Pantheon: Grand United Alliance of Chaos

aka: Chaos
The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, created soon after the Great Upheaval by Lucifer, the Creator of Chaos, to stand against his archenemy YHVH, the Absolute Lawmaker. The forces that make up the alliance are as varied as they come, from those who abhor the idea of unshakeable, totalitarian order in favor of free will, to those enticed by the idea of wild lawlessness where they can fight to their heart's content, to those with dreams of remaking the world to fit their desires, to those who simply want to see the world burn. In any case, the Forces of Chaos stand for freedom and all it entails, and will do ANYTHING to see their paradise brought to fruition.

They make their base within the deepest depths of the Labyrinth of Amala, a hellish maze rife with bloodthirsty demons and deadly traps. Though these things act as a near-impenetrable defense against the unworthy, members of the GUAC are not exempt from having to fight through them in order to get from place to place. According to Lucifer, it's to keep everyone's skills sharp. The Labyrinth is divided into five levels, or 'Kalpa', each one deeper and more dangerous than the previous. The lower a member is able to descend into the Labyrinth, the higher his or her rank in the Alliance, with the Lords of Chaos being those powerful enough to reach the Meeting Chamber at the very bottom.

In Cyberspace, the color of the Tron Lines for deities aligned with the GUAC is Green.

Factions within the GUAC:

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