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Pantheon: Disgraces
There's the Good Gods, there's the Neutral Gods, there's the Evil Gods and then there's these Gods...

There are those who have ascended to the Tropes Pantheon, but for all the wrong reasons. Some are too perfect to be true, impossible to like or undeservedly hogging the spotlight. There's the irredeemably stupid, the total jerks, and those who gave the world "creative" works that never should have seen the light of day. Reaching unprecedented levels of notoriety, ill-deserved fame and/or hate turns these wretched creatures into twisted reflections of the true Pantheon.

Normally, those who ascend this way are quickly judged in the Court of the Gods, and given a sentence even worse than demotion to The Fallen. Banished from the Pantheon and kicked out of the gates (although the more dignified Disgraces are allowed to walk), they are left to wander the wastelands, until they discover some chance at redemption. At least that's how it used to be.

Several of the first gods eventually agreed to form an alliance, pushing their territories together to form the kingdom of Mary Suetopia. And under the iron-fisted rule of King Edward Cullen and Queen Bella Swan, their Kingdom has grown to become a shiny, advanced paradise, where nothing is wanted for, and each God twists their territory into their own vision of utopia. Through promises of territory, power and vengeance, increasing numbers of the gods have sworn loyalty to the royalty, becoming the Court of Twisted Perfection and the Thirteen Knights of Mary Suetopia. And that's not all- their numbers are growing, scraping the bottom of the barrel of bad Fan Fiction, the targets of snark and other things that most of the world would rather forget.

They're far from the most unified bunch, prone to rivalry, infighting and getting on each others' nerves (though it's not like the other Houses can talk), but their combined vanity, lack of allies and thirst for revenge on the true Pantheon unites them. They're rising in prominence as enemies of the alliances of both Good and Evil, although some say the presence of such Gods as Lance Vance, and the inherent failure that they have in common dooms them to failure no matter how hard they try. It's not like you'll ever get most of them to admit it, but still.

Recently, the one who codified and gave a name to the Mary Sue concept, Lieutenant Mary Sue, got redeemed. They aren't happy with that and are currently trying to bring her back to Mary Suetopia. She continues to refuse to this day, and has sworn herself as an enemy to the Disgraces for all eternity. And Gilligan just got redeemed, this situation is getting bad for the Disgraces themselves. Also, with the transition of Mara Jade to Purgatory, not one member of this domain can enter the Pantheon proper without an escort from the Pantheon. Despite how many times they've been evicted by force, they just keep trying...

Things have gotten worse for them due to a god named Uncle Howee, who loves to come by every now and then to "play" with many of the abusive parents and bullies of the House (which there are a lot of). Uncle Howee can seemingly bypass the Disgraces from leaving their land due to transforming them into powerless marionettes for his TV show. Unsurprisingly, it's a huge hit with many gods. It's becomes so popular for both the GUAG and GUAE to declare peace to watch one of Howee's shows and just have a good time.

REMEMBER: As much as some of us would want it, please remember NOT to add any Real Life examples into this less than honorable House. Too much of a risk for drama, arguments, whining, general bullcrap and whatnot.

The Guide

Mary Suetopia's connection to the rest of the Pantheon. It's not a pleasant task, but someone has to do it.

Virgil, Guide to the Damned (Poet, Publius Vergilius Maro)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Aeneid
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Helpful ghosts, knowing everything about the setting, not being useful in a fight
  • Domains: Knowledge, Hell, Good, Paganism, Guiding
  • Allies: Those Gods who have reason to visit Mary Suetopia, Dante, Luke Skywalker, Judge Gabranth, Uncle Howee
  • Enemies: Kratos
  • Following several recent cases of Gods being allowed to leave the Disgraces, it was decided that someone was needed to keep an eye on the rest, lest they try to escape. The Pantheon realised that they also needed someone to act as a guide for Gods should they ever need to visit here. Virgil proved to be the ideal candidate for these jobs.
  • Virgil was appointed the job of Guide to the Damned automatically since he was the only person to apply for the post. His reasoning was that Mary Suetopia was infinitely less messed up than the Inferno, so he should be able to handle it.
  • Virgil is unique in that he is not an official member of the Disgraces. He only works here and is free to leave and visit other houses whenever he chooses. When Virgil leaves, he appoints Uncle Howee to keep an eye on things in his absence.
  • When he is not on duty, Virgil spends his time in the Houses of Knowledge and Life and Death.
  • Virgil once visited the House of Combat, having heard that Dante was there. Virgil was surprised to find that the Dante in question was not the one he knew, and even more so when Dante mistook him for his brother Vergil and attacked. Once the mixup was sorted out, Dante apologised and the two became friends.
  • Luke Skywalker believes Virgil to be a Force Ghost and has asked Virgil to teach him. Virgil explained that this was not the case, but told Luke of his adventures anyway.
  • Kratos was not pleased to learn that Dante's journey through Hell sounded an awful lot like the kind of thing Kratos would do, and also dismissed Virgil, saying that he could not help in a fight and was therefore useless.
  • Virgil is happier than most when a God is allowed to leave Mary Suetopia or the Fallen and return to the Pantheon proper. When asked about it, he responded with "For a moment, I perceived that the Pantheon felt... love."
  • Chances of Redemption: Virgil does not need to be redeemed since he only works here. He is like Judge Gabranth in that respect.

The Royal Family:

The nominal rulers of Mary Suetopia, though notoriety, ruthlessness and claiming it first. Their word is law. Questioning them is… not a good idea.

Curiously the members of the Royal Family all originated from one source. Uhm, go figure.
  • Well, they are the royal family, after all.

Edward Cullen, God of Marty Stus and Shitty Vampires
  • Overdeity when acting in the lands of the Disgraced, Greater God elsewhere.
  • Symbol: A pale, adonis-like glittery torso.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with moments of Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Shitty Vampires, Sparkling in Sunlight hostile fan girls, Marty Stus, Psychic Powers, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Supernatural Gold Eyes, Hormones Over Basic Inteligence
  • Domains: Undeath, High School, "Love", Superficial Perfection, Sparkles, Psychicness
  • Allies: Enoby, Christian Grey.
  • Enemies: One could say "the entire Pantheon" and leave it at that, but there are specific examples.
    • Adrian Tepes, Valvatorez, Rachel Alucard, David, Alucard, Dracula, Spike, Midna, Dio Brando, Flandre Scarlet, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, even Karin Maaka... Vampires of all alignments hate him, even stopping fights with each other to attack him on sight.
      • Fenrich and Valkenhayn are cleared to assault Edward on sight. Fenrich packs a flare gun to alert others to a Cullen sighting just in case.
    • Also Twilight Sparkle, who has hated him ever since she read Twilight.
    • He and Bella hate The Nostalgia Critic, though it's one sided as the Critic constantly laughs at them, seeing them as the "Crowning Achievement of Absolute Horridness".
    • Lord Byron hates Edward due to the former's affinity with vampires and that Edward thinks the traditional vampires are lame compared to him.
    • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum have no sympathy for Edward or his mistress, and will act to put him in his place if he tries to visit the Pantheon proper.
    • Even his mortal alter-ego, Robert Pattinson, hates him. He call Edward "a 108 year-old virgin".
    • Alexander Anderson considers him an even bigger insult to his religion than Alucard is (at least Alucard has Style), and Alucard considers House Cullen a disgrace to vampires everywhere. They've agreed to a temporary cease-fire so that they can devote themselves to eradicating the sparklepire menace. AMEN!
    • The Three Stooges of Torifune have no sympathy for House Cullen whatsoever.
      • Noel could barely stomach the first movie even without Tsubaki explaining the "finer details". Her fellow gunners had to calm Noel down when she activated Kusanagi and ventilated every training target in blind rage when Panty casually commented that she'd sooner gun Edward down than "clean his barrel".
      • Tsubaki forced herself to read through the entire Twilight Saga to fully understand the concept of Single-Target Sexuality and how it could go horribly wrong. She considers the entire saga, and the characters spawned from within, "a collection of irrepentable sins against the Library" and washed herself at Sol's temple upon completion.
      • In addition to moving Bella and Renesmee back to the stand during their trial, Makoto helped Tsubaki during the Trial of Twilight, as they call it, by making regular Bleeprin runs and collaborating on understanding their psychological profile. She felt the urge to smash his face in when she learned that he fantasizes about genocide, but drew the line well before then.
    • Both Gangrel and Luna Vachon despise him with a passion seeing as he has no respect for vampires and his shitty excuse for not drinking blood, the two greeting him with a well-deserved blood bath. Edward hates Gangrel because he can't mind-read him and Gangrel's not revealing any secrets in the near future. Luna also despises Bella for not only being a completely shallow bimbo, but also because of how she doesn't have anything going for her.
  • Infamous for a sect of Neutral Evil clergy/fan base whose mission is to beat, assault, and murder all who dislike Twilight. This is balanced out by a set of anti-fans who have sworn to wipe all things Twilight from the face of the earth, or at least the internet.
  • His title as God of Shitty Vampires stuck after Terumi trolled him. Needless to say it was hilarious, with even people who hate Terumi agreeing that it fit. He later removed the title and claimed the title as God of Marty Stus full time, only for the title to be bounced right back at him as a final insult.
  • There are theories going that Cullen is not a true vampire at all, instead being a humanoid leech of sorts.
  • Claimed the position of King of Marysuetopia when Dolph Ziggler cashed in on the former king, Eragon. Took his new position to claim the title of God of Marty Stus and making Bella his queen, bumping Berii to gladiator status.
  • He and Bella were caught traipsing about Purgatory in recent days, only to be caught by The Protectors Of The Plot Continuum and brought before the Court of the Gods to stand trial for violating their sentence. They presented the Court the evidence that makes Edward and Bella worthy of being put back among the Disgraces, which were loads of Unfortunate Implications, the two hitting almost every Mary Sue trope, and having a fanbase that is more than willing to murder anyone who dislikes or even criticizes Twilight. The powers that be agreed with him and voted in force to return them to the Disgraces.
  • Attempted to infiltrate the Main House, but his plan was stopped by Old Man Henderson, who hid powerful explosives in some lawn gnomes. When Edward was in the proper position, they blew up and knocked his attempt straight back to the Disgraces.
  • Recently has began to revitalize the Disgraced cause, bringing back some strong, formerly-banished allies and looking everywhere for exemplars of Disgraced tropes to add to their ranks. He is behind most of the recent Disgraces, covertly slipping evidence to the Court of the Gods to give trial and condemnation to the disgraces to more and more scrappies, Mary-Sues and exemplars of bad writing, all so that his army may grow. He leaves the task of making sure the army he raises stays in line to his wife Bella.
  • Position: King of Mary Suetopia, First King of the Cullen Dynasty
  • Chance of Redemption: Zero. The fact that he thinks the traditional vampire is lame makes things worse, as well as The Protectors Of The Plot Continuum's presence in the Pantheon, making his chances even slimmer.

Isabella "Bella" Swan, Goddess of Mary Sues and Satellite Love Interests (Bells, Bella Cullen)
  • Overdeity when in the lands of the Disgraced, Greater Goddess anywhere else.
  • Symbol: A pale hand holding up an apple.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Women Who Exist Only To Validate Male Characters, Characters That Never Grow, Satellite Love Interest, Anti-Sue, Black Hole Sue, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Supernatural Gold Eyes, Anti-Magic, Sparkling in Sunlight, Hormonal Teenage Girls
  • Domains: Shallowness, "Love", High School, Superficial Perfection, Apnea.
  • Enemies: Lieutenant Mary Sue, who seriously embarrassed the royal family when she left. Having the original Sue swear herself as an enemy to all Mary Sues will do that.
  • Hatedom: The Twilight Anti-Fans
  • Her ascension was brought on by Edward Cullen, who wanted to be with her again. He pleaded with the King and Queen to have Sarah Brown removed and have Bella take her place. They agreed, making Bella the Princess of Marysuetopia. Later, Edward made her his Queen, where he felt she belonged.
  • Has the thankless task of ensuring that all the feuding Sues in the pantheon don't get too out of hand. Her ruthless enforcing of her will has pretty much cowed most of the sues there. Sure, they may plot takeovers... but all know what awaits them if they do. Some have tried, but Bella's sparklepire powers and exploitation over her domains have quickly put them back in their place.
  • Her new position makes her a target of Shinji Matou, and much like Berii, Bella exploits his slimeball actions to garner sympathy and make Edward look good by beating Shinji to a pulp.
  • Took a great hit to the ego when Lieutenant Mary Sue left for Purgatory, and then returned to the pantheon. Having the Trope Codifier for Mary Sue leave the side of the Sues for eternity is really bad for propaganda.
  • Position: Queen of Marysuetopia, First Queen of House Cullen
  • Redemption: None. She's too focused on Edward to seek it.

Renesmee Cullen, God-Child of Children That Should Not Be and Sue Children (Nessie, Ness, Vanessa Wolfe, E.J, Beba Linda, Little Nudger)
  • Intermediate God-Child
  • Symbol: A baby bottle full of blood
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Canon Sues, Defiance of Biology, Violation of Word of God, Relationship Sues, Magical Babies Supposed To Solve Everything Wrong With One's Relationship, Babies Ever After
  • Domains: Undeath, "Love", "Amazingness", Psychic Powers, Misused CGI
  • High Priest: Link Jr. Yes, her high priest is an infant. The fact that he's able to be high priest is the reason he's a follower of her church to begin with.
  • Child of: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan
  • Hatedom: The Twilight Anti-Fans
  • The youngest entity ever condemned to the Disgraces.
  • Several members of the Pantheon proper, when trying to lighten Renesmee's condemnation, tried to use any conceivable evidence and theories as to why she even exists. The entire House of Knowledge made every reference possible, but Dr. House, Kokonoe and Patchouli voiced the final verdict when they agreed Renesmee's birth broke every law of biology and narrative causality. Nobody complained.
    • A postmortem by Kokonoe and Rachel Alucard states a hypothesis that Renesmee is actually being "observed" by Edward and Bella rather than actually being born. While this puts some explanation behind her existence, it still resembles nothing organic, let alone natural, which only enforces the banishment decree.
  • Sherlock Holmes got an aneurysm trying to put logic to Renesmee's origins, leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.
  • Renesmee's ability to project her thoughts has been used as sparklepire indoctrinatrion, meant to aid in the Royal Family's control of the Disgraces, and as a recruitment aid. It is thus recommended that one does not get anywhere near Renesmee without a large amount of Heroic Resolve at your disposal.
  • Makoto Nanaya had to bring Renesmee and Bella back to the stand when the latter tried to abscond mid-trial. Having to restrain both at once, she compared the experience to "witnessing division by zero" — a medical evaluation by Unohana and Artina showed no signs of indoctrination or mental disturbance, mercifully, but both put out the advisory as a warning.
  • Position: Princess of Mary Suetopia, To-Be Second Queen of House Cullen (not that she'll ever ascend the throne, with the queen traditionally being the goddess of Mary Sues of some sort, but that's her formal title)
  • Chance of Redemption:
    • In other words, absolutely none.

Jacob Black, God of Character Derailment and Suffering for Another Ship
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Five shirtless, muscular men in front of a howling wolf's head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, later derailed to include flashes of Chaotic Evil for the sake of Bella and Edward's relationship
  • Portfolio: Perfectly Good Characters Made Evil so as Not to Threaten a Ship, Character Derailment, Our Werewolves Are Different, Wife Husbandry, Ethnic Third Wheels, Female Gaze
  • Domains: Nature, Character (derailed), Wolves, Love (before Flanderization), Obsession (after Flanderization)
  • Allies: The rest of the Twilight Cast
  • Enemies: Those who hate Twilight, especially after Breaking Dawn.
  • Jacob ascended into the Disgraces directly after Renesmee, as due to his imprinting, he couldn't bear to be away from her.
  • While Jacob himself gets along moderately well with Edward, a sect of his clergy/fanbase hates Edward, and have sworn themselves to defeating him. A sect of Edward's clergy have done the same with Jacob. This has put a small strain on their relationship.
  • Jacob is one of the few Disgraces to ascend not because of his actual (beginning) character. In his case, it was because of what the story chose to do with said character.
  • Even with that, he might have been able to make The Fallen, but because Renesmee's here, so is he. Many people see that as the saddest thing that has been done to him.
  • Position: Renesmee's Prince Consort, Prince of Mary Suetopia, To-Be Second King of House Cullen (like Renesmee, he won't ever be king (a position traditionally belonging to the God of Marty Stus), but it's his formal title)
  • Chance of Redemption: He won't leave without Renesmee.

The Court of Twisted Perfection:

The official ministers, lieutenants and amusements of the Royals.

StarGleam, Goddess of Common Mary Sue Traits (StarKit, StarPaw, StarGlaem, GleamStar, StarFleam, GleamStart, Countless Other Misspellings)

Wesley Crusher, God of Author Favoritism

Ethan MacManus, God of Anti Sues
  • Theme Song: CtrlAltDel Animated Theme
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The CAD logo or B^U.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Two Gamers on a Couch, Averting Marty Stu But Going Too Far, Miscarriages Nobody's Gonna Forget, Total Morons With Great Technical Skills.
  • Domains: Games, Technology, Stupidity, Flaws (Exceeded to the point of becoming irreal).
  • Enemies: Gabe and Tycho, Yahtzee, the relentless Goon Squad.
  • Position: Assistant Scientist.
  • Was originally going to be put in charge of the game store before the Knights found out he was building an army of war mechs in his spare time. He was then made assistant to Wesley, although his machines rarely work as he meant them to.
  • Shed his mortal shell when it was ripped apart in a time vortex that was created from shutting off a time machine in an effort to save two timelines.
  • Ironically, he's too imperfect to be true in spite of being a member of the Court.
  • Chance of Redemption: Debatable. His proposal to make Winter-een-mas a worldwide holiday was met with uncontrollable laughter, killing the one original idea he had. On the other hand, very recent developments have given his character a surprising bit of positive view. However, with the series wrapped up and him seemingly Killed Off for Real, his chances are rather slim.
    • Artix actually invited Ethan once for a celebration of Winter-een-mas in his homeworld. Ethan was on his best behavior during the week-long celebration and the event went off without a hitch.

Quil Ateara V, God of Red String Strangling
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Wolf with Chocolate-Colored Fur.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Our Were Wolves Are Different, Strangled by the Red String, Casanova Wannabe, Wife Husbandry.
  • Domains: Nature, Wolves, "Love".
  • Allies: The Royal Family.
  • Enemies: The entire House of Love.
  • High Priest: Li Mei.
  • Position: Royal Advisor.
  • His trial was a rather slow one, as his lawyer argued that, since his red string strangling was due to an in-universe mechanic, he would not be a good example. Phoenix Wright, his prosecutor, pointed out that he was still Strangled by the Red String, and it actually provided a perfect example. It still derailed his character, and he still imprinted on Claire the instant he saw her, despite the fact that she's an infant. Not long after that, Quil was thrown to The Disgraces.
  • Neither Fenrich nor Valkenhayn have any sympathy for Quil or Jacob - the latter declares imprinting upon an infant to be utterly classless, whilst the former considers them "an embarrassment to werewolves everywhere".
  • Chance of Redemption: If his attraction to Claire would let up, but unfortunately, imprinting is permanent.

Rose Potter, Goddess of Author Filibusters, Cultural Posturing, and Trying To Fix Canon (Rosey, Druidess Padraign, Prongs Jr.)
  • Demigod (Formerly an Overdeity, but that power level was stripped from her when she was banished. She is now using her druidess powers to barely hold on to Godhood)
  • Symbol: Her Druidic Amulet. When she's fighting, the Warrior Druid Adornments.
  • Alignment: Supposedly Chaotic Good, but her actions have called that into question
  • Portfolio: Anviliciousness, Being a Mouthpiece for the Author, Cultural Posturing, Hidden Druidic Communes, Artistic License - Biology, Fanservice, Being Thought of as a Hero Despite Evil Actions, Stupidity as the Plot Demands, Sociopathic Sues, Sex Equals Love
  • Domains: Nature, Arrogance, Perfection (Twisted), Martial Arts, "Naturism"
  • Followers: Lots.
  • Allies: None, because she's a Jerkass. Even when in her fanfic, where her sue-aura caused everyone to be bent to her will, she saw the others as pawns.
  • Enemies: Everyone from the Harry Potter series. The PPC.
  • Opposed by: Joanne Murray.
  • Position: Court Philosopher.
  • Rose's author was well known for his plagiarism, but when Rose's sue-ness warped the plot to incontinuable levels, her fic ended and she ascended to the Disgraces.
  • Rose was banished by the Courts of the Gods, but she manipulated her way into the Order of Suetopia, and from there back into a position in the Disgraces, though not in her former position. She is currently hoping to be redeemed and take up a position in the pantheons as Goddess of Druids, but because she used her position as Druidess to push the author's beliefs upon the world, that is not very likely. However, Rose is much to prideful to admit it.
  • Holds a special grudge against Harry Potter, as she doesn't understand why he made the position as God of Functional Magic when he's "lesser" than her. She now attempts to gain the Archmage's job as the thing that will bring her the closest she can get to the power obtained by Harry. It is but a pale shadow to the position of God of Functional Magic, but it's the closest thing the Disgraces have to it.
  • Hates Joanne Murray above all others, because she doesn't get how Jo was able to write a story that was far greater than The Girl Who Lived in the eyes of nearly everyone in the pantheon (although Rose herself considers it inferior), with characters that Rose deems so much lesser, and managed to get so many of her characters into the Trope Pantheons proper, while Rose was thrown to the Disgraces. In particular, she suffered a spectacular Villainous Breakdown when Jo's version of Neville was able to grow, take a level or ten in awesome, and become far greater than the Neville-Clone from Rose's story without any real outside help, while the Girl Who Lived Neville took Rose fixing him to gain a pale reflection of the true badassery of the true Neville. The breakdown became several times worse when she discovered that Neville got a spot in the House of Heroes as the God Who Rose To Become Awesome.
  • Was once powerful enough that she needed to be contained to keep from wreaking havoc. Her banishment stripped her of a great deal of that power, and she now works to reclaim it by draining power away from the other Disgraces in the hopes that she will become strong enough to one day overthrow Archmage Ebony. Edward and Bella know about this, and are keeping an eye on her. She is, however, a great asset to the Disgraces, and so they're keeping quiet about it.
  • Does not consider Ebony worthy of being Archmage, given that Ebony casts very few spells throughout the whole of her fanfic.
  • Rose's combat prowess is rather negated by her tendency to carry an Idiot Ball of gigantic proportions, so that whenever it serves the plot, she's no more powerful than her good counterpart in the House of Magic, Harry Potter.
  • When Rose re-entered the Disgraces, she made it a point to rekindle her "friendship" with Ebony, her amulet forging Hot Topic clothes like in the old days. However, she has taken an interest in Ebony's apprentice, Ariana Black, and may use her in her plans to claim Ebony's title.
  • Has an odd understanding of love. What to her are feelings of love and friendship are to others the desire to cause pain and harm.
  • Is not a lesbian. She sees how someone very gullible could get that idea, though. After all, she seems to like nakedly hugging Ginny, describes (and thus pays attention to) female gentials and never male, and the only sign of love she shows to Cedric is simply having sex with him...Shut up! Just shut up! She's not a lesbian okay?
    • In fact, it's better you didn't make that accusation, lest she carve words into your forehead.
  • WARNING: She comes from a sect of extremely violent druids, some known to obliterate entire cities over domestic disputes.
  • Commited her first murder at the age of eleven.
  • Chance of redemption: Whenever she puts some actual clothes on.

Holly Potter, Goddess of Useless Sues

Barney the Dinosaur, Poster Boy for Hatred Outside The Fandom
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His own annoying Face.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (insists that he's Neutral Good, however the hatedom demonizes him as Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Hatred From The Normals, Annoying Copying From The Fans, Being Demonized by the Hatedom.
  • Domains: Otherness, Nature.
  • Followers: Everyone inside the 3-year-old demographic.
  • Hatedom: Everyone outside of 3-year-olds.
  • Enemies: None, according to him.
  • Opposed by: Jar Jar Binks.
  • Position: Court Jester. Gained the position after Jar Jar Binks entered Purgatory, and then returned to the Pantheon.
  • It's depressing that Barney just wants a hug once in a while, yet every other god who not Mr. Rogers either pushes him away or tries to kill him.
    • Except for Pinkie Pie. For some reason, they get along splendidly, in spite of being Gods of opposing positions.
    • The Doctor also shows kindness to him at times, if not mild agitation or something in between.
  • Gods actively try to get him to give the Joker, Jigsaw, Dalek Sec or any other evil asshole in the Pantheon a great big hug.
  • What's the difference between Barney and Dawson's Creek? The kids on Barney are played by real teenagers.
  • Chance of Redemption: Unless there's a sudden baby boom and 3 years pass, he might be redeemed. Otherwise, his chance of redemption is inversely proportional to the amount of hatred outside the target demographic he gets, which is growing every year. Basically, negative infinity.

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Goddess of Black Hole Sues (Enoby, Ibory, and countless other misspellings)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A Hot Topic bag full of over-the-top "Goffik" clothing, described in long detail.
  • Alignment: Goffik Neutral, leaning heavily towards Evil
  • Portfolio: "Goffs", Mary Sues, Possible Trolls, Ripping Canon to Shreds, Complete Ignorance of Spell Check, Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma, Purple Prose.
  • Domains: Darkness, Madness, Music, "Love", "Goffs", Emo Pop Culture, Blood, Perfection (Twisted), Malaprops.
  • Followers: According to her, half the cast of Harry Potter; people who think her fanfic is so awful it's a godsend.
  • Enemies: The real Draco Malfoy, all the cast of Harry Potter in truth.
  • Position: Archmage of Mary Suetopia.
  • Upon hearing of her being categorized as a Disgrace, she called those responsible "preps" and stuck her middle finger up at them, which accomplished nothing. Claims not to be an ally of Bella, though the evidence and a manor in Mary Suetopia say otherwise. Her real home is somewhere in House Qanonreip.
  • Claims that she has had and regularly still has robotically non-arousing sex with Draco Malfoy. No one cares, in fact: the Draco Malfoy she has sex with is just a Mary Suetopian who looks like him.
  • Alternates between whining, throwing temper tantrums, and propositioning others in and out of this House in a bid for attention.
  • Kant spel too sav hr live.
  • Believes that everybody in the Pantheon is a prep. Still refuses to explain why this is a bad thing.
  • Is the literal Black Hole Sue: a being who distorts and twists the souls of the world she inhabits, like some Lovecraftian horror in fanfic form.
  • Ebony is the most powerful of the Disgraces in terms of sheer sueishness, with her simply walking near something causing Canon Defilement of the worst possible kind, but she's too stupid to truly utilize this.
  • Ebony holds the distinction of being one of the few Disgraces to have never have been tried, instead ascending directly to the dishonorable houses by common consent.
  • Has an apprentice, Ariana Black, but dislikes her, as Ebony sees Ariana as a prep. Only the intervention of the God-King and Queen have prevented her from challenging Ariana to an outright duel. As it is, both witches avoid each other unless absolutely necessary.
  • When she heard about Gangrel and Luna Vachon ascending for being "Goffs", she rushed at them and proclaimed that she should join them in their lifestyle. This set off their Berserk Button—they hate it when people say they live Gothic lifestyles. They are VAMPIRES. Luna proceeded to drag Ebony into their temple and both Luna and Gangrel drained Ebony of her blood before dumping it on her in a Blood Bath and being kicked back to the Disgraces by Wreck-it Ralph. She is not allowed within a 500 feet radius of those two.
  • Chance of Redemption: None. That said, people enjoy her actions in a "guilty fashion" sort of way.

"Pinkamena", Goddess of Canon Defilement
  • Theme song: Cupcakes Soundscape. When having fun, Ready To Die.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A blood red cupcakes with viscera sticking out of it, or a dress made out of unicorn horns, pegasus wings, and cutie marks.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: dark sides, murderous split personalities, being fanmade, being nothing like the character she's based off, those who used to be good, childish evil, torture, lots and lots of blood and gore, not wasting any part of her victims, avoiding retribution.
  • Domains: Murder, Torture, Betrayal, Laughter, Evil.
  • Allies (as much as the term can apply): Gurk.
  • Enemies: Every Deity from My Little Pony (this includes Chrysalis and Lord Sombra), the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, the entire House of Friendship.
  • Opposed by: Bronies.
  • High Priest: 'Fluttermama'.
  • Position: Supposedly Court Baker, but that's just a cover. Really, she's an assassin (although she does bake).
  • The Equestrian deities have hundreds upon thousands of bronies adoring them, but not everything about having so many followers is sunshine and rainbows. The negative emotions of thousands of bronies have coalesced inside the Pantheon to form this ungodly abomination, superficially similar to Pinkie Pie in form, but murderous and sadistic. "Pinkamena", as she is known, was able to fool the Pantheon members at first by pretending to be Pinkie Pie, but when several deities were discovered horrifically gored and eviscerated she was eventually discovered. All attempts to confine her failed until Beka Cooper caught her and brought her before the Court of the Gods, and made a case for her to go to the Disgraces, due to her being Canon Defilement and earning the hatred of all bronies. The court agreed and threw Pinkamena to the Disgraces, where she has since stayed. She has allied herself with the Royal Family, if only because they used Renesmee's powers to inflict a strong adversion to killing Disgraces in her, except, of course, for when the royal family needs someone put back in their place.
  • Needless to say, the real Pinkie Pie is absolutely revulsed by her doppelganger's brutal maimings, not to mention the fact that ever since "Pinkamena"'s ascension, a lot of Gods started giving her weird looks. Yes, even weirder than those she usually receives.
  • This pretty much tells you all you need to know about "Pinkamena".
  • If you just happen to meet Pinkamena, you could be forgiven for mistaking her for Pinkie Pie. She'll greet you, give you an ordinary cupcake, and generally be nice and friendly. But if your number comes up, she will slaughter you brutally, while acting just as friendly as before.
  • Whenever a member of the disgraces seriously misbehaves, Queen Bella will call for Pinkamena, who will give them a cupcake (force-fed if need be), that will knock them out, and she will cow the Disgrace by brutally slaughtering whoever it is while making organ puns. No matter their power level, they won't be able to escape, due to Pinkamena's peculiar magic (and the aid of Queen Bella). It is said that her cupcakes are at their most tasty the next day.
  • If said Disgrace really starts being subversive, Pinkamena might call in her high priest instead, and endow her with Pinkamena's godly power. Those who have experienced Fluttermama's treatment have been stated afterwards to prefer being sent to Pinkamena. And no wonder.
  • Her favorite victims are Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but not because of any malice she has against the two. Rather, it's because they're equestrian, and so make the best cupcakes. Bella has forbidden her from saying any more on the matter.
  • Due to the bastardization of friendship that Pinkamena and Fluttermama represent, Nanoha and the real Fluttershy are currently petitioning the PPC for authorization to raid the former's temple for drugs and foalmula to help neutralize their threat should House Cullen attempt to invade the Pantheon proper. In the meantime, a "Befriend with extreme prejudice" APB is in full effect across the house, and Naruto and Makoto are currently planning out the raid for when authorization is granted.
  • Chance of redemption: Negative infinity+1.

Ariana Black, Goddess of Sparkly Sues
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Owl, Sprite.
  • Alignment: Saccharine Good
  • Portfolio: Mary Sues, Purity Sues, Sympathetic Sues, Wangst, Sparkly Sues, Emapthy, Lolicon Targets.
  • Domains: Good, Empathy, Fluff, Wangst, Specialness, Perfection (Twisted).
  • Position: Apprentice Mage.
  • Ariana was once considered for ascending to the post of Goddess of Fluff, but accusations of being a Mary Sue from several sources prompted the House of Justice to give her a Mary Sue Litmus Test. When the test showed that she was a horrid Mary Sue, she was rejected from the position and thrown into the Disgraces as Goddess of Sparkly Sues. There, upon the behest of God-Queen Bella Swan, she took up the position of Apprentice Mage to Ebony, likely so that their extremely different types of Sueness could complement each other.
  • Is in the unusual position of being a mortal enemy of her master, who sees her as a prep. It is only the intervention of Edward and Bella that keeps the two witches from getting into an outright duel. They still avoid each other, except when absolutely necessary.
  • As Ebony's apprentice, she is the constant target of magic-using Disgraces, who hope to use her to overthrow Ebony and secure themselves the powerful and prestigious seat of Archmage, with Rose Potter being the most prominent. Ariana, however, does not trust anyone in the Disgraces other than Jenna Silverblade, whom she has grown close to. Given that Jenna has magical powers, some of the Disgraces have created a betting pool on whether Jenna will be the next Archmage and banish Ebony to... somewhere.
  • Chance of Redemption: If her Litmus score ever drops below 25 points, then she will ascend to Purgatory. If it drops below 20, she will return to the pantheon. However, given that her series is completed, it is extremely unlikely that this will happen.

Johnny Turbo, God of Horrible Advertising and Worst Representation of Lawful Stupidity
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The TTI Logo.
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid, and to a lesser extent, Stupid Good
  • Portfolio: Counterproductive Advertising, Truly Dumb Superheroes, Unbelievably Horrifying Ho Yay, Designated Heroes, Losers of Console Wars, Laughably Bad Scare Campaigns, Beating Off His Foes Senselessly to Show That They Aren't Humans.
  • Domains: Competition, Madness, Trickery, War.
  • Followers: Way, way too many.
  • Allies: Makoto Itou, Bubsy the Bobcat.
  • Enemies: Segata Sanshiro, Onslaught (Professor X and Magneto). Hates Scrappy-Doo in the Disgraces.
  • Position: Minister of Propaganda.
  • Johnny Turbo was the first Disgrace to bow before the original king and queen. In honor of this dubious achievement, he was made into Mary Suetopia's Minister of Propaganda. As one might expect, he has done his usual job at this task, coming up with laughably bad propaganda pieces that paint the non-Castaway members of the Tropes Pantheon as evil, red-eyed, Communist robots. Has kept his position even with Richard in power.
    • Frequently tries to drive home the point that "they're not even human!" Nevermind that in the multi-species context of the Pantheon, this is pretty blatant racism, even to many of the Disgraces themselves.
  • Is also making a bid for the Throne of Squick. Orochimaru doesn't even compare. Slaanesh is ... eager to see what he's got. Rumored to have "the arcade feel."
    • He withdrew his bid, however, when Gurk's fanfic got Bella to vomit, knowing fully well he couldn't top that.
  • Johnny Turbo fell by arousing the wrath of Segata Sanshiro; JT spread lies about the Sega Saturn, claiming it to be a worthless piece of garbage made by evil, red-eyed, Communist "Feka" men. Naturally, Segata Sanshiro did not take too well to this and reported Turbo's behavior to the Court of the Gods. After the decree was made, Johnny was judo-slammed to the Disgraces, complete with explosion. To this day, the crater caused by that explosion still remains. They're turning it into a swimming pool.
  • Has the blessing of Yellow Heart.
  • Chance of Redemption: If it catches on that he might have been taking the piss all along, moderate.

Jenna Silverblade, Goddess of Relationship Sues

Eliza Reagan, Darkest Representation of Rich Bitches
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Reagan Mansion.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Rich Bitches, Self-Aware Jerks With Lots of Money, Alpha Bitches, Clingy Jealous Girls.
  • Domains: Money, Suffering.
  • Follower: Flay Allster.
  • Allies:
    • Non-Ascended: Neal Reagan (her brother. He's equally disgraceful).
    • Ascended: Aki Honda, Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi, Kumi Mouri.
  • Bodyguard: Roscoe P. Coltrane.
  • Opposed by: Every Ojous (including Chikane Himemiya, Umi Ryuuzaki and Lili Rochefort), Setsuko Ohara.
  • Position: Treasurer.
  • In her mortal life, she lived her life in richness with the source of joy in making another girl named Candace White (otherwise known as Candy). As she did not commit a completely serious crime and pleaded that she'll be good in the afterlife, she was allowed in the gates of Pantheon... but...
  • Just as she ascended, she continues to torture Candy while posing as a God by paying the services of Light Yagami. A lot of Gods and Goddesses were against Eliza's actions, but Light's strategies gave her protection, until even Light himself grew sick of Eliza's overdependency on him. Eventually Eliza fell to the Disgraces as part of Light's scheme, by making not only most of rich but good women, but also other victims of Eliza's torture: Sam and Dean Winchester and WALL-E, testify on Eliza's crimes. She soon became a role model of 'How NOT to be a good noblewoman'.
  • Even in the Disgraces section, Eliza still looks down at all other Disgraces, making her a very negative figure even amongst the Disgraces, second to only Tomoe. She managed to persuade Nena Trinity to just drop her attempts to draw a moral compass and use it for redeeming her crimes and embrace her hatedom, which eventually got her killed, and Eliza's response was just... "Hah, serves her right."
    • Her next target was Kotonoha Katsura. However, her ascension thanks to Yuuki Terumi caused a minor Villainous Breakdown for Eliza. She has since recovered and has chosen to use her position to freeze Roscoe P. Coltrane's assets, forcing him to act as her bodyguard.
  • Recently has been seen hanging around with Aki Honda, she was responsible of sheltering her after Aki was kicked down here after... some stuffs. These days, they're both acting like some sort of Evil Duo. Time will tell how long this will last.
  • Amusingly, Monokuma has set his sights to her, maybe to drag her into a 'High School of Mutual Murder' as 'Super High School Level Class Bitch' with bets that she'll be the first to commit murder.
  • Chance of Redemption: Too negative an influence to be allowed anywhere, though the GUAE has expressed interest in hiring a "fundraiser"... however, even they know that she's a menace for them.

Aki Honda, Darkest Representation of Alpha Bitches
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Test Tube.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alpha Bitches, Bullying (Eventual) Dangerous People For the Evulz, Test Tube Rape, Karmic Death, Leading Group of Bullies, Utter Depravity.
  • Domains: High School, Bullying, Suffering, Rape, Depravity.
  • Follower: Kyouka Nanjou (Yume Miru Kusuri).
  • Allies: Eliza Reagan, Teppei Houjou, Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi, Kumi Mouri, Gary Smith.
  • Opposed by: Every single Lovable Alpha Bitch, including Miu Kazashiro.
  • Position: Head of Eliza's "collection agency".
  • At one point after Aki's brutal death by Hiroko AND being deemed too evil to even be in the Disgraces, Eliza intervened and raised her into this position, and now they form up an Evil Duo on bullying and being a general bitch to many. Aki herself is actually impressed with many of Eliza's atrocities and they became friends over that. This wouldn't sit well to many innocents…
  • Even one of her originators, Libby, was horrified with what she did.
  • When her place among the Disgraces was put under criticism, Eliza quickly claimed to be setting up a collection agency and put Aki in position as head of the agency. This was merely a scapegoat to allow Aki to torment those in "debt" (her regular targets with false debts stapled on) without being forced out.
  • With Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi and Kumi Mouri's ascension, Aki, alongside with Eliza, became their Alpha Bitches after forming a new Girl Posse.
  • Has received "visits" from both Pinkamena and Fluttermama. She never learns her lesson from this.
  • Diamond Tiara looks up to her and her bullying. Aki Honda doesn't give a shit and kicks Diamond Tiara around because she can, and she was reconsidering to re-use that Test Tube now that there's no more dangerous monster that could kill her because of that. Silver Spoon gets it worse, seeing as Diamond Tiara is a complete bitch, Silver Spoon is just a satellite.
  • Chance of Redemption: Negative Infinity. The fact that she initially was deemed too Evil to be even in the Disgraces and required an intervention from Eliza to give her a position just solidifies her position here.

Roscoe P. Coltrane, God of Crooked Cops and Disgraced God of Bad Drivers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A speed limit sign that can be switched from "50" to "35" just as you drive past.
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid (Seriously messed up on that last landing. Is the tie rod even still there?)
  • Portfolio: Pursuit, miscommunication, car chases, those who follow suspects into situations that are uncalled for.
  • Domains: Law (Revoked), Trickery, Speed.
  • Position: Eliza Reagan's bodyguard.
  • His insatiable demand for replacement patrol cars is believed to have kept the Chrysler Corporation afloat singlehandedly between the first gas crisis and the 1979 bailout. It is also believed that any attempt by him to chase down Yukari Tanizaki will lead to the total collapse of the highway systems of both Japan and the former Confederacy. He has never heard the phrase "You can't outrun a radio."
  • Lost his position in the Pantheon of Justice. Amazingly, without crashing a car this time.
  • Is now stuck in the position of Eliza Reagan's bodyguard until he gets redeemed.
  • Chance of Redemption: Moderate. If he manages to capture "them Duke Boys", he might make it. Maybe.

Dark Yagami, God of Copy Cat Sues

Bubsy the Bobcat, God of Failed Video Game Mascots and Horrible Video Games
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Multicolored Ball of Yarn.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Horrible Video Games, Loud and Obnoxious Talking Animals with "Attitude".
  • Domains: Animal, Air, Death, Mascots (Failed).
  • Allies: Jenna Silverblade, Renesmee.
  • Enemy: Scrappy-Doo.
  • Opposed by: Mario, Sonic, every Video Game Deity in the Pantheon (even the hilariously bad ones).
  • Position: Royal Pet.
  • Couldn't jump high enough to follow behind Mario, and wasn't fast enough to keep up with Sonic.
  • Attempted to make the jump into the third dimension with disastrous results. "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" he asked. The audience responded with one word: "Everything".
  • With the passing of time, his decline into obscurity, and the healing of all those smitings, Bubsy has accepted his fate as a Disgrace, and leaves his wretched legacy for others to follow. He does have a surprising number of followers, but they don't know it themselves.
  • Has seen a small rise in profits due to higher demand for new materials by Jenna. Intends to buy himself a higher spot in Mary Suetopia when he can.
  • Chance of Redemption: Getting higher with nostalgia, as a lot of folks just feel sorry for him now. In fact, the Court Of The Gods once considered releasing him, knowing that while he isn't a really good mascot, at least he tried. Unfortunately for Bubsy, the court changed their mind upon playing Bubsy 3D, as they went into a collective Unstoppable Rage, which culminated in a Heroic BSOD as they overdosed on alcohol to drown out their sorrows as a result of playing the game. It took the fiery purge of 'Unholy' video games from Vulkan, Adell, Zuko, Shana, The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, in order to snap the court out of it.

The Usurper, God of Possession Sues
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: All of the Elements of the SUEs under him.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Possession Sues, Lack of Empathy, Demonic Possession, Mission Control, Utopia Justifies the Means.
  • Domains: Evil, Perfection (he thinks, but it's twisted), Possesion.
  • Followers: The cast of How I Became Yours.
  • Opposed By: The cast of Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome, as well as anyone whose world he believes needs "improvement".
  • Position: Oversees the Gladiator Pit.
  • When The Usurper came into the disgraces, he possessed several members of the court, turning everyone against one another in order to see who was strongest. He eventually settled on Edward Cullen, but because of Edward's telepathy, he knew about the plot, and so he was able to have his wife Bella use her shield to protect him. Rose used her druidic powers to place the Usurper into a construct, and made it so that he couldn't possess a fellow member of the Disgraces. After some forced negotiations, he agreed to join the rest of the Disgraces in their plot to get revenge on the trope pantheons for condemning them.
  • His current evaluation of the Gladiators ranks Berii as the most impressive fighter. While she has yet to defeat any knights, she has proven herself agaisnt the other gladiators and thinks she may be the next in line to join the Knights.
  • This is, however, unlikely, given that she was the former Queen of Mary Suetopia, and was left in the Gladiator pit upon being overthrown. The Royal Family have a vested interest in keeping her down, so she isn't likely to leave soon. The next best fighter is Gurk, but he has absolutely no chance whatsoever to get out of the Pit, due to Queen Bella's reaction to his fanfic.
  • Chance of Redemption: None whatsoever.

Lightning Dawn, God of Accidentally Proving the Opposite of What You Intend To, Hate Fics, and One-Dimensional Characters
  • Demigod (would be Quasideity except for his power to summon the Uniforce, which is the Disgraces' official Deus ex Machina)
  • Symbol: A Golden Unicorn Horn.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Author Avatars, Flat Characters, Last of the Enticorns, Magic Knights, Winged Unicorns, Clap Your Hands If You Believe Deus ex Machina.
  • Domains: Shallowness, Belief, Magic, Hate.
  • Enemies: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Celestia and Luna. Hates Ace Ray and Titan in the Disgraces.
  • Opposed by: Bronies.
  • Position: Official Deus ex Machina of the Disgraces.
  • Was created as a way to prove that friendship is useless, and that what you really need in your life is belief. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), that message fell flat, as Lightning's total lack of any powers except summoning the Uniforce means that his friends are the ones to save his sorry flank for everything but the final blow. Lightning refuses to accept this, and has declared war on all the Equestrian deities (except Xenocelestia and Pinkamena), but they keep stomping him flat due to his refusal to rely on friendship.
  • During his trial, as the evidence against him got overwhelming, he suffered somewhat of a breakdown, and attempted to use the Uniforce against the Mane Six. They responded with the Elements of Harmony, completely defeating the Uniforce and sending Lightning Dawn to the Disgraces, where he was recruited into being the Official Royal Deus ex Machina.
  • Ever since his fall, he has began to pick up some of the worse traits of his author.
  • Chance of redemption: Pending actual Character Development.

Britney, Goddess of Designated Villains
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Britney Spears album on top of the Gryffindor symbol.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Designated Villains, Informed Wrongness, Light Is Not Good.
  • Domains: Preppiness, Villainy (believed).
  • Allies: Puma Man, Sekai Saionji.
  • Enemy: Ebony.
  • Position: Court Tailor.
  • Britney only came to the Disgraces because even though her only fault is liking pink, everyone somehow seems to see her as the bad guy. Unfortunately for her, even the Preppy Sues in the Disgraces think of her as an enemy. This is probably due to her powers, as a Goddess of Designated Villains would have to be a Designated Villain herself, no?
  • Was eventually able to impress the Royal Family enough to be given the position of Court Tailor, with Jenna's blessing. She still gives free clothes to Ace Ray, and hopes to use her new position to give Ace a seat in the Court.
  • Chance of Redemption: Was Low, until near the end of her story she was revealed to have actually acted on her supposed villainy and released some of the more villainous villains from prison. It is now actually rather high, compared to the chances of most of the Disgraces.

Marissa Amber Flores Picard Gordon, God of Children Unrealistically More Competent Than Adults (Princess and Heir to the Throne of Planet Essex, Captain of the USS Essex, Nova, and others, Lord High Commander of All Kid's Crews, Supreme Commander of Starfleet, Winner of the Triple Crown, Holder of the Longest Kobayashi Maru survival time ever)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Child's Hand holding up a Starfleet Badge.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adults Are Useless, Babies Ever After, The Danza, Everything's Better with Princesses, Improbable Age, Little Miss Badass, Mandatory Motherhood, OC Stand In, Possesion Sue, Overranked Soldier, Trademark Favorite Food, Way Too Many Titles, You Meddling Kids.
  • Domains: Space, Perfection, Young Age, Leadership.
  • Allies: The Thirteen Knights (kind of), the God-Royals, Wesley Crusher.
  • Enemies: Every Star Trek originating God who's not Wesley, including Lt. Mary Sue, and especially Jean-Luc Picard.
  • Position: Supreme Commander of the Suetopian Military.
  • Became Supreme Commander of the Suetopian military at age 21. Before that, she was able to command a crew of fellow children before puberty.
  • The Thirteen Knights answer to her, though their loyalty tends to vary.
    • Richard is fully willing to answer to her in the hopes it will lead him closer to his goal of becoming King. Nena obeys orders but tends to go on rampages. Tomoe is loyal but on watch due to her traitorous nature. Argath follows orders due to her many titles. Grignr is disobedient due to his hatred of royals. Lord Djibril is defiant, but too stupid to be able to usurp her. Tony and Leif are loyal, as is Natsuru. Titan is actively defiant and more focused on his doomsday plots. Shinji is defiant to her and has tried to make her a target, ending up on the hot end of a phaser for his troubles. Kaldor is loyal only to the God-Emperor, thus meaning he doesn't take her orders. And finally, Sonichu is willing to take orders, but also tends to slack off to spend time with his mortal family.
  • Lt. Mary Sue hates her, as she's everything played straight that Mary was created to parody.
  • Has a lot of titles, although she says that she doesn't like them.
  • When she first entered the Disgraces, she was able to force Ariana Black, Ebony Way, Rose Potter, and 'Mione to come to at least a temporary agreement by locking them in the debate room and refusing to unlock the door unless they came to an agreement. This has granted her the favor of Queen Bella Swan, although personally, Marissa doesn't like how Bella does nothing throughout her stories.
  • Loves anything strawberry-flavored.
  • Chance of Redemption: Who cares?

Peter Griffin, Worst Representation of Jerkassery, God of Unfunny Humor and Dethroning Moments of Suck

Madara Uchiha, God of Absurdly Omnipotent Villains and Author Tract
  • Theme Song: The God Awakened, Madara v.s Naruto
  • Lesser God (former Overdeity, forcibly sealed by The Protectors of the Plot Continuum after outrage from the Gods in the Main House)
  • Symbol: A Moon with a 9-tomoe Sharingan reflected on it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Villain Stus, Reliance on the Idiot Ball to Succeed at Anything, Douchebags, Overpowered Stus, Author Tract, Author Favoritism, Being Unable to be Killed by Word of God, Wall Bangers, Diabolus ex Machina, Plot Holes, Series Continuity Errors.
  • Followers: Hao, Costa, Mirror Sue.
  • Allies: The Usurper.
  • Former Ally: Obito Uchiha.
  • Enemies: All deities from the Naruto series.
  • Position: Spy.
  • Was formerly an apparent friend of Obito Uchiha when the latter used to be in the Pantheon. After Obito got demoted to The Fallen, Madara absorbed the Ten-Tails and became its new jinhuuriki and attempted to get his other Rinnegan to enact the Eye of the Moon plan and take control of the whole Pantheon. However, his plans were foiled by a collective team of Hakumen, Excalibur, Yuji Sakai and the now repentant Obito. Hakumen distracted Madara by summoning Excalibur and weakened him with his Ookami sword, and Yuji aided Hakumen with his Grammatica Protection spell and used the Grammatica Restraining spell to remove the Ten-Tails from him and neutralize him after it got removed, buying Sakura Haruno and Obito (who had succeeded in double-crossing Madara) time to revive Naruto by implanting Kurama's yin half. It was the wrath of a combination the aforementioned four and a revived Naruto and Kurama's Yin half who curbstomped him, cementing Naruto's status as the God of Outraged Optimism.
  • After this event, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum caught and brought him before the Court of the Gods. They presented to the Court evidence to prove Madara's condemnation to the Disgraces, which includes a combination of Wall Bangers, an excessive amount of Marty Stu traits, and fulfilling an Author Tract. After the trial at the court, Madara got dragged to the Disgraces in an extremely humiliating manner, with Quan Chi and Shang Tsung doing most of the Humiliation Conga on him and the latter absorbing most of his non-jinchuuriki powers during the banishment to prevent him from escaping from the Disgraces.
    • Obito was granted the privilege of ending the Humiliation Conga by personally throwing the now-weakened Madara into the Disgraces by way of dropping him by teleportation into the nastiest area of the place he could. He capped it off by showing his former mentor his missing Rinnegan before locking the doors on him.
  • Chance of Redemption: Nil. Banished to this realm by way of Humiliation Conga.

The Knights of Mary Suetopia:

The Thirteen Knights are the enforcers and military of Mary Suetopia, answering only to the King and Queen (and still not very fond of following orders, they're the stars of this show!).

Richard Rahl, God of Moral Dissonance

Nena Trinity, "Accidental" Mass Murderer (The Last Survivor of Team Trinity)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, after joining Wang Liu Mei, Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Crazy People, Mass Genocide, Tykebombs, People Hated by the Western Fandom, Haunted by an Incident She Can't Quite Remember.
  • Domain: Army, Destruction, Suffering, War.
  • Followers: None... she killed them all (one non-follower Kill 'em All victim managed to survive and deified to get revenge: Kazuya Mishima).
  • Enemies: Shana, Kazuya Mishima.
  • Position: 2nd Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • She was formerly deceased but brought back through Super Robot Wars Z before dying again.
  • "Accidentally" killed millions of innocents out of sheer boredom by bombarding them with lasers. Imagine how many more would have died if she had pressed the "right" button...
  • Broke the fine mold built by Shana's mortal priestess Rie Kugimiya, thus earning her hate. And as mentioned, she 'accidentally' killed Kazuya, which caused him to put her on his black list when he got Back from the Dead and deified. She had her chance to be forgiven, but she botched it after some "advice" from Eliza Reagan, permanently ingraining her amongst the Disgraces.
  • Was able to acquire knighthood due to killing Wang Liu Mei, a person who was hated more than her.
  • Chance of Redemption: Very slim. Some would argue she got her just desserts after staying under the karmic radar for so long, meaning it would take a miracle for her to make a genuine turnaround. She had her chance in Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-Hen but she ditched it, although she's been granted a degree of lenience upon her return to the pantheon afterward since her infamous crime was drastically altered in Hakai-Hen so that her brothers share culpability. Since it's a Long Runner, only time will tell if she will get another shot.

Tomoe Marguerite, The Mean-Spirited Traitor (former title: Coral Otome #2, Obsidian of the Darkness)
  • Quasideity (former Lesser Goddess)
  • Symbol: A fragment of the Cursed Obsidian GEM.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Betrayal, Psycho Lesbians, Dark Magical Girls, Smug Snakes, Spoiled Brats, Prisoner Molestation, Stalking, Transparent Bastardry, Lack of Empathy
  • Domains: Darkness, Lust, Wrath, Greed, Pride, Envy.
  • Allies: none.
  • Enemies: Suigintou, Shizuru, Alice Margatroid, Wolf O'Donnell, Mai Tokiha
  • Former Underling of: Nagi.
  • Position: 3rd Knight of Mary Suetopia, low-level GUAE Soldier.
  • Refused to seek treatment for critical injuries suffered from a long fall after noticing a bunch of crudely-drawn "Wanted" posters of her around the Pantheon. She was discovered by Mai Tokiha, who attempted to nurse her back to health anyway. Tomoe was caught and immediately put on trial for high treason for aiding alternate-universe Nagi in his bid to take over her home kingdom. As punishment, her title and divine powers were permanently revoked. She has held an intense grudge against Mai ever since, amplified by the fact that Arika Yumemiya (Tomoe's original number-one enemy) is Mai's high priestess.
  • Lived a pampered life on Earth, and attempted to maintain her status by throwing as many people under the bus as possible. Her utter refusal to change her ways after realizing her allies/followers have abandoned her out of the sake of their own health (and scoffed at her hypocrisy stemming from a rant about choosing one's destiny while still siding with a malevolent leader who could easily kill her when the time was convenient) have forever doomed her to the "Disgraces" section.
  • Tomoe claims to have done countless villainous deeds (including beating up Suigintou for not obeying her command to kill one of the Love goddesses in order to give her a seat) for the sake of being happy with Shizuru, but Judge Johnson rejected her "not guilty" plea. Phoenix thinks she might have done better for herself if she had simply pleaded insanity. When Shizuru found out, she simply looked at Tomoe and said, "Sorry, but you've got the wrong person."
  • Apparently still moonlights as a grunt for the GUAE, but wields no real power there, as no one can trust her to do her job properly or honestly.
  • Chance of Redemption: None. She has since embraced her villainy, and refuses to seek redemption.

Argath Thadalfus, Fallen Noble Supremacist (Algus Sadalfas)
  • Theme Song: Meeting with Algus, Trisection
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Crest of the White Lion.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Lawful Evil in undead form)
  • Portfolio: Knight Templars, Jerkasses, Possibly Having a Name With an S in it, Disdain for Commoners.
  • Domain: Army, Undead, Classism.
  • Follower: Grand Marshall Garithos.
  • Ally (sort of): Eliza (they share the same disdain for people without money or status).
  • Position: 4th Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • Came back from the dead and struck a Deal with the Devil to exact revenge against those who looked down on him, and currently exists in the Pantheon as a decaying zombie.
  • Some argue that his return as a Deathknight was a form of penance, allowing those who hate him (everyone) to kill him a second time, yet it is not enough to wash away the sins of him shooting a hostage with intent to kill her.
  • Chance of Redemption: Low. Like Shinji Matou, Algus is beaten up on a daily basis. Unlike Shinji, he has the powers to defend himself against his enemies.

Grignr, God of Badly-Written Fantasy
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Eye of Argon.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Marty Stus, Barbarian Heroes, Purple Prose.
  • Domains: Chaos, Wrath, Battle.
  • Followers: "Travis Tea".
  • Former Ally: The Doom Guy.
  • Position: 5th Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • After defeating dozens of armed and trained soldiers, he was killed by a blob. Upon dying, he was finally forced to embrace his creators in the stygian haunts of Hell.
    • Recent work by heroic librarian geeks have uncovered missing pages of his epic, showing him to be Not Quite Dead.
  • Chance of Redemption: Possible, but the gods love him too much here, so here he stays.

Lord Djibril, Worst Representation of Chaotic Stupidity and Stupid Evilness
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The LOGOS Logo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid/Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Tykebomb Makers, Terrorism, Smug Snakes, Not Thinking His Cunning Plans All The Way Through, Poor Choice in Villainous Wear.
  • Domains: War, Army, Chaos, Retribution, Stupidity.
  • Followers: the Witch Princess, the Yamiko.
  • Enemies: Miko Miyazaki, naturally; LEEROY JENKINS!, Light Yagami, Batman, Ryu Hayabusa, Yuuki Terumi, Aila Jyrkiäinen
  • Position: 6th Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • One wonders why Djibril was placed on the outer reaches of the Pantheon rather than inside the Heroes and Villains house opposed by Miko Miyazaki, Goddess of Lawful Stupidity. Some may believe it's because he tried to recruit and brainwash expendable Child Soldiers into killing the Overdeities so that everyone (including Djibril himself) could move up in rank. Others believe it's because he tried to con Konata Izumi into cosplaying as Mai Shiranui and acting as her replacement. Either way, everyone agrees he probably should have sat down and drew an outline of his plan and working out the hitches before putting it into action.
  • Is very pissed off that, unlike him, his rival managed to narrowly avoid a place in the Disgraces domain. He vowed to launch a crusade against anyone who has received "unnatural" enhancements of any kind (be they genetic or supernatural, but not chemical), but between his previous failures and the fact that he wears blue lipstick, no one takes him seriously.
  • To accelerate the prophecy, he brainwashed three emotionally immature teenagers (two of whom are dangerously unstable) to fight for him and his fellow knights and keeps them in line via brainwashing and drugs. Three guesses on how well this is going to turn out.
  • The fact that he has the same voice as Ryu Hayabusa is one thing that disturbs the ninja so much.
  • Aila loathes Djibril since he was responsible for the creation of the Extended. As if his monstrous reputation wasn't bad enough, there's also speculation of him having ties with Nine Barthes, an abusive doctor from the Flana Institute who formerly handled Aila. Needless to say, Aila will do anything in her power to stop him from killing the Overdeities.
  • Chance of Redemption: Very unlikely. He still doesn't appear to have learned his lesson.

Tony Farms, God of Designated Heroes (Puma Man, The Great God Puma)

Leif Melyamos, God of Unexpected and Improbable Powers

Natsuru Senou, God(dess) of Adaptation Decay and Disgraced God(dess) of Love Obliviousness (The Densest Material Known To Man)

Titan, God of Generic Doomsday Villains

Shinji Matou, Self-Serving Rapist Bastard
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His fake Spell Book.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Raping (and Gloating About It), Smugness, Idiocy, Sexual Predators, The Unfavorite From a Big Screwed-Up Family.
  • Domain: Rape, Drama, Idiocy, Cowardice.
  • Followers: None confirmed. Possibly Damon Gant, Byron Hall and Co.
  • Enemies: Richard Rahl, Medusa, Shinji Ikari, Rin Tohsaka, Alex DeLarge, Izaya Orihara.
  • Position: 11th Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • Shinji spent his life thinking he can do anything as he pleases and the world circles around him. Upon his ascension, originally into the House of Love, he repeatedly landed in the cells, sometimes rather maimed, underneath the House of Defense for refusing to understand that "no" really does mean "no". One favorite target was Medusa. Things came to a head when he kidnapped Rin and gloated over her imminent rape within earshot of Cu Chulainn. His trial was an especially long one, as goddess after goddess testified about him on the stand.
  • These days Shinji spends his time sneaking into Mary Suetopia and kidnapping Bella in endless rape attempts. She tolerates this, allowing Shinji occasional success and summoning Edward to come and beat him up at the most opportune moment, as it adds more drama and gets her more sympathy from her subjects - with Mary Suetopia populated as it is, she needs all the advantages she can get. Shinji himself is not nearly as big of a threat as he believes he is.
  • Is incredibly jealous at how Rance and Kengo got bigger positions than him. Shinji thinks he should get both of their houses. All Gods retaliated by showing how much they're successful in what they do originally (even if Kengo is far more sinister). However, he is now in far better spirits since the leaders of the power behind the Trope Pantheons decided Keigo was better off being permanently banished. However, with Rance's banishment, any chance he had of entering the Pantheon proper was killed off.
    • However, Alex DeLarge's ascension pretty much removed his chances of leaving the Disgraces. Alex considers him a bad excuse of a rapist.
  • The fact that he has the same voice as Izaya Orihara is one thing that disturbs the latter so much.
  • Chance of Redemption: None. It's unlikely that anyone would allow him anywhere near the House of Love. He only gets to stay around because some of the other Disgraces find him a whole lot of fun... to beat up. Even Shinji Ikari totally went off on this bastard after he tried to get a hold of Rei & Asuka. However, since the former holder of the seat he would have gotten was permanently banished, his chances of leaving the Disgraces have improved dramatically. But with the removal of Rance and fears of his world being cast off from TV Tropes, the ones who control the Pantheon are currently debating his removal. However, he managed to remain after the Court of the Gods put off his trial for too long.

Kaldor Draigo, God of Absurdly Overpowered Characters (Chapter Master of The Grey Knights)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Grey Sword piercing a Tome.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: God Mode Stus, Knight Templars, Purity Stus.
  • Domains: Law, Light, War, Hax.
  • Superior: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind.
  • Enemies: All four chaos gods, Abbadon.
  • Position: 12th Knight of Mary Suetopia.
  • There are so far only two reasons to why he is not considered one of, if not THE most powerful weapon at the disposal of the Disgraces. The first being is that he is almost always stuck in the Warp, having to fight Daemons of Chaos over and over again with very little else to do. The other reason is that his loyalty belongs to no one but The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, a member of the Main House. Even if he did find a way out of the Warp, he would probably just begin slaying the Disgraces for having committed heresy against the Emperor.
  • There are...strange rumors that he is sniffing warp dust during whatever spare time he has.
  • There is a growing concern amongst certain members of the Pantheon ever since his fall into the Disgraces. Though still loyal to the Emperor, there is now way of telling if the manipulators of the Disgraces might find a way to brain wash him or the rest of the Grey Knights into serving King Edward instead. Preperation plans for The Blood Angels, Space Wolves and The Salamanders have been made in case that day should ever come to pass.
  • Chance of Redemption: Low. Depends on if the next codex tones him down. Given GW release shedules, that won't happen til 2017-2018 at best.

Sonichu, God of Bile Fascination (Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, Metonic, Ultra Sonichu, Pikachu)
  • Theme Song: Sonichu
  • Demigod, can possibly reach Intermediate God as Ultra Sonichu
  • Symbol: A Sonichu Medallion.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though he plays it off as Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Lightning, Super Speed (He believes), Comics That Are Unreadable But That You Can't Stop Coming Back To, Troll Bait, Acceptable Targets.
  • Domains: Lightning, Forced Memes, Bad Fanfiction, Palette Swaps.
  • Followers: A group of obsessive trolls. And the members of Trollkaiger claim to be.
  • Allies:
    • Non-Ascended: Rosechu and family, Blake, The Chaotic Combo.
    • Ascended: Makoto Itou.
  • Enemies: The Sonozaki Sisters, Izaya Orihara, Harry Potter, Bern, kastel, Yuuki Terumi, Handsome Jack, Basco ta Jolokia, Pickles, Shuichi Shindou and Eiri Yuki, Jecht, all Deities from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon franchises, Miko Miyazaki for being a "Jane Cop".
  • Opposed by: The same people who compose his "Followers".
  • Position: 13th Knight of Mary Suetopia, Troll Bait.
  • His addition to the Disgraces began after one particular Christmas. Sonichu had found himself in a very odd situation, time was looping around the same christmas day over and over again. Magi-Chan Sonichu, being the genius he is, was the first to notice this, and alerts Sonichu, suspecting the Trolls to be behind the crime. In an attempt to escape this fate, Sonichu collects the Chaotic Crystals and attempts to transform into Ultra Sonichu to force his world to continue the original flow of time. This however resulted in a violent backfire and instead blasted him into a temporal wormhole and straight to Suetopia. The denizens collectively laughed at his appearance, and slapped him into the position as a Gladiator.
    • With Sonichu's abundance of speed and plethora of powers proving useful in the Gladiator Pit, The Usurper began keeping tabs on him. He had then placed a petition to the King and Queen to promote Sonichu to Knighthood for his impeccable combat prowess, which the royals have accepted. Sonichu gleefully took the position, using this new authority as an excuse to beat up the Gods and Goddesses he feels have offended him outside of the Disgraces.
  • Though the tomes that described his origins are long lost for a variety of reasons, there are a few rumors to how he came to be. Some say that he is an experiment made by both Slaanesh and Nurgle. Some say that a Champion of Nurgle spawned him after being exposed to some Mind Rape by Tzeentch. Others say that Sonic had a few chilidogs too many before going to see a Pikachu. Some say that the tomes still exist, but that they can only be found in realms outside of the Pantheon's reach. Except for Anonymous, of course. Hell, they wrote most of the tomes to begin with.
  • Sonichu had found a close connection with Makoto Itou, as his antics and prowling after other women seemed familiar to the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. The two regularly set off on their own "adventures" together around Suetopia, mostly causing mischief around the public establishments. There are rumors the two have... courted, but the two, especially Sonichu, heavily deny the claim.
  • He has an ongoing Love and Hate relationship with the Trollkaiger. The members claim to follow Sonichu's every wish and command, however they always manage to twist and mangle his demands to work against him. Despite the abuse, Sonichu continues to associate with them out of sheer gullibility.
  • Has claimed to be the Fastest Pokemon Alive, and able to run at the speed of light. To prove this, Sonichu asked for the Disgrace's Head Scientist, Wesley, for assistance by helping him clock his speed by means of advanced fitness tests. When the trials were complete, Sonichu's given top speed was 200 km/h (124 mph), and a top Spin Dash spinning power at 200 Rpm. Indeed, Sonichu is fairly fast, however his speed pales extremely compared to other speed related gods, such as Sonic and Rainbow Dash. Sonichu was naturally disappointed at the results, and continues to claim his dominance on the track, despite the new evidence.
  • Because of the similar mineral make-up and effects of the Chaos Emeralds and the Chaotic Crystals, the Emeralds are especially confiscated from Sonichu's personal use, which doesn't make him all too happy.
  • Has a one-sided feud with (among many others) Miko Miyazaki, declaring her a "Jane Cop" because she dragged him before the Court of the Gods for his involvement in the 4-Cent Garbage Massacre and the travesty of justice that was the Trial of the Asperpedia Four.
  • Chance of Redemption: Nil. Any of his attempts at trying to leave the Disgraces is thwarted by either his own stupidity or the antics of Trollkaiger.

The Gladiator Pit:

Fighters and brawlers who have yet to qualify for position as a Knight duke it out for the amusement of the masses.

The Gobbledy Gooker, God of Wrestle Crap
  • Theme Song: "Turkey In The Straw".
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Giant Egg.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bad Wrestling Gimmicks, Turkeys (both actual and metaphorical).
  • Domain: Birds, Mascots (Failed).
  • Followers: The Red Rooster, The Shockmaster, The Swagger Soaring Eagle, Katie Vick... oh, forget it. We'd be here all year listing examples.
  • Allies: Bubsy, Barney the Dinosaur.
  • Enemies: Every wrestling God in the Pantheon, especially Vince McMahon.
  • Position: Gladiator.
  • Somewhere, someone thought it would be a good idea to hatch an egg in a wrestling ring. Vince McMahon is still trying to live this one down.
  • Hector Guerrero, the man behind the turkey suit, is one of the most respected personalities in Wrestling history. The Gooker, on the other hand, everybody hates him; please don't mention to Hector the times he put the Gobbledy Gooker suit as he considers it awful.
  • Was severley injured by a massive spear from Edge during the 8-man Hell In A Cell Elimination match that decided the title of Wrestling Godhood. None of the Disgraces knows when he will recover.
    • Was looking to recover until The Iron Sheik put him in the Camel Clutch and destroyed his back all over again.
  • Is not allowed within 50 feet of the newly built Pantheon Wrestling Federation. Vince has hired a bounty to the wrestler who can first get the Gooker back into the Disgraces before he can even step one foot into the ring.
  • Chance of Redemption: Are you kidding? He's got an award named after him listing the worst of the worst. So... no.

The Prayer Warriors, Gods of Political Strawmen and Erroneous Religion
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A Conservapedia Logo on top of a Bible.
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good, but really Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The War on Straw, Straw Misogynist, Strawman Political, Erroneous Religion, Aggressive Categorism, Knight Templar.
  • Domains: War, Christianity (Betrayed), Hypocrisy.
  • Allies: No one. They reject as allies anyone who is not their twisted representation of a Christian, and since their category is so narrow, and so extreme, they end up driving everyone away.
  • Enemies: They've declared all of the Main Pantheon as their enemies, as they are 'false gods' trying to usurp the 'one true god' (in reality their author and not the true God).
  • Position: Gladiators.
  • When they discovered the pantheon, they tried to destroy it, as it was 'stanist'. But, because their most powerful ability is the power to call on "God" (really their author), to help them whenever they're losing, they lost hard and got kicked into the Disgraces, because Dream, the closest figure to it in the Pantheon, really doesn't care.
  • When they came to the Disgraces, they demanded that everyone convert to Christianity. Bella and Edward forced everyone to comply, but In Name Only.
  • Chance of Redemption: Negative ten zillion. They believe they are already as redeemed as they need to be, for fighting against the evil Pantheon deities. While Prayer Warriors 'converted' from Stanism have confessed to misbehavior in the past, said behavior pales in comparison to their crimes after their conversion.

Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia, Goddesses of Ungratefulness
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Orihime's Face being crossed scribbled out.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Striking Back at Those Who Saved Their Lives, Jealous bitches, Being Too Dumb to Live, Fangirls.
  • Domains: Jealousy, Emotion, War (or so they claim, for the last one).
  • High Priestess: Cass
  • Enemies: The majority of Gods/Goddesses hate them. Inoue Orihime can't seem to bring herself to hate or oppose them, though. Sosuke Aizen discarded them for their crimes.
  • Position: Gladiators.
  • Fell after Kurosaki Ichigo heard about what they did to Orihime in details. Needless to say, after ascension to the Pantheon, they met with Ichigo's Unstoppable Rage and despite being cocky enough to think they can beat him, they're badly beaten and when other Gods witnessed, Ichigo reveals what they truly are and the Gods agreed to toss them to the Disgraces, with zero chance to return.
  • They claim that they're Aizen's greatest servants, but even Aizen thinks they're just delusional. He admits that he's not even using Kyoka Suigetsu for them to have such delusions.
  • Chance of Redemption: Loly has no chance of redemption and is permanently here as the Gods know that she'll be ungrateful enough if they show mercy. Menoly has a higher chance due to being more sane than Loly.

Hitomi Kirihara, Goddess of Jerk Sues
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Mind-Control Probe over a splatter of Blood.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, Jerk Sues, Crazy People, Mind Control, Lack of Empathy, Red Eyes, Take Warning.
  • Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness.
  • Gods Who Have Somewhat Similar Portfolios (can't really be called allies): Ebony, Peter Griffin, Christian Grey, Rose Potter, Holly Potter.
  • Enemies: Absolutely everyone. She's just too much of a jerk for people to like her. Even Jin Kisaragi and Sasuke Uchiha hates her guts.
  • Position: Gladiator.
  • When she was thrown to the Disgraces, Bella was ready with her mental shield to keep her from mind-controlling any of the Disgraces, while Rose Potter sealed away her ability to mind control any of the disgraces. She is now grudgingly helping them in their plot to take down the Pantheon.
  • Chance of Redemption: Negative Infinity, and beyond.

Anne Mae Sue, God of Language-Mangling Sues

Berii Shirayuki, Goddess of Canon Sues (Mew Berry, Berry Sue)

Scrappy-Doo, the Unlikable God
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Puppy Pumping Fists.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, arguably
  • Portfolio: Unlikable Characters, Charging Headfirst Into Dangerous Situations Without Plans, Small Fry, Talking Animals, Hot Blood.
  • Followers: Adric was his High Priest on Earth. Following a suspiciously fortunate Heroic Sacrifice, he became a martyr of the Church of Scrappy-Doo. Also, Neelix.
  • Domains: Good (Betrayed), Planning (or lack thereof).
  • Position: Gladiator.
  • Rose to godhood by stealing souls as part of a revenge plot after being kicked out of the Scooby-Doo gang.
  • Scrappy Doo is the most notorious of the Unlikable Characters, but he does not lead them. They can't stand him, in fact. He is the only member of the Disgraces who cannot get into Mary Suetopia at all. He can't even bribe up a day pass or distract the border guards. It may be claimed that the sheer irony of this caused him to snap, but it's hard to tell the difference - Scrappy has always charged about, angrily telling any god he meets to, "Put 'em up!"
    • When Berii finally met Scrappy, she heard his story and took pity on him. Afterwards, she gave him entrance into Mary Suetopia, making him the Royal Pet. However, Berii's loss of influence thanks to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dethroning her reduced him to being stuck in a gladiatorial role.
  • Rules his domain with his father, the dog from Duck Hunt, who is infamous for giving that iconic, infuriating laugh to everyone in every situation. Yes, even Scrappy.
  • The one being that genuinely thinks that he is funny is Jabba the Hutt; the thing is, though, Jabba also believes that Scrappy would be delicious.
  • Although the Scrappy Case was shut almost instantly some information has come up in Scrappy's defense, leaving the case open for the debate in the Court Of The Gods.
  • Chance of Redemption: The verdict is that the only thing keeping him here are the events of The Movie...

Gurk, God of Squick and Horrifically Traumatizing Fanfics
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An empty Canister of Brain Bleach.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Brain Bleach, Lemon Fics, Squick.
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Depravity, "Love".
  • Follower: Buppa.
  • Ally: Petr.
  • Enemies: Every Good, Neutral and Evil aligned member of the House of Love, every Good, Neutral and Evil aligned member god originating from Warhammer 40,000, Ghazkull, Thrall, Mork and Gork. Surprisingly enough, Slaanesh.
  • Opposed by: The entire Warhammer 40,000 fanbase.
  • Position: Gladiator.
  • Upon reading Squad Broken, the Court of the Gods had a collective Heroic BSOD as their brains broke. It took a combination of a love talk from archangel Flonne, the couragous speeches of Kamina, Bang and Naruto, and the fiery expurgation of the unholy "works" by Vulkan, Adell, Zuko, Shana, The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd, in order to snap the court out of it.
  • Was determined to have absolutely no chance of getting out of the Gladiators when Queen Bella Swan read his fanfiction and vomited, resulting in a mess of blood on the throne room's carpet.
  • Most of the Disgraces avoid him. There's just some things that aren't cool, even to Sues. The only known Disgrace to even befriend him is Petr.
  • Chance of Redemption: Zilch. The fact that "Squad Broken" is so infamous that it is literately a Berserk Button for the Warhammer 40,000 fandom just solidifies his position in the Disgraces. The words "squad broken" got shouted out loud at the 2008 Games Day LA and the entire crowd looked at the guy who said it with a pissed off look.

Artists, Intellectuals, and Others:

Nominally the heart and mind of Mary Suetopia, really avoided at all costs even by each other.

'Xenocelestia', Goddess of Portraying Xenocide as Heroic, and Preacher of the Gospel of Bastard Humans (Xenolestia, Xenocidelestia)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Bottle of Conversion Potion.
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good, but really Lawful Evil to anyone who doesn't believe that Humans Are the Real Monsters
  • Portfolio: The Right of a Superior Species, Genocide By Conversion, Nice People Who Commit Xenocide, Physical God, Can't Argue With Ponies, Unfortunate Implications, Nazi and Communist Analogue Ponies, Moral Myopia, Moral Dissonance, Fantastic Racism, Wish Fulfillment, Old Shames.
  • Domains: Conversion, Nazi-Like Ideology, Magic, Sun, Xenocide.
  • Followers: The Conversion Bureau Fanbase.
  • Hatedom: The Anti-Conversion Bureau fans.
  • Allies (of a sort): The God-Royals of the Disgraces.
  • Enemies: Every Human & Pony Deity (except Pinkamena, who doesn't really care). Especially the God-Emperor of Mankind, who really doesn't like what she's doing to Humanity, The PPC.
  • Position: Head of the Mary Sue Conversion Bureau, which makes a serum that transforms any character injected with it into a Mary Sue. The PPC hate her for this, as they're the ones who have to hunt down and exorcise the Sues created this way.
  • Fell upon attempting Xenocide upon the human race, and being portrayed as being in the right.
  • Has a sizable fanbase made up of the portion of the Brony fandom who believed that Humans Are Bastards, and who seemed not to be able to see the creepiness in the story.
  • Also has a hatedom made up of those Bronies who believe that Homo Sapiens is basically good and were proud to be human, and/or think that the story was poor, or were disturbed by the implications. These anti-fans have turned out some surprisingly good deconstructions, the most prominent being The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone.
  • Dalek Sec once gave her a Reason You Suck Speech. The fact that it made sense from a human standpoint was one of the biggest pieces of evidence in the trial to throw her to the Disgraces.
  • Has fallen out of favor with her creator.
  • Though she belive that her army is always in the right and unstoppable, considering all of humanity inferior to her, she still dreads the [[Warhammer40000 Imperium Of Man]], ESPECIALLY the Adeptus Astartes, led by what some consider to be her arch-nemesis: The Emperor of Mankind.
  • She did one time try to invade the Pantheon in an attempt to convert the human gods to her side. Leman Russ and the Space Wolves did not take this xeno threat against humanity well, responding with a Curb-Stomp Battle of epic proprtions. It looked as if she was about to make a comeback later on, but then Vulcan and Sanguinius showed up (due to orders from The Emperor of Mankind) along with The Salamanders and The Blood Angels, putting most of her kingdom to ruin. Her forces are still trying to recover since that day.
  • Chance of Redemption: Snowball's in hell.

Mr. and Mrs. Shun Ayasaki, Deities of Bad Non-Cosmic Parenting
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Two stick figures with labels 'Dad' and 'Mom', rained with money.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/Chaotic Stupid/Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkasses, Abusive Parents, Abandonment.
  • Domain: Parents (Betrayed), Abuse, Money, Greed.
  • Enemies: Onizuka Eikichi, the whole House of Family (including the evil ones such as Scar, Angela... and maybe Darth Vader) The bike guy is the only exception. Raiden, The Hulk, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Yuno Gasai, Uncle Howee.
  • Position: No important position, they just live among the Disgraced as civilians, unrepentant and uncaring as ever as they're given infinite money. Even the Royal Family know better to not give them any important position or they'll leech it off in no time.
  • They fell after Onizuka discovered their abuse of poor Hayate Ayasaki and their unrepentant ways. He descended to the mortal realm for a 'parental visit', German Suplexed Shun, and spanked Mrs. Ayasaki while preaching to them about how wrong child abuse is. When they tried to slip away with false promises, Onizuka instantly threw them to the Disgraces without consulting the rest of the House of Justice. The rest of the Pantheon was against such act at first, but eventually agreed that sooner or later, they will be thrown to the Disgraces anyway.
    • Their punishment was a nice beating from Bruce Banner, whom he transformed into The Hulk upon hearing of their crimes.
  • Surprisingly, Hayate is neutral to them, despite their abuse of the poor kid before his Deitification.
  • Their Disgrace is actually what inspired former Fallen God Homer Simpson to clean up his act and redeem himself in The Movie.
  • Yuno Gasai hates them as they remind her of her adoptive parents and brought out her kitchen knife to prove a point. When most of the gods asked Yukiteru to stop her, Yukiteru refused as they also remind him a bit of his father who tried to kill him to pay off some debts.
  • Uncle Howee came to them with an offer they couldn't refuse—find their son in a game of hide and seek, and they would win all the money in the House of Commerce. The two, so full of greed, tore up the House of Commerce but instead found themselves annihilated by every single god there. After having to go through everything thrown at them (ranging from Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon, the Kecleon Brothers' shopkeeper rage, etc.), Uncle Howee told them that they lost the challenge and they were transformed into marionettes for his show. The House of Commerce paid Uncle Howee a fortune just to pulverize the two into a pulp for their greed.
  • Chance of Redemption: Zero. Ill-treating your own kids one thing but doing it just so you can gamble it all away, strikes one too many nerves.

Makoto Itou and Sekai Saionji, God and Goddess of Painfully Stupid Plots

Ace Ray, God of Unintentionally Convincing Strawmen
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Wonderbolts insignia, affixed to a "Down with Starfleet" sign.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being set up as an easily disprovable argument, but making more sense than was intended, being the only one to complain about something, Informed Wrongness, not being believed, random and petty malicious acts that make one look bad without detracting from one's argument, Straw Loser
  • Domain: Strawmen (Betrayed), Minority Opposition
  • Follower: Mai.
  • Ally: Britney.
  • Enemies: The Grand Ruler and his followers (which, unfortunately for Ace Ray, includes his former Wonderbolts comrades and even his own sister), as well as anyone whose strawman opponents had more support than they did.
  • To fail at failing to make a valid argument sounds like a double negative, if not outright impossible, but not for Ace Ray. He was created to be the face of the opposition to the Grand Ruler and Unicornicopia, not unlike Emmanuel Goldstein. A gluttonous, bitter and lazy washout from the Wonderbolts was never thought to be a good spokesperson for the opposition, which is why the powers that be were surprised when many people agreed with Ace Ray’s points, albeit few of whom were from Unicornicopia. Even though Ace Ray was later arrested and brainwashed after an ugly public incident in which he physically attacked and threatened to kill his own sister, Skye (one that his detractors hoped would tarnish his image) for being a Grand Ruler loyalist, his words still had impact; the way he was treated was largely viewed as only exacerbating the problem and validating his points.
  • The Pantheon thus had an assignment uniquely suited to Ace Ray- he was sent to the Disgraces in order to make arguments against overthrowing the Pantheon. They hoped that in the process, his valid points would go unheeded, and he would send the Disgraces even further into a self-congratulatory and complacent state of mind; if they were unable to reach the epiphanies required for redemption, they should be blind to any ideas that might allow them to succeed. So far, it has been successful.
  • Ace Ray is shunned by most of the Disgraces. At best, they laugh at him, and at worst, they are angry with him for even daring to express an opposing view. His only friend among the Disgraces is Britney; they had bonded over their both feeling like outcasts for going against the grain.
  • Has softened a bit during his time in the disgraces, at least being less of a Straw Loser than he was before.
  • Gets free, custom-made clothes from Britney's store, as he is the only one who doesn't see her as a bad guy.
  • Chance Of Redemption: Possible, but it has yet to be seen how he fares when making an argument that is meant to be believed, or when acting as a straw man in opposition to a more widely held opinion.

Elmyra Duff, Goddess of Executive Meddling, Disgraced Enemy to All Living Things, and Franchise Killer Incarnate

Xanthe Justice, Goddess of Uber Polarizing Characters, Plot Tumors, and Filibuster Freefalls
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her "Patriarchy Blocker Shades".
  • Alignment: True Neutral (thinks she's Neutral Good).
  • Portfolio: Base Breakers, Plot Tumor, Jerkasses, Knight Templars, Mary Sues, Black Hole Sues, Jerk Sues, Straw Feminists, Creator's Pets, Author Tract, Filibuster Freefall.
  • Domain: Retribution.
  • Followers: The Sisterhood.
  • Enemies: Despises all male deities regardless of alignment, but she puts Zeus on top of her hate-list. There are also rumors that she hates Hebrew/Jewish gods.
  • Position: Radical Soap Box Sadie.
  • Although her title of Base Breaker would send her to The Fallen, her laundry list of Common Mary Sue Traits, as well as representing one of the worst cases of plot tumors and filibuster freefalls made the Court consider demoting her to the Disgraces instead.
  • On the day of her judgement, she was granted one day of freedom, since the Court was hoping she could see the error of her rather fanatical ways when given time to reflect on her life. She instead used this time to plot revenge plans against every man out there before telling Zeus to get out of her "Woman-Only Zone". Even after the obvious results of ordering a Greek God, she still has not changed her views about men or the Pantheon, thinking that they are controlled by a patriarcy formed by Mr. Rogers, Dream of the Endless, Asura, Zeus, Kratos and The Immortal God Empereor.
  • She does try to recruit female deities to her cause from time to time, but since they don't obey to the rules of her own universe, most of them tend to get annoyed by her constant preaching. The fact that she even shows hatred towards even the most benevolent male gods does even less to get them on her side.
  • The day Xanthe once met Crona consisted of her looking back and forth at a pamphlet for the Sisterhood in her left hand and a baseballbat in her right hand, not knowing what to use against hir. After nearly 5 hours of this, she walked away with a massive headache.
  • Used to be the Goddes of Author Tract until the introduction of Madara Uchiha. She has since taken the title of Goddess of Filibuster Freefalls to compensate.
  • There are some very unsettling rumors running around that she might be an extreme anti-semite as well. There has been no comments on this as of yet.
  • Chance of Redemption: Low. Her managing to be more polarizing than Sasuke Uchiha and Miko, along with being one of the most infamous plot tumors in all of webcomics, and her being a Mary Sue benefiting from Double Standard cemented her position here.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, God and Goddess of Romanticized Abuse
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Sub Contract (Christian) and the Fifty Shades of Grey book (Anastasia).
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Both: Rape, BDSM (Betrayed).
    • Christian: Obsession, Dominance, Business.
    • Anastasia: Victims, Innocence, Submissiveness.
  • Followers: Depressingly many, both in real life and without.
  • Allies: Christian is on good terms with the God-Royals of the Disgraces, due to him being an Expy of the King.
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Love, those who hate Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Position: Officially, Christian is a businessman, with Anastasia as his business partner. In reality, Christian has Anastasia as his sex slave.
  • Christian never had a chance at a position in the true Houses in the Pantheon. Raping his girlfriend several times, plus not understanding the 'safe, sane, and consensual' mantra that is essential to BDSM, got him stuck in the Disgraces.
  • Anastasia was terrorized by her boyfriend, and later husband, Christian Grey, and the romantic portrayal of said abuse got Christian kicked into the Disgraces, and she came with him because: A) She's a raging Mary Sue, and B) Christian threatened to rape her if she didn't come.
  • Both claim lineage from King Edward and Queen Bella, but the Royal couple has never made an official statement in regards to this.
  • Chance of Redemption: Christian Grey is a textbook example of an abusive relationship that is presented as romantic. In other words, snowball's chance in hell. For Anastasia, if she ditches Christian, but that isn't likely to happen since the latter would threaten to rape her if she isn't with him.

Sally Floyd, Poster Girl for Head Trauma-Inducing Stupidity

Boxbot, Anthropomorphic Personification of Schadenfreude and Worst Representation of Stupid Goodness (That Jerk)

Teppei Houjou, God of Asshole Victims
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Head smashed in and split open.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Asshole Victims, Evil Uncles, Being Hated by the Fanbase Entirely, Parental Neglect.
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil (Twisted), Greed, Strength.
  • Former Superior: Ryukishi 07.
  • Allies: Aki Honda, Lance Vance.
  • Enemies: Satoko Houjou (his niece), Every Good, Neutral and Evil aligned member of the House of Family,Rika Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Bernkastel, Oyashiro-sama, Kyoko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi, Darth Vader, Raiden, Hayate Ayasaki, Raven, The Hulk, Lord Kroak, The Basterds, Ghestis, Scar, Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, Booker DeWitt, Uncle Howee.
  • High Priests: Tomoo and the cruel orphanage kids, Chaka.
  • Position: Crime Boss, not that its actually useful in stopping his many deaths.
  • This is literately the ONE TIME where its even remotely possible to get Rika Furude and Bernkastel to cooperate with each other. In fact, the two people who hate Teppei the most are Rika Furude and Oyashiro-Sama because half of the scenarios in Rika's "Endless June" hell are directly because of him. That and he has directly murdered Rika in off-screen time lines. She has of course talked to Homura about this, which made Homura want a piece of him as well.
    • The details of this cooperation resulted in another Freak Out from Shion Sonozaki (who herself is a Troll on par with Bernkastel in terms of cruelty while infected) as the result of Bernkastel's trolling by introducing her to "an old friend". This newest bout with Hinimizawa Syndrome lives in the annals of infamy in terms of its horror and is now one of the main reasons Hinimizawa Syndrome is under "Class S" lockdown.
  • Earned Kyoko's ire over his more violent acts of abuse being similar to acts done to her Morality Pet in the "Oriko" timeline. Teppei's lesser crimes are similar to things that have set Sayaka over the edge in the pen-ultimate timeline. He has since become amongst the first victims of Sayaka's new found control over Octavia. Due to the other more foul things he does, they're are getting very tempted to bring Kroak's SOB punting into this.
    • Which he brought, with a "Deliverance of Itza" (basically a magical equivalent of a nuclear explosion centered around himself). Teppei has since become a favorite target for Kroak's "puntings", which included summoning Sharptooh out of its temple, then disappearing with a "Walk Between Worlds" before it notices him, resulting in the PO'd T-Rex venting its fury on Teppei. When asked why he did it, he tersely responded "Disgusting Slaanesh spawn".
  • Teppei is the OTHER fastest way to bring out Rena's "other side" due to his targeting of her father. Their encounters frequently end with a "great axe" splitting his head open.
  • When Raiden found out that he murdered Rika in one timeline, his Jack the Ripper persona came out, which resulted in him using his sword to eviscerate Teppei "Watanagashi Style".
    • Booker also fired every single vigor at him after hearing those same news.
  • Ditto with Bruce Banner, whom he transformed into the Hulk upon hearing that Teppei murdered Rika, which resulted in him smashing Teppei to bits and calling him "Worst Puny Human Ever!".
    • The Basterds frequently beat Teppei to death "Maebara style" with their baseball bats.
  • His punishment consisted of a nice visit to Hayate Ayasaki to take care of him as his new adoptive father after adopting him from his parents, who are also in the Disgraces. He learned nothing from it since he continued to treat Hayate like crap even after adopting him before he runs away from him and goes to the Sanzenin household. Hayate, with support from the Sanzenin Household and his personal buddies Negi Springfield and several newfound members from the House of Friendship, sued Teppei for child abuse against Hayate and failing to serve his sentence, so then the Court of the Gods decided to give him a new punishment: send him to Kamakura town to adopt an orphan who's been abandoned by her parents since birth due to her horns (i.e. Lucy). Teppei then adopted her from the cruel kids at the orphanage, only for him to repeatedly bully Lucy in the same manner as the kids. Ultimately, she snapped and eviscerated him in less than a second with her Vectors. The Court decided that he's completely unrepentant of his acts, so they sent him to the Disgraces.
  • He also tried to bully, beat, and abuse N for kicks. It didn't end well for him as that brought down the combined wrath of Terra Branford, Bryan Mills, Jin Kazama (in full scale "Devil Form"), Raven, and an entire legion of Big Daddies.
  • Yuno Gasai went to town on him with a kitchen knife, after he kicked Yukiteru around. Yukiteru agreed on Yuno's violence and actually helped her split Teppei's head open. Yuno hates him because his abusive ways are very similar to what her adoptive parents did to her and while Yukiteru wanted to give him mercy, once he found out about his Loan Shark activities, which gave him bad memories of his father trying to kill him for a quick buck, he took Yuno's axe and sliced his head off before severing his limbs and gutting him. Even Minene Uryuu got in on the action, preparing a couple of bombs to blast the guy's sorry ass into oblivion.
  • Got pissed when he found out that his niece, Satoko Houjou got into the Pantheon and with a higher rank than he (Demigoddess but that's still better than his position). Tried to go to the House of Craft to see her... but then set up a Rube Goldberg Device created by Wallace and Gromit that sent him flying to the House of Love where Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano were waiting for him....with butcher knives. Rena Ryuguu also had her billhook and Minene had her explosives ready. Blood ensued.
  • Uncle Howee looked in absolute disgust over Teppei's treatment on Satoko. If there's one moral he stands upon is that children are not supposed to be hurt. So he came in and played a game of hide and seek with his niece with a time limit. Teppei lost, and as punishment, Uncle Howee transformed him into a marionette who was used in some shows in the House of Theater, being destroyed by any all gods in the audience who had a complete grudge against him. After he was done, Uncle Howee returned him to the Disgraces and said, "We'll be doing this again."
  • Chance of Redemption: Zilch. As shown by the list of gods who have mutilated him, he's not getting out anytime soon.

Prince Charmles, The Charmless Prince (Prince Sharm-LAY, Prince Charmless)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An Argonian Lizard Heart (which he bought).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Completely Spoiled, Believing He Can Do Whatever He Want Because He's a Prince, Intentional Unlikable Characters, Princes With Zero Charms (Namer of the Trope).
  • Domain: Royalty.
  • Allies: None. Everyone hates him.
  • Enemies: Most Goddesses in the Pantheon. Even Charlotte won't go near him. He's also on the hit list for all gods in the Houses of Commerce and Crime and all the Equestrian Deities hate him with equal passion.
  • High Priest: Prince Blueblood, mostly only because Rarity "forcefully recommended" him for the position, and, after the Cake Incident, he had no choice but to accept. He does not appreciate the position, and does double duty as the high priest of the Church of Hate Sinks, in the house of hatred. That's almost as bad a job as one in the disgraces. He finds this position particularly demeaning because in his second physical appearance, he successfully managed to avoid acting like an asshat... which is more than can be said about the rest of the Mane Six that episode.
  • Position: Royal Retainer.
  • There was a test decreed by the gods in the Main House that two candidates (Prince Charmles and Prince Blueblood) would go out and find the most beautiful jeweled heart they could find with the winner obtaining a spot in the Pantheon. Charmles bribed members in the House of Crime, Indiana Jones and many of the evil gods in the House of Commerce to get an Argonian Lizard Heart (until it was revealed that he just bought his heart somewhere else) while Blueblood (who found out that his great aunts and many fellow Equestria deities (particularly Rarity who he had been such a dick to in the Grand Galloping Gala) were watching his every move, decided to slowly work his way up until he came back with a small fire ruby. Prince Charmles was decreed the winner (and Charmles wasted no time in gloating about his victory)...until he found out that his "prize" was recognition as the god of all Charmless Princes. No one will stop calling him that, and he's on the shit list of every God in the House of Crime and Commerce.
    • He tried to get the favor of Princess Peach, but the minute he talked smack about Mario and Luigi, Peach kicked him out of the castle after swatting him away with a frying pan. Later, he tried this on Charlotte LaBouf, but even she had to say no when Charmles insulted and spat on Tiana's cooking. Oh and when that happened, Karen Minazuki was nearby, at least trying to learn about cooking... and Charmles insulted that too, and not to mention adding how Karen lacked noble blood compared to him, thus he's instantly better at everything than her. He's instantly driven out of Charlotte's house with an extremely pissed off Cure Aqua trying to aim her Sapphire Arrow at him.
      • Then there was that time he made Fluttershy cry by insulting her and calling her weak. It took the House of Combat and Heroes to ensure that Discord didn't do anything drastic. He also gets the ire of all Equestrian deities after they heard how he treated Leane when she was transformed into a horse.
  • After the seal on The Disgraces was broken, he was quickly thrown in there in a fashion that quickly became a viral Pantheon Youtube video. The offense that finally got Charmless kicked out of the House of Royalty was when he insulted Sapphire Rhodonite over her marrying a commoner. Given the type of woman she is, that was a BIG mistake. The House of Royalty to this day still can't clean the blood off the walls. Sapphire for her part keeps her recently used chainsaw around as a warning to anyone who says anything disparaging about her choice in men.
  • His fiefdom in the Disgraces has become a favorite stompin ground for Ork WAAAGGGHHHS, who are "directed" his way. This may or may not be the Court Of The Gods having fun giving him the "ironic punishment" of eternally being krumped, pillaged, and looted by what amounts to a rag tag bunch of foul tempered, green skinned "socca 'ooligans" with equally bad hygiene and "science" developed by Insane Troll Logic.
    • One day, Hades donated a "giant green pickle" to the Charmless feast "out of the goodness of his heart". Said "pickle" is, in fact, Deviljho. Many of the gods find the resulting karma hilarious; Viridi, despite hating Hades' guts, could not stop laughing for days after that little stunt.
  • Chance of Redemption: -9001%.

Lance Vance, The Millstone
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Tommy Vercetti's face crossed and superimposed with the words "Damn you!".
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil... or rather, Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Millstones, Jerkasses, Those Who Are Truly Dumb, Not Contributing With Anything.
  • Domain: Crime.
  • Ally: Teppei Houjou.
  • Enemies: Everyone in the Houses of Justice and Crime.
  • Position: Teppei's Henchman.
  • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum sent a proof of him single-handlely interfering the success of others (especially Tommy Vercetti) intentionally during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its spin-off Vice City Stories by the Court of the Gods.
  • Vance, in his defense, says that Gilligan is not going to the Purgatory, and they should send Excel, Rico... or even Peggy Bundy instead. However, Gilligan only ruined 17 of the 37 escape attempts in the entire 98 episodes of his show.
    • Unlike Gilligan, Lance Vance is not a double agent for the Gods... even Excel's millstoning is not her fault, while Peggy's interference is played for laughs, and Rico took a level in badassery. This means that Lance Vance is the worse offender the Court of the Gods they're looking; as a result, he got dragged to the Disgraces.
  • This means that the Disgraces aren't going to take over the Pantheon, now that they got a new Millstone in their ranks.
  • Chance of Redemption: Absolutely none.

The Robot Chicken, God of Brainless Parodies

Petr, God of Gratuitous Rape and Horrifically Traumatizing Twist Endings
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An Animal Pelt.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Brain Bleach, Squick, Cruel Twist Endings, Endings During Mid-Rape Scene, Literally Unwatchable Movies.
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Depravity, "Love", Rape, Caves.
  • Ally: Gurk.
  • Enemies: Film Brain, The Nostalgia Critic, all film critics in general.
  • Position: Civilian.
  • Upon watching The Cavern, the Court Of The Gods had a collective Heroic BSOD as they developed a splitting headache and went blind as a result of watching the film. It took the same treatment as given after Squad Broken to snap them out of it.
  • Petr regularly rapes Rayford Steele, mostly due to how useless the latter is.
  • Chance of Redemption: Absolutely none.

Rayford Steele, God of Meaningless Conflict, and Patron Saint of the Eight Deadly Words
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Left Behind series.
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Stupid Neutral (doesn't even try do jack squat to stop The End of the World as We Know It)
  • Portfolio: Author Avatars, Compensating for Something, Final Guys, Jerkasses, Madonna-Whore Complex, Not Even Trying to Fight Fate.
  • Domains: Fatalism, Stupidity.
  • Former Allies: The Status Quo, who likes how he never really tries to do anything to change the world, YHVH.
  • Sort-Of Neutral with: The Prayer Warriors.
  • Enemies: All gods with a 'Screw Destiny' purview, Lucifer.
  • Position: Evangelist/philosopher. Alternatively, Petr's sex slave.
  • Ascended upon the end of the world, which he did nothing to prevent, and fell when the Court of the Gods read his series and decided that the "heroes" of the series were actually less likable than the villain, who was the Antichrist.
  • Is really very useless, because he believes in waiting for God's plan to come to fruition without his help. This seriously annoys the God-Royals of the Disgraces, because that's the sort of viewpoint that just doesn't work when the closest figure to Christ is on the other side.
  • Due to how useless he is, Petr regularly rapes him on a daily basis.
  • Chance of Redemption: His uselessness just cements his position here.

Crystal Potter, Worst Representation of Feminine Stereotypes and Idiocy
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A "perfect" Female Body.
  • Alignment: Stupid Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gender Bender, Man, I Feel Like a Woman , Jumping the Gender Barrier, Idiocy Of Many Kinds, Shallowness, Relationship Sues, Mary Sues, Crack Pairing, Possible Troll Fic.
  • Domains: Feminity (Betrayed), Straw, Shallowness, "Love", Perfection (Twisted), Fashion Horror.
  • Allies: Jenna, Ariana Black.
  • Followers: Way too many Mary Sues.
  • Enemies: the cast of Harry Potter, 'especially' Harry, Draco, and Ron. Loathes Rose Potter, Ebony Dark'Ness Dementia Raven Way in the Disgraces.
  • Position: Supermodel.
  • Is yet another gender-bended Harry, only this time she's so stupid that Rose Potter avoids and antagonizes her, as Crystal gives Rose a bad name.
  • Is both a Harry Potter Genderbend and a Slytherin Harry, but Holly hates her, as she can't even make a pretense of being smart.
  • Has the fashion sense of a color-blind hermit on drugs.
  • Is in love with Draco Malfoy, even though her canon, male self hated Draco, and it was mutual.
  • Absolutely hates Ron Weasley, as she says he's sexist. Of course, she also thinks that he's changed his name to Ron Raper, so nobody really takes much notice of her emnity.
  • Ironically, she actually has brought Harry and Draco closer together, as her presence has caused them to swear an Enemy Mine to take out anything associated with her. She does not realize this.
  • Chance of Redemption: Couldn't see it with a microscope.

Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi and Kumi Mouri, Cruelest Representation of Girl Posses and Unwitting Instigators of Idiot Plots

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Disgraced Deities of Spoiled Brats, Dark Representation of Cruel Children and Those Who Don't Care About Feelings
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their Cutie Marks... a Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Bullying, Cruelty, School, Riches.
  • Former Superior: Lauren Faust
  • Enemies: The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princes Morebucks.
  • Opposed by: Every single Equesrian Deity. Even the villainous ones.
  • Position: Students/"Playmates".
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon looked in anger when they found out that those "blank flanks" (Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo) were deities. But they realized that they were still blank flanks and began to mock them once more. The CMC were actually annoyed than terrified of that notion, causing the two get angry. They then decided to find their own house to show how better they were, going to the House of Emotion to replace Alice as Goddess of Childhood Cruelty. Big mistake. Instead, Alice asked them to Die For Me! and began to chase them, only stopping when Belial and Nebiros stopped Alice and the CMC saved them from harm. However, Diamond Tiara refused it and began to plot once more.
    • When that didn't work, Diamond Tiara then saw a good friend of the CMC: Vanellope von Schweetz. They decided to trash Vanellope's special car and blame the CMC on it, but forgot one important detail...Wreck-it Ralph. Ralph, infuriated on the bullying that was going on, stomped toward them and hurled them as far as he could, deep into the pits of the Disgraces. He stated that once they had a little "time-out" and learned their lesson, then they'll be added back in.
      • Finally, they tried to manipulate Gilligan into letting them free, by telling of how they were tricked and asking Gilligan to help them in their schemes by framing the CMC of being jerks. Gilligan 'accidentally' tore up the evidence that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon found and were sent by the Court of the Gods to stay in 'time-out' in the Disgraces.
  • On their first day in the Disgraces, Diamond Tiara mocked Renesmee for being a "blank flank", ie: having no talent and such. Renesmee showed them by projecting a Mind Rape so hard on the two, they begged for forgiveness. Bella then sentenced them for some "time" with Pinkameana. Jacob was restrained by Quil before he could tear the two into bits.
    • They also tried to get into the good graces of Eliza Reagan and Aki Honda, but the two could care less about the fillies and bullies them around like how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon mock the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It's gotten worse with the other more powerful members of the Disgraces. The two fillies have no abilities at all aside from what assumes to be narcissism—their Cutie Marks are based on their names after all. Even Scrappy can beat them in a fair fight. Other teasings include: being Prince Charmles' working horses, being tossed around by the likes of Rose, Ariana Black and Ebony, (especially Ebony who hates the two for being "preps"), being used as warm-up by the Gladiators, and being Renesmee's... playmates. Needless to say, they've become the Chew Toys of the Disgraces in short order.
  • The Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders feel sorry for them, seeing as they have a chance to become better. Diamond Tiara rebuffs their claims and states that she doesn't need their pity. Silver Spoon just sighs a bit though.
  • Diamond Tiara has tried to team up with Sally Floyd with her newspaper, but left in disgust for Sally's stupidity.
    • The two tried to become the true goddesses of Spoiled Brats, except Princess Morbucks came and took the position by showing what she did with the money her daddy gave her (ie use it to make technological weapons to fight the Powerpuff Girls) while Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon scrambled to do "something" (which, as noted their cutie marks are based on narcissism). Morbucks even explained that she had a power greater than theirs: cold, hard cash. With her debate over, Morbucks personally kicked both fillies into the Disgraces and cemented her position in the House of Commerce. They've hated her ever since.
  • They also tried to suck up to Twilight Sparkle after they saw her with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the Crusaders' attempt to become popular, but in reality they needed help figuring out their talents. After a few mishaps, including the two bullying their rivals once more, Twilight chewed them out because at least the CMC were trying to learn while neither Tiara nor Spoon learned anything. For this, Twilight used her telekinesis to hurl them back to the Disgraces.
  • Not even the villainous Equestrian Gods want to do anything with these two: Nightmare Moon considers them the same as every pony else in her plans to bring in an ever-lasting night, Discord thinks that they're too boring, Lord Sombra doesn't see any fun in using them as slaves and Queen Chrysalis hates them because she can't feed off of their love because there's barely any. Diamond Tiara's love for her daddy wasn't even fit for an hor d'oeurve!
  • The two even managed to piss off Derpy Hooves. When Derpy found out about the time Diamond Tiara kicked her daughter high into the sky...Derpy's words before heading toward the Disgraces were, "I'm going to love and tolerate the SHIT OUTTA YOU!!!!"
  • Uncle Howee learned from some of his favorite fans, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, of the bullying that they had to go through from Tiara and Spoon. Uncle Howee appeared to them and played "Hide and Seek" with the Cutie Mark Crusaders: if they win, they get their spot in the House of Ambiguity. When Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon made it to the House of Ambiguity they were met with the likes of Wreck-it Ralph, The Enforcers and Bulk and Skull. The three parties caged the group as Howee declared them losers and made them marionettes for a special showing of The Uncle Howee show for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have stayed away from Howee ever since.
  • Chance of Redemption: Zilch for Diamond Tiara. While she has a soft spot for her daddy, it's still not enough to get her parole. Silver Spoon has a slightly better chance since she has shown some bit of kindness, except she has no character traits outside Diamond Tiara and thus is stuck here until she breaks out into her own character, which is considered unlikely at the moment. And since their creator, Lauren Faust, stepped down as producer for their show, any hope they had for character development has pretty much gone up in flames.
    • Diamond Tiara did eventually thank Pinkie Pie for hosting her cutie-cenera...then that all went to hell when the two began to bully the CMC again (see above) in regards to hanging out with Twilight Sparkle.

'Mione, Goddess of Harmonian Cliches, Worst Epitome of Chickification and Patron Saint of Harry/Hermione Fan Dumb (Theoretically Hermione Granger)
  • Demigoddess
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Symbol: Her Wand crossed with Harry's over a Heart.
  • Portfolio: Former Action Girls, Damsel in Distress, Sympathetic Sues, Cliché Storm.
  • Domains: Shipping, Cliches, Helplessness, Perfection (Twisted), "Love".
  • Followers: All of the Harmonian Fan Dumb.
  • Allies: The God-Royals of the Disgraces, StarGleam.
  • Enemies: The real Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, the real Hermione Granger.
  • Opposed by: Joanne Murray.
  • Position: Romance novel writer; her stories are noted to be mostly the same thing, with different character names, settings (and even those tend to be suspiciously similar), and titles.
  • Is allegedly Hermione Granger, but is nothing like the canon version.
  • Upon her fall to the Disgraces, shed the name Hermione and is now called just 'Mione. She sighs about not being allowed to keep her full name, but the change is mostly an excuse for Wangst.
  • Apparently has a special kind of magic, Witch Magic, which females have, and is different than wizard magic, but she claims that it is suppressed by the Ministry of Magic, and has never been seen to demonstrate it.
  • Became much prettier upon adulthood, taking after the movie version of Hermione, if only by accident.
  • Thinks that the wizarding world is a No Woman's Land that wants every woman to Stay in the Kitchen and supresses their natural witch magic. Cornelius Fudge denies that this was ever the case, and most deities are inclined to believe him, just this once.
  • Believes that Ron is a fat Jerkass who terrorized her during their marriage. Ron ignores her, as he's more than used to people having this opinion towards him.
  • Is also being considered for a position as Goddess of Ill-Concieved Metaphors.
  • The overuse of certain plot points, tropes, and other story elements in H/Hr stories caused those cliches to pool in the darkest reaches of the fandom, and from that pool of pure Cliché Storm 'Mione, and her story The Last War, was born.
  • Chance of Redemption: Nada de nada.

Johnny Test, God of Designated Protagonist Syndrome (Johnny X)

Sagi Tsukiko, Goddess of the Blame Game (and those who Never Admit Their Mistakes), and Creators of Screwed-up Plots
  • Quasideity ( really an Intemediate Goddess due to her creating Shounen Bat)
  • Symbol: Maromi and Shounen Bat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (pegged as Chaotic Neutral by the Disgraces)
  • Portfolio: blaming others for faults, those who have horrible backstories, completely paranoid and psychotic Freak Outs, nervous and completely messed up people, those who are the targets of blame, those who get away with their crimes
  • Domains: Madness, Cartoons, Blame
  • Position: Cartoonist
  • Sagi was sent here because how she was pretty much created the whole plot Paranoia Agent all because she wouldn't confess how her dog died. The Disgraces found that hilarious and brought her here to mock her.
    • This, unfortunately had a bad effect on her psyche. She tried her hardest not to admit her mistake and subsequently brought out an opposite persona, Shounen Bat. The next thing that was heard were the likes of Teppei Houjou, Lance Vance and Aki Honda bludgeoned with a baseball bat until they begged for forgiveness. Once again, Sagi had no idea what was going on when people blamed her for this travesty...and thus a vicious cycle began.
  • The Royal Family thus keeps her in-line, making sure she doesn't get out of control with the blaming that everyone spews at her. This really isn't a problem since Edward can just mind-read everyone who decides to go, "Hey, let's blame Sagi for our messes!"
  • Her show Mellow Maromi is very popular in the Disgraces and there's lots of merchandise of this little guy. The Disgraces are wondering if this would be enough for them to overthrow Don Bluth, but due to Sagi's mental health and the production crew being overworked from making this show...
  • Chance of Redemption: If she can a) accept her faults and b) get others to stop hating her for being the cause of everything in Paranoia Agent, she gets redeemed. Unfortunarly, with Satoshi Kon dead, this is not happening, reducing her chance to none.

Oliver Tyler, Poster Boy for Unnecesary Younger Additions (Cousin Oliver)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The cover of the Brady Bunch, crossed and scribbled out.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio:Unnecesary Younger Additions (Namer of the Trope), Unlikable Characters, Failing to Cater the Younger Audience.
  • Domains: Family, Superfluousness.
  • Allies: Scrappy-Doo, Johnny Test, Renesmee Cullen.
  • At odds with: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  • Opposed by: Bart Simpson, Calvin, DH, Justin Stewart, and the entire Brady Bunch fanbase.
  • Position: Student.
  • The Court Of The Gods revised that a certain Oliver commited a severe crime of all time: Cancelling The Brady Bunch within five episodes. In fact, Phoenix Wright appointed him as the culpruit, and as a result, he got kicked to the Disgraces.
  • In his first day in the Disgraces, he joined the Disgraced Academy, run by Makoto Itou and Sekai Saionji. He associates easily with Johnny Test, but doesn't like the company of both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  • Is not liked by Justin Stewart, the Blue Turbo Ranger, to the point of calling him the very epitome of badly made younger characters.
  • Chance of Redemption: Zero.

Gary Smith, Perpetual Holder of the Idiot Ball

Crazy Frog, God of Noises That Make Being Deaf Sound Appealing (The Annoying Thing)
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