough Edge]], Being a {{Tomboy}}, InstantExpert, CuteBruiser, ElementalPowers, [[spoiler:{{Bi|TheWay}}sexual [[WordOfGay Revelations]]]], [[MiseryBuildsCharacter Growth Through Hardship]], AmazonianBeauty, [[AllLovingHero All Loving Heroine]], BigSisterInstinct, [[BlueIsHeroic Heroic Blue]], BoobsOfSteel, [[EffortlessAmazonianLift Big Lift]], [[OneOfTheKids Good With Kids]]
* Domain: Elements, Healing, Spirits, Metal, Order, Balance. Growth
* Allies: '''[[Pantheon/PersonalityDemigodsAndQuasideities Asami Sato]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Naruto Uzumaki]], [[Pantheon/PowerIntermediateGods Jotaro Kujo]], Aang, [[Pantheon/OtherEmotions Katara]], [[Pantheon/FoodIntermediateGods Iroh]], Toph, [[Pantheon/RangedAndExplosiveWeapons Sokka]], [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Zuko]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Varrick]], [[Pantheon/KnowledgeIntermediateGods Ahsoka Tano]], [[Pantheon/OtherWeaponTropes Simon the Digger]], [[Pantheon/{{War}} Kamina]], [[Pantheon/SupportPowers Issei Hyodo]], [[Pantheon/NarrativeLesserGods Tidus]], [[Pantheon/FanserviceAttires Ryuko Matoi]], [[Pantheon/CombatClothing Senketsu]], [[Pantheon/{{Legwear}} Satsuki Kiryuin]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Yusuke Godai]], [[Pantheon/{{Anger}} Asura]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/PhilosophyLesserGods Amon]], [[Pantheon/AntiVillains Zaheer]], [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Lucifer]], All of the GUAE, [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} King Ghidorah]], [[Pantheon/GamingIntermediateGods Chaos Knight]], [[Pantheon/SupportPowers Vali Lucifer]]
* Rival: [[Pantheon/{{ChildrenAndSiblings}} Mordred]].
* Respected by: Every Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network and Disney Toon deities.
* Pities: [[Pantheon/TheFallen SpongeBob SquarePants]]
* OddFriendship: [[Pantheon/{{Reptiles}} Godzilla]].
* Ascended to the [[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} House of Narrative]] first, sharing the {{Contrasting Sequel Main Character}} title with Touta Konoe. The Court of the Gods decided to give her a place in the [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} House of Nature]] after her willingness to sacrifice herself for the New Air Nation and preventing a war by [[spoiler: talking to Kuvira and convincing her to stop her campaign]]. The Gods were also impress with her [[spoiler: blocking a Spirit Energy Blast and opening a new Spirit Portal]].
** [[spoiler: The last part was replicated with the help of Varrick and there is now a Spirit Portal in the House of Nature that any of the Good Align Gods can use. Though, Korra uses it most to meet up with her girlfriend, Asami]].
* A tearful Aang welcomed Korra to the House of Nature by giving her a warm hug and saying how proud he was of her. With tears in her own eyes, Korra couldn't help but hug him back harder, [[MoodWhiplash bruising his ribs in the process]].
* Both Korra and Aang have been known to race each one another on their Air Scooters.
* Many Gods and Goddesses have been impressed that she can stand three hours listening to Captain Planet as he talks about environment safety before falling asleep. Even Aang could only do it for two hours.
* Has been seen training with a much younger Toph to improve her Metalbending. Toph remarks how her fighting has improved since that last time she whooped her butt. [[{{Tsundere}} But only a little]].
** She also has been battling with a much younger Katara just using their waterbending. She was amaze by how agile she was at her prime and has enjoy their training.
* Korra has been seen training with other members of the pantheon to better improve her fighting style. In perticular, she has found great use of [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=as8EdLWZ1r4 Jotaro Kujo's technique]].
* Korra was once mistaken by both Kamina and Simon to posess Spiral Energy after seeing her fight against Unalaq/Vaatu. Korra corrected them but did mention doing their signature [[http://i.imgur.com/jtjZwL9.jpg ''Giga Drill Break'']] once.
* Her hair has recently started to grow long again. She been thinking on whether or not to style it in [[BraidsOfAction a long braid]]. She also been thinking of getting a tattoo of Raava on her back. Though, she decided against it.
* Has shown interest in the sport of Blitzball. Tidus was more then happy to teach her about the game. Of course, old habits die hard as Korra still show her competitive streak and have use her Waterbending in training. Though, actual matches has her not using her bending.
* Even though Godzilla is a well known Chaotic being, Korra has befriended the Kaiju King and they have been seen relaxing with one another in the Spirit World.
** And since allying herself with King of Kaijus, she to opposes King Ghidorah, seeing the three headed dragon as a destructive force just like Vaatu.
* Been hanging around with Ryuko Matoi. The two found common ground with the fact that they went through a bunch of crap before finally finding peace and happiness.
** She also been hanging with [[spoiler:her sister]], Satsuki Kiryuin. After hearing about how she conquered other school, it reminded Korra of Kuvira. Though, she realize that the two had different approach and reason for their actions.
* While she has long since moved past her bad experiences with both Amon and Zaheer, she still is very uneasy that the two have ascended. Zaheer in perticular because even though he did help her reconnect with the Spirit World, she isn't hundred percent trusting of him. It doesn't help that he has join Lucifer's GUAC who are trying to free Vaatu.
* Even after the fall of [=SpongeBob=], Korra is among the Nicktoon deities who get respect from every Toon deity in the Pantheon, secondly next after her ancestor Aang.
** However, if [=SpongeBob=] and Patrick are redeemed, she's willing to give the two a chance.
* Is pretty good with many of the younger kid deities. Korra tends to goof around with many of them and they like the fact the she shows them respect.
** The only kid deities she has a hard time being around with are Hensel and Gretal. She couldn't help but cry when she learned their tragic backstory. A part of her wish she could heal them with her waterbending.
* Because Korra has the dormant Dark Spirit Vaatu inside her body, the GUAC have been looking for ways to free him. Whether or not her body would survive such an extract have been of little concern with some of its members.
** Mordred 'himself' was the first to take up the task of capturing Korra. The battle between the two was intense. While Mordred had the advantage at first thanks to 'his' superior swordsmanship, Korra was able to adapt to 'his' style and took the offensive. Having no other options left, Mordred decided to use [[WaveMotionSword Clarent Blood Arthur]] and in the process [[spoiler:revealing her true gender]]. Unfortunately, this was 'his' downfall as Korra was able deflect it thank to her Spirit bending. Momentary shock, Mordred was knocked out by a giant boulder. After feeling humiliated, not just being defeated but also having her Clarent Blood Arthur be deflected, Mordred has sworn that [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou 'he' alone]] will defeat the Avatar.
* Made friends with Issei Hyodo after he helped her against both Chaos Knight and Vali Lucifer who decided to extract Vaatu out of her body. While Korra tried to distance herself from Vali, knowing about his nerfing ability, she was caught unguarded by Chaos Knight's ''Reality Rift'' that closed the distance between the two. After being hit with both Vali's power reducing ability and Chaos random attack damage, Korra was nearly capture until the timely arrival of Issei. After restoring her bending powers by using his Boosted Gear, which also increased her Avatar powers to Overdeity level, the two were able to defeat the two Chaos agents by having Korra bending all four elements into a giant fist and slamming them right into the earth. After that, Korra considered Issei one her best ally. Even if he is a pervert.
* While Korra has nothing but contempt towards the GUAC for trying to extract Vaatu, the only person she actually respects is Asura. After finding out about her traumatic ordeal with the Red Lotus that reminded Asura of Mithra's own suffering from the Devas, he chose not to participate in trying to extract Vaatu out of her body. Korra in turn is reminded of her own father when she hangs around Asura.
* Was absolutely happy when she learned that Asami ascended, welcoming her [[spoiler: girlfriend]] with a big hug. The two still go on their trips to the Spirit World. When question about how was their vacation, the two only blush and look away.

'''[[Pantheon/{{Power}} Yuuka Kazami]], Goddess of Growing StrongerWithAge''', is more associated with this house than House of Power, having a large field of flowers here. [[BerserkButton Do not mess with it]] unless you want to die that badly.