Pantheon: Gaming Intermediate Gods

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    The Angry Video Game Nerd 
The Angry Video Game Nerd, God of Bad, Old Games (James Rolfe, The Angriest Gamer You've Ever Heard, The Angry Nintendo Nerd, The Angry Atari Sega Nerd)
  • Theme Song: "The Angriest Gamer You've Ever Heard"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His own cartoon-ish angry face, screaming FUUUUUUCKKKK!!!, while holding a NES joystick
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Swearing A Lot, Playing Difficult Games For Very Odd Reasons, Nerd, Making Vulgar Words Funny, Playing Shitty Games That Suck Ass
  • Domains: Agony, Hatred, Snark, Riffing
  • Allies: Mario.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With The Nostalgia Critic.
  • Opposed By: Bugs Bunny, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, R.O.B.
  • Has never technically attacked Yahtzee or The Kid; Yahtzee deflected him with very fast-paced non-sequiturs and The Kid was too distracted to fight him. He now sits in his room, playing Big Rigs and waiting for someone to give him a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • He actually would rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear or eat the rotten asshole of a roadkilled skunk and down it with beer than playing those Shitty Games That Suck Ass.
  • The only man to outmaneuver, silence and defeat Bugs Bunny. However, Bugs has since avenged his defeat.
  • Archons include Armake21, Play It Bogart and The Fat Man Judgeth.
  • The Nostalgia Critic finally launched his epically hostile 'final' takeover towards the House at October 10th 2008. After a very epic battle, Nerd comes out victorious... this time.
    • After a later, even more epic conflict they chose to peacefully end their grudge and team up against a common enemy: Shitty Games and/or Movies that Suck Ass. But shortly after got back in track in the feud.
  • Recently saved all video games in the world from destruction by the hands of R.O.B.
  • Has a scathing hatred for LJN Toys, which he refers to as "Laughing Joking Numbnuts", due to the company's habit of laying down crappy licensed games. He despises the company even more for masterminding the events that led into his forced transportation into Game Land, which he eventually successfully got out of.
    • However, once he learned that Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage, a game that he considers decent, was made by LJN, his cries of "IT'S NOT SHIT!!!", echoed throughout the Pantheon.
  • Blanc / White Heart has taken a liking to the Nerd, and is even considering an alliance with him. The two share some things in common: their affiliation with Nintendo, their short tempers, and their filthy mouths.

    Banjo and Kazooie 
Banjo and Kazooie, Gods of Collection
  • Theme: Their first theme, their second theme
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Jiggy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Banjo), Chaotic Neutral (Kazooie)
  • Portfolio: Being a pair of opposites, killing a witch for kidnapping a relative
  • Domain: Collection, Platforming, N64, Laziness (Banjo), Snark (Kazooie)
  • Followers: Conker, achievement lovers, people that pick up money even when their wallet's full
  • Allies:
  • Opposed By: Gruntilda Winkybunion
  • Banjo the Bear and Kazooie ascended after finding every single Jiggy in the entire world, as well as every other collectible item. They didn't expect this to happen, but are okay with it. For a time, all they did was lounge around and play video games, but they got out of that habit and back to collecting, saving them from losing their position.
  • Tried the hardest of everyone to destroy the Microsoft Severing Station that cut the Rare Hyperbubble away from Donkey Kong's realm. The gash left behind was Tabuu's stepping stone out of subspace.
  • Despite no longer being Nintendo characters, Banjo remains on good terms with the Kong family and occasionally helps them out in the Pantheon. Kazooie makes fun of the Kongs when they're around, but she makes fun of everyone.
  • The duo has formed a friendship with Maxwell, since he's also always collecting items. Maxwell sometimes gives Banjo and Kazooie what they need, and they sometimes find Starites for him.
  • Banjo sometimes jokes about the idea of Gruntilda ascending as the Goddess of Persistence.

Cyrus, God of Hard to Use but Incredibly Powerful Characters
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Black Raven with a red tear drop in the center.
  • Alignment: Lawful neutral
  • Portfolio: Difficult but Awesome characters.
  • Domains: Stealth, Law
  • Direct Superiors: The God-Emperor of Mankind and Chapter-Master Gabriel Angelos
  • Allies: Mario, Leman Russ, Vulkan, Solid Snake
  • Opposed by: Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, The Night Briniger, and The Deceiver.
  • Ascended to god hood after Mario became very impressed with his solo runs in a team based strategy game. He then realized that there is a special type of fun to be obtained through hard work and dedication obtaining great rewards.
  • Despite appearing weak, Cyrus is incredibly dangerous. He has proven capable of killing avatars of war gods, something which has made Kratos very nervous. Few deities try to attack him because they know they have very little time to find and assault Cyrus before he pops them off with a high powered shot. Is rather embarrassed about being a deity of fun rather than of war.
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Solid Snake, a fellow Difficult but Awesome character. Their game of trying to out sneak one another has become a source of great entertainment (and wagers) in the GUAG.
  • Upon the orders of The Emperor of Man, Cyrus and the entire Blood Ravens chapter have deployed to the GUAG Sisterhood's base to protect Madoka during "The Pantheonic Rebellion".

Dural, Goddess of Ditto Fighters

    Geese Howard & Rugal Bernstein 
Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, Gods of Cheap and Powerful Bosses (Geese: Nightmare Geese - Rugal: Omega Rugal, God/Ultimate Rugal)

    The Guy 
The Guy, God of Nintendo Hardness

    John Gabriel and Tycho Brahe 
John Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, Gods of Couch-Sitting Gamers (Gabe and Tycho, Bald and Piglike)
Left:Tycho Right:Gabe

    The Keeper 
The Keeper, God of Malevolent Dungeons

    Kirito and Asuna 
Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, God and Goddess of MMORPG Players (Kazuto: Kirito, The Black Swordsman, Beater. Asuna: Titania, Erika, Lightning Flash, Berserk Healer.)

Luigi, God of Second Bananas (Green Mario, Green Thunder, The Eternal Understudy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His green "L" cap
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being Second Banana, Adorkable, fear of ghosts, Being Dangerous if pushed
  • Domain: Fun, Celebrity, Electricity, Courage,
  • Followers: Every character who appeared as palette swaps.
  • Rival: Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Allies: Mario, Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, Tails (again), Ken Masters, Yoshi, R.O.B., the Ghostbusters
  • Odd Friendship with: Solid Snake
  • Opposes: Eario, "Gay" Luigi
  • Enemies: King Boo, Waluigi
  • Wishes to make every Palette Swap a separate character with altered abilities, considering he's in Mario's shadow.
  • Does recreational activities when he's not on the battlefield. This also includes going into mansions and sucking up ghosts.
  • Despite the fact that his brother Mario is more famous, It's not easy to take Luigi very lightly. For him, however, it's not easy being green.
  • Has once confronted Ganondorf alongside a few other deities.
    • Due to the screwed up nature of Hyrule's multiple timelines, he wound up doing it again when he jumped dimensions and went on vacation. Due to a reserve power star, it ended quickly.
  • In spite of his rep as the "King of Second Bananas," Luigi has actually found a kindred spirit in Snake, who empathizes with him and defended the younger Mario brother from some scathing remarks delivered by his CO.
  • Luigi is the prime target of Waluigi, who constantly annoys him by stalking, jump-scares or bullying, despite the fact that Waluigi is even worse when it comes to being recognized. One day, Luigi snapped and brutally called him out on it. The speech was so strong it made Waluigi cry. Luigi felt sad for his rival and attemped to console him, only to be on the receiving end of an brutal atomic wedgie by Waluigi. It turns out it was another one of Waluigi´s schemes to torment him, and Luigi had fallen for it again.
  • His argument with Mario over whether the rock Luigi chiseled was a stone that he didn't make or a football, ended up being taken all the way to the House of Justice, where it was ruled to be at least an attempt to make a football, albeit a very unsafe one, being of unofficial weight.
  • He doesn't eat lotsa spaghetti with Garfield and Mario, the former of whom gets caught everytime. Garfield, on his part, grins proudly that he does so.
  • After the results of the Mario and Sonic Death Battle, Luigi was chosen to fight Tails in their own. Unfortunately for Luigi, while he was superior in all forms of combat, Tails' gadgetry trumped him in every single way. To everyone's surprise, Luigi didn't seem to mind as there was nothing that stated that he couldn't use his gadgets to his advantage.
  • Lately, Luigi seems to have developed a vicious streak when karting along his friends, becoming deadly accurate with shells and giving death stares to his victims. His companions are left baffled by his unexpected behavior.
  • Luigi dislikes Eario because he thinks of Eario as a Loony Fan who stalks Mario. Trollkaiger are currently spreading the rumour that Luigi is just jealous that he doesn't have his own stalker.
  • Was unhappy to hear that King Boo had ascended, and teamed up with the Ghostbusters to oppose him.

Magus, God of Barrier Change Bosses (The Fiendlord, The Prophet, Janus)
  • Theme: Battle with Magus
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Man Behind The Monsters, making Badass Boasts, Dark Magic, Adaptive Ability (Fire, Ice, Lightning), Climax Boss, upsetting backstory and dangerous power, ambivalence toward being a faction's leader, joining the party late in the game
  • Domains: Elemental Skills, Boss Fights, Darkness
  • Enemies: Lavos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Frog, just about anyone really
  • Followers: The Barrier Trio, The Emperor and Empress Shadows
  • Magus ascended during his search for his lost sister, Schala. Like with the mystics, Magus decided to keep the company of the gods only as a means of furthering his goals. Magus feels that godhood may increase his chances of finding his sister.
    • Many of the warmer hearts in the House of Family were touched by this story, though Magus disregards their reactions and minds his own business.
  • He was annoyed to find that Lavos is alive in the Pantheon, and has plans to kill him. Magus has met another version of himself from another timeline, who witnessed Schala assimilate with Lavos to become the Time Devourer, and thinks that killing Lavos may be the answer.
    • With his single-minded determination to stop Lavos, Magus has paid no attention to the fact that his old foe, Frog, has ascended (though Frog was the one who hated Magus, Magus himself never cared).
  • Some folks have mistaken him for an alternate form of Android 17, though the two have little in common with each other, and don't tend to cross paths.
  • Aang was actually impressed by Magus's ability to wield multiple elements at once much in the same way he can, though lightning and fire are the same in his world, and darkness isn't one of the elements. Magus has little interest in Aang's duties, but tells him that eliminating Lavos will help bring balance, and will be ready to help him should the two come to blows.
  • Sometimes, a small, purple cat can be seen wandering Magus's temple, and following him around when he's present. Magus will not respond to any statements on the matter.

    Minako Arisato 
Minako Arisato, Goddess of Variable Videogame Protagonists (FeMC, Hamuko Arisato, Kotone Shinomi, The Great Seal)

    The Reaper 
The Reaper, God of Time Penalty Bosses and Chest Monsters (Death, Creamer)

    Roahm Mythril 
Roahm Mythril, God of Challenging Oneself and Unlocking Everything (ArcadeDragon)

R.O.B., The Savior of Gaming (Robotic Operating Buddy, Robot, HVC-012, the Ancient Minister, Last of His Kind)

    Vanellope Von Schweetz 
Vanellope Von Schweetz, Goddess of Ascended Glitches and Teleport Spam (Princess, sorry, President Vanellope Von Schweetz)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her car, with "Made by Vanellope and Ralph" frosted on the side.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Optimistic and brave girls, The Trickster, being a princess, having friendship with someone older than her, having a terrible past, being an awesome driver and an adorable winner, teleporting everywhere, forgiving those of crimes as if they never happened
  • Domain: Driving, Video Games, Glitches, Royalty
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Felix, Kite, Ed, Jade and Tohru
  • Ralph asked the Gods to include Vanellope into the Pantheon once she learned to control her glitching and make it her teleporting powers. Seeing as how much Ralph has done for her, they agreed. The two reunited with hugs and insults.
  • Is able to be at any place at any time due to her teleporting, constantly questioning about stuff and having a good time. She loves joking around and messing with them, but she never intentionally does any harm.
  • Has tried multiple times in making Pinkie Pie stay far, far away from her car and to the entrance of Sugar Rush. To say that the pink pony would host a party and devour all of the world would be an understatement.
    • Oddly enough, their conflict can lead to some very interesting fights, since they both make use of teleportation but in different ways. So far, out of this restriction, Vanellope is the only God who has had her ascension party away from her temple out of "safety" concerns.
    • In Pinkie Pie's defense, she knows how hard and how much fun Vanellope and Ralph had building that car and "Pinkie Promises" that she isn't going to eat it. The one Vanellope has to watch out for is Kirby.
    • While she is a bit weary of Kirby, both have agreed to ban Kero from their respective temples due to his own voracious appetite for sweets. With the recent ascension of Anarchy Stocking, she has also been banned seeing as her own appetite for sweets is greater than Kero's.
  • When she's not teleporting, Vanellope is usually seen hanging out with Ralph and riding in her car. She recently gave him enough driving lessons so that he could participate in some racing of his own.
    • That said, she never uses her teleporting to cheat when she races with other gods.
  • Residing over glitches that become well known, Vanellope is capable of giving most—if not all—video game characters new techniques, power-ups, etc.
  • After her ascension, she has been fiercely guarded by not only Ralph, but many of the female goddess in the Pantheon due to all of the crap she had to go through. It is also not a good idea to bully her in Ralph's presence, because he will wreck you if you do.
    • There was a bit of an episode regarding Rena Ryuguu going "OMOCHIKAERI!!!!". However, Ralph takes it all in stride in the fact that Rena doesn't hurt Vanellope, the fact that Vanellope could just teleport out of Rena's grasp at any time, and also because the two became very close friends.
  • Hangs out with many of the Equestrian deities, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Vanellope does her best to help the CMC find their Cutie Marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building.
    • With Ralph now in the House of Ambiguity, Vanellope and the Cutie Mark Crusaders can be seen having play dates. Many of the gods there know not to get in their way else Ralph will have a word with them.
  • Due to her origins as a princess, many have suggested she move to the House of Royalty. Vanellope declined all invitations, because she doesn't believe that it truly defines her, and is happy in the House of Gaming.
  • Had an encounter with Kite, who initially believed she was some sort of an illegal glitch. She quickly explained her origins—including her tragic backstory—to him, and the two have become good friends, having friendly races with her car and him riding Grunties.
  • Once ran afoul with Carmen Sandiego when she stole the Sugar Rush Winner's Cup. Vanellope requested that Ralph appeal to Carmen villain-to-villain, but Ralph asserted that Carmen was only challenging Vanellope the way bad guys are supposed to do and insisted she would play Carmen's game and take it back herself. Once Vanellope recovered the Cup, Carmen offered Vanellope a position as a VILE operative, but Vanellope insisted that she's not a thief. Ralph begged to differ.
  • Became instant friends with Jade and Tohru, as the two's friendship reminded her of herself and Ralph. Vanellope loves Jade's adventures with Jackie and is in awe of Tohru's Chi Wizard training. The fact that Ralph also saw a little of himself in Tohru also counts.
  • Joined the Mario gang for a round of Mario Kart 8, especially on the track Sweet Sweet Canyon, as it reminds her a lot like home.

WarMech, God of Surprisingly Powerful Mooks (Death Machine)

    The Wither 
The Wither, The Ultimate Destroyer of Crafts
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Three black skulls.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Destruction of Everything Built And Living, Stuff Blowing Up, Eldritch Abomination, Airborne Mook.
  • Domains: Creatures, Destructions, Undead.
  • Followers: Any one who wishes to wreak havoc in online games For the Evulz
  • Enemies: Almost every god what is alive (special mention to Steve?) especially House of Craft.
  • "Allies": Undead gods, Ghetsis.
  • One day, a non-documented god decided to create a monster using material called Soul Sand and three black skulls. When the thing was finished, an explosion happened, and from the smoke, The Wither emerged, starting to destroy everything on its path, creating huge chaos in the Pantheon. Where the Wither was eventually slain, it had managed to gain godhood, causing it to not quite die.
  • The Wither can fire skulls what not only inflict a status called Wither, what will slowly drain target's health, but can destroy almost anything. Because of that, the Wither's temple is built out of Bedrock, a material which not even it can break.
  • Besides how destructive The Wither is, there is one thing it doesn't target: other undead creatures. Of course, attacking the Wither is not a good idea even if you are undead, because it will target you if that happens.
  • For surprise for many gods, the Wither doesn't attack Ghetsis, possibly due of him having the Pokémon Hydreigon, a three-headed dragon who is almost as destructive as the Wither.
  • Won against Deviljho once by destroying everything it could use as food in order to cause Deviljho to get exhausted for not having enough energy to fight back.