Pantheon / Dominions

The Holy Domains

These are the places that embodied tropes to such an extent as to be worthy of being elevated to godhood on their own, generally with the aid of an existing deity sponsor. They are (mostly) arranged in a Patchwork Map on what used to be an unimaginably large plain near the Holy Houses.

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     Alto Mare 
Alto Mare, Holy Seat of Canal Cities
  • A Venice-like city located in the Johto region.
  • Symbol: The Alto Mare Pendant
  • Alignment: True Neutral, though abuse of the Soul Dew and DMA can lead to catastrophic evil.
  • Portfolio: Legendary Pokémon, Lost Superweapon, Artifact of Doom.
  • Domains: Water, Mystery, Myth.
  • Sacred To: Latios and Latias, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock
  • Though the Soul Dew and DMA are enshrined somewhere in the city, it is considered unwise to search for them: Latios and Latias have been training since the last fiasco involving them, and have expanded their arsenal past 'turn invisible and ram into opponents'.
  • Alto Mare is a surprisingly popular tourist attraction amongst the Pantheon. Latias is thrilled at the prospect of hanging out with the friends she's made amongst the divine, while Latios is satisfied so long as the Soul Dew is safe.
  • Annie and Oakley are deemed forbidden to enter the city as a measure to prevent them from putting the city and its guardians in harm's way a second time.

     Animal Crossing 
Animal Crossing, Seat of Peace and Talking Animals (Smashville)
  • A small village full of wooden houses and trees. Many fossils are buried here, as well as an assortment of dancing dolls known as Gyroids.
  • Symbol: depends on the mayor, but usually a flag with a tree
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Friendship, Talking Animals, Civilized Animals, Fishing, Entomology, Archaeology, Buried Treasure, Interior Decoration, Quirky Towns, Close Knit Communities
  • Domains: Nature, Beast
  • Sacred to: Tom Nook, the Able Sisters, Ma-Ti (that Heart power turned out to be useful for something after all!), and the unnamed Villager
  • This village has seen many humanoid animals come and go, and there are many like this across the land, but most share the same properties - lots of talking animals, a river for fishing, easily-marked spots for buried treasure, and a tanuki who suckers new human visitors into buying homes from him.
  • Because there are no villains in Animal Crossing, almost everyone gets along with each other, most of the time. The mayor of each town is required by law to have a 100% Adoration Rating to prove his/her trustworthiness and ability to lead.
  • The village can sometimes take on the forum of a large board game, where up to four players try to score the most amount of Happy Points within one month. It's currently known that Isabelle, Digby, K.K. Slider, Reese, and Cyrus will occasionally join in on the games.

Atlantica, Holy Seat of Aquatic Kingdoms
  • An aquatic kingdom ruled by King Triton off the coast of Denmark.
  • Theme Song: Under the Sea; Isn't It Lovely (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Symbol: King Triton's palace
  • Aligment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aquatic Cities inhabited by merfolk
  • Domains: Oceans, Kingdoms, Cities, Merfolk
  • Sacred to:
  • Sister Locations: Atlantis, Atlanta, Georgia, Planet Aquatos, the various {color} Pearl Kingdoms
  • Though he's not in as a god, King Triton is the ruler of Atlantica, and only he can decide on whether or not a god can visit Atlantica or attain an alliance. Very few gods, most noticeably Dimitri Lousteau, have managed to get permission to visit Atlantica.
  • Is the only Dominion to have it's own Blitzball team. Of course, thanks to being dominated by merfolk, Team Atlantica is considered to be the only team capable of beating the Besaid Aurochs. It's said that King Triton is very proud of the team, especially since his granddaughter, Melody, is the team captain!
    • How does Melody manage to win any match with the Aurochs? She imitates Rikku, which often confuses Tidus.
  • Once a year, a musical composed by Sebastian is held inside the palace, with Ariel often being the star before she permanently became a human. The most famous song performed so far was "A New Day Is Dawning" (with Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy being guest performers), which is about harmony with the aquatic and human worlds. It was also where Sora learned that he's a good singer, and thanks to this, he's now seen performing karaoke at the House of Music.
    • Another musical is set to be performed to celebrate the kingdom joining the pantheon. This time, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo are to be the guests, with Mickey Mouse agreeing to transform themnote  so that they'll survive underwater.
  • If it were not for her inability to breathe underwater, Misty would be found in Atlantica, training with her Pokémon, all the time. But still, every now and then, her Gyarados has been spotted swimming around.

    Battlefield and Final Destination 
Battlefield and Final Destination, Holy Seat of Platform Fighters
Battlefield in its current iteration.
Final Destination in its current iteration
  • A large platform floating in a constantly-shifting void. There are two variants of Battlefield: one with three smaller floating platforms, and another with six. There also exist "Omega Zones", versions of normal Nintendo stages meant to emulate Final Destination that do not contain items or any of their normal stage gimmicks.
  • Theme Song
  • Symbol: The Smash logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Platform, Fighting, Mascots and Fighters
  • Sacred to: All Nintendo All-Stars, Solid Snake, Sonic, Megaman, Pac-Man, Ryu, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • In this stage, all fighters must participate in at least Battlefield and Final Destination. The Battlefield is a simple stage with a large platform supporting 4 - 8 players with 3 small and thin platforms, while Final Destination is one large platform, making an epic fight to the death.
    • There are many variation of these stages, however, for example, there is Big Battlefield, which is a larger version of Battlefield with more space and platforms, perfect for 8-Player Smash, and the Omega Form, which turns all stage into a structure similar to Final Destination.
  • Strangely, in the first Smash tournament, no one was allowed to fight in those variations of Battlefield and Final Destination without certain requirements. It was only until the second Smash tournament where fighters can fight in those stages.
  • All gods that wants to compete and make their stand in a debate will have to SETTLE IT IN SMASH!!
  • NO ITEMS, FOX ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION!!! (Don't say it in front of Fox himself, he's annoyed with it)

    Battleship Halberd 
Battleship Halberd, Holy Seat of Faceships
  • Theme Music: Meta Knight's Revenge
  • A large airship that bears Meta Knight's mask on front
  • Symbol: Meta Knight's mask
  • Alignment: Depends on who's in control
  • Portfolio: Cool Airship, Faceship
  • Domains: Airships, Battles
  • Sacred to: Meta Knight, Kirby
  • When Meta Knight originally ascended, the Halberd got damaged during conflict and had to be sent to repairs. Thanks to the efforts of him and the House of Technology, the ship has been fixed, made even better, and made part of the Dominions due to the relative spaciousness of it (after all, Kirby has gone through it).
  • The ship has been used a battleground amongst fighters. However, the fights don't encompass the entire ship and are limited to a few locations.
  • Besides the participants of the Smash tournament, some members of the House of Combat have been using it as a fighting arena.
  • Unlike the other dominions, this one usually isn't standing still. Because it's an airship and is usually travelling.
  • As compelling as it is to do so, it's a bad idea to deface the front of the ship. Meta Knight will attack anyone that tries to do that.
    • Taking it on a joyride is an even worse idea, provided that someone is capable of hijacking the ship from Meta Knight.
  • Many have been wondering why a weirdo would put his face on the bow of a ship. Said weirdo is not providing the reasoning behind this.

    Canterlot High 
Canterlot High, Holy Seat of Alternate Universes Set In School (CHS)

Castlevania, Holy Seat of Chaos Architecture

     Death Star 
The Death Star, Holy Seat of Superweapons

     The Dreamatorium 
The Dreamatorium, Seat of Imagination
  • A room with dark walls covered in orange tape arranged in a square formation and a cupboard filled with carefully arranged cardboard.
  • Symbol: A dressing gown, a dark hat, and a crude rendition of a British police officer's uniform.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but depends on the user
  • Domains: Imagination, Travel, Observation, Projection, Impersonation
  • Sacred to: Abed
  • Unlike many of the Domains, the Dreamatorium is a humble room similar to any which can be found in any modest apartment in a North American urban environment. The crude resemblance to the Holodecks as can be found on 24th century starships further encourages the unprepared occupant to underestimate it's true abilities. In fact, the Dreamatorium is a potentially very powerful projection, simulation and observation device powered the imagination of the user, enabling them to render and interact with any desired projection or scenario.
  • The Dreamatorium requires a great deal of imagination to use effectively; a good test of potential operators is to show them the powerful engines that run the device. If the potential operator merely views it as a collection of haphazardly arranged cardboard tubes and boxes, they're probably not equipped with sufficient imagination to effectively use the environment.
  • Although previously believed to merely enable the projection of hypothetical scenarios, an incident with the Evil Counterpart from an Alternate Universe of the Dreamatorium's creator and primary operator, Abed Nadir, suggested the possibility for a potentially dangerous form of mental travel.
  • Although the original Dreamatorium was decommissioned and torn down, due to it's potential as an observation tool the Main Gods reluctantly permitted the construction of a replacement, but owing to the dangers strictly monitor who uses it.

Elmore, Holy Seat of World of Weirdness
  • A live-action backdrop filled with wacky vastly different citizens with different art style where everything is sentient (yes, really)
  • Symbol: Elmore High School, alternatively, the Void of Elmore
  • Theme Song: "The Elmore song" for Gumball and his friends; "Just Notice Us" for the rest of the citizens
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domain: Craziness, Weirdness, Art, Ret Gone
  • Sacred to: Gumball Watterson, Mr. Small
  • Unholy to: Mephiles, Xion and her followers, Ash Crimson, and any gods that were Ret Gone, The Disgraces
  • Ascended after Gumball was ascended as the god of Medium Blending and the Pantheon has a collective amusement when seeing his friends, which including among others, a peanut shell shape shifter, a ghost, a cactus, a flower, a robot, a giant, several Cartoon Animals among others but the thing that really made it an undeniable ascension is that the discovery that everything in Elmore is sentient, including objects, The Internet and the planets themselves.
  • Due to its position, the town received a spike of visitors who are fascinated by its citizens and most of them agree that the city lived up to its position. You know that this is reliable when it came from Kino of all people.
  • Recently, due to the recent attacks from Crazy Frog to Pantheon deities and Elmore residents Gumball Watterson and Steve Small over the fact that the two of them along with Gumball's pet-goldfish-turn-adoptive-brother Darwin ran him over with a van, an experience which all three don't know what the heck is he talking about, the House of Travel discovered the existence of the Void of Elmore, where things that were considered a mistake were sent there and all of the memories of their existence will be erased. For now, the Pantheon is finding a way to assemble a team to go on a trip to the Void while still retaining their memory as some believe that it might be where Chuck Cunningham and his followers disappeared to. Gumball, Darwin, Mr. Small and Crazy Frog are secretly under watch from the entire Pantheon to see if they remembers anything about the place.
    • Some of the more pragmatic / cynical deities from the Pantheon suggest to sent the Disgrace house to the Void of Elmore in order to get rid of them once and for all. This led to an extensive debate from everyone in the Pantheon, with people argued that it was too cruel of a fate even for the Disgraces, while some argued that while it was a little extreme, it was a convenient non-lethal (as Crazy Frog is still alive) solution that would prevent many potential conflicts and war with the proper Pantheon. This discussion were stopped by House of Knowledge under the fact of how little they know about the place and its impact, so sending the Disgraces there might create more problems than it solved.
    • Because of this new revelation, this place became the place to avoid for Disgraces to avoid being erased from existence. Some of the crueler / more pragmatic deities tried to trick and bait them into this town as much as they can.
    • This reveal also earned the town into watch list of Xion, Memphis, and Ash Crimson as they were Ret Gone in the past.

Eggmanland, (Un)holy Seat of Deadly Areas (The Crimson Carnival)
  • A maniacal metropolis of machinery built by Dr. Eggman and his mad ambitions.
  • Theme Song: The day and night versions of Crimson Carnival.
  • Symbol: The Eggmanland flag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Sadistic (it has to be with all the spikes, saws, runaway roller-costar carts, armies of technology and supernatural, and other deathly hazards found here).
  • Portfolio: Marathon Level, Amusement Park of Doom, Eternal Engine, Circus of Fear, Lethal Lava Land
  • Domains: Carnivals, Earth, Hazards
  • Sacred to: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Bowser, Albert W. Wily
  • Unholy to: Practically everyone else, especially Sonic and his friends.
  • Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Roller coasters regularly going off the rails, bottomless pits beneath the ferris wheel, open lava pits, free-roaming monsters, and more robots than should even be legal. And the less said of what Eggman used to build this joint in the first place the better.
  • Not a good place for the feint of heart unless they are feeling daring, or even suicidal. Getting though the entire park without being hit is torment in itself.
  • Once every five months the park is opened to all gods who are willing to go through in an all out race to see who can get the farthest.

Equestria, Magical Land of Ponies, and Holy Seat of Amazing Technicolor Populations (Friendship Rainbow Kingdom)

     The Expanse 
The Expanse, the Void Between the Worlds
  • The chaotic, senseless terrain that used to be the Pantheon before any deities started shaping it, and the space that fills the empty parts between all universes.
  • Symbol: The Yamato Perpetual Reactor
  • Portfolio: Void Between the Worlds, Death World, Chaos Architecture, Eldritch Location, White Void Room (under the influence of the White)
  • Alignment: Fisher King. People and gods shape it by thought alone as they pass.
  • While normaly formless, the land is constantly reshaped by the hopes and meanderings of passing entities, and is considered the realm of human thought. When a world has met its final death by the power of the Fiends, they dissolve into the matter that makes up the Expanse. New worlds are born from the same as humans in the real world start thinking about them.
  • All visitors wishing to explore new areas to draw into the Pantheon be warned: the Expanse is the home realm of demons, and is naturally crawling with them. Worse, the Omnicidal Maniac entities known as the White are present, and can potentially reform their personal domain, the Monochrome Forest, to seal unwary travelers. While not invincible, they are still very dangerous and must not be considered enemies to take lightly.
  • The Auditors of Reality constantly attempt to breach the walls of the Expanse, but the native flora and fauna are normally enough to keep them out.
  • Theoretically, one can access any universe from the Expanse. In person, however, it's an infinite plane of reality with exactly zero points of reference, so travel through the Expanse is generally not recommended. One of the few known entrances to the Expanse in the Pantheon is the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, and with Flynn and the Demi-Fiend guarding the machine attempting to utilize it is considered...unwise.

Fenris, The Death World

     Feudal Japan 
Feudal Japan, Holy Seat of the Sengoku Period

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Loving Home of Imaginary Friends

Gensokyo, Holy Seat of Fantasy Kitchen Sinks
  • A world where humans, fairies and all kinds of Youkai live. Though it gives the impression of being a Lady Land at first glance, men do live there; it's just that only girls seem to be the ones who cause anything to happen. Rinnosuke Morichika is currently the only male resident of Gensokyo to have ascended.
  • Symbol: Hakurei Shrine
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fantasy Kitchen Sink, Improbably Female Cast, Food Chains
  • Domain: Fantasy, Girls, Bullets, Magics
  • Sacred to: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Patchouli Knowledge, Alice Margatroid, Flandre Scarlet, Yukari Yakumo, and many others
  • Not many can enter this place. One should probably try bribing Yukari Yakumo for entrance, if you're feeling lucky.
  • Beat out Ankh-Morpork on quality-of-life concerns, despite that city's Smell having its' own clacks station and its' walkable river.

     Gilligan's Island 
Gilligan's Island, Holy Seat of Deserted Islands

     The Grid 
The Grid, Holy Seat of Computer Worlds

     Halloween Town 
Halloween Town, Seat of Halloween
  • A gothic town full of friendly ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, and other monsters, lead by Jack Skellington, and represents Halloween.
  • Theme Song: This is Halloween
  • Symbol: A Jack-O-Lantern
  • Aligment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Halloween, Monster Mash, Dark Is Not Evil, Big Boo's Haunt, Fisher Kingdom
  • Domains: Halloween, Monsters, Goths, Undeath
  • Sacred to: Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie
  • Sister Locations: Prague
  • Halloween is practically the only day of the year where the entire pantheon will be in a truce. To keep it this way, Jack Skellington requested that he make Halloween Town a dominion. He was allowed, but only on the condition that he does not attempt to take control of any other holiday (again).
  • Although Jack is the one in charge of the holiday itself, Halloween Town does have it's own mayor. Of course, this mayor is a literal two-faced coward who's only reaction to any troublemakers, often the Heartless, is to call for Jack!
    Mayor: Jack, please! I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!
  • Although the residents of Halloween Town are quite friendly, they won't hesitate to spook anyone who visits them, which has unfortunately given it a bad reputation for many. Because of this, whenever they are present, or up to 5km away, Sora will be transformed into a vampire (complete with a large orange eyepatch), while Donald Duck will be a Mummy (even as Paperinik), and Goofy as a Frankenstein's Monster expy (even as Super Goof).
  • The only resident you should be cautious of is Oogie Boogie, who's the only villain to reside within it's boundaries. Of course, after a certain mishap of a spell back in 2006, Oogie's permanently stuck with short term memory loss, which Jack finds as a fitting punishment.
    • Rumor has it that Neyla is taking advantage of Oogie's disability for her own evil deeds. For this reason, Jack has declared her a Persona Non Grata.
  • Not to be confused with the other Halloween Town.

     Helheim Forest 
Helheim Forest, Seat of Suspicious Forests (Planet Femushinmu)

Hogwarts, Holy Seat of Wizarding Schools (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

     Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima, The Sacred Island Base
  • An island south of Japan used a major airbase by both American and Japanese forces late in World War II
  • Symbol: A map outlining the three airfields and major strongholds scattered throughout
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as it depends on whoever's currently in control of the island
  • Portfolio: Death Island, MacGuffin Location, Having fortifications built within a Volcano
  • Domains: Airbases, Staging Points, Islands
  • Sacred To: John Basilone
  • One of many islands the United States wrested control from Japan during the island-hopping campaign late in the Pacific War. What makes this one particularly special was its importance to both the American and Japanese war efforts, particularly the Air War over Japan.
  • During the last two years of this time, the Japanese forces based there fortified it heavily, placing numerous gun emplacements, bunkers, and artillery and machine gun nests literally into the cliffs of the island.
  • In addition, the island itself is home to three airfields, two of which were operational at the time of the American landings in February 1945.
  • The site of a major battle between US Marines and Japanese Army soldiers that lasted between 35-40 days, with both sides suffering heavy casualties.
  • Upon its capture by US forces in March 1945, the airfields were immediately fixed and put into operational condition, to be used as a temporary base for bombers targeting Japan, as well as a permanent base for fighters.
  • John Basilone had mixed feelings at first upon seeing the very place where he was killed ascend into the Pantheon. For the most part, he treats the place as a sacred location, in part due to the War Memorial on top of Mt. Suribachi.
  • Because it was a Japanese Army base, The IJN Admiral was...less enthusiastic with its ascension, due in part to Interservice Rivalry with them.
  • Makes several appearances in World War II -related media.

    "Kagura Millennium Festival Island" 
"Kagura Millennium Festival Island", Divine Seat of Beach Episodes
  • A large island with most of it's landscape composed of small mountains covered in trees. Only solid location known is a beach resort arena
  • Symbol: The festival grounds
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beach Episode (and Festival Episode) Location, Mostly Deserted, Place to Send off Grieving Shinobi Spirits, Located in an Alternate Timeline Where Everything Else Is Destroyed.
  • Domains: Beaches, Islands, Festivals, Ghosts, Apocalypse
  • The seat in regards to Beach Episode is hard to really find, as they tend to be one-off things and such, don't have much presence in overall narrative. However, the nameless island where the girls from Hanzo, Hebijo and Gessen Academy as well as Homura's Crimson Squad were send to in order to take part on "Kagura Millennium Festival" is special, as the whole story takes place within the island. As such, it is one of few places where the holy seat would go to.
  • The island is mostly barren, with most noticeable being the beach resort located on one side of the island, with some smaller man-made buildings scattered around by those who might have stayed there. To make the island more interesting, more larger places have been built like a festival ground built onto a hill.
  • Note that originally, the island is located on a different timeline compared to the one where the girls were pulled out of. A timeline where a giant yoma went into a rampage, sinking almost every mass of land into the ocean, with the island being the only thing left.
  • Even though the festival is still over, there are still some lingering shinobi spirits around who still haven't gotten past their deaths. How dangerous they are varies on the spirits, some of them wanting to fight those who they come across, or those who want company before they can move on to the afterlife.
  • Haruka and especially Katsuragi has insisted that the island should hold "Surprise Shinobi Slippery Splash-n-Spray Sports" periodically, but no one outside of them wants that thing to happen again.

Planet Krypton, The Celestial Seat That Existed To Die
A map of Krypton while it still stood
  • Currently a kryptonite asteroid belt around the red sun Rao. Formerly a Super-Earth sized planet with Earth-like conditions and many crystalline structures on its surface
  • Symbol: An asteroid of kryptonite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, Depending on the Writer
  • Portfolio: Planetary Destruction By Origin Story, Crystal Spires and Togas, Source of Kryptonite, Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Human Aliens, Contradictory Accounts Depending on the Writer
  • Domains: Cloning (formerly), Science, Pride, Power, Radiation
  • Sacred to: Every Kryptonian in or out of the pantheon
  • Unholy to: Doomsday, and for good reason
  • Barred entry: Vril Dox, Lex Luthor, the Galactic Empire
  • Similar planets: Planet Vegeta, Alderaan
  • Over twenty years ago, a planet was nearing its end. Krypton, a technologically advanced civilization with a race of potential superhumans, had lived for thousands of years in relative peace. However a greater disaster than the ancient clone war would occur; the planet itself was unstable. Though it would explode, its death throes would have Jor-El send his son to Earth in order to survive. Through Krypton's death, Earth would have its greatest hero.
    • The star it orbited, Rao, was revered as an ancient deity. Human astronomers know it as LHS 2520, a red dwarf star 42 light years from Earth.
  • The state of Kryptonian society varies from time to time. Sometimes it's a beatific near-utopia and nothing short of utter tragedy that it died, using crystal technology and architecture. Other times it's more dystopian, a sterile world isolated from the rest of the universe out of xenophobia and having a creepy eugenics vibe from it. Even Jor-El can't keep the story straight, but he always points out the Kryptonian Council were idiots.
  • What's left of Krypton itself is an asteroid belt of kryptonite, however under strict guidance by the Court of the Gods the House of Time and Space will allow people to visit it when it still stood. The city of Kandor managed to escape before the destruction because Brainiac stole it, as did Argo City by reverse engineering his least before the kryptonite under them poisoned the lot, leaving Kara Zor-El an orphan saved by her father Zor-El.
  • Doomsday may hate everyone and everything, but he hates Krypton the most. He was created in its ancient past, killed over and over by hostile creatures and environments, so is naturally frightened about the planet. Brainiac is explicitly banned due to stealing the city of Kandor and possibly even having a hand in destroying it. Lex Luthor is banned due to his hatred of Kryptonians and desire to steal its radioactive remains.
  • Princess Leia sometimes visits Krypton in order to pay her respects for the Kryptonians who were killed in its destruction. The Galactic Empire, on the other hand, has been barred entry due to having destroyed a sacrificial planet of their own. It's said that the spirits of Krypton tremble upon the fact the Death Star is a Dominion as well.
  • It's not quite clear what caused Krypton to explode, but the consensus is it was probably unstable geology and possibly even fowl play by Brainiac that brought its end. Dream and the Endless remember a different origin; the first Despair gave the idea to Rao to create an inherently unstable planet where a civilization would flourish, only to meet its end and the survivor to be full of despair. This failed completely, since the Last Son of Krypton was Superman.
  • Doesn't have anything to do with the element of the same name. If anything, being so unstable makes the planet antithetical to the noble gas.

     Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas 
Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, Seats of Crime-Infested Neighborhoods

    Luigi's Mansions 
Luigi's Mansions, Seats of Spooky Manors

     Mahora Academy 
Mahora Academy, Holy Seat of Overly Elaborate Secondary Education (Amano-Mihashira Academy City)
  • City-sized multi-school complex, consisting of gender-segregated kindergarten through university schools with a common faculty and administration
  • Symbol: the school coat of arms
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (anyone living there tends to slowly veer towards this alignment)
  • Portfolio: Elaborate University High, Wizarding School, the World Tree, Academy of Adventure
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic
  • Current (Pro Tempore) Caretaker: Mana Tatsumiya
  • Sacred to: Negi, Asuna, Yue, Nodoka, Kaede, Konoka and Setsuna. Dwelling place of Evangeline, who claims to hate it due to it being her can.
  • Partner Schools: Hogwarts, Kuoh Academy, Hakuo Academy, A Certain High School, Tokiwadai Academy, IS Academy
  • Has a very active exchange student program with the Academy, and hosts the functions and classes the Academy doesn't have enough room for.
  • Officially, Mahora's having been chosen over Pacific Coast Academy was due to the latter's lack of overly elaborate, borderline-fancy-dress school uniforms or a massive island-wide system of catacombs, waterfalls, and traps that technically function as a library. However, rumors persist that the real reason was PCA's Teen Pregnancy problem.
  • It has been chosen by the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet as its (unofficial) meeting place. As a result, it has received partnerships with other fictitious schools such as Kuoh, Hakuo, and Tokiwadai.
  • The plaza under the World Tree has been getting much more activity whenever Ratatoskr is seen darting around its branches. After all, what kind of student doesn't like to hear the latest, juicy bits of gossip about their fellow classmates?

    Mario Land 
Mario Land, Holy (or Unholy depending on views) Seat of Party Games
  • An amusement park where anyone can enter and play on various boards and mini-games. Luck is always included.
  • Symbol: Dice blocks, coins, and stars
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though very sadistic)
  • Domain: Party, Mini-Games, Luck
  • Sacred (or Unholy) to: Mario and friends, and Bowser, The Runaway Guys
  • Partner Lands: Nintendo Land, Itadaki/Fortune Street, The Kingdom of Dokapon
  • Of all of the host of many boards, Mario Land is considered one of the most well-known destination to host Mario Party. However, due to popular demand, Mario Land will be hosting boards of previous and future iterations so that many could play through them.
  • The rules are simple: You play a board with four other players, each starting with 10 coins. The objective is getting the most stars and coins by the end of the turn duration. Whoever has the most stars wins. But it isn't that simple, what is with winning minigames, getting bonus stars at the end for reaching certain categories, or losing everything through CHANCE TIME!
  • When there aren't enough people to play, the land creates an artificial player to keep it four-players. Some can be sadistic cruel, while some are dumb as rocks. Case in point, Luigi have won several mini-games by doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.
  • Because of the way the game is set up, the games can be luck-based, what is with mini-games requiring no effort but luck, items that can be random, or events that can change everything like hidden blocks or CHANCE TIME! It seems that the the RNG have make a base of operation in the domain and likes to mess the game around to make the game unsettling of the victors.
  • There were talks of renovation in Mario Land where the boards are now linear and all players are in one vehicle where anything can be happen to the driver. And replacing the currency with mini-stars with whoever has the most mini-stars by the end of the board wins.
  • Be careful, Bowser likes to cause trouble as he owns an unique space. The punishment includes stealing coins, swapping places, hosting his own CHANCE TIME?, or Bowser COMMUNISM!, etc. But sometimes, he screws up and end up having options like 100 Star Present and 10000 Coin Presents, which cause him to runaway to refuse to give the player such advantage.
  • The Runaway Guys come to this place annually, going to each and every board that they have to offer. Hilarity Ensues.

     Monster Island 
Monster Island, Seat of Unknown, Dangerous Locations Full of Monsters, Prehistoric Beasts and Over-Sized Animals
  • A place where monster and dangerous beasts of all sorts roam freely.
  • Symbol: An mountainous island in an ocean with monsters dotted across its surface.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Sacred To: All Kaiju, All Pokémon, Wild Animals (be they mythic, prehistoric or otherwise), Nature Heroes and anyone who loves the natural world.
  • Bane Towards: Polluters, plunderers, those without respect for the natural world. Though the land is full of monstrous mutants, it is overall a symbol of nature overcoming mankind's misuse of the planet.
  • Domains: Travel, Nature, Animals, Dragons, Monsters, Plants, Radiation, Mutation, Evolution
  • Is home to many of the monstrous members of the pantheons and their servants.
  • Many go there for training and hunting. Adventures are lured there for the fabled treasures it holds. The monsters do not take kindly to most of these trespassers.
  • Fluttershy is the one of the few being who can walk on Monster Island without running the risk of being eaten. Some of the residents still scare her a lot.
  • Steve Irwin does guided tours for those who want them, and considers himself the "Park Ranger" for Monster Island.
  • For all monsters, mutants and giant beasts, it's still a very beautiful, pristine environment.
  • Heaven of All Monster Hunters
  • Is actually a peninsula.

    The Moon 
The Moon, Seat of Celestial Vandalism and Planet Busting Fodder
  • A synthetic copy of Earth's moon. Sometimes has the word "Target" etched onto it's surface.
  • Symbol: The major phases of the moon in a circle while pelted with various planet busting weapons/abilities
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deface of the Moon, Detonation Moon
  • Domains: Moon, Fodder
  • Similar Location: Alderaan
  • Every so often, a second moon will hang in the night sky. This moon is actually a synthetic copy of Earth's moon created to test the full power of deities' abilities or their weapons.
  • Whenever deities need to use this moon, they need to clear it with the House of Justice. Originally, there was opposition to this restriction, but after many deities had to be sent to the House of Health or even the House of Life and Death from suffering injuries from the simultaneous attacks on the moon, opposition dropped substantially.
    • The final straw came when Asura and Augus began fighting on the moon only to be interrupted by Flonne who had etched the word "LOVE" onto the surface while testing her "Love Extreme" attack. She then got into an argument with Carmen Sandiego who covered said etching when she painted her likeness on the moon. Said argument was interrupted when Makoto Nanaya and Bridget landed headed first into the surface, having launched each other there when they used their Astral Heat and Instant Kill on each other during a sparring match. Tempers started to flare until they all noticed that the super weapon of the Death Star charging in the distance. The Moon was quickly incinerated but the Death Star followed its fate not long afterwards. The Death Star's crew members, shortly after revival, said that last thing they saw was a large angry fist.
  • Synthetic or not, a lot deities who have respect for the Moon aren't exactly to happy seeing the moon constantly destroyed. Usagi, Princess Luna, and Fenrich in particular are petitioning that the moon be replaced with a similarly sized asteroid instead.
    • Even those who don't hold reverence find it quite annoying. Those who enjoy strolling around at night or try to have a date often get annoyed that their quiet night is ruined because some idiot needed to blow the Moon up.
  • The moment the restriction was placed, House of Justice added that they are banning anyone who would think of sending the Moon hurtling toward the Pantheon. The first deity to be banned was naturally Majora, knowing that he'd pull the Termina Moon stunt again if he had the chance.
    • The only known exception to this rule is The Guy, though this is because The Kid is his only target. Even so, the Pantheon recommends that he doesn't use the Moon often and rely on his other deadly traps instead.

Mordor, Holy Seat of Eternal Darkness, Fire, and Brimstone
  • A charred, fiery wasteland barely able to support life, eternally shrouded in dark clouds and with the towering volcano of Mount Doom always present in the horizon.
  • Symbol: The Eye of Sauron
  • Alignment: Evil (varies between Lawful and Chaotic depending on whether it's referring to its rulers or minions)
  • Portfolio: Evil Wastelands, Shadowlands, Dark Red Clouds
  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Tyranny
  • Sacred To: Melkor and Sauron. Also part of the merged headquarters of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, along with several other locations.
  • Unholy to: the Fellowship of the Ring (Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, etc.)
  • Similar Locations: certain interpretations of Hell
  • It is said that no one can simply reach Mordor on foot.
  • Ali Al-Saachez considers it his favorite vacation spot.
  • Not to be confused with New Jersey.

     Morphing Grid 
The Morphing Grid, Seat of Transformation
  • A bio-electric field that can be accessed through various devices
  • Symbol: A wide, yellow Lightning Bolt.
  • Alignment: Usually good but it depends on the user
  • Sacred to: Power Rangers, Kamen Riders, Sentai Heroes, and anyone who uses Transformation Trinkets.
  • Is maintained by the continuing struggle between good and evil.
  • Is not a physical place but is a force that permeates everywhere. One needs only the right equipment to use it.

     Mushroom Kingdom 
The Mushroom Kingdom, Holy Seat of Platform Jumping

     The Nameless, Everted World 
The Nameless, Everted World, Seat of Sugar-coated Dark Worlds

Neo-Venezia, Holy Seat of Beautiful Scenery

Netherrealm, Unholy Seat of Fire and Brimstone Hell (Hell, Netherealm)
  • A realm of darkness where demonic creatures and damned souls reside. Only those of pure evil or dark taint in their heart may enter this damned world.
  • Symbol: The Netherrealm Kamidogu, The Brotherhood of Shadow insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Hell, Another Dimension, Crapsack World, a Hell without a Heaven
  • Domain: Hell, Lava, Evil, Demon
  • Sacred to: Shinnok, Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Liu Kang, Kitana
  • Unholy to: all of the other Kombatants, especially Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Jax
  • Similar Realms: The Burning Hell
  • Welcome to Hell. Or the Netherrealm. Home of the imfamous lava pools, torturing pits of damned souls, and the stronghold of the Brotherhood of Shadows, a cult of worshippers to the Fallen Elder God, Shinnok.
  • It is said that this realm was once ruled by Lucifer, however he was overthrown by Shinnok with an aid from Quan Chi. It is also unknown whether it's Lucifer the leader of chaos or one of they many Satans.
  • This realm is where Scorpion gain most of his powers and grows more powerful if he stays for a long period of time. Although he detest staying in the Netherrealm, he would stay if it gives him a chance to go after Quan Chi.

    The North (Westeros) 
The North (Westeros), Divine Seat of Harsh Northern Regions
A map of the North by Maester Yandel, from The World of Ice & Fire
  • The coldest region of Westeros, similar to Northern England/Scotland in environment
  • Symbol: Their banner; a greyish-black horse on a white background. Alternatively their lords' family sigil of a direwolf(Stark) or flayed man(Bolton) during the latter's usurpation.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to good when the Starks are in charge.
  • Portfolio: Grim Up North, Utmost Respect of Guest Right, Best Served Cold, Values Honor But Can Be Ruthless Like The South, Good Old Ways, Had To Be Sharp
  • Domains: The North, Winter, Honor, Guest Right
  • Sacred to: Ned Stark (Lord of Winterfell), Jon Snow (current king), Roose Bolton, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark
  • Unholy to: Anyone who breaks guest rightnote . Also on poor terms with Tywin and Cersei Lannister
  • Similar regions: Drachma, Fenris, Northrend
  • The continent of Westeros is a harsh land, but few places are as grim as its North. The largest kingdom on the continent, it is a cold region where people have to be tough, and honor is essential. It's often said that "winter is coming", which with the threat of the White Walkers may take on an even darker meaning. Recognized bastards in the North take the surname "Snow", such as Jon Snow. Though he could be considered a Sand, Waters or even Targaryen nowadays.
  • For thousands of years the region was ruled by the Starks, a family known for their utmost honor even if it kills them. They ruled as kings until Aegon and his sister-wives invaded, leading king Torrhen Stark to kneel rather than have the region ravaged by conflict. Seven hundred years before this they managed to get their arch-rivals of the Boltons to become vassals, up until Roose's usurping in the Red Wedding. Right now Jon Snow has managed to become King of the North, but with his ascension Roose hopes to claim the North back for the Boltons.
  • The most well-held virtue in all the North, even more than the rest of Westeros, is that of guest right. Once you break bread and are under someone's roof, no matter how much the two of you may hate each other, you are completely forbidden to attack one another. Breaking guest right is a sin only equaled (at best) by direct kinslaying, and there will be no mercy to those who break it. The Freys learned this the hard way. Anyone for some pie?
  • The belief in the Old Gods is retained in the North, which has recently led to some followers of Cthulhu coming to the North and being disappointed. Most assume they're talking about the Drowned God and direct them to the Iron Islands. Leman Russ and Arthas can be seen visiting the area due to its similarity to their homes of Fenris and Northrend
  • Asides from the main landmass there are two notable islands. Bear Island is known for having women as fighters, and is open to any bear god in the pantheon. It's even joked that Lady Maege Mormont's children were fathered by a bear. Then there's Skagos, a place of little contact with the mainland and dreaded by them. Said to be a place of cannibals, and a reputation that even Roose Bolton is unnerved by. They supposedly have killer unicorns, which leads people in the North to freak out whenever Lady Amalthea or the Alicorns visit.
  • Despite the name, the North isn't the most northern part of Westeros. A massive ice wall blocks it from what lies Beyond the Wall, which has been guarded by the Night's Watch for 8000 years. You can find wildlings there, but it's not advised to go much further since the White Walkers are there. Now that the Night's King has ascended to the pantheon, good-aligned members of the House of Fire and Electricity have been spending some time there to stop him, while Lissandra can be seen trying to break down the Wall.

     Parts Unknown 
Parts Unknown, Holy Seat Of Wrestling Monsters

     Planet of the Apes 
Planet of the Apes, Holy Seat of Ruined Planets That May Actually Be Earth

     Pleasure Island 
Pleasure Island, Seat of Disturbingly Mind-Changing Land (Land of Toys, Prankster's Paradise)
  • It looks like a normal amusement park... but in truth a place that curses those who reside there, especially those weak of heart or with no sense of compassion or kindness. Those who are cursed are twisted into at best donkeys, at worst... depending on whatever the GUAE is plotting (could be another Eldritch Abomination).
  • Theme Song: The Fun Fair (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)
  • Symbol: An island with roller coaster.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusement Park of Doom, Curse of Polymorph, Crapsaccharine World, Giving off Fate Worse Than Death
  • Unholy to: Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, any gods who loves their children
  • Domain: 'Fun', Shape, EVIL
  • A place sacred to many evil Gods. It is a most preferred place for the GUAE to convert all who is of weak heart into their minions. If they fail, then they become donkeys to be sold... Ew.
  • While not yet deified, this place is managed by the nameless Coachman, who's so repulsed by other Gods in his standards of Karma Houdini that he's avoided by everyone. Even Mayuri Kurotsuchi, God of Unpunished Villainy, was disgusted by him.
  • Due to the fact that the island also has a place in the Pantheon, Jiminy after his ascension has been working overtime to keep Pinocchio and the other kids as far away from that place as the cricket fears that Pinocchio might be tempted to go there again. His effort was unanimously helped by many fellow gods in the Pantheon who are caring parents and deities that love children (including those normally wouldn't get involve or those whose morality is less than upright themselves) as they witness how heartbreaking it was when his father Geppetto went out to the rain looking for him who hasn't return home from school and got eaten by Monstro.

    PNF- 404 
PNF-404, Seat of Alternate Former Earths (Pikmin Planet, Planet of the Pikmin, Distant Planet, Planet not found: Error 404)
  • A planet that looks like Earth several million years into the future, with the continents rearranged
  • Symbol: The planet itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Earth That Was, Humanity's Wake, After the End
  • Domains: Earth, Nature
  • Similar locations: Shiver Star(?), Lost Jerusalem, Earth from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, a different Earth from Warframe
  • Sacred to: the Pikmin
  • This is planet Earth. Or at least, it's a version of Earth in the very far future where humanity has gone extinct. What remains in this planet is the beautiful outdoors and plenty of varied wildlife (most of it dangerous) to go with it.
  • Some underground locations can be found throughout the planet. These underground locales include places like a toyroom, places covered in snow, or even places with bottomless pits. Some of these caves have a fixed layout, but other caves have layouts that change slightly whenever someone visits these caves again.
  • Aside from the wildlife, various treasures can be found throughout the planet, including kitchen accessories, rubber ducks, and fruit that not only looks good, but are apparently delicious even though they've been sitting around for an extremely long time.
    • Regarding these items, visitors to this planet are usually there to collect items to earn money or on occasion, get the fruits that lay there for the House of Food.
  • Time functions strangely in this planet. At the very least, days tend to last between 13 to 20 minutes on the surface, but time usually doesn't pass in the dungeons due to powerful magnetic fields.
    • That and the surface locations on the planet are locked to a certain season, rather than going through all of the seasons at once in each of the locations.
  • A small section of the planet has been used in certain battles between certain gods. A different part of the planet is used as another arena as well.

     Rabbit Hatch 
Rabbit Hatch, The Inter-Celestial Space Base
  • A secret Space Base that can be accessed through an abandoned locker in the Academy that also acts as the headquarters of the Kamen Rider Club.
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Kamen Rider Club
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, as it has been used by the Kamen Rider Club to help train Fourze to fight off any and all enemies.
  • Domains: Cool Gate, Moon Rabbit, teenage hangout, testing field, ability to go to the moon
  • Sacred to: Kamen Riders
  • Is maintained by the newly appointed faculty adviser Chuta Ohsugi, who has recently given the Club its blessing. The Club has also been given protection by resident Perky Goth Tomoko Nozama via magical charms. So far, no one has tried to mess around with the locker for fear of what type of 'magic' Tomoko has put into the protection.

    Rainbow Road 
Rainbow Road, Collective Seats of Unusual Racing

R'lyeh, Holy Seat of Locations That Are Themselves Abominations
  • Currently Underwater city of the Great Old Ones
  • Symbol: We have no idea. Anyone who looks at it long enough to describe it just starts gibbering.
  • Alignment: Chartreuse
  • Portfolio: Tales of Cosmic Horror, Eldritch Locations, Ruins that are Underwater
  • Domains: Water, Otherness, Prophesy
  • Sacred To: C'thulhu. Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and Giygas have been known to hang out here, however.
  • When the stars are right, it shall rise from the depths, and its inhabitants shall return from the abyss, destroying the inhabitants of that Insignificant Little Blue Planet as an afterthought.
    • Until then, it makes for great scuba-diving, and, as Cthulhu will attest, the housing prices are cheap and you won't find a quieter neighborhood.
  • Used to have an amusement park until Nyarko busted a cap on Nodens so hard, she destroyed the entire facility.

    Rosen Queen Co. 
The Rosen Queen Company, Interdimensional Conglomerate of Armories and Sundry Goods
  • Depends on the location, but most Rosenqueen stores have several things in common: a weapons merchant, an armor merchant, an items merchant, a healer, and a dimensional gatekeeper allowing for passage between worlds.
  • Symbol: A stylized "RQ"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Weapons, Armor, Items, Dimension Gates, Buying Anything and Selling (Almost) Everything
  • Domains: Commerce, Hell
  • Sacred To: every deity hailing from the Disgaea multiverse (Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!, Adell, Rozalin, Axel, Mao, Raspberyl, Almaz, Sapphire, Mr. Champloo, Rutile, Stella Grossular, Valvatorez, Fenrich, Artina, Sicily, Killia, Usalia) except those from Phantom Brave (Marona) and Makai Kingdom (Zetta), or even the Unlosing Ranger, since they get their supplies from merchants who are not employed by RQ. And Aurum.
  • You name it, Rosen Queen probably sells it. Most RQ locations are connected to some form of Senate or high council, and only those with sufficient influence are allowed to partake in the higher-quality goods.
  • Despite its Interdimensional presence, the Rosen Queen Company sprouted from a more humble and happier, music-filled world.

    San Fransoskyo 
San Fransokyo, Holy Seat of Americasia

     Shinkoku Tastrium 
Shinkoku Tastrium, The Ultimate Embodiment of the Fusion of Science and Hindu Mythology
  • The original race of Asura, Mithra, and the Seven Deities come from the ultimate pinnacle of ancient Asian mythology and scientific achievements. The city they came from originally, Shinto, is now considered to be abandoned, as a result of the fall of the Seven Deities and the destruction of Gohma Vlitra in Asura's home universe.
  • Symbol: The city of Shinto
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as Asura's once most trusted allies became his enemies, and most of the demigods that weren't were peaceful civilians.
  • Domains: Buddhism, Hindu Mythology, technology beyond current human capabilities
  • Sacred to: Asura, Mithra, Yahsa, Augus, Deus, Olga, Kalrow, Wyzen, Sergei
As well as mythological creatures and aliens interested in possibly advanced technology that would be unexpected to have existed on Earth.
  • This race was the result of humans discovering the power of Mantra and converting it into energy. The Demigod race that Asura belongs to came to be as a result of humans at the time being genetically altered with Mantra.
  • Due to pollution and overpopulation, Gohma Vlitra sent its army of beings to destroy the advanced race of beings, thus causing the first war of creation in Asura's homeworld of Gaea.
  • Despite being abandoned, many advanced beings, both mythical and technological, are said to be attracted to the universe this race once came from.
  • Speculated to have some sort of connection with the Karma Temple, due to similarities in architecture.

     Silent Hill 
Silent Hill, (Un)holy Seat of Ghost Towns and Self Inflicted Hells
  • A lakesite resort town located somewhere in New England.
  • Symbol: A green sign saying "Welcome to Silent Hill", back of which contains the Halo of the Sun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Abandoned Towns what possibly lives, Self-Inflicted Hell, Ominous Fog, Eldritch Location.
  • Domains: Chaos, Monsters, Dark World
  • Sacred to: Pyramid Head. And possibly Roahm Mythril
  • At first glance, Silent Hill might look like an abandoned town covered in heavy fog. However, if you step there (especially if something invites you), it will make your greatest fears come true with monsters and locations.
    • Its the most common place where Pyramid Head wanders around it, being one of its infamous creations. As it can appear even if Silent Hill doesn't find interest in you, its more of a reason to stay away from it.
  • The fog what covers the area has been speculated to be related to the fog found in Midnight Channel. However, there is no evidence to truly support it.
  • Even though people suggest not to go there, the are still some travel agents what can help you go there. Roahm Mythril knows one and tries to go there every Halloween.

     Soul Society 
Soul Society, Holy Seat of Mundane Afterlives
  • Afterlife/Medieval Japanese City
  • Symbol: Chappy the Rabbit, as per the order of the Shinigami Women's Association
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Crapsack World, Mundane Afterlife, Reincarnation, Stratified Society
  • Domains: Death, Law, Life, Renewal, Repose
  • Sacred To: Sosuke Aizen ( who is presently away, but wants to rule here), Orihime Inoue, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenpachi Zaraki, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Retsu Unohana, Uryu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki, Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Unholy to: Yhwach, Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Similar Locations: Old Home

     Speed Force 
The Speed Force, Seat of Super Speed
  • In the words of follower of Barry Allen and former God of Super Speed Wally West: "A flowing world of mystery, silver, morphing hyper-dimensional gels. Speed Heaven, the source of my power."
  • Symbol: A lightning bolt
  • Alignment: Neutral, it is used by good and evil speedsters alike
  • Domains: Meta Origin, Super Speed, Swirly Energy Thingy
  • Sacred to: Pretty much anyone who relies on Super Speed, but mainly Barry Allen and anyone who takes up the identity of The Flash.
  • The very source of all Super Speed. All who can break the laws of physics with their speed are conduits of this energy field.
  • The field was consecrated because of Barry Allen, current god of Super Speed, as he is the very incarnation of the Speed Force.
  • The Speed Force exists outside of time and space. Any being or object of sufficient speed can travel in and out of the speed force in order to travel to any point and time in the universe.

Springfield, Holy Seat of Continuously Variable Geography

     Sugar Rush 
Sugar Rush, Seat of Food-based Worlds
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz's game which ascended when she took her place as Goddess of Known Glitching and Teleport Spam
  • Symbol: A Sugar Rush arcade console
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Sweets, Food, Racing
  • Sacred to: Vanellope von Schweetz
  • Sugar Rush is a place where the inhabitants race to determine the roster for playing every single day. Vanellope, who had been forcefully Dummied Out by Turbo Racer/King Candy wished to race but couldn't. Ralph found this place and, after an event that nearly caused Sugar Rush to be destroyed, helped Vanellope finish the race and restore Sugar Rush to its proper glory.
  • Due to the Cy-Bug incident, Vanellope has asked that many of the Big Eater gods (Pac-Man, Kirby, Kero, etc.) stay far, far away from Sugar Rush.

    Summoner's Rift and Field of the Ancients 
Summoner's Rift and Field of the Ancients, Holy Seat of MOBA
  • The battlefield where 5 champions/heroes clash against another group of five heroes/champions in order to destroy either the Nexus for the Summoner's Rift or the Radiant and Dire Ancients in the Field of the Ancients.
  • Symbol: The red owl and the blue stag (Summoner's Rift), Radiant and Dire (Field of the Ancients)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Heroes/Champions, Jungle, Creep, Nexus, Runes
  • Sacred to: Eul, Guinsoo, and Ice Frog, The Champions of Runeterra and The Defenders of the Ancients
  • Partner Battlefield: Forest of Caldavar, Olympus Conquest Field, Battle Nexus of the Stormnote , Halcyon Fold
  • Unholy to: Noobs
  • This battleground is proven for five heroes work together to face each against another group of five heroes. Many from across the world watch these battles in professions.
  • While each battlefield is identical to the two maps, they aren't the same from Day 1, it is from their three creators that lead to their development as the year goes, in fact, their current incarnation is different from the first build.
  • Those stepping foot in the fields should avoid the battlefield, for they may be slain by champions, minions, jungle creatures, and the most powerful monster in the world: The Baron Nashor (Summoner's Rift) and the Roshan (Field of the Ancients).
  • Although called the Summoner's Rift, summoners and even the League itself no longer exist in the world of Runeterra. It is likely the Summoner's Rift is still named as such for convenience.
  • The Field of the Ancient may look like having one pretty side (Radiants) and one Mordor-esque side (Dire), but make no mistake. Anyone regardless of the morality scale can get called to either side, it's just a case of which one looks prettier.
    • In fact, the Dire area is said to be similar to the Twisted Treeline, and said field is like when the Rift and the Treeline get merged (and get the Rift's lane numbers).
  • When the World Championship (For the Summoner's Rift) or the International (For the Field of the Ancients) approaches, the outside areas becomes outright crowded with gods who wishes to watch the heroes/champions fight to be acknowledged as the best. Indeed, the heroes and champions are at their greatest as they prepare and train for their respective championships. The most legendary battles were fought during the World Championship/International.
  • When the Defenders of the Ancients aren't defending their ancients, they can often be seen fighting each other in matches called "Overthrow". Depending on the arena used it may be a free for all battle with 10 heroes, five teams with two heroes each, or three teams with three heroes each. Some gods prefer to watch these battles as they end quickly unlike typical matches.

Tartarus, The Unholy Protogenoi Of The God's Prison (The Pit, Tartaros, Protogenos of the Abyss, The Pit of Evil, Father of the Gigantes, Stinking Pit, Erebus, Erebos, God of the Abyss, Grandfather of all Monsters)
One of the many forms Tartarus's terrain may take.
Tartarus's rarely seen mortal form 

Tokyo, Seat of Cities that Get Destroyed All The Time

Toontown, Holy Seat of Towns Inhabited by Cartoons
  • A whimsical town filled with cartoon inhabitants located in downtown LA.
  • Theme Song: "Toontown"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckooland, Toon Physics, Rule of Funny, Animated Actors
  • Domain: Funny, Cartoon
  • Sacred to: Many characters from cartoon, but to Jessica and Roger Rabbit in particular.
  • Unholy to: Judge Doom
  • Needless to say, a certain chemical made from turpentine, acetone and benzene called the Dip is forbidden in this town.
  • Judge Doom is also forbidden to visit this town and any access to its paperwork because of his attempt to turned it into a driveway. The Toons in this town especially hate him for trying to destroy his own hometown and killed several members of his own species just for money.
  • Visitors to this place is treated with a pleasant surprise of witnessing Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, as well as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse standing near and interact with each other. Although for some reasons the four of them can only appear with each other at the same time and saying the same amount of lines...
  • Some rumors have it that the town inhabitants know the hunters that killed Bambi's mother due to holding the script that his alternative counterpart is an actor on. Toontown's official denied any of this and forbid anyone from gaining entry.

    TV World 
The TV World, Seat of Worlds Within Television and Inner Thoughts (Mayonaka TV)
  • A foggy world where Shadows lurked. Within is the place where people with problems can confront their Inner Shadows.
  • Symbol: TV with 'hypnotic eye' screen.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: TV Worlds, Eldritch Locations, Psychological Torment Zones, Lairs of Evil Counterparts, Ominous Fog
  • Domain: Television, Inner Selves, Shadows, Fog
  • Sacred To: The Investigation Team, mainly Yu Narukami, Izanami
  • The TV World (and the Midnight Channel, which is broadcasted from within the TV World) was created by Izanami for humans to show their hidden sides and for others to see them. What actually came out of it wasn't in her plans.
  • Most Gods have their Shadows over herenote , but listing every single one of the Gods' Shadowsnote  would be a terrifying task.
  • It is also said that after the rise of Madoka Kaname, Witches tend to reside here, as Madoka separated the soul of the Puella Magi to come with her, and banish the dark side which would become Witches into this very place. Madoka claims a masked man gave her the idea, telling her that it'll be useful in case the Puella Magi that she saved would like to confront their darker self.
    • Scholars are curious as to if this means that witches can be transformed into something like a Persona via acceptance of one's flaws like a shadow can and are petitioning Madoka for permission to test it and asking for volunteers.
      • Mami Tomoe was seen fleeing from Junes, a common entry point to the TV World on the mortal plane, at a full run. She was followed out of the store soon afterwards by the entire Investigation Team. Speculations were put to rest when Madoka revealed publicly that yes, Mami volunteered to be the first to face herself.

    The Warp 
The Warp, Plane of souls and emotion, That Which Lies Beyond
  • a dimension with clouds of emotion instead of matter, and in which beings' souls are found. Also, Daemons.
  • Symbol: None recognizable by sane minds (the Joker claims the symbol looks like the Games Workshop Logo, and Deadpool claims it looks like the flag of Japan. They do not count as "sane minds".) Generally, though, represented by an eight-pointed arrow.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Horror Story, Hyperspace Is a Scary Place, The Corruption, The Dark Side, Dream Land, Phantom Zone, Mental World
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Corruption
  • Sacred to: Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Nurgle
  • A few foolhardy mortals have dared ask what lies beyond the Pantheons, or perhaps beyond the tropes themselves. The answer is simply The Warp, where time, space, and reason cease to exist. Fewer still are the mortals who are seen again-and such mortals are inevitably insane... or worse. Arguably, the God-Emperor of Mankind keeps the Warp at bay and prevents it from spilling through into the Materium.
    • Most people just call it Japan for short.
  • Several have prophesied that the Warp will be either destroyed or sealed forever by the Emperor, should He ever truly die, although the veracity of these claims is uncertain. Its possible His death will simply create yet another hole through which that which Is Not can leak further into That Which Is. It is also possible it will destroy his home dimension, and leave others unscathed. It is even possible, albeit incredibly unlikely, that His death will cause the Warp do develop a bunny fixation.
  • The inhabitants of the Warp have been concerned over the power that Madoka Kaname holds on magic and other things cosmic, as because of her former history as a personification of hope. Due to this, all Warp Daemons have been looking for a means to gauge her powers and abilities. Alas...
    • Tzeentch have been working on recovering a backup of Madoka's old MG ruleset. One that would reintroduce witches of the circle to the Pantheon. Warp is currently working with that codeset and holds said backup(s).
      • The reaction to the discovery of this was rather quick, Homura Akemi was sent and destroyed the backup. Alas it was one of many.

    Walt Disney World 
The Walt Disney World Resort, Holy Seat of Theme Parks (Disney World, Disney, Reedy Creek Improvement District)
  • A magical theme park resort roughly the size of San Francisco or twice the size of Manhattan located in the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Orange County, Florida (near Orlando). A duplicate of this resort is in the Pantheon.
  • Symbols: The resort's logo (although some fans prefer the original logo) plus the logos and landmarks of its four theme parks, two water parks, the Disney Springs district, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • Alignment: True Neutral; its fans will say that it's Neutral Good, but detractors of Disney will say that it hides shades of evil.
  • Portfolio: Pretty Parks, Theme Park Versions of Disney's many works, Lots of Gift Shops
  • Domains: Theme Parks, Fun, Happiness, Magic, Business
  • Sacred to: Walt Disney and his company's many characters, as well as his and his company's employe— erhm... Cast Members and fans (the parks' "guests")
  • Unholy to: Diehard fans of rival theme park brands Six Flags and Universal Studios, characters from rival animation and pop culture brands who appear in these opposing parks (such as the Looney Tunes who support Six Flags, and various characters owned by or licensed to Universal), and other detractors of Disney.
  • Sister Locations: Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Orange County, California; Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan; Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, Île-de-France, France; Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong; Shanghai Disneyland Resort in Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • It's The Walt Disney Company's flagship resort for a good reason. They pride themselves on making sure that their parks provide world-class entertainment and dining for everyone to enjoy, provided that their guests also purchase (more than) a few souvenirs along the way. Regardless, as a result of the company's penchant for quality, the resort has built a reputation so great that anyone who plans to visit this place will want others to know that they're going there, especially athletes.
  • While Walt Disney himself did not live to see his Florida Project come to life, especially since his company did not follow the original visions he had for the place (see EPCOT), he was nonetheless happy to see how much work they have put into it. Since the resort's ascension, Walt can now enjoy the place that his brother Roy named for him.
  • Some gods like to do pin trading here, buying lapel pins of Disney's many characters, attractions, films, shows and so on, and trading them with Cast Members and the more obsessive guests who treat them as Serious Business.
  • Every night at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney runs a show that reenacts how the Disney Villains try to take over by invading Mickey's dreams, only for the mouse to fight back using the power of imagination.
  • In one alternate universe of the resort, a group of Ordinary High School Students protect the resort from being taken over by a group of villains known as the Overtakers, who are apparently led by Maleficent.
  • Disney's characters love to meet with their fans at this place, and many of them have resort homes in Disney World's parks and resort hotels.
    • Mickey Mouse and his friends used to have vacation homes in Mickey's Toontown Fair, but since it was taken down and replaced with Storybook Circus, they've simply created portals to Toontown throughout the resort's parks so they can visit them whenever they want.
      • Donald Duck once took Mickey's sorcerer's hat before a performance at Fantasyland Concert Hall. It didn't turn out well for him.
      • Goofy does a lot of flying over at Storybook Circus in Fantasyland. Initially, he ran a questionable flight school over his farm, but then it was later closed and replaced with an air show starring "the Great Goofini". Both these instances, he always flies right into a barn, hence his plane's nickname, the Barnstormer.
    • Lilo and Stitch (the latter who once had his image scattered all over the resort, much to some Disney fans' chagrin) have a vacation villa for their 'ohana in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, located on the west shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon. They show up to entertain guests at a nightly luau held at dinnertime. Stitch also has a tendency to make a lot of "great escapes" in Tomorrowland, although this has toned down recently.
    • Cinderella, of course, lives in the castle that bears her name in the Magic Kingdom.
    • Ariel spends time in a grotto located in Fantasyland, where there is also a ride that quickly tells the story of how she met Prince Eric, dealt with Ursula and eventually became human. There's also a stage show over at Disney's Hollywood Studios that tells a similar truncated version of the tale.
    • Rapunzel stays in a recreation of her old tower (thankfully without Mother Gothel) also in Fantasyland.
    • Winnie the Pooh and his friends retell their classic tales on a dark ride at (again) Fantasyland.
    • Peter Pan (along with Tinker Bell and Wendy Darling) can be found at a recreation of Never Land in a popular ride that bears his name also in... well, guess.
    • No one entertains guests in front of the Be Our Guest Restaurant like Gaston.
    • Mike Wazowski does comedy with other monsters by bringing humans from Tomorrowland to Monstropolis in a specialized comedy club to gather their laughter for energy.
    • Elsa, Anna, and Olaf have become very comfortable in Epcot's Norway pavilion, where their new ride has opened to ridiculously long queue lines.
    • Mulan shows up at the China pavilion to bring honor to all guests.
    • Aladdin and Jasmine greet guests at the Morocco pavilion.
    • Belle reads books to the guests at the France pavilion, while Remy is the head chef at Les Chefs de France, and even once appeared to guests at times.
    • Many Star Wars gods show up at Star Tours in Disney's Hollywood Studios to take guests on guided tours across the galaxy. These gods will start making vacation homes at the park when the new "Star Wars Land" opens.
    • Likewise, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and many other toys play some of the rootin'est, tootin'est shooting gallery games with guests at Toy Story Midway Mania! The toys are also getting new vacation homes with the upcoming Toy Story Land.
    • The Muppets have been showing off the wonders of 3D for many years at Disney's Hollywood Studios in a courtyard dedicated to them. Recently, they've also been doing performances at Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, of all places, reenacting great moments in American history.
    • The Lion King's gods hold daily festivals in the Africa land at Disney's Animal Kingdom, while their actual vacation homes are hidden in Kilamanjaro Safaris. (No, not Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort as some may believe, or Disney's Art of Animation Resort for that matter.)
    • Then there's Figment, a purple dragon who lives at Epcot, where he shows guests that imagination starts from just one little spark of inspiration, which is at the heart of all creation.

Wonderland, Holy Seat of Nonsensical Worlds (Underland)
Wonderland in live-action
  • A nonsensical world filled with anthropomorphic talking animals, crazy unstable inhabitants, shrinking and growing items and colorful plants
  • Symbol: Giant unproportional mushrooms with magical properties; alternatively the rose garden of the Queen of Hearts
  • Alignment: Varies depend on adaptations, but definitely Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Strange and nonsensical world, World of Chaos, Dream Land (in some adaptation), Mental World (in some adaptation), World of Ham, Adaptation Overdosed
  • Domain: Madness, Nonsensical, Chaos
  • Sacred to: Although their opinion changed through time:
  • Unsacred to: The House of Logic except for Willy Wonka, the ascended cast of Mario, the good-aligned deities from Oz
  • Conflicting Opinion: Alice
  • Sister Place: Htrae, Oz
  • The place has seen in many adaptations and exists in many forms. Some of its most prominent and iconic inhabitants include: The Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter the Queen of Hearts and the twin Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. All of them, along with their most famous visitor Alice, has various opinion about Wonderland itself. From mild discontentment, embracing the insanity to actively trying to get out, what is known for sure that visitors to this place will always encountered a combination of them to guide them through the insanity that is Wonderland.
  • Bizarro very much enjoys this place due to its nonexistence logic like his homeworld Htrae.
  • The ascended cast by Super Mario Bros were at first confused Wonderland to their world because it also has mushrooms that can change size. However, they all discovered what a terrible ruler the Queen of Hearts was and glad that they don't have to live in it.
  • The ascension of Wonderland caused a collective reaction of both intriguing and frustrated because of the illogical nature of the place, with Spock, Sherlock Holmes, Luna Lovegood, The Question and Mako Mankanshokou trying their best to figure out the mechanic of this world. The only exception is Willy Wonka who is delighted to see a land that is so wonderfully mess up like his factory and furiously trying to find new ingredient for his new candy flavor.
  • Dorothy Gale extremely dislikes the fact that she has to travel through Wonderland in order to get access to the land of Oz due to the fact that she hates how cruel the Queen of Hearts is. The rest of Oz also doesn't like this arrangement either because the Queen of Hearts reminded them of various evil rulers they have beaten in the past.