Pantheon: Chaos

Chaos (Reserved for Gods under the "Chaotic" alignment)

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Lucifer, Creator of Chaos and Chairman of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos (Helel, the Lightbringer, Morningstar, Prince of Darkness, The Great Darkness, The Demon Lord, The Rebel King of Hell, Louis Cypher, The Blonde Young Man, The Old Gentleman, The Blonde Child, Louisa Ferre, Hikaru)
  • Overdeity of Chaos
  • Symbol: A pair of angelic and demonic wings
  • Alignment: Chaos. Pure Chaos.
  • Theme Music: Lord of the Netherworld, The Final Battle, VS Last and Lucifer.
  • Portfolio: Louis Cypher, Bonus Bosses, Magnificent Bastardry, Absolute Destruction of Law, Superpowered Challenges, Crippling Attacks, Manipulative Bastards, Batman Gambits, Bishonens, Noble Demons, Challenging Ordinary People To Pursue Their Dreams, Creating Utopia, Lucifer Not Being Evil, being summoned by The Power of Friendship, Mysterious Backer, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Freedom, Chaos, Manipulation, Humanity, Power, Tests, Hope, Change, Desire
  • Allies: Naoki Kashima note , Asura, Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV, The Fiendsnote , Mara, Beelzebub, Flynn note  Homura Akemi
  • Enemies: YHVH, Melkor, Satan, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, Akemi Nakajima
  • Humans to impress him: Shu Shirakawa, Kenshiro
  • He's highly secretive of exactly who he is, how he came into being, and his relations with YHVH and humanity: some claim that he is indeed the fallen angel of biblical legend. Other subscribe to the idea that like YHVH, he sprung from the hearts and minds of humans yearning for freedom. In any case, it was he who sparked the creation of the concept of Chaos itself, and he is very vocal on what he believes: a world with absolute freedom where all sentient beings are free to do as they please. He's utterly ruthless in his actions, but make no mistake: he, for good or bad, is with humanity all the way. Yes, he believes in a wild, savage world where power and freedom are the apex of life. But considering the alternative...
  • Whatever you do, don't mistake him with Satan. You'll just piss both off. Better not ask about the fact he was once Helel, YHVH's most beloved archangel, either.
  • Freely accepts his most often seen avatar owes much of its appearance to one of his favorite musicians, David Bowie.
  • Has a cordial relationship with the Chaos Gods, though he is a bit exasperated they're stuck in the worst of their respective emotions instead of becoming entities of true Chaos and fully encompassing the entire spectrum of the emotions they are supposed to embody.
  • Has a similar relationship with Discord. Each respects the others' dedication to breaking up the sovereignty of the local Top God in favor of absolute Chaos, but Discord finds Lucifer's interest in humanity's potential boring while Lucifer finds Discord woefully under-motivated. Since Discord forged a bond with Fluttershy, however, Lucifer is cautiously optimistic that Discord may just learn what he's talking about yet. It's at least a first step.
    • Discord has no idea what to think of Lucifer nowadays: after the Great Upheaval and Tirek incident, the idea of backstabbing is a serious pet peeve of Discord's. On the other hand, Homura's motivation was explicitly because she cares about Madoka, and unlike Tirek, Lucifer has shown no interest in the idea of betraying his new apostle.
    Discord: "I never thought I'd see the day where something making no sense would make me so...uncomfortable."
  • On the other hand, he does not get along with Melkor at all since Melkor believes that Chaos should be all about causing infinite destruction and suffering for the sheer sake of it and sees humanity as nothing more than a mere plaything. Lucifer just sadly shakes his head and muses on "wasted potential".
  • Is a little upset that his son Adam Young wants nothing to do with him and refers to his foster father as 'Dad.' However, he acknowledges and appreciates the irony, and lets the boy have his space.
  • In his attempts to subvert any timeline where the future is determined by YHVH, he has experimented and manipulated others to see what potential futures there are. After many battles against him, he has come to the conclusion that Raidou Kuzunoha The XIV is the "spark" who can ensure that YHVH never has his way.
  • A very firm believer in the power of Humanity. However, he is also of the opinion that power and freedom are rewards to be seized/earned and not inalienable rights that can be taken for granted. This has caused some friction with Asura and is one of the major points against Lucifer.
  • Occasional ally of the Fiends. They are not obligated to obey his commands, but are more than willing to work with him if they feel their duty goes hand in hand with Lucifer's plans.
  • Seems to be on a bit of a Gender Bender streak as of late. He's also been noted to have put a bit more effort into his most recent alias's name and personality.
  • Sick to death of people asking him if he plays the fiddle. For the record, he doesn't, and for a while couldn't for the life of him think of why people kept asking him such a frankly inane question. Eventually someone told him, and to everyone's surprise it quickly became a favorite song of his: the idea of a human beating him in a fiddle duel with nothing but his own skill, having the gall to call him a "son of a bitch" and saying he welcomes a rematch at any time was incredible. He still has no intention of learning to play the fiddle himself, though.
  • Summoned twice due to The Power of Friendship and representing free will against the Order of Yamato, Satan, and Ameno-Sagiri. Did we mention he defeated Satan with a hug? Kinda important thing to note. He is also the powerful Persona/Demon unlocked by the Seekers of Truth Judgement Arcana and Alcor's Fate.
  • Important: he's Chaos, not Evil, at least in this incarnation. That portfolio belongs to Nyarlathotep. That being said, don't think he's entirely benevolent, either. While he's not necessarily a Social Darwinist, he is The Unfettered and has been known to support (and act on) extremely Chaotic Evil acts and deities for the sake of his goals. There's a reason so many are wary of him and just how far he's willing to go. Case in point:
  • Was noticed observing Homura Akemi from afar, much to the worry of many in the Pantheon: when it comes to finding those with the potential to become powerful warriors of Chaos, Lucifer has proven to be an excellent judge of character. The Pantheon's fears were realized when Homura was spotted spending time with a blonde magical girl calling herself Louisa Ferre. The extent of Lucifer's involvement was shown in full when Homura betrayed Madoka at Lucifer's urging, kicking off an event known as the "Great Upheaval" Using a magatama she got from the Chaos Lord, Homura was able to gain the power she needed to make her strong enough to steal Madoka's own, overthrowing the Law of Cycles with the goal of taking Madoka off the front lines and out of danger. Judging by his previous actions, it is speculated that Lucifer is attempting to lure Homura further into the ways of Chaos, and turn her into yet another general in his war against YHVH. While he is pleased by his success, Homura's clear regret and self-hate for her actions have given him cause to worry. He has tried to act as a grounding force for her in this regard, convincing her that she did the right thing (because she succeeded in doing it to begin with) and lending an ear to her worries.
    • When it became known that he was behind the "Great Upheaval", Lucifer quickly became one of the most reviled gods in the Pantheon. Most of the good-aligned gods declared that he has officially crossed the Moral Event Horizon in their eyes and are going to see that he is brought to account for it. The forces of The GUAG are currently gearing up for a showdown with him, especially the Magical Girl Sisterhood. He manipulated and twisted Homura's pure feelings of love for Madoka and in their eyes, that is absolutely unforgivable. The only issue is that even inconveniencing him is a rather difficult task, and by doing so, they risk the direct, undivided attention of the Great Will. And Lucifer just won't stop smiling...
    • These plans were recently put on hold: YHVH's recent actions, namely threatening to subject the defenseless Madoka to a Fate Worse Than Death to prevent her from ever regaining her former glory have taken precedence as an immediate threat. No one is sure if this was a fortuitous circumstance for Lucifer, or if he actively planned for it: either way, he is perfectly content to observe the conflict and intervene only to prevent it from cooling into a cold war.
  • Recently he also seems to have taken an interest in another girl, Zero, who with some help from Lucifer ascended as the One Woman Army goddess, despite strong opposition from a number of gods intent on depriving the Lightbringer of as much support as they could.
  • Has finally encountered someone capable of astounding even him, in Shu Shirakawa, who managed to temporally annihilate both his and the still absent YHVH's temples with his Neo Granzon upon his arrival in the Pantheon. Lucifer seems genuinely confused as to why a man of such utter unpredictability is choosing to oppose rather than side with him. Shu for his part, claims that he finds any deity who manipulates others for their cause, be they Lawful or Chaotic to be a great personal offense to him and promises to send him, the Great Will, Nyarlathotep, Melkor, the 4 Chaos Gods and anyone else he deems distasteful to the inescapable oblivion of going beyond the event horizon of a black hole, someday. This did not have the desired reaction; instead, Shu only received raucuous applause from Lucifer - his goal is to free Humankind from the yoke of all Gods, not rule it! Should Shu manage to enact such a feat without harming the human spirit, Lucifer has agreed to go quietly into his can. Now the matter remains of proving this is possible...

    Lord Chaos 
Lord Chaos, Herald of Chaos (Garland, Walker of the Wheel, The God of Discord, Feral Chaos)

    Haruhi Suzumiya 
Haruhi Suzumiya, Goddess of Tropes (The Unstoppable Force, O-Haruhi-sama)

    Bugs Bunny 
Bugs Bunny, God of Chutzpah (Scwewy Wabbit, Wascawwy Wabbit, Long-Eared Galoot)

Guu, Goddess of Sarcastic Chaos (Nyarlathotep)

    Dr. Mc Ninja 
Dr. McNinja, God of Chaotic Awesome

    Black Mage 
Black Mage, God of Antiheroic Sociopathy

BRIAN BLESSED, God of Merriment (That Man Who Shouts A Lot, Brian Blessed, Prince Vultan)

Godzilla, God of Kaiju (King of the Monsters, Gojira)

    The Joker 
The Joker, God of Madness, Clowns, Crazy Laughter, Sick Jokes, Convoluted Executions, Destruction, and Chaos Undivided (Mistah J, Jack Napier, the Clown Prince of Crime, the Ace of Knaves, the Card With No Number, The Clown At Midnight, The Man Who Laughs, Agent of Chaos)

    The Lord of Nightmares 
The Lord of Nightmares, Goddess of Creation, Destruction, and Deus ex Machina (Dark Golden Lord, Mother of All Things, True Lord of the Demon Race, Sea of Chaos, Source of All Chaos, L-sama)

Xellos, God of Lovable Traitors (The Mysterious Priest, The Trickster Priest, The Dragon Slayer)

    Peter Sellers 
Peter Sellers, God of Masks (Major Dennis Bloodnok, Grand Duchess Gloriana XII, Claire Quilty, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Dr. Strangelove, Mr. Hoffman, Chance the Gardener, etc.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A mask behind a mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good. Not all of his masks were law-abiding, and he sometimes wore dark masks to infiltrate the forces of evil and reveal its nature.
  • Portfolio: Fake Nationalities and Funny Foreigners, Mad Scientists, Fools, Magnifcent Bastards and other varieties of Tricksters, and many more. Loved Talking to Himself, gender bending, and taking occasional Refuge in Audacity at least a generation before it became the norm - and doing it better.
  • Domains: Craft (also a musician/singer), Theatre, honorary member of Shape
  • Followers: Most comic actors of renown. Sellers became an honorary member of Shape out of admiration for his inborn transformative ability and empathy for his private struggles. Lon Chaneys Sr. and Jr. may have been previous incarnations; Phil Hartman was almost certainly a rebirth.
  • His breath, and later his flesh, gave heightened life to each mask he assumed; as mortal biographer Alexander Walker wrote, "it wasn't concealment: it was transformation." Sellers was supportive of other comic gods, even without actual collaboration, helping to alter comedy in cosmic ways. Non-believers claim a cold void existed beneath his masks, but believers attest that void was just another mask for the truth. As his last work of high art, he cleansed his soul to create a purer identity for himself to be for a while, and upon mortal death ascended to another plane. Clouseau and Chance are each their own selves in the Pantheon, but they would perish if Peter were destroyed.

    Zaraki Kenpachi 
Zaraki Kenpachi, God of Blood Knights and Badass Normals (Kenny, Ken-chan)

    Tyler Durden 
Tyler Durden God of Split Personality, God of Battle in the Center of the Mind, God of the Id, God of Desire
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A bar of soap
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Chaos, desire, the Id, Anger, Lust, Idealism, Philosophy, of the mind.
  • Allies: The Joker, Deadpool, V.
  • Enemies: The Narrator
  • Porfolio: Insanity, Anarchy, the Id, Straw Nihilist Split Personality

V, God of Anarchism
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask and an upside down V
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Allies: Deadpool, Tyler Durden, The Helix Fossil
  • Enemies: Judge Dredd, Rorschach
  • Used to serve as the foil to the pantheon of law and reside there, until the house of chaos was created
  • Rorschach opposes him becuase while both are mentally unstable, Rorschach seeks to uphold the law through chaotic means and V seeks to tear down the law.

Zalgo, God of Malevolent Chaos

    Nemesis The Warlock 
Nemesis the Warlock, God of Using Lesser Species As Pawns (The One Who Waits At The Edge Of Your Dreams, The Lord Of The Flies, The Holder Of The Sword Sinister, The Shape Of The Things To Come, The Death Bringer, He Who Is These Things And Many More, Khaos)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His head with words "CREDO!" written over it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil pretends to, but really is Chaotic Neutral
  • Portofolio: Anti-Hero, Magnificent Bastard, Manipulative Bastard, The Chessmaster holding back and looking for a challenge, Master of Illusion, making deals and then screwing over those he make them with, while holding to Exact Words, or at least his interpretation of them, plans of many kinds thinking of humans as no better than thermites.
  • Domain: Magic, Mentalism, Philosophy, Chaos
  • Allies: Xellos, Terumi Yuuki, Aizen.
  • Enemies: Tomas de Torquemada, Immortal God Emperor
  • Followers: Deadlock
  • Upon discovering that Torquemada had ascended, Nemesis appealed to the Main House, advocating that his crimes against humanity are so great he deserved the godhood. Despite few gods appealing that humans in his world deserved that, he managed to win and enter the house of Philosophy.
  • His real reason to join the Pantheon was to continue fighting Torquemada, the only human who gives him a challenge
  • Only few managed to earn his respect, the others he disregards as pawns he can use however it pleases him.
  • Nemesis claims to serve mysterious deity known as Khaos. Nobody knows about such deity, but many are suspecting it to be one of greater chaotic gods, most popular candidates involve Haruhi, Lucifer and Tzeentch. It doesn't help that Nemesis sometimes claims to be Khaos himself.

Asura, God of Unstoppable Rage who Fought the Heavens Above ( Asura the Destructor, Primarch of the Angry Marines)
  • Theme Songs: "In Your Belief", "Asura Unleashed" (When REALLY Angry), One Who Destroys the Ring (When transforming into his Destructor form)
  • Greater God Likely an Overdeity in his Mantra Form, Full Blown Overdeity in his Destructor form.
  • Symbol: His Mantra Halo when he was a member of The Eight Guardian Generals
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: BADASSERY, Vengeance, Rage beyond all comprehension, Rescuing his daughter, using multiple arms, having Higher transformations than just his Multi Armed form, Ungodly Strength, Energy Projection, Destroying Planet sized objects with his bare fists, planet sized final form, Punching out a creator god.
  • Other Houses: Main House, Combat, Anger
  • Daughter: Mithra
  • Followers: Bakumi Moriyama (a devotee of indomitable fury).
  • Allies: Son Goku, Dante, Other Combat deities, Yasha, Augus, Naruto, Shizuo, Jin Kazama, Pit, Fred Rogers, Joel, Lucifer, Twilight Sparkle and assorted companions, people that are sensible enough not to make him angry in general.
  • Enemies: Wyzen, Kalrow, Sergei, Olga, Deus, Gohma Vlitra, The Golden Spider/Chakravartin, Kratos, Relius Clover, Kazuya Mishima, Ghetsis Harmonia, Sasuke Uchiha, Sweet Tooth, Lu Bu, Gendo Ikari, Yhwach, basically anyone who manages to piss him off and isn't repentant about it.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hyodo Issei and the rest of the Chick Magnet Quartet
  • Ascended after everything he went through was shown to the other members of the Pantheon, in which almost everyone nearly SHAT themselves at his raw power.
  • Has a major fatherly instinct, and really wants his daughter Mithra to ascend to the pantheon to be with her. Is also pissed off at abusive parents, and has at one point almost destroyed the House of Family with the aid of Devil Jin, intent on destroying Relius Clover after witnessing the latter attempting to "experiment" on his son Carl.
    • Because of this, he doesn't trust Issei at all despite acknowledging he's actually a nice guy under all respects — blame his perversion for that! — and thus made him promise that he won't use his famed Dress Break on Mithra at all times.
      • ...Although when duty calls, Issei and Asura will gladly become allies, and mind you, they are bonafide Back-to-Back Badasses.
  • Is often compared to Akuma. The two had a fight so massive that it took 500 years to conclude. Who won the fight is still up in the air.
  • Recently took Sweeney Todd's place as the God of Vengeance and Rage. To this day, no one dares to speak about it, as it was not pretty. Even most of the other violent deities in the house hid in terror after it happened.
  • Despite similarities between the two, Asura despises Kratos with a passion for his carelessness towards humanity in how he kills them with no remorse, even if they are innocent villagers. It brings to mind of other Demi-Gods that he had fought before ascending to this pantheon.
  • Since Asura has had less than ideal encounters with gods in his life, he rarely visits the pantheon, or even his own temple. Although he does go to the Combat Pantheon every now and again to keep his skills sharp, and he has another temple there he uses to rest up.
    • On multiple occasions Asura has been seen with another fighter, Yasha, when visiting the Combat Pantheon. Although he hasn't ascended (at least not yet) and he looks more calm then the raging Asura, the gods tend to give him space, since he seems to be the only one on par with Asura. This thought has given Melkor much to worry about.
      • Unfortunately for Melkor, Deus's ascension ultimately led to Yasha becoming part of the Pantheon as well.
  • Asura gives his blessing to anyone who has been betrayed and seeks revenge. But this blessing comes with a warning, as he tells those who follow him that they should always be careful managing their rage, lest it consumes them. This doesn't mean that he accepts followers, due to his stance against gods.
    • He keeps a watchful eye on Guts, who almost lost himself to his own rage and vendetta against Griffith, for this very reason. This is also why he utterly dislikes Sasuke Uchiha, because he thinks he's not worth carrying the torch of 'revenge' since his mind is too weak to handle it. "A whelp who doesn't know his place does not deserve to fight for rage and revenge!"
  • It is common knowledge in the pantheons that Asura, in the rare instance that he visits, should be given a very wide berth, since an angry Asura is very bad news.
  • He's formed a strange friendship with Pit of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Making Asura mad has been voted "The most idiotic thing any can ever do" by the House of Mentalism, Asura has shown no objection, since he knows that meant having more time to himself and his daughter. Even Hazama refuses to troll him, after a mere attempt caused Asura to use Hazama as target practice for his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs for three whole days. Hazama was forced to apologize to prevent a bigger beatdown, and the two have agreed to never speak of it again.
    • There is also an incident regarding Lu Bu mocking him for his theme. The end result: Asura delivering the biggest No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Pantheon has ever seen. And thus the universal agreement that pissing off Asura is a really bad idea.
  • Cell once attempted to absorb Asura in order to obtain his powers for himself. The result was a massive No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in which Asura completely floored Cell. Cell even used his Solar Kamehameha in an effort to kill him, and it looked for a moment it would work, but even that failed against Asura's Mantra form.
    • Cell apparently did receive a MASSIVE power boost afterwards, when he recovered from near death. Whenever Asura appears, however, he immediately leaves for the safety of his temple.
  • Asura is one of the few beings to take Mister Rogers head on. They ended up tying and became good friends afterwards.
  • Is actually pretty chill in regards to Lucifer, especially because they both share the same ideas about giving any asshole from above a good asskicking for trying to mess with them or those under their protection, and since one of Lucifer's similarly named generals fell trying to oppose YHVH, Asura offered his help if Lucifer decides to take on heaven again (presuming Naoki Kashima isn't around to lead Lucifer's armies) and put his knuckles across the Great Will's face.
  • Several Evil deities, thinking they can defeat him while he's armless, have sent entire armies' worth of mooks. They taunt him, saying they'll take Mithra away from him again. Armed with only a shard of his master's sword, he eventually got so pissed off that this happened, resulting in a giant arm that wiped out hundreds of millions of minions like rice paper. Even armless, it shows Asura shouldn't be fucked with.
  • Has learned to suppress his Berserker/Wrath form by meditating with Cosmos. That being said, he has a MUCH easier time in accessing his Mantra form, terrifying almost everybody in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning of the ascension of Gohma Vritra, Asura has decided to form a task force in order to end it once and for all. Aside from Yasha (who helped him slay the beast), Travis Touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa, Kratos (albeit reluctantly), Goku and Augus (just to be able to fight Asura after all is done) have joined him.
  • Despite acknowledging they're all very good guys, Asura refuses to be on friendly terms with the Chick Magnet Quartet, thinking that they could "corrupt" his daughter. Out of the four members he especially dislikes the leader Issei - who swore on his life he'll never have anything to do with Mithra, although only the House of Prophecy knows if it sticks or not, and prefers the outcome to be disclosed...note  Issei, on the other hand, has nothing against Asura, though he thinks his voice reminds him of Kokabiel.
    • However, it is known that when necessary, Asura and the Quartet would team up, and before you wonder, yes, they kick ass.
  • His absolutely gigantic Destructor form has piqued the interest of the Mecha piloting gods to try to take on said form. He has yet to respond to the challenges, but notes it as being interesting.
  • His reputation as the most Badass member of the Pantheon was cemented with his battle and victory against The Golden Spider (aka Chakravatin, the Creator).
  • Asura, despite his overwhelming power, has no real political power in the pantheon, like Flandre Scarlet. Unlike Flandre however, this is mostly out of choice. We use the word mostly because whenever he is asked for a solution to any given problem, he always answers: "Punch it." Now granted this solution worked for most of his problems but the pantheons' problems are a little more complicated.
  • It was noted by the pantheon that when he and Evil Ryu did a Shun Goku Satsu against each other, The Kanji for "anger/hatred" popped up during the fight, which translates out to "Ikari". Some have wondered what would happen if an angry Asura and an angry Shinji Ikari fought (although Shinji's name is written with a completely different kanji)...
  • When asked about his opinion on Shinji Ikari's most recent actions he stated that although sacrificing the rest of the world along with himself was not the "right" thing to do he then admitted that if he and Mithra were in the same positions that Shinji and Rei were in he would have done the same. He then said that hoped that if Shinji decided use his newfound power to protect those dear to him at all costs then he would have Asura's full backing.
  • Occasionally lends his strength to the likes of Yu Narukami as the leader of Sun Arcana. Asura said he's going to need it, especially in his upcoming battle against Nyarlathotep.
  • Has been seen speaking with Caius Ballad a few times. Asura has shown a level of respect to Caius for his concern over Yeul, though whether or not he's aware of the lengths Caius took for her is unknown.
  • Gets along well with Eren, considering the two have a few similarities in losing a loved member of a family, being easily angered which is hardly a good option for an offender and being able to increase in size and power.
  • Asura absolutely loathes Sweet Tooth, both for the fact that he's a gleefully unrepentant serial killer, and that he happily killed his own family.
  • Both he and Kenshiro have expressed great respect for each other due to their similar family relations, morals and fighting styles. Although neither have vocalized it out loud, and since Ryu and Akuma have fought Asura to standstills, every member of the Pantheon (including some knowledgeable mortal combatants) secretly wish for and dread the day both Asura and Kenshiro will cross fists.
  • Just as many wish to see an epic duel between Asura and Kenshiro, equal interest is for Simon the Digger and Asura to challenge each other, what with their ability to become ever more powerful, attain planet-sized forms, and destroy creator-gods of their respective universes. Some whisper of a prophecy that the resulting explosion from their fists making first contact will create several new universes made of awesome and GAR (but result in an unsatisfactory draw).
  • Is happy that Twilight Sparkle visits Mithra whenever he's away, giving him peace of mind that his daughter won't be lonely. Though he tries to stay out of the same room with the pony at all costs due to her sounding eerily like his late wife Durga.
  • He is one of the few people outside of the God Emperor of Mankind who has earned the loyalty of Space Marines. In fact, one specific group even sees him as their Primarch. They are known as The Angry Marines
    • This has begun to worry Asura to some degree. Not only because those marines are a group of completely uncontrollable berserkers, but that it also creates the possibility that he might be one of the sons of the God Emperor.
  • After an encounter with Yhwach, the Vandenreich Emperor earned the demigod's contempt for his treatment of his subordinates, and sees him as no different from the Seven Deities for absorbing the souls of others upon death to empower him.

Discord, God of Mix-and-Match Critters and Topsy-Turvyness (The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony)

Tallahassee, God of Crazy Awesome and Crazy Survivalist
  • Theme Song: For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbol: Twinkies.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Exceedingly Badass, but also Ax-Crazy. Bald of Awesome. Crazy Survivalist. Wears a Nice Hat, a Stetson. Improbable Weapon User, up to and including a banjo.
  • Domains: Zombieland
  • Followers: Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock. Anyone who wants to get through an apocalypse alive.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • High Priest: Columbus
  • On a never-ending quest to find the last Twinkie.
  • Tends to win Zombie Kill of the Week a lot.
  • Lost his puppy, Buck, to the zombies. Actually his son, but if you bring that up he'd probably knock your teeth in.

    Majin Buu 
Majin Buu, God of Omnicidal Mania, Absorption, and Villains Associated With Pink
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A chocolate bar
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Creating Chaos In The Universe For The Hell Of It, Mentally Unstable and Unpredictable, Cannot Be Controlled By Anyone, Eldritch Abomination, Real Villains Are Pink (A Trope Codifier), Rubber Man, Turning Anything Into Candy, Omnicidal Maniac, Planet Shattering Kabooms, Sealed Evils In Cans, Psychopathic Manchildren, Absorbing Anyone Who Is Stronger Than Him, Lack of Empathy, Learning New Abilities Instantly, Extreme Monstrosity
  • Followers: Davros (Doctor Who), Sutekh (Doctor Who), The C'Tan (Warhammer 40,000), The Void (EverQuest II), Jack Noir (Homestuck)
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Depravity, Destruction, Madness, Rage, Strength, Tyranny, War.
  • Seeks to absorb Sauron once the latter gets The One Ring in order to transform into something powerful enough to take on O-Haruhi-sama and destroy reality. To aid in this endeavor, he also has his eyes on Light Yagami's tactical prowess, yet to Buu's dismay, Light has already anticipated Buu's attempt on his body and prepared accordingly.
  • Upon developing omnicidal ambitions, Davros nearly Majin Buu's High Priest, however he wanted his creations to remain. Therefore the position went to Sutekh the Destroyer.
  • It should be noted that there are no true followers of the God of Omnicidal Mania. They're all plotting the destruction of everything else, so backstabbing will inevitably occur. The exception is when omnicidal maniacs decide to pair up in order to annihilate everything.
  • The only reason the Anti-Monitor isn't also the God of Omnicidal Mania is because he couldn't care less for the trope. As he put it: "I do not care what you classify my actions as. It will not change your fate."
  • If Majin Buu wants candy, you give him candy. If you deny him candy, he will get and angry and you won't like it when he gets angry, as in a fit of rage, his screaming can not only rip holes through dimensions but can also tear apart the fabric of reality and destroy the entire universe in a matter of seconds.
  • Despite have a somewhat primal-like attitude and behavior he's smart enough to know NOT to announce his attacks before carrying them out and as a result caught Goku and Vegeta off guard and became the first and only canon villain in the history of Dragon Ball to destroy the Earth.
    • The anime increase his omnicidal tendencies to a whole new level. After destroying Earth he destroys dozens of planets in seconds and nearly blew up Heaven itself. Had he succeeded the very balance of the universe itself would have been thrown off the scale and those who were already dead in Heaven and would have been erased from existence.
  • Research into his history shows he was nothing more than a supernatural, demonic entity that enjoyed the destruction he brought to the universe and reveled in the devastation he creates. In the following years he was created Majin Buu destroyed THOUSANDS of planets and effortlessly defeated three of the four Gods of the Dragon Ball Universe, absorbing the strongest of the Gods and then absorbing the known ruler of the universe.
  • This monster is virtually invincible force of destruction, and, because of his absolutely wild and ruthless nature, he can't controlled, even by his creator, Bibidi himself. The only effective way to kill him is to completely destroy him or Ret Gone him.
    • Hakumen is currently developing a way to kill Majin Buu. So far he is going to use a similar method that got Terumi killed by him by summoning Excalibur to distract Buu with his usual antics (exploiting Buu's already excessively childish personality) and by giving him candy from a large bag that Hakumen brought from Willy Wonka (exploiting Buu's wanting for candy) so that he can charge his Time Killer technique and use it on Buu to erase him from existence.
    • An example of this is when, shortly after his creation, Kid Buu blew up Planet Alpha and its inhabitants, and almost killed Bibidi in the process, causing Bibidi to tell Kid Buu off, and only meekly telling him he is his "father" when Kid Buu intimidated him by glaring at him.
    • Flynn has expressed interest in battling the creature as a test of his strength, and because he has a personal loathing for Omnicidal creatures like Buu. He is hoping to use Ancient of Days and Raphael as the centerpieces of his strategy: the Brand from Stigmatic Gleam and Stigmata Strike will (hopefully) slow or even stop Buu's regeneration abilities, allowing him or any teammates to overwhelm the creature's defenses and destroy every last atom.
    • Buu attempted to turn Accelerator into candy and absorb him to gain his powers so he can become literally God. However, the latter's Vector Control redirected the transformation beam back at Buu himself, turning him to candy. Accelerator soon afterwards crushed the candy into bits, killing him. Nyarlathotep soon afterwards revived him.
  • His body count could be quite possibly in the quadrillions if you take into account all of the planets he's ever destroyed and for a non-omnipotent being, that is astonishing... and freighting.

    The Helix Fossil 
The Helix Fossil/"Lord Helix", God of Reborn Fossilized Creatures, Patron of Anarchy As Chaos (Omanyte (formerly), Omastar, The Old One, O Mastar, Our Mastar)
  • Greater God
  • Theme Music: Praise The Helix
  • Chaotic Good (according to followers. Detractors suggest Chaotic Evil, or something more sinister still.)
  • Symbol: The Helix Fossil
  • Portfolio: Random Number God, Not So Extinct, Ammonites, inanimate objects treated as a source of guidance, cults centered on inanimate objects, water attacks, Elder Gods, physically manifested deities
  • Domains: Water, Rock, Divinity, Anarchy, Chaos
  • Followers: "The Mob", Genesect, all the other Fossils from the other generations (except Kabutops and possibly Aerodactyl), Hydron, all revived dinosaurs, Red
  • Allies: Pikachu, the Kraken, Arceus, Flareon
  • Enemies: The Dome Fossil/Kabutops. All Lawful Evil deities (particularly Nikolai Bulygin). Wary of anything with a Lawful alignment, including Good and Neutral.
  • His ascension began when the Hive Mind that controls Red began to obsessively check his bag for advice in battle. Since, he has gained an inordinate number of followers (over 75000!) which has catapulted his Divine Rank through the stratosphere.
    • Thanks to scientists in Cinnabar Island, it was finally revived into a proper Omanyte and started showing its might in battle, which was been glorious.
    • He later evolved into a Omastar, making him even stronger. Under his guidance, the Mob was able to guide Red on his journey to become the Champion of Kanto in just a bit over two weeks, something which most gods were certain would be impossible.
  • His Son is Pidgeot, or, as he is known to Helix Fossil's followers, Bird Jesus. Whenever Pidgeot's existence is threatened by the PC, all of his followers cry out for fear of losing their Savior.
  • Had a remarkably unschismed religious base until The Eevee appeared. This act of allowing the Eevee onto the team caused many to turn on each other, and some to renounce the faith altogether. However, as much trouble Eevee brought, the Mob and Lord Helix eventually forgave him after realizing a certain event wasn't his fault.
    • He has an enemy in the form of The Dome Fossil and its own Avatar, Kabuto/Kabutops - who has its own religious base. Supporters of Helix will claim that the Faith of the Dome is tyrannical and unfriendly, at which Dome followers retort that Helixists cannot cooperate to save their life and are too uncompromising. Though neither will admit it, both religions make valid points, and even the supporters of Helix have been known to turn to Democracy, thought to be affiliated with the Dome, in times of great need (though some extremists staunchly denounce this practice).
    • Not to mention that the ways of Helix are all too often exploited by certain unsavory individuals who will use the absolute freedom provided to each and every individual to maliciously sabotage any collective effort For the Evulz.
  • Now offers advice to those who need it.
  • Unfortunately, Lord Helix will not be able to assist the Mob as they guide AJDNNW on his own path. Some followers are concerned that this may lower the amount of his faithful and cause him to fade into obscurity. Considering that the current motto is "No Gods, no Kings, only Mon", and that it's entirely possible that this run may end in defeating Red and his team - including Lord Helix - their fears may be warranted.

Zagreus, God of Anti-Time and Ironic Nursery Rhymes
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Anti-Time. Whatever that is.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Your Mind Makes It Real, Eldritch Abomination, Sharing a Body, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Anti-Time, the Divergent Universe, the TARDIS.
  • Escaped from the Divergent Universe and got into the Pantheon. Tried to merge with the Doctor but he fought him/her off. Their very existence destroys time so they have to be kept out of the main Pantheon area.
  • Grandfather Paradox is interested in her but Zagreus prefers the realm of Anti-Time and gleefully points out they're not even from the same canon. Then she proceeded to rip continuity apart, which took this Pantheon years and a lot of Timey-Wimey Ball to repair.
  • Has the intention of destroying the cosmos and is among the most feared beings in the Pantheon. Even Rassilon is scared of Zagreus after they hurled him to the Divergents.

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos... it's fair.
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