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Pantheon: Hatred
This is, hands down, the nastiest House of the Pantheon. The opposite of the Houses of Love AND Friendship, they consider these things to be either insignificant, needs to be destroyed, or solely things to be played around for their own nefarious things. Many gods here are absolutely depraved, but some are sympathetic, and there were some depraved beings that found their way into another house instead. However, don't expect to see any Deity of Good to visit this house. The Deities of the Villains house do find good kinship in this House, though, as hatred makes for a very good source for villainy. But for one thing, this is still viewed better than the Disgraces, as the majority of these hateful Gods aren't exactly doing hateful things in a ridiculous manner.

The house itself is… a bit hard to describe. If the House of Emotion is a Swirly Energy Thingy of pure psychic feelings, the House of Hate is what happens when too much negativity accumulates in it and it vomits it right back out (literally-a constant item on the agenda of these gods is to get the Emotion House sick like that and puke out more building materials-both for territory and because as befitting Gods of Hatred, most can't stand each other and want as much space between each other as possible). While it's definitely more physical than the House of Emotion, the sheer concentrated bitterness causes it to warp constantly into new, horrific forms. Everything in it, from acidic seas of liquified resentment to cold metal made of solid loathing, everything serves to remind everyone inside it of darker times, of betrayal, distrust, and jealousy, and every echo contains a mocking whisper. It's even been suggested that the House contains a dark intelligence made of all the hate that comprises it, a perhaps-literal ball of directionless aggression that constantly seethes in its heart, hating, hating. Unsuprisingly, "being moved to the House of Hatred Touristry Panel" is divine slang for being fired.

This house, however, has one certain number one nemesis, and that is Kenshiro. As he hunts down those depraved enough, he often makes a pass here and whenever he passes, Ludicrous Gibs occurs by his courtesy.

Khorne, God of Rage, Hatred, Killing and Violence (Blood God, Lord of Skulls, Brass Lord of Battles, Kharneth, Arkhar, the Axefather, the Wolf-Father, the Bloodwolf, the Hunter of Souls)

Griffith, God of Irredeemable Sins (Femto, the Hawk of Light)
  • Theme Music: Behelit.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A burning Hawk.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Crossing the Line, Horrific Acts, Villains Considered Heroes, Yanking Everyone's Chains, Ridiculously Feminine Looks, Naked Water Fights, Making People Think Light is Good.
  • Domains: Evil, Law, Diabolic, Pain, Control.
  • Allies: The Idea Of Evil, Mitsuzane Kureshima, Naraku, Johan Liebert, Ragyo Kiryuin.
  • Former Allies: Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover.
  • Enemies: Guts, Kagome Higurashi, Mordos Kull.
  • High Priest: Gregor Clegane.
  • Believed to have used the Crimson Behelit to ascend during the Eclipse, causing Guts to claw his way to godhood and oppose him. Every time someone loses all respect from their former followers by doing something unbelievably evil, Griffith laughs.
  • On the rise of the House of Hatred, Griffith proves himself capable of becoming the main head of the House, as he commends those who causes many to hate them, and actively encouraging it with charisma.
  • After seeing the downfall of both Terumi and Relius, Griffith considered them failures about bringing the worst of men, and after seeing Guts saving the Puella Magi, he concocted a plan that will not only serve to show how it's done to the two, but also a big middle finger to Guts' attempts: As he saw Litchi Faye-Ling still hasn't given up to save her colleague and often citing "I've Come Too Far, I don't care what happens to me as long as I can save him..." Griffith plans to influence the surrounding so she will cross the Moral Event Horizon to achieve that, seeing that it was the same thing that drove him into becoming Femto of the Godhands, and if such kind Goddess would fall into evil and loses whatever respect she had (going 180 from her personality), it would be a big triumph for him. He decided to take it slow and steady.
  • Gets along well with Naraku. The fact that the latter's series is very similar to the former's and that they share the same voice pleases him.
  • As its Chosen One he has been ordered by his God, The Idea of Evil to attempt to find those worthy of being The Pantheon's God Hand.

Dr. Weil, God of Devil/God Complexes and Extreme Monstrosity (Vile, Devil)

Justice, Goddess of Malevolent Living Weapons

Kayako Saeki, Goddess of Unstoppable Rage, Prehensile Hair, and Patron Saint of Creepy Noises With No Source
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: An eye covered with stringy black hair.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Power Of Hate, Unstoppable Rage, Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl, The Punishment, Spawn Broodling, Evil Makes You Monstrous, Crawling Wasteland, Ax-Crazy, Marionette Motion, Hell Is That Noise, Prehensile Hair, Peekaboo Corpse, Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Domains: Hatred, Curses, Grudges, Ghosts
  • Allies: Asura, Samara Morgan.
  • Followers: Toshio Saeki.
  • Enemies: Anyone and everyone, but namely anyone who steps in her house.
  • Murdered for being kind of unfaithful to her husband, Kayako is consumed and driven by an unstoppable rage which also extends to her Creepy Child of a son Toshio, her husband Takeo, and the pet cat Mar. Their Tokyo suburban house is now a Haunted House, and anyone dumb enough to go inside is doomed.
  • The extent of Kayako's rage-filled power should have no limits, but because many members of the Pantheon are now deities, the curse is limited. But that doesn't stop her from stalking and tormenting those she hates. Around 65% of the gods have confirmed they have encountered Kayako, one of her family, or heard her death rattle.
  • Samara Morgan's video tape was teleported into the Saeki house by an unidentified deity, allowing Kayako and Samara to meet but found they could not kill each other. Instead, they just decided to team up. You Can Panic Now.
  • Kayako's influence can travel through portals in time and space, able to infect those who have teleported someone or something into Kayako's house.
  • The Doctor recently reported seeing strange activity on the TARDIS and hearing odd noises. He had to eject and destroy a portion of the TARDIS' interior with a deadlock seal on it, though Kayako's influence may have not vanished.
  • Toshio Saeki has been seen in various Houses looking for something. Fluttershy approached and asked him what he was looking for. Toshio responded that he was looking for girls named "Alma", "Alessa", and "Sadako". Fluttershy has since had no further encounters with Toshio or his mother.
  • The SCP Foundation has made several attempts to contain Kayako by closing off her house, though they send in D-class subjects to examine her.

Kefka Palazzo, God of Madness and Hate (The Mad Mage)
  • Intermediate God (pending Greater Godhood due to hostile takeover of 'Magic' thrones)
  • Symbol: A cracked theater mask with clown makeup
  • Theme Music: "Dancing Mad" when in battle, otherwise his personal theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusing Japanese Translations, Evil Laughs, Demented Laughs, Monster Clowns, Irredeemable Evil, Power-Induced Madness, Power-Induced Wings, Ascension to Divinity, Deriving Joy From Evil, World Destruction Plots
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Evil, Madness, Spite, Magic
  • Opposed by: Terra, Flonne, Leonidas, Yayoi Ulshade, Leonidas
  • Allies: has a love-hate relationship with the Red Lanterns and the Joker
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi
  • Rival: Sephiroth.
  • Is strictly banned from entering the House of Magic since the other Final Fantasy deities have spread word of what happened the last time he got around magical deities. No one on either side trusts Kefka to be peaceful around them since he's proven loyalty will be quickly discarded if it means more power for him.
  • Has recently been followed by Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, who is certain she can open his eyes to friendship and happiness. Kefka is not amused, commenting that her constant preaching "sounds like the pages of a self-help book."
  • The next person in line for the seat of "Madness" was Luca Blight, who narrowly missed out because his greatest crime was "just" genocide. Kefka beat him by zap-frying an entire planet.
    • The Joker would like to remind everyone that he did the Mad Clown with evil laughter first. That's why he's part of the Main House. However, he does think Kefka's "Light of Judgment" skit is utterly hilarious. He once tried to his own variation, but it wasn't quite as successful.
  • The next in line for the seat of "Hate" was Bonecrusher, who hated the rest of the Pantheon too much to be an effective deity. Bonecrusher is now Kefka's war chariot. Bonecrusher hates being a taxi, but he'd hate not having an excuse to destroy everything in his path even more. He also hates having to work for both Kefka and Suiseiseki and Souseiseki; his schedule gets confusing.
  • King Leonidas of the War Pantheon opposes him, partly.
  • Hates being at the beck and call of Lord Chaos, especially since it means having to work alongside Sephiroth on occasion, whom he considers to be a "mama's boy". Then again, Kefka HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATES a lot of things.
    • While he loathes having to work alongside Sephiroth, he does find amusement in the Fandom Rivalry their followers carry on and tries to encourage it from behind the scenes. Anything that spreads hatred and bitterness gets Kefka's approval.
  • Yayoi Ulshade hates him with the utmost of passion because he sounds so similar to her own grandfather. Kefka knows this, and uses this to troll the young Kyoryuger whenever they are in the same vicinity.
  • Has an on-and-off friendship with Discord. While the two delight in causing mayhem and chaos together, Kefka often goes too far for Discord's tastes and the spirit reverses the damage Kefka has done after the fact. Though initially outraged, Discord's argument that the world is more fun prior to destruction quelled Kefka's anger somewhat. Still, Fluttershy is keeping an eye on Kefka in case he starts being a bad influence on her new friend.

Ragyo Kiryuin, Goddess of Betraying One's Species for Profit(Disco Milf - call her that at your own peril)

Rau Le Creuset, God of The Price of Men Playing God and Endless War as Mankind's Nature ( Al Da Flaga II)

Shinobu Sensui, God of Misanthropy (Dark Angel, Minoru, Kazuya, Naru, Jooji, Makoto, Hitoshi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Chapter Black videotape
  • Theme Music: Sensui's Territory
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Straw Nihilists, The Darkside, Fallen Hero, Anti-Human Sentiment, Misanthropy, The Chessmaster, Split Personality, Extremity Extremist
  • Domain: Darkness, Evil, Manipulation, Insanity, Fighting.
  • Once a grand Spirit Detective, that ended when he discovered what Humans are truly capable of in their cruelty, and what they find as entertainment.
  • Brutally overthrew the previous owner of the position, Dartz, after he was revealed to be a lowly Filler Villain.
  • Is trying to prove to Master Asia that Humans are bastards once more.
  • Unknown to many Shinobu only shows his true personality in this house alone, when he visits other parts of The Pantheon it is one of his many other personalities.

Souther, God of Abhorrance Towards Love (Thouther, Holy Emperor)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: Souther's Pyramid
  • Symbol: His massive Pyramid for his Master.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlord, Made of Iron, High Childhood-Crappitude-To-Adult-Bastardry Ratio, Nigh-Unforgivable Depravity, Charisma Beyond The Fourth Wall, Hating The Concept Of Love
  • Domain: Mentalism, War, Evil, Rulership
  • Opposed by: Kenshiro, Raoh, everyone in the House of Love.
  • When he was mortal, his beloved master tricked him into killing his master, causing him to go insane. Kenshiro defeated and forgave him after his little bit of sanity-regaining. However, as he ascends to the Pantheon, his Master shook his head in disgust at what Souther had become in his life. Thinking that the Pantheon is the same like Crapsack World he lived in, he snapped even more.
  • One of the few people unaffected by Chiyo's cuteness; Souther has also exclaimed that she will not be spared by his brutality if she crosses his way. It makes him a negative figure amongst Good gods, but Evil gods say it's awesome.
  • Many would wonder why he's not in the House of Love due to his title. Here's the answer: Souther hates all of them and consider them weaklings for clinging to such thing called 'Love'. Thus, he considers the move to the House of Hatred a most logical, fitting choice.

Yuuki Terumi, God of Absolute Immorality and Co-God of Malicious Trolling (Hazama, Kazuma Kvar, The True Evil, Dark Susano'o, Smooth Criminal, Hipster Person)
  • Theme Song: Gluttony Fang in his Hazama persona. When he goes full on Terumi persona, Endless Despair II.
  • Lesser God (In actuality an Intermediate God. He's just screwin' with everybody because it's fun.)
  • Symbol: The Ouroboros symbol with a fedora above its head, surrounded by two butterfly knives, on his emblem (Hazama). A Trollface wearing his fedora, "U mad?" word bubble optional on his emblem (Yuuki Terumi).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a touch of Neutral Evil (As Hazama, disguised as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Pimpin' Outfits, Green Hair, Trolling, Almost Slaying God, Hating Goddamn Shitty Vampires and Beastkin, Insanity, Eyes Always Shut, Being a Dick, Being a Fucking Dick, Considering Oneself The Awesome Center of the Universe, Plans That Always Further His Goals, Making People Play Him Straight Into His Hands.
  • Domain: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Manipulation, Madness, Corruption, Depravity, Hatred.
  • Followers: Beatrice the Golden Witch, Naoya, M.O.D.O.K., Rei Shingetsu, AKA Vector, Ramsay Snow, AKA Ramsay Bolton, AKA "The Boy", Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, Hermann Fegelein.
  • Allies (Possibly): A few of the Magnificent Bastard gods. However, he is just using them to further his goals, and they, in turn, are using him for theirs. Aizen, however, is very fond of him, as he reminds him of Gin somewhat. Also Relius Clover, and to some extent, Precia Testarossa, Curren Huckebein, Monsoon, Nyarlathotep (at first, nowadays sometimes), Yuno Gasai, Kotonoha Katsura,
  • Troll Buddies: Bernkastel (while in 'Trollkastel' mode), Handsome Jack, Basco ja Tolokia, Izaya Orihara, Nui Harime.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dio Brando, Sakuya Izayoi, Remilia Scarlet, Dracula, Perfectio.
  • Subordinates: Monokuma/Junko Enoshima, Schrodinger.
  • Enemies: The rest of the Pantheon (except some female gods, who find him very appealing in his more lucid moments, but especially I-No), Nyarlathotep, surprisingly.
  • Opposes: Izanami (from Persona 4, mind you)
  • He is the one who will halt time's march, and return to the world to its original form. This is not a very pleasing news for Dio Brando, since that was supposed to be his job.
  • Terumi shares a similar mindset with the Anti-Monitor. The whole Pantheon is a lie, thus there's one truth that he'd like to show: DESPAIR. He's not gonna ask Despair The Endless to bring it forth, he wants his own brand of despair. Needless to say, the majority's answer to that is: "Dude, that's just, like, YOUR OPINION! Not fact!". He's been insisting to make it the accepted norm.
  • He has done only two good things in the Pantheon. The first was trolling Edward Cullen by calling him God of Shitty Vampires, which landed Edward to the Disgraces. The other was (alongside with his buddy Izaya Orihara) redeeming Kotonora Katsura out of the Disgraces by trolling her to kill Makoto Ito, Sekai Saionji and Lord Djibril, redeeming her and earning her a seat in the House of Love as Goddess of The Removal of Romantic Rivals, all of which Terumi did purely For the Lulz.
  • Terumi, alongside with Johan Liebert, were also involved in Yuno Gasai's ascension to the Pantheon into the house of Emotion and to a lesser extent Love by respectively trolling and manipulating her to kill the would-be holder Kaede Fuyou (The anime edition) without Yukiteru Amano knowing about it.
  • Has lately been seen hanging around with the Incubators, hoping to revive the days old before Madoka Kaname rose and Magical Girls can be engulfed in despair. He didn't quite take the fact that Usagi Tsukino was the Predecessor into account.
    • Terumi himself seems to have a weird thing going on for one Incubator called Kyubey. On one hand, he's extremely delighted that Kyubey gets to generate a lot of hate with movements like "Everybody hates Kyubey", etc. However, he's a bit miffed that the hatred was not directed to himself.
  • In the recent months, the GUAG has been plotting to overthrow him to The Fallen, especially for those who consider him nothing more than a whiny, little coward behind his bravado and 'luxury of Plot Armor'. However, he may or may not be plotting to usurp Melkor in a covert fashion alongside Relius.
    • The extent of this turns out that he's trying to usurp not just Melkor... but to usurp the whole Pantheon, everything for himself, so he can watch all those Gods squirm, struggle and kill each other for his own amusement. He has struck the first deal by having his 'allies' Troll Weil, so he could claim his devil aspiration and malice for himself. Apparently after Weil, Ali al-Saachez and his throne of For the Evulz is going to be Terumi's next target, followed by Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, also Shao Kahn, and probably his 'former roommate' Gilgamesh for his throne of self-aggrandization.
    • Unbeknownst to him, Bernkastel plots to usurp his Trolling portfolio should he ever get demoted to The Fallen.
    • Hades has already claimed Terumi is just keeping the crown warm for him.
  • Considers some of The Trolls of Alternia a "disgrace to the art of trolling" after having read some of their attempts. "Some" meaning "everyone that isn't Vriska or Terezi". And even those two clearly have emotional problems that Terumi just loves to mess with.
  • Was once utterly humiliated by Deadpool who called him small-time in terms of utilizing Memes and the Fourth Wall. He only managed to retain his Trolling God position by getting the ASW higher ups to not fulfill Deadpool's wish of him not appearing in the next BlazBlue game.
    • That whole incident was a massive exercise in PR damage limitation for him; to elaborate, his goal was to corrupt Mami Tomoe, as part of a larger gambit to corrupt all Magical Girls, with several of the GUAE's other gods launching attacks on the other girls. As he was finishing picking apart her psyche, Litchi and Rushuna arrived, with help from Tali, Bang and Deadpool. The result was a grief seed (Deadpool stealing them from Kyoko; she got them back later in time to undo her own corruption at the hands of Kefka and Wesker) undoing all of his work, followed by a lightning blast to the eyes quickly followed by a shotgun blast to the stomach, both courtsey of Tali, followed by an epic wedgie from Deadpool. Despite Terumi's efforts to strike back with Ouroboos, Deadpool danced his way around everything Hazama threw at him, trolling him all the while, followed by his 4th Wall Crisis to finish the fight.
      • Deadpool has since embellished the details and now claims that, under Terumi's Badass Suit, lies women's lingerie. Everyone else present knows this isn't true, but they enjoy watching Terumi squirm/go mad whenever this is brought up far too much to want to inform anyone of the truth, especially because of who it is who's on the receiving end. Terumi has since decided to roll with it, and say it in fact belongs to Tsubaki. Naturally, Tsubaki is extremely distressed by this. Firstly, because the thought of Terumi rooting through her drawers (in both senses of the word) freaks her out, but more importantly because, they were supposed to be for Jin's eyes only. She's asked Makoto to investigate further.
  • He previously collaborated with his buddy Relius to goad Litchi Faye-Ling to the GUAE by raiding the GUAG's medical bay and kidnapping Arakune. While Litchi has been returned to the GUAG, that wasn't the problem for Terumi. The problem is that the medical bay was guarded by Unohana Retsu and she is recently revealed to be the extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty Unohana Yachiru, and she has sworn to make Terumi pay for what he did. Terumi is having a hard time maintaining the cocky persona that he'll whip Unohana's ass and bring her to despair the same like the others, all while pissing his pants when no one's looking.
    • When it turns out that Unohana 'died' of her own accord to give a power boost to Zaraki Kenpachi, Terumi could finally breathe easier and declared that she's no big deal for him anyway. Even if Unohana returned due to a Senzu Bean from Goku, this doesn't change Terumi's stance one bit. The guy just loves to make himself a target, eh?
  • Still very full of himself of his gigantic backup plans and overwhelming power. However, he doesn't seem to notice that there is Nyarlathotep who towers over him in sheer power, planning and dickery, constantly claiming himself to be the most awesome being ever.
  • Current record of 'pissing a new person off to the point of immediately earning enmity': 1 minute. Tested on Andromeda Shun, which resulted a brawl in which Terumi had to retreat once his brother Phoenix Ikki interfered. Still, he wants to keep setting new records. Next time, he'll do it in 30 seconds.
  • Upon hearing of Kokonoe's ascension, he immediately began collaborating with Relius on something. That something turned out to be the ascension of Nu-13. Terumi went beyond that one collaboration, though, by ensuring that once again Kokonoe was denied the chance to become playable. He took Kokonoe's scream of anguish in response to that fact as music to his ears.
    • Learning that Kokonoe had in fact become playable caused him to mutter a curse. This was tempered with the revelation he would have the opportunity to wax her himself.
  • May actually be a Greater God with the revelation of his sudden wardrobe change, provided this isn't the version of him from the Dark War. While he hasn't been revealed as such, the revelation of his power makes him think that he could usurp the throne of SNK Boss from Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein and parts of Shao Kahn
  • Currently engages in a 'rivalry' with fellow despair-eater, Perfectio. Terumi thinks that he's the only one allowed to eat the delicious despair of every men, and thinks Perfectio is stealing his gig. The feelings are mutual.
  • With the ascension of his former follower Handsome Jack as the God of Petty Villainy, rumors have begun to spread that Terumi, Izaya, and Jack have allied themselves as the "Troll Triumvirate". The rumor, of course, was started by them as their first act of tripled trolliness. Now revamped to Trollkaiger, with Bernkastel and Basco as the fourth and fifth members.
    • His designation is Trollkai Green, he's the leader of the group. Got demoted as Bernkastel's second-in-command.
    • And recently... he's going to troll Masato Jin by disguising as Beet J. Stag.
  • Of his gigantic shit lists (which is a lot), amongst the top of the list is Kenshiro. Terumi could never understand why Kenshiro is totally unaffected by his mental penis, his righteous fury overwhelms the hatred generated from Terumi's scumbaggery, and he's always ready to shut his despair rants up by telling him that by doing that for his own amusement, he's just a scumbag evildoer he dispatches everyday, no more, no less and suggests that Terumi wears a mohawk wig instead. And when Terumi goes on offensive with his massive power, three seconds later, he's already dead. It was a good thing he could come back with various things... but the fact that Kenshiro never gets tired or bored destroying him and will always find him and is always ready with a quippy remark to counter his self-aggrandization is what makes Terumi really pissed off at him.
  • When he learned about the ascension of Monokuma and his mastermind, Terumi laughed so hard he cried as a form to show how much he's proud of them, his finest apprentices on the arts of spreading despair, he promises to one-up them by making something worse than "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident In The History Of Mankind".
  • Everything is eventually turned out to be in Terumi's favor when it turns out that he was killed by Hakumen. In a sense that he's utterly trashed, but he was saved in the nick of time by Nyarlathotep, who proceeds to taunt the hell out of him for how much of a chump he turns out to be and decided to keep him in the Pantheon so he will become a laughing stock of many Gods here. Oh and Bernkastel grins evilly here, this means she has all she needs to demote Terumi as the leader of the Trollkaiger and take over for herself. Terumi did not take it well, and looks forward to rubbing the "Fear Toxin Incident" in Nyarlathotep's face, it being a failure of epic proportions on Nyarly's part. That is, after the Crawling Chaos regenerates himself after being nuked by an utterly enraged Madoka.
    • Terumi is planning his revenge agaisnt Hakumen and to restore his reputation. But for his bad luck, his partner-in-crime Relius is soon to be demoted to The Fallen instead of him. On the bright side, Bernkastel preferred to share the title of Malicious Trolling instead of stealing it at the cost of said rank demotion and being humiliated in public.
    • However, what most Gods may not know that before Terumi got beat up by Hakumen, he and his Hazama half got seprated into two entities. Where Hazama is keeping a low profile by time being, mainly only visiting House of Knowledge to do research on other gods in secret, he is looking in the shadows to see what will happen next. Currently he is researching Izanami so that he and Terumi know how to deal with their universe's Izanami if they return.

Bernkastel, Co-Goddess of Malicious Trolling (Witch of Miracles, Trollkastel, Former Shrine Maiden, The Cruelest Witch in the Universe)
  • Lesser Goddess (Voyageur)
  • Symbol: A Shard of a Kakera. Additionally, the Kakera can also been hanging around in 'U MAD??' face with her hair wig.
  • Theme Music: The Executioner
  • Alignment: pretends to be True Neutral, but is actually Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alternate Universes, Beating A Million-To-One Odds, Stoicism, Enemy Without, Malicious Trolling, Absolute Immorality.
  • Domain: Deception, Magic, Miracles.
  • Allies: Lambdadelta, Terumi Yuuki, Izaya Orihara, Kyubey, Tzeentch, Handsome Jack, Basco ta Jolokia, Dark Link, Nyarlathotep, Nui Harime.
  • Enemies: Rika Furude, Oyashiro-sama, Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, Lord Kroak, the Puella Magi, Lord Tirek.
  • Superior: Ryukishi 07.
  • Bernkastel is a mysterious individual, her past is a relative unknown to most of the Pantheon. For some reason or another, the house to the goddess of miracles is that of a Shinto shrine in a wooded area much to Rika Furude's annoyance.
  • There is a rather popular theory that Bernkastel and Rika are one in the same because they look so very similar. They are not, Bernkastel is a manifestation of Rika's suffering and rage, from the multiple Groundhog Day Loops where Rika has died, that has been given form. The misconception is something that Bernkastel delights in.
  • Because she is a witch, most Puella Magi treat her with extreme caution. Homura Akemi seems to be the only one that seem to treat her with any kind of pity, but why she does is something known only to the Herald. Bernkastel's existence is something that reminds Homura of the Witches of the Circle and what happened to Madoka prior to becoming the goddess.
  • Has attempted to pull a Not So Different speech on Alpha and Epsilon, claiming that her origins are just like those of the Alpha's fragments, particularly Epsilon. Neither will have any of it, however, as they compare her to Gamma (who is also a troll who tortured them for his sick amusement).
  • Rumor has it that if she were to engage Vriska Serket in battle, the sheer amount of fortune manipulation would cause the universe to implode. This
  • Has been inducted to 'Trollkaiger', along with trolling friends Terumi, Izaya, Handsome Jack, and Basco. Bernkastel is awaiting the day the four will make a big, nefarious plot for them to laugh about while others suffer.
    • She Is trying to find a way to remove the "No Trolls Allowed" sign at the House of Commerce.
    • Her designation is "Trollkai Blue" and is the 2nd in command. She's now the leader of the group.
    • Little does Terumi know that she is actually plotting to usurp Termui's trolling portfolio. She claims to be the original "Arch-Troll", pulling similar acts and dramatic reveals of her true colors years before Terumi. She might have even been Arc Sys' inspiration for him. Unlike Terumi, Bernkastel also knows the existence of Nyarlathotep and has secretly struck a deal to watch Terumi's downfall with glee, together.
    • Recently, she got the title of Malicious Trolling from Terumi the day he got defeated by Hakumen, this automatically becoming the leader of the Trollkaigers and demoting him as her second-in-command. But since Terumi is trying to recover his bad reputation, she prefers not to steal his prized title, instead sharing it. But until then, Bernkastel chose to enjoy the 'Terumi humiliation show' that Nyarlathotep promised to her, at Terumi's expense, and made up a symbol based on his for her own.
  • Despite their differences, the only time that you will EVER see Bernkastel and Rika ever get along is if there is any talk about Teppei Houjou.
  • For all of her shrewdness, the one guy she fears is Lord Tirek, given his habit to betray his allies and also because of his ability to drain magic without an unknown limit. Just ask Discord.
    • This little fact is eventually discovered by Terumi, who then proceeded to taunt how much she's such a coward, because he sure isn't afraid of any Magic User like said Tirek. Bernkastel just giggled... and predicts that he'll be left screaming like a little girl when Tirek's 'done' with him, should he be provoked, that even the girliest scream of Ragna the Bloodedge on seeing a ghost would even be manlier than Terumi's would-be screams.
  • Also appears in the House of Magic as the Goddess of Miracles.

Dolores Umbridge, The Most Hated Goddess
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A blood quill on top of a wall plate with a horribly cute kitten decoration.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Hate Sink, Tyrants Who Get In Charge, Jerk Ass, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Tastes Like Diabetes, Obstructive Bureaucrat, Sadist Teacher, Light Is Not Good
  • Domains: Saccharine Sweetness, Evil, Torture, Law.
  • Followers: The Trunchbull, Cornelius Fudge, Sadist Teachers everywhere.
  • Allies: Lord Voldemort (who's just as twisted as she is), Hoyt Volker, Mitsuzane Kureshima, Ragyo Kiryuin.
  • Enemies: Every single good Harry Potter character.
  • Opposed by: Every God with the alignment Chaotic Good, and heck, pretty much everyone not Lawful Evil, and even most of those hate her.
  • High Priests: Jeff Fecalman, and Prince Blueblood who, when they're not performing their duties, are currently in a fight to the death over who gets to be her high priest. Most gods wonder why they even bother. High Priest of the Church of Hate Sinks is not a position most would choose to be in.
    • Blueblood, however, has a good reason for wishing to be High Priest. He's currently splitting his priest-time between the Church of Hate Sinks and the Church of Charmless Princes, and if he were ever to lose this position, he'd be in the Disgraces full time, and pretty much anything (even the House of Hatred) is better than that.
  • Diamond Tiara once was one of her High Priests, but that changed when Tiara was thrown to the Disgraces for her crimes. Her fall has seriously unsettled Blueblood, because he knows that that's what awaits him in case of just one misstep.
  • Ascended to the House of Hatred upon becoming the most hated character in the whole Harry Potter series, being even more disliked than Lord Voldemort, the Big Bad of the series.
    • And with good reason. This is the woman who would carve words into a student's hand for daring to oppose her, and would continue doing so until the wounds wouldn't heal. In her reign asHheadmaster of Hogwarts, she bullied the students mostly just because she could. Her happiest moments were when she was condemning someone to Azkaban, to be guarded by Dementors, things that suck all happiness out of you, for extremely racist reasons. This is the woman all fans hate.
  • Applied for a position as a teacher in the Academy, but was refused after the Powers That Be read a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  • Does Double Duty as Goddess of Tyrants Who Take the Helm, in the House of Villains.

Natasha, Goddess of Hatred and Lies (The Unreliable, the Self-Loathing Deciever)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A red K.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lies and deceit, induction of insanity, murder of higher beings, mercenary activity, color coding, unsolvable mysteries.
  • Domains: Hatred, Insanity, Deceit, Chaos, Meaningless Symbolism.
  • Followers: The Trapper-Spider, the Wordsmith, and the Mute Musician.
  • Allies: Nick, Matthias, and Smithnjones.
  • Natasha's view of the world is so clouded and distorted she sees room for nothing but loathing. She inwardly displays hatred towards every living being she encounters, and yet, externally, shows no emotion. Her accounts of any event are convulsed and surreal, and cannot be taken at face value. Additionally, she seems to have an obsession with the color red.

Nemesis the Warlock, God of Using Lesser Species As pawns, half of The Duumvirate of Fantastic Racism (The One Who Waits At The Edge Of Your Dreams, The Lord Of The Flies, The Holder Of The Sword Sinister, The Shape Of The Things To Come, The Death Bringer, He Who Is These Things And Many More, Khaos)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head with words "CREDO!" written over it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil pretends to, but really is Chaotic Neutral
  • Portofolio: Anti-Hero, Magnificent Bastard, Manipulative Bastard, The Chessmaster holding back and looking for a challenge, Master of Illusion, making deals and then screwing over those he make them with, while holding to Exact Words, or at least his interpretation of them, plans of many kinds, thinking of humans as no better than thermites.
  • Domain: Magic, Mentalism, Philosophy, Chaos
  • Allies: Xellos, Terumi Yuuki, Aizen.
  • Enemies: Tomas de Torquemada, Immortal God Emperor
  • Followers: A lot of evil Alien races, General Draconis
  • Upon discovering that Torquemada had ascended, Nemesis appealed to the Main House, advocating that his crimes against humanity are so great he deserved the godhood. Despite few gods appealing that humans in his world deserved that, he managed to win and enter the house of Philosophy
  • Only few managed to earn his respect, the others he disregards as pawns he can use however it pleases him.
  • Nemesis and Torquemada are forming Duumvirate of Fantastic Racism by always opposing each other. Nemesis is for Torquemada symbol of everything he hates about aliens, while Torquemada is everything Nemesis hates about humans. Even their physical bodies are fused and locked in eternal battle at the material plane.
  • Nemesis is disliked by many ofther gods, but he is tolerated as the best thing to keep Torquemada in check.
  • There are rumors Nemesis is not as bad as he paints himself to be. Even if they are true, he does everything to disprove them.
  • Shares a mutual dislike with Lord Nemesis, because some confuse them.

Otani Yoshitsugu, God of Misery (Gyobu, Swamp Butterfly, Sky Watcher)
  • Theme Song: As heard here.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Otani crest
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mystic Strategists, Feigned Courtesy, Severe Leprosy, Floating Attack Beads, Darkness, Corruptive Friendship, A Desire to Spread Misery, Never Speaking the Truth.
  • Domains: Strategy, Misery, Suffering, Warfare.
  • Allies: Ishida Mitsunari, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, , Palpatine,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mori Motonari, Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Cosmos, Yotsuba Koiwia, Monkey D. Luffy
  • The first to greet Yoshitsugu upon his arrival was none other than Mitsunari, who simply commanded they return to business as usual. To his own part, Yoshitsugu simply smiled and followed behind.
  • Received his title for the fact that he welcomes great and terrible misery onto himself as he does all others, willing to burn alongside the world. except Mitsunari.
  • Has proven unaffected by The Stare, citing his ability to look Oichi in the eyes at her current state. However, he is very vulnerable against Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, so Yoshitsugu usually avoids him.
  • There is a debate between the Houses of Magic and Technology over the nature of his palanquin. Considering the likes of Tadakatsu, whether there is circuitry or not behind the wood has been a hot button. Yoshitsugu has remained tight lipped on the subject.
  • When he discovered that Motonari resided in the House of War, a great deal of scheming began. It is very much like a chess match between the two, and almost all of the pawns were ready and waiting on their board.
  • While Eren Yeager is hostile to everyone within the house, Yoshitsugu has been very polite to the young boy and striking up conversations. Easedroppers have noted that when Eren humors Gyobu, the conversation often bleeds into the Titans or his mother from his home world. Many realize that Yoshitsugu is intentionally stoking Eren's anger to one end or another, likely intending to turn him into something of an attack dog similar to Mitsunari.

Tomas de Torquemada God of Bastard Humans and Tortures, half of The Duumvirate of Fantastic Racism (Torquemada, Grand Master of Termight, Chief of the Tube Police, the Landlord, the Oy Boy, Heard of the Reapers, Scourge of Alien, First Termite to Bite Back, The One Grannies Fear, Ultimate Human)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet and words "Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!" written around it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portofolio: Hate to anything alien, even the good aliens, building empires on fear and ruling them with iron fist, using chainsword, being able to fight powerful aliens without any supernatural powers, not giving up no matter what, being very charismatic manipulator, being merciless on failure, tortures, reincarnation, Knight Templar, posession, putting himself above his own laws, reminding people of Nazis.
  • Domain: War, Politics, Philosophy, Fear, Hate
  • Allies: Red Skull, The Immortal God-Emperor, Big Brother, Claude Frollo, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: Nemesis The Warlock, every single non-human diety in the panteon, all heroic dieties,
  • Followers: Muruta Azrael and Patrick Zala, Jacques de Aldersberg, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Hunters.
  • Ascended after his body was fused with Nemesis' and trapped in another dimension. Would have been sent straight to the Discgraces, but evidence of love he holds for his wife allowed him to enter the house of Philisophy and be put under God-Emperor's command. Redeeming him has become one of house of Love's biggest priorities.
  • Took interest in Muruta Azrael and Patrick Zala - while both naturals and Coordinators are for him better than everything else, he saw a lot of potential in those two and allowed them to get in position of power, making their hate driving forces of conflict, as the winner would be very reliable asset against "deviants". Sadly, because of certain interference, they both end up defeated and he has lost interest with them.
  • Opposes every non-human diety in the panteon and all who try to protect them from him, as well as gods of magic, science, music, literature, art and pretty much anything that deviates from his extremely bigoted worldview.
  • There are rumors about him criticising Emperor for being "too soft on deviants", through one wonders how is that even possible. However, they both admire one-anothers love for chainswords.
  • Was Adolf Hitler in previous life. Things tend to go a little awkward between him and Red Skull.
  • Is rumored to also be a powerful werewolf, though those rumors have never been confirmed.

Dan, God of Revenge

Eren Yeager, The One Powered by Hatred (Eren Jaeger, The Rogue Titan, The Coordinate)
  • Theme Song: "Guren no Yumiya".
  • Demigod/Intermediate God when in his Titan form. Might actually be an Intermediate God from the get-go considering his coordinating powers.
  • Symbol: The emblem of the Scout Regiment. "the Wings of Freedom"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (can slide down into Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil in his less lucid moments)
  • Portfolio: Endless Hatred, emulating Spider-man, Hotbloodness, being a horrible kid, transformations, hand-to-hand combat, controlling Titans.
  • Domains: Hatred, Optimism, War, Determination.
  • Allies: Raiden, Punisher, Wander.
  • Enemies: All kinds of Titans, Colossi, the whole House of Hatred, most members of House of Villains, Annie Leonhardt, Reiner Braun
  • Under Careful Watch Of: Mikasa Ackerman, much to Eren's chagrin.
  • Is utterly disgusted by the fact he's in House of Hatred. Since his case is a little... different than other supposedly similar teenaged heroes, he's stuck in here waiting for a better proposition. To this point, he's the only member of this house that Kenshiro refuses to whack.
  • All members of aforementioned House also disgust him to no end. Eren frequently refers to them as "rabid dogs, just with a human skin", but since he's sorely overnumbered he must keep himself in check lest he will be trounced around.
    • He, however, reserves an especially fierce hatred for Ragyo Kiryuin for selling her own to a foreign race considering how much it resembles actions that other Titan Shifters took. While he keeps himself in check in presence of every other God of this House, he'll always lose his shit in her vicinity.
  • Currently the only member of the House with good tendencies, though he's not above repaying evil with evil.
  • Gets along well with Asura, considering the two have a few similarities in losing a loved member of a family, being easily angered which is hardly a good option for an offender and being able to increase in size and power.
  • Council of Shadows does its best to keep him away from Hazama and for a good reason, considering the latter feeds on hatred like on candy.
  • Due to a misunderstanding, he took Colossi for a different branch of Titans. Since then, a one-sided hatred began again.
  • Despite not being a deity(yet), Eren's adoptive sister, Mikasa, is still taking care of him and ensuring his safety (not necessarily willingly on Eren's side). While it does make the former a target of ridicules(on courtesy of being "babysat" by a mortal and a sister, no less), the latter's frightening competence in combat often shuts up any possible wags.
  • He has found a strange liking to Zeus and even joined him in a few battles against larger opponents. Though they clearly are different from each other in far too many ways to count, they have that one thing that binds them together enough for teamwork to be possible: Their unfathomable hatred for Titans.. Of course, Eren is aware that Zeus might just betray him at any moment due to his Titan form, but he is willing to take the chance.
  • When this came outnote , Eren just got himself another thing to hate. Whether or not it's on the ones who brought it up or the Princess herself is unclear.
  • Due to his powers as a Coordinate, deities that used to trounce him around regard him with a little more caution now that he can casually send Titans at them.
    • Despite that or perhaps because of it however there's been an influx of less-than-savory individuals spotted around the House. They tend to carry out a bound and gagged Eren out of here roughly twice a week.

Grouchy Smurf, God of Perpetual Frowns and Hater of Everything (Grumpy Smurf, Le Schtroumpf Grognon)
  • Demigod
  • Theme Song: It would be The Smurf's Theme, but he hates that song, and music in general.
  • Symbol: His frowning face.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hating everything and everyone, being grumpy in an otherwise saccharine setting, hating any kind of physical contact especially hugs, having a Mad Libs Catch Phrase, never smiling.
  • Domains: Hatred, grumpiness, anger.
  • Allies: None, though he gets along well with most gods in the House of Hatred.
  • Enemies: Gargamel, anyone who tries to cheer him up.
  • Followers: Grumpy Bear, Grumpy of the Seven Dwarves
  • Grouchy always chimes in to express his hatred of whatever is being discussed whenever he hears a conversation within earshot. Some of the evil and hateful gods find this amusing for a while, but even they get tired of hearing it sooner or later.
  • Hates every other house in the pantheon, but hates the House of Hatred a little less than the others.
  • Some speculate Grouchy was never quite the same after being stung by a bee, others say it was the purple fly that started the "purple Smurf" epidemic. His only reply when asked was "I hate bugs!", so it's anyone's guess as to why he's the only smurf with such a constantly grumpy disposition.
  • Pinkie Pie once tried to throw him a birthday party. But he hates his birthday, parties, and ponies. Despite his being absolutely miserable the entire time, she still won't give up trying to make him smile. So far it hasn't worked.
  • He hates how he was portrayed in the new CGI Smurf movies, claiming that he actually hates Toilet Humor and green M&M toys. But this is kind of a moot point, as he went on to say he also hates how he was portrayed in the cartoon, and the comics.
  • Rumor has it there are some things he likes, but he'd hate for people to know about it.

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