Pantheon: Life And Death Demigods And Quasideities

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Arngrim, God who Preferred Death Over Execution (Genius of the Battlefield)
  • Demigod (yet he can keep up with the Intermediate Gods)
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Alignment: True Neutral, develops into Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being Guts, Badass Normal, wearing no torso armor, BFS, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domain: Battle, Afterlife, Death
  • Allies: Lenneth Valkyrie, Hrist Valkyrie (sometimes)
  • Enemies: Lezard Valeth
  • The first thing that several gods noticed was Arngrim's eerie similarity to Guts. Some even believe they're the same person, as the two have yet to be seen together.
  • Having been an einherjar on multiple occasions, Arngrim felt that the Pantheon was similar to Valhalla in a few ways. He usually spends his time either in the House of Combat or sleeping on some stairs.
    • He has noticed that, unlike Odin, the Main House and Counsel of Gods actually don't bother to make trouble for the mortals, so Arngrim's content to just leave them alone. He's still not particularly reverent, however.
  • Some theorize that Arngrim committed suicide not only to avoid an execution, but because he's too awesome to be killed by any mortal but himself.
  • Arngrim has a colorful history, in regards to the other Valkyrie Profile gods in the Pantheon, having worked for Lenneth and Hrist, and once teaming up with Lezard. He's also fought against Hrist (with Lezard) and against Lezard (with both Valkyries, separate occasions). When asked about this, he shrugged and stated that, as a mercenary, he's used to this.
  • Arngrim is sometimes mistaken for Meowth when other people aren't listening. Arngrim rightfully cannot even grasp why.
  • Beware his Soul Crush, Final Blast. If you hear these words, stand back:

    Ayu Tsukimiya and Fuko Ibuki 
Ayu Tsukimiya and Fuko Ibuki Goddesses of Out of Body Experiences Due To Near Death (Ayu: Main Girl)

    Big Daddy 
Big Daddy, Leader of Zombies
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Brains
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Zombie Apocalypse, Determinator, Zombie Gait, A servant of Karma, Horrifying Appearance, spreader of the Virus, Sympathetic P.O.V., After the End, Kill 'em All
  • Domain: Undeath, Hunger, Learning, Apocalypse
  • Followers: Solomon Grundy
  • While not the only sentient zombie in existence, Big Daddy carries a sort of charismatic charm to him that has other zombies instinctively follow him. While they don't possess much intelligence or inherent powers, the combined belief of a near infinite number of zombies from countless zombie apocalypses was just enough to get him into the Pantheon, which has proved to be a huge headache for the House of Life and Death. Head Death can't seem to define which half of the House Big Daddy falls under, and the rest of the deities (the ones that bothered to vote, at least) are split half and half.

    Eric Draven 
Eric Draven, God Rising Out From His Grave to Enact Vengeance
  • Leitmotif: Burn
  • Demigod ( Lesser God as of "Project: Alternate Gentaro")
  • Symbol: A Crow next to a Drama Mask of Tragedy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil as of "Project: Alternate Gentaro"
  • Portfolio: non-evil dark characters, Healing Factor (which is good against most circumstances), those with very maniacal laughs, crows, resurrection, powerful mental attacks
  • Domains: Death, Vengeance, Darkness
  • Allies: Asura, Bruce Lee, Midna, all good Gods in the House of Life and Death.
  • Enemies: Evil Gods in the House of Crime, Hatred and House of Life and Death.
  • Opposes: Ebony.
  • Thought that he could rest after finally defeating those who killed him, the crow resurrected him as he was needed in the Pantheon. Eric, sensing there were dark souls that needed to be cleansed, agreed.
  • Has a very uneasy relationship with Bruce Lee, as he sees Bruce as a father figure of some sorts. Bruce, likewise, feels the if he's seeing into the eyes of a son he never got a chance to see grow up. Oh if Bruce only knew...
  • Guns are not a good idea to use against him. One, he's dead. Two, he'll laugh at your pitiful attempts to hurt him.
  • Whatever you do, don't confuse him for the Eric in the House of Theater. It...just won't end well.
    • Finds it amusing if he's confused with Eric Cartman, though. Cartman finds Draven's sociopathy and rampages to be amazing while Draven gets "lessons" on how to enact the most pain.
  • Is a God that Gentaro Kisaragi sympathizes with, not only for his tragic backstory but also because of that..."other Gentaro" trauma he's currently going through. He himself tried to get to his own conclusions about what happened to Gentaro, but was blindsided and brainwashed by Alternate!Gentaro who was then used to Mind Rape Takatora Kureshima—an unwitting instigator for the whole mess as a whole—and caused the man to be sent into the Friendship Asylum.
  • Gets along well with Asura seeing as they both won't rest until they are able to enact vengeance on the people they care about. Asura is now training Erik in combat to better defend himself.
  • No, he is not a goth. However even he has disgust for Ebony for being a disgusting knockoff of the Goth subculture.

    Jason Todd/Red Hood 
Jason Todd, Patron Saint of Dead Sidekicks (Red Hood II, Robin II, Red Robin I, Nightwing II, Red X?, Arkham Knight)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Red Hood helmet or a red Bat symbol.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio Back from the Dead, Black Robin, Costume Copycat, Feeling Inferior to Dick, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Fallen Hero, Being Betrayed By His Mother and Feeling Betray By Bruce For Not Killing The Joker, "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Pay Evil unto Evil, Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain.
  • Domain: Sidekicks, Violance, Weapons, Mentalism, Resurrection .
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Alfred Pennyworth, Hikage, Kiritsugu Emiya, Laura Kinney
  • Enemies: THE JOKER, The Riddler, The Penguin, The entire GUAE, Tony Montana, Vito Corleone, Hotel Moscow, Most of the House Of Crime and Villains.
  • Really Complicated Relationship: Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Dick Grayson, Tim Drake
  • Rivals: Deadpool, Revy, Masato Kusaka
  • Annoyed By: Beast Boy.
  • Oppose: Those who forgive villains
  • High Priest: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier.
  • In the comic universe, there was a common saying; Nobody stays dead in comics except for Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes and Uncle Ben. Well, the last one stayed true
  • Beaten to near death by the Joker with a crowbar before getting killed in an explosion, Jason Todd's death has always been seen as Batman's greatest failure and has haunted him his entire life. Not only that, but his death is a cruel reminder of how truly dangerous being a young sidekick to a hero was. And he wouldn't be the last reminder.
  • Jason's mental health was a bit of a problem back in the day. At the best of times, he can pretty much act like an Anti-Hero. But at his worst, he can act just as villainest as many of the bad guys he killed. Most likely this was cause becuase by the Lazurus Pit which has a well know side effect of causing mental problems who ever was resurrected. Though, lately he has pretty much been in the more Anti-Hero side. Mostly.
    • Wait, you thought he was resurrected by Superboy-Prime punching reality? Don't be silly.
  • Pretty much hates most members in the House of Crime. Though, there are exceptions like Vi who is a reformed criminal and Isaac and Miria who don't cause any harm in their robberies. He is actually trying to figure a way that the more sympathetic criminals are away so he can blow up the entire house with some C4.
    • He made a preempted strike to the house when he killed most of Balaika's men from Hotel Moscow. To further the insult, he delivered their heads back to the Russian Don, leaving a message that the entire house was next. This left a very piss Balaika and swore vengeance on Jason for killing her men.
  • Has stayed far away from the rest of the ascended Bat family. Some mistakenly believe he doesn't interact with Bruce because he still hates him for failing to save him. That's not true. What he hates is that he never avenged his death by killing the Joker. The only member he even has minimal contact with is Alfred who is know to leave a hot meal for the former Robin.
  • Atleast some of Jason's problem stems from his inferiority complex towards Dick Grayson, feeling that he will never live up to him in Bruce's eyes
  • Has found Beast Boy's constant pestering that he is Red X utterly annoying. Even when he tells him he isn't him, BB is still convince it's him.
  • Has been notice to sound just like Dean Winchester. Though, his voice went through a bit of a change. Now he sounds like Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, and even The Joker. Let's say Jason doesn't like the voice change that much.
  • Gain rivals in both Deadpool and Revy. The former because he feels Jason stole his style in that one awesome Batman adaptation and Revy who is under contract of Hotel Moscow to kill him. The three even had a three way fight that ended with all parties injured and a quarter of the pantheon in ruins.
  • Has been seen hanging around with Shinji Ikari for some odd reason. Though, Yui Ikari is apprehensive about her son hanging around Jason.
  • Jason has allied himself with Hikage. The two have been know to rough up a few mooks that they encounter.
  • Has required special 'Magic Bullets' from Kiritsugu Emiya to counter any baddies with magic abilities.
  • What's Jason's most cherished memory? Coming down with the Flu as a child and, after being told he can't come on patrol, having Bruce surprise him and spending a night in together.
  • Too say that Jason hates the Joker would be an understatement. He wants the clown beaten to the inch of his life, begging for it before Jason ends it.
  • A alternate version of Jason was reavealed to instead of being killed by the Joker, was tortured by him for over a year under Arkham. The torture was so horrendous, it made him hate Bruce, believing he abandoned him. It also made him more villainest then his comic version as he came back as the Arkham Knight with a whole militia and worked with Scarecrow to inflict the entire city of Gotham with fear gas and put Barbara Gordan's life in danger. All to get revenge on Bruce.
  • Oppose any deities who have forgiven their villains no matter how much they have ruin their lives. Like Naruto Uzumaki and Madoka Kaname. Saying someone is a "cool guy" despite being the cause of your parents death and not punishing a race for harvesting little girls doesn't sit well with Jason.
    • He also doesn't understand why the GUAG would even have a group of Token Evil Team Mate. Which is ironic since he would fit right in that group.

    Marco Bodt 
Marco Bodt, God of Freckles And Sacrificial Lions(Marco Bott, Freckled Jesus)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Crest of 104th Trainee Squad
  • Alignments: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Unrequited niceness, leadership skills, honesty with people, Too Good for This Sinful Earth, emulating Spider-man, loyalty to royalty, Sacrificial Lion
  • Domains: Leadership, Kindness, Death
  • Allies: Eren Yeager, Annie Leonhardt, Mami Tomoe
  • Wary Of: Charlotte
  • Odd Friendship with: Shu Ouma
  • Ascended after his gruesome death to establish that, yes, Shingekiverse is a cruel place and even supposedly major characters can die after being given a plenty of screentime. He didn't even take it that badly, he's just that nice of a guy.
  • His freckles are supposed to do many things such as glowing in the dark or being responsible for his almost angelic aura that earned him his nickname.
  • Usually hangs around House of Royalty to do what he couldn't back in his mortal coil: serving local royalty as best as possible.
  • Gets along well with Mami Tomoe due to them sharing similar fates as reliable leading figures that met their end too soon. For that matter however, Charlotte's presence - the one who ended Mami's mortal life in the first place - unnerves him somewhat. Her teeth are bit too sharp for his taste.
    • Unlike Mami he doesn't seem to mind jokes about his manner of death. In fact, he once commented that his sides had split from laughter upon hearing one. Whether it was to be taken as literal remains up to discussion.
  • Eren was overjoyed to see him ascend. Annie didn't show quite as much enthusiasm, but was otherwise pleased to see him as well.

    Nathan Drake 
Nathan Drake, God of Walking Disaster Areas

    Peter Pan 
Peter Pan, God of Eternal Youth
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Shadow.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with shades of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Never Growing Up due to coming to the conclusion that Growing Up Sucks, Flight, Fun Personified, using a knife for fighting.
  • Domains: Children, Adventure, Youth.
  • Followers: Those who want to never grow up physically.
  • Allies:
  • Enemy: Captain Hook (Non-Ascended)
  • Opposes: Sam Flynn
  • Friendly Rivalry: Terra
  • High Priest: Rufio.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Wendy Darling
  • Neither a good nor an evil god. He enjoys luring children away to Neverland to be his playmates and never grow up. Due to his very nature he is an outcast; the children he takes never stay forever, ultimately he is the only child in history who never grew up and this can be a lonely existence. Though Peter generally shrugs this off.
  • Also works with Death of the Endless, leading recently deceased children to the afterlife (or to Neverland) so that they won't be scared.
  • When Miyuki Hoshizora ascended, Pan was rained with massive Squee-ing and learned that Miyuki crushed on him before ascension, long when his tales were mere fairy tale and before his ascension. Impressed greatly, she's honored with the position as one of his "Lost Children", which temporarily shocked Miyuki and had her saying, "I-I'm not lost or anything! Happupuuu~", then accept the offer anyway.
  • Was really confused at how someone (8-Bit Mickey) dressed up as him for a quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • Does not like Sam Flynn because of his resemblance to Captain Hook in his youth. Sam doesn't even know how to react, but just ignores this.
  • The House of Theater often does plays on the time Peter Pan brought Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland. Due to tradition, Peter is always played by a young woman. Although Wendy has long since died of old age, Peter is quite glad that her legacy will live on forever.
  • He and Sora are capable of performing the Neverland Limit Break when fighting together. Whenever they attack, expect images from their first meeting to appear in the field.
  • Was surprised to find Terra in the Pantheon. Though Terra was once tricked by Captain Hook into fighting him, neither of them hold any ill-will towards each other, and even spar occassionally.

    Tsugumi Komachi 

Tsugumi Komachi, Goddess of People Who Don't Age.

    Yoshiyuki Tomino 
Yoshiyuki Tomino, God of Massive Casualties (The Bald Wizard, The Father of Gundam, "Kill 'em All" Tomino)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Gundam floating inert in space.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Trope Namer, Killing Basically The Entire Cast, Destroying The Universe, Not So Different, Breaking The Cutie, The Haughty, and Basically Everyone Else Too, Creator Breakdown, Murdering Love Interests, Lack of Therapy For Anyone, The Hero Dies, Dropping Big Objects Onto Earth.
  • Domains: Anime and Manga, Character Deaths, Mechas.
  • Allies: H. P. Lovecraft, Gen Urobuchi.
  • Underlings:
  • People He Doesn't Want to Talk About: Every God hailing from Attack on Titan (although he respects Hajime Isayama).
  • High Priest: George R. R. Martin
  • Has notably wiped out several universes worth of casts (both main and supporting). Strangely, the survivors (and even the victims) don't seem to blame him at all.
    • As of recent, he has since mellowed down in his homicidal tendency. However, his homicidal tendency was so legendary it continues lived on, staying in power in the Pantheon.
  • As he is the creator of Gundam, all Gundam pilots are required to defer to him on major matters despite his rank as a demigod. Given that both Char and Rau have their own agendas to advance and Setsuna and Ali can't be within sight range of each other without going to war, this becomes ... problematic.
  • Upon realizing that the House of Commerce was making massive amounts of money scamming his followers with overpriced paraphernalia of his own works, he attempted to have it burned to the ground. While Rau was more than happy to have Ali do it (one must never dirty one's hands when unnecessary after all), the Main House intervened before anything major happened.
    • Sundowner still hasn't given up and is busy setting up a black market for the goods.
  • His temple is kept by a massive team of multicolored Haros, which do everything from mop the floors to man the railgun platforms.
  • Many wonder how he can sleep at night after killing several million people in any one of his shows, even in those where he's not involved. He wonders how they can sleep at night without doing so.
  • He officially returns to direct and write a new Gundam show since Turn A Gundam, the name of his new show is Gundam Reconguista In G.
  • While he respects Hajime Isayama due to making his work being reflected on the author's problematic past, has a disdain for the titular Titans, considering it grotesque. He's not interested in Isayama's work for that.
  • Might face some competition from Andrew Hussie for his title, although he deflects his claims by saying killing the same character more than once doesn't count.


    Kenny McCormick 
Kenny McCormick, God Of Revolving-Door Death (Princess Kenny, Mysterion)
  • Quasideity (becomes Intermediate God under the guise of Mysterion)
  • Theme Music: Kawaii Princess Kenny, alternatively Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride) by Don Felder
  • Symbol: His hood, splattered with blood. Also nearby are two word bubbles: "Oh my God they killed Kenny!" and "You bastards!". A green question mark as Mysterion.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Although new evidence suggests he might be of the Good alignments
  • Portfolio: Coming Back From The Dead, Getting Killed A Lot, Lover of Big Boobs and Sex, Constant Voice Muffling, Chew Toys, Humanoid Abomination
  • Domain: Life, Death, Humor, Children
  • Followers: Hyatt, Phelous
  • Allies: Stan, Kyle, Hong Meiling, Rory Williams (who feels sympathy for Kenny, seeing as they've both suffered cruel, normally fatal fates many times in their lives), Hyodo Issei, Alice Cooper (for a good reason), Chuck
  • The moment Kenny ascended to the Pantheon, thousands of mortals pointed to one poor sap (that killed him) and yelled in unison "YOU BASTARD!!!"
  • Is currently in a Pantheon support group with WALL-E and the God/s of Woobies. Naturally, Death of the Endless is always stalking them.
    • There's also that one time that Death of the Endless got hit with an Idiot Ball and Kenny kicked her ass... It was undone with the Reset Button
  • Being fellow Butt Monkeys, Kenny is on good terms with Hong Meiling. Which unfortunately got him caught up to whatever abuse is subjected to China and gets killed in process, causing her to take the mantle of yelling "Oh my God, you killed Kenny!! You bastard!!!". Of course, Kenny comes right back after, but still...

    Makoto Itou 
Makoto Itou, God of Those Killed by Jilted Lovers

    Marion Crane 
Marion Crane, Co-Goddess of Surprising Deaths
  • Theme Song: The Psycho Theme Song, much to her dismay.
  • Quasigoddess
  • Symbol: She insists on the '57 Ford Custom 300 Fordor that she bought when she stays at Bates Motel, but her followers instead worship a bloody shower.
  • Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, attempted to be Neutral Good but didn't succeed thanks to Norman Bates.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, stealing from her company ran by a horrible boss, Heel Face Door Slam, staying Alone with the Psycho, Redemption Equals Death, those whose death is well-known
  • Domain: Narrative, Crime, Anti-Hero, Life and Death
  • Allies: Her sister Lila (non-ascended), Prince Zuko, Aerith, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Kamina, Eddard Stark
  • Enemies: Norman Bates & his mother Norma (non-ascended), Bernkastel, any serial killers
  • High Priest: Bernard Marx
  • Marion was thought by the other gods to be the main characters of her world, until she took that fateful shower and got killed horrifically by Norman Bates. The fact that she is a developed character with her own conflict and character act as well as one of the first and most shocking twist in cinematic history caused the gods from the House of Life and Death to resurrect her and put her into the throne.
    • However, true to her position, her resurrection is quickly discovered to be a side effect of an exiled Jean Grey-Summers's Phoenix Force power. The gods quickly jumped to find Jean in order for her to return to her throne in the House of Life and Death while Marion was left in the dust as she doesn't have any particular power.
    • During the aftermath, Marion has a brief crisis about being shoved out of the spotlight again and is very resentful of Jean. However, after a Rousing Speech from one of her fellow gods Kamina (and a translator), Marion acknowledge that she is graceful for her position and vows to do her best to earn her throne and redemption.
  • Her temple is a weird place: Most of her followers doesn't really realize they aren't the main characters until the narrative kill them off from their world and transported there by the House of Life and Death.
  • She has a weird relationship her killer Norman Bates: While she hates him for killing her and destroy her chance to have her own story and redemption, he is the one responsible for her ascendant to godhood in the first place. However, she despises his mother Norma for being the one responsible for his insanity and problems. She took comfort by the fact that she ascended and they did not.
  • Hates Bernkastel's guts for trying to weaponize her temple through her game piece Erika and vows to keep her from using it ever again.
  • Only using bathtub whenever she goes to the bathroom for obvious reason and made sure her door has at least two bodyguards with special powers.
  • Strikes up an unlikely friendship with Prince Zuko as he sympathizes with the fact her journey is somewhat opposites his: He achieved main character status in his universse through his redemption while she was killed off before she can achieved hers. However, she declined his offer to make a play to explore what would happen if she has escaped Norman, citing that it would make her goddesshood entirely pointless. In truth, it was because she heard warning from Aang about how much... liberty his Fire Kingdom playwrights can took.
  • Despite being told by the other gods as unnecessary, she insists on taking some sort of punishment for her crime during the time that she was mortal. They decided to enlist her into the case of a fan community that keeps harassing Harry Potter as they think he is a Decoy Protagonist and Hermione Granger is the "real" main character of the books. Marion quickly solved the case by declare that because Harry received a large amount of plot importance and character development throughout his franchise, he therefore is a true protagonist in his own right. While the case was deemed by Marion herself and the other gods as just an excuse for her to gain some sort of closure on her crime, she gained Harry, Hermione and Ron's major point for solving an annoying problem for them.
  • Befriended her fellow goddess Aerith for the fact that their death is a well-known fact of their story. She helps Aerith keeps guard of the Book of Plot Twists.
  • After ascending to the pantheon, Marion enlists Sherlock Holmes's help to see if Carmen Sandiego stole the title protagonist from her movie. The detective dismisses her case and points out that Carmen doesn't steal things that would lead to killing.
  • Is frequently seen in the House of Knowledge & Technology to catch up what she has been missing from the 60s. It's reported from the House of Narrative that her favorite invention is the home release system.

    The Abhorsen 
The Abhorsen, The Gods of Repose or the Anti-Gods of Undeath
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A Silver Key
  • Tools of Office: The Bells of Necromancy, The Book of the Dead.
  • Alignment: Never Evil, that's for sure.
  • Portfolio: Improbable Weapon User, Instrument of Murder, Dark Is Not Evil (Played with. Necromancy is evil unless it's being used to undo necromancy)
  • Domains: Magic, Repose, Music, Rivers (They wish they had Sun).
  • Followers: The living Abhorsen and his or her apprentice. Also, anyone who opposes the undead.
  • Opposes: Big Daddy and recently Nekron
  • A long line of necromancers that used their magic to undo the work of other necromancers, each would instantly ascended upon dying and passing the Ninth Gate, often dragging undead abominations with them. They work to make sure none opposed the natural order of things, although they are a great deal more lenient to those who pose no threat to the living.

    The Director 
The Director, God of Euthanization (Shouty Guy)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A TV with a face.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Believes himself to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Those Who Kill For The Greater Good, Speaking Very Loudly And In Complete Gibberish, Ending Stories In Pointless Ways, Very Creepy Atmospheres
  • Domain: 'Healing', Chaos, Death
  • Allies: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Diabolus Ex Machina
  • Followers: None that have been confirmed as such.
  • Enemies: Dr. Black Jack, and anyone else that disapproves of shooting cancer patients in the face.
  • Due to his, ahem, 'unusual' medical practices, The Director is not thought highly of in the House of Life and Death, or anywhere else, for that matter. Even the few villains that find him amusing watch him from far away, lest they be subjected to his ear drum piercing rants, and receive a headache rivaling the ones received after a conversation with Azathoth.
  • About once a week, he goes on walks around the House, diagnosing anyone he meets with Cancer, and then shooting them in the face. This is completely harmless, but really annoying.
  • The Director was once interviewed by Aya Shameimaru, who asked him why he feels euthanization is necessary. His answer was: "CANCER?! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A CANCER IS?! CANCER IS A SMALL PIECE OF DEATH THAT SLOWLY TAKES OVER A BODY!" This was the last question asked, since Aya was rendered deaf for the rest of the day.

    The Flood / The Gravemind 
The Flood, The Parasite Zombies (The Parasite, The Infection, The Shapeshifting Sickness, The Great Enemy, Inferi Redivivusnote , The Precursors) (The Gravemind: The Timeless One, Inferi Sententianote , The Primordial, The Captive, The Beast, The Prisoner of Charum Hakkor)
The Gravemind