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The House of Family is literally a massive house that can accommodate the entire "family". Each member gets their own room, but due to a misunderstanding with the House of Craft, there is only one bathroom in the entire house which leads to monumental clashes that have left entire universes shattered. As a result, this family ranks among one of the most dysfunctional one would ever meet, and the other deities wonder what keeps them all together under the same roof. There have been so many claims of domestic abuse and other disturbances that the House of Defense has officially stopped taking calls related to this House. The few members of the 501st that are Darth Vader's personal guard try and keep everything intact, but it never works, which makes that job the most disliked in the entire Legion.

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The Heroic Protectors of Family

Mufasa, Vanished God of Absent Fathers
  • Theme Music: Remember, according to those who have seen his spirit
  • Greater God, for his last appearance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: Pride Rock, and a really big pawprint
  • Portfolio: Reasonable Authority, Showing Up At The Last Moment To Save The Day, Conspicuous Absence Of The Ability To Return From The Dead, Addressing Carnivore Confusion, Approval Of Children, Advice After Death.
  • Domain: Nobility, Strength, Leadership
  • Son: Simba
  • Allies: Gregory Edgeworth (not ascended), Miles Edgeworth, Sakaki
  • Enemies: Scar, Manfred von Karma
  • A son of Aslan, Mufasa ruled his territories wisely and well, in those misty times before the formation of this House. He was overthrown and murdered by his brother Scar, but all evidence says that it was "an accident".
    • As such, he hates Manfred von Karma, since he did the same thing to Gregory as Scar did to him.
  • Unlike most of the other gods, he could not be resurrected by Virtuous. Nor could his spirit carry on as other gods' do - he was never seen walking the savanna and conversing. Instead, the lion manifested for brief periods in the sky, encouraging his children.
  • Records from that time are incomplete, but The Question has a theory about what happened then. Apparently, after some cataclysmic disaster the at-the-time God of Heroes was near dissolution and could only be saved by the infusion of another god's spirit, one of the greatest sacrifices in the Pantheon. And Mufasa made it, believing that there "was still good in him". Most gods who subscribe to this theory are of the opinion that the lion was wrong. Vader has his voice, and very little else.
    • However, after Anakin's redemption, there have been quite a few people who've reversed their feelings, though not publicly due to needing to maintain Anakin's cover.
  • Whatever did happen, Mufasa hasn't been seen regularly. Many wept for his return, though for now, they have to make do with Simba and the occasional sky vision.

    Yu Narukami 
Yu Narukami, God of Kind Brotherhood (Narukami-kun, Souji Seta, The Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel, Mr. Perfect, The Protagonist, P4 Hero, Senpai, Big Bro, Kenpachi Ramasama, Mr. Accomplice)

    Jin Kazama 
Jin Kazama, God of Those Who Fight Evil Parents (Child of Destiny, Devil Jin, DJ)
Devil Jin 

    Mary Poppins 
Mary Poppins, Goddess of Magical Nannies
  • Leitmotif: "Feed the Birds".
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her outline holding aloft her flying umbrella.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Nanny, Bag of Holding, The Comically Serious, Crazy-Prepared, Dish Dash, Full-Name Basis, Reverse Psychology (via song), Inexplicably Awesome, Magical Guardian, Parasol of Prettiness, Proper Lady, Refuge in Audacity, Speaks Fluent Animal, Sugar and Ice Personality, Younger Than They Look.
  • Domain: Children, Magic, Kindness, Friendship.
  • Allies: Fluttershy, just about every (good) parent in the Pantheon, Miss Frizzle, Willy Wonka, Felix The Cat.
  • Followers: Maria Von Trapp (who look very similar), Jo Frost, Izabel, Shary Bobbins (tragically, she flew into a jet plane turbine and died.)
  • High Priestess: Nanny McPhee
  • Enemies: Vicky, Lord Voldemort (as of 2012), The Professor, any abusive parents.
  • The official nanny for the House of Family, and her talents and no-nonsense attitude have helped both good and evil family members.
  • Has used her mastery of reverse psychology, often via song, to outwit the greatest villains in the Pantheon.
  • No child, no matter how rambunctious, villainous or crazy they are, has ever got the best of Mary Poppins. This includes the likes of Hansel and Gretel, childhood-era Johan Liebert and Lucy, Yuno Gasai and Alice
  • Several people have attempted to discover the secrets of her magic carpet bag. Naruto crawled his way into the bag, followed by Hinata Hyuga to retrieve him. It took three days for Mary Poppins to find them and remove them from the bag. The SCP Foundation requested to examine the bag, but Mary Poppins refused to co-operate.
  • There has been some speculation that she is actually a Time Lord considering her bag's depth and some her powers and influence. The Doctor has made no comment on the rumours.
  • Ran into Felix the Cat recently. The Magical Nanny Goddess was intrigued with the feline's Magic Bag of Tricks, a device that can rival her own portable bag. Felix agreed to see if he can improve on her bag. She recently made enemies with Felix's longtime foe, The Professor, after he made an attempt to steal her own magic bag.
  • Mary Poppins made enemies of Lord Voldemort after she used clone magic and intercepted his invasion of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Voldemort has declared vengeance on her. Mary Poppins responded with "I wish you all the best of luck."
  • Along with Carl Fredricksen's leitmotif, no God in the House of Music is allowed to play "Feed the Birds" due to the last performance causing every god to not only cry a river that nearly caused the Pantheon to be flooded, but also because they began to give so much food to the Aviary-based Gods that many of them gained a few pounds.
  • The Warner Brothers deities don't want to be near her after a similar nanny annoyed them.
  • Is quite ashamed that her author, P.L. Travers, hated the film, and all gods in the pantheon that are either Disney or animatednote . In fact, she's even bonded with Willy Wonka over having their most famous adaptations being hated by their original authors.
  • She usually just rolls her eyes whenever she heard The Nostalgia Critic parodies her song when it comes to shitty movies: "Iiiiit's Supercrapafuckarifficexpialibullshit!..."

The Child Abuse Supporters

    Lady Tremaine 
Lady Tremaine, Goddess of Evil Stepmothers
  • Theme Song: Locked in the Tower (normal); Extreme Encounters (Kingdom Hearts); The Extreme (Bad Alert: The Extreme; shared with Courtney Gears)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbols: Lucifer, her cat; the Cursed Coach Unversed (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil in the live-action film and Into the Woods
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Envy, Hatred, Greed, Abuse
  • Followers: Aunts Spiker and Sponge
  • Allies: Maleficent, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Jafar, Courtney Gears, Ghetsis Harmonia, Ursula, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Enemies: Cinderella, Candice White, Aqua, Ratchet, Clank, Satoko Houjou, Hulk, Jin, Raven, Kyoko Sakura, Uncle Howee, Homura Akemi, Luxanna Crownguard, Yurnero, Garen Crownguard, Jarvan Lightshield IV, Marisa Kirisame.
  • Opposed by: N, Sora, Riku, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, the Princesses of Heart
  • Lady Tremaine was furious that Cinderella was able to ascend into the pantheon, and demanded that she join in as well. Several fellow Disney Villains, especially Maleficent, helped her ascend over the objections of Sly Cooper and Sora, along with the fact that, say what you will about how despicable she is, but Tremaine pretty much exemplifies what it means to be a Wicked Stepmother very well done.
    • At the very first time, actually, Lady Tremaine has brought about her daughters. However, due to the machinations of the Gods in the Court of Justice, it was then revealed that some foul play was at hand:
    • Once this was cleared up thanks to Aqua finding out about these timelines and possibilities and sharing it with Cinderella herself, the Court of Justice gave full permission to "do what must be done". For that, Cinderella expressed pity to the sisters, causing them to break down (Anastasia regretting that if she kept herself together, she might find redemption rather than dying, while Drizella yelled that Cinderella would never understand what it's like to be mentally abused by her own birth mother), and for that, Cinderella arranged them to be permanently banished from the Pantheon. However... Cinderella had nothing else to say to Lady Tremaine, telling her that no matter what timeline, she's always rotten to the core and despite her official standing in the Pantheon, whatever Kick the Son of a Bitch thing inflicted on her, she probably deserved it.
    • There's a rumor going on that she and her daughters didn't die from the Cursed Coach; rather, they became Heartless (most likely Darksides). Aqua has stated that "it could be possible".
    • And in one timeline, Cinderella knew that she could be attacked, and had several birds peck out her stepsisters' eyes before they could summon the Cursed Coach.
    • At another timeline, either Anastasia and Drizella, only one of them, changed their name as Kurolinda and ended up finding redemption thanks to the GoGo Sentai Boukenger (in particular Bouken Pink/Sakura Nishihori). They didn't find any traces of Kurolinda's mom, however...
  • She is banned from the Houses of Royalty and Love because of her mistreatment towards Cinderella; no-one wants her to ruin the happiness' of others, anyway. Most other good Family house members are also looking at her weirdly due to the reveal about what she did to her daughters. Of course, evil family members like Scar and Ghetsis thinks she's doing an awesome job.
  • It is said that one day, The Nostalgia Critic became so fed up with Tremaine's act of shredding Cinderella's dress (which belonged to her late mother) just so she couldn't go to the ball, so he grabbed a gun and tried to score a headshot... which was deflected right on Tremaine's head. Trying to curry the situation to his favor didn't work, for Lady Tremaine has a secret weapon, a super deadly Death Glare that can make the head of those she glares a-splode, exactly what happened to the Critic, although he's quick to make a recovery.
  • Despite not being a robot, Tremaine has a close alliance with Courtney Gears, due to their similar goals. In fact, they even teamed up once to attack Blackwater City and kill it's mayor, earning permanent hatred from Ratchet and Clank.
  • Due to her own experiences with abusive step parents, Tremaine's ascension caused Satoko Houjou to have another PTSD breakdown. This, in turn, caused the independent retributions of The Anti-Abusive Parents League, Kyoko Sakura, Uncle Howee, and Homura Akemi (who can relate and sympathize with Satoko via her own struggle with post traumatic stress disorder)
    • The Fallen Magical Girl finally decided to make her move. She pulled out all the stops, rising from Tremaine's shadow in her full Akuma getup and flaring her wings as this played in the background and countless black feathers rained from a blood-red sky. Then came the punishment itself: it involved a combination of Ironic Hell and a Ground Hog Day Loop in which she repeatedly suffered the fates of various villains from the "Brothers Grimm" versions of fairy tales. Needless to say, merely hearing "I was waiting for this moment" is enough for her to scream in utter terror, something Satoko has managed to use against her.
    • This has happened when Tremaine was accompanied with her daughters, but after the reveal from Aqua, Cinderella, and the Court of Justice (which involves Phoenix Wright giving a damning evidence of both foul play and an even more ancient source: the "Charles Perrault" version), even Homura had to relent and decided to concentrate all stops to just Tremaine, saying that "Well, at the very least, she can't hide behind anyone else..."
  • Sly Cooper hates Tremaine's guts over the mistreatment towards Cinderella, and considered the destruction of her dress the ultimate proof that she's a cold-blooded criminal on the same levels as General Tsao. Still, Sly has agreed on the newest reveal about the daughters.
  • After much of sufferings of being left alone from her daughters, however, Tremaine was approached by an old friend of hers: Queen Grimhilde. She bore report about recent news about Maleficent getting 'infected' with goodness and becoming an Anti-Heroine, stating that the throne of top Disney Villainess will be weakened this way and plots to usurp the throne, what with the two being some of the eldest Disney Villainesses. Tremaine agreed on that, maybe that would give her enough power to stand against Homura.
    • Of course Grimhilde gave her a warning: There is a chance that Tremaine could end up the same as Maleficent in the way of retelling and she might end up losing the rights for that. But in the same time, even the good guys has to admit that it would hinder their quest to toss her into the Disgraces if that happens. Luckily for them, chances of it happening so far is... all in all very low.
    • The jury's out. Tremaine remained unaffected, even with the additional Freudian Excuse and comeuppance. That would mean the usurping plan can continue...
  • Unfortunately, Tremaine made a big mistake. In trying to get more covers from Homura's wrath before her big plan, Tremaine had Maleficent help her abduct Luxanna Crownguard and abuse her to vent the absence of her daughters. Unfortunately, Lux caught on quick that she was using illusion, and blasted her away, escaping and ascending. This action was heard by her fellow Demacians, leading to Prince Jarvan IV declaring that Tremaine has become an enemy of the entire Demacian Army.
    • In turn, just like "I have been waiting for this moment.", the Battle Cry of "DEMACIA!!" is counted as yet another Hell Is That Noise for Tremaine. Appeasing help for Noxus produced no results, as Darius, Draven and Katarina rejected her outright, stating that her kind of bullying and others do not count as 'strength'.
    • To make matters worse to her, Marisa Kirisame was not pleased at all when she kidnapped Lux, her star student. Where she wouldn't go offense on Tremaine, Marisa has said that she will rob her temple clear of everything not nailed to the floor if she sees it being appropriate.
  • Along with fellow Disney Villain gods Claude Frollo, the Evil Queen and Clu, Lady Tremaine has never directly fought Sora (though he might have fought her Heartless and possible Nobody without even realizing it).
  • Clockwerk really likes to hang out near Tremaine whenever he sees her. According to Neyla, he finds her pure hatred towards Cinderella (and Aqua) to be very tasty; only Clu has a similar taste.
  • Has a close alliance with the Reagan twins (who are nasty as her) after they ascended. They seem to be replacing her daughters since they are no longer with her now.

Scar, God of Evil Uncles and Evil Brothers (Taka, Groundshaker)

    Ghetsis Harmonia 
Ghetsis Harmonia, God of Abusive Parents (Dennis, G-Cis, Geechisu, Gaycheese)

    Heihachi Mishima 
Heihachi Mishima, Patron God of Killing One’s Family Members (The King of Iron Fist, Mishima Zaibatsu Mastermind)
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