The House of Craft, for the lack of a better word, is always ''changing''. Sections of the place are constantly being torn down, rebuilt, and torn down again, while its borders continually expand in a seemingly random and unpredictable pattern. The House of Craft is also responsible for building the other Houses (and repairing any damage they should suffer). It also has an innate relationship with the House of Commerce, which owns all of the property in the House of Craft and by extension, all of the products it produces as well. None of the resident deities mind, as they're more concerned with creating the next big thing.

Should you ever decide to visit this house, beware. One deity that had visited it had famously proclaimed stepping foot in the House of Craft was "literally an offense to all the senses."

Thanks to [[WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie Emmet's]] ascension, the majority of the House now has a humongous LEGO foundation.

Due to a change in the Pantheon, the Main House selected Emmet, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, to become the guards of the House of Craft. They call themselves the "Trio of Arts"


* Pantheon/CraftingMaterials
* Pantheon/FormsOfMedia
* Pantheon/{{Workmanship}}

!!The Trio of Arts
The Three Guards of the House of Craft

[[folder:Emmet Brickowski]]
'''[[WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie Emmet Brickowski]], God of [[BuiltWithLego LEGO]] and [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome Seeing Everything As Awesome]]''' (The Special)
* Quasideity[[spoiler: (Believing in himself and then elevating into a Master Builder shoots him up to Greater God)]]
* Symbol: A double-decker couch
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6lHm-stXdM "Everything is Awesome!"]]
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[RidiculouslyAverageGuy Being an average guy]] [[YouAllLookFamiliar and having a very normal face]], [[TheChosenZero not being the chosen one]] [[IJustWantToBeSpecial and wanting to be special because of it]], [[MundaneMadeAwesome believing that everything]] [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome is awesome]], [[TheFool fools]], [[OrderVersusChaos balancing following LEGO instructions and creating his own ideas]], {{Adorkable}} {{Idiot Hero}}es, [[TheStrategist amazing at creating strategies]].
* Domains: Foolishness, Imagination, LEGO, Creativity.
* Allies:
** Non-ascended: Metalbeard, Vitruvius, Benny the Space Guy
** Ascended: '''[[Pantheon/OpposingFate Wyldstyle]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Happiness}} Uni-Kitty]], [[Pantheon/HeroicArchetypes Batman]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalities}} Alice Liddell]], all of the House of Craft and nearly every God in the House of Pantheon/{{Friendship}} (except the villainous ones), Sackboy, [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Steve?,]] [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Pa]][[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Rappa]], [[Pantheon/MainHouse Maxwell]], '''[[Pantheon/FanReaction Fred Rogers]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} William Shakespeare]], [[Pantheon/MagicalItems the Toa Nuva]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Mata Nui]], [[Pantheon/CouplesRelationships Wall-E and EVE]], [[Pantheon/{{Workmanship}} Fix-it Felix]] and pretty much every god that is part of a LEGO set (and that's a lot, mind you) - with [[Creator/ChrisPratt a particular admiration]] for [[Pantheon/AntiHeroes Star-Lord]].
* Enemies: Evil-aligned gods in the Houses of Pantheon/{{Hatred}} and Pantheon/{{Villains}} and every evil god associated with the Friendship Asylum.
* High Priest: Creator/TravellersTales
* Ascended after understanding that he could be special by believing in himself. Despite his size, he is now capable of creating pretty much '''anything''' with Lego to great effect.
** His new role as God of LEGO means that he balances out those who follow the instructions (like he used to do) and those who build whatever they can with LEGO (which is the role of the Master Builder), sort of like balancing Order and Chaos.
* Still is a bit embarrassed that his first creative idea was the double-decker couch ("So everybody can watch TV and be buddies!").
* Amazed to see huge versions of Batman, [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Superman]] and [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Wonder Woman]] in the Pantheon. The heroes just kindly thank him for being a good fan of theirs.
* Has made friends with [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Ted]] due to knowing what it is to be average. Has started to teach him on how to use his own imagination to create things.
* Spends lots of time with what he calls the "Pantheon Master Builders" (Sackboy, Steve? and Maxwell) in regards to their creation capabilities, to the point that they have made themselves the "Master Builders Four" one of the most powerful groups in the GUAG.
** Also spends lots of time with Fred Rogers since one of Mr. Roger's big philosophies is that everyone makes the day special by being themselves.
* When he ascended, he also carried with him a '''''humongous''''' supply of LEGO bricks for him to use. He's planning on using it to create a Lego-version of the Pantheon with ''every temple of every deity'' inside, along with mini-figs of each to accompany it.
* Is a frequent guest of the Council of Cloudcuckooland, seeing as it reminds him of the Cloud Cuckoo Land run by his friend Princess Uni-Kitty. The gods there love it whenever he brings LEGO, and always challenge themselves to create new and wondrous things.
* Not to be confused with [[Pantheon/TimeManipulation Emmett Brown]], although the LEGO Emmet is wondering if he could make his own Time-traveling [=DeLorean=] out of LEGO. Emmett Brown will be happy to help, but he first needs to make an instruction guide for it.
** [[http://shop.lego.com/en-US/The-DeLorean-time-machine-21103?CMP=KAC-SAHGOOGLEUS&HQS=21103&adtype=pla They did it!]]
* Likes hanging out with Wall-E and EVE due to Wall-E's own curiosity with building with LEGO, and the fact that Emmet's own sign of affection with Wyldstyle also involves holding hands.
* Rumored to be the avatar for a higher power of creativity. He couldn't be reached for comment.
* His theme song is so [[EarWorm infectious]], that it can make most members of the GUAE sing along to it. Emmet is a bit oblivious to everyone's discomfort as he can be seen singing it all day.
* Pretty much has allies with every God who were part of a Lego Set. Ranging from the Avengers, Indiana Jones, ''Darth Vader'', and all Marvel Gods. And these aren't counting the non-ascended gods whom have Lego Sets.
* Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman [[https://youtu.be/M8vdTXO0lpE?t=3m4s once busted a myth of a giant Lego ball rolling down hill]]. Emmet decided to meet their match by doing his own replica of the myth.
* Gets along famously with Fix-it-Felix Jr. due to their shared background in construction to the point that Felix is an honorary member of the Master Builders, being capable of improving many of the constructions.
* Is a frequent member of the House of Friendship, and was deeply saddened upon hearing "Project: Alternate Gentaro". He's now preparing to fight back and save Gentaro from the darkness. He has recently made a plan: make a Deconstructor (from ''LEGO Batman 2'') that can disassemble anything made of black LEGO. There's just one tiny problem: It needs kryptonite. Thus Emmet, along with members of the Master Builders Four, are planning to steal it out of the Treasure Section of the Pantheon. [[spoiler: Unfortunately, the plot failed and made the asylum even more enraged.]]
** [[NeverLiveItDown Doesn't like to be reminded]] that he helped ''build'' the asylum in the first place (at that point it felt like it was the best thing to do). Princess Uni-Kitty's reactions about the asylum was to be absolutely horrified, then angry, then saddened at what happened. She's forgiven Emmet for what he created but, like her, Emmet's not forgiving the gods who were going to use the asylum to destroy the Pantheon.
* Is impressed with [[Pantheon/{{MindGames}} Near]]'s LEGO designs and how he tied them in with his detective work. They often exchange pointers for how to improve, so much to the point after seeing [[http://i9.mangareader.net/death-note-oneshot/1/death-note-oneshot-946610.jpg his giant "L" made of cards]] and [[http://33.media.tumblr.com/f989e5c718d0fc146c7d672b3264b301/tumblr_inline_neaps7TnDB1soi3e4.png city made out of dice blocks]], he is considering offering him the name of a "honorary master builder".
* Was absolutely '''excited''' to find Wyldstyle in the Pantheon and rushed to meet her. It was there that he and Princess Uni-Kitty (and Batman) threw a party in celebration for her ascension. Unfortunately, Emmet had to confess to Wyldstyle about the whole "friendship asylum" incident and how it was a really bad idea in the end. Wyldstyle has forgiven Emmet for it, but she swears to never forgive those who would use the asylum for evil purposes.
* While he is chiefly the God of LEGO in the House of Craft, him seeing everything in the world is awesome was enough for him to make a Temple here. He built his second temple with blinding speeds using all of the LEGO bricks he could find. It took him a while, considering he needed to adjust the entrance to accommodate all the Gods who wanted to come by for a visit.
* Made good friends with Yotsuba, considering that she always likes to say "Today is always the most enjoyable day."
* Fred Rogers is a frequent visitor due to his belief that everyone makes the world special by being themselves. The constructs he makes with Emmet are so awe-inspiring that many who have seen what he created have cried at its beauty.

[[folder:Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson]]
'''Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Gods of TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'''
* (Gary on the left, Dave on the right)
* Overdeities
* Symbol: A D20
* Alignment: ChaoticGood and LawfulGood, respectively
* Portfolio: TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons, [[RuleOfFun Fun]], [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Dragons]], [[PowersThatBe Divinity]].
* Domains: Craft, Scalykind.
* Gygax's mortal shell was cast off March 4, 2008 and Arneson's on April 7, 2009. The sacrifice of so many hours of free time skyrocketed them both to Overdeities of Craft.
* Originators of the concept of Godhood.
* All tabletop gaming gods have them to thank. If it wasn't for them, they wouldn't exist. On the flipside, if it wasn't for them, the Ebon Dragon and the Chaos Gods, among other evil gods, wouldn't have existed either, so it's sort of a mixed bag.
* The Random Number God comes to them sometimes for guidance.

'''[[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Kanji Tatsumi]], God of [[UnmanlySecret Non-Masculine Secrets]]''', [[RealMenWearPink being in a family textile business]], frequents this House.