Pantheon / Friendship Lesser Gods

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    Akechi Mitsuhide 
Akechi Mitsuhide, God of Fatal Close-Associate Betrayals (Akechi Juubei Mitsuhide, Reaper, Tenkai, Nankobou Tenkai)
Mitsuhide on a good day
Mitsuhide on a bad day

Ashi, Goddess of Talking Down the Suicidal
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess Intermediate Goddess when using her Aku-given powers
  • Theme Song: "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin The Couple Song she shares with Jack.
  • Symbol: Ladybug
  • Alignment: Neutral Good formerly Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Friendship, Hope, Changed Ways, Love, Strength
  • Portfolio: Talking Down the Suicidal, Because You Were Nice to Me, Self-Made Orphan, Sole Survivor, Took a Level in Kindness, Tyke Bomb, White Sheep, One Woman Army, Made of Iron, Dating What Daddy Hates, Cessation of Existence, Heel Realization, Half-Human Hybrid, Lovecraftian Superpower
  • Allies: Samurai Jack her husband, Ryuko Matoi, Laura Kinney, Satsuki Kiryuin, Iroh, Po, Nia, Simon, Shizuo Heiwajima, Superman, Saitama, Zuko, Celty Sturlesson.
  • Respected By: Mike Schmidt
  • Odd Friendship: Sanji, Rarity, Six
  • Enemies: Aku. Springtrap. Ragyo Kiryuin. Basically, if you used your children to make an army or otherwise abused them, your name will go here. Izaya Orihara, Monika
  • Pities: N, The Nohr Royal Siblings
  • Earned this title from not just talking Jack down from committing seppuku, but also battling the embodiment of death that had talked him into it at the same time. Highly unexpected since this was the opposite of her life goal.
  • Will take on anyone that has put any of her new friends in the Pantheon into a deep bout of depression. After seeing how far down it took Jack, she is not even risking it.
  • Was born into a cult known as The Daughters of Aku. Didn’t learn until it was too late that it was literal in her case. She was trained from birth to actually kill Jack.
  • Changed her ideals while watching Jack himself and seeing all the good he has done for others, not Aku as she had believed. As she herself stated: "The hope you gave me saved my life!!"
    • When she confronted her mother again, she had realized she and her sisters were trained for a mission that would only get them killed. This, and protecting Jack at the time, finally gave her the courage to stand up to her.
  • Glad to have found fellow heroes that have saved people from taking their own lives. Would not mind starting a group against the more manipulative members of the Pantheon that would put people in such a state. She has tried to contact Tim Drake and Monkey D. Luffy about it.
  • Is not a big fan of her more stronger powers, considering what happened when she got those powers. She has even been avoiding wearing black clothing. Though she can no longer be forced to use them against her will, she will only use them if she has no other choice.
    • Jack has given her his complete sympathy on this, having to watch as she went through this torment first hand. Also, the last time he wore black she disappeared in his arms.
  • Witnesses state when she first ascended, Jack had jumped over the crowd to reach her first. He hugged her for several minutes causing surprise to those that knew the stoic samurai.
  • She soon got to know Jack's allies in the Pantheon. Po and Iroh grew on her the most. Po for being so cheerful and trying to brighten her day. Iroh became like the parent she wished she had.
  • Iroh has also introduced her to his nephew, Zuko, who had also a similar change of heart. They sit down for tea every now and then to talk since they have such a mutual understanding of each other. Whether Zuko actually drinks his tea is a different matter all together.
    • After finding out Ragyo Kiryuin was actually one of the current heads of the Betrayal House Zuko is in, Ashi has been keeping a stronger watch over him.
  • After learning about Jin Kazama and his very domain, she has started to work on her martial arts skills in hopes to aid him if there is call for it.
  • Immediately connected with Nia after learning their similar fates. Nia has introduced her to Simon and Nia has met Jack. The two men, however, have not met each other yet.
  • Once she heard the strangely similar and disturbing origins of Ryuko Matoi, Ashi went out of her way to met her at the House of Costumes. Hearing it right from Ryuko seemed to make it worse. From her mother using her as experiment, having said parent brainwash her into attacking her friends, to her then killing herself to still try to win. Ashi needed restrained before Ryuko could finish. The only upside to her tale was that her sister, Satsuki Kiryuin, was spared from the darkness. Ryuko found a kindred spirit in her after watching her get just as hot-tempered as she does and hearing Ashi's own background. Though she has amassed a good group of allies; people commonly say if she's not with Jack then check with Ryuko.
    • She and Ryuko were surprised when X-23 herself, Laura Kinney came to them, seeking someone else who had been born to be weapon to lay down her burdens with. Ashi gladly accepted her with a hug and Ryuko jokingly laughed that they were starting a collection. She was met with death glares from both women in response. The three girls get along well now, each having a shoulder to lean on when their past memories start to get the better of them.
  • Tagged along with Jack to the House of Craft when he had some ghi that needed patched up. This was when she met Rarity. She took one look at her current outfit and immediately brought out all the latest fashion clothes she had. Ashi was overwhelmed. Jack spent the rest of the shopping trip hiding his face behind his hat.
  • Gained immediate hatred toward Springtrap after learning of the murdered children and what he did to them afterward. She has volunteered for guard duty over him. Mike Schmidt, however, didn't feel ok with someone so new to the Pantheon being left alone with him. He did admire her bravery, being one of the very few that actually asked for the job.
    • She did ask Jack if he could use his sword to defeat Springtrap. Though he wished he could let them, Mike knew whatever was inside it would only become worse if unleashed.
  • Learned that Izaya Orihara liked to torture those with suicidal thoughts. She has since made an alliance with his worst enemy, Shizuo Heiwajima.
    • Was actually told about Izaya by Celty Sturlesson of all people.
  • Telling the story of when she and Jack fought a shape shifting alien in a crashed space ship couldn't help but gain the attention of Ellen Ripley. After hearing her stories in turn, Ashi became very grateful there had been only one.
  • Likes to spend time in the House of Nature. She will wander around just admiring all the beautiful trees and flowers. Jack will sometimes pack a small lunch which they eat together while sitting under a cherry blossom tree.
  • Ashi and Sanji know they share a common trauma in their early childhood and agreed to help the other against their various enemies within the Pantheon. The odd thing is that Sanji has kept his distance and has not hit on her once. It has boiled down to three theories.
    • He actually respects the fact she is already in a relationship and will not intervene.
    • He's worried about what she can do to him.
    • He's worried about what Jack would do to him. The last two theories were suggested by Zoro.
  • Is still trying to get over the fact that so many people in the Pantheon sound like her.
  • Got to finish he wedding ceremony with Jack in the Pantheon.
  • She wants to help Six given what the young girl has been through. The problem lies Six's powers and the things she did in The Maw. It reminds her too much of her own nightmare. It had been the first time she had been nervous around anyone in the Pantheon. Jack and Toriel come along when the girls talk to help keep things at ease.
  • She attacked Monika on sight, knowing what she had done to her other club members. Other Pantheon members had to drag her away due to their fear of Monika.

    Asuka (Senran Kagura
Asuka, Goddess of Bonds Through Combat (The Wakizashi-Wielding Whisperer of Defeat, Jugs, Tits-for-Brains)
Ultimate Asuka 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Ultimate Asuka)
  • Symbol: A frog on top of two crossed wakizashi.
  • Theme Music: In The Name of Justice, In My Grandpa's Name, Successor of Hanzo, Duty of Good, Grandma's True Motive. What a Sword and Shield Strive For as Ultimate Asuka
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with Neutral Good leaning
  • Portfolio: Friendship Through Combat, Tomboyish Ponytail, Dual Wielding, Summoning a Giant Frog, Earth-elemental, For Great Justice, Scarf of Asskicking, Not Afraid to Die, Hot-Blooded, Being The Sword and The Shield, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Hair, Frogs, Earth, Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Homura, Miyabi, Yumi
  • Former Enemies: The members of Crimson Squad and students of Hebijo and Gessen Academy
  • Opposes: Raynare, Orochi
  • A Hot-Blooded shinobi from the Hanzou Academy, Asuka is willing and ready to discard her normal life and even her entire life to accomplish her mission. Originally the Goddess of Tomboyish Ponytails, once the spot of Defeat Means Friendship was opened up, she sought to earn that spot. And for good reason; she outright believes that people can understand eachother through fighting. Just ask Homura, who at first saw as a novice shinobi, and later became her greatest rival and strongest friend through repeated battles. Or Yumi, who eventually became friends with Asuka, would she either win or lose against her.
    • Not only that, but Asuka is a person who would become friends with anyone as long as they want to be. And to her, true power comes to being the sword and the shield; the will to protect those who you hold the dearest. And she wishes to protect everyone for her family legacy's sake, even in the shadows.
    • Due of this mentality, she has mad allies with other deities who have bonded through combat. Though whenever or not they actually fought to earn it is another question.
  • Has made a patch with Greninja to be her summon animal if the situation requires. Though some gods from the Pokémon universe wonder if she would be better off with Seismitoad due of her element.
  • Is in good terms with Kasumi and trains with her when she has the chance. She has also lend her clothes for Kasumi to wear, though with a warning that they aren't made out of best material when it comes to combat.
  • Has the most hatred forwards Orochi than the other Hanzou students, especially since she was the one who had to took the incarnation of it in her own universe down. As you can guess, she was not happy at all when her own world's Orochi pop up in the Pantheon
  • Sometimes confused with the other Asuka(s). Asuka also doesn't have a surname she wants to give out due of her being a shinobi, making things harder to really differentiate the two. They both even know a person named Katsuragi.
    • And then there was this problem of her sounding like Menoly. Made even more ridiculous when Neptune said that she sounds like Marvy... a.k.a. the personification of the company who created her. Got more confusing then Marvy herself ascended.
    • Her attempts at speaking English almost landed her a one-way beating from Hyodo Issei, due of her voice sounding like his ex-girlfriend, Raynare, who killed him in his first date. Fortunately, Asuka dodged Issei's intial attack on her and was able to unintentionally cool him down with her figure to solve the misunderstanding. He now gets along well with her, as with the rest of the Hanzou Academy students.
    • And on that note, she had an encounter with Issei's ex herself and was quick to see why Issei was so pissed off because of her smug attitude. Just as Raynare was about to skewer her with a lance of light, Homura came running in and chased the Fallen Angel away. Homura has since vowed to utterly kill Raynare, not only because she almost defeated Asuka but also because she reminds Homura of the one person who doomed her from becoming a Good Shinobi in the first place.
  • She was understandably cheerful that Homura, her rival and one of her closest friends, managed to ascend. She tried to throw a small party for her, but she refused.
    • She was also happy to see the students of other school ascend.

    Colette Brunel 
Colette Brunel, Goddess of Unfortunate Chosen Ones and Well-Intentioned Lies (Collet, The Chosen of Mana/The Chosen of Regeneration, Miss Angel)

     Ed, Edd, and Eddy 
Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Gods of Big, Thin, and Short Trios (The Eds, Ed-boys, Dorks, Eddy: Skipper, Pipsqueak, Edd: Double D, Sockhead, Eddward, Ed: Lumpy, Horace)
From left to right, Eddy, Edd/Double D, Ed

    Felix (Red vs Blue
Felix, the God of Fake Friendship (Sunkist McScouty, Pumpkin Patrol, Isaac Gates)

Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things (Saddle Rager, Flutterbat, Flutterbold)
  • Leitmotif: "So Many Wonders" and "Music in the Treetops". Also, her Fighting Is Magic Theme.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, three pink butterflies
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: being nice to everything alive (but shying away from other ponies), healing animals and speaking to them, taming giant, powerful creatures, being cute and loving cute critters, extreme shyness and sensitivity, being too pure to corrupt, apologizing a lot, winning battles without lifting a hoof against the foe, control of animals, winged creatures scared of heights, cute cowardice... or is it?, danger of snapping (with fearsome results), THE Stare
  • Domains: Animals, Nature, Kindness, Cuteness. Occasionally: Insanity, Obsession
  • Herald: Angel Bunny, who can be anything but
  • Allies:
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Enemies: All who would hurt animals. BEWARE.
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Creeped out by: Paul London (long story)
  • She was chosen by the Gods to heal the injured animals. They felt that Fluttershy's occasional snaps can actually come in handy if it comes to fighting fire with fire.
  • A new big fear regarding Fluttershy has arisen. That being the day she runs into the newly ascended Rena Ryuugu and THE STARE faces off against OMOCHIKAERI mode.
  • She had a bit of an episode the first time she stepped into The Bestiary (without a tour guide, thinking she didn't need one), and the animals there didn't automatically flock to her. After setting traps for the animals, Steve Irwin, the groundskeeper, kept getting into her traps, other traps were foiled and turned against her by Jerry, Sharptooth and Godzilla were taking turns chasing Fluttershy away (large reptiles being one of the only animals she fears), Zubat kept attacking her despite Pikachu's attempts to defend her, and The Rabbit of Caerbannog turned out not to be the cute little bunny he seemed. But after she flipped out and loudly demanded that they all love her, even Godzilla was scared.
    • Because of this, whenever Godzilla gets too out of hand the Pantheon now sends for Fluttershy, the only one who can stop his rampage. She does this by flying into his face while he's destroying buildings and giving him a firm scolding, but reassuring him that he's "not a bad radioactive dinosaur, he just made a bad decision".
  • Sometimes hired by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to act as a babysitter for his 420 kids. They behaved themselves after she used "the Stare" on Bowser.
  • Has been much more timid when in the House of Beast lately, due to the arrival of Princess Celestia (who she is afraid of being a bother to) and Princess Luna (who outright terrifies her, much as Luna would wish otherwise).
    • And then with Gilda's ascension, she's more wary then before, but not as scared as she might've been for two reasons. One, she's not the scaredy pony she was before (well, not as much, anyway). Two, she has a lot of friends in the Pantheon who would NOT be happy to see her cry.
  • On behalf of Princess Celestia, Fluttershy has successfully formed an unlikely friendship with Discord, who was released from his prison on strict probation. Fluttershy acts as his moral anchor, as without her Discord would likely revert to his old ways. Most of the other gods still do not trust Discord completely, and many still think his reformation is a trick.
    • This made Fluttershy also obtain her own house in the Pantheon of Friendship. Although shy at first, she easily warmed up with everyone in the house. She felt so happy that she burst into song!
  • Johnny Blaze has expressed interest in her Stare due to its apparent similarities with his own Penance Stare ability. Fluttershy, for the most part, has altogether avoided answering his questions, as she is utterly terrified of him.
  • Has mostly given up on her dream of becoming a tree out of disgust after meeting Exdeath.
  • Is very close friends with The Lorax, who will often speak for her when she becomes too timid to voice her thoughts.
  • When she found out that an 'inseparable link' was formed between her and the Incubators, especially Kyubey, Fluttershy decided to pay that little weasel a visit in hope that her glare would put an end to the Incubators' 'information withholding' and general Trolling. The emotionless Kyubey didn't even flinch.
    • That being said, unlike many other Gods, Fluttershy was revulsed and shocked when Akuma Homura enslaved the Incubator race and mind raped Kyubey, apparently leaving him completely broken. She agrees that he needed a lesson in empathy, but... not like this. Not even someone like him deserves such a fate, she comments.
  • Spends lots of time with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, singing together and cleaning the Pantheon alongside their animal friends.
  • There was an incident where Fluttershy accidentally got bitten by a vampire and became "Flutterbat", trying to suck blood—or apple juice, it wasn't really clear. It took the House of Beasts, led by Discord, to calm her down and turn her back. To this day, Fluttershy steers clear of vampires.
  • Got the eyes of both Zangief and Daniel Bryan for how she was able to wrestle a bear into submission. Fluttershy was embarrassed of the praise the two gave her seeing as the only reason that she was fighting the bear was to relieve it of shoulder pain (even though she gave a bear a Neck Snap). That said, she didn't decide to go wrestle Pooh Bear—instead she invited him into her Temple and shared Hunny, causing everyone to coo at the sight.
    • She does get along with Bear Hugger though. She was amazed that she has a bear as his personal trainer and his squirrel friend likes to play with her every now and then. And André the Giant has let him take care of his petting zoo, much to her delight.
  • Recently formed a bond with Lambda-11, partly due to their similar quiet personalities (though for different reasons) and partly out of their like of animals. They occasionally go to the Houses of Nature and Beasts to see the wildlife.
    • Something similar happened with Squigly, who Fluttershy quickly bonded with (after the obligatory fainting period when she first saw her) thanks to their similar personalities.
  • She has a sort of resentment against Arakune due to the fact that he keeps trying to eat small fuzzy animals. Luckily, she and Discord have managed to prevent him from eating any other animals in the pantheon and have kept Arakune away from the animals. She does, however, leave some food out for him, thinking that if he is fed and full he won't try to eat the animals.
  • Milla bonded with her fast (after first asking permission to touch her mane) due to being similarly shy, being…quite dangerous when the chips are down, and an unfortunate incident they both share: being mutated into monsters by Lord Brevon. The hound is a little envious of the pegasus due to how easy she got off, considering Lilac/Carol had to beat the hound up, and even seemed to be dead at the end of it, whereas Discord was able to turn his friend back with a snap of his fingers and humiliate Brevon to boot.
  • Has given up her seat on the Friendship Trio, bequeathing it to Nia Teppelin, to focus more on taking care of the animals in the House of Beasts.
  • One day, a little lamb named Pom was dragged over by her pack of sheep dog puppies to Fluttershy's place and they were eager to get some training in so as not to fall behind of the other Key Keeper candidates of Fśnum. The lamb's over-eager canines riled up the animals under Fluttershy's care, especially Angel, and they were all too willing to defend their mistress. During the chaos that ensued, the battle went too far, and Fluttershy was forced to step in, and as a result so did Pom in defense of her pups. Later, A profuse apology was made on Pom's part, who confessed her pups' reasons for fighting; a woman named Lauren Faust got her (and five other candidates) into the Pantheon for some extra training.
  • Another time, she returned to her temple to find Paul London and two other beings known as Mala Suerte and Saltador worshiping Angel Bunny. When she asked why, Paul London exclaimed that her bunny friend was "The White Rabbit" that brought London to the Rabbit Tribe. Fluttershy has now asked Brian Kendrick to keep an eye on Paul London should he decide to enter her temple like that again (although Angel didn't mind the attention).
    • Her problem with wrestlers didn't stop there as she once had to pull the Cutie Mark Crusaders from an all-night marathon of horror movies with their vampire wrestling friends in the House of Ambiguity. While she's happy that the Crusaders were taken care of (through the use of horror books, movies and video games), she's a bit frightened (Read: a LOT frightened) at the two who were taking care of them. It didn't help that Luna Vachon out of the two absolutely found Fluttershy to be adorable...especially after the Crusaders mentioned Fluttershy's batpony form. So now Fluttershy has been invited for horror films and being dressed like a vampire (if only so she makes sure the Crusaders don't get any ideas...) Upon learning that Luna Vachon was André the Giant's godchild, she's honestly confused since their personalities are nothing alike.
  • Many gods were shocked to learn that she's a huge fan of goddesses like Ranma Saotome, Usagi Tsukino, Utena Tenjo and Rei Ayanami. In fact, when Fluttershy got the courage to see Rei for the first time there was silence...until Rei broke into a smile and hugged Fluttershy. Everyone else in the vicinity went "D'awwwww...." at the sight!
  • Occasionally posts Lets Plays to the Pantheon from the safety of her temple. While she enjoys doing this, she often gets annoyed when well-meaning people address her as "Fluttershee."
  • Also holds a position in the House of Nature.

    Gardevoir and Gallade 
Gardevoir and Gallade, Twin Gods of Guardian Entites (Sirnight [Gardevoir]; Erureido, Psythe [Gallade])
  • Theme Songs: Battle! Diantha (Gardevoir); Battle! Wally (Gallade; shared with Wally)
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate Gods when Mega-Evolved)
  • Symbol: Their Mega-Stones, the Gardevoirite and Galladite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female (Gardevoir); Male (Gallade)
  • Abilities:
    • Gardevoir: Trace (Pixilate as Mega Gardevoir)
    • Gallade: Steadfast (Inner Focus as Mega Gallade)
  • Moves:
    • Gardevoir: Moonblast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam (Z-Move: Shattered Psyche)
    • Gallade: Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance (Z-Move: All-Out Pummeling)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Guardians, Loyalty
  • Allies: Wally, Auron, N, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Absol, Lucario, Aegislash, Chesnaught, Yubel, Arturia Pendragon, Rider, the other Gardevoir, Uesugi Kenshin, James Henry Trotter
  • Enemies: Master Xehanortnote , Seymour Guado, Ghetsis, Lady Tremaine, Banette, Bisharp
  • Followers: the Spirit Dream Eaters
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine
  • Both joined the pantheon out of the loyalties they've had towards the many trainers out there. Most of the time, they can be quite friendly towards others, but if you hurt their trainers, you better watch out, especially if they're Mega-Evolved.
    • They were especially happy to see that Wally had also made it to the pantheon. When the pantheon decided to assign Pokémon to other deities, Gallade went with Wally, while Gardevoir was assigned to Sora.
  • They both formed a special connection with Auron over their respective loyalties to protect those they truly care about.
  • The two are not fond of the Guardian Entity that serves Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (and Terra-Xehanort before that), and view it as their evil counterpart. However, when Riku took on Ansem's form and used this guardian to capture Roxas so that Sora would awaken from his sleep, they just let this incident slide, since it was for a good cause. Oddly enough, Gallade seems to have a special connection with Riku...
  • They also don't have any respect for Ghetsis or Lady Tremaine for being abusive (and in the latter's case, hateful) step-parents to N and Cinderella, respectively.
    • They also have disrespect towards Scar for the murder of his brother, Mufasa, and blaming Simba, for causing it. The fact that Scar later became a Heartless and retained his original appearance only furthered their distaste towards him.
    • They also show sympathy for James over how he lost his parents to a phantom rhinoceros and had to live with his evil aunts, who are described as "worse than Lady Tremaine". Fortunately, he has since been Happily Adopted.
    • However, at least they show some sort of respect towards Darth Vader for his atonement out of his son's love for him, even if it meant his death.
  • Despite having a very feminine appearance, especially while Mega-Evolved, Gardevoir can be a male. There is a reason why its Japanese name is the masculine-sounding Sirnight. However, the one in the pantheon is confirmed to be female.
  • If you are asking, this is not the same Gardevoir from Team Charm. The confusion between the two has gotten to the point where the other Gardevoir started to wear a scarf.
    • Surprisingly enough, the other Gardevoir's partner, Ventus, happens to be the predecessor of Sora. The fact that Ven's heart is currently sleeping within Sora's body only fueled the confusion.
    • Gardevoir has made encounters with Roxas, the Nobody of Sora. At first, she mistook him for Sora before he explained his side of the story. Legally, Gardevoir is also partnered with Roxas for this reason, but Sora's statements that Roxas deserves to be his own person defies this. Still, the two have become friends, and Gardevoir often hangs out with Roxas for some ice cream (sometimes, even with the other Gardevoir hanging out).
    • The events of "Diamond Adventure" caused Sora to temporary leave the pantheon to both recover and prepare for war against Master Xehanort. Ratchet, who is her original trainer by accident, has stepped in to be Gardevoir's temporary partner.
  • Gardevoir is fully aware that Wobbuffet has a crush on her; all of his attempts to impress her have so far been... politely shut down. He won't give up on her, though.

    The Green Flu Survivors 
The Green Flu Survivorsmembers , The Collective Group that Never Splits Up (Bill: William Overbeck, Mr. Overbeck, Namvet; Francis: Biker; Zoey: Teengirl; Ellis: El, Overalls; Nick: Nicolas, Gambler, Doctor Nick, Colonel Sanders; Rochelle: Ro, Producer)
From Left to Right: Coach, Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, Zoey, Francis, Bill, and Louis

    Jah'Rakal the Troll Warlord 
Jah'Rakal, The God Who Nobody Likes (The Troll Warlord, The Ultimate in Trolling.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Two thrown axes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Trolls, The other kind as well, throwing and swining axes, insulting the player for annoying him, being cast out from a society of complete assholes for being far too much of an asshole, being racist towards other trolls, likely to be the badguy in a group of good guys, formerly living in the lower parts of his mothers den, Hitting REALLY fast.
  • Domains: Hatred, Trolling, Axes
  • Followers: He's a warlord of one. That is all.
  • Allies: Allies?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- No. Any alliance he makes is temporary at best. Though Khorne seems to appreciate his constant rage and bloodlust. Possibly friends with Deadpool
  • Odd Friendship: Filthy Frank
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Any hero he's fighting together with in the Field of the Ancients
  • Enemies (aka people he hates a bit more than others): Vol'jin, The Champions of Runeterra (But especially Draven), The other Defenders of the Ancients most of the time, Trollkaiger, LOL Rangers
  • When Jah'Rakal ascended, the House of Friendship thought that they'd get a new friend... only to find out that this troll warlord is one of the most hateful creatures in the universe. The utter confusion was stuffs of legend. They let him stick around since he's still a member of the house, but they generally don't talk to him. Some deities find Jah'Rakal's position being in the House of Friendship absolutely hilarious, though.
  • Calling himself "The Ultimate in Trolling", he tried to join GUAE Trollkaiger and become the leader. However, there were two main things that made sure that he couldn't join:
    • One: Even THEY thought he was too much of a douchebag to deal with!
    • Second: He really doesn't understand any form of "Trolling" outside of "throwing axes in peoples eyes".
      • The LOL Rangers gave him a similar reason to refusing him a membership. He has since then sworn revenge against both factions.
  • It is still not know why he seems to like the GUAG SLIGHTLY more than the GUAE. Some speculate that the gods of evil wronged him somehow and that he wants to kill them before he starts a killing spree against the good guys for some cheap laughs.
  • It is not know why exactly his allies in combat goes berserk whenever he does. Some say that he carries a Hate Plague. Some say that he has been blessed by Khorne. Other say that his allies simply wants to take out their frustrations caused by him whenever they hear his battle-cry.
  • He has no love for anybody, but he hates fellow axe-thrower Draven more than anybody else, attacking him as soon as he spots him. His reason?
    You remind me of me...I HATE YOU MOST OF ALL!!
  • He has never goten along well with Vol'jin, the God of Trolls. In Jah'Rakals eyes, jungle trolls are barley trolls at all.
  • There are strange rumors running around that he might be secret buddies with Deadpool. The Merc With a Mouth has yet to tell if this is true or not, just to mess with peoples heads. That has not stopped people from noticing that Jah'Rakal sounds like Mr Wade Wilson if he had a sore throat.
  • Filthy Frank has surprisingly gotten along with Jah'Rakal. The two of them can often be seen together complaining about things they hate (which consists of pretty much everything) and yelling insults at anyone who passes by. Neither of them are doing the other any favors as they both egg on and encourage each others' bad behavior.
  • Jah'Rakal wasn't always this unpleasant, however. Rumors has it that in the past, he's more or less a heroic Troll fighting the Scourge and trying to prove that Trolls really are the best fighters there is. Something snaps along the way and he's now the highly unpleasant Troll, no one knows why, maybe he has a falling out with Vol'jin, maybe he preferred a certain Zul'jin more as a fighter (he was never really magic-attuned)

     J.D. and Turk 
John Michael Dorian and Christopher Turk, Co-Gods of Life-Long Friendship
  • Theme Song: Guy Love
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: An I.D. tag.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Can sense hookups, Salt and Pepper, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man
  • Domains: Friendship, Chaos, Good, Healing, Community
  • Followers: The Kratt Brothers, Harold and Kumar, Karen and Gretchen, Seth and Evan
  • High Priests: Jay and Silent Bob
  • Allies: All good-aligned deities in the House of Friendship, the subhouse of Couples Archetypes and Couples Relationships, Mike and Sulley, Jak and Daxter, Abed Nadir, George and Harold, All heroic My Little Pony deities, Madeline, Amélie Poulain, Dr. McCoy, Spock, Many deities with best friends
  • Opposes: Felix, Akechi Mitsuhide, Penelope Mouse
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Janitor
  • Odd Friendship: Dr. Gregory House
  • For such a prestigious title, this particular temple has had a tumultuous past. Originally given to Jak and Daxter, it was ravaged due to the events of Project: Alternate Gentaro. The ruin grounds were transferred to Mike and Sulley and for a time things were peaceful. Eventually, the two monsters decided to abdicate the role, seeking a couple that was defined by their friendship. It took the two several weeks, but they eventually decided to give the role to a couple of dormant gods. J.D and Turk had a brief tenure in the Pantheon before getting kicked out for the lack of a suitable title. The only thing that kept them together was their friendship, a bond so strong that Mike and Sulley couldn't find any better alternatives to give to. Thus marks their return to the Pantheon.
    • Their return to the House of Health and Diseases was greeted with mixed reception. Sure there were no doubt to be great doctors, but their antics can get on some of their nerves. Dr. Cox promised to take on the role of reigning them in.
    • To their surprise, they were greeted warmly... by Dr. House of all people. Long known for being a jerkish doctor, House has nevertheless grown fond of any older of Lifelong Friendships. Anyone that knows him can figure out it's due to his long lasting bromance with Dr. James Wilson. Even when J.D. and Turk refer it as the "ultimate bromance", House admits it with a smile. The trio were seen together for comfort upon the death of his dear friend.
  • Their arrival only spurred the Janitor to continue on with his pranks on the two. No one has figured out why the Janitor holds such an intense grudge on the doctors.
  • While not the most powerful deities in the House of Friendship, their temple is one of their most crucial as they represent the bond between two friends, an essential trait for partners. The amount of tribute they receive in the Pantheon would be countless, ranging from all over the alignment square.
  • Those in the House of Love were confused with the decision, with some thinking the two were more than just friends. Otherwise, they are whisked into the House to help determine whether a couple has actually hooked up. No one knows their methods of finding out.
  • The only person who initially objected to the choice was Abed, God of Savviness. He is one part of a well-known friendship with Troy Barnes. He eventually relented when he found out just how fun they were together.
  • The ponies made sure the couple received a warm reception once they entered the Pantheon. The doctors themselves were amazed to find a group that were so fond of friendship.
  • They don't have any ill will for the man, but they have no choice but to oppose Felix on principle, especially with the way he treats his friendships. J.D. and Turk have to constantly scan their followers to make sure there are no secret Felix clergy in their ranks.
    • They have also been wary of evil gods Penelope Mouse and Akechi Mitsuhide. The duo have been perpetrators of many a broken friendship.
  • Can see a lot of themselves in Harold and George, believing it to be a precursor for their friendship if they were childhood friends.
  • Madeline has officially picked them as her official doctors. No one has been as enjoyable to work with as the couple. They have been thourough in checking on her after Madeline's appendix surgery.
    • The same can be said with Amélie, especially when paired with J.D. Luckily Turk is usually around to bring them down to earth if things go to far. The rest of the House of Health & Diseases are just glad they finally got her to attend regular checkups. Their previous lineup didn't appeal to her.
  • They often get into philosophical debates with Spock and McCoy, with the doctor and the Vulcan siding with their like partners. Most of the time, J.D. and Turk hardly ever argue. The space officers see their friendship as hope that the two can work together without butting heads all the time.
  • They once auditioned for the Superhero Division, dressed as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. It's safe to say that they didn't last that long. While Bruce shook his head in embarrassment, Dick at least appreciated their effort and homage to their glory days.

Joshua, the God in Mortal Disguise (Yoshiya Kiryu, The Composer)
  • Theme Song: Calling
  • Lesser God (in disguise), Greater God (as the Composer)
  • Symbol: His cell phone
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first, Neutral Good after development
  • Portfolio: Tough, effeminate men, Beam Spam, cell phone as a weapon, Deadpan Snarker, Insufferable Genius, Physical God, Lonely at the Top, Smug Smiler
  • Domain: Death, Disguise, Holiness, Tokyo
  • Allies: Neku, Beat, Sora, Riku, Oerba Dia Vanille
  • Opposed By: Sho Minamimoto
  • Rival (one-sided): Aslan
  • High Priest: Peco
  • Joshua was always in the Pantheon, but never made an appearance until shortly after the Great Upheaval. He had distracted himself by playing Tin Pin Slammer in an alternate universe. After satisfying his boredom, he returned to the Pantheon.
  • As the patron deity of deities disguising themselves among mortals, Joshua is usually found on the mortal plane, observing the mortals from a distance. Whenever Neku and Beat make trips down to the mortal world to spend time with Shiki and Rhyme, Joshua keeps his distance, but still watches. He wanted to join them as Neku's friend, but never did, at least until Sora convinced him to.
    • It was thanks to him that Rhyme eventually ascended, by channeling her dreams.
  • He's a rather annoying person to be around, but is still rather smart, to the point where he can keep up with Minamimoto's rambling.
  • Considers Aslan to be something of a rival, though the latter never seems to notice.
  • Ever since returning the Pantheon, Sho Minamimoto has once again started making attempts on Joshua's life. He's more interested in being the Composer than taking his position in the Pantheon, however. CRUNCH! He'll add God Was My Copilot to the heap. No attempts were successful as of yet. He's rather amused by these attempts, over all.
  • Shio Ramen is his preferred form of tribute.
  • Only a select few in the Pantheon have seen Joshua in his full Composer form. Even Sora and Riku only got a glimpse at his wings. Minamimoto may have seen it, but refuses to comment on the matter.
  • Despite his god like powers, he too was a victim to the Friendship Asylum. Neku, Rhyme and Beat were able to save Joshua from the asylum, but not without a corrupted Riku being able to torture Joshua with his magical feathers. The resulting wounds would require Black Jack to operate on Joshua to save his life.

     Kairi (Kingdom Hearts
Kairi, Goddess of Childhood Friends (Naminé, K, The Unknown Thief)
Click here  to see her and Nora's thief form

    Lissa and Maribelle 
Lissa and Maribelle, Goddesses of Girl-on-Girl Friendship (Lissa: Liz, Sprightly Cleric, Buttons, Princess; Maribelle: Mariabel, Dire Damsel, Twinkles)
Lissa is the left and Maribelle is the right
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Lissa's gown and Maribelle's parasol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Mages, Fragile Mages when Promoted, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold (though Maribelle hide the latter a lot), Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Friendship, Girl
  • Allies: Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Sumia, Kellam, Stahl, Alisa Bosconovitch & Ling Xiaoyu, Nagisa Misumi & Honoka Yukishiro, Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Elmatar Juutilainen, Yuuki Konno & Asuna Yuuki, Lynette Bishop & Yoshika Miyafuji, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, Chie Satonaka & Yukiko Amagi
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Opposes: Neptune, Vinny (Maribelle)
  • These girls are the best of friends and notably very close. Maribelle love her friend that she is constantly worrying when Lissa is off on a mission by herself. It's almost to the point of Les Yay given how clingy Maribelle could be to Lissa.
  • Lissa happily hugged her son Owain upon ascending into the Pantheon. What he told her about the Pantheon is all of the adventures and weapon naming. What he didn't tell her is his daughter, Ophelia, who looks so much like her grandmother. So she's already a grandma before she even became 30 years old (Hell, she could be a great-grandma for all we know).
    • Leo knew about Owain's secret as Odin but he agreed that for his mother's sake, Odin shouldn't mention her as that be too much for her, in his opinion.
    • It comes to no surprise when Soleil tried to glomp Lissa, thinking that it was Ophelia. Then she found out that she's her grandmother, even better. This eventually led Lissa to confront Owain about it, leading him to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" before Lissa could point out that she's not even mad.
  • Lissa gets to meet her ancestors for real unlike the "Marth" that saved her life from a Risen. She end up dreaming about the "Marth" despite the fact that he was her ancestor. Even funny, it turned out that the "Marth" was actually her niece!
  • Lissa found a bit in common with Elise and Sakura, the young sisters of the Hoshidan and Nohr Siblings. Though she seem to resemble Elise more than Sakura.
  • The two found that there were several girls who bonded with each other much like their own friendship. They would get along well though Maribelle claims that her "darling Lissa" is a better friend than the other.
  • Maribelle doesn't like Neptune as despite them both having the same voice, Neptune is super lazy and has really casual speech pattern.
  • Apparently, Vinny screwed with Maribelle if she was Lucina's daughter (we don't have much confirmation on the identity). Somehow, Sumia would be at the reunion despite never doing it to other bachelorette's reunion. Maribelle is both furious and embarrassed by such joke.
  • When Maribelle isn't hanging out with Lissa, she would be with other rich ladies in the Pantheon. She could be a bit prejudiced with the lower class so she is a bit snobbish even toward the guests. Though she is trying to improve herself in treating them better as she would later become the new magistrate and help pass law aiding the poor.
  • Make Maribelle mad and she'll threaten to hit you with her parasol. She hasn't been studying self-defense on "parasol fu" for nothing. She decided to plan on forming a club who uses parasol (or umbrellas, what's the difference) as a form of self-defense. She didn't bother inviting the Penguin, for his appearance repulse her and he was trying to charm her.
  • Unlike her brother Chrom or her niece Lucina who bear the Mark of Naga, she doesn't seem to have one herself. She was at first frightened of being illegitimate until she saw one from Owain, in which she was relieved. Seliph could confirm that marks could be very strange in inheritance.
  • With the reports of NUNS WITH AXES from Lissa, or Maribelle sometimes, the Religious Bruiser thought that she was part of the Church Militant. She had to tell some of them like Alexander Anderson and Irina Shidou that it was just a joke that a small girl like her would hold a battle axe.
  • Maribelle is often asked to make a pass in the House of Schools to teach about 'how to be a Proper Lady, or just a proper high class people'. She's well loved, but she's noted to be an uber strict teacher, especially about the manners of speech, she gets a lot of remarks that she gets into a super Grammar Nazi level for that.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Passion.

     Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword 
Makoto Kenzaki, Goddess of Loners Becoming Friends (Cure Sword, MakoPi, Mackenzie Mack, Glitter Spade)

     Makoto Nanaya 
Makoto Nanaya, Goddess of Friendship Beyond Races
  • Theme Song: Alexandrite
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her tonfas and an acorn, in the center of her emblem which looks like the World Tree
  • Alignment: Neutral Good... on a good day. Chaotic Neutral at worst.
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty To Those She's Friends Of, Races Be Damned, Nice girls, Being really scary when mad, Cute Bruiser, Fun Personified, Hyperactivity, Squirrel Girl, Sexy Outfits, Big Fluffy Tail.
  • Domains: Friendship, Combat, Good.
  • Allies: Noel Vermillion and Tsubaki Yayoi, Squirrel Girl, Commander Shepard, Jeremiah Gottwald, Edward Elric, Monkey D. Luffy, Adell, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Makoto Naegi, Amy Rose, Teddie (SOOO CUUUTE~!), Ricotta Elmar, Eugene Gallardo, Ika Musume, Jaune Clafoutis, Labrys, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, Fiona Mayfield, Ms. Fortune, Nana, Luka, Arche Klein, Ratatoskr (SOOO CUUUTE~!), Elsa la Conti, Lime, Alice, Ajani Goldmane
  • Odd Friendship with: Gods Liu Kang
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Arael, Relius Clover, Doctor Doom, Vergil, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Jinx
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • One of the beings in the Pantheon Terumi is said to have difficulty planning around. Relius is a different story, however.
  • Upon deification, Makoto has made it clear that anyone that tries to harm Noel and Tsubaki will be personally hunted down and destroyed. She does thank Ed for snatching Tsubaki away from the GUAE, meaning she wouldn't have to beat down any of the GUAG members trying to kill her.
  • Best buds with Squirrel Girl, Makoto once joined forces with her in an effort to beat up Doctor Doom, it ends with success and now Doom hates her too. She also idolizes Commander Shepard for befriending and possibly romancing many many non-human teammates. An inspiration, she says. She has also befriended Luka for similar reasons, although, due to Luka's monster-girl-attracting scent, almost every meeting between the two end up with Makoto trying to make love to him, much to Luka's own chagrin.
    • When Luka's wife Alice ascended, Makoto was actually briefly scared she was going to try and eat her. The Monster Lord, while amused and admitting she would be a fine feast, told her not to worry: She only eats the people who really piss her off. Plus, she does understand that Luka's scent makes her act all horny, even teasing her once or twice on whether Makoto really has a crush on him or not.
    • Squirrel Girl was the one who introduced her to Ratatoskr, who both ladies found absolutely adorable. The Sly Messenger has since become a good friend of hers legitimately after finding that he can relate to some of the situations she's been involved in.
  • Gets along well with Monkey D. Luffy, due to their similar personalities. Both are cheerful and energetic, tend to talk with their fists, and, of course, easily make friends with those of other species. Anyone who harms a mutual friend will most likely earn a beatdown that would almost make Asura jealous. Almost.
  • She pays regular visits to the GUAG Robot Division, often because the sight of the mechas 'makes her naughty bits tingle'. At one point, she applied and was summarily rejected, for good reasons.
  • Is the first to openly admit she wouldn't mind Teddie "scoring" with her since she finds him absolutely cute.
  • She once found herself privy to one of Ieyasu and Adell's sparring sessions, and soon joined in. A bit of philosophical debate about promises, bonds, and interracial relations passed, and the three of them are now on good terms. She has recently installed a bunk bed just in case Ieyasu needs shelter from the villainous inhabitants of this House.
  • Has now found another enemy in the form of Vergil because he injured Noel badly and made her cry.
    • When she heard that someone else made Noel cry and cause wanton destruction, namely Jinx, Makoto was about to declare her enemy just like Vergil... but then she took back her words before, claiming that she needs to calm down and not play right into her insults… until Jinx herself personally gave her an insulting question asking if her hands are just as fat as 'Fat Hands' (Vi) since they possesses tons of strength. And that does it, that's how Jinx got into Makoto's shit list.
  • She became friends with Makoto Naegi not only because they have the same first name and have family names that start with "Na-", but because she's impressed enough what with him rousing hopes even if he's no fighter. That and hearing his tales about the "High School of Mutual Killing" just pissed her off and swore that if Monokuma and his Mastermind would put her friends into that kind of school, she will have a ferocious No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on those creepers.
  • Recently has been hanging around with Liu Kang. The Pantheon hasn't publicly commented although some say the former's looking to training with him as her mentor.
    • Terumi was also reported swearing up a storm at this development. That the girls in question share the same voice does nothing good for his elevated blood pressure.
  • Has recently reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Makoto, Noel and Tsubaki founded during their school days.
  • Is allies with Ricotta, Ika and Jaune because they both look largely human despite being animals.
  • Against her permission, she was being used as a tool of propaganda of a shining example of 'being fanservicey as hell and being genuinely good in her own verse', to the point that she received a lot of people who asked for her guidance. Unfortunately, these people also came with badmouthing Litchi Faye-Ling (whom Makoto still respected), saying that she failed their expectations about 'being good', to the point that Makoto grew completely sick of such shallow praises like that (even if she IS good and fanservicey like hell) and is looking for the one using her as a tool without permission for a cause she never supported.

    Marie (Persona
Marie, Goddess of Honorary True Companions (The Antisocial Poet of the Hollow Forest, Mariko Kusumi, Kusumi-no-Okami, Izanami-no-Mikoto)

    Riza Hawkeye 
Riza Hawkeye, Goddess of Consiglieres (Lieutenant Hawkeye, The Hawk's Eye, Elizabeth, My Queen, Margott Orange Peko)

Anybody order a MASCOT GOD???

Teddie, God of Wanting to have Friends (Kuma, Kumada, Teddie Teddie, The Beast in Heat)
Click here to see his human appearance 
  • Theme Song: Kuma Kuma Circus
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Kintoki-Douji surrounded by an assortment of items
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Having a Persona, Being proficient in Bufu spells, Making un-bear-ably bad puns, Ending his sentences with -kuma, Wanting to score with the ladies, Crossdressing, Having an attractive human male form, Needing friendship, Dark Is Not Evil, Badass Adorable, Confusion Fu, friendly bears, Ascended Shadows, those who have faced their own Shadow Archetypes
  • Domains: Friendship, Personas, Shadows, Ice, Healing
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tohru Adachi, The Psycho Rangers (particularly Psycho Blue), The Master
  • There were many individuals who were fit to have this position, but it was given to Teddie by virtue of him being a creature born from negative human emotions who eventually turned himself into a cute clown bear then grew a human body out of nothing just to get people to like him.
  • After ascending, Teddie tries his best to be friends with anyone in need of one since he can relate to how they feel and wants to help them the same way the Investigation Team helped him.
  • Occasionally goes to the House of Love to try "scoring" with the ladies, much to Yukiko's eternal chagrin.
    • Makoto Nanaya, however, finds him cuddly cute and is very okay with Teddie scoring with her. This was met with a LOT of nervous sweat and pervy urges on Teddie's part.
  • Faust was pleased to hear that Teddie finally made it to the Pantheon. They meet up in the House of Combat every now and then to further improve their unpredictability in combat.
  • Once went around the Pantheon dressed up as Alice. He was so convincing that once the truth got out, some male deities started questioning their sexuality. Belial and Nebiros are…less than fond of the bear after he successfully tricked them into thinking he was the genuine article.
  • A number of good aligned gods (Philemon in particular) see Teddie's ascension as a colossal "fuck you" to Nyarlathotep since it proves the even Shadows have the capacity to become good. Nyarlathotep was not pleased.
  • Of course most of the time, everyone thinks that his bear puns are just un-bear-able… GYAH! Now you Got Me Doing It!
  • Having played the tambourine when he was mortal, will occasionally visit the House of Music to polish his skills with the instrument in question and other auxiliary percussion instruments and even perform as a band alongside his teammates… when lead singer Rise isn't being interrupted by I-No.
  • Should the need arise, Teddie can double as Mission Control in battles. Just… don't expect much from him.
    I hope you're beary prebeared for this unbearable bear of a battle!
  • Met up with Winnie the Pooh and get along quite well. Pooh laughs at Teddie's bear puns and Teddie is more than delighted to share a pot of honey with Pooh.
    • Also hates Mr. Monokuma, as Monokuma is the complete opposite of Teddie, wanting to spread despair instead of friendship. The first time the two met, Teddie immediately froze Monokuma and his Mastermind with a Bufu spell. To quote what was heard when they met… "I'M GOING BEAR-ZEEEERRRRKKK!!!"
  • Deeply sympathizes with Mami Tomoe's yearning for friends. Mami gets along with Teddie reasonably well, but finds his advances a bit annoying at times. Teddie finds Charlotte a kindred spirit as well, as the Dessert Witch was a being born of negativity that had gained sentience through her bond with Mami. She even managed to regain her human form, Nagisa, in a manner much like Teddie. Teddie himself is curious to know if this means he looks like the human he spawned from. The two of them spend a lot of time together.
    • Also deeply sympathizes with Coyote Starrk's desire to find comrades. They can genuinely enjoy each other's company, though Starrk is somewhat annoyed with all the bear puns and Teddy often loses his patience with Starrk's attitude. However, the Espada is perfectly willing to help him whenever things get rough, including shooting Mr. Monokuma in the face.
  • Can also be seen hanging out with Greed since they're both ascended monsters with mischievous tendencies who are ultimately driven to good by their desire for true friends. Unlike most people, Greed doesn't mind the bear puns so much since he talks about his own avarice all the time. In fact, Teddie can be seen as an occasional mascot in Greed's bar.
  • Once he learnt of Labrys' ascension he rushed over to the House of Technology to declare himself her 'Knight' in front of all the other gods.
  • Despair was felt by some of his friends once it was learned he was being tutored on puns by Ms. Fortune. Their friendship goes deeper than that, partly since Fortune sympathises with him because of her having lost friends and moved on.
  • Has become friends with Enju Aihara since she also wanted to have friends like him. He also pities her because of her disease that is slowly transforming her into a monster.
  • The Master is something of a sore spot for him after the Immortality Gate Incident, even after its resolution. Teddie and Marie, being a Shadow and a goddess respectively, were immune to the Gate's effect, but their human friends — all seven of them — were not, and were briefly turned into clones of the Master, thus forcing Teddie and Marie to fight their friends to stay alive until the transformation was reversed.
  • Was very happy to find Nanako in the Pantheon, but he hoped that she never learned about the Persona world. Unfortunately, she did, and was sent into the TV World by a wave of darkness, only to be rescued by the Investigation Team (and the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Nanako faced the darkness and obtained her Persona, and was given a long talk about what the Investigation Team had done. Ever since then, Nanako trains with Teddie to use her Persona better.

    Yui Hirasawa 

Yui Hirasawa, Love Hug Goddess
  • Theme Song: Head Over Heels for Giita
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Gitah (A Gibson Les Paul electric guitar)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Porfolio: Good Hearted Idiocy and Talent disproportionate to intelligence, Tastes Like Diabetes, Puni Plush, Cakes and Tea, Woman Children, Beatles expies
  • Domains: Music, Fun, Food, Love
  • Allies: Houkago Tea Time, The Beatles, Orihime Inoue, Lucia Nanami, Honoka Kosaka, Mikuru Asahina, Hinata Hyuga, Chihiro Kosaka, Marilyn Manson, Histoire, Akane Inuwaka, Yui Kirigaya, Arche Klein, Eureka, Akane Isshiki, Funabori, Monkey D Luffy, Bayley.
  • Mentor / Odd Friendship with: John Lennon
  • Opposed by: Dethklok, AnalCunt, I-No
  • Afraid of: Nui Harime
  • Was given an actual trope after the 'airheaded guitarist' was too specific. They gave her the Cuddle Bug trope because of her love of hugging people she cares about. Especially Azunyan.
  • Shares a special relationship with Orihime Inoue, being that they are in the same house plus the fact that they have the same English voice actress.
  • With her ascension, the Stephanie Sheh quartet, currently consisting of Hinata Hyuga and Mikuru Asahina in the House of Love, Eureka in the House of Travel, and Orihime Inoue in the House of Music, was revamped to the Stephanie Sheh quintet.
  • While Yui can be cozy o nearly everybody, she utterly afraid of Nui Harime because she sounds just like her and she cant believe someone like that can share the same voice as her's.
  • Is seen jamming a sweet-duet at London Bridge with John Lennon, laughing, joking and sharing stories about how neither of them can read sheet-music, and are both are taught how to play by the guitar by the lead left-handed bassists of their respective bands; though Lennon (although having long-reconciled with Paul ) still can't stand sickeningly sweet love songs, Yui adores the sappy-lyrics written by her lead bassist Mio.
  • Absolutely loves her guitar 'Gitah' to the point that when she lends it to other deities to practice with, she treats it like he is cheating on her.
  • For some weird reason, Dethklok absolutely hates her band Hokago Tea Time and their music due to their subject matter, believeing that their sugary cuteness will completely whitewash anything that's "Black", "Deth" and "Brutal" in music into "Light", "Life" and "Sugaryness", plus that their music and popularity will eventually dethrone Dethklok's influence as a global musical superpower. Already Hokago Tea Time has driven away Dethklok's influence in Japan, and is making their way across Asia, North America, Australia & New Zealand, and Europe. Being that their origin was serialized on a Seinen magazine (target age group is Males 18-35, the exact same age group as Dethklok's audience), plus their light-hearted music enabling it to cater to a younger audience (which again, Dethklok has the exact same Periphery Demographic as theirs due to the fact that many teenagers watch their concerts and buy their albums) only makes things seem worse for Dethklok. The biggest reason as to why Dethklok hates them is how radically different Dethklok's personality is compared to Hokago Tea Time's. Whereas Hokago Tea Time members can be childish at time yet are good-hearted and aren't dysfunctional, Dethklok members on the other hand are completely amoral, verging onto being borderline Sociopaths, and are completely inept at anything beyond doing music.
    • Every member of Dethlok are now sweating-bullets in panic, as The Beatles themselves are joining in the battle to jam besides their friends and students of Hokago Teatime.
  • For the reasons stated above, Nathan Explosion, Dethklok's leader, is currently trying to have a Battle of the Bands between Dethklok and Hokago Team Time set up, which is currently pending for approval by Wiz, Boomstick, Charles Offdensen and Ronnie James Dio, which will prove if Dethklok or Hokago Tea Time reign supreme as a global musical superpower, plus whether Hokago Tea Time's Light, Life and Sugaryness or Dethklok's Death, Darkness and Bleakness reign supreme in the music industry.
  • When she met up with Chihiro after her ascension in the House of Personal Appearance, she offered her guitar lessons, as well as a trip to the nearby music shop to let her pick her guitar. Yui was apparently surprised when Chihiro picked a pink Fender Mustang instead of a Gibson Les Paul (the same type as her 'giitah' that she lent to her during training.) She still hopes that both their respective bands would eventually have time to jam together, more so now with Deathlok teaming up with Anal Cunt to take on HTT.
  • Teaching Yui from the Alfheim Online servers how to play the guitar; Yui loves the little girl to pieces not just because she is small and cute and shares her name, but because when they speak in English they sound surprisingly similar.
  • Recently became friends with a Pirate Captain called Monkey D Luffy and Zeno, *the* Top God of the Dragonball Multiverse, the former because they both show how much they love their friends by hugging them regardless of gender, and the latter because he has never been hugged before meeting Son Goku, and has taken a fondness of this gesture of affection.
  • Once heard of a wrestler that gave out hugs and searched for them in the House of Combat. This is when she bumped into Bayley, who hugged Yui, and Yui hugged back. A lot of wrestlers groan now whenever the two are together as, one way or another, they're gonna get hugged.