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Love and Lust

The House of Love and Lust is, for the most part, fantastically decadent. Visitors are reminded that this is not a cathouse, and most of the gods residing in it will, at best, laugh if propositioned. It is a wonderful place to take a date, and a popular attraction for groups of friends. The House's purpose is to provide comfortable, relaxing surroundings, ideal for pleasure of all kinds, from intellectual to carnal. That doesn't mean there aren't uncomfortable parts, but a visitor can only get into those of his or her own accord. No unwanted violence is permitted here - even the worst of enemies are forced to do nothing but glare and walk away unless they're really there for one another. To infringe upon this rule is to invoke the wrath of Bayonetta. Or, worse, that of Desire.

This House has its own highly-tended steamy garden replete with a number of secluded nooks. Under its domed roof, one can find the bubbling pools - for obvious reasons - of such things as mud, wine, chocolate, Jell-O, and mysterious slime. The kitchens are always well stocked, the furnishings well appointed. The best sound systems in the Pantheon are here, although it's superior by a very slim margin (It's rumored that Akio Ohtori persuades Tony Stark to hand over the blueprints for every new sound system as soon as they're conceived), and, obviously, many songs about love and sex are available to listen. Infamously, there is a door which opens into an explicit wing of the House of Knowledge's Library, and a strange little room in which anything and everything a visitor finds exciting can be seen. Clothing is optional in designated areas, keeping in with the whole "Lust" thing.

A visitor's final and most emphatic warning is this: Don't go beyond the place where the columns become supple, that place where the very nonhuman make their homes. Unless you're into that.

Be cautious when wondering this house, as Belle is a Princess of Heart; any attempts to kidnap her or use her to recreate the χ-blade will get you ripped into shreds by the Beast, and if you survive, you will be banned.

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  • Passion - for Deities who show their passion for others.
  • Lust - for Deities who express their sexual desires.
  • Romance - for Deities who express different values in romance.
  • Love Interests - for Deities who represent different types of…Love Interests.
  • Romantic Interest - for Deities who represent the many ways one can pursue their romantic interests, be they on certain individuals, objects, or just on the many hows.
  • Couples Archetypes - for Deities who represent the different types of couples in a narrative standpoint.
  • Couples Relationships - for Deities who represent the different ways couples can end up in.
  • Tainted Love - for Deities who represent the negative aspects of love.
  • Persons of Desire - for Deities who represent what types of people they attract.
  • Love Other - for Deities who don't fall under any of the above categories.

The Nurturers

Aphrodite, Pantheon's Most Beautiful Goddess, Goddess of Cheating Lovers (Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Aphro, Aph)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A heart symbol carried by doves.
  • Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, now either Neutral or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hitting Anything That Moves, Beauty Personified, Deity of Love, Really Gets Around, The Power of Love (Which Is Awesome), Stripperiffic, Ethical Sluts, Good Bad Girls, Refusing To Sleep With Her Husband, Being Everyone Else's Soulmates, Broken Bird, Support Presence, Being Used As A Measurement Of Beauty (With Her Being Said To Be 'Less' Beautiful), Shrugging Off Status Effects
  • Domain: Love, Beauty, Lust
  • Allies: Zeus, Hercules, Vulcan, Kratos?, Reika Aoki, The Investigation Team, Guan Yu, Thor, Sun Wukong, Pit, Wonder Woman, Panty and Stocking, Angelo
  • Uneasy Relationship: Andromeda Shun, Artemis
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, the other Hades, Hera
  • When Kratos destroyed Mount Olympus, Aphrodite was one of the survivors. She found herself amongst the Trope Pantheons, in order to serve as the Distaff Counterpart of Hercules' portfolio, and when it was revealed that she has been seen in the Battlefield of the Gods and cheating with a lot of deities and in the same time, giving them great support, which surprises even Cosmos and many of the House of Love, who knew that cheating isn't always negative and can be beneficial?
  • They were even more surprised when it was revealed that Aphrodite harbored a lot of regret on causing the Trojan War, and the reason she was seen in the Battlefield of the Gods was to try to find out if her beauty can be used to stop war, they thought she didn't give a shit about the Trojan War after winning that 'The Fairest' apple. And that all her cheating escapades was because she's rather insecure and feeling worthless when her husband Hephaestus wasn't paying much attention to her despite her title. Of course old habits die hard and she tends to use the facade of Proud Beauty and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing front of many, but many who knew this understood about her tortured soul.
    • Upon further investigation, it has been confirmed that she was inflicted by an element of the Pandora's Box, Lust/Vanity, but her acts came more from her natural self being the Goddess of Beauty. It was only after an incident in the Battlefield of the Gods, when she formed a link with Guan Yu, protected him from Loki and being healed by his 'infectuous leadership' that the element was destroyed, allowing people to discover her broken heart.
    • This also lets her to re-discover her passion with Kratos after their night-stand during the fall of Olympus. But deep down she also felt a little insecure and scared, realizing the last time Kratos caved her whole Pantheon. Still he reminded her so much with Ares... something that would make Kratos just facepalm.
  • Hanging around with various Gods here eventually even got her slightly disgusted with how Zeus acted so Kratos kicked his arse. However, Aphrodite didn't dare raise such statement in front of Zeus. This is Zeus we're talking about after all.
    • This was also why after Hephaestus rose as Vulcan into the Pantheon, Aphrodite has been lately paying him a visit and secretly shares her newfound disgust, as well as how it wouldn't be possible had it not been her participation in the Battlefield of the Gods. Surprisingly, Vulcan also understands that, and for a rare time, they were actually agreeing and treating each other with respect.
  • It was said that she's looking for what is true inner beauty, despite her title. For this, she is fond with the Guardian of inner beauties, Reika Aoki.
  • When she entered the Pantheon, she received weird looks from Andromeda Shun. This probably stems from the fact that from his knowledge, Gods aside of Athena in his realm can be such assholes, and that she shared the same name as the evil Pisces Saint. In one look, Aphrodite can realize that her kiss can't charm him, so she decided to share her tale, enough that Shun would leave her alone in normal terms.
  • Many worshippers of other Goddesses would boast that their Goddesses' beauty are unmatched they're either on par or even more beautiful than Aphrodite. The Pantheon has made this a taboo, because this is usually hitting Aphrodite's insecurity and usually this would attract her wrath. Despite her portfolio, her wrath is not to be underestimated.
  • Is friends with Panty and Stocking. She especially likes the former as the two share personalities.
  • At one point, Aphrodite was planning on a beauty contest amongst the Pantheon Goddesses, but it was quickly deduced by the Investigation Team, especially Yu Narukami, that it's yet another way to mask her insecurity, and her acts reminded them of their mortal class teacher, Noriko Kashiwagi, and it's not doing good for her image. After being suggested by Narukami that she should be more confident of herself, Aphrodite was so grateful that she even offers to become his Persona at times.
  • Has a motherly sense of affection for Wonder Woman, who inherited her blessings of beauty and love, and is extremely proud of her fighting in the name of love and peace.
  • Whenever she gets near Nyarlathotep, she couldn't understand how it came to be so far, but... she hates him. She thinks he didn't deserve any 'love'. So far, seems like only Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano and Eikichi Mishina has any idea why she thinks like that.
  • Also hates the other Hades who just wouldn't leave her insecurity alone like the original one, instead mocking it at every opportunity possible. On the other hand, she had quite the interest of Pit not just for his opposition against this Hades, but him being a short-statured winged youth mainly wielding a bow reminded her of her son Cupid/Eros.

Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks (Lady Arch Angel, Pure Pink, via Volunteer Sauver, Space Monster Flonne)
Pre-Fallen outfit
Archangel outfit
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater when using her Overload Skill "Volunteer Sauver")
  • Symbol: A fluorescent pink feather
  • Alignment: Neutral Stupid Good
  • Portfolio: Pollyannas, Explaining The Meaning Of Love, Friends To All Living Things, Fluffy Cloud Heavens, Subjects of Oedipus Complexes, The Power of Love and Friendship, Magikarp Power
  • Domains: Celestial, Healing, Protection, Good
  • Followers: Eru
  • Superior: Seraph Lamington
  • Subordinates: Artina
  • Allies: Laharl (claimed), Etna, Sicily, Captain Gordon, Raspberyl, Heart Aino, Madoka Kaname, Valvatorez, Kim Kaphwan, Yellow Heart, Asia Argento, Asagi Asagiri, Yoko Littner, Patricia Martin, Megumi Aino, Colette Brunel, America, Anzu Mazaki
  • Enemies: the GUAE Trollkaiger (Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Izaya, Handsome Jack, and Basco), most members of the House of Hatred, YHVH.
  • Frequent guest of Laharl, God of Noble Demons. Laharl insists that it's for purely for tactical alliance reasons and the fact that she acts exactly like his mother is entirely coincidence.
  • Upon concluding that Laharl's conversion to the side of good was a success (whether he admits it or not), Flonne has set her sights on nudging Kefka towards the path of righteousness. The rest of the pantheon is taking bets on how long before she snaps.
  • Experienced a massive surge in power after her recent promotion/transformation.
  • Her otaku nature means that she often Squees over seeing Humongous Mecha and Cool Starships, means that when she's not here, she is visiting the House of Technology in hopes she can convince someone there into building her a better machine.
  • NEVER comment to her about her small chest, the last person that did so got blasted to the other end of the planet.
  • Is a very vocal supporter of the Chick Magnet Quartet, which is probably a given since Criminy is one of the members and Asia is part of its Battle Harem. Rumor has it she's also the president of the Quartet's much-rumored fanclub...
  • She's currently trying to teach Panty and Stocking the ways of a more proper angel. So far there's been very little progress, as Panty keeps on having sex with all the gods of the Pantheon, and Stocking continues to eat more and more sweet food.
  • The discovery of Flonne's Magical Girl transformation caused her to become a target for "Trollkaiger". It involved a copy of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The experience freaked her out to say the least. Unfortunately for Trollkaiger, Flonne found out soon after that Madoka herself existed, and upon meeting her, the loving, kind, selfless nature of the Goddess won Flonne's utmost admiration. Then she found out about Madoka's Sisterhood, and applied as soon as she could, thrilled at the prospect of working alongside such an amazing person. Oops.
    • After the Great Upheaval, Flonne has been inducted into the ranks of the Sisterhood. After everything that had unfolded during that horrible time, her unending optimism is widely considered to be in DIRE need. It's working so far, at least on some level. Upon the orders of Lamington, she and the Celestial Host have deployed to the GUAG Sisterhood to protect Madoka during "The Pantheonic Rebellion". However, the Upheaval has given Flonne a question to ponder: "How could love go so wrong?"
  • She is occasionally found visiting Asagi in Purgatory, encouraging her to continue on her quest.

Belldandy, Goddess of Magical Girlfriends

Alternative Title(s): Couples