Pantheon: Narrative Lesser Gods

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     Abed Nadir 
Abed Nadir, God of the Genre Savvy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A video camera, a fortress made out of pillows, and a room with dark walls and orange tape arranged in squares on the walls.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Genre Savvy, Meta Guys, Tropers and Other Pop Culture Fanatics, Cosplayers, those with Ambiguous Disorders and those who those who lean heavily on the fourth wall without quite managing to break it.
  • Domains: Stoicism, Craft, Creation, Balance, Knowledge, Insight, Awareness, Analysis.
  • Allies:
  • Enemy: The Joker.
  • He's a God now. Cool. Coolcoolcool.
  • He actually made a video about his ascension to the Pantheon for his film studies class... one week before his ascension to the Pantheon. He's not an actual prophet or anything (although this did lead him to almost be assigned to the House of Prophecy at one point), he's just that good at recognising what tropes are going to be applicable to his current situation. Some will still approach him as an oracle, however, but those who do are usually too Genre Blind to heed his advice until it's too late. He doesn't mind; he knows as well as anyone that Cassandra Truth is a trope and that it works that way for a reason.
  • He tends to unsettle a lot of the other Gods who pass his way due to his calm, stoic and emotionless nature, his ability to predict what's going to happen to them based on the tropes they're dealing with at any given moment, and his insistence that the Pantheon itself is merely an unofficial collection of various characters from different media assigned various ranks and roles of Godhood for the amusement of those doing the ranking.
  • Although he does enjoy and dabbles in creating fiction, he tends to act best as a documentarian, and has a tendency to follow the members of this House and others with a video camera to record their actions. Even the less Genre Savvy Gods have noticed that whenever Abed's filming them, a lot of chaos tends to follow.
  • He is a huge admirer of Batman and tends to cosplay as him, which has drawn the attention and ire of the Joker. Both the Joker’s attempts to do battle with him and Batman’s attempts to discourage him have met with failure, since Abed’s just so Genre Savvy he’s aware of what they’re doing, and thinks that it's absolutely awesome. He’s also admires the Doctor, although he does believe that the Doctor’s Inspector Spacetime cosplay leaves a lot to be desired.
  • There are rumours that an evil, twisted version of Abed from a timeline where everything went wrong due to a failure to catch a dice exists somewhere out there in the multiverse, as equally versed in tropes as Abed himself but malevolent to boot, seeking to replace Abed and warp reality into a mirror of his own darkest timeline.
  • He is particularly strong at noticing when the Pantheon has undergone a Art Shift, but due to his many issues many — the other Gods included — tend to just view this as symptomatic of a breakdown on Abed's part.
  • Although Abed is one of the lesser-powered Gods, it is unwise to pick battles with him — not only does his innate knowledge of genre tropes enable him to hold his own regardless, but he is also part of a study group of True Companions who will not tolerate any one of their number being messed with.

    Aerith Gainsborough 
Aerith Gainsborough, Goddess of Long-Spoiled Spoilers (Aeris, The Flower Girl)
  • Theme Song: Aerith's Theme
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair Ribbon.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Magician Girls, Magically-Inclined Mysterious Women, Martyrdom, Dying, Staves and Pole Weapons, Flower Girls.
  • Domain: Spoilers, White Magic, Protection, Light.
  • Allies: Cloud, Tifa, and most good-aligned Final Fantasy deities.
  • Enemies: Sephiroth, and to a lesser extent, most of the other Warriors of Chaos.
  • After her ascension, someone hung a flashing neon sign reading "SHE DIES" over her resting quarters in the Pantheon. It's become a sort of running gag among the more mischievous gods to come up with some sort of humiliating punishment should they come across someone surprised by said sign. Thus far, no victims have been reported.
  • It has been said her position came with a book containing knowledge of every spoiler and plot twist in every work of fiction that does, has, or will ever exist. Fortunately for everyone she's kept a close eye on it and is considerate enough to not reveal anything too drastic from its contents. However, she has mixed feelings about her death being listed on the first page.
  • She's also present in the House of Knowledge.

     Cecil Gershwin Palmer 
Cecil Gershwin Palmer God of Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant Narrators
  • Theme Song: The Weather.
  • Lesser God. Was considered for Demi God status since he is (apparently) human, but given the fact that he is from Night Vale, he was given Lesser God status.
  • Symbol: A purple eye. Alternatively, a rusty old microphone emblazoned with "Night Vale Community Radio".
  • Alignment: Either Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral with maybe a smidge of Lawful Good. Kind of hard to put him entirely into that third category when he keeps getting the interns killed.
  • Portfolio: Unreliable Narrator, Love at First Sight, gushing over adorable animals, can't remember specific parts of adolescence, like, totally slipping into this speech pattern sometimes, Straight Gay, his hatred of STEVE CARLSBURG, The Voice
  • Domains: Narration, Nightmare Fuel
  • Opposes: Is currently involved in a feud with the non-ascended Strex Corp, after they took over his radio station, made implied threats towards his boyfriend and his niece, and tried to kill his cat. He has sworn vengeance on them since the cat incident. Cecil also hates Steve Carlsburg, apparently for being inattentive towards his step-daughter Janice, who is Cecil's niece. He is also extremely wary of Kevin R. Free, his Desert Bluffs counterpart, and a man who disturbs Cecil greatly.
  • High Priest: His non-ascended boyfriend Carlos the Scientist. Alternatives are Old Woman Josie ( if and when she comes back), Tamika Flynn and Intern Dana.
  • His worshippers are wary to perform deeds he requests of them because of the low survival rate of others he has called on for such things. They all either go missing or are verifiably killed, Dana being the only exception.
  • There are many theories as to what he actually looks like, or if he is even a human at all. The majority consensus is that he is human, or at least humanoid enough to be attractive to Carlos.
  • He has taken up the task of making radio news broadcasts for the Pantheon, in addition to regularly visiting Night Vale to continue his beloved radio show.
  • He regularly visits the House of Nature to play with the animals.

Estonia, God of Those Who Represent The Author (Eduard Von Bock, Edward, Hidekaz Himayura?)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: His Flag.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Weirdness Magnet, Author Avatar, Megane, Only Sane Man, Big Brother Instinct, The Chew Toy, The Woobie(?)
  • Allies: Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Otacon, Radical Ed, Bentley Turtle, Sora, Yu Narukami, Shiena Kenmochi, Tron, The Author, and most good gods in the House of Technology.
  • Enemies: Everyone in the Disgraces (especially Edward Cullen), the Yandere Quartet and people who treat their subordinates horribly, the Master Control Program, Sark, Clu.
  • Is seen as a sort of good-counterpart of pretty much everyone in the Disgraces, for he also possess a rather similar personality and appearance to his creator, but without being a Sue. They all hate him. The hatred is mutual.
    • Due to the above, he's developed a bit of a Berserk Button whenever people mix him up with Edward Cullen. This is not helped by his tendency to sparkle at weird times.
    • A few are wondering if he actually is the creator of Axis Powers Hetalia, and is using the name Hidekaz Himayura as an alias. He hasn't commented on this.
  • Is on relatively good terms with most of the other deities from his home universe, despite not interacting with them all that much.
  • Spends most of his time in the House of Technology, due to his enjoyment of computer programming and hacking. He's occasionally joined by Radical Ed in this, and the two get along. She then introduced him to Otacon, and the two get along well too.
    • Then the two introduced Estonia to their friend Bentley Turtle, as the three call themselves the Hacking Trio, and became quite noticeable following the events of the Friendship Asylum. It would not be long before Estonia joined the trio (along with Shiena), which then renamed themselves the Hacking Quintet.
    • Joining the group does have it's flaws, as doing a hack risks the five being drawn into Space Paranoids by the Master Control Program and getting locked up inside a pit cell. Quite fortunate that Sora sometimes visits the computer worlds and is friends with the original trio. More fortunate that the pit cell are still being repaired after Murray Hippo tricked the MCP into zapping him just so that he could wreck the cell and Sark.
  • Surprisingly, he's a good singer. Most of the House of Music is impressed by that time he was able to conduct a revolution solely through signing.... which is one of the few things from that period of his life that he's willing to talk about.
  • Occasionally visits his brother in the House of Emotion. He finds that it depresses him....
  • During the event of Vienna Burning, he was accidentally blown up by Belarus and rendered comatose. However, this led to the rest of the Hacking Quintet trying to figure out what had happened to him, which led to the discovery of the GUAE's plans for blowing up parts of Europe, as well as the sheer mortal plane death toll, which led to the mortal plane being reset. He's fine now, but is trying to figure out why he's two weeks out of synch with his country.
  • Looks up to the Author, seeing how he was partially inspired by him. The Author is happy to see that one of his followers didn't end up as bad as he thought.

    Grey (Mega Man ZX) 
Grey, God of Finding One's Identity (The Model A Mega Man, Defective, DAN-003)

    Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon 
Hideyasu Jonouchi, God of Redemption Promotions (Kamen Rider Gridon, Ornac, Kurokage Trooper)
Kamen Rider Gridon 
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Gridon Symbol and the Donguri Lockseed with the word bubble "NEVER GIVE UP!".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral leaning towards Evil
  • Portfolio: Being an Advertised Extra, Redemption Promotions, Former Villains, Determinators, Bash Brothers with Ryoji Hase, Dandies, Being Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, Wearing Glasses, The Only Male Team Leader of Team Invitto, Mighty Glaciers, Being Unskilled, but Strong, Becoming a Capable Fighter Over Time.
  • Domains: Combat, Tactics, Redemption, Tragedy.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Mentor: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo.
  • Allies: The Toku Base (especially the Demonic Legion Defectors), Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (former enemies), Nagisa Momoe, Mami Tomoe, Jeremiah Gottwald, The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Alexander the Great, Regina, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro.
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Handsome Jack), Jack Spicer, Dolores Umbridge.
  • Hideyasu manage to ascend into the main Pantheon by exchanging his Patron Saint to Godhood status after a very long intense training in the Toku Base. As he enters the Pantheon, his words was "Do not....underestimate a pattisier. I've been training for this moment as I....HENSHIN!".
    • Oren Pierre Alfonzo was proud of his apprentice as he hugs him very hard which Jonouchi was a almost squashed in a funny matter. Nevertheless, they are once again able to fight side by side in the pantheon.
  • In the past, Hideyasu was originally a leader and only male member of the Beat Riders group Team Invitto during the Inves Games known for his cunning tactics while he is a big coward and an incompetent fighter at that time. Making an alliance with Ryoji Hase from Team Raid Wild after the two received their Sengoku Drivers from Lock Dealer Sid. After he betrayed the de-powered Hase, due to Hase's mistreatment on him, he decides to get stronger under the tutelage of Oren Pierre Alfonzo while at the same time, he is invited to join the Demonic Legion which he became a part of it for a while until he left the group after he finally breaks out of his cowardice and became a true redeemed Kamen Rider alongside Oren during the Helheim invasion.
  • After the invasion, Hideyasu continues to work in Oren's pastry shop and became satisfied with his life until he discovered Hase's fate through Takatora Kureshima and he temporarily became a Kurokage Trooper in honor of Hase's death.
  • Even after his ascension, he still gets along with the Demonic Legion Defectors as he also shared his experience with them.
  • He gets along with Nagisa Momoe due to the fact that they had a similar experience within their respective stories. Nagisa was touched of Hideyasu's viewpoint after they shared their respective stories.
  • At one point, Hideyasu bumps into Mami Tomoe, however, the Puella Magi quickly recognize the Armored Rider, as the two of them talks each other in Oren's pastry shop before he learned that his old friend Ryoji Hase was her High Priest. Due to this, Hideyasu and Mami become close friends while he gives her a good remark on Hase that "once Hase gets ascended into the pantheon, he will apologize to him".
  • He gets along well with Jeremiah Gottwald since both of them are former villains who later joined on the side of good and became more effective fighters in their respective stories.
  • He became friends with Alexander the Great as Jonouchi reminds him of Oren for some reason while Alexander also reminds Jonouchi of Waver Velvet mostly due to their similar traits and personalities.
  • He doesn't like most of the dirty cowardly villains, especially with Basco ta Jolokia and Handsome Jack of the Trollkaigers and Jack Spicer since both three of them reminding him too much of his former self. Due to this, he will do anything to stop their villainy at all cost.

     Jak and Daxter 
Jak and Daxter, Gods of Cerebus Syndrome
  • Lesser Gods (Jak becomes an Intermediate God in either his Dark or Light Jak forms, and Daxter is in the form of a Greater God)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Jak is Chaotic Evil when under the influence of dark eco though)
  • Symbol: The Arc Wielder and Peace Maker next to a Jet Board
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Count Veger, Baron Praxis, Cyber Errol, Krew, Rayne, Mizo, Polygon Man, Clu, Evil Queen, Maleficent, Judge Frollo, Master Xehanort, Caius Ballard
  • Oppose: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • The two were trying to find some Eco deposits but were somehow drawn into Polygon Man's huge Battle Royale. After passing, the two were rewarding with godhood in the House of Friendship.
    • The duo were originally the Gods of Lifelong Friendship prior to "Project: Alternate Gentaro"; after that, they decided to abdicate that title and simply be the Gods of Cerebus Syndrome (probably because their temple was destroyed by the corruption). Mike and Sully have since taken that spot.
  • The two have a friendly rivalry with Ratchet in the House of Weapons. On good days, they're having friendly arm wrestling matches. On bad days expect the House of Weapons to be covered in bullet marks.
  • Jak is one of the few non-Disney Gods who can see a positive side of Zeus. This was because Zeus became a father-like figure after Damas was killed.
  • The two can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel, having friendly races with some of the other gods.
  • Jak and Daxter met up with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley over some galactic games and got along pretty well with one another.
  • Jak was once pit in a friendly battle against Sora under the watchful eye of Zeus. The fact that the two look similar to one another allowed a friendship to develop. In fact, when Riku ascended, Jak was the first to greet him as a gesture of kindness towards Sora, who would do the same should any of Jak's allies, especially Keira, ever ascend.
    • While still known as the Gods of Lifelong Friendship, Sora entrusted the two with keeping Tron, who was in the same house, safe from Clu, as he's under constant threat of being re-rectified. Clu was angered when he and his Commantis were stopped by Jak, and swore payback.
  • Daxter is almost confined to the House of Narrative due to the amount of gods out there, particularly Scar and his hyena army, who want to eat him.
  • Whenever the Evil Queen attempts to murder Snow White out of jealousy, Jak is very likely to be nearby to foil her plot. In fact, his Light Eco and royal blood allows him to see through her various disguises, one of which caused him to send Daxter to summon the dwarves from their mine to back them up when the Queen sent an Unversed, the Mad Treant, after Snow White.
  • Jak and Daxter formed a sports team with Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot, called the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • One should never try to use the Dark Eco within Jak to control him, especially if Daxter is nearly. Master Xehanort would learn this lesson the hard way.
  • The two are on good terms with Melody, mainly because of how her voice reminds them of their friend (and Jak's Love Interest) Keira Hagai. Melody, in return, has even said that Daxter sounds like her friend Tip, and he even acts like him at times.
  • When the Darkness Proxy got trapped inside the newly-built Friendship Asylum, so were Jak and Daxter, though they escaped during "Muse Hysteria", and helped defeat the Slamwitch. They didn't remain free for long, since Maxwell pulled them back during a Blitzball match, and tried to corrupt them into Asylum Guardians. Daxter couldn't be corrupted due to already being made of Darkness, while Jak was set free by Sora, who then possessed him.
  • Cerebus the Aardvark is being considered as a co-god for this seat, as his adventures named the trope. We say "considered", because the comics then veered into Author Tract, but perhaps Dave Sim, the author of those comics, is to blame for that, not Cerebus.

Javik, the God who Narrates his Past to the Young and Patron Saint of Execution Via Airlock (The Prothean Avatar of Vengeance, The Last Living Prothean, Prothy the Prothean, Trollvik, The Oldest Troll in the Galaxy)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Prothean Echo Shard, or his trusty Particle Rifle
  • Alignment: Netural to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anit-Nihilistic Hero, Badass, Commander Contrarian, Deadpan Snarker, Fantastc Racist who nonetheless encourages the young, Being frozen for Fifty Thousand Years, the Last Living Prothean, Memetic Badass, suggesting to space out the unworthy, Troll, Narrating to others life in his cycle
  • Domains: History, Space, War
  • Direct Superior: Commander Shepard
  • Allies: Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Jack, Liara T'Soni, Urdnot Wrex, Mordin Solus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Legion, KOS-MOS, Optimus Prime, Labrys, All other good-aligned machine deities (Due to the fact that they are all synthetics.)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the Reaper Collective, Ragyo Kiryuin, Yuuki Terumi
  • Found by Commander Shepard and Dr. T'Soni in a stasis pod on Eden Prime, after having last fought the Reapers 50,000 years ago. He was rather shocked to see that the primitive species of his time are now in charge of the galaxy. Nonetheless, he managed to adapt properly and aid them in the war.
  • Since he's technically the Last of His Kind, a lot of the young deities of the Pantheon wanted to learn more of what it was like during his cycle, minus the Reaper Invasion part. According to him, a lot of the species in the current cycle were once primitives, and were at best groomed to be as advanced as the Protheans or at worst treated as food. In particular, his kind once ate Salarian liver and kidneys raw, particularly when the Salarian is still alive (in his own words: The fear adds... Spice.)
  • Has the highest level of respect for Shepard and Garrus for seeing him as a soldier who wants nothing more than to thwart the Reaper threat, as opposed to other deities who are still in awe as to his status as the last Prothean. It took a long while before he came to respect Liara however, as she did not expect him to be so... Different from what she expected of Protheans.
    • Both Javik and Liara had an argument once regarding how her race's ideologies were apparently revealed to her as the work of the Protheans, and not just some religious belief of her race. Shepard had to cut in to quell the situation, which prompted Javik to instead remind her that she is still alive and able to fight, and that she must not let the despair of losing her homeworld get the best of her. When Shepard asked him if he really meant what he said, he affirmed.
  • He's been also known to be a massive troll at times, thanks to being in a time that is completely different from his; an example is his comment about Salarians being food in his cycle, as stated. This has caused a bit of friction between him and Terumi, since all of the latter's trolling can easily be counter-trolled. Yuuki definitely felt dejected when he realized that there is someone who can counter his trolling skills; Javik's only response to him:
    • The LOL Rangers actually sent their invite when they heard of what he did to Terumi. He rejected the offer, because he's currently with Shepard, and because he claims that he has a higher trolling count than both them and the Trollkaiger unit combined.
  • Due to being born (and later unfrozen) in a time when his race was on a losing war against the Reapers, he has developed a huge disdain of synthetics. This actually causes some uneasiness in the atmosphere when he made a quick trip down the House of Technology, and aimed his Particle Rifle at some of the deities there - even the good-aligned ones.
    • Seeing Optimus Prime actually reminded him of the "Metacon Wars", the organic-synthetic conflict that his race was in before the Reapers arrived. Optimus figured that the said war was probably Megatron's doing.
  • As the Pantheon's official Executor via Airlock Spacing, he is tasked with throwing deities who are deemed to be unworthy of gracing the Pantheon proper. His realm have several airlocks which directly lead to the Disgraces (for Deities who are outright Sues, Stus, Scrappies and those who represent the tropes negatively), the Fallen (for those who suffer Flanderization, Character Derailment, Base Breaking and The Worf Effect as well as good characters with bad portfolios), or even into an endless void where the victim can never see the light of the Pantheon ever. In fact, when Justin Bieber and Jimmy Savile were declared Persona non Grata, he had to use his biotic powers to boot their asses into the last one. According to Javik, trying to even physically tap those sorry disgraces for a primitive is even worse than indoctrination.
  • While it was transcribed as his alternative name, it is known that if anyone refers to Javik as 'Prothy the Prothean', he will descend to the realm, take the sayer to outer space, and throw the sayer out of the airlock. He just puts up the title to Troll people and see just how many people took the Schmuck Bait.

     The Lorax 
The Lorax, God of Green Aesops

     Max Payne 
Max Payne, God of The Private Eye Monologue
  • Theme Song: Max Payne
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Bottle of Painkillers
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Bad Ass, Bullet Time, Byronic Hero, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Determinator, Failure Knight, Knight in Sour Armor, Tranquil Fury, Resigned to the Call
  • Domains: Heroism, Painkillers, Tragedy, Monologues, Self Depreciation
  • Allies: John McClane, Haruka Kotoura, Alan Wake, Jack Bauer, Kiritsugu Emiya, Jason Brody, Solid Snake, Michael De Santa
  • Enemies: Vaas Montenegro, Hoyt Volker, Vic Vega, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Mr. Scratch, Bloody Mary
  • Max Payne is known for his inner monologues that are deeply descriptive and very philosophical though it does get to be a bit much at times. Though he thinks of everyone and every situation in such a style that has added a bit of the flair for the dramatic for The Pantheon, especially for mind readers.
  • Speaking of which this is the reason Haruka Kotoura is one of the few people that enjoy being around him despite his grim outlook as she is somewhat amused by how philosophical his thoughts could get.
  • Although he is trying to stay out of trouble since he tried to be retired from his last adventure, though if someone needs his help he will be there even if he knows that it just gets him into trouble that could get him killed.
  • Like John McClane when provoked he can bring many Masterminds plans down in flames if he somehow gets involved.
  • Is often seen as depressed and grim at times, even with him trying to be happier in his vacation and has kicked some of his bad habits but sometimes goes back to the sad outlook on what he lost so he often seems that way to some of the Good members of the pantheon.
  • When pressed into fighting he somehow has the ability to enter Bullet Time and that sometimes catches villains off guard and sometimes stone cold dead for a time.
    • Decided to teach Michael De Santa how to better his marksmanship, even though they have very different backgrounds Max discovered how much he would protect his family and decided to help him make sure that Michael keeps his family alive so that he doesn't suffer like Max does.

     Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy 
Miyuki Hoshizora, Goddess of Earning One's Happy Ending (Cure Happy, Ultra Cure Happy)

     Nagisa Momoe 
Nagisa Momoe, Goddess of Ascended Extras
  • Lesser Goddess (Bordering on Intermediate Goddess with the power of her Witch Form)
  • Symbol: A piece of cheese with a wrapped candy next to it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning toward Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra and becoming one of the main characters, (pun not intended) Animal-Eared Hats, Bare Your Midriff, Back from the Dead, Bubble Gun, Blue and Orange Morality, Girlish Pigtails, Rapunzel Hair, Instrument of Murder, Mystical White Hair, Sixth Ranger, Sweet Tooth, Flower hairbands Extreme Omnivore, Technicolor Eyes, Love of Cheese.
  • Domain: Popularity, Magic, Cheese, Candy.
  • Allies: The main Puella Magi Quartet, especially Mami Tomoe, Charlotte (her witch form), Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro.
  • Friendly Rival: Derpy Hooves.
  • Opposes: Attia Simmons
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Ascended as the human form of Charlotte the Desert Witch.
  • Has a Friendly Rivalry with Derpy Hooves over who better fits the bill of "ascended extras": while Derpy was originally a lowly animation error that became extremely popular, her overall impact in her native 'verse can be considered somewhat limited. Nagisa (or her Witch Charlotte) was a Monster of the Week and therefore had a larger original role in her native 'verse, but she ended up a major player in the Great Upheaval. Overall, their relationship DOES lean more toward the 'friendly' part than the 'rival': they are civil overall to each other, and once worked together to create surprisingly tasty cheddar muffins.
  • Her joyful reaction to being brought back to life through Homura's actions during the Upheaval has turned some heads: it's unknown whether it was the product of Homura altering her memories, or if Nagisa truly sympathized with what she did. Rumors are floating around of her attending Homuciferian rallies, though these are currently unfounded.
  • With the House of Food close at hand, Nagisa has made it her goal to try every single solitary kind of cheese at least once. The only kind she ever gave a negative review to was casu marzu. To quote her on the subject:

    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff 
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, Gods of Stylistic Suck and Stairs (Dude, Man, Dog, Bro, Dunkass, Shithead; all can be applied to both of them)

Tidus, The God Who Tells His Own Story (The son of Jecht, Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, "You-Know-Who", the Spry Striker)
  • Theme: "To Zanarkand". When fighting, Battle Theme.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Brotherhood propped next to a Blitzball.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Telling his story, being very chipper, a star athlete who's still nice, being in his father's shadow, mastery of Haste, Slow, and Stop, using Blitzball skills in combat, intending to protect Yuna, asymmetrical clothing, those who were really beings of the Fayth's dream.
  • Domains: Narration, Water, Combat, Professional Sports, Love, Dreams
  • Followers: Flynn Rider, Megamind, Kuzco, Lester Burnham, Susie Salmon.
  • Allies:
  • In Friendly Competition with: Percy Jackson.
  • Enemies: Mateus Palamecia, Seymour Guado, Chaos, Ghetsis Harmonia, Spoony.
  • High Priest: Ishmael.
  • Longing to ease her unhappiness, Cosmos led Yuna to the gates of the Pantheon, the closest they could reach to the mortal plains. There Yuna was given another chance to whistle at the top of her lungs. After a few tries, the two feared it was a lost cause. Just as Cosmos was about to command the 501st to close the gates, the swift figure Tidus dashed through at breakneck speed, knocking into Yuna in the process. He finally kept his word.
  • Unusual for the gods within the Narrative House, Tidus' shrine is in some way connected to the House of Sports, where a newly created Blitzball stadium had been built. Tidus has been teaching many a curious deity about Spira's favorite pastime.
    • As it stands, he's still trying to get better to be a match for Aqua Man, who boasts aquatic skills he'd never thought possible.
  • Tidus has something of a love-hate relationship with his father Jecht. He's gotten to know the man on a much deeper level, and is willing to accept him. However, there are many times where his father's actions as the muscle head or sex god he is makes Tidus just want to clock him over the head with a few dozen blitzballs.
  • He would like to remind everyone that his name is "Tee-dus", not "Tide-us".
  • As one of the youngest of the Sons of Square, many seem to ridicule the striker for a number of things, chief being when he attempted to laugh at Yuna's suggestion. Always exasperated by this, Tidus has repeatedly mentioned that he was ''purposefully'' laughing like that.
  • Naturally Tidus was quick to join up in the GUAG as one of Cosmos' original Warriors, and is working with Ieyasu to make raids against the GUAE's Reeducation Facility and bust out his old man.
  • Sora has stated more than once that he knows an alternate, and younger, version of Tidus back on the Destiny Islands, whom he always handled sword practices with. That version was killed in the destruction of the islands, but was eventually brought back to life following Ansem's defeat. This Tidus has the memories of the alternate one (barring his death), and recognized Sora upon meeting in the pantheon.
  • Was sought out after his ascension by Ratchet to see just who Yuna had mistaken him for. It was an unusual meeting, but physically Ratchet reminded Tidus of Zidane and was able to warm up faster that normal.
    • However, he gets disgusted to see Johnny Test, giving the fact that said annoying kid sounds identical to him.
  • Shortly after the Pantheon Blitzball Stadium was finally finished, Tidus noticed many gods and goddesses using it as a standard pool. Exasperated, he exclaimed 'That's not what it's there for!' and quickly explained what Blitzball was. Enrollment for the Pantheon's first Blitzball teams has begun.
  • Due to their extremely similar personalities, daddy issues, and love of the water, he and Percy Jackson have developed a friendly rivalry. Percy finds the Brotherhood sword awesome to behold and Tidus thinks Percy would make an awesome Blitzball player.
  • Currently, Tidus' Blitzball team, named after the Besaid Aurochs, includes himself and Jak, with four empty spots. Two former players, Sora and Ratchet, both retired for personal reasons (Sora due to his leg injury, and Ratchet due to loss of interest).
    • Thanks to the intensive training gone through, the Besaid Aurochs are considered to be almost unbeatable. Only Team Atlantica has ever been able to beat them, and only because it's captain, Melody, sounds exactly like Rikku, and is able to do flawless impersonations of Keira Hagai and Talwyn Apogee. Tidus holds no ill will towards the tomboyish princess, however.
  • He doesn't like talking about what happened when he visited Arizona. All the gods know is that it involved a nasty encounter with a certain cult leader that for some reason has the support of Sephiroth.

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