Pantheon: Narrative Demi Gods And Quasideities

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    Alan Wake 
Alan Wake, God of Badass Authors
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pen crossed with a revolver.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Typewriters, Revolvers, Flashlights, Flare Gun, Genre Savviness.
  • Domains: Light, Literature, Knowledge
  • Follower: Rick Riordan.
  • Allies: Maxwell, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling.
  • Enemies: Mr. Scratch
  • Shortly after ascension, Alan mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth, unable to be found by any god or goddess. He is believed to have orchestrated this disappearance in some way, although none know how.

    Anthony Higgs 
Anthony Higgs, Remember the New God? (Mysterious Black Dude, Remember Me Guy)

    Das Mervin and Mrs. Hyde 
Das Mervin and Mrs. Hyde, Goddesses of Sporking (Mervin and Hyde)

Hoxton, God of Returning Party Members (Jim Hoxworth, Old Hoxton, Hox, Hoxtilicious, El Hoxo, Hoxtinite, Hoxtinator, Hoxtimo)

    Ikazuchi and Inazuma 
Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Goddesses of Non Indicative Theme Naming (Ikazuchi: Thunder, Kaminari Inazuma: Lightning, Raiden (both))
Left: Ikazuchi, Right: Inazuma
  • Demigoddesses
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good(Ikazuchi), Neutral Good(Inazuma)
  • Symbol: Scale models of the Japanese Destroyers Ikazuchi and Inazuma
  • Portfolios: Ikazuchi: Genki Girl, Clingy Jealous Girl, "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Red Oni, Nice Girl
  • Domains: Names, Naval Warfare, Oceans
  • Allies: (Admiral and Fleet girls): The Admiral, Hibiki, Naka, Yamato and Musashi, Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Ushio, Shimakaze, I-19, Ooi, Kitakami, Akagi, Sendai, Kisaragi, Bismarck
  • Enemies: Wo-class, Re-class, Seaport Princess
  • Odd Friendship: Raiden
  • Japanese Destroyers Ikazuchi and Inazuma are both members of the Akatsuki class of destroyers and have very contrasting personalities with Ikazuchi being very energetic and Inazuma being more reluctant to fighting.
  • Ikazuchi and Inazuma's names both translate to thunder and lightning respectively yet despite this their names are something of a misnomer as neither of them have any sort of electrical abilities or connection to lightning.
    • Some deities had something of a moment similar to when Akantor, Ukanlos and Odibatorasu ascended as the trio are classified as Flying Wyverns yet possess no way of flying.
  • Ikazuchi and Inazuma were both delighted to hear that many Fleet girls had already ascended but were even more delighted to find that Hibiki, a fellow Akatsuki class destroyer had also already ascended.
  • It's not uncommon to see Ikazuchi and Inazuma with Francesca Lucchini as all three of them are fighting in a war despite being children.
    • The both of them have an Odd Friendship with Raiden as while he shares Ikazuchi and Inazuma's nonsensical lightning Theme Naming, he doesn't like the idea of children fighting in a war.
  • Ikazuchi and Inazuma get along well with Mako Mankanshoku and Nora Valkyrie due to certain reasons.
  • The duo are good friends with Welsh and Sharuru and Rom and Ram as all three trios are comprised of an energetic character who's good friends with someone who's more reserved.
  • Inazuma's desire to save her enemies when they're in trouble has attracted the attention of Hibiki Tachibana who'd much rather help her enemies (If she believes they can be saved) than defeat them.
  • Ikazuchi and Inazuma were both seen dressed like the electric rodent Pokemon's at multiple points.
  • The girls can also sometimes be seen with their own Pokemon. Don't ask how many of them got into the pantheon though, we don't know either.
  • Many deities who aren't focusing very much, will often confuse Ikazuchi with Inazuma and vice verse due to their very similar appearances.
  • Inazuma will frequently end her sentences with Nanodesu, she does it so often that many deities will call her "Nanodesu".
  • Ikazuchi isn't very good at working as part of a team with her fellow Fleet girls as she always wants the admiral to rely on her most even when he gives Ikazuchi more work than she can handle.

    Jaune Arc 
Jaune Arc, God of Those Who Represent The Audience (Vomit Boy)

    J.K. Rowling 
Joanne Murray, Current Wielder of Chekhov's Gun (J.K. Rowling)
  • Demigoddess (Normal Human, but with a great power over Chekhov's Gun that allowed her into the Pantheon)
  • Symbol: The Harry Potter series.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All Manner of Things that are Used, Forgotten About, and Then Come Back To Bite.
  • Domains: Secrets, Hidden Things, Details You Didn't Notice the First Time.
  • Followers: All previous wielders.
  • Ally: Alan Wake.
  • Underlings: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, Draco Malfoy, Cornelius Fudge, Sybil Trelawney.
  • All of the Harry Potter disgraces hate her, as she is the author of the canon that they seek to refute. They have attempted to attack her directly, and have learned the hard way that Jo is not to be messed with, as not only can she use the powers that Chekhov's Gun grants her very well, but every character that she created can be expected to come to her aid in times of need.
  • Is hated by a lot of Sue-Authors (as well as Rose Potter) because they don't understand how Jo's work was hailed as great literature, while their own creations are condemned to the Disgraces, even though Jo uses characters that are "lesser" than those made by Sue-authors. Jo does not respond to their various challenges, preferring to let the true merits of the Harry Potter series and the fan reaction to the Sues speak for themselves.
    • Although that's her official policy, it is suspected that she created the character of Nymphadora Tonks as a response to these characters, as Tonks is a fully-realized character with many of the superficial traits of Mary Sues.
      • A group of schismatics has also claimed that she wrote My Immortal, just to prove that she was better at everything writing-related than her fans, including writing badly. This sect is mostly ignored.
  • J.K. Rowling was not the first wielder of Chekhov's Gun. That belonged to the one who invented it, whose name is lost to time. She is simply the current one. Before her was Anton Chekhov, who named the fool thing, so his wielding of it was kind of inevitable. J.K. ascended to her position by her use of many and varied styles of Chekhov's Gun, aside from the basic Chekhov's Gun and Chekhov's Gunman (not that she doesn't have a lot of them too). She has Chekhov's Gift, Chekhov's Classroom, The Legend of Chekhov, and more. Nothing in Harry Potter comes without Foreshadowing. This quality of hers led to her being presented with the power over the artifact, which she uses to great effect (of course, a savvy viewer could have found that out long beforehand).
  • The Gun itself is still an artifact, and still kept in the Pantheon Treasure chambers, but J.K. can summon it out, and lend it for the use of lesser writers, and use it herself, to great effect due to the nature of reality in the Trope Pantheons.
  • Has written books other than the Harry Potter series; The Casual Vacancy, The Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm. The latter two she wrote under a pen name, Robert Galbraith. It took four months before she was outed.

    King Gator 
King Gator, God of WTF Moments
  • Theme Song: "Let's Make Music Together"
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Big Lipped Alligator Moment Insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Randomness, Crossdressing, Talking and Singing Animals
  • Domains: Animal, Chaos, Trickery.
  • Ascended in a massive, freaky, suggestive all-singing-all-dancing show that nobody has ever talked about since. 'Cept Deadpool, but he's weird like that.
  • Rumors still abound, however, that he still shows up and tries to convince various deities to do a dance number with him. These rumors remain unconfirmed, mostly because very few ever actually talk about them afterwards.
  • Few gods have pointed out that the scene did have some significance to the progress of story and that King Gator did later appear in the climax. Doesn't make the scene any less weirder.

    Kisaragi (Kancolle Anime) 
Kisaragi (anime version), Goddess of Quickly Killed-Off Characters (Kisa-Wo-Gi)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A wrecked model of the Japanese Destroyer Kisaragi. Alternatively, her hairpin, floating in water
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Introduced and Killed Off Quickly, Victim of Last Breath Bullet, Sacrificial Lamb, Sempai (to Mutsuki), Caring About Her Hair, Hair Decorations, Zettai Ryouiki, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Death, Vanity, Destroyers, Resurrection, Abyssals(?)
  • Allies: The rest of the Fleet Girls (Naka, Yamato, Musashi, Akagi, Ooi, I-19, Shimakaze, Ushio, Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Kitakami, Sendai, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Bismarck), Commander/"The Admiral",
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (Wo-Class (who might be herself), Re-Class, Seaport Princess), The Kraken, Davy Jones
  • Unlike her fellow Fleet Girls what came before, she was the only one who specifically has memories of her anime incarnation. More specifically, how she died after a singular Abyssal Fighter managed to drop a torpedo at her before blowing up, sinking her in one strike (which, unfortunately, is about the same how the real Kisaragi sunk).
    • Her situation makes her bit weird to talk to the rest of the ascended Fleet Girls, as she feels like they are not the ones she knows. They have commented that she is definitely less teasing than she normally is.
    • What makes Kisaragi even weirder that she might have lived on; as the Wo-Class "Yorktown". Where the gods brought in her body, her soul might have resurrected as that.
  • As a victim of "Curse of Episode 3", she quickly became a follower for Mami Tomoe before becoming a proper goddess herself. She ponders if Gen Urobuchi is the reason why she died.
    • She has also bonded with Nagisa Momoe, mainly due of her fear that the Wo-Class in Pantheon is her, like how Charlotte and Nagisa are separate from eachother..
  • Once a girl who was ignored by others, her death actually made her popular. There are many people who would have wished to be there to save her, were they either her fellow Fleet Girls, Admirals, some sympathetic Abyssal Girls, and even some outside of her world (like Piccolo, Kamen Rider Kabuto and even Cooler).
  • Has warned Yang Xiao Long to not to worry about her hair too much. Because where she does want to make sure her hair stays neat and tidy, it was the reason why she let her guard down.
  • She is bit mixed on SpongeBob Squarepants. Not because of SpongeBob himself, but due of some of her followers making jokes about her death in his expense. There is also this picture, what she feels bit iffy about.
  • Due to her voice, she seems to get along just fine with Silica and Enju Aihara.
  • Though she was startled by him at first due to his use of Abyssal-like monsters, Kisaragi has become friends with Ryoga Kamishiro (AKA Shark). It helps that he doesn't like the Abyssal Fleet neither, and he pities that they might be Not So Different in that they may be what they have been fighting all these time (Her as Wo-Class, him as Nasch).

    Lance Corporal Jack Jones 
Lance Corporal Jack Jones, God of Bayonets and Rambling Monologues (Mr. Jones, Silly Old Duffer)
  • Theme Song: Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: A pointed arrow patterned with the Union Jack’s colours.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bayonet Ya, Cool Old Guy, Rambling Old Man Monologue, Perilous Old Fool, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Large Ham, Leeroy Jenkins, Old Soldier.
  • Domains: War, Combat, Defence, Soldiers, Stories.
  • Allies: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Martin Walker, Roy Mustang, All Good-Aligned Deities in the House of Bladed Weapons, Herr Doktor Tenma, Captain America, The Basterds, Kirby, The Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard Platoon.
  • Enemies: Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, Johan Liebert, Red Skull.
  • When offered the position in the Pantheon, Corporal Jones asked permission from his superior Captain Mainwaring. Mainwaring agreed, while looking quite flustered and unhappy. He was welcome by many members of the House of War and the House of Weapons for his long service as a soldier.
  • Whenever something dramatic or exciting happens in the Pantheon, he will run through the House of Weapons (or wherever he is at the time) shouting “DON’T PANIC! DON’T PANIC!”
  • Expresses slight envy towards Captain America for being as old as he is, but still being younger and stronger. Jones has since vowed to be as good a soldier as Rogers is. When told about this, Rogers met Jones, saluted him, and gave him an encouraging pat on the back.
  • Immediately goes after any Nazi-related deity, and for a time, had trouble trusting any German, Italian, and Japanese deities, but has mellowed out quite a bit. He favours Doktor Tenma for his kindness and sense of good.
  • Often one of the first to volunteer for just about anything, regardless of what it is, fuelling his Blood Knight tendencies. Among his attempted ventures were testing GLaDOS’ defences, cross the whole of the House of War’s battlefields without harm, and become the guard of the Disgraces, promising to do lethal things with his bayonet to those who caused trouble.
  • When off-duty, he works as a butcher in the House of Food and is visited a lot by Kirby, who he has to bribe with food to avoid losing all of his trade to the pink puffball.
  • Despite his daily habit of going into ramblings about his time in the Sudan, his stories are appreciated by some of the elder veterans of the House of War.
  • Attempted to charge into The Fallen's realm when he learned Downfall Hitler lived there.

    Mary Jane Watson 
Mary Jane Watson, Goddess of Establishing Character Moments (MJ, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Spider-Woman)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The initials MJ.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unlimited Wardrobe, Outfits That Fall Out Of Fashion(Sometimes Horribly), Being The Redhead Heroes Want, Smiling To Hide Pain, Violently Refusing To Be Stuffed Into The Fridge, Victims of Executive Meddling, showing her true personality from the get-go.
  • Domains: Appearance, Vanity, Pluck, Theater, Love.
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, All Ascended Marvel heroes, Starfire, Hinata Hyuga, Erika Kurumi, Rarity
  • Enemies: Shinji Matou, Abusive parents, All ascended Marvel villains, Raynare, Juri Han, Joe Quesada (mostly from his side)
  • Unknown Relationship: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Made her appearance to the Pantheon by stating the line, "Face it, tiger! You just hit the jackpot!"
  • MJ is the go-to girl for experimental new fashions. She's not too shy about some of her past, "ginchy" outfits, and is aware that some day, everything in her current closet will be amusingly out of style.
  • At one point, MJ was the Goddess Of Supporting Cast, dwelling in the House of Love. She's since suffered a Magical Abortion and no one else remembers when she was married to her husband due to the Everyone Is Single law, but MJ keeps on smiling and hanging out, attending every party. Nothing's ever wrong with Mary Jane Watson, no, never, because if she starts to cry she'll never stop.
    • This seems to be her default coping mechanism whenever got mistreated by the gods of her universe again. When asked how she can keep being so positive, she just points out that if she survived being Stuffed into the Fridge twice and the whole cloning incident, she can surely handle being mistreated for a year or two.
  • Because both of them have pluck, red hair, and the initials "MJ", and they've never been seen together, it has been speculated that she is Mara Jade. Both of them reject this, Mara Jade saying that it's just coincidence and their portfolios really don't overlap. Mary Jane wistfully said that she'd like to have a lightsaber. It would come in handy.
  • Even if MJ is no longer with Peter Parker as a couple, she still cares deeply about him, might even love him still. However, even she can take so much of Peter's life as a crime fighter and has left him because of this. Of course, since those time always coincide with trying to make Peter more hipper, she might not been in her right mind.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Felecia Hardy aka Black Cat. While she doesn't hate her, she doesn't like it when she flirts with Peter when he is Spider-Man. But they do agree they both got shafted.
  • A lot of her former fellow deities in the House of Love feels sorry for how she was treated by her gods in the main universe throughout the past and the live action universe, but their sympathy (and outrage) skyrock when the event called One More Day published that succumbed her marriage with Peter to the Superheroes Stay Single route through a Deal with the Devil filled with Voodoo Shark. The only thing that lessen the stings for them is that Mary Jane herself is blissfully unaware with this development or she would probably never forgive herself and Peter. Things may be looking up when a certain event that would shake her universe arriving...
  • One time she was able to tell that the Chameleon disguised himself as Peter and beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat. Oddly, she couldn't tell that Doc Ock was inhabiting Peter's body even though he was acting strange. Though, it seemed nobody in the Marvel-verse couldn't tell either.
  • Had to use some Brain Bleach when she found a Alternate Universe in which she died by radiation poison by sperm from Peter Parker.
  • Was at first seen as nothing but a shallow Hard-Drinking Party Girl until she showed her true self when she stood and comfort Peter after the death of Gwen Stacey despite him yelling at her.
  • At least some members of the House of Love have been trying to hook MJ back up with Peter Parker while another half have been trying to keep the two separated. Stay clear when this happens.
  • MJ has made both Rarity and Erika Kurumi as her official fashion coordinators thanks to them having great taste in clothing. At least ninety percent of her clothes were created by Rarity or Erika.
    • Has also been hanging out with both Starfire and Hinata Hyuuga because of some share attributes
  • Hates abusive parents since she was abuse by her father growing up. She actually repress those memories and fell victim of Baron Mordo and Dormammu and gave her false memories of her childhood.
  • Interesting enough, there has been certain alternate versions of MJ who gain actual spider powers. Including one that was a lesbian and was in a relationship with Sunspyre.
    • She also gained spider power, and many New Yorkers as well, in an event that saw her helping Peter and other heroes defeat the Spider Queen.
  • Pride herself to be one of the few (of many) women Peter involved with to know about his Spider-Man persona before dating him. Many women came to her for advice when they have doubt about their love interest's persona or just the hardship to be a Secret Keeper.

    Milky Holmes 
Milky HolmesMembers Goddesses of Shout-Out Theme Naming (Sherlock: Sher, Sheryl, Sharo Hercule: Herc, Elly)
Left to right: Cordelia, Sherlock, Nero, Hercule

    Mio Sakamoto 
Mio Sakamoto, Goddess of Supporting Leaders (Samurai, Sakamoto the Demon)

    Parker Lewis and Ferris Bueller 
Parker Lewis and Ferris Bueller, Dual Gods of Zany Scheming

    The Phantom 
The Phantom, God of Long-Lasting Legacies (The Ghost Who Walks, The Man Who Cannot Die, Mr. Walker)

    Rod Serling/RL Stine/The Cryptkeeper 
Rod Serling, The Crypt Keeper, and RL Stine, Gods of Hosting Horror Anthologies
  • Leitmotif: "Twilight Zone opening" (Rod Serling), "Tales from the Crypt intro" (The Crypt Keeper), "Goosebumps intro" (R.L. Stine)
  • Demigods (RL Stine is more of a Lesser God for having more diverse works and if Rod Serling tapped into the true potential of the Twilight Zone he borders on as Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: A starry nebula with the words "Twilight Zone" (Rod Serling), A cobweb covered chair (The Crypt Keeper), and Slappy the Dummy (R.L Stine)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Rod Serling), Chaotic Good (R.L Stine) and Chaotic Neutral (The Crypt Keeper)
  • Portfolio: hosting horror shows, telling collections of stories (some of them for kids) (R.L. Stine), unexpected endings (that may be cruel, happy, have the protagonist learn a horrifying truth, have karma get characters in the end, have everything start all over again, the protagonist or characters dead, the enemy winning but most of the time mandatory), teaching lessons to people (Rod Serling), making "ghoul" puns (The Crypt Keeper).
  • Domains: Horror, Stories, Aesops, Unexpected Endings.
  • Allies: HP Lovecraft, Voltaire, Uncle Howee (for RL Stine).
  • High Priest: The Midnight Society.
  • There was a bit of a debate for these three gods as they all had their own tales of horror that gave them a right to obtain godhood. After a debate by the powers that be, it was decided that all three would each share the title. Seeing as the three all had their own stories to tell—and could probably learn more from each other on their own breed of story telling, the three agreed.
  • Each of the gods have their own stories to tell for whomever wants to listen to them. Traversing through their temple, however, is a bit difficult due to Rod Serling's temple unexpectedly leading people into the Twilight Zone as it were. It should be noted in that Rod Serling does not have control of the Twilight Zone; he only tells the stories in relation to them.
  • R.L Stine has warned many of the child gods who read his works to beware... they're in for a scare!
  • Miyuki Hoshizora has read many of their works and is slightly angry that the majority of them don't have happy endings. The three have pointed out that Horror stories aren't supposed to be happy to begin with. However, she is thankful and relieved for the ones that actually do have happy endings.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders once came by here to have a story help them gain their Cutie Marks. Instead, the three gods weaved a story so horrifying that the had nightmares for weeks. Thankfully Princess Luna was there to approach them in their dreams and help them face the horrors that came from the stories.
  • Nicholas St. North was said to weep tears of joy when he saw the episode of The Twilight Zone called "Night of the Meek", thanking Serling for making such a beautiful tale about Christmas.
  • Many gods in the House of Technology worked together to create an arcade pinball machine that replicates the tales and eeriness of Rod Serling's anthology. It's a huge hit and now is located in the House of Gaming.
    • He also has a ride known as the "Tower of Terror" where visitors get to reenact the story of how a family of five died after lightning struck the elevator that was taking them to the thirteenth floor. Again, this is also a huge hit.
  • The three are very popular with many of the darker gods in the pantheon for their horrible stories (and also because many of them don't have happy endings, but Rod Serling stories do have good endings). Alice, alongside Hansel and Gretel have them read as bedtime stories.
    • Jack Skellington has asked them for new material for his Halloween performances and has a collection of their stories in his Temple for a bit of light reading.
  • The Crypt Keeper has become very annoyed with one Artix von Krieger who can't control that paladin impulse to smite the undead. For this, the Crypt Keeper has started to buy lots of pink things to make Artix turn the other direction.
  • The Crypt Keeper can be a pretty nice guy when he's not making stories to scare the shit out of people. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually helped host a tale with the Crypt Keeper...while training the Crypt Keeper with heavy weights.
  • RL Stine was happy to find one of his creations, Uncle Howee, in the Pantheon. Rod Serling was mixed as there was An Aesop regarding television as a teaching aid (but also agreed that the main character got what was coming to him), and Crypt Keeper laughs at the craziness of the titular Uncle Howee.
  • The three have learned of the "Friendship Asylum", and all of them—for some odd reason—are completely immune to the asylum's effects. They have decided to chronicle the events of the Asylum as best as they can, being invisible observers to the madness.

    Sigurd & Seliph Baldur Chalpy 
Sigurd and Seliph Baldur Chalpy, Gods of Theme Shattering And Reconstruction (Sigurd: Siglud, Zigludo, Seliph: Scion of Light, Celice, Serlis)

Snoopy, High Prophet of Cliched Opening Lines (Joe Cool, Flashbeagle, The World War I Flying Ace, The World-Famous Novelist, The World-Famous (insert occupation here))
  • Theme Music: Flashbeagle when he wants to dance; Joe Cool whenever he tries to enter the Academy
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His typewriter or his doghouse
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mr. Imagination, Intellectual Animal, Deadpan and/or Silent Snarker, Cloudcuckoolander, Funny Animal, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Dogs, Imagination, Storytelling
  • Herald: Woodstock
  • Allies: Hachiko, Krypto, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Duck Hunt Dog, Milla Basset, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Darunia, Xion, Filia
  • Rival: Garfield
  • Enemies: Greebo
  • Opposes: The Disgraces, cats
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a shadow of a dog walking on two feet appeared within proximity of the Court of the Gods, looking for a place to stay. The maid had to be calmed down since the shot happened by accident and the Court gave the dog a place to stay due to the fact that said dog has had a history of coming up with extremely unimaginative ways to open up a story. The dog was annoyed that the court didn't recognize his true skills as a writer.
  • Prior to his ascension, Snoopy was a follower of Darunia. The two are occassionaly seen dancing whenever Darunia is in the mood.
  • Snoopy doesn't just imagine himself as a novelist. He has also imagined himself as a Big Man on Campus or even an Ace Pilot for World War I.
  • He is shown to get along well with many of the other dogs in the Pantheon. Snoopy has also found good company with dog lovers such as Xion and Filia.
  • The House of Food has been trying to tell him not to eat too much pizza otherwise he would experience nightmares. Snoopy seems to remember that, though he has been eating cookies whenever he makes a pass there.
  • Snoopy doesn't like cats at all, though Greebo and Garfield seem to be the two he has significant problems with. Greebo for being a mean cat and Garfield for being another iconic newspaper comic strip character like the dog.
    Snoopy: I have the world's largest collection of anti-cat jokes!
  • Snoopy had a hard time understanding why CatDog, a mix between his own species and the one he is very much against, is a real kind of creature. Snoopy decided to ignore the creature after giving it some thought.
  • Has a strong dislike towards the Disgraces, as he perceives their contributions to fiction to be very damaging towards good storytelling. The Disgraces retort that Snoopy has never been able to successfully write a good story.
  • Even if Snoopy isn't as good of a storyteller as he claims to be, at least he has standards when it comes to writing them. For one, he doesn't try to make his stories something that people will need Brain Bleach for while they're reading it or after they've finished reading the story.
  • Snoopy once visited the House of Sports to play tennis. This is how it turned out.
  • Has made some rounds to the House of Music and usually spends his time dancing on the pianos there. Occassionally, he takes up the identity of Flashbeagle and dances to his own tune.
  • Every now and then at the Pantheon Academy, Snoopy takes on the role of Joe Cool. His attempts at staying in the Academy haven't been successful, however.
  • Gets really frustrated whenever he sees a sign that says "No dogs allowed". His herald, Woodstock, gets annoyed when "or birds" is included on the sign. Luckily, there are no such signs in the Pantheon, though it hasn't stopped some tricksters such as the Itazura Griefers from coming up with ideas that involve them.
  • Snoopy's mailbox usually consists of letters he received from "the Editors" regarding his stories. They are usually rejection letters, much to his frustration. Thus far, no one knows who this "editor" is.
  • His doghouse happens to be his temple. It's because it's Bigger on the Inside than it is outside. A few deities that went inside were surprised with what they could find there.

    Tanaka Yukata 
Tanaka Yutaka, God of Mood Whiplash


    Dr. Watson 
Dr. John H. Watson, God of Exposition Requesters (The Scourge of Three Continents)
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Asking for Information, Stoics, Second best to Holmes, Supporting Protagonist,
  • Domain: Exposition, Detectives
  • Followers: Dawson of Baker Street
  • Allies: Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor, Leonard McCoy, April O'Neill, Kyon, Every God from the House of Justice, Robin
  • Sherlock Holmes, at an unspecified point of time in the pantheon, was inactive over the days. Suddenly, Commissioners Gygax and Arneson called in him in to see Watson. After a sweet reunion, the two of them went to work far harder than usual.
  • While he is not as skilled as Holmes in deducing stuff, he has been little successful to solve a few mysteries on his own. However, He goes to the House of Knowledge to improve on his deductive skills.
  • Provided that he has a degree in medicinry, Watson sometimes Visits the GUAG medical division from to treat some patients. Other times, he also visits the House of Love to remember his first love of a lady named Mary Morstan. During his trips there, it's been said that he seduced women from three continents from his home realm. Some naughty beings find this impressive for a guy in his time. However, Watson keeps his mouth shut in these moments.
  • Is not very happy about his recent portrayals of being a chubby, if not obese, idiot who's been used for sheer comedy. He's been seen having a few drinks with Dick Grayson (Not Nightwing).

Elan, God of Genre Savvy Morons
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Banjo, God of Puppets.
  • Alignment: Foolish Good
  • Portfolio: Genre Savvy, Lack of any other Savvy, Banjos.
  • Domain: Illusion, Wisdom (only applies to fiction related knowledge), Inspiration.
  • Allies: The rest of the OotS, Flonne, Varric Tethras
  • Enemies: Xykon, Tarquin, Redcloak
  • Elan was raised up by Banjo himself, as his high priest.
  • Likes to sing about whatever he's doing and jump through windows as part of a dramatic entrance.
  • He has been laying low ever since he discovered that his evil father, Tarquin, and his team's nemesis, Xykon, have both ascended.
    • Recently, the rest of the Order of the Stick has been given the go ahead to ascend. Elan was VERY happy.
  • Became fast friends with Varric though even he thinks he can get too meta.

    Marion Crane 
Marion Crane, Co-Goddess of Surprising Deaths
  • Theme Song: The Psycho Theme Song, much to her dismayed.
  • Quasigoddess
  • Symbol: She insists on the '57 Ford Custom 300 Fordor that she bought when she stays at Bates Motel, but her followers instead worship a bloody shower.
  • Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, attempted to be Neutral Good but didn't succeed thanks to Norman Bates.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, stealing from her company ran by a horrible boss, Heel Face Door Slam, staying Alone with the Psycho, Redemption Equals Death, those whose death is well-known
  • Domain: Narrative, Crime, Anti-Hero, Life and Death
  • Allies: Her sister Lila (non-ascended), Prince Zuko, Aerith, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Kamina, Eddard Stark
  • Enemies: Norman Bates & his mother Norma (non-ascended), Bernkastel, any serial killers
  • High Priest: Bernard Marx
  • Marion was thought by the other gods to be the main characters of her world, until she took that fateful shower and got killed horrifically by Norman Bates. The fact that she is a developed character with her own conflict and character act as well as one of the first and most shocking twist in cinematic history caused the gods from the House of Life and Death to resurrect her and put her into the throne.
    • However, true to her position, her resurrection is quickly discovered to be a side effect of an exiled Jean Grey-Summers's Phoenix Force power. The gods quickly jumped to find Jean in order for her to return to her throne in the House of Life and Death while Marion was left in the dust as she doesn't have any particular power.
    • During the aftermath, Marion has a brief crisis about being shoved out of the spotlight again and is very resentful of Jean. However, after a Rousing Speech from one of her fellow gods Kamina (and a translator), Marion acknowledge that she is graceful for her position and vows to do her best to earn her throne and redemption.
  • Her temple is a weird place: Most of her followers doesn't really realize they aren't the main characters until the narrative kill them off from their world and transported there by the House of Life and Death.
  • She has a weird relationship her killer Norman Bates: While she hates him for killing her and destroy her chance to have her own story and redemption, he is the one responsible for her ascendant to godhood in the first place. However, she despises his mother Norma for being the one responsible for his insanity and problems. She took comfort by the fact that she ascended and they did not.
  • Hates Bernkastel's guts for trying to weaponize her temple through her game piece Erika and vows to keep her from using it ever again.
  • Only using bathtub whenever she goes to the bathroom for obvious reason and made sure her door has at least two bodyguards with special powers.
  • Strikes up an unlikely friendship with Prince Zuko as he sympathizes with the fact her journey is somewhat opposites his: He achieved main character status in his universse through his redemption while she was killed off before she can achieved hers. However, she declined his offer to make a play to explore what would happen if she has escaped Norman, citing that it would make her goddesshood entirely pointless. In truth, it was because she heard warning from Aang about how much... liberty his Fire Kingdom playwrights can took.
  • Despite being told by the other gods as unnecessary, she insists on taking some sort of punishment for her crime during the time that she was mortal. They decided to enlist her into the case of a fan community that keeps harassing Harry Potter as they think he is a Decoy Protagonist and Hermione Granger is the "real" main character of the books. Marion quickly solved the case by declare that because Harry received a large amount of plot importance and character development throughout his franchise, he therefore is a true protagonist in his own right. While the case was deemed by Marion herself and the other gods as just an excuse for her to gain some sort of closure on her crime, she gained Harry, Hermione and Ron's major point for solving an annoying problem for them.
  • Befriended her fellow goddess Aerith for the fact that their death is a well-known fact of their story. She helps Aerith keeps guard of the Book of Plot Twists.
  • After ascending to the pantheon, Marion enlists Sherlock Holmes's help to see if Carmen Sandiego stole the title protagonist from her movie. The detective dismisses her case and points out that Carmen doesn't steal things that would lead to killing.
  • Is frequently seen in the House of Knowledge & Technology to catch up what she has been missing from the 60s. It's reported from the House of Narrative that her favorite invention is the home release system.

    Mary Sue 
Lieutenant Mary Sue, Goddess of Parody Sues (The Original Sue)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Starfleet Badge, but shinier than usual.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Parodies Of The Mary Sue Concept, The Youngest Lieutenant In The Fleet At Fifteen And A Half Years Old, Half-Vulcan, Incorruptible Pure Pureness.
  • Domains: Space, Beauty, Perfection, Parodies.
  • Followers: All Non-Disgraced Mary Sues (though she wishes that they wouldn't, they just missed that her fanfiction is a parody).
  • Allies: James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy (she met them in her fic).
  • In Good Terms With: The Protectors Of The Plot Continuum.
  • Headbutting Heroines With: Ichigo Momomiya.
  • Enemies: The Disgraces, for trying to bring her back to Mary Suetopia.
  • High Priestess: Ensign Sue (her successor).
  • Mary Sue died heroically saving the Enterprise, but members of the House of Theater found her casket floating through space and discovered that she was not quite dead. They revived her, and she immediately stood trial for being a Mary Sue (in fact, the one who named the trope). She was thrown to the Disgraces, but changing standards of what makes a Sue rendered her sins small potatoes, and that combined with her satirical intent allowed her to jump to Purgatory, and then return to the Pantheon.
  • Despite her redemption, many of the Disgraces still see her as the original Sue and follow her. This greatly embarrasses Mary, and she has tried to get them off her back, but with no success.
  • Spends most of her time in the Pantheon trying to prove that she's worthy of being a true Goddess. She has won over several of the members of the Pantheon, mostly Gods with a sense of humor, but others remain hostile and suspicious of her.
  • Surprised everyone, including the PPC, when she asked them for a role as an agent. They accepted (though not without first checking to make sure they hadn't gone hallucinatory), and now Mary Sue works for their organization, taking out Sues her own way.
  • She's currently happy with her current role in this house... however, Kirk is trying to seduce her like the other time and she's not pleased. She's having a hard time convincing him that she's not that type of Sue.

    Statler & Waldorf 
Statler and Waldorf, Dual Gods of Stingers
Waldorf (left) and Statler (right)
  • Theme Song: Marley and Marley
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their Faces
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Caustic Critics, Grumpy Old Men, Impolite Seniors, Doh-ho-ho-ho-Hoh!
  • Domain: Laughter, Theater, Appearance
  • Allies: Kermit the Frog, Anonymous, Gentaro Kisaragi, Megumi Aino
  • Enemies: The Disgrace, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The Joker, Ganondorf Dragmire
  • Who are those two old grumpy men up at the balcony making quick jabs at people? Why they are Statler and Waldorf. These two will appear mostly after an act as ended, making fun at people and their performance.
  • They don't care for most things.
  • True to their nature, the duo are often seen in the House of Theater mocking any performances. It doesn't matter if the performance was good or terrible, they will comment how bad it was regardless.
    • This actually got them in trouble with Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus as she didn't take kindly to one of their jokes about her performance. She had to use every ounce of willpower in her body not to strangle them.
  • Really enjoy the Internet. It's like it was created specifically for them.
  • While the two do love to heckle people, they REALLY love to heckle those in the Disgrace, even the dangerous ones. They set up a balcony in every place they could find, making fun about everything they do.
  • They don't really have any true enemies, but they don't like the Joker and Ganon. The former for gassing them with his laughing gas and the latter for hijacking their stinger.
  • So far, the only deities to actually be friends with Statler and Waldorf are Megumi Aino and Gentaro Kisaragi. It's to the point that the old grumps dont hackle against the two. Well, not that much anyway.
  • Their own thoughts on their profile.

    The Mother / Tracy Mosby 
The Mother / Tracy Mosby (nee McConnell), Goddess of Secondary Character Titles (Your Mother, T.M., Tracy McConnell)
Click if you saw the Season 8 Finale. MAJOR SPOILERS 

    Vince Russo 
Vince Russo, God of Implausible Plot Twists (Mr. Russoriffic, Mr. Crash TV)