Pantheon: Disgraces

There's the Good Gods, there's the Neutral Gods, there's the Evil Gods and then there's these (not) Gods...

There are those who have joined to the Tropes Pantheon, but for all the WRONG reasons. Some are too perfect to be true, impossible to like, or undeservedly hogging the spotlight. There's the irredeemably stupid, the total jerks, and those who gave the world "creative" works that never should have seen the light of day. Reaching unprecedented levels of notoriety, ill-deserved fame and/or hate turns these wretched creatures into twisted reflections of the true Pantheon.

Normally, those who ascend this way are quickly judged in the Court of the Gods, and given a sentence even worse than demotion to The Fallen. Banished from the Pantheon and kicked out of the gates (although the more dignified Disgraces are allowed to walk), they are left to wander the wastelands, until they discover some chance at redemption. At least that's how it used to be.

Several of the first Disgraced Ones eventually agreed to form an alliance, pushing their territories together to form the kingdom of Mary Suetopia. And under the iron-fisted rule of King Edward Cullen and Queen Bella Swan, their Kingdom has grown to become a shiny, advanced paradise, where nothing is wanted for, and each Disgraced One twists their territory into their own vision of utopia. Through promises of territory, power and vengeance, increasing numbers of the Disgraced Ones have sworn loyalty to the royalty, becoming the Court of Twisted Perfection and the Thirteen Knights of Mary Suetopia. And that's not all — their numbers are growing, scraping the bottom of the barrel of bad Fan Fiction, the targets of snark and other things that most of the world would rather forget. And yet, no matter how beautiful it seems, it's still a prison, and no wonder of the environment can make up for the inhabitants (who all earned their placement here).

They're far from the most unified bunch, prone to rivalry, infighting, and getting on each others' nerves (though it's not like the other Houses can talk), but their combined vanity, lack of allies, and thirst for revenge on the true Pantheon unites them. They're rising in prominence as enemies of the alliances of both Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos, although some say the presence of such Disgraced Ones as Lance Vance, and the inherent failure that they have in common dooms them to failure no matter how hard they try. It's not like you'll ever get most of them to admit it, but still.

Eventually, the one who codified and gave a name to the Mary Sue concept, Lieutenant Mary Sue, got redeemed. They aren't happy with that and are currently trying to bring her back to Mary Suetopia. She continues to refuse to this day, and has sworn herself as an enemy to the Disgraces for all eternity. And Gilligan also got redeemed, this situation is getting bad for the Disgraces themselves. Also, with the transition of Mara Jade to Purgatory, not one member of this domain can enter the Pantheon proper without an escort from the Pantheon. It has gotten worse since Kaldor Draigo, potentially the strongest knight in Suetopia, has ascended to Purgatory before anyone could brainwash him, severely hindering their chances of conquest, along with Sagi Tsukino, with the Disgraces now lacking a proper scapegoat to pick on and blame, leaving them to pick upon one another. Despite how many times they've been evicted by force, they just keep trying...

Things have gotten worse for them due to a God named Uncle Howee, who loves to come by every now and then to "play" with many of the abusive parents and bullies of the House (which there are a lot of). Uncle Howee can seemingly bypass the Disgraces from leaving their land due to transforming them into powerless marionettes for his TV show. Unsurprisingly, it's a huge hit with many Gods. It became popular for all of the GUAC, GUAG, GUAE, and GUAL and even pairs of archenimes to declare peace to watch one of Howee's shows and just have a good time. To add to their misfortune, they are forced to Excalibur's (ﺧ益ﺨ) five hour story time. And the final nail to their coffins: One of their former inhabitants, The Duck Hunt Dog, has ascended to the Pantheon proper, laughing at all of them for eternity.

After too many incidents of disgraces sneaking past the Pantheon security, the Court of the Gods employed Squee, Spleen and Spoon the Techies to create a massive minefield surrounding the disgraces, to ensure that they can't get out so easily. The difficulty of getting past the minefield coupled with paranoia has effectively reduced the number of disgraces successfully sneaking out to the pantheon. Naturally, Virgil and the Black Cleaver are completely unaffected by the mines.

Ever since the Court of the Gods decided to strip all of the Disgraces of their ranks, Edward Cullen has been looking for a way to get them back. He hasn't succeeded yet, but believes that it is only a matter of time (less arrogant people tend to be of the opinion that he's badly overestimating his chances). To that end, he has formed an "elite team", the Fire Lilies, with the duty of returning the ranks of the Disgraces by any means necessary. An unbiased observer would compare their operations to a combination of a terrorist group, a group of unethical scientists, a Mission Impossible team, and the Three Stooges, but with more incompetence and backstabbing. Each Fire Lily, however, sees their position as giving them an elevated status, or as much of one as you can have and still be Disgraced.

Unknown to anyone but Edward Cullen however, they are being supported by an actual deity: none other than the Devil of the Pantheon itself, the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor, possibly realizing he cannot destroy the pantheon and all of fiction by himself, has been steadily helping the Disgraces. He transformed the Disgraces into an organization in itself, giving them the power to strike back at the Pantheon. His hope is to use them as vessels of corruption, weakening the pantheon and fiction itself so that it will be defenseless to achieve what he has always wanted: the complete destruction of everything.

It should be noted that Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, and Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, are deemed ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to visit this ignoble place, thanks to their ability to forgive anyone regardless of how many Moral Event Horizons they may cross or Too Dumb to Live moments they may pull. Lest Operation Axe To The Face becomes a reality.

REMEMBER: As much as some of us would want it, please remember NOT to add any Real Life examples into this less than honorable House. Too much of a risk for drama, arguments, whining, general bullcrap, and whatnot.

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The Guide

Mary Suetopia's connection to the rest of the Pantheon. It's not a pleasant task, but someone has to do it.

Virgil, Guide to the Damned (Poet, Publius Vergilius Maro)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A glowing walking staff over a black field.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Helpful Ghosts, Knowing Everything About The Setting, Not Being Useful in a Fight.
  • Domains: Knowledge, Hell, Good, Paganism, Guiding.
  • Allies: Those Gods who have reason to visit Mary Suetopia, Dante, Luke Skywalker, Judge Gabranth, Lightning Farron, Uncle Howee, Miki Aono/Cure Berry (she respects him due to his job).
  • Enemies: Kratos, the other Vergil.
  • Following several recent cases of Gods being allowed to leave the Disgraces, it was decided that someone was needed to keep an eye on the rest, lest they try to escape. The Pantheon realised that they also needed someone to act as a guide for Gods should they ever need to visit here. Virgil proved to be the ideal candidate for these jobs.
  • Virgil was appointed the job of Guide to the Damned automatically since he was the only person to apply for the post. His reasoning was that Mary Suetopia was infinitely less messed up than the Inferno, so he should be able to handle it.
  • Virgil is unique in that he is not an official member of the Disgraces. He only works here and is free to leave and visit other houses whenever he chooses. When Virgil leaves, he appoints Uncle Howee to keep an eye on things in his absence.
  • When he is not on duty, Virgil spends his time in the Houses of Knowledge and Life and Death.
  • Virgil once visited the House of Combat, having heard that Dante was there. Virgil was surprised to find that the Dante in question was not the one he knew, and even more so when Dante mistook him for his brother Vergil and attacked. Once the mix-up was sorted out, Dante apologized and the two became friends.
  • Luke Skywalker believes Virgil to be a Force Ghost and has asked Virgil to teach him. Virgil explained that this was not the case, but told Luke of his adventures anyway.
  • Kratos was not pleased to learn that Dante's journey through Hell sounded an awful lot like the kind of thing Kratos would do, and also dismissed Virgil, saying that he could not help in a fight and was therefore useless.
  • Virgil is happier than most when a God is allowed to leave Mary Suetopia or the Fallen and return to the Pantheon proper. When asked about it, he responded with "For a moment, I perceived that the Pantheon felt… love."
  • Chances of Redemption: Virgil does not need to be redeemed since he only works here. He is like Judge Gabranth and Lightning Farron in that respect.

The Border Guard

The one who makes sure that none of the Disgraced try to sneak into the Pantheon.

    The Black Cleaver 
The Black Cleaver, Gatekeeper Between The Pantheon and Suetopia
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Black Helmet.
  • Alignment: Varies depending on who he gets his orders from, is currently Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Elite Mooks, Artificial Zombies, THOSE WHO JUST WON'T DIE!, Not Giving Up, Scythe Wielders.
  • Domains: Coldness, Combat, Defence, Duty, Undead.
  • Allies: Anyone he’s ordered to assist.
  • Enemies: Anyone he’s ordered to fight.
  • The Black Cleaver ascended to the Pantheon after being killed, brought back as an undead henchman, killed again by being sliced up into little pieces, being put back together again as an undead bodyguard and then finally killed for good.
    • At first not many deities knew what to do with the Black Cleaver, since he has no real personal agenda, until several Gods at House of Defence proposed sending him to the edge of Disgraced territory to act as a border guard. After a successful stopping thirteen attempts made by the Disgraced note  on his first week, he was officially granted the title of Gatekeeper.
  • It should be noted that main reason the Black Cleaver is so good at his job is due to the stupidity, arrogance and delusional nature of the Disgraces themselves. note 
  • Once a week, the Black Cleaver is sent to the House of Combat to maintain his high combat skills while his role is temporary filled-in by Augus.
    • Ruby Rose occasionally comes to the House of Combat to watch the Black Cleaver fight and to see if there are any new moves she can learn from him and use with her own scythe.
    • During one fight at the House, Raiden landed several direct blows to the Black Cleaver’s torso without him even seeming to notice, after an hour of fighting, Raiden was heard yelling: 'Why won’t you die?! '
  • Whenever the Black Cleaver is injured, a group doctors, led by the Medic, are sent to pack him up.
  • Recently, to the (pleasant) surprise to both Vergil and the Black Cleaver, not much to the Disgraces, the Duck Hunt duo often join up with him in fending off Disgraces, due to his Nintendo-God harm only ability, and to fend his skills for the 4th Smash Tournament.
  • When a Disgraced One is redeemed, the Black Cleaver is prohibited from attacking them at all times.
  • Chances of Redemption: Like Virgil, the Black Cleaver does not need to be redeemed.

The Double Agent

The one who works among the Disgraced, only to ruin their plans.

    Itachi Uchiha 
Itachi Uchiha, Double Agent of the Pantheon

Gate Guardian

The guard dog who keeps the Disgrace in and others out.

Cerberus, Celestial Guard Dog