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Here lies the House of Heroes, who fight against destruction. These Gods' goals are peace and harmony, to restore order. Beware that some are less than noble in pursuit of this goal. This house was founded when several of the heroes such as Superman and Spider-Man decided they wanted a place to rest instead of the perpetual war in the house of heroes and villains. While many of the elder gods were uneasy at the thought of another hero/villain house split after the first experiment, the case eventually went all the way to the court of the gods, where a very tired and irritated Johnson ordered the house split up because, "All that noise makes sleeping very difficult for the rest of us! I tolerate the house of beasts out of necessity, but split the others up for now. Let them scheme in their own houses." Jean Luc-Picard facepalmed at this utterly arbitrary decision, but as Jack McCoy was leading the case, tired of having the lawless look over his notes, the decision passed with surprisingly little argument. The only dissenter was Harvey Dent, but after flipping a coin, he ultimately decided for it too, though it did create the awkward situation of him needing to drag himself between houses depending on his coin flip on who he was going to visit on off time.

Most of the resident Heroes are just glad to finally rest without needing to take watches to prevent their throats from being slit by the Villains. However, their only exception is a form of Enemy Mine when it comes to fighting The Anti-Monitor.

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The Paragon Quartet of Hope

Cosmos, Goddess of Good and Leader of the Grand United Alliance of Good (Goddess of Harmony)

    Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman 
Clark Kent, God of Ideal Heroes (Superman, Superboy I, Nightwing, Kal-El, Jordon Elliot, Supe, Smallville, The Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton, The Man of Steel, The Big Blue Boyscout, Earth's Adopted Son, The Blur, Clark White)
  • Theme Song: John Williams' theme, His TAS theme or Hans Zimmer's take.
  • Greater God (Overdeity if near a blue star)
  • Symbol: A Shield with an "S" on it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Heroes Dressed in Primary Colors, Inexplicably Good Disguises, Lots and Lots of Powers, Flying Catches, Specific Weaknesses, Getting Away With Being So Overpowered, Being Cool While Almost Always Winning, Caped Heroes, Paragons, Ideal Heroes, Adorkable, All Loving Heroes, Farm Boys, Speeches About Overcoming Limitations
  • Domains: Truth, Justice, The American Way (formerly), Family, Power, Superheroics
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals With: Son Goku (both of them only have strong respect for each other's respective dedication to good).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Lobo, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Zeus.
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Dru-Zod, Mongul, Mr. Mxyzptlk, M. Bison, Ginyu Force, Red Skull, Buu, Darkseid, Brainiac, Doomsday, John Corben, The Joker, His own Regime self, YHVH, Thanos, Ragyou Kiryuin, Dr. Weil, King Ghidorah, HYDRA, Unicron, Frieza, Cell, Yuuki Terumi
  • Herald: Jonathan Samuel Kent (his son)
  • Did you say there's someone who needs help ASAP? Fear not, because this looks like a job for Superman!
  • Superman's adventures have been so varied and numerous that listing all of his accomplishments, allies, and his influences on the rest of the pantheon could keep us here a while. Just watch for him when he's in one of his moods.
  • As their philosophies, color schemes, and do-gooder attitudes are very compatible, Superman meets regularly with Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Captain America and Mario; along with a few others. Rumors that they make secret plans to thwart Evil are entirely unfounded. Everyone knows that they get together to play Bridge. Whatever that is. Surely the most powerful of superheroes, the Everyman superhero, the robotic Messiah, the Sentinel of Liberty and the Patron Saint of Video Games can get together without making plans, right?
  • Some might mock him for being old fashioned, but his closest allies will be quick to remind him that, "I believe in you."
    • Batman himself has something to say in this matter: "There are those who think of him as outdated, the "boy scout" whipped by his selflessness. They do not, cannot, see him for what he is... a hero."
  • Most of the villains hate his guts, as his Super Speed, Super Strength, and other parts of his Superpower Lottery makes him a very persistent foe that is NOT easily gotten rid of (without a healthy dose of kryptonite of course).
  • Has fought Goku many, many times with no certain conclusion, except for that one time when they were nowhere near a yellow sun.
  • Has the distinction of being in one of the greatest friendly fights in Pantheon history: Him VS Son Goku. After a long and grueling battle that took every house of the pantheon to clean up, Superman was declared victorious.
    • They were both scolded by the latter's wife after they destroyed the earth during their battle.
    • He has agreed to a rematch with Goku, after the latter gained his Super Saiyan God form. Every house is preparing for defenses. Luckily, Superman didn't want their battle to cause severe collateral damage like last time, so he opted to end the fight quickly and cleanly by frying Goku's brain. He then quickly flew Goku's body to the House of Life and Death for revival. After which, Goku claims he is finished with fighting Superman because if he were to ever win he would have nothing left to strive for.
    • The two also challenged each other to a rap battle.
  • In an alternate universe, he is a tyrant. But to Superman, this still doesn't affect his reputation. Personally, however, the vision kinda shook his conviction, realizing that he could end up the same as his tyrannical version. He's asked not just close friends like Batman, but also the likes of Captain America to either come with a backup plan or work together to keep the morale, to never let that happen, continuing to live in what he'd call "The World of Cardboard".
    • That tyrannical version of himself eventually became motive for him to grab a shard of X-Kryptonite and take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
    • And in the top of that, said tyrannical version got a place in the Pantheon, much to his dismay.
    • After her ascension, he tried to keep Lois away from this version as far as possible because the last time he saw them having a romantic evening in the House of Love, Regime Superman ended up consume by jealousy and grief over a life he could have had and kidnapped Lois and tried to kill him in an attempt to make her love him. Needless to say, Clark was not please and flew to the House of Power to rescue her. Because both of them have the same level of power, their fight lasted for hours, destroy most of the House in process. It took Regime Superman a Villainous Breakdown after Lois to declare that she would never, out of her own free will love him as he is too different from the Clark she knew, loved and respected for the pantheon to subdue him.
  • High-Fived and became friends with Yui Kirigaya, a kind-hearted Artificial Intelligence and fellow adopted child, after finding out how the sweet little girl also kicked the ass of an invincible monster that tried to threaten her mother. General Zod, freshly traumatized from having his face ground into a cornfield for threatening Clark's mother, now nervously whistles and quietly walks away whenever Yui appears after finding out how her ability carve those who threaten HER parents into confetti with a giant flaming sword.
  • Astonishingly, despite being called the Big Blue Boyscout, Clark doesn't own a single badge.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shocked when they noticed that Clark sound just like Sephiroth. Not only that, but watching some of his old family home videos that were sent by Ma Kent, his younger self sounded like Sasuke Uchiha. When people imagine how Superman sounds like, but these two are the least likely. On the other hand....
  • Once reached the ultimate form of badassery when he held both Cap's shield and Mjolnir at the same time. However, many in the Pantheon were peeved when it was revealed that Supes was only able to lift the hammer was because Odin lifted the 'most worthy' enchantment. Many believe the Marvel universe is too cynical to think someone from another universe would be worthy of wielding the mighy Mjolnir.
  • Don't question of how just because he's a Kryptonian means that he's not even a man (or God. Or whatever) and shouldn't care of earthlings. Especially when the sayer is a non-human themselves. Supes' response is... "Reality is, you are an (insert species here), I AM A MAN!!" while punching them in the gut.
  • Many of the Pantheon couldn't help but find his childlike wonder of still believing in Santa Claus to be admirable. He would mention how Santa would wrapped his gift with lead so he couldn't peek what's inside with his x-ray vision. Others however point out that it would most likely been his parents that wrapped his gifts. He didn't listen to those people.
    • Clark was left speechless when he actually met Saint Nicolas himself. Santa mention how Clark is always on the top of the Nice List.
  • Contary to how most writers may think, Clark is perfectly capable of living a normal life without his powers. In fact, his most desired dream is living a normal life as a farmer like his dad and raising a family. He is Clark Kent first and Superman second.
  • Reminds people that he had the 'ice castle' long before Queen Elsa.
  • Doesn't stay in the House of Heroes too long as he is mostly flying around the Trope Pantheon offering assistance to anybody who needs it no matter how big or how small.
  • His relationship with Bruce Wayne/Batman tends to vary. Most times they act like friends who do bicker with each other. Other days, they act like the best of friends. Though, in the most extreme cases, the two might actually hate each other. Though, most would ignore any reality that have them acting like that. They have refused to comment on the upcoming movie, as they have no idea how their relationship will be handled there.
  • Superman trusts fully Nightwing. Dick Grayson was one the first heroes whom he revealed he had a cousin. He finds Kara's crush on Dick amusing if troubling given Dick's fame. However he heard rumors that Pre-Crisis Kara and Dick got married in an alternate future, and he wished them the best.
  • Being the All-Loving Hero that he is, he does show actual sympathy to some of his enemies. The biggest being Lex Luthor as there has been times where Clark has shown concern for the villain. Might be the fact that in at least in one reality the two were actually best friends and Lex suffered under the heel of a semi-abusive father. Of course, even Supes has his limits on how much he could tolerate Lex.
    • Has been weirded out that there are people, mostly from teen girls, that actually ship him and Lex. Especially in their younger selves. Since he and Lex used to be the former Gods of Hero-Villain Subtext.
  • When General Zod ascended, the whole House of El (Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Jor-El, Kon-El/Superboy and Lois Lane) declared they will NEVER kneel before Zod, no matter how much he demands it, and they WILL kick his butt before banishing him to the Phantom Zone if he tries to force them. And then the Bat-Family declared they would side with the Super-Family when he tries anything. Zod promptly shut up, but Superman knows his old enemy is merely biding his time.
  • Mongul once blackmailed Superman into fighting Martian Manhunter and retrieving the key which gave access to Warworld. Mongul managed to steal the key and start Warworld, but he didn't expect that Superman and Supergirl would defeat him and destroy his super-weapon. Mongul declared he would take revenge on Superman and used the Black Mercy - a plant that creates an ideal fantasy world for the person it latches onto, with tearing it off as painful as tearing off one's limb- to torture him with dreams of being a family man on Krypton. After forcing himself to wake up, Superman -the ultimate nice guy- had only one thing to say to Mongul:
    Superman: BURN.
  • Mr Mxyzptlk loves to prank Superman and see him think his way out of sticky situations. Superman is not amused by his pranks at all, but given the alternative, he is willing to put up with his jokes.
    • Proving that he doesn't understand the Man of Steel at all, he once and temporarily amped Supergirl's power levels up and removed her weakness to Kryptonite to humiliate Superman. Superman's reaction was considering that maybe he should be his cousin's sidekick.
  • Admires many of the younger heroes in the pantheon like Kouta Kazuraba, Aang, Korra, and even Steven Universe. He feels that these people are the next generation of aspiring heroes.
  • Superman and Goku once fought an enraged Yui Ikari from killing Haruhi Suzumiya. While the two powerhouses did there best to try to stop her, Yui nearly succeeded in her task but was finally stopped by her own son, Shinji Ikari. After finding out the reason for the rampage, Haruhi's constant abuse of the Reset Button on Shinji, Clark felt responsible for Shinji plight by not realizing his suffering sooner. Though, the Third Child assure him it's not his fault. But despite the reasurence, Clark vowed to try never let Shinji suffer again.
  • While Supes has always been seen as the ultimate Ideal Hero and have shown compassion to even his enemies, and once tried to save his killer, Doomsday, there is one person that hates with every fiber of his Kryptonian being, Darkseid. The reason for this is because Darkseid once kidnapped and brainwashed Clark into being his personal conqueror and made him attack his own adopted planet of Earth. This action would have dire consequences as most of Earth's people would fear and mistrust him and even made one of his most trusted allies betray him. Darkseid kidnapping his cousin Kara and brainwashing her into becoming his slave didn't make Superman like him, either. Darkseid might be one of the only person that Supes would be willing to kill. But thankfully, his friends are always there to stop him.
    • To be fair, there was at least one instance where Superman killed Darkseid... with a song! Needless to say, Darkseid has not forgotten this humiliation and promises to destroy Superman and everything he holds dear.
  • Superman also utterly loathes Brainiac. During one of their battles, the green-skinned super-villain -who had previously reduced and kidnapped Kandor and dozens of alien cities- shrank and stole Metropolis, kidnapped Supergirl intending to turn her into his newest guinea pig, insulted Earth and mankind, insulted Superman for considering himself human, tried to blow the Sun and Earth up, and murdered Superman's dear foster father (he planned to kill both Jonathan and Martha). Let's tell there're no many villains Superman has fantasized about going after and brutally beating to death.
  • He wasn't happy when he heard about another member of his Rogues Gallery -Metallo- ascending. However Superman is pretty sure that he or his cousin can take on Corben if he makes trouble. He has been warned, though, that a Metallo nearly got them both killed in an alternate universe. Superman is also aware of the irony that his Kryptonite-powered nemesis and his cousin showed up in his world at the same time.
  • He got worried when Doomsday ascended. However, his family and friends -particularly Kara, who holds a massive grudge against Doomsday- reminded them he is not alone and they have his back if he needs to fight the mindless beast.
    • Once an army of Doomsday clones invaded Paradise Island as part of a Dakseid's plan to kidnap Kara Zor-El. Ironically, Superman proved that the original Doomsday was vastly superior when he incinerated dozens of clones with a blast of heat vision.
    • During a battle Supergirl said "Smile, Doomsday. You're about to meet the Superman Family" before pounding on him right with her cousin.
    • When Doomsday's ungodly rage and hate for all things ended up attracting a Red Lantern ring in the pantheon, it took Supergirl, Superman and Atrocitus to team up and stop him.
  • Was overjoyed when his long-time love interest Lois Lane ascended to the pantheon. Many in the pantheon were wondering what there current relationship was as there universe went through another reboot with the two not being married. As it turns out, the two are still married.
  • Clark has been frequently asked if he can bleed, which he found amusing at first, then annoying after a while.
  • The Houses of Heroes, Love and Family had a collective celebration when Clark and Lois revealed that, against all odds, they were able to conceive a child: a boy named Jonathan Samuel Kent. It happened when Clark and Lois were involved in an event simply known as the Convergence. Currently, Jon serves as a herald for both his parents and is under protection of his father's cousin.
    • The joys just won’t stop coming for Superman and his family, as Jor-El took up residence in the Pantheon. At long last, father and son met for real and a huge celebration for the House of El ensued.
  • Also has a seat in the Main House.

    Commander Shepard 
Commander Shepard, Deity of Gathering Unusual Parties (The Butcher of Torfannote , Shepard-Commander, Skipper, Loco/Lola, Solomon/Allison Gunn, Hero of the Citadel, Conqueror of the Collectors, and Savior of the Galaxy, The Shepard)

    Steve Rogers/Captain America 
Steve Rogers, God of Pride for Ones Nation and Head of Defense (Captain America, Cap, Capsicle, Commander Steve Rogers, The Sentinel of Liberty)


    Mr. Satan 
Mr. Satan, God of Fake Ultimate Heroes (Hercule, Hercule Satan, Mark, The World Champion)
  • Theme Song: Hercule’s Orchestra
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: His Gold Belt and White Cape
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Arbitrary Skepticism, Awesome McCool Name, Badass Mustache, Becoming the Mask, Boisterous Bruiser, Born in the Wrong Century, Butt Monkey, The Chew Toy, Cowardly Lion, Good Parent, Doting Parent, FAKE. ULTIMATE. HERO, Friend to All Children, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Joke Character, Large Ham, Overprotective Dad, Popularity Power, Porn Stache, The So-Called Coward, Wouldn't Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Courage, Luck, Determination, Loyalty, Strength, Martial Arts, Protection.
  • Followers: Don Kanonji, Sena Kobayakawa, Johnny Cage
  • Allies: Fat Majin Buu, Krillin, Hulk Hogan, Asura, Son Goku (his brother-in-law), Son Gohan (his son-in-law), Piccolo, Edward Newgate, Vegeta, Captain Gordon, Zapp Brannigan, Black☆Star, Axel, Captain Qwark
  • Rivals: Anyone who presents a threat to his title as World Martial Arts Champion
  • Enemies: Anyone who presents a threat to his fans, family and friends or status, Cell
  • During the time Son Goku and the Z-Warriors' adventures had taken them off to an alien planet, the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament took place on Earth. A man named Mr. Satan stepped in and combined incredible fighting prowess and charismatic showmanship to win the tournament. Unlike Goku and his strongest foes, however, Mr. Satan and his competition at the time had no ki-based powers or techniques at their disposal.
  • Essentially a big fish in a small pond as a fighter, Mr. Satan quickly became a figure of embarrassment to those who know better once they met him at the Cell Games. However, he's actually pretty cunning when it comes to maintaining his image among the unwashed masses, not to mention capitalizing on occasional bouts of fortune. After being eliminated effortlessly by Cell, he cleverly played up excuses about trick explosives and stomachaches to justify the loss in the eyes of his adoring fans, and even took advantage of TV equipment short-circuits and power-induced sandstorms that clouded the view of the battle in order to claim to the public that he returned to action and took down Cell himself, becoming known as the world's hero in the process.
  • Despite being a greedy, lying, skirt-chasing coward and opportunist, he is still a fundamentally decent, sensitive and kind-hearted human being who wants to make the world a better place and will step up and show moments of great courage when his family, friends, and followers are threatened by evil. Mr. Satan's true colors are foreshadowed when he risks his life to get Android 16's severed head near Gohan, which leads to Gohan's transformation to Super Saiyan 2, AKA Goku's trump card to beat Cell, finally being triggered. Later, he embarks on a brave plan to blow up Fat Majin Buu while pretending to be his friend, but ends up convincing him to stop killing and destroying things instead and then befriending him for real. This leads to the goodness implanted in Buu through the Grand Supreme Kai and the pure spirit of destruction that was Buu in the beginning becoming separated into two forces, and he and the good Buu end up playing a major role in evil Kid Buu's defeat on the Sacred World of the Kai. Prominently, he has saved the lives of his pet dog Bee, Vegeta, and even Majin Buu.
  • Although he may not have the fearlessness of a hero, he certainly has the heart of one. His willingness to do good in spite of his cowardice and incompetence against superpowered enemies is enough to earn Piccolo's respect and approval as the "True Champion of the World", effectively declaring him the bravest of all the Z-Warriors.
  • Under normal circumstances, he would be an incredible fighter. With a power level rivaling Master Roshi, he'd have been quite a force in the old days. He legitimately won his first World Martial Arts Tournament, and defeated every non-powered opponent he faced in all the World Tournaments he appeared in since then. The few times the bad guys he's fighting are normal (but dangerously armed) criminals instead of superhuman monsters, he effortlessly beats them down. Again, that's how he became the champion of the world while Goku and the rest of the Z-Warriors were out. Unfortunately for him, these are not normal circumstances—by the time his career took off, he's long since been Overshadowed by Awesome to everyone but his Earth's fans.
  • Once upon a time, the Satan Castle fighting dojo was visited by a young fighter named Mark. (In kana, that would be maaku, which is an anagram of akuma, which is, you guessed it, is Japanese for "devil".) Mark quickly rose up the ranks via considerably fighting skill and a fair amount of good luck (i.e. his main rival getting food poisoning), soon achieving the title of Mr. Satan, the dojo's strongest fighter.
  • Sometimes he will perform or compete under the alternate name Hercule, a nickname people had started calling him at the dojo before his Mr. Satan title was confirmed. This is to avoid any confusion with the Abrahamic Devil when performing for more PG or anti-Morningstar audiences. However, some pockets of these audiences understand the history on both ends and thus accept both professional names, calling him Hercule Satan.
  • In a multiverse where death itself is treated as an inconvenience, Mr. Satan stands out as having Plot Armor so thick he could probably survive getting hit by a nuke through some improbable circumstance. You would think that getting fly-swatted by Cell and attempting to murder Buu via video games would get him killed. And you would be wrong. Prior to meeting Beerus and Whis and getting closer acquainted with the Dragon World's gods, Mr. Satan, Fortuneteller Baba, and East Supreme Kai have the rare distinction of being the only prominent figures in Goku's world-saving adventures to never die.
  • In the manga during the Buu Saga he looks…odd. Like his head is too big for his body, which was probably intentionally designed that way, considering the sort of person he is.
  • He is frequently credited as stronger than any other professional fighter on his Earth, although this usually does not bother any of its actual superhuman heroes, who prefer staying out of the spotlight and living simple to having their world-saving ventures be recognized. However, a few characters are not above blackmailing him about the secret, and after he becomes friends with the Z-Warriors he himself will go out of his way to treat them to money and feasts as his own way of personally thanking them for all they've done.
  • At the age of 57, Mr. Satan retired from the world of martial arts. His official reason for retiring is to give the next generation a chance. However, the truth is that it became impossible for him to continue rigging the tournament without his partner Majin Buu.
  • Mr. Satan ended up being very active as a movie star. Appearing in all sorts of films, he played the role of various types of characters in everything from romance films to action flicks.
    • The film "Satan Legend" starring Mr. Satan was released, which, while it did not do well at the box office, it nevertheless, gained a cult-like popularity among different parts of the world for the special effects which were used to emulate Goku and his friends' techniques in order to fight against the movie's antagonists.
  • Mr. Satan is an incredibly sensitive soul who was able to shed tears for a demon who wiped out the human race, and on top of that had faith that Buu could become a better person. As seen above, that faith was justified.
  • When Trunks won the junior tournament and got an exhibition match against Mr. Satan, Hercule gave him a free shot. He purposely let himself get punched clear out of the ring, as he intended to throw the fight from the start and even tells his assistant that he wouldn't fight a child.
    • Along with not hurting Kid Trunks in their battle, he also comforts some of the losing children of the kids tournament when they start to get upset.
    • Taken into consideration how well he treats his family and children in general, despite of how arrogant and chauvinistic he may be, Mr. Satan is very well received and welcomed by every good God in the Pantheon house for Relatives and Family, specifically Piccolo and Edward Newgate.
    • Even Asura is on good terms with him, but is annoyed with the fact that Mr. Satan declines every invitation Asura gives him for a friendly battle, after hearing how strong he supposedly is.
  • Even without powers like Goku and his friends, he's helped save the universe twice during the Majin Buu saga. Aside from convincing Buu that killing was wrong, he also used his popularity to help collect the energy of Earth's inhabitants for the Spirit Bomb.
  • After finding similarities in their jobs and personalities, Mr. Satan and Axel have become friends. Black☆Star also enjoys hamming it up with him about being the strongest or the greatest, sometimes good-naturedly against one another but other times both pretending Black☆Star is Hercule's strongest pupil.
  • Hercule had a run-in with Dan Hibiki one time in France, and they engaged in battle for one minute. Hercule won that fight, though he did get KO'd later by Dan's falling body. They eventually had a rematch in an official Death Battle where Hercule won again. That said, he did apologize for accidentally making Dan explode from swallowing a jukeboxafter he changed pants. This show of ability "corrected" his power level from Quasideity to Demigod.

Alternative Title(s): Heroes Overdeities And Greater Gods, Heroes Intermediate Gods, Heroes Lesser Gods, Heroes Demigods And Quasideities