Pantheon / Gender Appearances

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Greater Gods

    King Artoria/Altria Pendragon 
Artoria Pendragon, Goddess of Gender Flip (Altria, Saber, Saber Lily, King Arthur, The King of Knights, Saber Alter, The Princess of Knights, Lancer, The Lion King, Archer, Beach King of the Knights, Assassin, Mysterious Heroine X, Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon, The Once and Forever King)
Saber Lily 
As a Lancer 
As an Archer 
As Mysterious Heroine X 

    Kara Zor-El/Supergirl 
Kara Zor-El, Goddess of Distaff Counterparts (Supergirl, Linda Lee Danvers, Linda Lang, Kara Kent, Kara Danvers, the Maid of Might, the Girl of Steel, the Last Daughter Of Krypton, Red Daughter)
  • Theme Song: Jerry Goldsmith Supergirl Overture, Supergirl's Theme of Supergirl, Get Your Cape On or The Superman: The Animated Series Theme.
  • Greater Goddess (between Greater Goddess and Overdeity when wearing a red lantern ring, and Overdeity under a blue sun)
  • Symbol: The S-Shield/Shield of the House of El.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girls, Action Fashionistas, Flying Bricks, Bare Your Midriff, Mini Dress Of Power, Most Common Super Power, Heroic Sacrifice, Back from the Dead, Superpower Lottery, Primary-Color Champion, Kind Hearted Cat Lover, Dye or Die, Uncontrolled Strength, Hot-Bloodness, Caped Heroines, Even the Girls Want Her, Kissing Cousins, No Holds Barred Beatdowns, Pieta Plagiarisms, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Legacy Character.
  • Domains: Superheroes, Hope, Love, Compassion, Anger, Family.
  • Followers: Fionna and Cake.
  • Allies: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Kara Zor-L of Earth-2/Power Girl, Lois Lane, Conner Kent/Kon-El/Superboy, Krypto, John Henry Irons/Steel, Barry Allen/The Flash, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jor-El, Captain America, Son Goku, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Shadowcat, Buffy Summers
  • Pities: Red Hood, High Councilor
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor (moreso than other members of the Pantheon, considering he once killed her), Lex Luthor, Dru-Zod, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Mongul, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Vril Dox/Brainiac, John Corben, The Joker,Doomsday, Lobo, Red Skull, Norman Osborn, Yuuki Terumi, Emperor Palpatine, High Councilor
  • Opposes: Lex Luthor, Atrocitus, Nazis and any villain who commits genocide or destroys worlds.
  • Mary Marvel came before Kara, but Kara's Kryptonian abilities overshadowed Mary's - even more impressive considering Kryptonians have a weakness to magic, which powers Mary's abilities. Superman was able to ascend Kara to Goddesshood before Captain Marvel could Mary.
  • Kara is not the only character to hold the name of Supergirl (technically not even the first), but she was the most prominent, embodied the role best, and held it the longest. As of the latest Crisis Crossover, she is officially the only character to have held the title.
  • Unlike what some people may think, she has actually worn pants.
  • Although she is nicer and more compassionate that her cousin, she is more short-tempered. Beware.
  • Never, never, NEVER harm her cousin. She WILL kick your butt, regardless of your power level.
  • Neither she nor her cousin likes to talk about some of their Pre-Crisis stories that implied incest. Ask about them and they will get angry and ignore you. Persist and you will get a Death Glare. A red-glowing death-glare.
  • Supergirl gets along incredibly well with the Bat-Family, even Damien Wayne, whose... existence... she tolerates. Her favorite Bat-members are Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown and Dick Grayson. She also respects Batman a lot. He was one of the first heroes she met after arriving on Earth and Kara has been trained by him.
  • Kara has a good relationship with Wonder Woman from the House of Philosophy. Supergirl respects Wonder Woman for being the first female super-hero, and Diana values Kara because she is one of the strongest women in the planet and uses her powers for good (even if Diana thinks the young Kryptonian needs guidance and warrior training). Both women have enjoyed many adventures together and fought hand-in-hand. Supergirl has joined the Amazons sometimes, and in the Pre-Crisis universe, Queen Hyppolita once said "[She]'ll always think of [Kara] as [her] third Amazon daughter". In a darker universe where Superman died, Wonder Woman became Kara's surrogate mother. In another timeline, Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl -Donna Troy- are Super Best Friends Forever. She and the third Wonder Girl -Cassie Sandsmark- used to be very, very close friends.
  • Nightwing was one of the first heroes whom she met (in the Pre-Crisis timeline). Kara has a huge crush on Dick, which is not unusual, but she has heard rumors their alternate selves got married in a possible future. Kara is still trying to process this information, but she wonders why Dick would choose her instead of Barbara.
  • It's been hinted that she and Power Girl have more-than-friend chemistry with their respective besties, Batgirl and Huntress. Interestingly, she and Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark have actually kissed.
  • Once Superman revealed the existence of Supergirl to the world, Lex Luthor tried to kill her to prove she was a hoax. He failed, and to add insult to injury, she saved his life (because she did not want him to escape his life sentence). Lex got so murderously furious that he grabbed a shotgun, fired at her, and then he remembered she is Immune to Bullets. He yelled that he loathed her and her cousin before being taken away.
    • Supergirl, though, did him a favor when she made friends with Lex's little sister Lena and kept her brother's identity a secret.
    • In alternate universe Earth-149, She captured Lex after he managed to kill her cousin. Luthor was banished to the Phantom Zone and she became Superman's torchbearer.
    • When Lex first fought her after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, though, he moped the floor with her.
  • When General Zod ascended, the whole House of El (Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Jor-El, Kon-El/Superboy and Lois Lane) declared they will NEVER kneel before Zod, no matter how much he demands it, and they WILL kick his butt before banishing him to the Phantom Zone if he tries to force them. And then the Bat-Family declared they would side with the Super-Family when he tries anything. Zod promptly shut up, but Supergirl and her cousin know he is merely biding his time and they will fight him again sooner or later.
  • Clark recruited Kara's help to stop Mongul when the alien overlord appropiated Warworld. In an act of utter badassery, Supergirl hurled herself at the planet at incalculable speed, punching through the star-sized weapon and breaking it down, which gave her cousin a chance to blow it up. Mongul attempted to get revenge on Superman but he doesn't care for Supergirl at all. Kara is understandably pissed about it but she is also glad because Mongul's sexism guarantees he will underestimate her again. And if he tries that "Black Mercy" crap on Clark again, she will show him the real meaning of the word "BURN".
  • Supergirl was a constant victim of Mr. Mxyzptlk pranks during her early career. He amped her powers up, depowered her, repowered her, lured her into a future century where everyone had been brainwashed into hating her, tried to get married to her (don't ask), banished her and Batgirl to other dimension and pretended to be her enemy Black Flame pretending be Supergirl as a part of a convoluted scheme to prank Superman and Batman (again, don't ask)...
    • Proving that he doesn't understand her cousin at all, he once and temporarily amped Kara's power levels up and removed her weakness to Kryptonite to humiliate Superman. Superman's reaction was considering that maybe he should be his cousin's sidekick.
  • Supergirl both fears and despises Brainiac for having stolen her city of Kandor and terrorized Krypton. It is speculated he may have played a hand in Krypton's destruction.
    • Once Brainiac arrived on Earth and shrank Metropolis. Supergirl fought and tore apart dozens of Brainiac's murderous robots before being captured. Shortly after she chased, caught and threw away a missile Brainiac fired at the Sun. However, while she was chasing missiles, Brainiac murdered her adoptive uncle Jonathan, making Kara hate Brainiac even more than she already did.
    • Ironically one of her main love interests is Brainiac 5, descendant of Brainiac and fellow member of the Legion Of Superheroes.
  • Supergirl got annoyed when she found out about Metallo's ascension, although she is not too concerned about him, since she's faced him down several times. Once she was ambushed by Metallo, Kryptonite-Man, Silver Banshee and Parasite. While she fought she told them "I hope you don't think just because my cousin is out of town that you're going to actually win for a change" before punching Metallo out. An alternate Supergirl was almost killed by Metallo, though. Some deities have pointed out how ironic is that Metallo and Supergirl showed up in the universe at the same time.
  • Supergirl really hates Atrocitus. Although she liked being a member of the Guy Gardner's Red Lantern Corps, she blames Atrocitus for their transformation into berserkers who can barely restrain their negative emotions, and she hates him for trying to kill her friends.
  • Understandably, Kara holds a gigantic grudge against Doomsday. She hates him for killing her cousin and Doomsday hates her just so much as he hates any Kryptonian life-form. They have crossed path a good number of times. However, Kara usually has backup and is well-prepared when it happens.
    • During a battle she said "Smile, Doomsday. You're about to meet the Superman Family" before helping to pound on him.
    • When Doomsday's ungodly rage and hate for all things ended up attracting a Red Lantern ring in the pantheon, it took Supergirl, Superman and Atrocitus to team up and stop him.
  • She has zero luck at the romance department.
  • She and Power Girl together are contenders for the title of Goddess of the Continuity Snarl.
  • She's glad to see her best friend Babs return to the Pantheon.
  • She did NOT date her horse and is fed up with people who thinks she is into horses.
  • She doesn't regret her Red Lantern tenure because she learnt many valuable lessons and grew up a lot, but she sincerely hopes that she will never again be angry enough to become a Red Lantern.
  • Kara was delighted when her uncle Jor-El ascended. When they met, Jor hugged her and told she looked right like her mother, which made Kara immensely happy.
  • She was overjoyed when her cousin and Lois Lane become parents. She swore that she would give the Anti-Monitor treatment whoever threatened Jon.
  • Naturally, she really doesn't like Norman Osborn, because he is basically the Marvel universe's equivalent of Lex Luthor. Not to mention that Spider-Man told her quite a lot about Norman, so she knows quite well how dangerous the Green Goblin is.
  • Tired of hearing Dru-Zod try to and justify his hatred towards the House of El on his banishment, Kara pointed out that, in at least one reality, he wasn't banished to the Phantom Zone and he still was a jerkass to her family just because he deemed it amusing. That got him to shut up for a short while.
  • Hearing of a an alternate world where her cousin becomes a tyrannical ruler, Kara saw her alternate-self fighting against Brainiac and torn between the need to stop Superman and her wish to get him to listen to reason. Suitably disturbed, Kara felt a greater eagerness to keep her own family safe.
  • Struck up an unexpected friendship with Buffy Summers when they found out that, being blonde action girls with super-human abilities who started out their careers fighting eldritch monsters in their teen years, they had plenty stories to share. To her surprise, both girls also found an alternate reality where they teamed up every so often.
  • Kara has sometimes stumbled upon other girls who took up the Supergirl mantle, but said meetings were unfortunately and disappointingly short-lived.
  • She wants everyone to watch her new TV series on CBS and The CW.

    Satan (Shin Megami Tensei) 
Satan, Divine Judge and Sexually Ambiguous Angel (God's Judge, Mr. Suzuki, Zayin, Dredalus, Merkabah: God's Chariot: Merkabah, Gabby, Four Archangels, God's Scapegoat: Lucifer, Hikaru, God's Arbiter, Primal Angel)
God's Judge Form.
God's Arbiter Form.
God's Chariot Merkabah .
God's Scapegoat Lucifer .

Intermediate Gods

Kuja, God of Viewer Gender Confusion and Fashion Victim Villains (The Angel of Death, the Graceful Glider)

    Kuroumaru Tokisaka 
Kuroumaru Tokisaka, The Androgynous God (UQ Holder #11)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword
  • Alignment: Was Lawful Neutral is now Lawful Good
  • Porfolio: Immortality, Master Swordsman, Rapunzel Hair
  • Domains: Gender, Swordmanship, immortality
  • Allies: Touta Konoe, Evangeline/Yukihime, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Chrona
  • Enemies: Vaas Montenegro, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Hoyt Volker, Medusa, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Gul'dan, Tsukoyomi
  • He ascended after being invited by his friend/crush. In which he gratefully accepted though he had to find the title as he wish to keep it a secret.
  • Unlike Chrona, whose gender is completely unknown, he literally doesn't have a gender as his race choose his or her gender when they enter puberty. He currently prefers to be referred to as a guy, but many gods tend to refer him as a girl much to his chagrin.
  • He was intially send by his clan to kill immortals, Evangeline/Yukihime in particular. However, Touta challenged him, and after defeating him, he decided to make him his friend.
  • As a student of the Shinmei-ryuu swordsmanship style, he has asked to be taught by the skilled swordswoman, Setsuna Sakurazaki, to improve his skills further.
  • He currently has a dilemma: to be a guy and have Touta's back, or be a girl and try to get Touta's heart, which is rather hard considering Touta's feelings for Yukihime. Despite coming to terms with his feelings, it was still unresolved.
  • He is very skilled in Demon Slaying that he's mad friends with some demon slayers such as Dante. Though it's something he laments as it's the only thing he's good at. The evil demons and spirits tend to be wary of him because of this makes him a dangerous opponent.
    • Gul'dan tried to recruit him for his abilities but he refused as he was already a member of UQ Holder.
  • His gender started leaning towards his love for Touta and slowly changing into a girl. Whether on not this affects her potential godhood is unknown.
    • His friends would support his crush and try helping him get together with crush, to little to no avail, as said guy is very dense.
    • However, he later decided to support Touta rather than pursue his feelings. Kirie calls him a coward at this.
  • He's not too fond of his immortality as it caused him to be exiled from his clan.
  • Because he is genderless he tries to take baths by himself. Though some curious/perverted god would try to peek.
  • He has also been hit on by may gods and goddesses, as some of them aren't sure what his gender is but they find him to be very attractive.
  • Kuroumaru was very surprised to learn that both Yue Ayase and Nodoka Miyazaki were both in the pantheon, and was eager for a rematch against them. He was shocked to learn that they were just teenage girls without the combat prowess he's seen from them in his time. As such, he decided to keep everything he knew about them to himself in the hopes that perhaps there wouldn't be a need to fight them again.

Yubel, The Hermaphrodite Deity (Terror Incarnate, The Ultimate Nightmare, Das Abscheulich Ritter, Das Extremer Traurig Drachen)
Yubel Terror Incarnate 
Yubel Ultimate Nightmare 
  • Theme Song: Yubel's Theme
  • Intermediate Deity (Greater Deity when in Terror Incarnate and Ultimate Nightmare form)
  • Symbol: Yubel's card and third eye with lots of veins in the background.
  • Alignment: True Neutral with shades of Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Hermaphrodites, Formerly Human Draconic Demons, Sarcastic Guardians, Very Protective And Twisted Girlfriends ( Due to Brainwashing and Torture), Weaponized Combat Sadomasochism, Highly Variable Powers, Duality Motif, Technically Winning, Power Booster Fusion, Reincarnation Romance, Good-Aligned Living Nightmare Fuel
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Trickery, Suffering, Love, Reincarnation, Ambiguity, Duality, Demons, Guardians, Fusions.
  • Followers: Apos, Kanzeon Bosatsu, Makoto, Mashiro Ichijo, Angel and many others.
  • Allies: Judai "Jaden" Yuki and anyone who can aid her in her goal of protecting him. Aside from that, Yugi Muto, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Exodia, Reinforce Zwei, The Yandere Squad, Ryouna, Crona, Poison, Gardevoir, Gallade, Banette, Saya, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thanos
  • Enemies: Incubators, Saiou "Sartorius" Takuma, Eliphas, ANYONE who dares to hurt her precious Judai, the very concept of Light Is Not Good... Which seems to be pretty much almost all of the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Opposed by: The Special Lovers Squad
  • Conflicting Opinions: Johan "Jesse" Anderson
  • Yubel didn't expect to ascend in the Pantheon and was just content trying to apply to the church of Reinforce Zwei to be closer with Judai after his ascension, but everyone noted that the winged demon actually had enough potential to ascend to the Pantheon proper and the rest is history. Yubel still gets along with Rein due to their common dedication to their partner.
  • It should be noted that nobody in the Pantheon actually knows how to identify Yubel due to the female and male duality nature the fiend has, which was a big factor into the demon's ascension. Even as a child, Yubel's gender is still unrecognizeable. Yubel constantly changing between male and female voices really doesn't help. Everyone just calls Yubel a "she" whenever Gender-Neutral Writing is impossible to use to make it a day.
    • Ironically, a failed attempt to establish a gender on Yubel just made her look like she was a MtF Transsexual. This really gives the giggles to the demon, but it made her bond with Poison due to having an almost similar translation hiccups.
      • Eventually Poison convinced Yubel to also find a documentary to clear any confusions. One day, they did find one, as it can be seen here.
    • When asked on her human form's gender, Word of God was that it was whatever you wanted it to be.
    • While Yubel would have also bonded with Crona due to their shared Ambiguous Gender status, after learning how mentally unstable is zhe, she leaves hir alone. Though she does sympathize with hir and would help Crona as much as her free time would leave her to.
  • Due to her actually winning at her goal of being one with Judai forever, the Yandere Quartet tried to recruit her. She refused but she doesn't seem to mind them that much, due to sharing many things in common with Yuno Gasai and Nu-13, but she does think that Tsukuyomi is horrible and that they get a bit too carried away with their Ax Craziness to be effective guardians.
    • When she was told what Nu did to Ragna, her sole response was "Mmm, shame. Too bad fusing with her loved one in her world has such bad effects".
    • However, upon the formation of Yandere Squad, she was brought in to balance things out. She accepted the offer.
  • It's also for the aforementioned reason that the Special Lovers Squad are against her, even she is mostly harmless now. Yubel herself actually respects the group, specially Hungary for her devotion to Austria and Nyarko's obsession with Super Sentai reminds her of her precious Judai.
  • Would prefer that most of the deities to just leave her and Judai alone, and most usually accept this due to how dangerous she is. Not only is she extremely protective of the guy, not only is she very dangerous with her powers but the mere act of attacking her is useless, because she has a passive special ability that allows her to do what can only be described as Weaponized Combat Sadomasochism note .
  • However, her special ability did earn her quite an... interesting new ally. After hearing about it, Ryouna wasted no time and attempted to try out Yubel's ability. This have would earned her the demon's scorn because it does get boring after a while but Ryouna pleaded to her to not leave. Yubel eventually accept the shinobi's "friendship" but Ryouna's wide open tendencies do give her the creeps.
  • Absolutely HATES Kyubey and his ilk. In her opinion, transforming from human to non-human should be a willing AND concious decision for everyone and their trickery to effectively force others to do otherwise is monstrous. Anyone not a Puella Magi or Homura who brings up the fact that they once shared an English voice and methods will get blasted away.
    • Homura did try to attack her once for having the same voice, and boy, did Yubel ever curse her special ability.
  • Is slightly amused that Vector is supposedly her sucessor, given that he behaves more like Johan Anderson. Interestingly, Vector was very interested in having a "relationship" with her, but he was chased away by her Judai before she even had the chance to reject him. Talk about irony.

Lesser Gods

Crona, God/Goddess of Ambiguous Gender (The Demon Sword)

Forrest, God of Effeminate Males (Fashion Forward, Foleo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Music: A Lady's Mirror
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Effeminate Male, The Fashionista, Looks A Lot Like a Woman, Ojou Ringlets, White Mage, Camp Straight, Reluctant Warrior, Wholesome Crossdresser
  • Domains: Fashion, Style, Mages
  • Allies: Leo (his father), Auntie Elise, Xander, Camilla, Corrin, Soleil, Hoshidan Royal Siblings, Owain, Tharja(?), Kanji Tatsumi, Bridget, Rarity, Erika Kurumi, Astolfo, Gasper Vladi
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Ever since he was young, Forrest, the son of Leo, was always interested in fashion. And after Leo said that he looked cute in one of Elise's clothing, Forrest found a calling in making his own clothing. And due of living in Deeprealm during his youth with only few other boys around, he really didn't mind wearing feminine clothing.
  • As a tailor, he has made some friends with other tailors like Kanji, Erika and Rarity. Though all of them agree that he looks way too good wearing women's clothing than actual women.
    • He also says that he has really excellent eye for sizing outfits by simply looking at people. Which at sometimes makes people wonder if he spies on people, though he claims otherwise, unsurprisingly.
  • Avoids House of Slaughter due of his fear of blood. He did once visit the place just to talk to Sanson, as he doesn't really get why an executioner would wear such fancy outfits in his line of work if he knew he would bloody his clothes. Sanson actually put some consideration to Forrest's words.
  • Some deities wonder what is the relation between him and Soleil due of an idea that he is one of only people Soleil can legitimately get together with. Neither of them have really given any comments on the matter, though Soleil does openly say that he has great hair.
  • He does encourage other people to really act and dress as they want, no matter how "feminine" it might be. At the same time, he appreciates that there are people with similar sense of dressing, due of his own doubts in the past due of how some other people have acted against him.
  • Even though he does not want to fight, and much prefers to help people, he will put his best if he is put into the shove. For example, in a timeline where his and the other children's parents were killed and Kana was getting a Heroic B.S.O.D. due of their situation, he was the one to smack some sense into him with his father's Brynhildr and give everyone Kirk Summation. And he is perfectly capable of using Brynhildr if he needs to, to boot.
  • If you're questioning your sexuality when it comes to Forrest, don't worry, no one is going to question your opinion on that. It isn't quite in the levels of "Everyone's Gay for Bridget", but it's getting there.
  • Has a bit of a fear forwards chickens due of an incident where he was attacked by a swarm of them out of nowhere. He still has no idea how it happened, but Link sympathizes with him.

    King (Art of Fighting/KOF) 
King, The Bifauxnen Goddess (The Gorgeous Kickboxing Lady, The Ultra-Sophisticated Kickboxer, Kyokugen Cuddle Bunny - by Eiji Kisaragi)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Various Tuxedos
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Started Out As A Bouncer, Has Boyish Short Hair, Destroy Her Tuxedo, Find Out That She Is A Woman, Owner Of The Bar Illusion, Enjoys Wine And Mixing Cocktails, Skilled In Muay Thai, Deadpan Snarker, Dude, Where's My Respect?, Lady of War, Foreign Fanservice/Sexy Frenchwoman, Statuesque Stunner, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, Looks After Her Little Brother, Jan
  • Domains: Former Bouncers, Muay Thai, Bartenders, Crossdressing
  • Heralds: Her Waitresses, Sally and Elizabeth
  • High Priestess: Oscar Francois de Jarjayes
  • Not To Be Confused With: King II
  • Love Interest: Ryo Sakazaki
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Sagat, Juri Han, Chun-Li, Yang Xiao Long
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Zero (KOF), Ash Crimson, Vega, M. Bison
  • Annoyed By: Poison Kiss
  • Respects/Respected By: Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • The appearance of the Bar Illusion in the Pantheon was a big clue for the ascended participants of the King of Fighters Tournaments as to who has joined the Pantheon's ranks. Say hello to King, the French-born Muay Thai warrior, and not only is the Bar Illusion is the newest of the Pantheon's swank nightclubs, but also serves as her temple. She is also the first of the various Muay Thai practicioners from the King of Fighters to ascend.
  • Her teammates, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki, were overjoyed to hear of their friend's ascension. The Women's Team has formed in the Pantheon once again.
  • With King's ascension, there is talk in the Pantheon about having a contest to see who is the 'most handsome woman,' due to King's official title.
  • To those who know King (especially her teammates), they describe her as 'kind, trustworthy but violent.' This stems from not only the views of men regarding women who practice Muay Thai, but also the fact that King herself suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jack Turner, which led to her working for Mr. Big. Simply put, she is loyal to her friends, but should you piss her off...start praying.
  • Sagat's curiosity was roused upon hearing of the French kickboxer's ascension. Curious, he visited the Illusion. Not much was said, but King mentioned that the Emperor of Muay Thai left her with words of encouragement. To gain the approval of such a man is an incredible feat in itself, and has left King humbled by his praise.
  • She is a fan of Johnny Cage's movies. Thankfully, she hates his first film, Ninja Mime. To which Johnny had this snarky reply: "A Frenchwoman who hates Ninja Mime? There is a God."
  • King is friends with Jann Lee, due to her being a former bouncer and him currently being a bouncer. The fact that she is a Muay Thai warrior (and a more competent one than Zack) has formed a friendly rivalry of sorts between the two.
  • As she is a wine aficionado, she stocks only the best in wine. No wonder Bacchus like to drop by for a nightcap. That and her skills in mixing cocktails is gaining popularity with the gods, both good and bad.
  • There's her relationship with Ryo Sakazaki. They both met back when she was a bouncer at the L'Amour and he was looking for his kidnapped sister. Of course, Ryo didn't know that King was a woman until he blasted her with the Haohshokoken. She did help him in his quest, and to show his gratitude, paid her brother’s medical bills.
  • She also spends time at the House of Food, sampling the vegetable dishes there (as she is a vegetarian). That and she is also looking for new cocktail recipes and rare wine to sell and taste.
  • While she is the first to bear the name 'King,' there is another. Some people tend to joke about the two, saying that they can't tell the difference between a 5'9" French kickboxer and a 6'9" Mexican wrestler with a jaguar mask. At least she is on friendly terms with the other King, seeing as how Jan is a huge fan of his.
  • While she and Moe Szyslak are business rivals, Moe does have some form of respect towards King, as she is a Self-Made Woman, having built her business from scratch, and that she takes care of her little brothet, Jan.
  • There was a debate over who made the best cocktails: King or Tifa Lockhart. This led to a contest between the pair. Fortunately, the drink mixing contest ended in a wash, but the debate is far from over.
  • Carol Danvers has noticed several similarities in King's background that mirror her own, mainly the fact that while King fought for recognition in various Muay Thai tournaments, Carol sought the recognition of her father. As a result of this, both Captain Marvel and King are friends, with Kamala striking up a friendship with Jan.

    Laura Kinney/X- 23 
Laura Kinney, Goddess of Opposite Sex Clones (X-23, Wolverette)

    Lumpy Space Princess 
Lumpy Space Princess, Goddess of Unfeminine Femininity (LSP)

Poison, Goddess of Transsexuals (Toxic Rose, Graceful, Sexy & Cool)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Riding Crop Next to Her Hat.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pink Hair Coming From The 80's, Being Male In Japan, Wielding A Riding Crop, Fighting In Heels, American-based characters (Type 2), Ascended Extra, Bare Your Midriff, Villainous Crossdresser
  • Domains: Gender, Wrestling, Street Fighting, Charm, Chaos
  • Allies: Mike Haggar, Andre the Giant, various deities from the House of Lust, Yubel, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Bridget
  • Rivals: King II, Cody Travers, Alex (friendly), Juri, AJ Lee, Simon Belmont, Jaycee, Jax Briggs, Zangief
  • Opposes: Corset
  • Pities: Crona
  • Before anyone asks what the heck is going on, she points to a documentary at the front of her door to give a better summary to her history.
  • Ascended after she, and her partner Hugo, went toward the source of Pandora's Box, defeating Ogre while doing so. They were only doing it to get the media attention surrounding the box, but Poison realized that just by going through all of the trouble in finding the box, it meant that any obstacles faced in the future would be easy. Thus she found her way to the Pantheon, hoping that Hugo will come soon.
    • The two soon found themselves in a certain fighting game tournament, with Poison entering for the first time ever. The two were thankful to the fans that got them the attention to enter.
    • Lost her Attractive Bent-Gender due to now officially being female pre-op. She's still a transexual in Japan and thus managed to keep that trope.
  • Is the manager of the Huge Wrestling Academy and goes to the House of Combat to see if she can find new wrestlers for her group. She hasn't forgiven King II for giving Hugo the Mighty Swing, though.
    • Met up with Mike Haggar and told him that she's no longer affiliated with gangs and is now focused on getting famous. Haggar was happy to hear that, but is keeping an eye on her just in case.
    • She's recently gotten into a feud with AJ Lee, and is one of the few gods who is willing to call her crazy in front of her face. Gods and mortals alike have been warned to vacate the area when that happens as the wrestlers leave widespread destruction in their wake.
  • Her relationship with Cody is a bit rougher on the edges. The handcuffed god still holds resentment over her involvement in the kidnapping of his girlfriend Jessica, not to mention the flirting had turned him off. Still the two are inching closer to burying the hatchet.
  • Unsurprisingly has a soft spot for Andre the Giant. This probably is because he was the inspiration for her partner/friend Hugo, and also for his heart-breaking struggle with gigantism and death from it (dying in his sleep while attending his own father's funeral). Poison was glad that Hugo became his follower, because that means she can see him whenever she wants. Some say the two are plotting to ascend The Big Show. That in turn would give Hugo the more glamorous spot of High Priest.
    • She's surprised to find that André's godchild is Luna Vachon in the House of Vampires and learned that Luna wasn't like the normal female wrestlers in the Pantheon. Poison felt pity for her too since Luna struggled with bipolar disorder before dying of a drug overdose, and then having her buried in the same plot of field as her own godfather. Luna was happy to have company, and her (ex-)husband Gangrel has shown to be very interesting to fight against. The only thing that she's really unsure of is how Luna Vachon and Gangrel became babysitters to The Cutie Mark Crusaders of all things (Luna tells her that It's a Long Story, a very long story).
  • Now that Alex has ascended, she hopes to book a rematch between him and Hugo in the ring. Vince McMahon has yet to confirm a matchup.
  • Many gods are more than willing to hook up with her despite her ambiguous nature, to which she goes along with the flow, teasing suitors enough to keep them wanting for more.
    • She's especially popular in the House of Lust, where deities such as Bond, Charlie Harper and Mad Moxxi all have a go at her. However, they have all taken an oath to keep the true nature of her gender a secret.
  • Is not a fan of Corset or his version of BDSM, citing that he gives bondage a bad name. That and she claims he doesn't make his corset fashionable.
  • Is one of the few deities that isn't bothered at all with Bridget's gender reveal. In fact, she encourages him to exploit his antics on various male gods, to their dismay.
  • She may like Juri's style, but not her involvement with Seth or her excessive brutality. However, Poison does understand why she does such things; M. Bison has ruined many lives, forcing many to go into extremes to get their revenge on him.
  • Sympathizes with the one deity who has even arguments over his/her gender. At least she can identify herself as a transexual, Crono doesn't even have that luxury.
  • Is amused with the existence of Yubel, who claims to be both male and female. The mis-translation of their genders led to a strangely strong bond. She even helped Yubel find a documentary regarding these gender issues.
  • Tried to become the Goddess of Riding Crops as well, but that domain proved to small for a title. Most of those followers belong to Simon Belmont, God of Whips. Her attempts to charm him out of those followers have so far failed.
  • When a mysterious new masked wrestler appeared in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, Poison decided to start a feud with the woman. The two have several matches under their belts, with each claiming victories. Poison has been casually trying to guess the identity of this woman with little success.
    • Speaking of wrestlers, she had no idea what to think of newcomer Bayley who introduced herself to Poison with a hug. Poison feels that Bayley's positive attitude is bit too much, but she is still curious as to whether or not Bayley's the masked wrestler (as Bayley once went under the name "Luchadora").
  • Once trained Hugo to battle Zangief, God of Spinning Pile-Drivers. Ultimately the Russian Cyclone won the feud, but the two don't hold any grudges over it... at least not in real life. Their wrestling personas are still bitter over the loss.
  • Jax has expressed disapproval over her previous actions and is still not sure to trust her. He even refused to take part of a feud against her and Hugo. Poison isn't too upset over it, knowing it will take a while for some to forgive her.

    Sakura Oogami 
Sakura Oogami, Goddess of Masculine Women (Ogre, Super High-School Level Martial-Artist, Super High-School Level Beefcake)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The board of her dojo, covered with a white battle aura.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mixed Martial Arts, Butch-Looking Girls Looking Like a Male Bodybuiler In A Sailor-Fuku, Kind Hearted Big People, Battle Aura, Heir to the Dojo, Huge Schoolgirl, Treasuring Friendship
  • Domains: Combat, Appearance, Friendship
  • Allies: Aoi Asahina, Makoto Naegi, Kenshiro, Celestia Ludenberg, Sakura Kasugano, Jack, Nekomaru Nidai, Peko Pekoyama.
  • Odd Friendship with: Bridget
  • Commonality Connection: Elena
  • Enemies: Monokuma & His mastermind, Orochimaru, Barbatos Goetia
  • When she ascended, many mumbled if she's actually a girl, not a bodybuilder in a sailor-fuku. Oogami actually heard one of that, and the mumbler freaked out thinking that she's going to kick his ass. But then... she just smiled and assured "I really am a girl."
  • As she was a victim of the High School of Mutual Killing, Naegi is overjoyed when he saw Oogami ascended, and likewise, she's also glad to meet him and hoping for the rest. Even Oogami actually forgave Celestia Ludenberg for her selfish plot in the past, still considering her a friend even when she's writing her past suicide note.
  • While not exactly enemies to each other, Oogami stood as the inverse of Kurt Hummel.
  • She's kind of disturbed with Orochimaru due to their voice, even if he may be taking pages into being good again, his appearance still creeps her off. She's also quite disturbed and disgusted with how Barbatos Goetia looks like her if she's actually male, especially with how EVIL he is.
  • Once gave out a scream of bloody murder when she realized that Bridget IS A BOY.
  • When Asahina ascended, the first thing she did was to get into Oogami's house and gave her a hug and apologized for misinterpreting her 'suicide note' beforehand and nearly got everyone killed. Big-hearted she is, Oogami said that there's nothing to be sorry of.
  • There are rumors that say that she is the new girlfriend of Kenshiro and she might be learning Hokuto Shinken. Oogami denied the rumors swiftly, saying that her boyfriend just shared Kenshiro's name in some regions. Still she has great respect for the Man with Seven Scars and his dedication to protect the weak.
  • Many gods find her very similar to Elena: dark-skinned silver-haired girls, being a Huge Schoolgirl who wear sailor-fukus, being into friendship, etc. Elena felt mortified upon what happened to Sakura under the hands of Monokuma and has now become a good ally of hers. Sakura appreciates the thought, and Elena sometimes trains with her. Sakura's been comforting Elena over the shit the Kenyan Street Fighter's gone through in regards to her friend, Gentaro Kisaragi.

    Seltas and Seltas Queen 
Seltas and Seltas Queen, God and Goddess of Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism (Seltas: Piercing Beetle; Seltas Queen: Heavy Beetle; Desert Seltas: Axe Beetle; Desert Seltas Queen: Cannon Beetle)
Seltas on the top, Seltas Queen on the bottom
Desert Seltas and Desert Seltas Queen 
  • Lesser God (Seltas), Intermediate Goddess (Seltas Queen)
  • Symbol: Their respective Hunter's Guild icons
  • Theme Music: Battle / Seltas
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Seltas); Chaotic Neutral (Seltas Queen)
  • Portfolio: Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Combining "Mecha", Lightning Bruiser (when combined)
  • Domains: Gender, Insects
  • Size: 41.99-757.56cm (Seltas), 1271.42-1777.1cm (Seltas Queen)
  • Allies: Heracross & Pinsir, Herculious Anchus & Kuwagust Anchus
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, deities that can use fire attacks
  • Even though they are of the same species, the male Seltas look like large beetle-mantis hybrids whereas the female Seltas Queen looks like an organic Spider Tank with a pincer-like tail.
  • Their ascension was a brutal battle between them and the Nipponverse Archers and Rangers. The battle ended when other gods agreed that the Archers and Rangers do not really fit Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, especially after they evolved into two different species. The Archers and Rangers are still a bit bitter about it.
  • Even though there are multiple male Seltas around and just one Seltas Queen, there seems to be at least one Seltas that is generally spaced by the Seltas Queen's methods of war. As in, forcing one of Seltas to stand around on her back to do additional attacks in a similar sense to a mecha of sort and then using her tail to grab the Seltas, continuously smashing him into the ground to hit opponents and then devour what remains of it.
  • Both Seltas really don't like deities that can use fire-based attacks. However, the regular Seltas also has a dislike towards those that can use thunder attacks (and avoids the Fire & Electricity house because of those two weaknesses) and the Seltas Queen has also shown animosity towards ice users as well.
  • A Desert themed variant of both Seltas and the Seltas Queen have been reportedly seen. As the title would suggest, this subspecies is normally found within the sandier parts of the Pantheon, mainly near the House of Nature.
    • What makes the desert variants just as threatening as the normal versions is that the Desert Seltas Queen can pull a Desert Seltas off the ground. No one is sure how fast the Desert Seltas can spawn after an earlier one is shattered after being thrown by the Desert Seltas Queen.
  • On a less frequent basis, the two are separate from each other. The Seltas Queen can use her limbs or tail to incapacitate her prey and shoot water while the regular Seltas can take to the skies and can slash his prey while at it.
  • Given the fact that are both dangerous insects (moreso in regards to the Seltas Queen), Misty doesn't like them at all and has made it a point to keep a good distance away from them.
  • The Old Gods have taken a bit of an interest with them since the creatures resemble a race of insectoids that served the abominations. It's safe to say that should these creatures get involved with The Old Gods, nothing good is going to come out of it.
    • Chen Stormstout has also mentioned that these creatures reminded him of the Mantids, only possibly more aggressive than what he had been used to.
  • Scyther seems to have a particular liking towards Seltas given that they have a similar fighting style. On the other hand, the Seltas Queen doesn't care that much about Scyther.
    • On the other hand, both the Seltas and Seltas Queen have no real issues with Heracross, Pinsir, Herculious Anchus, and Kuwagust Anchus (despite the latter two not being "organic" compared to the others). It's likely because the four of them are beetles like the Seltas and Seltas Queen, albeit beetles with differing traits.


    Ben and Saoirse (Song of the Sea
Ben and Saoirse, God and Goddess of Genders Represented by Breed (Ben: Stubborn boy; Saoirse: Little One)
Saoirse (left) and Ben (right)

Bridget, God of the Surprise Gender Reveal, and Patron Saint of Yo-Yos (Buri-chan, Nun Boy)

    Chevalier d'Eon 
Chevalier d'Eon, Deity of Transgender Confusion (Le Chevalier d'Éon, D'Éon de Beaumont, Lea de Beaumont, Saber, The Knight of White Lilies, Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: An androgynous figure wearing half male's clothing, half female's clothing
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Transgender Confusion What Extends To Their Actual Gender note , Always Looked Like a Pretty Girl, And Dressed as One, Was Both a Spy and a Dragoon, Was Eventually Exiled from France.
  • Domains: Transgender, Prettiness, Spies, Dragoons, Diplomats
  • Allies: Poison, Charlotte Dunois, Naoto Shirogane, Perrine H. Clostermann, Astolfo, Ky Kiske, Ranma Saotome, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Beatrice
  • Followers: Yagyuu Kyuubei
  • Opposes: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • A diplomat, a spy, a freemason, captain of the dragoons at one point and possibly a writer, d'Eon was many things. However, there is one thing what stands up the most about d'Eon; their gender identity. Born with androgynous looks, d'Eon used that fact to dress up as a woman some times to act as a spy like to get close to Elizabeth of Russia, and started to claim to be female at birth. Though studies made to their corpse showed that they were actually male at birth. Even to this day, people are confused on what d'Eon really was, in true gender and gender identity.
    • To make things more simpler, d'Eon asks people to see them as whatever they want to see them as. In fact, after ascending to the Throne of Heroes, their gender might as well be "whatever d'Eon wills it".
  • House of Commerce has put up a betting pool on what gender d'Eon really is. They honestly facepalmed at that, as they can't believe that someone would do that again.
  • Just to clarify, d'Eon presumably still has a male body, unlike Poison, who had outright sex change. D'Eon does sympathize with her due of constant arguments about her situation. The same can be said about Naoto, though only due of her being forced to pretend to be a man due of her line of duty.
  • Was supposedly part on trying to solve an Ancient Conspiracy. Though d'Eon has stated that those events are false. Especially in regards of their older sister possessing them occasionally.
  • Really doesn't like The Spy, another French spy. Though they have more friendly relations with other French people like Charlotte, Ky Kiske and Perrine. They are actually training Perrine how to wield a sword more properly.
  • Is little bit of confused with Kain Highwind as even though he is a "dragoon", he isn't a dragoon they are familiar with.
  • After everything is said and done, even they are confused with Mr Garrison. Because they honestly think that Garrison is screwing with everybody.
  • According to Mozart, d'Eon has an affection forwards Marie Antoinette. No one is sure how it came to be, but it could be due of them being exiled from France before Marie came to power.
  • They actually knows about the Assassins and even once asked for an assistance of the Assassin Arno Victor Dorian to help them. As such, they seem to also get along with Ezio.
  • Just for reference, "Chevalier" is not an actual name. It is a title roughly meaning "knight".
  • D'Eon has sympathies forwards Beatrice. Or rather, Sayo Yasuda, as they can't believe how badly things had to have gone for someone to develop multiple gender personas.
  • Has supposedly met Sanson in the past due of something what happened with him and his sister Marie Joseph. They really don't like Sanson due of those events, as Marie was only person who really accepted them as they are. Though they do admit that them growing a moustache was bit silly, looking back at things.
  • "I am neither a man nor a woman. I am a lady that bears the title of a Chevalier!!!"

    Nipponverse Archers and Rangers 
The Nipponverse's Archers and Rangers, Gods and Goddesses of Battle of the Sexes
  • Demigods, usually (Have destructive power of lesser powers)
  • Alignment: Generally Chaotic Good (Archers) and Lawful Neutral (Rangers).
  • Portfolio: Archer Archetype, One-Gender Race, The Straight and Arrow Path
  • Followers: Nearly any member of a large and brutish MMO species, probably unwillingly.
  • Allies: The SCP Foundation, Jerrica Benton (for Rangers).
  • Enemies: Each other.
  • Opposed by: Etna (Archers AND Rangers)
  • The Archers and Rangers ascended after one member of the Council began looking into the history of the Netherworlds. There, it was found that the female Archers and male Rangers had been locked into a war so bad, the Overlords (Normally the kind NOT to intervene) had to break it up. This led to some bizarre sexual dimorphism, including baby Archers being born from a tree.
  • Some of the lesbians in the Pantheon have asked them how they did this, for... "reasons". The Archer race however while being from a tree are themselves capable of producing children through more conventional means.
  • The Archers (and the Rangers by association) are absolutely hated by Etna, and not because they're particularly buxom. The opposite is true, really. One archer in particular held a flat chest contest in which competitors competed for the title of flattest contestant, and both Etna and one of the Makers, Nisa, entered. When they found out what kind of contest it was, and, more importantly, that they had won it, they both ganged up on the archer, despite the fact that the point of the contest was probably to be proud of the whole thing.
  • The Archers and Rangers (after their ascension) were hired by the SCP Foundation. They were glad that the Archers were willing to work for free, but the Rangers demanded a hefty price. The SCP Foundation was seriously considering using one of it's containment units, because of the sheer prices that their combined forces would require, but they decided against it. They turned to Jerrica. Reluctantly, Jerrica complied. The Rangers consider themselves to own a debt to her, as well.
  • Interestingly, hostilities still linger between the two groups, and they can often be found killing each other while defending the Treasury. Thankfully, Death Is Cheap, but this really pisses the SCP Foundation off.
  • Note that even though they hate each other, it doesn't mean they cannot co-operate. One Archer (simply called "School Board Pres.") has an entire squadron of Rangers called the PTA (Perfectly Trained Assassins).