Pantheon / Hatred

This is, hands down, the nastiest House of the Pantheon. The opposite of the Houses of Love AND Friendship, they consider these things to be either worthless delusions, adversaries to destroy, or matters to be played around with as tools for their own nefarious purposes. Many gods here are absolutely depraved, but some are sympathetic, and there were some depraved beings that found their way into another house instead. However, don't expect any deity of good to visit this house. The Gods of the Villains House do find good kinship in this House, though, as hatred makes for a very good source of strength, seeing how it gives a person reason to act so that others may suffer.

The house itself is… a bit hard to describe. If the House of Emotion is a Swirly Energy Thingy of pure psychic feelings, the House of Hate is what happens when too much negativity accumulates in it and it vomits it right back out (literally - a constant item on the agenda of these gods is to get the Emotion House sick like that and puke out more building materials - both for territory and because, as befitting Gods of Hatred, most can't stand each other and want as much space between each other as possible). While it's definitely more physical than the House of Emotion, the sheer concentrated bitterness causes it to warp constantly into new, horrific forms. Everything in it, from acidic seas of liquified resentment to cold metal made of solid loathing, serves to remind everyone inside it of darker times, of betrayal, distrust, and jealousy, and every echo contains a mocking whisper. It's even been suggested that the House contains a soul-wrenching intelligence made of all the hate that comprises it; a perhaps-literal ball of implacable, unrelenting, merciless retribution that constantly seethes in its heart, hating. Unsuprisingly, "being moved to the House of Hatred Touristry Panel" is divine slang for being fired.

This house does have one certain number one nemesis, and that is Kenshiro. As he hunts down those depraved enough, he often makes a pass here and whenever he passes, Ludicrous Gibs occurs by his courtesy.

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The Trio of Endless Hatred

Khorne, God of Rage, Hatred, Killing, and Violence (Blood God, Lord of Skulls, Brass Lord of Battles, Kharneth, Arkhar, the Axefather, the Wolf-Father, the Bloodwolf, the Hunter of Souls, the Paraplegic Sociopath)

Griffith, God of Irredeemable Sins (Femto, the Hawk of Light, 'Goofy-ass Rape Raven')
  • Theme Music: Griffith's Dream.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Burning Hawk.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Crossing the Line, Horrific Acts, Villains Considered Heroes, Yanking Everyone's Chains, Ridiculously Feminine Looks, Naked Water Fights, Making People Think Light Is Good.
  • Domains: Evil, Law, Diabolic, Pain, Control.
  • Allies: Naraku, Johan Liebert, Ragyo Kiryuin.
  • Former Allies: Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, Mitsuzane Kureshima.
  • Enemies: Guts, Kagome Higurashi, Mordos Kull.
  • Believed to have used the Crimson Behelit to ascend during the Eclipse, causing Guts to claw his way to godhood and oppose him. Every time someone loses all respect from their former followers by doing something unbelievably evil, Griffith laughs.
  • On the rise of the House of Hatred, Griffith proves himself capable of becoming the main head of the House, as he commends those who causes many to hate them, and actively encouraging it with charisma.
  • After seeing the downfall of both Terumi and Relius, Griffith considered them failures about bringing the worst of men, and after seeing Guts saving the Puella Magi, he concocted a plan that will not only serve to show how it's done to the two, but also a big middle finger to Guts' attempts: As he saw Litchi Faye-Ling still hasn't given up to save her colleague and often citing "I've Come Too Far, I don't care what happens to me as long as I can save him..." Griffith plans to influence the surrounding so she will cross the Moral Event Horizon to achieve that, seeing that it was the same thing that drove him into becoming Femto of the Godhands, and if such kind Goddess would fall into evil and loses whatever respect she had (going 180 from her personality), it would be a big triumph for him. He decided to take it slow and steady. That unfortunately didn't come to pass when eventually Litchi was able to move on from Arakune. At that point, Griffith immediately considered the task not really worth it and put it on a backburner. He's got a lot of slaughter counts to rack up in the meantime, and make sure Guts never get the chance to kick his ass meanwhile... like usual.
  • Gets along well with Naraku. The fact that the latter's series is very similar to the former's and that they share the same voice pleases him.
    • He finds it amusing in that tying into that prior point, he now has the voice of Cloud Strife....meaning he's housed both the voice of Cloud and Sephiroth at points in his life. Cloud himself is not pleased.
  • As its Chosen One, he has been ordered by his God, the Idea of Evil, to attempt to find those worthy of being the Pantheon's God Hand.
  • He eventually joined a team called "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil", made up by him, Nyarlathotep, The Bittercold, Diablo and Chernabog. Nyarlathotep assigned him as Co-Dragons with the Bittercold.
  • Is none too happy that Mitsuzane found redemption and regained the respect he lost. Not at all.
    • Guts of course plans on keeping an eye on Mitsuzane in case Griffith goes after him, and is possibly even a little satisfied with how furious he must be.
  • Griffith has been aware that due to the more idealistic setting of the Pantheon, working and accomplishing heinous acts got a bit harder, whereupon there are a lot of deities that give middle finger to the Moral Event Horizon and refuse to follow his footsteps. With force, if necessary. At this point, Griffith would think twice if he ever wants to induct potential sixth member of the Godhands, as he knew that these forces within the Pantheon will not be easy preys like his old Band of Hawks. But even then, once every blue moon, someone crosses the Moral Event Horizon like him. If that news come to pass, Griffith actually treasures that moment, a proof that no matter how little or curbed, evil will always exist.

    Kefka Palazzo 
Kefka Palazzo, God of Madness and Hate (The Mad Mage)
  • Intermediate God (pending Greater Godhood due to hostile takeover of 'Magic' thrones)
  • Symbol: A cracked theater mask with clown makeup.
  • Theme Music: "Dancing Mad" when in battle; otherwise, his personal theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusing Japanese Translations, Evil Laughs, Demented Laughs, Monster Clowns, Irredeemable Evil, Power-Induced Madness, Power-Induced Wings, Ascension to Divinity, Deriving Joy from Evil, World Destruction Plots, The Power of Hate.
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Evil, Madness, Spite, Magic.
  • Allies: Lord Chaos (his boss), also has a love-hate relationship with the Red Lanterns and The Joker, Hisoka.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi, Veigar
  • Rivals: Sephiroth, and to a lesser extent, the other Warriors of Discord.
  • Enemies: Terra Branford, Flonne, Yayoi Ulshade/Kyoryu Violet II, Leonidas.
  • Is strictly banned from entering the House of Magic since the other Final Fantasy deities have spread word of what happened the last time he got around magical deities. No one on either side trusts Kefka to be peaceful around them since he's proven loyalty will be quickly discarded if it means more power for him.
  • Has recently been followed by Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, who is certain she can open his eyes to friendship and happiness. Kefka is not amused, commenting that her constant preaching "sounds like the pages of a self-help book".
  • The next person in line for the seat of "Madness" was Luca Blight, who narrowly missed out because his greatest crime was "just" genocide. Kefka beat him by zap-frying an entire planet.
    • The Joker would like to remind everyone that he did the Mad Clown with evil laughter first. That's why he's part of the Main House. However, he does think Kefka's "Light of Judgment" skit is utterly hilarious. He once tried to his own variation, but it wasn't quite as successful.
  • The next in line for the seat of "Hate" was Bonecrusher, who hated the rest of the Pantheon too much to be an effective deity. Bonecrusher is now Kefka's war chariot. Bonecrusher hates being a taxi, but he'd hate not having an excuse to destroy everything in his path even more. He also hates having to work for both Kefka and Suiseiseki and Souseiseki; his schedule gets confusing.
  • King Leonidas of the War Pantheon opposes him, partly.
  • Hates being at the beck and call of Lord Chaos, especially since it means having to work alongside Sephiroth on occasion, whom he considers to be a "mama's boy". Then again, Kefka HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATES a lot of things.
    • While he loathes having to work alongside Sephiroth, he does find amusement in the Fandom Rivalry their followers carry on and tries to encourage it from behind the scenes. Anything that spreads hatred and bitterness gets Kefka's approval.
  • Yayoi Ulshade hates him with the utmost of passion because he sounds so similar to her own grandfather. Kefka knows this, and uses this to troll the young Kyoryuger whenever they are in the same vicinity.
  • Has an on-and-off friendship with Discord. While the two delight in causing mayhem and chaos together, Kefka often goes too far for Discord's tastes and the spirit reverses the damage Kefka has done after the fact. Though initially outraged, Discord's argument that the world is more fun prior to destruction quelled Kefka's anger somewhat. Still, Fluttershy is keeping an eye on Kefka in case he starts being a bad influence on her new friend.
  • Is at war with Albedo, god of Insanity and Regeneration. More lucid gods are taking bets. Less lucid gods are taking hits to the face with large amounts of fire. The Joker just finds the whole thing hilarious.