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Pantheon: Narrative Lesser Gods
Abed Nadir, God of the Genre Savvy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A video camera, a fortress made out of pillows, and a room with dark walls and orange tape arranged in squares on the walls.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Genre Savvy, Meta Guys, Tropers and Other Pop Culture Fanatics, Cosplayers, those with Ambiguous Disorders and those who those who lean heavily on the fourth wall without quite managing to break it.
  • Domains: Stoicism, Craft, Creation, Balance, Knowledge, Insight, Awareness, Analysis.
  • Allies:
  • Enemy: The Joker.
  • He's a God now. Cool. Coolcoolcool.
  • He actually made a video about his ascension to the Pantheon for his film studies class... one week before his ascension to the Pantheon. He's not an actual prophet or anything (although this did lead him to almost be assigned to the House of Prophecy at one point), he's just that good at recognising what tropes are going to be applicable to his current situation. Some will still approach him as an oracle, however, but those who do are usually too Genre Blind to heed his advice until it's too late. He doesn't mind; he knows as well as anyone that Cassandra Truth is a trope and that it works that way for a reason.
  • He tends to unsettle a lot of the other Gods who pass his way due to his calm, stoic and emotionless nature, his ability to predict what's going to happen to them based on the tropes they're dealing with at any given moment, and his insistence that the Pantheon itself is merely an unofficial collection of various characters from different media assigned various ranks and roles of Godhood for the amusement of those doing the ranking.
  • Although he does enjoy and dabbles in creating fiction, he tends to act best as a documentarian, and has a tendency to follow the members of this House and others with a video camera to record their actions. Even the less Genre Savvy Gods have noticed that whenever Abed's filming them, a lot of chaos tends to follow.
  • He is a huge admirer of Batman and tends to cosplay as him, which has drawn the attention and ire of the Joker. Both the Jokerís attempts to do battle with him and Batmanís attempts to discourage him have met with failure, since Abedís just so Genre Savvy heís aware of what theyíre doing, and thinks that it's absolutely awesome. Heís also admires the Doctor, although he does believe that the Doctorís Inspector Spacetime cosplay leaves a lot to be desired.
  • There are rumours that an evil, twisted version of Abed from a timeline where everything went wrong due to a failure to catch a dice exists somewhere out there in the multiverse, as equally versed in tropes as Abed himself but malevolent to boot, seeking to replace Abed and warp reality into a mirror of his own darkest timeline.
  • He is particularly strong at noticing when the Pantheon has undergone a Art Shift, but due to his many issues many — the other Gods included — tend to just view this as symptomatic of a breakdown on Abed's part.
  • Although Abed is one of the lesser-powered Gods, it is unwise to pick battles with him — not only does his innate knowledge of genre tropes enable him to hold his own regardless, but he is also part of a study group of True Companions who will not tolerate any one of their number being messed with.

Cecil Gershwin Palmer God of NightmareFuelStationAttendant Narrators
  • Theme Song: The Weather.
  • Lesser God. Was considered for Demi God status since he is a human, but given the fact that he is from Night Vale, he was given Lesser God status.
  • Symbol: A purple eye. Alternatively, a rusty old microphone emblazoned with "Night Vale Community Radio".
  • Alignment: Either Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral with maybe a smidge of Lawful Good. Kind of hard to put him entirely into that third category when he keeps getting the interns killed.
  • Portfolio: Unreliable Narrator, Love at First Sight, gushing over adorable animals, can't remember specific parts of adolescence, like, totally slipping into this speech pattern sometimes, Straight Gay, his hatred of STEVE CARLSBURG, The Voice
  • Domains: Narration, Nightmare Fuel
  • Opposes: Is currently involved in a feud with the non-ascended Strex Corp. after they took over his radio station, made implied threats towards his boyfriend and his niece, and tried to kill his cat. He has sworn vengeance on them since the cat incident.
  • High Priest: His non-ascended boyfriend Carlos the Scientist. Alternatives are Old Woman Josie ( if and when she comes back), Tamika Flynn and Intern Dana.
  • His worshippers are wary to perform deeds he requests of them because of the low survival rate of others he has called on for such things. They all either go missing or are verifiably killed, Dana being the only exception.
  • There are many theories as to what he actually looks like, or if he is even a human at all. The majority consensus is that he is human, or at least humanoid enough to be attractive to Carlos.
  • He has taken up the task of making radio news broadcasts for the Pantheon, in addition to regularly visiting Night Vale to continue his beloved radio show.
  • He regularly visits the House of Nature to play with the animals.

Deadpool, God Of The Fourth Wall (The Merc With The Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, The Crimson Comedian, Wade Wilson)
  • Lesser God/Overdeity (depends on how much the writer is willing to let me look past the Fourth Wall)
  • Theme Music: Never Do It Now
  • Symbol: My belt buckle icon of myself (which I KNOW you totally want one, buddy) with a yellow text box. Oh, how fun they are! :)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral is what they say I am, but I just say I do whatever the hell I want, bub! So, yeah, pretty much Chaotic Revolving Door.
  • Portfolio: The Fourth Wall (or lack thereof), Breaking Said Fourth Wall, Medium Awareness, Obfuscating Insanity, Whatever the Hell I Feel Like (I'm awesome and kinda fickle that way)
  • Domains: Madness, Chaos, Destruction, Illusion, Comic Books (yes, the medium I'm in is one of my domains), Big Guns, Katanas, and Welsh Corgis. Huh? Shut up, Welsh Corgis is totally a domain! Who's the god here?
  • Followers: Lots...but none of them know of it, and if they did, they'd deny it out of humility.
  • Allies:, I don't think so... Except Excalibur maybe? Ooh! Wait! Pinkie Pie, too! And my other fellow members of the Council Of Cuckooland! And Lambadelta, Etna, the Warner Brothers (and their Warner Sister Dot!), and Ambush Bug, who did it all first. Oh, and Lobo, another fourth-wall-breaking buddy!
  • So, I'm a god now? Awesome! I wonder if this means I can talk in bullet-point format now...
    • We're good.
      • Oh, little bullet point format, I've missed you so! We will have so much fun together!
  • My knowledge of the Fourth Wall allowed me to just slip into the Pantheon easily, since I know I'm popular enough for you (yes, you!) to eventually think of putting me here. Yeah. I'm such a Manipulative Bastard; eat your heart out, Batman!
  • Interestingly, with my expanding popularity, my Medium Awareness has also expanded, since I'm, slowly but surely, being featured in different media beyond comic books, and I have Medium Awareness in every single one of them. Soon, I will be able to overthrow all of the other deities in all the pantheons and create Deadpoolia! COWER BEFORE MY LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Oh yeah, and I want to be featured on the cover of the next Street Fighter game, Capcom!!
  • I once beat the crap outta that whiny-ass Terumi in terms of using memes and the fourth wall, that upstart. Boy it felt good and showed who's boss! Well, I hope Arc System Works will be impressed and feature me in the next BlazBlue game as well — Ooh! Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma was just announced — Wait, I'm not even there!? TERUMIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
  • After the battle with those two squirrel girls... Wait a minute. Did someone paint a message on the wall that said I was gay for Asura!? I'll find you and shoot you.
  • Hey, I don't get why people are irritated with that cute little thingy Excalibur. I mean, c'mon, we could talk all day and not get tired of each other! ...Wait, does this mean I'm now in possession of an Infinity+1 Sword because of my incredible mentality? And I can kick anyone's ass with him? AWESOME!
  • Soooo, if I may have your attention, you love this site, yeah? Then fair warning... DON'T. USE. MY. WACKY. VOICES. Wanna know the result? Why don't you ask good ol' Dreadpool, he— *notices Dreadpool on the open door behind, slams the door shut and seals it with nails and every other sealing things available* ...You get the idea!
  • If you can't find me messin' around in the Main House or the mortal world, I'm probably in the Main House (suck it, Wolverine!) or Knowledge, or in the Council of Cloudcuckooland.

Jak and Daxter, Gods of Cerebus Syndrome
  • Lesser Gods (Jak becomes an Intermediate God in either his Dark or Light Jak forms, and Daxter is in the form of a Greater God)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Jak is Chaotic Evil when under the influence of dark eco though)
  • Symbol: The Arc Wielder and Peace Maker next to a Jet Board
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Ratchet
  • Enemies: Count Veger, Baron Praxis, Cyber Errol, Krew, Rayne, Mizo, Polygon Man, Clu, Evil Queen, Maleficent, Judge Frollo
  • The two were trying to find some Eco deposits but were somehow drawn into Polygon Man's huge Battle Royale. After passing, the two were rewarding with godhood in the House of Friendship.
  • The duo were originally the Gods of Lifelong Friendship prior to "Project: Alternate Gentaro"; after that, they decided to abdicate that title and simply be the Gods of Cerebus Syndrome (probably because their temple was destroyed by the corruption). Mike and Sully have since taken that spot.
  • The two have a friendly rivalry with Ratchet in the House of Weapons. On good days, they're having friendly arm wrestling matches. On bad days expect the House of Weapons to be covered in bullet marks.
  • Jak is one of the few non-Disney Gods who can see a positive side of Zeus. This was because Zeus became a father-like figure after Damas was killed.
  • The two can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel, having friendly races with some of the other gods.
  • Jak and Daxter met up with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley over some galactic games and got along pretty well with one another.
  • Jak was once pit in a friendly battle against Sora under the watchful eye of Zeus. The fact that the two look similar to one another allowed a friendship to develop. In fact, when Riku ascended, Jak was the first to greet him as a gesture of kindness towards Sora, who would do the same should any of Jak's allies, especially Keira, ever ascend.
    • While still known as the Gods of Lifelong Friendship, Sora entrusted the two with keeping Tron, who was in the same house, safe from Clu, as he's under constant threat of being re-rectified. Clu was livid when he and his Commantis were stopped by Jak, and forged his own alliance with Cyber Errol as revenge.
  • Jak sometimes practices Blitzball alongside Sora and Ratchet, with their "coach" being Tidus. However, they have yet to enter an actual game due to Sora's trouble with preventing himself with turning into a merman, Tidus and Ratchet sounding exactly alike, and Jak having a fear of water thanks to a lurker shark that almost ate him as a teenager.
  • Daxter is almost confined to the Narrative House due to the amount of gods out there, particularly Scar and his hyena army, who want to eat him.
  • Whenever a fellow god is about to be involved in his/her first kiss, chances are Daxter will ruin it, most of the time unintentionally. Not even Jak is immune to this, as his kisses with Keira (or Ashelin) were always interrupted until after he took out Mizo.
  • Whenever the Evil Queen attempts to murder Snow White out of jealousy, Jak is very likely to be nearby to foil her plot. In fact, his Light Eco and royal blood allows him to see through her various disguises, one of which caused him to send Daxter to summon the dwarves from their mine to back them up when the Queen sent an Unversed, the Mad Treant, after Snow White.
    • There's also been rumors that Jak stole Aurora's heart while under the influence of Maleficent's magic, since he and Daxter were found asleep near her chambers. However, this conflicts with another rumor that the unfortunate thief was Terra. Since there were no witnesses, and Maleficent has "mysteriously vanished from her world", the crime remains unsolved.
  • Count Veger is considered to be the duo's greatest foe, as he kidnapped Jak as a child before losing him to the Underground, and was later responsible for Jak's banishment from Haven City, as well as imposing a ban on everyone who uses Darkness, or (in Sora's case) is allied with one. He even stole Jak's chance of becoming a Precursor, but unfortunately for him, the Precursors are revealed to be ottsels.
  • Jak and Daxter formed a sports team with Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot, called the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • Both fell victim to "Project: Alternate Gentaro": Daxter was able to break free of his corruption and escape thanks to Riku, while Jak was internally a guard of the Friendship Asylum along with Sora, but was later set free by an unknown force. Sora's soul was able to possess Jak for awhile, but when Riku got corrupted because of Sly Cooper, he forced Jak to enter a computer to allow his soul to take sanctuary under the care of Noah Kaiba. Sora didn't survive, due to a curse placed on him.

Miyuki Hoshizora, Goddess of Earning One's Happy Ending (Cure Happy, Ultra Cure Happy)

Nagisa Momoe, Goddess of Ascended Extras
  • Lesser Goddess (Bordering on Intermediate Goddess with the power of her Witch Form)
  • Symbol: A piece of cheese with a wrapped candy next to it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning toward Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra and becoming one of the main characters, (pun not intended) Animal-Eared Hats, Bare Your Midriff, Back from the Dead, Bubble Gun, Blue and Orange Morality, Girlish Pigtails, Rapunzel Hair, Instrument of Murder, Mystical White Hair, Sixth Ranger, Sweet Tooth, Flower hairbands Extreme Omnivore, Technicolor Eyes.
  • Domain: Popularity, Magic, Cheese, Candy.
  • Allies: The main Puella Magi Quartet, especially Mami Tomoe, Charlotte (her witch form), Homura Akemi (?)
  • Friendly Rival: Derpy Hooves.
  • Ascended as the human form of Charlotte the Desert Witch.
  • Has a Friendly Rivalry with Derpy Hooves over who better fits the bill of "ascended extras": while Derpy was originally a lowly animation error that became extremely popular, her overall impact in her native 'verse can be considered somewhat limited. Nagisa (or her Witch Charlotte) was a Monster of the Week and therefore had a larger original role in her native 'verse, but she ended up a major player in the Great Upheaval. Overall, their relationship DOES lean more toward the 'friendly' part than the 'rival': they are civil overall to each other, and once worked together to create surprisingly tasty cheddar muffins.
  • Her joyful reaction to being brought back to life through Homura's actions during the Upheaval has turned some heads: it's unknown whether it was the product of Homura altering her memories, or if Nagisa truly sympathized with what she did. Rumors are floating around of her attending Homuciferian rallies, though these are currently unfounded.
  • With the House of Food close at hand, Nagisa has made it her goal to try every single solitary kind of cheese at least once. The only kind she ever gave a negative review to was casu marzu. To quote her on the subject:

Shinichi Watanabe, God of Zaniness (Nabeshin)

The Lorax, God of Green Aesops

Tidus, The God Who Tells His Own Story (The son of Jecht, Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, "You-Know-Who", the Spry Striker)
  • Theme: "To Zanarkand". When fighting, Battle Theme.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Brotherhood propped next to a Blitzball.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Telling his story, being very chipper, a star athlete who's still nice, being in his father's shadow, mastery of Haste, Slow, and Stop, using Blitzball skills in combat, intending to protect Yuna, asymmetrical clothing, those who were really beings of the Fayth's dream.
  • Domains: Narration, Water, Combat, Professional Sports, Love, Dreams
  • Followers: Flynn Rider, Megamind, Kuzco, Lester Burnham, Susie Salmon.
  • Allies:
  • In Friendly Competition with: Percy Jackson.
  • Enemies: Mateus Palamecia, Seymour Guado, Chaos, Ghetsis Harmonia, Spoony.
  • High Priest: Ishmael.
  • Longing to ease her unhappiness, Cosmos led Yuna to the gates of the Pantheon, the closest they could reach to the mortal plains. There Yuna was given another chance to whistle at the top of her lungs. After a few tries, the two feared it was a lost cause. Just as Cosmos was about to command the 501st to close the gates, the swift figure Tidus dashed through at breakneck speed, knocking into Yuna in the process. He finally kept his word.
  • Unusual for the gods within the Narrative House, Tidus' shrine is in some way connected to the House of Sports, where a newly created Blitzball stadium had been built. Tidus has been teaching many a curious deity about Spira's favorite pastime.
    • As it stands, he's still trying to get better to be a match for Aqua Man, who boasts aquatic skills he'd never thought possible.
  • Tidus has something of a love-hate relationship with his father Jecht. He's gotten to know the man on a much deeper level, and is willing to accept him. However, there are many times where his father's actions as the muscle head or sex god he is makes Tidus just want to clock him over the head with a few dozen blitzballs.
  • He would like to remind everyone that his name is "Tee-dus", not "Tide-us".
  • As one of the youngest of the Sons of Square, many seem to ridicule the striker for a number of things, chief being when he attempted to laugh at Yuna's suggestion. Always exasperated by this, Tidus has repeatedly mentioned that he was ''purposefully'' laughing like that.
  • Naturally Tidus was quick to join up in the GUAG as one of Cosmos' original Warriors, and is working with Ieyasu to make raids against the GUAE's Reeducation Facility and bust out his old man.
  • Is having a hard time explaining to Sora just how he "got so much bigger."
  • Was sought out after his ascension by Ratchet to see just who Yuna had mistaken him for. It was an unusual meeting, but physically Ratchet reminded Tidus of Zidane and was able to warm up faster that normal.
    • However, he gets disgusted to see Johnny Test, giving the fact that said annoying kid sounds identical to him.
  • Shortly after the Pantheon Blitzball Stadium was finally finished, Tidus noticed many gods and goddesses using it as a standard pool. Exasperated, he exclaimed 'That's not what it's there for!' and quickly explained what Blitzball was. Enrollment for the Pantheon's first Blitzball teams has begun.
  • Due to their extremely similar personalities, daddy issues, and love of the water, he and Percy Jackson have developed a friendly rivalry. Percy finds the Brotherhood sword awesome to behold and Tidus thinks Percy would make an awesome Blitzball player.
  • Currently, Tidus' Blitzball team includes himself, Jak, Sora and Ratchet, with two empty spots. While they all seem to be skilled, Jak has aquaphobia due to a near-death experience with a Lurker Shark when he was 15, and Sora cannot stay underwater for long without turning into a merman; they both seem to be pulling through with their flaws, now.
    • Sly Cooper and Riku were both offered a spot on the team, but both declined; Sly, due to being unable to swim (though he has suggested Dimitri, a skilled diver, as a candidate), and Riku due to being constantly forced into the Game Grid by Clu.
  • He doesn't like talking about what happened when he visited Arizona. All the gods know is that it involved a nasty encounter with a certain cult leader that for some reason has the support of Sephiroth.

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