What the House of Emotion looks like is irrelevant, for within its walls is quite literally a raging storm of rampant, unpredictable energy not too different from a massive SwirlyEnergyThingy. Fueled by the various emotions and feelings radiating from every sentient being in the cosmos, the deities of emotion rank among some of the most powerful and unpredictable in the entire Pantheon. Only one with a truly strong will and, perhaps, a signature emotion of their own are able to resist. Sensible visitors that want to keep their sanity intact are best advised to avoid this House at all costs.

It has however been reported that if visitors keep their trips in short, the catharsis of experiencing these various strong emotions in rapid succession is both exhausting and satisfying. Rumor has it that under the storm, this House has just as much drama as the House of Family.

Due to the large number of deities, this house has been divided into seven houses.




* [[Pantheon/{{Happiness}} HAPPINESS!]]
* [[Pantheon/{{Sadness}} Sadness...]]
* '''''[[Pantheon/{{Anger}} ANGER!!!]]'''''
* [[Pantheon/{{Insanity}} iN$@n!+Y]]
* ''[[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} calmness]]''
* '''[[Pantheon/{{Pride}} PRIDE]]'''
* '''[[Pantheon/{{Fear}} F@R]]'''
* [[Pantheon/OtherEmotions Other Emotions]]


!The Maintainers of Emotion

[[folder:Leonard [=McCoy=]]]
'''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Leonard McCoy]], God of [[TheMcCoy Emotional Responses]]''' (Bones)
* Greater God
* Symbol: Starfleet Medical.
* Alignment: ChaoticGood
* Portfolio: [[TheMcCoy Emotional Responses]], [[AppliedPhlebotinum Miracle Cures]], TheMedic {{Deadpan Snarker}}s. {{Badass Pacifist}}s, DrJerk ([[JerkWithAHeartOfGold a kind one at that]]), {{Determinator}}, GrumpyBear, TheHeart, RenaissanceMan
* Domains: Good, Healing.
* Follower: [[Videogame/{{Persona}} Masao Inaba]]
* Allies: Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Jean-Luc Picard, Luke Skywalker, Tony Stark, Doctor Tenma,
* TeethClenchedTeamwork with: The heroic cyborgs.
* Enemies: Nero.
* Along with the [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Goddess of Mechanics]], worked to turn [[IronMan Tony Stark]] back into a man. Stark is now occasionally seen at the clinic, awkwardly trying to make up for that heroic effort.
* Was extremely reluctant to accept his portfolio at first -- dammit, Jim, he's a doctor, not a God!
* [=McCoy=] isn't too pleased to work with cyborgs. However, he is depressed of about the fact they went through it.
* For [[Creator/KarlUrban some reason]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Judge Dredd]] always exchanges a word with him when passing by the Emotion house.

[[folder:Despair of the Endless]]
'''[[Comicbook/TheSandman Despair of the Endless]]'''
* Overdeity
* Symbol: A hooked ring.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: Despair, Decay, Doom, Decline, Sado-Masochism, Loss of Hope
* Domains: Plotting against kindred, Degenerate sects.
* Followers: High Priest and Priestess [[Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei Nozomu Itoshiki and Kafuka Fuura]]
** By some quirk, Nozomu Itoshiki was originally ordained as the God of Despair by Haruhi-sama. But then it became slowly apparent that he just ''[[NightmareFetishist enjoyed]]'' being in despair far, far too much. The Endless Despair decided he was doing it wrong; so supplanted him. His...enthusiasm for the role did retain a seat; however, it's his companion Kafuka Fuura, whose bright smile [[StepfordSmiler hides a bleakness far beyond anyone's ability to comprehend]], who really ''earns'' the position.
* Allies: Shinji Ikari, [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Grandfather Nurgle, The Gravemind of the Flood]], Desire of the Endless
* Is pretty much the only deity willing to hang out with Nurgle. They can often be seen having a few beers together and discussing how to [[UpToEleven ruin Itoshiki's sanity even more]].
** Also likes to hang out with the Gravemind, occasionally writing poetry together and seeing who can come up with the best ideas for making every person in the Pantheon suffer.
* Has a love-hate relationship with Superman of the Heros and Villains pantheon. She looks on him as would a mother, but is very disappointed in him, since he denies his very purpose of existence by being a cheerful guy. He, meanwhile, is completely unaware.
* Has been used as a despair vault by Perfectio.

[[folder:Seven Lantern Corps]]
'''[[Comicbook/GreenLantern The Seven Lantern Corps]]'''
* Collective of Demigods, led by Lesser Gods, with an Intermediate God Emotional Entity personifying each corps' driving emotion and power
* Symbol: Seven separate symbols, all based on the circle, one for each corps, always embossed on a ring and lantern
* Alignment: Red--Either ChaoticEvil or ChaoticNeutral, Orange--NeutralEvil, Yellow--LawfulEvil or LawfulNeutral, Green--LawfulGood ([[spoiler: their leaders, the Guardians, became LawfulEvil]]), Blue--NeutralGood, Indigo--TrueNeutral (brainwashed with Compassion), Violet--ChaoticGood (leaders are ChaoticNeutral)
* Portfolio: Colors, emotions, humors (Red--Rage, Orange--Avarice, Yellow--Fear, Green--Willpower, Blue--Hope, Indigo--Compassion, Violet--Love).
* Known Ascended Members: [[Pantheon/HeroesIntermediateGods Hal Jordan]] (Green Lantern Corps), [[Pantheon/OtherEmotions Thaal Sinestro]] (Sinestro Corps).
* Most of the corps are led by one or more Gods: the Red Lanterns by Atrocitus, the Green Lanterns by Hal Jordan [[spoiler:after the destruction of the old Guardians of the Universe]], the Blue Lanterns Ganthet and Sayd, and the Violet Lanterns by the Zamarons. All Orange Lanterns are emanations of Larfleeze. The Yellow Lanterns are led by one of their own, Sinestro. Indigo Lanterns are led by the creatively named Indigo-1.
* In addition to the leaders, they each have a "mascot" of sorts, a personification of their emotion of Intermediate God level of power, and varying degrees of independence from the corps' heirarchies. Red has Butcher the Red Bull, Orange has Ophidian the Orange Snake, Yellow has [[EldritchAbomination Parallax]], Green has Ion the Green SpaceWhale, Blue has Adara the Blue Eagle, Indigo has Proselyte the Indigo Octopus, and Violet has Predator the Violet Dragon.
* The seven Lantern Corps are each devoted to spreading their given emotion throughout the universe like Valkyries flying between the stars. The members of each are mortals empowered by the Emotional Spectrum, a universal force that grants them a fraction of divine power. All save the Red and Orange Lanterns--nihilists and egoists, respectively--are convinced that what they do is for the good of the universe.
* There is also a ChaoticEvil Black Lantern Corps that exists outside the others' structure and represents a total dearth of emotion. They intend to destroy all seven corps. Further investigation has unearthed horrifying information about the Black Lantern Corps: led by [[TheAntichrist Black Hand]], and Nekron, they seek to eliminate all life, and to return the DC Universe to absolute darkness. They've already toppled one of the Pantheon's Greater God of Heroes:[[spoiler: Superman]], and [[spoiler:Intermediate Goddess of Truth, WonderWoman]] using the [[spoiler: mortal "corpse" of the Greater God of Preparation, Batman]] against them. While they were suppressed in the DCU, their leader Nekron has ascended into the Pantheon as an Overdeity. The other Overdeities are keeping a close watch on him.
* Due to extraordinary circumstances, Sinestro has joined the Green Lanterns and disbanded the Yellow Lanterns, leaving Arkillo as the sole remaining Yellow Lantern and Saint Walker has assumed leadership of the Blue Lantern Corps due to Ganthet and Sayd being otherwise indisposed.
** Since his inheritance of the throne of Fear, Sinestro once again has dawned his yellow ring and is working to bring his Corps. back under heel.
* Recent events have shaken the Seven Corps collectively. Recently learning that their rings [[spoiler:drain the emotional reservoir behind the Source Wall]], and after the destruction of the Blue Lantern Corps, Saint Walker has given up his ring for the moment, and Hal Jordan has taken to having the Green Lanterns police the emotional spectrum.
* There was a recent change in the leadership of the Red Lantern Corps, with Guy Gardner usurping control over the Reds from Atrocitus and changing how the Red Lanterns operate.