Pantheon / Council of Cloudcuckooland

The Council of Cloudcuckooland

Their meeting room is behind the back door of the House of Mentalism. It's constructed entirely of cardboard and duct tape, and the walls are scribbled on. There is always a faint smell of treacle in the air, even though all the food items in the cardboard fridge are cardboard cut-outs.

Sometimes, their faces are hidden behind handmade masks; sometimes they wear cosplay outfits to hide their identities; but often they confuse each other anyway under their Paper Thin Disguises.

Our intelligence hasn't been quite able to make out what they are planning and if they are planning at all; possibly they are talking in code.

In case the Council of Shadows were to attack, they might be the only ones able to fight back.

Below a breakdown of their momentary members:

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Agitha, Goddess of Bug-Fanatics (Princess of Insects)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Golden Butterfly.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being nice to scary animals, Being insanely rich, Having no family, Being completely crazy and creepy, Stronger than you'd expect.
  • Domains: Bugs and Spiders.
  • Agitha was once a simple girl living a peaceful life in Hyrule when she was suddenly swept away into an alternate universe in the middle of battle. The other gods were quite suprised to find that Agitha could not only hold her own in battle with the help of her loyal subjects, she did so with a smile on her face. For her efforts in battle she ascended.
  • Lives full time in the House of Insects but sometimes drops by the Royalty Pantheon to visit Zelda and the Nature Pantheon to hunt for more of her 'subjects'.
  • Some Gods in the pantheon believe she and Princess Zelda are related but when asked Zelda simply kept quiet while Agitha just giggled. Another theory is that she is a Kokiri who wandered far from home.
  • The Gods have been warned to not approach Agitha with bugs as she can suddenly turn extremely creepy as she apparently "knows you have bugs". This change in demeanour has unnerved several members of the Pantheon.
  • However if someone were to give her a bug, she would reward them with large amounts of money from her personal vaults. Wario has taken advantage of this.
  • Some pantheon members were confused if she was next in line after Queen Sectonia. In fact, Sectonia wants her to stay away from her temple and stop trying to get Sectras to join her kingdom. The confusion was cleared up when it was established that Sectonia rules the WHOLE Insect Pantheon while Agitha runs half in her stead.
  • Joined the Council of Cuckooland because of her extremely strange and off-putting insect obsession as well as her disregard for her own personal safety.

    Andy Kaufman 
Andy Kaufman, God of NEVER Explaining the Joke (Tony Clifton; Foreign Man; Latka Gravas; the Intergender Wrestling Champion of the World; the King of Memphis, Tennessee; and "Andy Kaufman" himself)

    Ayumu Kasuga 
Ayumu Kasuga, Goddess of Daydreams, Ambassador of Cloudcuckooland and Leader of the Council of Cloudcuckooland (Osaka)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Chiyo's Dad, Sea slugs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckoolanders, Osakan Oddballs, People always referred to by nicknames, Book Dumb, The Fool, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Pungeon Master
  • Domains: Dream, Illusion, Chaos, Mind, Transcendence
  • Osaka thinks even Luna Lovegood is too weird even for her, but that hasn't stopped them from hanging out with each other at every opportunity.
  • Undisputed Queen of Daydreams, Osaka's mind is a realm of churning creativity even the bravest Psychonauts do not dare to enter. Her adviser, Chiyo's Dad, may or may not be a creation of herself.
  • Is rumored to have forgotten her own name. She can't remember if the rumor is true or not, but she hopes it is, as she finds it unreasonably funny.
  • Trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine? Suffering through Your Worst Nightmare? Have you found to your horror that Your Mind Makes It Real? Prayers often go up to Osaka for protection from these situations. She's happy to help, but sometimes she just makes things stranger.
  • Was elected leader of the Council on the grounds that she was the most focused and down-to-Earth of the group. No, really.
  • Osaka holds the supreme honor of being the only one Johan Liebert is afraid of. She doesn't know why: Johan had approached her for a chat one day, and it had ended with him twitching violently, throwing up his hands, screaming incoherently and tearing out of the room. Osaka is still not quite sure what happened, but there was a big party thrown for her afterwards, so apparently she did SOMETHING good.

    Brassica Prime 
Brassica Prime, God of Cabbages (King of the Cabbages, Lord of Delicious, Most Delicious of Gods)

    Christopher Walken 
Christopher Walken, God of Creepy Villains

Deadpool, God Of The Fourth Wall (The Merc With The Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, The Crimson Comedian, Wade Wilson)

Dokuro Mitsukai, Goddess of Revenge Against Perverts and Loving Bullies (The Bludgeoning Angel, Assassin from the future)
  • Theme Song: Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Excalibolg dripping blood. Or a bloody halo.
  • Alignment: She sees herself as Lawful Good, but other deities see her as either Chaotic...something. Good, neutral or evil get tossed around depending on who you ask.
  • Portfolio: Cute Bruiser, Cloud Cuckoolander, Genki Girl, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Holy Halo, Loving Bully, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Pervert Revenge Mode, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Our Angels Are Different, Girl with Psycho Weapon
  • Domains: Bats, Angels, Assassins, Love
  • Joined the Council of Cloudcuckooland upon hearing of it from Peacock. She has brought with her not only the club of "Wood Glue Club", but also her own board games. The two sets quickly became club traditions from than one.
  • She has also allowed members to bring people back here and put them up on the drying wood, keeping them stuck till for as long as they please. The more sadistic members of the council, like Deadpool and Peacock, have made use of this, bringing back some unfortunate yet deserving victims and playing "Who-can-get-the-most-knives-stuck-in-them-till-they-die".
  • The board games went off with a complete bang, with the members actually getting all the rules down of each game on their first go with it. This is more less insulting to the House Of Knowledge, who to this day are trying to figure out how each one works.
    • However, there's a theory that they may be linked to Calvinball, as Calvin and Hobbes are actually seen playing along with "Gothello", actually beating Dokuro flawlessly.

Ed, Co-God (with Edd and Eddy) of Big, Thin, and Short Trios (Lumpy, Horace)

    Eiji Niizuma 
Eiji Niizuma, God of Onomatopeias and Surprisingly Accurate Loonies (Moneys)

Elan, God of Wandering Minstrels
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Banjo, God of Puppets
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Genre Savvy, Lack of any other Savvy, Banjos.
  • Domain: Illusion, Wisdom (only applies to genre-related knowledge), Inspiration
  • Allies: Flonne (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)
  • Elan was raised up by Banjo himself, as his high priest.
  • He has also raised up several lesser hand puppet gods, and is being considered for promotion because of this, on the philosophical grounds that anyone who can create a god is greater than one. This is being blocked by anyone who hears it, as no-one wants this info to get around.

Emmet, God of LEGO (The Special)

Excalibur, God of Annoyance & Irritation
  • Greater God. Some wishes he's a quasideity instead...
  • Symbol: (ﺧ益ﺨ) (The 'I-Have-Met-Excalibur' Face (Yes, even his symbol is annoyed))
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Sharp Blade, Catchy Songs, Annoying The Hell Of Anyone Who Meets Him, Making Everyone Who Meets Him Make This Face: (ﺧ益ﺨ), Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Talkative Loon, Infinity +1 Sword As Long As One Can Stand His Intolerability, "FOOL!", Crazy Awesome, Eldritch Abomination?
  • Domain: Irritation, Weapons, Emotion, Mentalism
  • Opposed by: Black Star ("SO ANNOYIIIINNNGGG!!!"), Death the Kid ("Disgusting..."). Or... scratch that. Anyone that comes across him.
  • Those who can stand him: Bugs Bunny, Deadpool.
  • This is a different form of the Holy Sword Excalibur found in the House of Weapons. Safe to say, he lives up to the fact that he's making everyone who comes across him to get utterly irritated.
  • Doesn't matter who the person is, he has made everyone he comes across to make the face (ﺧ益ﺨ). Including even Melkor, of all people. Enter his house at your own risk.
    • However, there are those who could stand him, but only because they could be equally insane and nuts-driving. Those who do would be considered the great ones... though they still prefer their own methods of combat instead of becoming his Meister.
  • Several people, especially those from the GUAG has been expressing interest in tossing Excalibur to Yuuki Terumi, if only to see the Trolling God get a taste of his own medicine and lose his temper with Excalibur's loonydom. Excalibur himself has no idea who the hell Terumi is, but he'd be more than delighted to tell his five-hour story or fight him anyway. The GUAG's problem right now is to find a Meister who could STAND Excalibur to start an eventual fighting.
  • His legend begins in the 12th century...
  • He is rumored to be one of the Great Old Ones who represents Madness through Rage. No proof against it has come up and some theorize that he genuinely annoys everyone as a somewhat benign way of using his Madness and to prevent those from misusing him or those he deems unworthy...

G.I.R, God of Insane Robots
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Taco (He loves the little tacos. He loves them good)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Non sequiters, Memetic Mutation, Extreme Omnivore ism
  • Domain: Chaos,Madness
  • Followers: Bender.
  • When Osaka offered him a position in the council, he nodded. How much he understood is debatable.
  • G.I.R spends much of his time preparing waffles for the rest of the council, then throwing them out the window.
  • Is currently working on a sequel to his doom song.
  • Is rumored to have some sort of great inner strength, one with which he could take over the pantheon... Fortunately, he's honestly too stupid to realize he's capable of any evil.

Goo, Goddess of Imagination (Goo Goo Gaga)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Rainbow Afro
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Rampant Creativity, Unintended Creation, Cloudcuckoolanders, Reallyreallyreallyreallyfasttalking
  • Domains: Creation, Mind, Chaos
  • Claims to have created a house full of imaginary friends in a single night. Most of them are barely identifiable as sentient beings, but she's working on fixing that.

    Homestar Runner 
Homestar Runner, The Ditzy God

J.D., God of Guy Love Increased By Fanon (Vanilla Bear, many, many girls' names)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A notebook with a unicorn horse with a sword on his head on the cover
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bunny Ears Lawyers, Cloudcuckoolanders, Victims of Ho Yay, Inner Monologues
  • Domain: Healing, Radiance, Competition, Emotion, Pride
  • When not here, J.D. can be found hanging out in his temple in the House of Love with his co-deity and "Chocolate Bear", Turk.

    Jeff Hardy 
Jeff Hardy, God of the Dye Hard (The Charismatic Enigma, The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling, The Rainbow-Haired Warrior, Willow the Whisp)

    Joshua Abraham Norton 
Joshua Abraham Norton, Emperor of the Sacred Pantheon and Protector of Dreams (Emperor Norton, Norton I)
  • Emperor (Doesn't classify himself as a god)
  • Symbol: His hat (Death loves it!)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (HEAVY on the Chaotic)
  • Portfolio: being incredily crazy and awesome being sane despite of his insanity, ending mobs just by praying, awesome hats, only considered emperor in his head and his loyal subjects
  • Domains: Emperors, Insanity
  • Allies: Death, Dream of the Endless, anyone who hails from San Francisco, every Cloud Cuckoolander god in the Pantheon.
  • Opposed by: Some of the evil gods in the House of Justice (Manfred von Karma being number 1)
  • Newspapers one day announced that he made his arrival, and he was entered with a fanfare as he made a position in this house. Ayumu was prepared to give up the title of Leader here, but Norton declined. He just wants to be Emperor, nothing more.
  • While most of the council have crazy and wacky ways to clear disputes, Norton's is the most sane...just stand inbetween the feuding parties and pray. This is enough to make people realize their actions and walk off.

    Kotomi Ichinose 
Kotomi Ichinose, Goddess of Dreadful Music
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Violin
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dreadful Music, Fake Magical Girl, Tsukkomis, Cloudcuckoolanders, Teen Geniuses, Senseless Violins
  • Domain: Family, Craft
  • Follower: Cacofonix (Astérix)
  • Kotomi is a frequent figure on Celestial Idol, but in recent years has been shown the door repeatedly before she even gets a chance to unpack her violin case. Simon Cowell is still trying to block out the days-old ringing in his ears.
  • Just as long as she doesn't bring her violin, she's always welcomed to any party. But if she ever brings her violin, she'll end up Bound and Gagged in the corner.

    Lady Gaga 
Lady Gaga, Goddess of Catchiness
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A telephone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckoolander, Crazy Awesome, Costume Porn, Ear Worm
  • Domain: Madness, Glory, Persistence
  • Gaga has succeeded in creating some of the most incredibly catchy songs the world has ever experienced. The only possible explanation has to be divine power. Her cult is widespread.

    Luna Lovegood 
Luna Lovegood, Goddess of Zany Theories (Loony)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Epileptic Trees, Head in the Clouds, Appalling Honesty, Vacant Staring
  • Domains: Intelligence, Magic
  • She and her closest deity friend, Osaka, are constantly one-upping each other to see who can tell the weirdest story.
  • Occasionally, characters who feel that they have been wronged by their canon portrayal will make a pilgrimage to Cloudcuckooland to seek an audience with Luna. If she sympathizes with their tale of woe (and she almost always does), she will plant an Epileptic Tree on their behalf. As a result, many characters who would otherwise be followers of the Alliance of Evil have a soft spot for her. (A GREAT many. Just look at the Wild Mass Guessing section.)

    Mako Mankanshoku 
Mako Mankanshoku, Goddess of Hilariously Absurd but Fitting Logic

    Mr. Welch 
Mr. Welch, God of Loonies
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The list of things he's no longer allowed to do in an RPG. Alternatively, a really big gun, best fired using the artillery skill, and mentioned in the Geneva Convention by name.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Loonie, Off the Rails, Player Archetypes, Chaotic Stupid, Rules Lawyer, Genius Ditz, I'm a Humanitarian, Screw You, Elves!, More Dakka, There's No Kill Like Overkill, Rule of Cool, Rule of Funny, of Munchkins, Way Too Many To List
  • Domains: Gaming, Hilarity, Chaos, Really Big Guns
  • Allies: Old Man Henderson, INH
  • Enemies: The Status Quo
  • Mr. Welch is known throughout the pantheon for a gigantic list of the things he's not allowed to do. Most of these rules showcase extreme power and ultimate weirdness, putting him on the watch list of the Council of Shadows, as well as others. He doesn't care, and will blow them up with everyone else when the mood strikes him.
  • Sometimes, he is a great warrior, capable of taking down Greater Gods. Just as often, he's entirely useless, whatever would be funnier.
  • Is not the Patron Saint of Common Sense. He's not allowed to make up patron saints either, not that that has stopped him from trying.
  • Is, along with Noh and Old Man Henderson, a member of the Trinity of Games Gone Off Track, representing the Dumb Players/ Rule of Funny aspect.

Murdock, God of Knowing That You're Crazy (H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Airplane
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Mad Hatter, Balloonacy, Meaningful Name, Obfuscating Stupidity, Trickster Archetype, Flies Like Crazy
  • Domain: Travel, Mentalism, Ambiguous Sanity, Mad Pilot Skills
  • Opposed by: B. A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus.
    I'm not going anywhere with that crazy fool!
  • Had his cell relocated to the meeting room for easier access. Still breaks out of his cell to go on missions with the A-Team, even though he's allowed to leave whenever he wants.

    Old Man Henderson 
Old Man Henderson, God of Plot Derailment Eli Burning, Young Old Man Henderson Eli Burning
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Lawn Gnome
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Off the Rails, Crazy Awesome, Crowning Moment of Awesome, Do Not Go Gentle, Did You Just Blow Up Hastur Permanently, Lovecraft Lite, Cool Sunglasses, Winning Unwinnable Games, More Dakka, Door Stopper (backstory), Ditzy Genius, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Plot (in opposition to), Wild Cards, Chaos, Awesome
  • Allies: Prefers to work alone, but often sides with the GUAG.
  • Enemies: Killer Game Masters, and every god originating from Lovecraft. They're all scared of him after what he managed to do to Hastur.
  • While Old Man Henderson is a free spirit, he likes to work most against villains and the Disgraces. Especially the Disgraces. He has no love for them, and especially not the railroading that comes with the logical fallacies of their stories. He still doesn't like to be affiliated with the GUAG.
  • Old Man Henderson was reincarnated as Eli Burning by Nyarlathotep, as part of a Batman-Gambit to get Hastur back in the game. Needless to say, it didn't work out well. Henderson sealed Hastur's power and fled to the Pantheons, where the Crawling Chaos can't touch him.
  • The only known investigator to ever win Call of Cthulhu, and the only known player ever to cause the DM to flip the table over in anger.
  • Although he was originally considered for the House of Ambiguity, his last actions got him a place in the house of Heroes.
  • Is, along with Mr. Welch and Noh, a member of the Trinity of Games Gone Off Track, representing the Serious aspect, also known as the Against a Bad DM aspect.
  • All investigations regarding his possible connection to That Guy (Who) Destroys Psionics have been inconclusive so far.

    Pinkie Pie 
Pinkie Pie, Goddess of the Unexpected Audiences

Peacock, Goddess of Referencing Other Works (Patricia Watson)

    Princess Uni-Kitty 
Princess Uni-Kitty, Divine Thinker of Happy Thoughts (Biznis Kitty, Queasy Kitty, Angry Kitty)

    Ralph Wiggum 
Ralph Wiggum, An Eternal Constant of Non-Sequiturs (The Sleep Viking)

raocow, God of Complete and Utter Nonsense
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A larval horse in a football helmet.
  • Portfolio: Unexpected Topic Changing, Inappropriate Laughter, Socks
  • Domain: Gaming, particularly hacks.
  • Allies: Roahm Mythril
  • Followers: Demo
  • Has the potential to claim leadership of Cloudcuckooland for himself, but he's content just playing video games instead.
  • Once had the power to reverse time, but has since given it up, as he considers it to be cheating.
  • Yoshi has made several attempts to secure raocow as an ally. Since each encounter with him ends with Yoshi being thrown down a bottomless pit, though, none of them have panned out.
  • When not present at the Council, raocow can frequently be seen at the House of Gaming playing anything that catches his eye. Some of the gods there have needed assistance uncrossing their eyes after trying to follow his commentary.
  • Those who witnessed raocow's descent into madness during his playthrough of Copy Kitty agreed that he should be kept as far away from the House of Power as possible.

    Shadow Crystal Mage 

    Mr. Small 
Steve Small, God of New-Age Retro Hippie (Mr. Small)

    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff 
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, Gods of Stylistic Suck and Stairs (Dude, Man, Dog, Bro, Dunkass, Shithead; all can be applied to both of them)

     Tiny Tina 
Tiny Tina, Goddess of Kids Who Say The Darnedest Things (World’s Deadliest 13 Year Old, Lady Tina of Blowupyourfaceheim, Bunker Master)

    Walter Bishop 
Walter Bishop, God of Fringe Science
  • Symbol: Fringe Patterns
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Omnidisciplinary Scientist, The Smart Guy, Mad Scientist, Genius Ditz, Idiot Savant, Cloudcuckoolander, Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • Domains: Intelligence, Insanity, Experimentation
  • Followers: Peter Bishop
  • Is the go to guy for the House of Defense whenever something unexplainable happens. Chances are, Bishop had performed an experiment for that exact phenomenon and has the data to rationalize it... if you're willing to overlook his many personality quirks.
  • Luna Lovegood and Osaka are regular visitors to Bishop's basement laboratory and have started calling him "Grandpa Bishop", much to Peter's annoyance. They've even let him into the Council of Cloudcuckooland, but he rarely attends meetings due to his experiments.
  • Also keeps a cow in his laboratory, though everybody is too afraid to ask why.

Waluigi, God of Absurdism, Hostile Show Takeover
  • Ambiguous Rank
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/Chaotic Neutral, with parts of Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind Screws, Jerkass, Villains with surprisingly tragic existences, Goofy Villains, Confusing Powers And Even More Confusing Lines That Come Out Of Nowhere
  • Domains: Jerkassery, Chaos,Envy, Anger
  • Since Waluigi doesn´t have an affiliation with any of the Alliances, he basically wanders around the Pantheon or his temple all day, being a nuisance. When Waluigi isn´t busy harassing Luigi, scheming, breaking into other videogames and other weird things, he tends to stop here.
  • Waluigi´s views on the Council are mixed. He finds it frustrating that plenty of the gods here are difficult to annoy and sometimes even join him in his antics. On the other hand, while he would never tell anyone, he often likes this place because of the acceptance he has, and how he can be himself without being loathed for it.
  • After the Assist Trophy schemes, where Waluigi´s attempt to make friends by taking over their videogames resulted in him being temporarily sealed inside the Assist Trophy capsule, Waluigi rarely leaves his temple. He has, however, been seen talking to Luna Lovegood. While no one knows exactly what they discuss about, it seems that she is one of the few Gods Waluigi never messes around with, and Luna always refers to him as "strange, yet endearing".
    • He does have a tendency to rankle some of the other Gods, particularly those that try to keep orderly and timely existences. Waluigi, as a general rule, hates anything that is ordinary.