Pantheon: Narrative Intermediate Gods

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     Flash Thompson/Agent Venom 
Agent Venom IV/ Col Flash Thompson, God of Character Development
his appearance after joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Ben, God of Creepy Pasta
  • Theme: The Song of Healing. Played backwards.
  • Intermediate God…maybe.
  • Symbol: A disturbing Link Statue.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Haunted Game Cartridges, Nightmare Fuel, Contagious A.I. (?), Eldritch Abomination (?), Sealed Evil in a Game Cartridge
  • Domains: Fear, The Internet, the Paranormal, Glitches, Nostalgia, Water(?)
  • Herald: Smiledog
  • Priests: The crew of the Laughingstock.
  • Allies: Slenderman.
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf.
  • Ben is an enigmatic figure: his nature, his actions, his ultimate goal, his origin, all complete mysteries. Many gods and goddesses offer widely differing explanations for the creature, but there is one thing they all agree on: at some point, Ben drowned.
  • Ben appeared in the pantheon soon after an odd event in the House of Gaming: a god playing Majora’s Mask noted that the game had started to glitch up, referring to him as “Ben”. When he reset the game, he was greeted with the words “You shouldn’t have done that.” He mentioned hearing the Song of Healing played backwards before passing out.
  • While Ben’s domain is Creepypasta in general, his specialty is the corruption of innocence: that is to say, creepy and unsettling takes on old, nostalgic pieces of entertainment. Suicidemouse.avi, Squidward’s Suicide, Dead Bart and all manner of ‘lost episodes’ and ‘game hacks’ spring from Ben.
  • Also holds a place in the House of Technology, due to the fact Creepypastas originated from the internet.
  • He is rumored to have some sort of connection with Polybius.

    Ben and Gwen Tennyson 
Ben and Gwen Tennyson, God and Goddess of Unintentional Familial Subtext (Ben: Ben 10, Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, Gwen: Gwendolyn, Lucky Girl, Lovely Gwen)

Bismarck, Goddess of Historical In Jokes
Bismarck Drei 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: A scale model of the German battleship Bismarck
  • Portfolio: Historical In-Joke, Nice Hat, Boobs of Steel, Germanic Efficiency, Cool Big Sis, Necessary Drawback, Phenotype Stereotype, Lightning Bruiser, Boisterous Bruiser
  • Domains: Costumes, Naval Warfare, Oceans
  • Allies: (Admiral and Fleet Girls): The Admiral, Naka, Yamato, Musashi, Akagi, Ooi, Kitakami, Shimakaze, I-19, Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Ushio, Kisaragi, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Hibiki
  • Enemies: Wo-Class, Millenium, Red Skull, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, HYDRA
  • German Battleship Bismarck was the first of two Bismarck Class Battleships built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine and the largest battleship built by Europeans.
  • Many deities find it somewhat amusing that a German shipgirl with blonde hair and blue eyes was built for Nazi Germany, mirroring Adolf Hitler's idea for his Master Race, meanwhile some other deities get flashbacks to Nazi Germany.
  • Bismarck sometimes gets asked if her upper arms get cold due to her never wearing anything that covers her entire arms. Bismarck's response is usually nothing short of:
    "Thank you for your concerns but you don't need to worry about me."
  • It's not uncommon to see Bismarck with her fellow German deities Gertrud Barkhorn, Erica Hartmann, Rudolph von Stroheim and Laura Bodewig. It also helps that all of them have been in combat.
    • The same cannot be said for Red Skull, Millenium and HYDRA though
  • Many deities have noted how similarly Bismarck sounds to Sheryl Nome and Yukari Yakumo. Bismarck can frequently be seen with the both of them as she gets along well with the both of them.
    • Although she can be seen with Sheryl more often though as Yukari is sleeping more often than not.
  • Bismarck gets along well with Reimu Hakurei and Hatsune Miku because they have similar tastes in fashion as Bismarck.
  • Bismarck is greatly unamused by the fact that a mortal made a song about sinking her. Lots of deities like to joke about this being Bismarck's theme song. Anyone that Bismarck meets who thinks this will get to meet her 38cm twin guns.
  • You can sometimes see Bismarck with The Captain or Jotaro Kujo as they seem to get along surprisingly well though Bismarck may have feelings for them.
  • Bismarck gets very nervous with her rudder whenever she gets into a fight as she was once sunk when a torpedo caused her rudder to get jammed.
  • Bismarck is a frequent visitor to the house of food, to get beer. Even when it's not late September or October.
  • Certain aspects of Bismarck's fashion sense (Namely her pantlessness) remind many deities of the Strike Witches.note 

Charmcaster, Character Changing Goddess ("Caroline", Princess, Sweetie, Beautiful)
20 Years Old
21 Years Old

Golbez, Great Herald of the Sith Lord (Golbeza, Theodor Harvey, The Man in Black, the Thaumaturge)
  • Theme: Golbez, Clad in Darkness.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His horned helmet silhouetted against the moon.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, slides from Lawful Good to Lawful Evil and in-between depending on circumstances
  • Portfolio: Armored Villains In Black, Mental Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, Shocking Plot Reveals, Deep Voices, Heroic Darkness, Villains With Heroic Tendencies, Magical Gestures, Dark Magic, Redemption Through Death, Brotherly Devotion.
  • Domains: Darkness, Family, Mentality, Redemption.
  • Allies: Darth Vader, Cecil Harvey (his brother), Kain Highwind.
  • Was called to the pantheon by Chaos to serve the GUAE. Considering his heart's weakness and ability to be summoned a sign of his unworthiness of redemption, Golbez has pledged himself to the forces of evil again, but hopes their efforts will fail. In his heart he wishes to be a force for good, but considers himself unworthy of standing alongside the more noble and selfless heroes.
  • Is rumored to be working with Kain Highwind to undermine Melkor's position. Kain has spoken in hushed tones of Golbez considering their past together, if he's being secretive or just prefers not to talk about it is unknown for now.
  • Pointedly bans his brother Cecil from visiting him more than once a week, as when he first arrived Cecil heard about his servitude to evil and tried to convince his brother to cast off his past and return to the light. Golbez got annoyed with Cecil after the seventh visit in two days and zapped him with a Cosmic Ray as a hint to let him deal with these matters on his own.
  • Though not the best of friends, he and Darth Vader have come to an understanding with each other. Vader respects Golbez's admirable efforts to emulate him, and they share a mutual sympathy for the other's struggles with their pasts and their families. However, Vader has warned that if Golbez has not chosen a definitive side when Melkor's forces march, he will choose for him. Golbez has not been reached to discover his response.
  • He may be resigned to following the ways of evil, but Golbez often offers sound advice to those who'll listen.

    Gore and Shagaru Magala 
Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, Dragon Gods of Eclipse Symbolism (Gore Magala: Black Eclipse Wyvern, Goa, Gore, Big Black Evil Dragon; Shagaru Magala: Heaven's Wheel, The Dragon that Circles the Heavens, Shagaru, Stephenson, Shaggy)
Gore Magala
"Frenzy Mode" 
Chaotic Gore Magala 
Shagaru Magala

    Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen 
Gwendolyn Stacy of Earth-65, Goddess of Alternate Badasses (Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy, Gwenie, Spider-Gwen, Deaf Leaddard, Your New Favorite)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her drumsticks
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Alternate Universe Gwen Stacy Is Awesome, Outta the Fridge and Into the Suit, White Suited Heroine, Breakout Character, In the Hood, For Want of a Nail, Ensemble Darkhorse, Cowgirl Cop, Typical Spidey Luck, I Let Peter Parker Die, The Atoner, Running from a Man Hunt Led by Her Father, One of Spider-Man's Several Distaff Counterparts, Lady Swears-a-Lot
  • Domains: Heroism, Spiders, Alternate Realities, Ensemble Darkhorse
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-man, Mary Jane Watson, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Enemies: Green Goblin, The Punisher, The Lizard (in a way).
  • Very Conflicting Opinion: Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after the war against the Inheritors. The Court of the Gods enjoyed this version of Gwen Stacy so much that they decided to give her a place her. Spider-Man, the original himself, personally vouched for her.
  • When she herds that everyone calls her the "Best Gwen Stacy in the Universe", she was more than curious and went to the house on time and space to check on the last of her counterparts.
    • The first one was her Earth-616 counterpart, the original, where the most famous event took place and almost every universe copied the events of that location: The Bridge, or what she calls it "the place where many of her been fridged off a bridge". Her personality was that of a mean girl but thanks to her interactions with Peter she became the Nice Girl that everybody knows her from that point on. Gwen promised this World Peter that she will not die and promised she will watch his back because she lost her Peter Parker which wounded her deeply.
    • Next was Earth-26496 where she was a nerd like Peter. Gwen find's this version's ability to stare at someone and make them do what she want's them to do very amusing.
    • The one from Earth-1610 she found to be most interesting. That version of her formed a Cool Big Sis relationship with the Peter of that world before eventually dating him. Sadly, that version also ended up killed, that time by Carnage... temporarily. She felt the whole bit of her Earth-1610 self becoming Carnage 2.0 to be out of whack. Even more so with the Peter of that world learning that he was immortal after a climatic fight with the Goblin.
    • Then there was Earth-120703 her most recent version. Again a nerd, but this time with a relationship so deep that she rivaled to Mary Jane's. Her death was not on a bridge, but on a clock tower. What's more sad is that this Spider-man almost didn't save her. She was saved from the fall, but it was the bump on the head that ended her. But she was great that this Gwen gave him a deep speech which made him continue to be Spider-man.
  • Gwen found Earth-616 Mary Jane was in the Pantheon. The first thing M.J did when she saw Gwen was hugging her with tears in her eyes. They talked and bonded and Gwen was glad that this Mary Jane is nothing like her counterpart, were she has the me, me and just me attitude.
  • She and Peter can be found practicing in the House of Combat, where he does not take any chances and make sure she has all of his skill to protect herself.
  • Some superheroes wonder why she has a hood a part of her suit.
  • Gwen is also a drummer in a band called "The Mary Janes" which also shows the ego of that Mary Jane. Not only is she wicked with the drums; but she can use those skills to beat bad guys.
  • Batman sees parallels with Gwen and Barbara Gordon, in that both are daughters who are heroes with fathers as cops, one as Commissioner and the other as Captain. She and he went to the House of Time and Space to show how much George Stacy is alike his friend "Jim".
  • Was worried learning that Matt Murdock was also in the Pantheon, as her world's version of Matt serves as the Kingpin and was also the one who sent a hit out on her father. Spider-Man told her not to worry as the Matt Murdock he's familiar with is nothing like that. Daredevil!Matt for his part became rather depressed to find that there exist an alternate reality of himself that would stoop to crime.

     Jak and Daxter 
Jak and Daxter, Gods of Cerebus Syndrome
  • Intermediate God (Jak); Lesser God (Daxter, though he's in the form of a Greater God)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Jak is Chaotic Evil when under the influence of dark eco though)
  • Symbol: The Arc Wielder and Peace Maker next to a Jet Board
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Friendship, Darkness, Light, Dramedy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Feared by: James, Meowth (Jak only)
  • The two were trying to find some Eco deposits but were somehow drawn into Polygon Man's huge Battle Royale. After passing, the two were rewarding with godhood in the House of Friendship.
    • The duo were originally the Gods of Lifelong Friendship prior to "Project: Alternate Gentaro"; after that, they decided to abdicate that title and simply be the Gods of Cerebus Syndrome (probably because their temple was destroyed by the corruption). Mike and Sully have since taken that spot.
  • The two have a friendly rivalry with Ratchet in the House of Weapons. On good days, they're having friendly arm wrestling matches. On bad days expect the House of Weapons to be covered in bullet marks.
  • Jak is one of the few non-Disney Gods who can see a positive side of Zeus. This was because Zeus became a father-like figure after Damas was killed.
  • The two can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel, having friendly races with some of the other gods.
  • Jak and Daxter met up with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley over some galactic games and got along pretty well with one another.
  • Jak was once pit in a friendly battle against Sora under the watchful eye of Zeus. The fact that the two look similar to one another allowed a friendship to develop. In fact, when Riku ascended, Jak was the first to greet him as a gesture of kindness towards Sora, who would do the same should any of Jak's allies, especially Keira, ever ascend.
    • While still known as the Gods of Lifelong Friendship, Sora entrusted the two with keeping Tron, who was in the same house, safe from Clu, as he's under constant threat of being re-rectified. Clu was angered when he and his Commantis were stopped by Jak, and swore payback.
  • Daxter is almost confined to the House of Narrative due to the amount of gods out there, particularly Scar and his hyena army, who want to eat him.
  • Whenever the Evil Queen attempts to murder Snow White out of jealousy, Jak is very likely to be nearby to foil her plot. In fact, his Light Eco and royal blood allows him to see through her various disguises, one of which caused him to send Daxter to summon the dwarves from their mine to back them up when the Queen sent an Unversed, the Mad Treant, after Snow White.
  • Jak and Daxter formed a sports team with Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot, called the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • One should never try to use the Dark Eco within Jak to control him, especially if Daxter is nearly. Master Xehanort would learn this lesson the hard way.
  • The two are on good terms with Melody, mainly because of how her voice reminds them of their friend (and Jak's Love Interest) Keira Hagai. Melody, in return, has even said that Daxter sounds like her friend Tip, and he even acts like him at times.
  • When the Darkness Proxy got trapped inside the newly-built Friendship Asylum, so were Jak and Daxter, though they escaped during "Muse Hysteria", and helped defeat the Slamwitch. They didn't remain free for long, since Maxwell pulled them back during a Blitzball match, and tried to corrupt them into Asylum Guardians. Daxter couldn't be corrupted due to already being made of Darkness, while Jak was set free by Sora, who then possessed him.
  • Cerebus the Aardvark is being considered as a co-god for this seat, as his adventures named the trope. We say "considered", because the comics then veered into Author Tract, but perhaps Dave Sim, the author of those comics, is to blame for that, not Cerebus.
  • Occasionally, Daxter will help the White Hats with their hacks by eating data in a Pac-Man style mini-game. This is one of the few times he's seen without Jak.
  • Jak isn't pleased with what Nephrite did to Sailor Mercury when he learned about this from Riku. He has sworn that the next time this happens, Nephrite would have to deal with his Dark Eco Bomb in adition to Riku's Dark Aura, Terra's Ultima Cannon, and Mega Absol's Night Slash.

    Kaguya Houraisan 
Kaguya Houraisan, Celestial Guardian of Impossible Tasks (The Eternal Moon Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Jewelled Branch of Hourai, The Jewel from the Dragon's Neck, Buddha's Stone Bowl, The Robe of Fire Rat and Swallow's Cowrie Shell
  • Thee Music: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Invertor of Impossible Tasks, Everything's Better with Princesses, Complete Immortality, Lunarian, Amulet of Concentrated Awesome, Rapunzel Hair, World's Most Beautiful Woman, The Ojou, Time Master
  • Domains: Moon, Princesses, Immortality, Tasks
  • Allies: Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Aphrodite
  • Eternal Rival: Fujiwara no Mokou
  • Enemies: Nekron, Kars
  • Opposed by: Nightmare Moon
  • The legendary moon princess from "Story of the Bamboo-Cutter", the princess who was exiled from the Moon for drinking the Hourai Elixir was sought far and wide, and only if someone would complete one of her Five Impossible Tasks would they be able to marry her. No one succeeded receiving the items she asked for. In fact, she seemed have already had those items in the first place, unless she sought for them after everyone had failed.
  • She hardly ever leaves her temple, spending most of her days inside it. Some gods think that she is a hikikomori or NEET due of this, if not outright Gamer Chick, but this is actually due the fact that she was raised as a ojou. She is trying to get better.
  • Is also said to call upon Eirin whenever she needs help. Though it is hard to say how true this is. Heck, Eirin was the one who called upon Kaguya's help one time.
  • She has started creating a new list of Impossible Tasks, and she already has items for it. The list includes ilmenite from the Moon, ceiling of Kinkaku-ji, "Mysterium" and the Red Stone of Aja. How she got her hands on that is still a mystery.
    • Because of this, a lot of deities are keeping their out for Kars in the fear that he might go after Kaguya in order to obtain the Red Stone of Aja back.
  • There seems to be a bond between her and Aphrodite due of their reputation as World's Most Beautiful Woman. Aphrodite wonders if the tragedies she caused would have ended if she didn't give any false hopes to others. Then again, there is Mokou...
  • Aside of powers granted by the items she has, she has power over Eternal (allowing her to lock things in time, making it impossible from them to be changed) and Instant (allowing her to do actions in intervals of time too small to be detected). She can even undo stuff what are "eternal" or "instant", like stopping The Night That Never Ends, something what pisses Nightmare Moon off.
  • Unfortunately for her, even in the Pantheon she has some suitors who seek to marry her. Five of them, in fact. To proof a point, she gave there suitors five brand new Impossible Tasks to complete.
    • First suitor got the task of receiving her Frism from the Glacier Palace. That was tasked to Hans Westergard. However, due the fact that he possessed no reliable way of reaching the Glacier Palace, let alone find a Frism, he tried to cheat by making someone sculpture something what looked like Frism. However, Kaguya tested it, and it did not record her voice and deemed it fake.
    • Second suitor got the task of receiving her a Demonic Branch of Exdeath. That was tasked to Gaston. Where he was not able to reach Exdeath, let alone get him transform into his tree form to gain the branch, he killed an evil tree demon and took his branch, thinking about fooling her. However, Kaguya felt not enough malice from the branch and deemed it fake.
    • Third suitor got the task of receiving her a Silk Robe Made by Arachne. That was tasked to Zeus. However, Arachne didn't take well that the husband of the woman who cursed her came to ask for anything and Zeus made really no efforts of pleasing her. Zeus eventually resulted getting a different robe, but Kaguya easily felt that the robe was not what she was looking for.
    • Fourth suitor got the task of receiving a Horn of an Alicorn. That was tasked to Prince Charmles. However, due of his past experience with Equestrian deities, he quickly gave up on trying to complete the task.
    • The last suitor got the task of receiving a Blood-Stained Sword from Depths of Orochi. That was tasked to Tomaru Sawagoe. He wasn't heard for weeks and when he was found, it was just a corpse with what looks like dozens of katanas having stabbed him at the same time.
  • DO NOT confuse her with Kaguya Ootsutsuki. Back during the latter's rampage through the Pantheon, she attempted to appeal to Kaguya Horaisan as "a fellow goddess of the moon". Kaguya H.'s response was to blast Kaguya O. with her strongest attack spell... and horror as it barely left a scratch on the obscenely powerful fallen goddess. When Ootsutsuki was de-powered, sealed, and banished to the Disgraces, Horaisan breathed a sigh of relief, and now periodically scrys to check and make sure she stays there.
  • Is having a crater named after her in Charon, Pluto's moon. She hoped to visit it someday and make a summer house there.

Lazlo, God of Cursed with Awesome and Earning The Right To Life (Lazlo En Kuldes, Protagonist IV)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two short swords crossed together with the Rune of Punishment placed over them
  • Theme Music: Rune of Punishment
  • Alignment: Neutral Good to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Blessed with Suck, Before Turning it to Cursed with Awesome, Tenkai Star, Happily Adopted, Dual Wielding, Person of Mass Destruction, Game Breaker, Heroic Mime, The Stoic, The Scapegoat, Has Loads of Fangirls, Earn Your Happy Ending, Actually From Noble Heritage
  • Domains: Heroes, Swords, Power, Navies, Forgiveness, Royalty
  • Allies: Jeane, Viki, Commander Shepard, Eucliwood Hellscythe, Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy, Link, all of the ascended Fleet Girls, many of the good-willed thieves, pirates and such.
  • Enemies: Luca Blight, the Abyssal Fleet, Exdeath
  • Formerly a Gaien Knight from Razril, Lazlo was falsely accused of killing a man named called Glen and was exiled from his nation. However, he quickly became the leader of Island Liberation Navy of Obel, and by gathering people to assist him, started to fight off against the Kooluk Empire.
  • Lazlo possess the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runes. It possesses great powers, being able to wipe entire naval fleets in one attack, and grants its bearer inability to age. However, it slowly drains the life out of the user and is practically a Doom Magnet, making sure that its bearer uses it. However, by showing kindness and forgiveness, the Rune eventually settled down to a "Forgiveness Phase", a state where it stops draining the bearer's life and instead heals them. So Lazlo essentially turned Blessed with Suck into Cursed with Awesome. And good thing, as it allowed him to life through one last usage of it, allowing him to get a happy ending.
    • Because of this, Lazlo is really dangerous. And killing him would be a huge gamble, as the Rune of Punishment jumps into the nearest person around it as soon as its current owner dies. So If you were to kill him, you would be stuck with the Rune until you die.
  • His ascension wasn't taken that warmly, as his tale is considered one of the least liked of the bunch. Though the fact that he is currently the first Tenkai Star chronologically probably help him come here over the other Tenkai Stars.
    • He seems to sympathize with Link as one of his own adventures was criticized due of how tedious the sea travel can be, like with Lazlo.
  • Where he might be the obvious counterpart to Eucliwood, he does wish that she would find a way to control her powers better.
  • He, like other Suikoden protagonist, has an impressive Magnetic Hero having a record of something like 107 man and beast of different breeds and backgrounds recruited. Including multiple pirates, thieves and assassins send to kill him. That is why he has rather good connections with some of the good outlaws.
  • As a former commander of a naval fleet, he seems to get along with the ascended Fleet Girls. And as such, he has a certain dislike for the Abyssal Fleet.
  • Is still bit oblivious to the fact that he is the Prince of Obel who got lost. The fact that he ended up working for his father in the end is rather amazing.
  • Besides the fact that there isn't that much appealing about him, he seems to be rather popular with the ladies, even when not taking account his role as a Magnetic Hero.
  • He has a bit of a dislike for Exdeath due the fact that he also had to deal with an evil tree of sort in his own world.
  • Not to be confused with the boy scout of the same name.

Littlefoot, God of Sequels
  • Theme: If We Hold On Together.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Treestar (aka a large green leaf).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, edges on Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Dinosaurs, Executive Meddling, Formulaic Fiction, Recycled Scripts, Direct-to-Video.
  • Domains: Theater, Commerce, Nature.
  • Followers: Most of Don Bluth's other characters and many Disney hero/ines. Every single slasher villain. Also applies to characters/universes from the following: the American Pie films, National Lampoon, Species, Police Academy, etc
  • Superior: Don Bluth.
  • Allies:
    • Ascended: Chomper, D'Leh, Fievel Mousekewitz
    • Non-Ascended: The rest of his Prehistoric Pals (Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike (the spiketail, not The Fallen vampire or the baby dragon in the House of Heroes), and Ruby (not the huntress in the House of Costumes)).
  • Rival: Dominic Toretto.
  • Enemies: Sharptooth, Elmyra Duff.
  • Littlefoot has not only been on the receiving end of one of the worst cases of sequelitis in recorded history, but he's lived to tell the tale. His long years suffering under contractually obligated sequels— the only things keeping Universal Cartoon Studios alive— have given him a full understanding of one of the most chaotic constructs of fiction: the sequel.
  • Followers seeking relief from their Sequelitis go to him for worship. "It's okay," he soothes, smiling sympathetically at them. "As bad as it is right now, at least you'll never co-star with an eight foot tall dinosaur-parrot voiced by Cuba Gooding Jr."
  • Fittingly for a former fallen god, Littlefoot's domain is of great importance to those among the fallen and disgraced. Many require a second chance to redeem themselves, which usually means some sort of continuation of their story to prove themselves worthy. While he does have a great deal of sympathy for them, he only provides an opportunity to those who actually deserve one… and an opportunity doesn't always equal a redemption.
  • He's taken his new position in stride and has become a vocal advocate for giving all in the Fallen pit a fair chance at redemption.
  • "Twelve. Before anyone asks, the answer is twelve sequels. And counting!"

Lunord, the Easily Condemned God of All There in the Manual
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A black circle containing the gold outline of a crescent moon atop a pyramid.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with shades of Lawful, Chaotic, and Good)
  • Portfolio: All There in the Manual, Former Big Good (or closest equivalent), Dark Is Not Evil, Slap-Slap-Kiss Brother-Sister Incest, Abusive Parenting (reformed), Easily Condemned for Out of Character Frame-Up, Chalice MacGuffins, Purview over Wind and the Night.
  • Domains: Night, Moon, Wind, Chalices, Manuals.
  • Followers: Assassins, (now undead) Adepts, and Spirits of Darkness.
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore, Talim, Barry Allen, Thrall, Balanar.
  • Rivals: Amaterasu, The Unconquered Sun, Princess Celestia... basically, any divine associated with the sun.
  • Enemies: Conan, Nighmare Moon, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.
  • Odd Friendship: Nurgle.
  • Opposes: Queen Elsa.
  • Manual: Prima Official Strategy Guide - Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.
  • The majority of Lunord's deeds in the Ardanian pantheon were transcribed by the prophet-strategist Prima. Lunord suspects that part of the reason for being Easily Condemned is that not enough people had read Prima's manual to realize that he was framed.
  • Lunord's transcribed deeds include:
    • A sibling rivalry with his his sister Helia (the Ardanian sun goddess) that resulted in a full war that Lunord nearly won... until abused mercenary barbarians crushed both sides. Both he and Helia were so weakened that there was winter for six years.
      • Because of this, Lunord opposes Queen Elsa for endless winters, however "benevolent" they be, and is a full enemy of Conan for his abuses against barbarians (and the fact that Krolm, Ardania's god of Barbarians and Lunord's father, bears more than a passing resemblance to Crom).
    • Siring seven children with Helia during their post-war truce: three that were ejected from the pantheon (Grum-Gog, the hideous god of pestilence and father of goblins, and two non-god abominations) and quintuplets that ruled over Life, Death, Law, and Chaos. Helia and Lunord stepped back and allowed those four to take over the pantheon.
    • His sacred chalice being a key artifact is establishing the first king Sydrian, heralding the existence of the new gods to the people of Ardania, and saving the life of Ardania's greatest sovereign since Sydrian.
  • Despite all of the above, when the religious orders suddenly went into upheaval, the blame was placed on Lunord and he was kicked out of his home pantheon. He eventually cleared his name with the help of Grum-Gog, which helped reconcile the goblin god with the rest of the Ardanian pantheon as well.
    • While it took a long time for Lunord to do so, Thrall is happy that Lunord has come to accept and support orcs and goblins as people, rather than Always Chaotic Evil monsters.
    • How he cleared his name involved transforming a werewolf into a not-quite-killer rabbit. This has put Lunord in hot water with the werewolf and killer rabbit communities. On top of that, the werewolves of Ardania have a strong affinity towards the sun, so he's not exactly fond of them back.
  • Lunord has had a complicated relationship with his sister Helia, not only for their past fighting and their mutual children, but it was revealed that she was the one who framed him out of jealousy. He isn't fond of her, but he can't bring himself to hate her. He's come to project this frustration against any god associated with the sun. Amaterasu has it particularly bad because of her additional association with the moon; as far as Lunord is concerned, she's a Yin-Yang Bomb waiting to go off.
  • Given his experience of being weakened during the Six Winter's War, he knows the dangers that a lack of sunlight can do. He therefore cannot support Nightmare Moon's goal of eternal night, just as he opposes Queen Elsa's endless winter.
  • Lunord's reconciliation with his son Grum-Gog has not only improved his relationship with goblins and orcs, but also made him extremely tolerant of Grum-Gog's pestilence aspect and disease in general. So much so that he's developed a friendship with Nurgle, of all people.
  • Despite being a god of the night, one of Lunord's stronger aspects has been control of the wind. One of his main blessings is having the wind enhance one's speed, making him a strong ally of speedsters and speedster aspirants. He and Talim has also bonded over his wind aspect.
  • When all of his speedster followers died in the war Lunord was blamed for, he took to supporting assassins with his night aspect. The Adepts have since been revived as undead, but assassins still can count on his patronage.
  • While Lunord isn't a full-on enemy of the sun, Balanar still supports his antagonism toward sun deities. Likewise, Lunord sympathizes with Balanar for the sun making him the last of his kind.
  • Because of being Easily Condemned in his own pantheon, he opts to steer clear of the House of Justice due to lingering trust issues with the system.

Naraku, God of Filler (The Unkillable One)

    Noriaki Kakyoin 
Noriaki Kakyoin, God of Fanfic Personality Changes (Kakyoin, "The Only Reason Women Watch this Show")

     The Outlaw Star Crew 
The Outlaw Star crew Members , Paragons of the Space Western
From left to right: Melfina, Aisha, Gene, Suzuka, Jim
  • Ranks: Intermediate Deities (Jim and Melfina are Lesser, though)
  • Theme Song: Through The Night
  • Symbol: The Outlaw Star
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Gene), Neutral Good (Jim/Melfina), Chaotic Neutral (Aisha), True Neutral (Suzuka)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Space, Westerns Parody, Teamwork
  • Allies: All the GUAG Robot War Division, Son Goku, Superman,Optimus Prime, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marcus Kincaid, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Enemies: Every Single Member of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Darkseid, Thanos, Galactus, Megatron, Lobo, Frieza, Cooler, Cell, the Pillar Men, Johan Liebert
  • Rivals: Coyote Starrk, Revy (for Gene), Saber Marionette!Bloodberry (for Aisha) Agent 47, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Niko Bellic (for Suzuka)
  • Melfina used to be by herself in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Mysterious Waifs until she couldn’t stand being alone without Gene and was in the process of stepping down. Before doing so, she made a wish on a falling star to see Gene and all her friends again. To her shock, that particular falling star began to grow larger and larger until it became a familiar red spaceship. Tears welled up within her. Her wish had been granted. The Outlaw Star crew was reunited at last.
    • However, she was confused as to how the Outlaw Star was able to find her since she was its navigational unit. Gene explained about fate and destiny, only for Gilliam II (the ship’s AI) to spill the beans that it was mere luck that they managed to land in the Pantheon. Still, Melfina was happy to see them all again.
  • Gene immediately signed up the crew to fight for the GUAG and the Robot War Division as it has two advantages. First, it gave the Outlaw Star a docking area of its own (which he’s very thankful that it’s free of charge, despite Gilliam’s criticism of sharing the facilities with others), and second, he can outfit the Star with weapons and repairs (also free) as the engineers there are happy to supply and fix things. Jim merely mused that Gene joined the GUAG just to get those benefits.
  • Gene prided himself on his shooting abilities which allowed him to become good friends with Vash (who was also one of the core representatives of the Space Western genre). The two are seen hanging out together sharing a box of donuts most of the time. Through Vash, he also met more traditional Western deities such John Wayne, John Marston and Lucky Luke. Alongside the Man with No Name, they’re known as the “Six Shooter Spirits of The West” in the Pantheon.
    • Is also drinking buddies with Spike Spiegel, another well-known Space Western-based deity. Lupin III often joins them for a round as well (although the three of them each make themselves scarce when it comes to paying the tab).
  • Despite having easy access to weapons for the Outlaw Star and proficient with traditional firearms, Gene has been trying to find Caster Shells to use with his special Caster Gun. Marcus (his go-to guy for regular ammo and guns) claims he has a few but they each cost roughly the equivalent of the Maximum Security items in the Treasures Vault, so it was a no-go. He then thought about making his own kind of Caster Shells, so he went to find out about the history and manufacturing of them in the House of Knowledge where Nico Robin and the Librarian immediately helped find him the necessary references (after Gene had to apologize profusely after getting the Librarian mad for accidentally calling him a monkey). Gene was later seen talking with both Vulcan and Negi Springfield about helping him make home-made Caster Shells. Whatever the end result would be is yet unknown.
  • Both Gene and Jim are friends with Kim Kaphwan’s two sons for entirely different reasons. Gene and Dong Hwan hang out often in various activities to slack off and have a good time, whereas Jim and Jae Hoon are always the ones who have to find them and haul them back to work/train.
  • Gene tends to be referred to as “Aniki” by Jim. This caused confusion one time when Jim, Sho Marufuji and a Date retainer each called out “Aniki” only for Gene, Judai Yuki, and Date Masamune (both coincidentally standing nearby) all looked back and called out a greeting in response. The whole group stood around in confusion as they silently pointed fingers all around, until they broke out in laughter. From then on, Judai, Sho and Masamune became friends with Gene and Jim.
  • Jim is a sort of Cuteness Proximity magnet among many of the female deities around the Pantheon, which unnerves him. He bonds with Negi over this (in addition to both being very smart), even surprised that he is much younger than him.
    • And then there was the time he met the Elric brothers. Jim was impressed in how Al was able to function as a soul bound to armor as he studied him all over. Meanwhile, Ed was glad he wasn’t the short one around for once. Insulted, Jim said that size doesn’t matter (making Ed elbow Al with smugness), only to follow with maturity not also judged by size, which immediately made Ed sulk in a corner. Still, he was comforted by the fact he wasn’t the shortest one between the two in the end.
  • Aside from Negi Springfield, Jim is also good friends with fellow kid geniuses Tails and Dexter. He is currently working with both of them to create a Mini-Mecha of his own to help out the rest of the crew if need be.
    • Not only that, he has a new mentor by the name of Dell Conagher of the mercenaries. Due to this, Jim now knows how turrets work, but he has to know how to make one soon. Dell however, is willing to teach him.
  • One day, a rough voice shouted Jim’s name in a jovial manner, proclaiming that he’s glad he’s finally ascended. When they looked in direction of the voice, they found Long John Silver with a comforting smile on his face. His smile quickly turned to puzzlement and wondered why Jim didn’t recognize him. Jim claimed it was the first time they met. That was when Silver said “he’d never forget his friend Jim Hawkins.” Jim immediately corrected him saying his last name was HAWKING. Silver then excused himself and left. Before he did, he again said that he looked a lot like his Jim that they could be twins.
  • Jim would not be quite the same after an encounter with Johan Liebert. It began innocently with Johan asking if Jim ever fell in love. Jim was wary but told him of his first crush with a girl who liked cats and who strangely enough never returned after setting up a date. Johan took that moment to begin his assault. He told him that Jim himself actually killed her as she was the mysterious attacker who fought against the crew in that area. Jim immediately went into shock as Johan kept his vicious offensive pointing out that it was Jim’s own counterattacks at the control of the Outlaw Star which destroyed her ship, her cats and her life. That he was responsible for the death of a young girl and her pets, he himself destroyed his one and only chance at love and that their blood was in his hands. Jim was immediately devastated as his mind shut down by the look in his eyes. Before Johan could finish, his crewmates finally found them and Johan exited quickly. Jim was completely frozen by shock and sadness after realizing the truth. It was only by taking him to Dr. Tenma and having lengthy visits with him did he eventually manage to snap out of it. He managed to regain his youthful spirit, but one day he managed to slip out of the Pantheon to return to Symka Five and laid a wreath at the side of the fountain where he and Hanmyo first met.
  • Melfina finally finds purpose and a reason to go out now that Gene and the rest of the crew are with her. Still, she tends to visit the House of Philosophy and tries to find an answer as to why she was created.
  • With no one around to cook for them, she is often chosen to be the cook for the crew. Though sometimes she takes advice from friends and even lets them cook something. One of her favorite cooking partners is Cherry of the Saber Marionettes. Though Melfina often tries talking with her over her existence as an Artificial Human like her, the Marionette tends to reply that she doesn’t care what her origins were as long as she looks forward to her Otaru-sama. At mentioning his name, she immediately went into one of her imagined fantasies and ending up blushing madly calling out his name. Melfina simply stood there unsure what to say.
    • She was cautioned in allowing friends cook for her after she invited Noel Vermillion. Melfina was scared at the end result of what Noel cooked, but still allowed it to be served. She had to immediately call for Eirin Yagokoro in the House of Health & Diseases for an antidote. The meal was so devastating that even AISHA got sick. Only Suzuka saved herself because she was not around.
  • Aisha can always be found around the Pantheon accompanied by two particular deities: Taokaka and Saber Marionette Lime. For one thing, both are always great to fight with. For another, they know the best places to get a free handout in the House of Food. Though, she and Tao always tend to fight over food more than just playful sparring (and the fact Tao nicknamed her Boobie-Kaka) with Lime cheering them on, no matter who wins.
    • She heard of the Gourmet Race Club table from Tao and is preparing herself for the eventual next Gourmet Race to earn herself a seat there.
  • Though she has zero maturity and tends to be on the wrong side of the cosmic luck scale, she is also a nearly-immortal Ctarl-Ctarl warrior. When she gets very serious or angry, her power increases dramatically (refered to as “half powered” mode where her eyes turn into slits, her nails become claws, teeth turn into fangs and grows a tail) to the point that she is unstoppable. And then there is her werecat-tiger transformation
  • She is often found in the Combat Dojo, proving her superior Ctarl-Ctarl fighting prowess. She however bit more than she could chew when she challenged both Hercules and Zangief one time. The end result was a severely sore back and stomach after Hercules managed to grab and bear-hug her with the same stamina as when he defeated the Nemean Lion. He then passed her off to the Red Cyclone who immediately gave her a Final Atomic Buster. She yielded much to her embarrassment but enjoyed the fight and promised she’d be much more powered-up next time.
    • It was also here when she met the last of the Saber Marionettes, Bloodberry, who was also looking for a fight. Their fight lasted hours, with even Aisha going into “half powered” mode. She then had the Marionette on the ropes and was about to launch the finishing blow…until she fainted from hunger after burning off so many calories in the fight. Aisha and Bloodberry called out a momentary truce to go out for some chow at the House of Food, with neither yielding the results of their fight as a draw.
  • Aisha was shocked to see Guts standing before her one time. He merely looked down and said that for a second he thought he heard the voice of his beloved and walked away. The Ctarl-Ctarl was puzzled by his comment.
    • She also had an ugly encounter with Lord Raptor who rushed towards her in a love-struck frenzy, only to be sent crashing into a nearby wall with one good punch. After regaining his bearing, he cursed her for confusing him with the voice of his sweetheart Hsien-Ko. Already angry, Aisha went into her “half powered” mode and utterly annihilated Raptor, leaving his body in pieces.
    • Still, these strange encounters of her voice being familiar to someone eventually were friendlier as she met Asuka Langley sounded like her. Stranger still, on the times she attempts to speak in English, she sounded exactly like a non-accented Rogue. It was being friends with her that allowed Aisha to meet both Wolverine and X-23, whom the latter apparently enjoys sparring with her.
  • As her status of Sixth Ranger in the crew, Suzuka hardly stays in their temple and can be found wandering the Pantheon. Most see her meditating in the House of Nature, enjoying a cup of tea in Iroh’s shop, or friendly sparring with several swordsmen and women in the House of Weapons. Despite having a place to stay in the House of Narrative, she tends to visit Yukiko Amagi’s inn as she claims it feels just like home. Yukiko enjoys having her visit as she is very polite.
  • When Suzuka first met and fought Arturia, she thought for a second she was facing Melfina as their voices were nearly alike. That slight moment of hesitation cost her the match, but she waits for a rematch soon.
  • Her relations with assassins in the Pantheon are varied. With Ezio, she treats him with utmost respect as one of the original members of the Assassin order. With Agent 47, they treat each other with professional aplomb as each has their own special way of executing their kills. With the League of Assassins, she considers them rivals as Ra’s wants her to join only for Suzuka to politely decline as she works by herself. This sometimes gets her to blows with his daughter Talia who feels insulted by Suzuka rejecting her father’s kindness. Only with Ra’s telling her to not attack does she relent.

    Pyrrha Nikos 
Pyrrha Nikos, Goddess of Javelins and False Mary Sues (Mary Sue done right)

Roxas, God of the Prolonged Prologue (The Key of Destiny, Number XIII)
  • Theme Songs: Roxas, The Other Promise (when battling), Another Side (vs. Riku)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Symbol: The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first, Neutral Good in truth
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Plaything, Anti-Villain, Decoy Protagonist, using light for the Organization, being Token Good Teammate for the Organization, Punch Clock Villain, being a Morality Pet
  • Domain: Introductions, Prologues, Exposition, Time, Beginnings
  • Allies: Axel (Lea), Xion, Sora, Ventus, Wreck-It Ralph, Link, Yuma Tsukumo, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro, Ruby Rose, Friendship Gardevoir, Team Charm Gardevoir
  • Rival: Riku
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort (specifically his Nobody, Xemnas), Sora Shiun'in
  • Ascended at both Sora and Lea's request. The two of them had Phoenix Wright make a case in front of the Court of Gods for why Roxas was technically a separate individual from Sora, despite being his Nobody. In light of recent events before the hearing, as well as Roxas starring in the prologue that used to name this trope, it was deemed that Roxas may be allowed in the Pantheon as his own character.
  • Upon proper ascension, Roxas had a joyful reunion with Axel. While the two had left on uneven terms, they were more than willing to put it behind them and enjoy being in the Pantheon, free from the Organization's designs. They, of course, had Sea Salt ice cream to celebrate.
    • While Lea won't make a big fuss in general, Roxas is in particular one of the few he'll allow to use his Organization name.
  • While they have moved past it, Roxas thinks that he and Riku should settle the score and have a friendly rematch.
  • Roxas considers his title somewhat of a backhanded compliment, but will take it nonetheless. He has also met up with Link, and they've discussed the long prologues they've had to go through.
    • Lenneth Valkyrie, of all people, took the time to describe her game's prologue to Roxas and Link.
  • Since he's lived a whole year as a Punch Clock Villain, Roxas was able to find common ground with Wreck-It Ralph. Since then, the two have met for ice cream, officially making them friends, in Roxas's book. This is notable, as Ralph is one of the few Disney gods that Sora has yet to encounter on his travels (for now).
    • At one point, Ralph invited Vanellope to accompany them. Roxas didn't mind, it certainly made for a louder ice cream meeting than usual. Though Vanellope did remind him of Lock, Shock, and Barrel a bit too much.
  • Is very uneasy around Raiden, due to the fact that he sounds a lot like Axel, in addition to his generally unnerving behavior. On the flip side, Raiden considers Roxas to technically be a child soldier, and has considered making Xehanort one of his targets.
  • After spending an amount of time in Sora's heart, Roxas has gained a vague idea of Xion's identity. Upon telling Axel, the latter took him to meet Ruby Rose, who was able to automatically trigger more of Roxas's memories, just like she could for Axel, finally reestablishing Xion in their minds.
    • Axel then told Roxas about Xion being trapped as the ambassador in Suetopia. At that point, the three of them decided to finally get Xion out of there, with Roxas bringing out Oathkeeper and Oblivion. It took some doing, but they eventually saved her, reunited, and found a place for her.
    • Some time after, Axel introuduced him to Ventus. The two were speechless for seemingly minutes seeing each other, before Ventus suggested they all get ice cream. While Roxas was happy to oblige, he couldn't help but wonder why Ventus looked and sounded so much like him.
    • Amusingly, if Roxas was to ever take on a Pokémon partner, he'd probably end up with a Gardevoir, since Sora is partnered with the one in Friendship, and Ventus with the Team Charm Gardevoir. A running gag is that either one would mistake Roxas for their respective partner, and he'd mix them up with one another.
  • Became friends with a boy called Yuma Tsukumo. The duelist confused him for his friend Kaito due to their voices being alike and Roxas himself thought Sora was around for the same reason (It was actually Yuma's partner Astral).
    • Sadly, the circumstances of this first meeting were less than nice since he was beaten up by a little boy called Sora Shiun'in. He was outraged that someone like him could share that name (Not helped by the fact he feigned to be his friend at one point) and worked with the surnameless Sora to have Yuma ascended to get back at him for his cruelty. A hard task because he found out from Xion that Yuma was really close to being thrown into the Disgraces but they succeeded.
    • Incidentally, he finally got to meet that friend of Yuma who sounds like him. They happen to get along very well now.

    Samus Aran 
Samus Aran, Goddess of Plasma Weapons and Startling Gender Reveals (The Hunter, the Hatchling, Metroid, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire, The Warrior Within)
Zero Suit Samus 

    Shark (ZEXAL) 
Shark, God of Being What You Have Been Fighting (Ryoga Kamishiro, Reginald Kastle, The Revenger, Onion Boy Nasch/Nash, Barian's Guardian)
  • Theme Music: Ryoga's Theme
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol:
    • As Shark: Number 32: Shark Drake/Number C32: Shark Drake Weiss
    • As Nasch: Number 101: Silent Honors ARK/Number C101: Silent Honors DARK and Chaos Xyz King Of Hope Barian.
    • As Both: A smashed mirror and the Barian Emblem.
  • Alignment: Flip flops between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good (Definitely Neutral as Nasch and definitely Good now)
  • Portfolio: Water Deck Card Game Duelists, Rivals-turned-Friends, Often Brainwashed and Crazy and Corrupted by Numbers and Dueling Better outside of it, Good Jerks, Shark motifs including his Nickname, Very Protective of his Sister, Hammy in Duels (Otherwise The Stoic), Heel-Face Revolving Door, Ambiguously Human, Discovering He's what He has been Fighting the Entire Time, Dead All Along many many times, Willingly Joining the Barians, Not-So-Big Bad, Chaos Draw!, Well-Intentioned Extremist, A Father to His Men, You Can't Fight Fate
  • Domains: Sea, Abyss, Ambiguity, Corruption, Space, Chaos, Leadership, Hope
  • High Priest: Tsurugi Kamishiro/Kamen Rider Sasword
  • Allies:
  • Very Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Eliphas, Rei Shingetsu/Vector
  • Frienndly Rival: Aichi Sendou
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Homura Akemi, Tron
  • Enemies: Sora Shiun'in, Vanitas, The Abyssals (Standard Carrier Wo-Class and Battleship Re-Class), Bruce, The Kraken, Tidehunter, Trolls, The Trollkaiger (Especially Yuuki Terumi), YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law (well, the evil ones)
  • Opposes: Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • Opposed by: Ika Musume
  • Here's a basic summary of why Shark ascended. He was not pleased by hearing this, feeling that the trope would be more like "Barian In The Mirror" for him. At least he got to meet his friend Yuma and apologize again.
  • He has bonded with the Puella Magi right after his ascension because what happened to him is similar to an extent to what happened to Sayaka Miki. He is very close to the aforementioned Sayaka because of their mutual water motifs and their reveals but he likes all of the girls. Madoka reminds him of a more sensible Yuma, Kyoko of himself too and Nagisa/Charlotte of a much more sympathetic Shingetsu/Vector.
    • He would have said that Homura is like Kaito or even like himself but given what she did... Though he's sympathetic that she had to discover she was a witch and understands there are times to do a Face-Heel Turn, he does not like the notion of betraying one's friends, especially for an entitled sense of protection. He betrayed Yuma to protect other people and he became the hope for them after all.
  • He also gets along with the Kamen Riders from a certain universe with surprising ease. He likes Kouta because he reminds him of a more sensible Yuma (actually an easy feat, the sensible part but reminding him of such an idealistic guy is not), Hideyasu since both of them are stronger while good, and Kaito has the same name of his friend and they have similar personalities and fates. He also has a connection with Mitsuzane because of that Best Bud-Turned-Villain thing and both of them have nicknames by coincidence.
    • The former was actually taken aback a little at first after finding out that he was the leader of the Barians and metaphorically became their hope since you know. Any ensuing Dueling Messiahs was cut-short by the fact Ryoga did do a Heel-Face Turn later and as such he doesn't hold it against him.
  • HATES Bruce, the Kraken and the Abyssals due to giving sea animals and Abyss water monsters a bad name even if he started using Abyss monsters as Nasch. He particularly hates Re-Class for her annoying habit of saluting (It reminds him of Shingetsu/Vector) and Wo-Class because it's hinted that she might be a revived Kisaragi, meaning that Abyssals and Barians aren't so different, something that irks him to no end.
    • He has befriended Kisaragi for this reason and is sad that she really could be Wo-Class. She in exchange presented Akagi to him to remind him that, yes, he could have fought his fate.
  • Tried to befriend Ika Musume on the grounds that she wasn't really that evil, unlike the Kraken. Too bad she doesn't like sharks.
  • Yet another Xyz User that ascends, yet another member added to Sora Shiun'in's shitlist. Shark hates him too for destroying Heartland City and the hints that his Faction might be doing something to Shun Kurosaki's sister.
    • He has become friends with that other Sora instead, and is amused to how similar he sounds to Astral and how his friend Roxas sounds like Kaito too.
  • He seems to like Narukami for being a such a good brother figure to his cousin and something else related to his other friend Yuma but he feels that he doesn't represent the trope well enough... He might or might not be trying to ascend Kaito instead and try to reword Yu's title to not have his friend's "usurp" his new friend's position in the Pantheon. Or maybe find another position for his friend.
    • And he finally got his friend Kaito to join them. His reaction to that was still very subdued.
  • Likes hanging out with Yugi after having a duel with him and being told that he is like his best friend. Ditto with Johan Anderson, who is like a bro to him, and Judai Yuki for being like a more serious Yuma. Though he's still baffled as to how Judai can draw everything he wants without Shining or Chaos Draws, and was reminded that he's just that darn lucky and that Yuma used to be his High Priest.
    • He is also friendly towards Takuma Saiou and Carly Nagisa, mostly because he has been Brainwashed and Crazy like the former and being a Barian is not that different from being a Dark Signer. In fact, he has been working with Eliphas to snap Saiou out of the brainwashing the fortune teller is in.
  • Due to being a Chaotic Barian, Lucifer once came to offer him a membership to the GUAC. Remembering Akagi's advice, he simply told him to shove it. This didn't anger the Lightbringer since he believes that everyone should have a choice and Shark was basically rail-roaded into the decision of joining the Chaos Faction last time.
  • He has mentioned that he doesn't like onions and peppers to his friends to make it sure they don't bring any of that to him. Unfortunately, the very next day, someone mixed those things into his food. Yes, it was Terumi. Shark exclaimed "VECTOOOOOOR!!!" before changing it to "TERUMIIIII!!!" since the troll reminded of his fellow duelist. He has decided to oppose the Trolls of this Pantheon short afterwards.
  • Despite what happened, he actually dared to bring his fellow Barian Emperors (Alit, Girag, Dumon/Durbe, Mizael and his sister Rio/Merag) and the rest of the Barians into the Pantheon since Don Thousand is no longer around to make them evil. He has also pondered if he should open a new BARian too.
    • He has taken notice Vector is trying to ascend and this once again defies the very few sense of authority he was supposed to have over him. Shark responded to this by shaking his fist in anger while screaming "VECTOOOOOOOR!!!"
  • Was not pleased to learn that there was a Tron in the Pantheon. Yuma has tried to tell him that it's not the same Tron and that their Tron has been trying to atone for what he did, but he doesn't listen.
  • He is something of a Walking Spoiler as you may have noticed. He has wondered if his reveal really warrants such a status, to which Yuma just told him that yes, since it happened in the middle of the second half of their show.

    Sol Badguy 
Sol Badguy, God of False Marty Stus (The Guilty Gear, The Flame of Corruption, Frederick, Marty Stu Done Right)
  • Theme Song: Keep Yourself Alive 2 or 3, or Ride the Fire.
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in his true form)
  • Symbol: The Fireseal on the Mark of the Gears.
  • Weapon of Choice: Fireseal/Fuuenken.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: People With Baggage, Rampant Badassery, Cauterizing and Cutting All at Once, Stoicism, Good Sentiments Hidden by Bad Words, Being Strong, Yet Smart, Standing in for the Creator.
  • Domains: War, Freedom, Vengeance, Fire.
  • Followers: Balsa.
  • Allies: Vash, Seras Victoria, Kenshin Himura, Dizzy, Scorpion, Ichigo Momomiya (she steps in if there's any trouble pertaining to his other station), Yuji Sakai, William "B.J." Blascovicz, Booker DeWitt, Ragna the Bloodedge, Hakumen, Siegfried Schtauffen, Cecil Harvey, Human Torch, Alucard, Captain America, Yuri Lowell.
  • Rivals: Ky Kiske, Jin Kisaragi.
  • Enemies: I-No, Justice, The Millennium, Wilhelm "Deathstead" Strasse, Light Yagami, Yuno Gasai, Nui Harime, Shinnok.
  • All of his followers are too busy going out, righting their wrongs. They just sign in at his temple, then leave.
  • Speaks to other gods sparingly (often disparagingly), but holds Kenshin, Vash and Zuko in decent regard as fellow atoners (though he'd never say it to their faces). Openly dislikes Light Yagami for his utopian tendencies.
  • Is pestered almost constantly by Dante Sparda and Kenpachi Zaraki for a fight. After the mess with GI Guy, Sol finally did respond to the two of them, engaging in a chaotic melee that set the chosen arena aflame, cut it into pieces, then scattered those pieces far and wide. Domon Kasshu and Kamina were rather impressed.
  • Was briefly considered to be in the running for God of Fire, but after seeing Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai in action, he turned around and walked away, muttering to himself. Even after Yamamoto's "death", and the ascension of the Human Torch, the position didn't even come to Sol's mind; what he has to deal with is a bigger issue. One has to wonder if he gave up on it, or considered the whole debate irrelevant; with him, the latter seems extremely likely.
  • Pulls double duty as the God of Atoners in the House of Heroes.
  • Has good taste in music, being a fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen. One of Sol's prized possessions from his era is their Sheer Heart Attack album.
  • He's lately been seen smirking and cracking his neck while grinning. All that's left for the clue is "About damn time..."
  • After hearing Ragna's fate, Sol has wondered if maybe he should be the one putting an end to him if the time comes... because he doesn't trust Jin enough. This put the two at odds.
    • He's forced to pull back his words when he realized that his Dragon Install can make him more draconic and demonic the same way like Ragna, and as of recent, it's gotten more often.
    • As if fate itself had decided though, he has recently been chosen by Wiz and Boomstick to fight a Death Battle with Ragna. Time will tell if he can indeed live up to his words.
      • However, Sol is one of the people who suggests that they shouldn't just pick Ragna at his current condition, as even Sol finds fighting someone at that state completely insulting. Thankfully, the Pantheon has an alternate solution: use Time Travel to yank an 'alternate' Ragna when he's at his peak, and shit hasn't hit the fan. Sol smirked as he cracked both his knuckles and lightly on the neck, ready for battle.
      • Once the fight actually happened, the judges were surprised how evenly Sol and Ragna ended up going against eachother, all things considered. However, something about the Ragna that was used seemed to had been "faulty", as he transformed into Black Beast fully after Sol only did one significant stab at him, forcing Sol to activate full Gear mode to kill the Black Beast in one shot before anything worse would happen. Even so, Sol was slightly annoyed to hear Boomstick claim that he won because he had 18 belts to Ragna's four.
  • Unlike Ragna when it comes with being in Scorpion's house, Sol seems to get along well with him.
  • Is one of the eight gods to make Marty Stu look good. The other ones are Sebastian Michaelis, Alucard (the one from Hellsing), Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red, Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto, Nick Russel/Red Mystic Ranger, Kira Yamato and Horatio Caine.

    Sybil Trelawney 
Sybil Trelawney, Goddess of Foreshadowing and the Not-So-Phony Psychic(Professor Trelawney)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Her large glasses.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Weird
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckoolanders, Those Not Taken Seriously, Fainting Seers, Genius Ditzies, Fortune Tellers, Not-So-Phony Psychic, Woolley Guesswork That Turns Out to be Accurate.
  • Domains: Prophecy, Strangeness, Fortune.
  • Trelawney's temple has the look of a room, at the top of a tower, looking like a cross between an antiques shop and an old person's attic. A fire constantly throws intoxicating fumes in the air, and her worshipers can be seen consulting crystal balls and tea leaves, and making predictions. If you come up there and endure the atmosphere, you can find hints to the future in their activities, but often it's not clear until whatever it was has already happened.
  • Trelawney is often thought of as a fraud, but if you look closely, every prophecy she makes comes true, though often not in the way everyone expected.
  • It was she who read the fortunes of Madoka Kamane and Homura Akemi and first saw the Great Upheaval in their futures. In both of their tarot readings, she saw the Tower, omen of change. In the reading of the crystal ball, she saw a dark, winged, unnaturally beautiful figure looming up behind both of them. This was dismissed as her usual habit of seeing ill omens, but when the Upheaval actually came, that all changed.
  • Her glasses make her look like a fly. She's annoyed that everyone notes that about her.
  • Just because she has her head in the clouds, does not mean you underestimate her. In the Battle of Hogwarts she defeated THE most powerful werewolf all by dropping crystal balls on his head with a simple Wingardium Leviosa.

    Dr. Seuss 
Theodor Geisel, God of Rhyming (Dr. Seuss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A red and white striped top hat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Strange Building Designs, Nonsensical Words, Random Insanity, Moral Messages
  • Domains: Writing, Rhyming, Silliness
  • Allies: The Lorax, Fred Rogers.
  • Followers: Blix, Tom Bombadil, Uyulala, Gurgi, Thimbletack, Madame Leota, Zecora, Iron Will
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: William Shakespreare
  • Since ascending he's taken to touring the Pantheon for inspiration on new stories. Many of the gods and their dwellings are so strange they're beyond human comprehension, but if anyone could come up with something to rival or even surpass them, it would be Dr. Seuss.
  • Some time after he cast off his mortal shell in 1991, mortals back on Earth tried to make live-action adaptations of his works, with...less than stellar results. The Seuss legacy has since been safeguarded by his wife.
    • Animated films, cartoons and even a Muppet-based show, however, are still allowed. The Lorax was pleased in how his film came out and Horton the Elephant also loved his. The Cat in the Hat has also taken the mantle in staring in some cartoons, his recent one helping kids learn all that he knows.
  • There exists a portal in his chambers that, so it is rumored, leads to an alternate universe of Earth as his imagination perceives it. We say "rumored" because even some of the Overdeities are worried the potential for bizarre insanity the prospect holds could be used for evil purposes, and so the portal has been sealed to all but Dr. Seuss himself.
  • Is a good friend with Mr. Rogers and the two team up to help create some fantastic stories for the child gods.
  • Was surprised to learn that he and Shakespreare engaged in a rap battle. Although Shakespeare is unhappy that Seuss let his creations do all the rapping, Dr. Seuss responds that what happened when Shakespeare accuses him of writing the Twilight books.

Tidus, The God Who Tells His Own Story (The son of Jecht, Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, "You-Know-Who", the Spry Striker)
  • Theme: "To Zanarkand". When fighting, Battle Theme.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Brotherhood propped next to a Blitzball.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Telling his story, being very chipper, a star athlete who's still nice, being in his father's shadow, mastery of Haste, Slow, and Stop, using Blitzball skills in combat, intending to protect Yuna, asymmetrical clothing, those who were really beings of the Fayth's dream.
  • Domains: Narration, Water, Combat, Professional Sports, Love, Dreams
  • Followers: Flynn Rider, Megamind, Kuzco, Lester Burnham, Susie Salmon.
  • Allies:
  • In Friendly Competition with: Percy Jackson.
  • Enemies: Mateus Palamecia, Seymour Guado, Chaos, Ghetsis Harmonia, Spoony.
  • High Priest: Ishmael.
  • Longing to ease her unhappiness, Cosmos led Yuna to the gates of the Pantheon, the closest they could reach to the mortal plains. There Yuna was given another chance to whistle at the top of her lungs. After a few tries, the two feared it was a lost cause. Just as Cosmos was about to command the 501st to close the gates, the swift figure Tidus dashed through at breakneck speed, knocking into Yuna in the process. He finally kept his word.
  • Unusual for the gods within the Narrative House, Tidus' shrine is in some way connected to the House of Sports, where a newly created Blitzball stadium had been built. Tidus has been teaching many a curious deity about Spira's favorite pastime.
    • As it stands, he's still trying to get better to be a match for Aqua Man, who boasts aquatic skills he'd never thought possible.
  • Tidus has something of a love-hate relationship with his father Jecht. He's gotten to know the man on a much deeper level, and is willing to accept him. However, there are many times where his father's actions as the muscle head or sex god he is makes Tidus just want to clock him over the head with a few dozen blitzballs.
  • He would like to remind everyone that his name is "Tee-dus", not "Tide-us".
  • As one of the youngest of the Sons of Square, many seem to ridicule the striker for a number of things, chief being when he attempted to laugh at Yuna's suggestion. Always exasperated by this, Tidus has repeatedly mentioned that he was ''purposefully'' laughing like that.
  • Naturally Tidus was quick to join up in the GUAG as one of Cosmos' original Warriors, and is working with Ieyasu to make raids against the GUAE's Reeducation Facility and bust out his old man.
  • Sora has stated more than once that he knows an alternate, and younger, version of Tidus back on the Destiny Islands, whom he always handled sword practices with. That version was killed in the destruction of the islands, but was eventually brought back to life following Ansem's defeat. This Tidus has the memories of the alternate one (barring his death), and recognized Sora upon meeting in the pantheon.
  • Was sought out after his ascension by Ratchet to see just who Yuna had mistaken him for. It was an unusual meeting, but physically Ratchet reminded Tidus of Zidane and was able to warm up faster that normal.
    • However, he gets disgusted to see Johnny Test, giving the fact that said annoying kid sounds identical to him.
  • Shortly after the Pantheon Blitzball Stadium was finally finished, Tidus noticed many gods and goddesses using it as a standard pool. Exasperated, he exclaimed 'That's not what it's there for!' and quickly explained what Blitzball was. Enrollment for the Pantheon's first Blitzball teams has begun.
  • Due to their extremely similar personalities, daddy issues, and love of the water, he and Percy Jackson have developed a friendly rivalry. Percy finds the Brotherhood sword awesome to behold and Tidus thinks Percy would make an awesome Blitzball player.
  • Currently, Tidus' Blitzball team, named after the Besaid Aurochs, includes himself and Jak, with four empty spots. Two former players, Sora and Ratchet, both retired for personal reasons (Sora due to his leg injury, and Ratchet due to loss of interest).
    • Thanks to the intensive training gone through, the Besaid Aurochs are considered to be almost unbeatable. Only Team Atlantica has ever been able to beat them, and only because it's captain, Melody, sounds exactly like Rikku, and is able to do flawless impersonations of Keira Hagai and Talwyn Apogee. Tidus holds no ill will towards the tomboyish princess, however.
  • He doesn't like talking about what happened when he visited Arizona. All the gods know is that it involved a nasty encounter with a certain cult leader that for some reason has the support of Sephiroth.