Pantheon: Narrative Overdeities And Greater Gods

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    Adam Young 
Adam Young, God of Imagination (the Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit who in Hebrew is called Abbaddon but in Greek has the name Apollyon, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Prince of This World, Father of Lies, Spawn of Satan, Lord of Darkness, the Anti-Haruhi)
  • Overdeity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Reality Warpers, Destruction of the World and Aversion Thereof, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Anti Anti Christ.
  • Domains: Darkness, Destruction, Happiness, Staticism, Meritocracy.
  • Allies: Haruhi Suzumiya, Terry Pratchett, Maxwell, Alice Liddell
  • Enemies: Melkor.
  • Adam is the son of Satan and the antithesis of Haruhi. Where Haruhi embodies established elements of stories, Adam represents the destruction of said elements and replacing them with something new. The forces of evil hoped he would tear down the Pantheon and allow them to take over; unfortunately for both them and their enemies, as soon as Adam and Haruhi met, they hit it off and quickly became good friends.
  • Is also on very good terms with Trope-Tan, who considers him sort of a mix of a friend and a son-figure.
  • He's also good friends with Maxwell, another one of the Creation Gods.
  • He's all taken in Alice Liddell as a student. This causes many members of the GUAE to be in because this speeds up Alice's process of mastering her potential to imagine things.

Greater Gods

    Korra and Touta Konoe 
Korra and Touta Konoe, Dual Gods of Contrasting Sequel Main Characters
  • Greater God (Korra) Intermediate God Touta though he can reach Greater God with Magia Erebea activated.)
  • Symbol: The Gravity Sword (Touta), The Silhouette of Raava. (Korra)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: (Both) Naive Newcomers Being rather bratty at times but are still good people underneath, Cute Bruisers, Instant Expert
  • Domain: Nature, Combat, Balance (Korra).
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Jotaro Kujo
  • Enemies: Amon,Zaheer, Lucifer, Melkor, King Ghidorah (Korra)
  • Respected by: Every Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network and Disney Toon deities (Korra only).
  • Pities: SpongeBob SquarePants (for Korra).
  • Odd Friendship: Godzilla (Korra).
  • Ascended due to the fact they're practically polar opposite of their predecessors. Though they were surprise to see their predecessors in the Pantheon, in their younger forms.
    • Korra in particular is quite surprised to find Katara, Zuko, and Toph in the Pantheon, and proceeded to tell them about how she knew them in her time. For the most part, their personalities are unchanged, to her amusement.
  • Aang is rather happy to hear of Korra's ascension since her connection with Raava was severed, leaving him stuck in the Pantheon and unable to reach her.
    • And after hearing of her achievements in the mortal plane that exceeded even his, Aang couldn't be more proud of her.
  • Both Korra and Aang have been known to race each one another on their Air Scooters.
  • Korra has been seen training with a much younger Toph to improve her Metalbending. Toph remarks how her fighting has improved since that last time she whooped her butt. But only a little.
    • She also has been battling with a much younger Katara just using their waterbending. She was amaze by how agile she was at her prime and has enjoy their training.
  • Korra has been seen training with other members of the pantheon to better improve her fighting style. In perticular, she has found great use of Jotaro Kujo's technique.
  • Korra was once mistaken by both Kamina and Simon to posess Spiral Energy after seeing her fight against Unalaq/Vaatu. Korra corrected them but did mention doing their signature ''Giga Drill Break'' once.
  • Korra has shown interest in the sport of Blitzball. Tidus was more then happy to teach her about the game. Of course, old habits die hard as Korra still show her competitive streak and have use her Waterbending in training. Though, actual matches has her not using her bending.
  • Even though Godzilla is a well known Chaotic being, Korra has befriended the Kaiju King and they have been seen relaxing with one another in the Spirit World.
    • And since allying herself with King of Kaijus, she to opposes King Ghidorah, seeing the three headed dragon as a destructive force just like Vaatu.
  • Along with Aang, has been attempting to teach Commander Shepard and his crew the bending arts after discovering a universe where Shepard was the Avatar.
  • Been hanging around with Ryuko Matoi. The two found common ground with the fact that they went through a bunch of crap before finally finding peace and happiness.
    • She also been hanging with her sister, Satsuki Kiryuin. After hearing about how she conquered other school, it reminded Korra of Kuvira. Though, she realize that the two had different approach and reason for their actions.
  • While she has long since moved past her bad experiences with both Amon and Zaheer, she still is very uneasy that the two have ascended. Zaheer in perticular because even though he did help her reconnect with the Spirit World, she isn't hundred percent trusting of him. It doesn't help that he has join Lucifer's GUAC who are trying to free Vaatu.
  • Is pretty good with many of the younger kid deities. Korra tends to goof around with many of them and they like the fact the she shows them respect.
    • The only kid deities she has a hard time being around with are Hensel and Gretal. She couldn't help but cry when she learned their tragic backstory.
  • Was absolutely happy when she learned that Asami ascended, welcoming her girlfriend with a big hug. The two still go on their trips to the Spirit World. When question about how was their vacation, the two only blush and look away.
  • Touta was rather surprised to find out that Negi was part of the Chick Magnet Quartet.
    • Evangeline is happy to know that he ascended, seeing as he is her only admitted soft spot.
  • Touta was a little disgruntled to hear the he was actually some type of failed clone of Negi.
  • Touta is currently trying to get Yukihime to acknowledge him. While some think it's because he has a crush on her. He initially denied it but later admitted himself
  • He's currently training in the house of combat in order to improve his skills, his healing Factor and more importantly master the Erebrea and Magic Cancel inside him.

    Lauren Faust 
Lauren Faust, Goddess of Rebooting a Show The Right Way
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: An ink bottle and a quill.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome shows, cute creatures that kick ass, likable characters in girl shows, being worshipped by fans and being close to them.
  • Domain: Animation, Art, Creation.
  • Followers: Notably, Bronies.
  • Allies: Every single Equestrian deity (even the villainous ones), Princess Morebucks, Madame Foster, Goo, Wander.
  • High Priest: Craig McCracken
  • People she doesn't want to mention at all: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  • Can appear both in human form or as a white alicorn with ink and quill for a cutie mark.
  • Albeit she has willingly given up some of her power, she remains a force to be reckoned with in the Pantheon. The amount of devoted followers she has rivals ZUN's, and a growing amount of powerful deities from her works are ascending to the Pantheon.
  • It is rumored that Lauren Faust is the Queen above Princesses Celestia and Luna.
  • It is not known whether she has made any interaction with the Elements of Harmony, who have also ascended at separate times. Or what her say is about Queen Chrysalis.
  • Rumors abound that she achieved her level of success with the show by making a contract with the Incubators. Sources for these rumours often include references to her name. She has not yet commented on this, and neither have the Incubators, Tzeentch, or any of the Magical Girls.
  • Was happy to find that Princess Morebucks, Madame Foster, Goo and Wander also found houses of their own, proving that even though they aren't ponies, they are still characters in their own right.
    • However, she could only sigh when she found out about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's situation. Diamond Tiara screamed at how Lauren could sent them here, but Lauren replied that she stepped down after the 2nd season—any character development they get is planned by the new writers on the show, and neither she or Silver Spoon have any desire to grow up or change. With that, Lauren left them while Diamond Tiara screamed that she would get her revenge.

Rozalin, Goddess of Upping the Ante and Bad Endings (Rozy, Zenon's Child, Overlord Zenon, God of All Overlords, True Zenon, A Being of Solitude)

    Ryuukishi 07 
Ryuukishi 07, God of Mind Screws
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His name with red text in the middle.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mind Screws, Trolling Creators, Nightmare Fuel, Ground Hog Day Loop, Religious Horror, Extremely Cerebral Entertaining Murder Mysteries, Dysfunction Junction, Big Screwed-Up Family.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Community, Knowledge, Illusion, Trickery.
  • Allies: Batman, N, most good aligned detective deities.
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Scar, Precia Testarosa, Ghestis, Relius Clover.
  • Opposed by: Garrus (he does NOT approve of vigilantism).
  • Underlings: Rika Furudae, Oyashiro Sama, Bernkastel, Lambadelta, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Kinzo, Satoko Houjou, Rena Ryuugu, Keiichi Maebara.
  • Successfully trolled Tzeentch as a result of giving him a copy of Umineko. Not even his supremely insane mind could avoid being confused by the mother of all Mind Screw works. Not "Just As Planned".
  • Unfortunately, one of his underlings, Teppei Houjou, ended up in the Disgraces, along with Oryo Sonozaki in the Fallen.

    The Author 
The Author, God of Creator Characters and Convoluted Plot Twists (Dave, David Anez, The Shadowy Author)

    The Narrator 
The Narrator, God of Strange Narrations
  • Theme Song: Countdown
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Can be Lawful Evil if the story goes too off the rails)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Evil, British Stuffiness, Knows what everyone is going to do, "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Insane Troll Logic, If it goes too far off the rails, Mind Screwdriver, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Playing The Player, Railroading
  • Domains: Narration, Stories, Keeping Stories Right, Controlling, Speaking
  • Allies: GlaDOS, Dr. Manhattan, Psycho Mantis, The Author
  • Enemies: Kamina, Old Man Henderson, Solidus Snake, Captain Martin Walker, Rika Furude, Bob
  • The Narrator decided he wanted to join in on the stories and add his own. Within the House of Narrative, he attempts to guide deities and Pantheon visitors alike through their own stories by providing exposition on what they are doing and what they should do.
  • Should a mild-sounding British voice from out of nowhere state "This is the story of X", then X is prompted to follow the Narrator's exposition. However and quite frequently, those who end up being narrated dislike how controlling the Narrator's exposition is and often go against the Narrator's wishes. The Narrator is patient about this; he will start speaking directly to the person, often reprimanding their choice of action before placing down walls to Railroad the story back on track. Should the person cause the Narrator's tract to go completely Off the Rails, however, the Narrator will place the person in one of GlaDOS's unsolvable test chambers, commenting on the story as if it were a tragedy. He seems to particularly enjoy that last part.
  • Upon ascending, he simply decided to try and keep his job continuing his narration no matter what may happen even if it seems that several people that end up having to deal with him narrating their actions go Off the Rails. There are just as many people guided by fate as there are those who defy it, after all.
    • Which is why he may never have to deal with Kamina and Old Man Henderson as they often do so and he stopped bothering them.
  • Seems to spread to a Certain Realm and has annoyed them with his dry sarcasm.
  • Is hated by Martin Walker as he seems to be the very idea of pushing him to a terrible choice and does not ever want to hear his narration.
  • GlaDOS seems like one of the few that can stand him and both are somewhat similar, they decided to try and make sure that for here on out who they force into their stories do as they are told.
  • Is hated by Rika Furude as she heard of the fate of Stanley, a man that was once under The Narrator's control and for that time had to go through the same events over and over leading to Insanity or Death (Sometimes Both) even though he was able to take control back, she fears that people will have to suffer the same fate if they suddenly have to deal with him.
  • Some gods honestly ponder what would happen if The Narrator, who tries to make a person follow a certain path, and The Mob, who is known to pretty much deny any sense of progress, would try to lead the same body.
  • When he heard how Bob performed a Rage Against the Author, he felt sorry for him, and managed to get him a spot in the same House, and the two became good friends.

     The Monster In The Darkness 
The Monster In The Darkness, God of Monster Delay
  • Presumed Greater Deity
  • Symbol: It's umbrella casting darkness.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: He Who Must Not Be Seen, Ostentatious Secret, Nigh Invulnerable, Super Strength, Anti-Villain, The Ditz, Extreme Omnivore, Minion with an F in Evil.
  • Domains: Mystery, Power, Darkness, Magic.
  • Allies: Xykon, Bowser, Mario, Tsukiko, Wile E. Coyote, Taokaka, Slender Man, Redcloak.
  • Enemies:The Order of the Stick, Miko Miyazaki
  • The 'pet' of Xykon, The Monster is supposed to serve as Xykon's ace in the hole he can reveal dramatically. What it actually is is unknown, though Rich Burlew claims it to be of an existing species.
  • What is known about it is that it possesses remarkable abilities. This includes being able to cause an earthquake by stomping, without even meaning to.
    • It also appears hard to even harm, either not noticing or think it was being tickled when attacked.
  • While he's technically enemies with the Order of the Stick as an ally of Xykon, he's not really interested in attacking them or destroying the world. He'd rather just hold tea parties.
    • The Monster even would prefer to keep them alive as they're friends of one of his friend O-Chul.
  • He's familiar with Miko Miyozaki and while she views him as an enemy because of his association with Xykon, even she is not interested in fighting him again, considering what happened the last time she tried.
  • The Monster is glad to see Tsukiko in the pantheon, as none of his companions cared that she was killed. He hopes she has a better future.
  • Unaware that they're supposed to be on opposite sides, The Monster and Taokaka have enjoyable if bizarre conversations.
  • He also gets along well with Slender Man. Perhaps because of one of their shared strengths is not being seen.
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Food, where some of the deities use him as either a sampler or a garbage disposal.
  • Despite being a member of the GUAE due to Xykon and Redcloak's influence, the GUAG is currently scouting him to see if they can get him to do a Heel-Face Turn.
  • People are constantly asking him, Redcloak, or Xykon what he is. However, he is not aware of what he is, and the latter two refuse to tell anyone else.
  • A large betting pool is overseen by the House of Commerce on what the Monster will turn out to be when the umbrella finally gets removed.