Pantheon / Berserk Button

The Pantheon of the Gods is a dangerous place. Followers, worshipers and tourists must be careful when traversing it else they end up enslaved, experimented on or killed in one of the various wars raging among the Gods. Knowing which Gods will be friendly, which will be indifferent and which will be hostile is paramount to survival. This of course is different for each visitor and god. However, there are certain things you don't do, regardless of Alignment or allegiance. In order to help prevent these activities from being done, the Main House has come up with a list of the dumbest things to do in the Pantheon. To honor the original 10 members of the list, the Main House has bolded their numbers. With the constant influx of gods, the list is ever expanding and visitors should be ever wary.

Using this list to troll the Gods is frowned upon, and if you survive any of them, harsh retribution is expected.

NOTE: Only the the Original 10 are ranked by Threat Level. Berserk Buttons that are listed afterwards are ranked chronologically; not by threat level. Also, while threatening loved ones is no longer an example of the trope, they remain on this list as a warning to those foolish enough to try.
  1. Pissing off Asura in any way, shape or form. Goes beyond Eleven when Mithra is concerned. This is also shared with Alex Mercer
  2. Mind raping or committing Mind Rape around Seras Victoria. The last poor schmuck who did that had her head ground into a paste. Isn't that right Zorin?
  3. Pissing off Fluttershy when she is in her role as Saddle Rager. Even the Hulk, the very basis of the persona is terrified of her then. Not that pissing her off when otherwise 'normal' is any better an idea either. You'd than have to handle her friends or get a first-hand experience of The Stare.
  4. Messing with Yang Xiao Long's hair. Even a strand is enough to set her off. The last schlub who did that got punched so hard the surrounding area lost all color.
  5. Destroying Erza Scarlet's cake. She loves her cake and anyone who drops it will promptly find themselves impaled by hundreds of swords. On a more serious note, don't harm any of her friends.
  6. Harming or flirting with Gray Fullbuster near Juvia Lockser. Her rage is one of the few things to scare Erza, who is just above Juvia in terms of rage factor. It's also one of the reasons she's part of the Special Lovers Squad.
  7. Don't upset Ben Tennyson as Rath.
  8. The Iron Giant is generally a very Gentle Giant who idealizes Superman and hates violence. However, Does Not Like Guns is an understatement. He hates them. Even toy guns are enough to set him off. Even Trollkiager knows that a giant walking tank of death is not a good thing to have chasing after you.
  9. Attacking Diaochan or Lu Lingqi in Lu Bu's presence. For it tend to send him into a rage that will decimate any and all. Note the guy is already dangerous enough to have "Don't Pursue" order against him. So no one wants to think what happens when he PURSUES the unlucky soul.
  10. Calling Mordred a girl in her presence will net you a Clarnet Blood Arthur to the face.
  11. Pissing off Gabriel by harming his son Alucard. There is a reason why this rule is followed even more so than the first one.
  12. Harming children in front of Harry Dresden. He has been known to boil the fat of those who do, without bothering to remove it from their bodies first. He gets exponentially angrier when it come to his daughter. Harry committed complete genocide against the last race that tried to harm her.
  13. Mentioning the word "Dyson" in front of Tron, as hearing it will cause him to go on an Unstoppable Rage as he looks for his arch nemesis to derezz him. This does have unpleasant consequences for those who use Dyson vacuum cleaners.
  14. Angering Issei Hyodo by attacking any of his haremettes (Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Kuroka, Ophis) for whatever reason, even more so in his presence. This is the number one reason why Mard Geer has not killed any of them dispite having no qualms to. He knows he won't survive long enough to gloat about it.
  15. Nobody rapes Christmas on Son Goku's watch.
  16. Do not mess with Yuuka Kazami's flower garden unless you are so desperately looking for a way to die in the most painful way possible.
  17. Do not threaten, hurt or harm either of the Winchester brothers when the other is present. They will end you.
  18. Ratchet is very protective of his home planet, Veldin. Whatever you do, leave that small planet alone if you don't want to be on the receiving end of hundreds of deadly weapons, partially the RYNO V. He'll also berserk if you threaten Clank.
  19. Mock Josuke Higashikata's hair. WE DARE YOU.
  20. Do not disallow Sora to speak with Riku without any good reasons. The last time this happened for malicious reasons, Sora knocked the person-in-question off a castle roof. Also, both will make sure you eternally suffer if you dare lay a finger on Kairi.
  21. Calling Rylai the Crystal Maiden an Ice Witch will result in a cold Tranquil Fury and severe frostbite. Even her sister Lina doesn't call her that.
  22. Harming Kamijou Touma's friends (or anyone he just met), especially little girls. Doing that, even if you're an Overdeity, he will still find a way to let your face meet his fist, repeatedly, until you're down.
  23. Disturbing Yukari Yakumo's slumber even accidentally. The last person to do that got kicked into the Boundary of Dreams and Nightmares.
  24. Do not do anything that will persuade either Aang or Korra to go Avatar State on you, especially if it involves hurting Katara or Asami, their respective wife and girlfriend.
  25. Hurt Hayate Ayasaki at your own peril, because Nagi Sanzen'in will immediately put you on her shit list if you do so. Asura himself found that out the hard way.
  26. Touch the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, and Flynn will rip you apart. Woe betide you if he decides to use Masakado's Shadow!
  27. Harming Madoka Kaname in any way. The last guy who did it had an entire story arc in the Book of Tropes detailing what happened to him.
  28. Lie to Yuugi Hoshiguma. Oni don't lie, and hate anybody who does, or do you want to Knocked Out In 3 Steps?
  29. Steal Reimu Hakurei's shrine box. There's a reason no one does that.
  30. Making Remilia Scarlet cry, unless you want to be knifed. It's normally impossible anyway.
  31. Try to exorcise Yuyuko Saigyouji, and you will be sent to Nirvana by the Hakurouken instead.
  32. Don't piss off Arceus at any cost. No one will benefit from pissing the God of Pokémon Himself.
  33. Peeking at any goddess in Pantheon. They (or their "guardian") could annihilate the hell out of you, or seduce you into eternal carnage pleasure, or just plain don't care, or be very embarrassed. But almost 70% of goddess fall into the first category.
  34. Displeasing Beerus in anyway possible tends to get your planet destroyed. You'd better have some pudding, or else!
  35. Reminding Rayquaza about how he was beaten up by Fox McCloud and Diddy Kong or when he fled the planet during the mass petrification incident. Next person who brings up either one of those moments is getting a Hyper Beam to the face.
  36. Do NOT harm Ichika Orimura in any way: his haremettes (Houki, Rin, Laura, Charlotte, Cecilia), as well as his older sister Chifuyu, will make you pay for it if you do so. Trust us, it is not fun to have six powered armors with enough power to destroy two thirds of the Pantheon chasing after your back.
  37. Speaking of Ichika, don't remind him the time when he was the High Priest of Natsuru Senou. Of course, you are completely free to do it if you don't mind having a laser blade being shoved down your throat. Yuuki Terumi learned that the hard way.
  38. Under any circumstances, DO NOT harm Yui's daddy and mommy. It doesn't matter how much you dislike them or how much of a badass you are, she will hack into the very fundamental laws of the universe you presently inhabit, conjure a colossal flaming sword that can cleave through the concept of invincibility, and chop you into burning confetti with it. Just ask Guts.
  39. Don't badmouth the Black Dragon clan directly in Kano's presence. While most of his non-ascended henchmen (Jarek, Kira, Kobra) are Base Breaking Characters at best, he does care for them. Doing it will result in ripping your heart inmediately. Just ask Jax, Kung Lao and a non-ascended Erron Black. On the flipside, you are completely free to insult Hsu Hao and the rest of the Red Dragon clan in Kano's presence.
  40. The mere presence of Izaya Orihara is enough to send Shizuo Heiwajima in a tangent. Since he's known as the strongest man in all Ikebukuro, the results won't be nice to look at.
  41. Don't make the Hulk angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
  42. The Beast is very protective of Belle. Hurting her, or kidnapping her (since she's a Princess of Heart) will anger the Beast to the point of tracking you down and ripping you into millions of pieces, especially if your name is either Gaston or Xaldin.
  43. Do NOT call Reshiram and Zekrom Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon respectively. Next person to do that will be on the receiving end of a Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt.
  44. Murasaki, in sense, can be pushed into using Root of Calamity rather easily. However, doing anything bad to Bebeby is a sure-fire way for her to activate it and blast you with pure anger.
  45. Imu has a lot of buttons, including her sister, her best friend, the pride of Hebijo Academy, and boxer shorts. Pressing any of them are as equally bad. Press multiple of them, and be ready to face her own Root of Calamity.
  46. Don't tell Mard Geer positive things about humanity. Doing so will automatically net you a Cold-Blooded Torture with thorns and barbed stems.
  47. Unless you desperately want to be cursed and get your life drained, DO NOT attempt to wield Aegislash if you're not deemed worthy.
  48. Hurting children is one in general for many in the Pantheon, but especially so for Terra Branford, Bryan Mills, Raiden (Metal Gear), Freddy Fazbear, Kazuma Kiryu, Bumblebee, Kenshiro, and Ashi.
  49. There are multiple goddesses who do not want to hear about their breast size that it would be hard to list all of them.
  50. Making Alexstraza mad is generally a bad idea since she's a Kaiju sized dragon Physical God, but mocking the deaths of her last consort, her children, or doing anything that reminds her of Deathwing is at the top of ways to anger her.
  51. Mentioning that one of Orochi's incarnation is a 400 year old kitsune girl who wants to do this and that to a her cute underclassmen will result in Kon/Marukare shredding an unfortunate sap's soul.
  52. Call Chie Satonaka "The Carnivore Who's Discarded Womanhood" at your own risk. You will be given a Galactic Punt to the face if you do so.
  53. Unless you like to get blasted into oblivion, do not call Mechagodzilla The Airplane Toilet. He won that fantasy monster fight battle arranged by his followers fair and square!
  54. Don't call Xykon "Zykon", or endanger/steal his phylactery.
  55. Don't go after Vaarsuvius's mate and children. The last one who tried got themselves and their entire extended family killed as a result.
  56. Go ahead, just TRY to take away any bit of Phazon from Dark Samus. Best case scenario, you die a horrible and painful death. Worst case, enjoy your new existence as a Phazon abomination!
  57. Any mention of the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule is enough to send Majora's Mask into one big rant, shortly followed by a very creative end for whoever brought them up in the first place. Knowing the mask, it's not going to be pretty.
  58. Anyone who hurts Natsu's allies or casually sacrifices or intentionally harms their own will invoke his wrath.
  59. Unless you want to be tortured for the rest of your life, do not mention the iOS game or imply that Freemium is great in The Keeper's presence.
  60. Go on, mention anything about dragons to Ornstein or Acnologia. We dare you. Even better, point out the hypocrisy of Acnologia's disregard for humans despite still using his human form. Hope you're ready for a massacre...
  61. When asked, don't tell Hata no Kokoro that she is not pretty (or worse, NOT cute). She'll still kick your ass, but it will be WAY less painful than when others join in.
  62. Syndrome's name is not Buddy. And it's not Incredi-boy either. Call him either of those names and you will suffer.
  63. Heaven help you if you harm a child in front of Batman. As an orphan traumatized by witnessing the deaths of his parents at a young age, he is more than a little protective of children.
  64. On a even wider scope, don't threaten the lives of innocent people in front of Superman or Supergirl (A thug was going to try to shoot Superman on a crowded subway and Superman angrily stated "Don't. If a single person on this train is hurt, and I don't care if it's a windburn, I am giving that gun a guided tour of your lower intestines"), and like Batman, especially not children.
  65. While he may be a less than stellar judge of character, do not hurt Terra's friends in any way.
  66. Angering Thanos in any way is already a dumb thing to do. But if you somehow bring up the fact that he was beaten in a Marvel Super Heroes tournament and lost $300 back in 98', prepared to be kicked in the nuts. FOREVER!
  67. Mentioning the time that Anguirus got his jaw broken by Mechagodzilla is a sure-fire way for the anklyosaur to mercilessly beat you up.
  68. Don't call Giratina a Satanic Archetype. It's less malicious than it appears to be.
  69. Don't fuck with Mara Wilson.
  70. Don't compare Noriaki Kakyoin to Keanu Reeves. He dislikes Neo for that very reason.
  71. Hurting a not yet ascended Last Order will only incur Accelerator going Awakened up your ass. Knowing Accelerator's behavior and powers, the results won't be pretty.
  72. Mentioning Joel Schumacher in front of Bane will make what he did to Batman look like mercy. Everyone knows why.
  73. Don't mess with Vegeta's wife or son, the resulting beatdown won't be pretty.
  74. Mentioning Rachel Alucard in front of Yuuki Terumi is a very unwise idea. Otherwise... Mind Rape ahoy!
  75. Spyro will not tolerate trollish Fan Haters. Mock the Legend or Skylanders franchises (or even any game post-Year of the Dragon), and you will be toast.
  76. Rapunzel cannot stand her Shrek-verse counterpart, who's a major Jerkass willing to sell out her fellow princesses for the local Prince Charmless. Mention her, and Rapunzel will knock you out with a frying pan and dump you in the House of Weapons as a new "test dummy".
  77. Make no negative comments about humans in front of Ariel, or about mermaids in front of Melody. Mock both, and you're dead meat!
  78. Bentley won't take it very nicely if one called turtles "stupid". Call him that, and he'll blast you into bits with his bombs.
  79. Edward Elric doesn't really like having his small stature referred.
  80. Reminding Anakaris of his animated counterpart's Cloudcuckoolander tendencies is a sure-fire way of him blasting you with an extra-long lasting Royal Judgement. Just ask the Trollkaiger.
  81. Trolling Bloody Marie in any way, shape, or form. Mafias are also a good way to piss her off.
  82. Cassie Cage really loves her dad Johnny and her mother Sonya Blade. Harming any one of them will only get you a Selfie fatality. Just ask Shinnok and a non-ascended D'Vorah.
  83. Jax Briggs is a major Papa Wolf towards his daughter Jacqui. The last person who dared harm her got his rib embedded on their snapped head. This Berserk Button is also shared with Jacqui's boyfriend, Takeda Takahashi.
  84. Speaking of protective boyfriends, Yoshihisa Manabe will have no qualms in giving you a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech if you hurt his girlfriend, Haruka Kotoura.
  85. Whatever you do, don't make fun of Haruka Tenoh's alter ego name, otherwise you'll end up getting a Space Sword up your anus.
  86. Say "Better Nerf Greninja" in front of the frog at your own risk. Saying a memetic line is not worth the beat down you're going to get.
  87. Do not mention Mufasa's name in front of Scar. You'll be lucky if he simply decides to maul you for that. Not so much if he turns into a Heartless before beating you up.
  88. Don't call Daxter a "weasel creature". If Jak learns about this, have mercy on your soul.
  89. Treat Xion as civil. Abuse her, and Roxas will cut you down with his Keyblades. Alternately, if she's on her own, and you've really crossed the line, Xion will go One-Winged Angel and cut you down herself.
  90. If you plan to visit Hades, do not bring Hercules merchandise with you.
  91. If you see a large, red cocoon, leave it alone, since that is Yveltal in it's sleeping form. Disturbing it's slumber will cause it to go on a rampage and suck the life force out of you with Oblivion Wing.
  92. Assuming that you don't want Latias to charge at you with the speed of a jet plane while hurling psychic attacks like softballs at you, never make fun of her brother's death.
  93. Laying a non-petting hand on Mr. Bigglesworth, Kel'Thuzad's living pet cat is a one-way ticket to truly endless torment, as his position denies you the sweet escape of death.
  94. Never bring any Mad Scientist in front of Isaac Clarke. Chances are, he'll kill said mad scientist and luckily forgive you. If you bring a necromorph though... Good luck surviving from his wrath.
  95. There is a reason why "THE NUMBERS" is banned to be spoken within the House of Mentalism. If you do get to speak it out, Alex Mason will butcher you to hell. Most embarrassing death he'll give you: Getting killed by a flying tomahawk.
  96. Go ahead, beat up Asuka and then brag about it to Homura. Or if you're feeling really suicidal remind her of the sempai she was once in love with who took advantage of her feelings and tried to kill her. Raynara manage to press both of these.
  97. Try to do anything what may bring disrespect to the Mu civilization and have Solo know about it. He will make sure you will suffer for that.
  98. Reminding Alakazam about how it can't learn more than four moves or say anything other than its name despite having an IQ of 5000 is a surefire way to set it off.
  99. Heavy Weapons Guy is very protective of his mini gun Sasha. If someone so much as touches it, he'll be snapping the offender's spine in two; A none ascended Acid Rain has the scars (and medical bills) to prove it.
  100. Two surefire ways to piss Snow White off are to threaten her cubs, or remind her of her time with the Seven Dwarfs. Either she'll stab you to death or if she's feeling real vindictive, Snow will unleash Bigby Wolf on your ass.
  101. The same also applies to Bigby Wolf. Threaten his wife and his cubs, and he'll show you why he's the Big Bad Wolf.
  102. Red Sonja hates rapists, as she herself was a rape victim in the past. Gregor Cleagne is No.1 on her shit-list, as he found out the hard way not to screw with the red she-devil.
  103. Ange still remembers the time when she got backstabbed by her Big Brother Bully, Julio. If you even mention either him or how she almost got raped by Embryo around her, get ready to be at the receiving end of her Vilkiss's Beam Rifle. Or skewered by Salamandinay's Enryugo. Or steamrolled by Tusk's Arquebus. Or torn apart by Hilda's Glaive Custom. Or all of them at once.
  104. This is what happened to the last person who blamed the blunders of Raiden (the Mortal Kombat one) in Mortal Kombat 9 on him. Shinnok and Quan Chi were responsible for his mistakes, not the Thunder God!
  105. Treating Bubbles like a baby for too long is enough to send her over the edge. Also, as with point number 4, nobody messes with her hair, which she spends hours at a time brushing and conditioning, in any way, shape or form and gets away with it, as the non-ascended Fuzzy Lumpkins can attest.
  106. No one willingly hits on Luka, Alice's husband, or treats him like trash. A smoking crater was in the place of the last god who did it.
  107. Do not ever call Spooky cute. The least that can happen to you is that she will throw you in her Mansion. There were instances where she just killed several people who called her "Cute" just because she was on a bad mood.
  108. Whatever you do, don't come between Luke Skywalker and his loved ones, ascended or not. The last time someone tried this, Luke went ballistic and performed cho mainote  on the offender. Isn't that right, Darth Vader?
  109. Hurting Milla (with intent to maim, kill, torture, or worse mutate) will earn you free Dragon Boosts from Lilac. Or a prolonged Wild Claw from Carol. Or a Schnee-brand Dust beatdown free of charge. Or risk the consequences of points number 3 or 89. Or the combined powers of the Vivid Team. Take your pick.
  110. Hurt his friends, or make ANY mention to "Project:Alternate!Gentaro" to Gentaro Kisaragi and Gentaro's not afraid to go into Cosmic States and hit you with the Rider Great Galaxy Finish in Outer Space.
  111. Hurt kids of any type and you better hope Uncle Howee decides not to ask to be his friend. The ones who fail in his games of Hide and Seek become part of his puppet repertoire.
  112. The Guardians of the Galaxy have a few buttons to not press: don't touch Peter Quill's Walkman, do NOT be Thanos for Drax, and NEVER call Rocket that he's some sort of beast or vermin.
  113. The Undertaker has a really sore spot on his Wrestlemania streak that was broken by the still non-ascended Brock Lesnar. If you mention that, at best, he'll beat you unconscious, and at worst, he'll reap the soul out of your body.
  114. Hurting and killing senselessly isn't generally a good idea, since you may possibly anger Sans. Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you keep going that way, you are REALLY not going to like what comes next. Trying to tell Asriel Dreemurr's parent's that he's alive as Flowey. That will get you dunked faster than usual.
  115. We dare you, mock the Medic for his support role, or even call him useless. He's not hesitant to put your face under the edge of his bonesaw. If you piss him off though, he's ready enough to set his Medigun to disintegrate your entire body up until your skeleton. I hope you like dancing experimented skeletons!
  116. Were you resurrected in your home universe and still kicking? Are you undead? Then welcome to Dhuum's shit list! He will only delay his attempts to bring you final death if you're in the Great United Alliance of Destruction, but even then it's only a matter of time…
  117. Some important rules when hanging with the Crystal Gems: don't take advantage of or misuse fusion with Garnet knowing, don't voice any doubts about Pearl's relation with Rose Quartz around her, and don't call Amethyst a defective or a parasite. Ignore those warnings, try to harm Steven Universe, and/or insult Rose Quartz and face their wrath.
  118. If you break a Pinkie Promise, then don't be surprised when Pinkie Pie starts chasing you with a vengeance. And like Gentaro above, NEVER mention Project: Alternate Gentaro in her presence or she'll blast you away with her Party Cannon.
  119. Maud Pie is the stoic older sister to Pinkie Pie... and should you even try to hurt her, then Maud's not afraid to hurl boulders at your face.
  120. Try to take over his company, try to hurt his brother, try to tell him that Yugi Muto lost his title as King of Games to Seto Kaiba... well, try to survive the onslaught of a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. We dare you.
  121. Speaking of Yugi above, if you hurt his friends or make ANY mention to the Seal of Orichalcos incident, then he'll either unleash the wrath of the Egyptian God Cards or let his alter-ego appear to give you a Mind Crush.
  122. Unless you want to be beaten to death and converted to a Smith clone, do not try to break Agent Smith's shades.
  123. Flowey is not a fan of pacifism, since it goes against his own view on life. Anyone who tells him otherwise may get trapped in his dimension and battle against Photoshop/Omega Flowey. So far, only Frisk has escaped from there.
  124. Assume Yukari Takeba to be in cahoots with a certain real-life terrorist organization just because her evolved Persona's name is the same as one of said organization's acronyms if you dare. Also, don't be a Psycho Rangerespecially not the pink one.
  125. It's advised that one of the ways to avoid getting shred and blown to pieces is to not touch Twisted Fate's hat. He values it so much.
  126. Don't ever use an item in when Barbatos Goetia is around or else you will face a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while he screams in your face, "NO! ITEMS! EVEEEEERRR!"
  127. Elena is pretty much female Gentaro in that she wants to befriend everyone...and just like Gentaro, make a mention of "Project: Alternate! Gentaro" will have Elena forget about befriending you and instead she'll have the desire to kick your teeth in.
  128. Due to past events, so much as mentioning Stanley Pines' name around Bill Cipher will cause him to threaten to disassemble the molecules of the one who says it.
  129. Don't mention, discuss, or gods forbid, praise the Space Wolves within earshot of Magnus The Red. Less he unleash his daemon form.
  130. The quicket way to get into Doomguy's shit list is to (threaten to) harm any rabbit deity. Another way to piss him off is to mention anything about Hell, demons and Argent energy.
  131. If you're a deity who specializes in mind control, best keep your distance from Luke and Jessica Cage if you want to keep eating solid food. But if you harm and/or threaten innocent children (including their own daughter)...start praying. Better yet, ask the Purple Man what had happened when he tried to do both on Luke.
  132. So what can send Robert Baratheon into a murderous rage? Two words: Rhaegar Targaryen.
  133. Aerys Targaryen's hatred of Tywin and Jaime Lannister is well-known; the former for sacking his city and ordering the deaths of his grandchildren, and the latter for killing him.
  134. The Panda King has two. 1) Mocking his abilities as a fireworks craftsman and 2) Messing with or harming his daughter and Herald, Jing King. Push one button? He lets you choose your fate by either a salvo of explosive firework projectiles or attacking you with his Flame-Fu martial arts. Push both? Forget about choices. He'll annihilate you.
  135. One of two things will happen if you piss Julius Caesar off. If you're lucky, he'll sic the 13th Legion on you. But remind him that he was stabbed 23 times by a mob of senators, then Caesar will invoke damnatio memorae on your ass.
  136. Whatever you do with him, do not make Caboose angry at any cost. It will only result in you being the victim of a Greater-God level No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. The current list includes: Being an actual baby or being called one, drinking excessive volumes of Red Bull in front of him, owning or liking spiked kittens, attempting to collect taxes from him, being a Texan, trying to hurt either Alpha or Epsilon-Church in any way possible and trying to become Church's new best friend.
  137. Creating a power source that affects another dimension is a good way to get The Goliath to track you down, wreck your stuff, and dole out a beating in the process.
  138. If you commit genocide, don't let Supergirl find out about it or find you. She's survived several genocides, and world-scale mass murderers kind of irritate her ("How could anyone make it their mission in life to murder whole worlds? Can you imagine what an abomination that is to an orphan from a dead planet? This world-killing stuff... it hits a nerve. It makes me furious, and the ring just fans the flame!") Hurling you into the Sun is the nicest thing she'll do to you. And don't even think of hurting her cousin Superman because she will kill you.
  139. Gangrel and Luna Vachon (but moresoe Gangrel) are vampire wrestlers who usually keep to themselves...unless you decide to hurt the Cutie Mark Crusaders. If you do anything to them, ranging from hurting them, making them cry, or send them to the depths of Limbo, then you better sleep with one open at night since Gangrel will not hesitate to send a blood-bath your way.
  140. Speaking French around or trying to cheat Calvin Candie is a wonderful way to get your skull ventilated with a hammer, become dog food, or, if you happen to be black, get thrown in the "hot box."
  141. Attempting to sink the Human Child into despair will incur the wrath of many of their friends. Particular examples are Sans and ALMA WADE.
  142. Oh, so you think Widowmaker was a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing to her late husband? Hope you like having bullets through your brain!
  143. Putting Shiro Kanzaki's sister Yui in danger is generally a bad idea. He will send the Purposely Overpowered Kamen Rider Odin after you, and that isn't if Kamen Riders Ryuki or Knight somehow reach you first.
  144. Never use a gun in the presence of the Doctor. Or hurt his loved ones. Or be a Dalek.
  145. You know what will happen to you if you endanger Sherlock Holmes' loved ones? You'll fall out of a window.
  146. Lord have mercy on your soul if you try to Mind Rape Teridax.
  147. Nowhere on Earth will keep you safe from Dean Winchester if you mess with Sam Winchester or Castiel, and vice versa.
  148. Please do not commit any sort of violence in front of Absol. Forcing her to Mega Evolve is also unwise because of her aura that kills fainthearted people.
  149. Unless you want the Homestuck trolls to lock you in the House of Lust, it's not a good idea to leave buckets lying around. Also, don't threaten Kanaya's friends or she'll chainsaw you in half.