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This is, hands down, the nastiest House of the Pantheon. The opposite of the Houses of Love AND Friendship, they consider these things to be either worthless delusions, adversaries to destroy, or matters to be played around with as tools for their own nefarious purposes. Many gods here are absolutely depraved, but some are sympathetic, and there were some depraved beings that found their way into another house instead. However, don't expect any deity of good to visit this house. The Gods of the Villains House do find good kinship in this House, though, as hatred makes for a very good source of strength, seeing how it gives a person reason to act so that others may suffer.

The house itself is… a bit hard to describe. If the House of Emotion is a Swirly Energy Thingy of pure psychic feelings, the House of Hate is what happens when too much negativity accumulates in it and it vomits it right back out (literally - a constant item on the agenda of these gods is to get the Emotion House sick like that and puke out more building materials - both for territory and because, as befitting Gods of Hatred, most can't stand each other and want as much space between each other as possible). While it's definitely more physical than the House of Emotion, the sheer concentrated bitterness causes it to warp constantly into new, horrific forms. Everything in it, from acidic seas of liquified resentment to cold metal made of solid loathing, serves to remind everyone inside it of darker times, of betrayal, distrust, and jealousy, and every echo contains a mocking whisper. It's even been suggested that the House contains a soul-wrenching intelligence made of all the hate that comprises it; a perhaps-literal ball of implacable, unrelenting, merciless retribution that constantly seethes in its heart, hating. Unsuprisingly, "being moved to the House of Hatred Touristry Panel" is divine slang for being fired.

This house does have one certain number one nemesis, and that is Kenshiro. As he hunts down those depraved enough, he often makes a pass here and whenever he passes, Ludicrous Gibs occurs by his courtesy.

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The Trio of Endless Hatred

    Kefka Palazzo 
Kefka Palazzo, God of Madness and Hate (The Mad Mage)
  • Intermediate God (pending Greater Godhood due to hostile takeover of 'Magic' thrones)
  • Symbol: A cracked theater mask with clown makeup.
  • Theme Music: "Dancing Mad" when in battle; otherwise, his personal theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusing Japanese Translations, Evil Laughs, Demented Laughs, Monster Clowns, Irredeemable Evil, Power-Induced Madness, Power-Induced Wings, Ascension to Divinity, Deriving Joy from Evil, World Destruction Plots, The Power of Hate.
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Evil, Madness, Spite, Magic.
  • Allies: Lord Chaos (his boss), also has a love-hate relationship with the Red Lanterns and The Joker, Hisoka, Ardyn Izunia.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi, Veigar
  • Rivals: Sephiroth, and to a lesser extent, the other Warriors of Discord.
  • Enemies: Terra Branford, Flonne, Yayoi Ulshade/Kyoryu Violet II, Leonidas, Noctis Lucis Caelum.
  • Is strictly banned from entering the House of Magic since the other Final Fantasy deities have spread word of what happened the last time he got around magical deities. No one on either side trusts Kefka to be peaceful around them since he's proven loyalty will be quickly discarded if it means more power for him.
  • Has recently been followed by Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, who is certain she can open his eyes to friendship and happiness. Kefka is not amused, commenting that her constant preaching "sounds like the pages of a self-help book".
  • The next person in line for the seat of "Madness" was Luca Blight, who narrowly missed out because his greatest crime was "just" genocide. Kefka beat him by zap-frying an entire planet.
    • The Joker would like to remind everyone that he did the Mad Clown with evil laughter first. That's why he's part of the Main House. However, he does think Kefka's "Light of Judgment" skit is utterly hilarious. He once tried to his own variation, but it wasn't quite as successful.
  • The next in line for the seat of "Hate" was Bonecrusher, who hated the rest of the Pantheon too much to be an effective deity. Bonecrusher is now Kefka's war chariot. Bonecrusher hates being a taxi, but he'd hate not having an excuse to destroy everything in his path even more. He also hates having to work for both Kefka and Suiseiseki and Souseiseki; his schedule gets confusing.
  • King Leonidas of the War House opposes him, partly.
  • Hates being at the beck and call of Lord Chaos, especially since it means having to work alongside Sephiroth on occasion, whom he considers to be a "mama's boy". Then again, Kefka HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATES a lot of things.
    • While he loathes having to work alongside Sephiroth, he does find amusement in the Fandom Rivalry their followers carry on and tries to encourage it from behind the scenes. Anything that spreads hatred and bitterness gets Kefka's approval.
  • Yayoi Ulshade hates him with the utmost of passion because he sounds so similar to her own grandfather. Kefka knows this, and uses this to troll the young Kyoryuger whenever they are in the same vicinity.
  • Has an on-and-off friendship with Discord. While the two delight in causing mayhem and chaos together, Kefka often goes too far for Discord's tastes and the spirit reverses the damage Kefka has done after the fact. Though initially outraged, Discord's argument that the world is more fun prior to destruction quelled Kefka's anger somewhat. Still, Fluttershy is keeping an eye on Kefka in case he starts being a bad influence on her new friend.
  • Is at war with Albedo, god of Insanity and Regeneration. More lucid gods are taking bets. Less lucid gods are taking hits to the face with large amounts of fire. The Joker just finds the whole thing hilarious.
  • Anyone who dares comparing themselves to Kefka will be recognized by his followers as "intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor".

    Yuuki Terumi 
Yuuki Terumi, God of Malicious Trolling and Co-God of Absolute Immorality (Hazama, Kazuma Kvar, the True Evil, Dark Susano'o, Smooth Criminal, Hipster Person, Takehaya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto, The One True Susanoo, Susan,Shadowy Serpent Fang)
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  • Theme Song: Gluttony Fang in his Hazama persona. When as Terumi-Hazama persona, Endless Despair . When on full-on Terumi persona, Silent Scream, SIX-HEROES (Shares this theme with the rest of the Six Heroes.). MUST DIE as Takehaya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto. HAKAISHIN Susanoo's boss/unlimited theme.
  • Intermediate God (pretends to be Lesser God; he's just screwin' with everybody because it's fun. Greater God as Susanoo, bordering on Overdeity.)
  • Symbol: The Ouroboros symbol with a fedora above its head, surrounded by two butterfly knives, on his emblem (Hazama). A Trollface wearing his fedora, with an optional "U mad?" speech bubble on his emblem (Yuuki Terumi). Hakumen's mask corrupted with glowing green eyes and a Slasher Smile (Susanoo)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a touch of Neutral Evil (as Hazama, disguised as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Pimpin' Outfits, Green Hair, Trolling, Almost Slaying God, Hating Goddamn Shitty Vampires and Beastkin, Insanity, Eyes Always Shut, Jerkassery, Being Completely Devoid of Any Morality And Loving Every Second of it, Considering Oneself the Awesome Center of the Universe, Plans That Always Further His Goals, Making People Play Him Straight Into His Hands, Refusing to Just Die No Matter What, Regaining His Original Form Through Fusion.
  • Domain: Despair, Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Manipulation, Madness, Corruption, Depravity, Hatred, Divinity, Fusion, Darkness.
  • Followers: Beatrice the Golden Witch, Naoya, M.O.D.O.K., Ramsay Bolton, Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, Hermann Fegelein, Dr. Ver, Gerald Broflovski, Lennart Bedrager
  • High Priest: Count Radiguet
  • Allies (Possibly): A few of the Magnificent Bastard gods. However, he is just using them to further his goals, and they, in turn, are using him for theirs. Sosuke Aizen, however, is very fond of him, as he reminds him of Gin somewhat. Also Relius Clover, Curren Huckebein, Monsoon, Nyarlathotep (initially; nowadays, much less frequently), Raynare, Ryoma Sengoku, Medusa Gorgon, Shinnok, The Gravemind of the Flood, Hisoka, Majora's Mask, Flowey, Dark Danny, Felix, Number 96: Black Mist, Evil gods in the house of War
  • Troll Buddies: Bernkastel (while in 'Trollkastel' mode), Handsome Jack, Basco ta Jolokia, Enter, Izaya Orihara, Nui Harime, Seija Kijin (if a little bit annoyed one), Nefarian,and Hazama.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dio Brando, Dracula, Perfectio.
  • Subordinates: Monokuma & Junko Enoshima, Redyue.
  • Enemies: The rest of the Pantheon (except some female gods, who find him very appealing in his more lucid moments, but especially I-No), Nyarlathotep, surprisingly. One notable enemy (One that isn't one-sided) is Bob and Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Yuno Gasai (after she took Yandere Quartet down with her), Usami/Monomi, Amaterasu, The King Of All Cosmos, Roboking, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Opposes: Izanami (from Persona 4, mind you).
  • Former Ally: Monaca Towa.
  • He is the one who will halt time's march and return the world to its original form. This is not very pleasing news for Dio Brando, since that was supposed to be his job.
  • In the words of Terumi, which he insists to become the one truth, the whole Pantheon is a lie, thus, there's one truth that he'd like to show: DESPAIR. He's not gonna ask Despair the Endless to bring it forth; he wants his own brand of despair. Needless to say, the majority's answer to that is: "Dude, that's just, like, YOUR OPINION! Not fact!".
  • Terumi, alongside with Johan Liebert, was also involved in Yuno Gasai's ascension to the Pantheon into the House of Emotion, and, to a lesser extent, Love, by respectively trolling and manipulating her into murdering the would-be holder Kaede Fuyou (the anime edition) without Yukiteru Amano knowing about it.
  • Has lately been seen hanging around with the Incubators, hoping to revive the old days before Madoka Kaname rose, during which Magical Girls could be engulfed in despair. He didn't quite take the fact that Usagi Tsukino was the Predecessor into account.
    • Terumi himself seems to have a weird thing going on for one Incubator called Kyubey. On one hand, he's extremely delighted that Kyubey gets to generate a lot of hate with movements like "Everybody Hates Kyubey", etc. However, he's a bit miffed that the hatred was not directed to himself.
  • In the recent months, the GUAG has been plotting to overthrow him, especially for those who consider him nothing more than a whiny, pathetic little coward behind his bravado and 'luxury of Plot Armor'. However, he may or may not be plotting to usurp Melkor in a covert fashion alongside Relius.
    • The full extent of this turns out to be that he's trying to usurp not just Melkor... but the whole Pantheon, everything for himself, so he can watch all those Gods squirm, struggle, and kill each other for his own amusement. He has struck the first deal by having his 'allies' Troll Weil, so he could claim his devil aspiration and malice for himself. Apparently, after Weil, Ali al-Saachez and his throne of For the Evulz is going to be Terumi's next target, followed by Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, also Shao Kahn, and probably his 'former roommate' Gilgamesh for his throne of self-aggrandization.
    • Unbeknownst to him, Bernkastel plots to usurp his Trolling portfolio.
    • Hades has already claimed Terumi is just keeping the crown warm for him.
  • Was once utterly humiliated by Deadpool, who called him small-time in terms of utilizing Memes and the Fourth Wall. He only managed to retain his Trolling God position by getting the ASW higher ups to not fulfill Deadpool's wish of him not appearing in the next BlazBlue game.
  • Currently engages in a 'rivalry' with fellow despair-eater, Perfectio. Terumi thinks that he's the only one allowed to eat the delicious despair of every men, and thinks Perfectio is stealing his gig. The feelings are mutual.
  • With the ascension of his former follower Handsome Jack as the God of Petty Villainy, rumors have begun to spread that Terumi, Izaya, and Jack have allied themselves as the "Troll Triumvirate". The rumor, of course, was started by them as their first act of tripled trolliness. Now revamped to Trollkaiger, with Bernkastel and Basco as the fourth and fifth members.
    • His designation is Trollkai Green; he's the leader of the group. Got demoted as Bernkastel's second-in-command.
  • When he learned about the ascension of Monokuma and his mastermind, Terumi laughed so hard he cried as a form to show how much he's proud of them, his finest apprentices on the arts of spreading despair; he promises to one-up them by making something worse than "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind".
  • Everything was eventually found to be against Terumi's favor when it turned out that he was killed by Hakumen. In a sense that he's utterly trashed, but he was saved in the nick of time by Nyarlathotep, who proceeds to taunt the hell out of him for how much of a chump he turns out to be and decided to keep him in the Pantheon so he will become a laughing stock of many Gods here. Oh and Bernkastel grins evilly here, this means she has all she needs to demote Terumi as the leader of the Trollkaiger and take over for herself. Terumi did not take it well, and looks forward to rubbing the "Fear Toxin Incident" in Nyarlathotep's face, it being a failure of epic proportions on Nyarly's part. That is, after the Crawling Chaos regenerates himself after being nuked by an utterly enraged Madoka.
    • Terumi is planning his revenge against Hakumen and to restore his reputation.
    • However, what most Gods may not know that before Terumi got beat up by Hakumen, he and his Hazama half got seprated into two entities. Where Hazama is keeping a low profile for the time being, mainly only visiting the House of Knowledge to do research on other gods in secret, he is looking in the shadows to see what will happen next. Currently, he is researching Izanami so that he and Terumi know how to deal with their universe's Izanami if they return.
  • If there is one thing what you shouldn't try to counteract Terumi's actions is that of feeding him food from a Lethal Chef. He actually adores stuff like that, saying the more disgust others would be by it, the more delicious it is.
  • Got pissed off when he learned that Kokonoe managed to have Lambda-11 ascended after he was certain he killed her, and then got then more pissed off when he learned that she was returning to the battle lines.
  • It was him and Relius that ascended Arakune as way to get Litchi under their thumb. However, he went one step further and decided to completely slander Ms. Litchi with Trollkaiger. Unfortunately this was a complete success for Trollkaiger as a good portion of the Pantheon started to slander and scrutinize Ms. Litchi. This got to the point where parts of the Pantheon have split over what to do with with the situation, with some that see Ms. Litchi as a victim and will do there best to protect her and supporting about saving Arakune but in the same time condemning the likes of Kokonoe and Rachel further, while others see Litchi as a complete idiot and an unsympathetic git for trying to save Arakune who they claim is already dead (to the point of going along with Relius' Pantheon-destroying plan), along with another group who wants Litchi to be happy, but they see in order for that to happen Arakune needs to be killed and tries to force her to just 'deal with it'. Needless to say, Terumi and Trollkaiger might have kick-started a civil war in the Pantheon, dating way back even before the formation of Trollkaiger. To make matters worse only a few of the gods actually suspect Trollkaiger and Terumi himself might have been behind the whole affair (especially Downfall Hitler but nobody listents to him), instead choosing to blame each other, or Litchi for bringing this upon herself because she couldn't muster the strength to let go. This act has caused him to laugh like this.
    • And to note, this act has taken effect after his defeat against Hakumen, thus even beyond the 'grave', Terumi is still laughing at his parting gift.
  • Some say Raynare is a creation of the mind of Terumi made to cause extreme psychological damage to Issei Hyodo. Raynare and Terumi haven't commented on that regard, but Terumi is utterly delighted to see that Raynare has screwed Issei up in romance and made him unable to confess to his haremettes. Rumor has it that Terumi himself has planned Raynare's ascension all along just to let her screw with Issei once more...
  • It is heavily rumored that it was Terumi, bitter about his constant failures and ridicule around the Pantheon, that allowed The Flood to enter the Pantheon. While it is unknown if it is true (for Terumi could have just been lying his ass off), the Gravemind has a very special interest in him and seeks to teach him the finer points of bringing true despair to others through its particular brand of torture. For just like Terumi, the Gravemind also desires to bring unlimited despair to the Pantheon, and it too seeks revenge for sins long past. Needless to say, this has made Terumi very happy.
  • He was NOT happy to see his former follower Vector ascend and betray him. Terumi is planning to make him regret doing that.
  • Even though he died at the hands of Hakumen, he still is in the next chapter of his home-series. No one knows how he came back, or what are his plans, but many deities surely aren't pleased whatsoever. Then it was revealed he never died because of Hakumen, but instead managed to No-Sell the effects of Time Killer, though not without consequences. Needless to say, he's been laughing his ass off at the looks on everyone's faces, including Nyarlathotep and Bernkastel, the latter of whom he claimed better be prepared to hand the crown of trolling back to him.
    • In fact, while many has seems to think of him getting his well-reserved karmic payback and moved on... well, Terumi DOES NOT forget such humiliations, and swore that the whole Pantheon will pay for his humiliations, he's going to make them his own bitch.
    • For his first strike, he first manipulated the Lunari sympathizer Diana to get him to aid his assault on Amaterasu with chances that the Moon throne will no longer belong to Amaterasu, and they succeeded, though the throne didn't get to Diana and Terumi ended up failing to kill Amaterasu as she ended up gaining a humanoid form in exchange. If you wish to know why he staged it in the first place? He says it's For the Evulz, but in truth he remembered a Noodle Incident where the dog!Amaterasu tackled and humiliated him by striking him and ending with her peeing on his face as 'payback for his general bastardry towards humanity'. No way he's going to let a mutt like her get away humiliating his radiant self like that.
    • As Susanoo he hates any deity that has anything to do with Amaterasu's name, especially the goddess herself. While none of them are the same type of Amaterasu from his home world he intends to destroy them all none the less.
      • He actually did attempt to fight her in this form one other time, this time, more in secret lest other deities begin to pray for her safety. However, he still had two other people he had to worry about. One was the Prince of All Cosmos, whom served as a Spanner in the Works, telling his father, the second person Terumi had to worry about, and having them arrive and save her by exhausting Susanoo by the King's fighting and having the Prince roll him up into a Katamari that was turned into a small sun to help heal her. Ever since then, the King has became a massive wall between his revenge on Amaterasu, and after reviving as his Terumi form, has sworn revenge against the King of all Cosmos. His response? Toss one of Amaterasu's bagged...for a lack of a better term, accidents at him, having it explode all over his face. He had to steal the only shower from the House Of Family for two hours to cleanup, leaving a mess on the way in to also get his daily despair desire in. Not that others aren't gonna let him forget it soon.
  • A lot might say that he has crossed the Moral Event Horizon ever since birth, and his other atrocities were merely Kick the Dog. However, if there's another level of Moral Event Horizon that existed, he definitely crossed it with his overenthusiastic antics to break Nagisa Furukawa, starting from emulating the voice of Tomoya Okazaki to make Nagisa feel horrible, making Black Humor over her death, and hammering home that her family looked so miserable in her departure that they died miserably, all just to see Nagisa keel over in pain because of her illness and would have died if it wasn't for her friends sending her to the nearby doctor. How bad is this? Because even Terumi knows that Nagisa is a non-combatant, unlike his other victims like Noel, Tsubaki and Litchi, and he does it anyway, fully knowing that. The sight of him torturing those who couldn't even fight back was considered extremely vile even for Pantheon standards, especially knowing the nature of Nagisa's origin. His reaction? He's so happy he's Laughing Mad that he broke a new record of vileness and wants to see more exciting misery above that.
  • His quest for misery had lead him Commander Peepers who was alongside Hater at the time. Paying no mind to the skeleton, he decided to mess around with the eyeball alien to the point that his eye with burning up from being spat in and irritated. He was laughing his ass off about how much pain he was causing Peepers and how much hate he was feeling to further his powers, only for Peepers to make a remark that Hater ALSO gained powers from hatred, and he was NOT amused by Terumi trolling Peepers. He woke up in the House of Life And Death after being brutally assaulted by Hater and all the hate he was feeling. He was NOT amused upon learning that he actually ascended as a god because of this incident, and the fact that Hater's power from hate is strong enough to bring him back from a Disney Death. He is currently planning on a way to destroy him without making him feel hatred.
    • One such instance was having his Trollkaiger group troll him into submission. Needless to say, it didn't go well. Because of this incident, Lord Hater is around the top of his threat list as well as Trollkaiger's "Do not enrage" list.
  • He and Hazama have been completely seperated as of Central Fiction. They work together, yet Hazama seems to have his own plans.
  • Regained Greater God status after getting revenge on Hakumen, killing him and taking back the Susano'o unit, once again becoming his true self: Takehaya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
  • As Susanoo, Terumi's influence is present, but he has lost his trademark insanity. While his arrogance remains, Susanoo is a terrifying monster who will destroy everything in sight, seeing that it is his divine right to do so. Unfortunately for him, Ragna still managed to blow him away, but the force remains within him. This also draws ire to the actual Susanoo at the House of Pride for actually daring to sully his name by flanderizing his past. Even so, Terumi's essences remain within the Pantheon, but while he did not lose any ranks, he was severely depowered. He has claimed that As Long as There is Evil (or people who thinks he's such a cool villain worth worshipping), the Pantheon will never get rid of him.
  • Severely disappointed at his former subordinate, Monaca Towa, for jumping ship and joining the Itazura Griefers, much to the chagrin of Junko and the rest of Trollkaiger. He has vowed to "tear her a new asshole" when he catches her, but so far he's been busy with other things and doesn't have the time, nor the will, to hunt her down.
    • He also showed severe disapproval in Junko for her simply brainwashing Ultimate Despair into loving despair, alongside their teacher, and having her sister do all of the tough work for her, calling her lazy and how it severely degraded her as a threat, enough to the point he decided to refuse her into Trollkaiger, walking and laughing all the way.
      • As of now, the two did team up one more time to try and ascend a enemy of the King himself from his dimension, and found Roboking as a result. Seeing how his Robo-katamari once caused an apocalyptic scenario within the King's world, the two of them tricked Roboking into ascending and starting a war with the King again. Unfortunately, this stopped shortly after the Prince caught wind of them and managed to talk him down. Even worse, the King now just knows who ascended his most hated enemy from his dimension. Cue Junko and Terumi trying to pin the blame on the other and preparing for the worst.
  • While incredibly strong as Susanoo he has been beaten on some occasions. For example, one day while fighting the Lol Rangers as Susanoo they managed to lure him into a trap created by Usami. Using magic that she learned from Amane Nishiki she quickly trapped him into a circle and turned him into a strange but harmless black version of the creature known as "pakumen". While he got better the mad god is pissed at the little rabbit creature for humiliating him and viciously mauls any copies of her when he sees them.
  • One of Terumi's more surprising hobbies is playing the guitar, and being really good at it. Sometimes he even heads over to the house of music to have a duet with I-No.

    Zamasu (Merged Form) 
Merged Zamasu, God of "Salvation" Through Genocide (Fusion Zamasu, Combined Zamasu, Union Zamasu, Supreme God, Justice, The World, (Merged Zamasu), Zamasu's Will, The Universe (Infinite Zamasu), Goku Black, Black, formerly Present Zamasu (mortal component), Future Zamasu (immortal component), Zamas, former North Kai Of Universe 10 (in general))
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Alternative Title(s): Hatred Overdeities And Greater Gods, Hatred Intermediate Gods, Hatred Lesser Gods, Hatred Demi Gods