Pantheon / Commerce Intermediate Gods

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    Billy Mays 

    Cael Cyndar 
Cael Cyndar, The God that Generates Unobtainium (Dragon, Lizard, Beast, The Baddest Mother of Them All, Swift Wing, Cow Slayer, Long Claw, Wizard's Bane, Dragonlord)
Cael as he appears in cutscenes.
Cael in gameplay. 

    Ermes Costello 
Ermes Costello, The Goddess Who Hides Valuables In Her Chest (Hermes Costello, Prisoner Number FE40533)

Faust, Patron God of Those Who Dealed With The Devil (John Sabellicus, George Sabellicus, Doctor Faustus)
  • Intermediate God with Mephistopheles's help (and some versions where he rebels); Quasideity otherwise
  • Symbol: A metaphorically (or sometimes literally) contract with Mephistopheles
  • Alignment: True Neutral; can slip into Neutral Good or Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Dealing, Philosophy
  • Portfolio: Deal with the Devil led to having command of Mephistopheles and meets famous figures at the cost of his soul, Be Careful What You Wish For, has reasons changes with different versions, different fates according to how noble or selfish he is
  • Allies: The ascended deities from Puella Magi Madoka Magica who made a deal with Kyubey, Lord Byron, Alexander the Great
  • Enemies: The House of Demons (especially Satan), THE INCUBATORS, URSULA
  • Opposes: Ariel, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Conflicting Opinion: Faust Baldhead
  • Pities: Spawn, Jane Watson
  • Admires: Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider
  • Ascended as his influence on the fictional world is so powerful that it transcend his deal with Mephistopheles and led to his ascension to the Pantheon.
    • Faust at first confused about whether he is in hell or heaven. After being explained the purpose of the Pantheon, he happily took on the duty as he thinks any places is better than the places some of his versions ended up due to their deal of Mephistopheles.
  • His ascension caused an intense debate within the Pantheon as each deities draw up different interpretation of him. Some thinks he was driven to the bargain from love for suffering mankind, some thinks it was a cheap and easy way to rule over others. Faust doesn't comment or dispel these notion and states that the bargain is his and his story alone.
  • Is one of the few person who gets along of Lord Byron due to one version of Faust is Byron's follower.
  • Avoids the House of Demons like a plague as he worries that Mephistopheles might ascend and / or the high priest of one of the temple there, which means the demon servant can come and collect his soul.
    • However he does make an exception to sometime poke around the South Park edition of Satan's temple and mocks him. When asked, Faust just laughs and answers that Mephistopheles would see how pathetic that edition of Satan is and would rather release his soul rather than stepping 10 feet radius near that temple and admit to be the servant of that version. He earned Satan's ire for this remark.
  • Holds nothing but hatred for Kyubey despite (or more accurately because of) sharing the same temple with the Incubators as Kyubey is holding the position similar to Mephistopheles and then applies it to LITTLE GIRLS at their most vulnerable moments and don't aware the full cost of their deal of becoming a Magical Girl (including becoming a Soul Jar, to never have normal life and ultimately ended up becoming the witches they fought against and hurts more people before being killed by other Magical Girls). Even he has standards. Because of this, he makes an alliance with the magical girls who made a deal with Kyubey by appearing in one of his nicer versions.
  • Both Faust and Alexander the Great are very excited to hear that the others have ascended into the Pantheon as they have encountered each other before.
  • Criticizes Ariel heavily as he thinks she is an idiot to give up her luxurious life in the sea with her loving family (not to mention the powers that a mermaid possesses in that universe) to go after and become a species that kill her own friends and mother and signed the contract with Ursula before reading it.
    • However, his relationship with Ursula is much more tense. While he admits that Ursula's plan for revenge against Triton is pretty smart, he points out that she actively sabotages Ariel and thus lost all claim to the trident and a legitimate victory.
    • Having say that, he has nothing but utmost pity for Spawn as he only made a deal with the force of hell to see his family one last time.
  • He also hates Spider-Man for the One More Day incident where he convinced his loving, supporting wife Mary Jane into making a deal with Mephisto just to avoid handling the death of his dying aunt while kept sprouting his "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" motto. He even feels more sorry more Mary Jane as he hates how much she was derailed into being the one that made the deal with Mephisto just to make Peter looks better.
  • Has mixed feeling about Baldhead. While Faust sympathizes his intention to atone himself, he thinks the doctor is too annoying to spend time with. Plus it got tired of having to clarify and redirect Japanese deities into his temple due to Name's the Same.
  • Captain America was first wary of him due to the fact that he shares the same title Doctor Faustus like one of his mortal enemy. After being clarified, Steve still dislikes him as the Captain believes there is no justifiable reason to made a deal with a force of hell like Mephistopheles.
  • Admires Johnny Blaze for his ability to made multiple deals with Mephisto and managed to get permanent amazing power and got away with most of them. Faust is even more impressed that Johnny mostly made those deal out of selfless reason. Johnny is just disturbed that someone would admires him for deals that he made to punish those who deserves it.
  • The Council of Cloudcuckooland once theorizes that Lauren Faust is his descendant and achieved her level of success with the show by following his footstep but making a contract with the Incubators this time around. Faust thinks this story is stupid and doesn't even bother to clarify it, only pointing out the obvious reason that he is a fictional character while Lauren isn't.
  • Was incredibly smug when he heard that he is the owner and creator of Mephistopheles in one alternative universe.

    Gray Mann 
Gray Mann, CEO of Money Spiders
  • Theme Song: ROBOTS! and The Calm.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Australium-powered life-extender machine.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: The Third Brother, Self Made Mann, Producint Tons Of Robots Running On Money Which Actually Backfires, Bane Of Eagles, Inventing A New Form Of Algebra, Being Older Than Looks Would Indicate, Big Bad, Immortality Seeker, Killed Off for Real, Always Serious
  • Domains: Trickery, Machinery, Trading
  • Followers: Treasure Goblin
  • Allies: None known. However, reports have indicated that Mr. Burns could be one. 'Gus' Fring and Roman Torchwick might be allies too.
  • Heralds: The Gray Army.
  • Enemies:
  • Oppsed by: All Twin deities in the Pantheon and all robots, regardless of Alignment.
  • Opposes: The Entire House of Commerce (he thinks that the entire house is filled with idiots), every single sibling-paired deities in the Pantheon, and every single mercenary regardless of side.
  • Evil Counterpart to: Byakuya Togami (again)
  • Beloved Daughter (or is she?): Olivia
  • Gray Mann's ascension was actually shrouded in mystery. He was the third son of Zephaniah Mann, who was the father of brothers Redmond and Blutarch Mann. Unfortunately, when he spoke, his father became disgusted and attempted to smother him, which failed because of the "Great Eagle Scourge of 1822". When he grew, he ate the eagle and attempted to create his empire after he conceded from the Gravel Wars. What was left of Gray was disgust and as a last wave of action, decided to create a ceasefire with his brothers. Using a "truce", he bonded the brothers, until he killed them and took control of the Gravel Land, forming it as Gray Gravel Co. and used its funds to create an endless supply of robots to takeover Mann Co. Now that he's in the Pantheon, he only has two things that he wants to accomplish: Destroy Saxton Hale and anything Mann Co.
    • However, he finally cemented his ascension by one-upping Saxton Hale out of his position as CEO of Mann Co. with help of his daughter Olivia (who wasn't ascended, but remains on his side nevertheless).
  • He made sure to replace a part of harmless, money-spewing robots in the house with his Gray Army counterparts to not only provide additional defenses, but also better his PR. For that matter however, he really regrets choosing money of all things as a fuel and really wishes people would stop pointing it out. Hell, his own robots question his choice sometimes much to his chagrin.
    • Those bots aren't very smart either, another thing that makes Gray cringe. At least he rectified the issue with his Mecha Engineers.
    • He also side commented on the House's security issues, blaming that their securities aren't even good enough for the job. Especially since he finished making the Mecha Engineers.
    Gray: "I know for a fact that your securities are futile, and you point out that my robots are dumb. Well, yes they were, but no longer. Its either you appreciate my securities, or expect a full annihilation from each and everyone of you. Get it? Good."
  • Because of that reckless choice he's forced to find alternate ways of replenishing his once great fortune, going as far as selling hats made of metal. For that reason he'd managed to strike up a deal with Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th: the latter becomes a face of his hat advertisements and gets paid for it as a result.
  • Why doesn't he have allies? Well because the guy is pretty much arrogant and too self-centered on himself. However, there had been intelligence reports that he and Mr. Burns could be in some sort of deal. Along with him is 'Gus' Fring who could be in a business deal as well.
    • However, the real suspicion from Gray is that he started making deals with Roman Torchwick. Of course, the ascended members of RWBY immediately placed their sights on Gray when they heard of this.
  • Banned from Houses of Nature and Technology for eating his adoptive eagle mother and her children and being the one to be responsible for Sentry Busters respectively. House of Family is cool with him, strangely enough, because despite the fact that he knifed both of his brothers, they kinda deserved it.
    • Twin deities on the other hand can't stand him ever since he killed his brothers in the most disgusting way possible: By pulling out their life-extender machines and knifing them both. Gray on the other hand hates sibling-deities for, of course, the same reason above.
  • His daughter owns a gravel company named Gray Gravel. She's also a new CEO of Mann Co.
  • Constantly bickers to all the other members of the House of Commerce, as their "naive" personalitites make him cringe even more.
    • However, he has an annoyance with Jonathan Irons for someone who is attempting to take over his securities with Atlas. Of course he didn't take it lightly, and decided to give him some "constant" visits to his House, of course in the form of Waves.
    • Meanwhile, Treize Khushrenada flatout hates him for being "a person with no class". Gray's response:
    Gray: "No class, talk about someone who actually is ranked as a Lesser God. Unlike YOU who tries to use everyone as a pawn and not do things your own, I did things myself. Created my empire, eliminated my brothers, and created my powerful army and did everything I could to kill Mann Co. What makes you say that I have no class? Because I'm a pawn? Ha, I.Don't.Think.So"
  • Has immediately hated GLaDOS after meeting her since her voice sounded like the Administrator.
  • Absolutely loathes Byakuya Togami as someone who inherited their fortune (reminds him of his idiot brothers). Unlike him, he built his own empire.
    • Which is a bit of a misunderstanding on his part, as Togami didn't get his status as heir for free; he had to compete with fourteen of his estranged half-siblings, of which he was the youngest, to earn the title of heir to the Togami fortune, as well has having accumulated a sizable fortune of his own without any help from his family. He is also intending to rebuild the Togami empire after it was destroyed in Mankind's Most Despairingly Maleficent and Monstrous Malefaction.
    • Unfortunately, he doesn't care because despite his reasons, his actions reminded him already of his brothers. And as something that is stuck in his mind (until Byakuya either leaves the House or better yet dead), he'll stop at nothing to end his existence. He even commented that if he had someone to kill aside from Saxton, it would be him.
    Gray: "You, you reminded me of them. Imbecile, I don't care whether your life is somewhat different from mine, but from a fact that you almost had the same ordeal as my idiot brothers, I can't stand such foolish and naive people like you. I'm going to make sure you suffer first."
  • Is rather disgusted at his home universe when he got killed by the Classic Team he rehired. Due to this, he has gained a notorious hate to every single Mercenary (good or bad, he doesn't care) in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his strengthened focus to Saxton, he has no idea that the Mercs have ascended. Luckily, The Engineer is keeping his team (except the Spy, but he knows he can take care of himself) under his radar to keep them safe, otherwise the Pantheon would end up like the Gravel Wars again.

    Jerrica Benton 
Jerrica Benton, Goddess of Generosity (Jem)
Jem, her alter ego 

    Kaneo Takarada 
Kaneo Takarada, CEO of Buying Every Single Human Being (The Dosh King)
  • Theme Song: Harry Enfield's "LOADSAMONEY". In combat, this.
  • Intermediate God, Overdeity in his temple
  • Symbol: Piles of Takarada Bucks with large golden "ZENI" behind them
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, actually Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Filthy Rich Bastards with LOADSAZENI, Speaking in Kansai dialect, Impossibly Cool Clothes for some and Rummage Sale Reject for others, Being Able to Buy Off Anyone, golden teeth, Humongous Mecha Giant Enemy Crab, particularly humiliating defeat, Being Good All Along, Punny Name
  • Domains: Money, Bribes, Osaka
  • Allies: Elysium Academy, Ted DiBiase
  • Enemies: Satsuki Kiryuin and, by extension, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Scrooge McDuck
  • Made his entrance with a bang. Specifically, one of the empty temples in House of Commerce rapidly extended in size to fit his new stomping grounds, namely, an exact copy of Osaka under the control of Takarada Conglomerate with every single Osaka resident still in there. Suffice to say, Satsuki Kiryuin was less than pleased about his ascension.
  • His philosophy is simple: no man is pure enough to withstand the temptation of hard, cold cash. To this end, the entirety of Osaka acts as his private army - alongside Naniwa Kinman students outfitted with swords made of money and submachine guns shooting bucks - giving a lot of trouble to any would-be more morally inclined attackers. It's been proven that there are exceptions to the rule, but he intends to rule with cash and rule fairly.
  • Has his own currency that are Takarada Bucks. They're not worth much outside his temple, but he intends to change that.
  • To better his PR he poured a lot of his funds into upping the quality of Elysium Academy. He remains their main benefactor to this day - much to displeasure of Satsuki and her representative in the Academy Ira Gamagori.
  • Best buds with Ted DiBiase as the two quickly found that their methods are surprisingly similar. Conversely, Scrooge McDuck hates his guts for not only spending his money so haphazardly and recklessly, but also endangering civilians while doing so and essentially razing his own temple to the ground whenever fights take place there. Takarada merely smirks in response and says that Osaka contractors would love an extra work - as this ensures the money flows smoothly and into their hands.

Commander Nibbler, God of Valuable Excrements

Sundowner, CEO of War Profiteering (The Californian Wild Fire, Wind of Destruction)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Bloodlust (his twin pair of scissor machetes) surrounded by six explosive shields
  • Theme Song: Red Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Instigating war for the heck of it, explosive reactive shields, flashy and hardly efficient techniques, supplying countries for war, fighting as dirty as possible, having a good touch with his inner child
  • Domains: War, Arms Dealing, Child Soldiers.
  • Followers: Many Arms Dealers and various warmongers
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Raiden, Bladewolf, Solid Snake, Cyrax, We3, Valvatores, Martin Walker, Kiritsugu Emiya, Mercy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ryuko Matoi, Sheele, Cut Man
  • Opposed by: The House of Children and those who are really protecting of them.
  • Scares: Jontron
  • Sundowner is the leader of the Winds of Destruction, a mercenary group of Cyborgs that are under the service of Desperado Enforcement. Sundowner himself is a bloodthirsty and psychopathic, so is no surprise that he decided to aid Steven Armstrong in hopes of sparking war so he can use it as a living. Yes he really loves war, or in his own words.
    Sundowner: Give war a chance!
  • Tried to make his way into House of Combat first as a God of Ridiculously Efficient Shields. It didn't last, to say the least, mostly due to him angering both Kenshiro and Asura when he casually mentioned the concept of child soldiers and how effective they are, especially when they are warped by war atrocities. Proof is, explosive shield means little if your opponent can punch through it and not flinch a bit. Since that incident, Sundowner's been hanging around House of Commerce, since it's not half as dangerous for him to be around, trying to advertise war and selling his services to the highest bidder. Thankfully, Mario and The Courier are able to fend him off once he starts becoming too volatile, though he always returns.
  • Likes to gloat that he's "FUCKIN' INVINCIBLE!". While this was proved wrong by many different gods, he still can give an opponent a hard time with his "gimmicky shit" like explosive shields or scissor blade or just the fact that he constantly has attack helicopters behind him as a back-up.
  • Dell Conagher is not very fond of him, mostly because both share Texan accent and Sundowner so happens to give rather "not-friendly Texan" vibe. The cyborg is not afraid to tell the engineer that his technology is no match for the military equipment of Desperado.
  • When he found out he wasn't the only God out for War for Fun and Profit, Sundowner started planning a sinister takeover of Millenium's position in the Conquest Army. It.....didn't work out so well.
  • Sundowner has been going on warmongering business ventures with Roman Torchwick on the mortal plane. When the latter was brought before the Court of Gods, Sundowner got Armstrong to pull some strings and help Roman ascend. The two have proceeded to work together for mutual gain.
  • The GUAD has contacted him and his Winds of Destruction interested in their services. However, Sundowner in a very surprising move turned them down. After all, you can't make profits if you lay to waste the entire world.
    • He is associated with the GUAC, given Armstrong's position as one of their leaders. Philosophy aside, he has no issue collaborating with the GUAE, if the price is right...
  • Was met with heavy opposition by a lot of people who oppose to or thin War Is Hell. The biggest enemy he would have in this regard is Martin Walker, who ironically shares houses with. Sundowner just laughs at their pathetic attemps to stop his business and challenges his oppossers to visit him any time.
  • Sundowner and Sektor initially became allies given their shared views of cybernetization and how it improves the capabilities of soldiers and they are also working on a secret project that has put some people on edge. This in turn made Cyrax all the much more antagonistic towards Sundowner, given that it may or not involve turning people into cyborgs against their wills, which Cyrax is a victim of.
  • After learning about the existance of We3, Sundowner was fascinated by them and he is very likely to try making a similar group just to further his business. Of course the trio is not friends with Sundowner given that they are tired of dealing with people like him and they also are friends with Bladewolf.
  • Firmly believes that Children are cruel and that Child Soldiers are the best way to make a living. Of course when people discovered about the plan of Desperado of using little children brains to make an army of soldiers, they were horrified about it. The protectors of Children are certainly taking measures in case Sundowner decides to pull something similar.
  • Sundowner wields a pair of Machetes that make a scissor called "Bloodlust" and he makes effective use of them in combat. Other who wield scissors don't think too highly of him and consider Sundowner a Mad man. Though Gremlim and Nui Harime are friendly towards him.
    • Jontron is scared shitless of the cyborg and his scissors. Sundowner often likes to mess with poor Jon when he least expects it.
  • He also decided to collaborate with other big warmongers and terrorist among the pantheon. He has been seen alongside folks like Zoran Lazarevic or Reaper making business and the GUAG doesn't like it one bit.
  • "All we are saying is: Give war a chance!"
  • Can also be found in the House of War, probably trying to recruit somebody for Desperado.

    The T- 800 (First Film) 
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800, God of Fatal Firearms Transactions

    The Courier 
The Courier, God of Couriers (Courier Six)

Tsunade, Goddess of Compulsive Gamblers (Fifth Hokage, The Legendary Sucker, Granny Tsunade)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A purple diamond
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Compressed Vice that Come To Dominate One's Identity, Ninja, Combat Medic, Loves to Drink yet Can't Hold Her Liquor, Bare-Fisted Monk, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Older Than They Look, Super Strength
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Trickery, Strength
  • Followers: Setzer Gabbiani
  • Allies: All Godd-aligned Naruto deities, Remy LeBeau/Gambit, Sven the Rogue Knight, Marge Simpson, Asuka Langley
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Trollkaiger
  • Fears: Skarlet, Jedah, Sorin Markov, Eliza
  • She initially served as the co-goddess of Compulsive Gamblers with Marge Simpson after battling her to a draw at Texas Hold-Em. But after an evaluation, it was decided that Tsunade would remain the sole holder of the title. She still visits her in the House of Personal Appearances and has promised not to bring any cards with her.
  • May not have ascended at all without the persistence of Naruto, convincing her to be the 5th Hokage after the 3rd's death. She proved to be an effective ruler despite the gambling.
  • Fought harder than any other deity to bring Sakura into the fold. Her ascension was met with a bone-crushing hug followed by a party in the House of Health & Medicine. It was a memorable experience.
  • One can't talk about her without her Sannin members, both of whom now give her conflicting opinions. She still holds a grudge of Orochimaru for betraying the Hidden Leaf village, and while he is less malevolent, she remains unconvinced of his redemption. She knew of Jiraiya's feelings of her. Hell, she even nearly killed him for spying on her. But she holds grief for his death at the hands of Pein. She was glad he remains in the Pantheon, just that he can't go back.
  • While she has done her best to quell her habits, it is stated that she will never deny any bet given to her, deity or mortal.
  • Although stationed in the House of Commerce, Tsunade is also an extremely gifted healer who has many times assisted the House of Health & Diseases in solving difficult cases and successfully treating difficult injuries, as well as a frighteningly powerful combatant who uses a combination of decades of experience and her unique style of Super Strength to devastating effect when she ever has to get serious. In particular, her "Strength of 100 Healings" technique is held up as the pinnacle of techniques for combat medics throughout the Pantheon.
  • Despite this, don't expect her to stay there for long as she has a crippling fear of the mere presence of blood. Trollkaiger has taken advantage of this, using her fear against her for pranks as well as to make their getaway.
    • Unfortunately for her, there are plenty of blood related deities in the Pantheon. And most of them won't hesitate to use this against her. The GUAG offered to help her get over this fear as it makes her vulnerable against such foes.
  • Her legendary strength could strike down any person in her universe in a single blow. Sven has taken note and is considering a test of strength with her.
  • Should not be confused to be the Goddess of Tsunderes. Asuka retains that title and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. But there is no denying she has some elements of the emotion, especially the "Tsun" part. That helped build a friendship between the two.
  • Applied to be a part of the next Poker Night game. She had to be shooed out of the previous two games but remains confident the third time will be the charm. That remains to be seen.
  • Whatever you do, do not ever call her an old hag or grandma. She won't hesitate to use said strength to punt you into the atmosphere. Also, don't try to take a peek while she's changing. Jiraiya nearly died'' in such an attempt.

Wario, God of Greed (Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold, Wario-Man)