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Overdeities/Greater Gods

Gig, God of Heroic Omnicidal Maniacs (Master of Death, Commander of the World Eaters,, Killer of Kings and Destroyer of Worlds, Indestructible Gig, Vigilance)
  • Theme Song: Rock'n Rocks
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A scythe with a red blade
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Grim Reaper, Souls, The Lifestream, Insane Levels of Power, Shoulders of Doom, Wielders of Scythes, Being Sealed Away for Really Bad Behavior, Really Sarcastic Omnicidal Maniacs Who Acquire Hearts of Gold, Those Who Are Absolutely Not Heroic, Lovers of Hotpods
  • Domains: Afterlife, Chaos, Death, Destruction, War
  • Apprentice: Desco
  • Rivals: Laharl
  • Enemies: Majin Buu, Black Mage, YHVH
  • In terms of sheer destructive capability, Gig may be the single most powerful deity in the entire Pantheon. Other deities are stronger, but none of them are as willing to use their power at the slightest provocation.
  • Challenged Majin Buu for his position. Gig actually won decisively, but was disqualified when Black Mage pointed out that when he had a perfect opportunity to destroy the world, he saved it instead. Gig's response to that landed Black Mage in the deific equivalent of intensive care for two weeks and reduced everything for miles around to a smoking crater, at which point he was awarded his present position in the House of Heroes and Villains in order to keep him from destroying the rest of it.
  • Has repeatedly threatened to kill anyone who suggests that he might be getting soft, but the only people he's actually followed through with that on deserved it anyway.
  • Maintains a very good relationship with Kurama, who oversees the growth of hotpods, Chance the Gardener, who has has set aside a portion of the Garden to grow them in, and Takeshi Kaga, who cooks them for Gig and his followers. These three gods enjoy a kind of diplomatic immunity as a result, since no god is willing to risk the Wrath of Gig by harming them in any way.
  • Gig + Deadpool = Hilarity Ensues Up to Eleven
  • World of Silence is a major Berserk Button for him as it reminds him of Drazil, the guy who originally orchestrated his death. YVHV to Gig is very much like Drazil, which is why he signed up for "The Pantheonic Rebellion" in the "Deep Strike" front.
  • He almost destroyed Laharl's netherworld, until Sicily offered to make meals for him. He told her that he'd destroy her if he didn't like the food, but has yet to do so. As such, Sicily and her cooking are sometimes used to try to pacify Gig when needed.
  • One day, Gig found Flandre Scarlet during a walk to the garden in order to inspect his hotpods and challenged her to a fight just out of boredom. The majority of the War gods (except Kamina, Guy Shishioh, Kratos and other Hot-Blooded mecha pilots) quickly decided that maybe, this was a feather their caps could do without.
    • Oh, and the fight still goes on. The left wing of the House of War was blown in smithereens.
  • Also has a spot in The House of Life and Death.

Spawn, Celestial Being of the Nineties Anti Heroes (Al Simmons, The Guardian, Sad Man)
  • Greater God (was once an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: His emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Badass Baritone, Anti-Hero, Charred Body, Badass Cape, Domestic Abuser (ironic), Good Is Not Nice But Dark Is Not Evil, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Using Guns Despite Having Powers, Heel Realization,
  • Domain: Undead, Magic, Mercenary, Warrior
  • Allies: Dante Sparda, Ghost Rider, Jackie Estacado, Jason Todd, Eric Draven, Wolverine, Venom, Guy, Jax Briggs, Batman
  • Enemies: Satan, YHVH, Lucifer, Joker, Kefka, Nekron, Four Horseman, Loki's Brood, The Lich, Lex Luthor, Mundus, Nightmare
  • Rival: Kratos, Heihachi Mishima, Link
  • Odd Friendship: Yomi, Goliath
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork(?): Many of the Good aligned Angels.
  • A product of the nineties in which many of their heroes went Darker and Edgier, Spawn exemplifies many elements of that time; wearing nearly all black, being an Anti-Hero, using guns, willingness to kill, and dealing with darker themes. However, he was popular enough to survived through the nineties and make a proper place in the comic world.
  • Once a man name Al Simmons, he commit his first murder at the age of 19 when he killed a molester who was molesting his little brother. It went down hill from there. He became a cruel mercenary who took his frustration out on his wife, Wanda. Ironically enough, its when he was murdered and became a Hell-Spawn did he realize how much of a heel he was and wanted to atone for his sins. Though, he is still willingly to kill the bad guys.
  • Despite what others may think, Spawn can work well with many of the good aligned Angels in the pantheon. In fact, he dated one back in his home world.
  • Actually became close friends with Yomi. This is because Spawn protected many homeless people back in his world. Yomi respects him for that. She is however, upset that he won't eat her bean sprouts.
    • He also found an ally with Goliath, who too is a protector towards humanity. Interesting, many have notice how much the two sound alike.
      • When ever Spawn uses his suit to transform himself into his former human self, he has been remarked by others to look a bit like Jax Briggs.
  • Spawn's most notable feature is his suit, which is actually a demon name Leetha of the 7th House of K. It grants Spawn the ability to fly and use his chains and cape as weapons while feeding off the ectoplasm of Spawn.
  • Oppose both YHVH and Lucifer as their actions remind him a bit of his own version of God and Satan. Though, the latter two are saints compare to the former two.
  • Participated in a Death Battle against Kratos prior to his own ascension with Spawn winning the bout. Zeus was pleased at the result of the battle. As were Hera, Ares, and one of the Hades. Now that Spawn is in the Pantheon, Kratos is itching for a rematch.
  • Was once so powerful that he actually outranked both his version of God and Satan. It was during this state that he actually stopped the apocalypse and reshaped the universe.
  • Despite having incredible powers, Spawn mainly relies on his guns. The reason being too much use of his powers drains his necroplasm and once its depleted, he gets sent right back to hell.
  • With the exception of Dante Sparda, Spawn just coincidentally bump into both Shadow and Ryuko Matoi. Many have joked that their "edginess" attract one to the other. They aren't amused.
  • Hates both The Joker and Lex Luthor as the two remind him of both The Clown and Jason Wynn.
  • Became allies with both The Guy and Venom as they were brought to life by the same creator.
  • Once thought to have come back from the dead thanks to the love of his wife. Turns out it was more out of guilt for abusing her and intentionally causing her to have a miscarriage. The last one coming to bite him later in life. He is however, atoning for his horrible mistakes.

Intermediate Gods

    Ash Crimson 
Ash Crimson, God of Fake Antagonists (The Sneering Blaze, Dark Ash, Ash Crazed by the Spiral Blood)
  • Theme Song: Splendid Evil, Joker, The Second Joker, Diabolosis
  • Intermediate God on a good day, Greater God on a bad day.
  • Symbol: A joker card engulfed in green flames
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Jokes on you! More of a dark shade of Chaotic Good with Necessarily Evil tendencies, though he was forced into Chaotic Evil at one point)
  • Portfolio: Playing with Fire, Pretty Boy, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Questionable Sexual Preferences, The Fighting Narcissist, Everything Sounds Sexier in French, Guile Hero, The Trickster, Teen Genius, Youthful Freckles, Wild Card, Lots of Zippers, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Deconstruction of the Creator's Pet, Victim of SNK Boss Syndrome, Paint It Black, Heroic Sacrifice, Go Out with a Smile, Ret Gone
  • Domains: Flames, Mischief, Trickery, Tragedy
  • Allies: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami (former enemies), Xion, Himeko Kurusugawa, Chikane Himemiya, Alucard (Lords of Shadow), Beatrice, Lambadelta, Asuka, Homura
  • Enemies: Orochi, Vanitas, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially The Joker)
  • Unknown Rival: Kurt Hummel
  • Not So Different from: Homura Akemi and Oriko Mikuni
  • Intentionally thought to be the Villain Protagonist of KOF, Ash caused a stir by targeting the powers of the Three Sacred Treasures team, stealing the powers of Chizuru and Iori, and seemingly planning to go after Kyo next. The truth was that he was fighting a lone war against the cult known as Those From the Distant Land led by his ancestor Saiki who piloted to revive Orochi. Saiki, unhappy with the betrayal of his grandson, overtook Ash's body and forced him into fighting the winners of the 13th KOF championship. When the portal to the past began to close, Ash retook control of his body long enough to keep him and Saiki leaving as the portal closed shut, consequently causing the both of them to be erased from existence. Thus, it's a surprise to find that he appeared in the Pantheon one day, looking no worse for wear.
  • As soon as he ascended, he encountered his old rivals Kyo and Iori. It was at that moment that their lost memories of him came flooding back. Though would've tried kicking his ass, but came to realize that he wasn't as bad as he made himself to be.
  • Once encountered Elizabeth while snooping around the Pantheon. The only thing he said was, "Nope, you aren't Betty" and walked away.
  • Lambadelta is thoroughly impressed by his efforts and planning, calling him the living embodiment of the Wild Card. Beatrice also expressed amazement in his ability to defy the impossible.
  • Made fast friends with Xion and is very present company for her. Not much of a surprise as he is her former High Priest.
  • Kurt Hummel doesn't seem to be happy that there is now another "ladyface" boy in the Pantheon. Ash doesn't pay much mind to him though.
  • Is very unhappy to discover that not only the Orochi from his world in the Pantheon, but another one that looks like some kind of large deformed woman is there as well. He remembers all to well the pain and burden the Orochi caused his Only Friend Elizabeth a lot of pain and suffering, which was what lead him to do what he did in the first place. He has since arranged for an alliance with Asuka, Homura and their teams to enough that Orochi won't regain his power again.
  • Verily opposes the Trollkaiger, especially the Joker who he ironically shares a namesake with. He doesn't find the Agent of Chaos' jokes to be funny at all.
  • When asked about Homura Akemi and Oriko Mikuni, his answer was: "Huh, it's a shame really. Under different circumstances they would've been friends. Too bad they both went over the edge to ensure their victory."
  • A few of the more feminine goddesses admire his nails art designs and would like to learn his secrets. Ash was more than happy to let them in on it.
  • Has also aligned himself with LOS!Alucard, which worries many considering what these two masterminds are capable of. Their first order of business is to undermine Vanitas' plans for Sailor Moon.

Etna, Goddess of Prepubescent Badassery (Demon Lord Etna, Beauty Queen Etna)
  • Theme Song: "Etna Rock" and "Etna Boogie"
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Prinny
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Reliable Traitors, Cute Bruisers, Demons, Having a Complete Lack of Boobage, Being Immortally Prepubescent, Tsunderes, Killer Rabbits, Wearing Leather, Provoking Lots of Fetishes, Struggling to Contain Her Power
  • Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Darkness, Usurpers, Destruction, Youth
  • Allies: Laharl, Flonne, Toph Bei Fong, River Tam, Rachel Alucard, Lilith Aensland, Shion Sonozaki, Prinnies, Lamington (as much as she denies it)
  • Enemies: Adell (To a certain degree), Warboss Ghazghkull, Mikuru, Power Girl, Selena Recital, Morrigan Aensland (Though they have been able to set aside their differences during important times.), Overlord Zenon, pretty much any Goddess who has bra-size C and above (except Shion and Ryoubi, in a sense), Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner
  • Is very, very, sensitive over her lack of "maturity," and any mention of such within earshot is met with Horrible, Painful Death(TM). A good deal of the other Gods like it, mind you, but she won't hear any of it.
  • Hacked the Pantheon for the purposes of changing her ranking. Haruhi's been trying to change it back for some time, to no avail.
  • Is one of the few dieties that has defeated Adell in fair combat. Though some suggest that it would not have happened if Rozalin (His girlfriend) didn't insult her chestsize, thus pressing her biggest Berserk Button.
  • Shinji Matou once had the bright idea to steal one of her prized panties. He's not seen again for a long time after she unleashed her wrath against him.
  • Her treatment of the Prinnies is strongly frowned upon by many members in the House of Beasts. Not that this makes any different on her treatment of her beaked slaves, mind you...
  • Under normal circumstances (i.e. being an enemy of anyone with bra size C and above) she would be Shion's enemy. However, Shion's michevious nature won her over. That and a certain prank Shion played on Laharl that she couldn't stop laughing at for days.
  • After returning from a crisis in the Netherworld, Laharl and Flonne returned to the pantheon without Etna for reasons they refuse to explain. She was in a coma for weeks after a nearly fatal exposure to "The Artifact of Absolute Death". Etna eventually returned with a power boost, but has been seen struggling with it.
  • Ever since she managed to bring in the Prinnies into the pantheon, she has begun to question this choice. Even though she gets to enjoy the luxury of having hundreds of servants at her disposal, she still has to deal with the constant attacks from Warboss Ghazghkull since he is always in need of a new batch of prinnies along the need of a brutal battle. Though she has about as many victories as she has losses against him, she still has to sacrifice many prinnies in the process due to the destruction that the fights causes.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" to back up Flonne.
  • When she heard about the formation of 'League of Flat Chest', Etna wasted no time to propose for leadership, hilariously threatening everyone that she can grind her levels to over nine thousand and make everyone still submit to her anyway. Even the proposer, Noel Vermillion, had to accept that proposal, despite her title. Etna was pleased.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have declared her their sworn enemy, condemning her treatment of the Prinnies due to being "penguins" no matter how many times others try to tell them differently. Etna personally considers them a nuisance, though due to them actually getting the better of her on several occasions, even she has some level of respect for them.
    • By "some" meaning she puts them slightly above "annoying".

Iroque, Goddess of Reformation Through Brainwashing (Indigo-1)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Indigo Tribe.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Heel-Face Brainwashing which she herself was subjected to, Former Sociopath, Good Feels Good, Heel-Face Turn, Good Is Not Soft.
  • Domains: Light, Compassion, Redemption, Brainwashing.
  • Allies: Hal Jordan, Hakumen, Madoka, Zatanna.
  • Rivals: Batman.
  • Enemies: Melkor and Nyarlathotep, who have made eliminating her a top priority due to the Indigo Light she carries, Black Hand, Nekron.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Philemon. While she respects his beliefs, she is still rather annoyed by his noninterference clause.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon upon the discovery of the Indigo Light's properties, and the revelation that she ordered it done to Black Hand as well as all the members of the Indigo Tribe and briefly Sinestro. While many of the GUAG's members were initially leary about letting a brainwasher and sociopath join them, she was accepted in upon the discovery that she now felt guilt even without the Indigo Ring's influence.
  • Has become The Dreaded to the GUAE's more sociopathic and amoral members, due to the Heel-Face Brainwashing powers of the Indigo Light. While many of the GUAG's members are slightly unnerved by the idea of using brainwashing, even on their enemies, some of the more pragmatic members have supported the idea of weaponizing the rings against the GUAE.
  • Gets along well with Madoka Kaname, who sees Iroque's actions and repentance as proof that there is hope for even the worst sinners to be redeemed.
  • Upon her ascension, went to see Hal Jordan in the House of Heroes, due to him being the other (good) representative of the Lantern Corps. The two had a discussion on the Pantheon and, it is rumored, have made plans to ascend more of the good Lanterns to aid them.
  • Has a great dislike for all Fallen Heros, viewing them as willfully turning away from the light despite being born to it, unlike the Indigo Tribe, who were, in a sense "born in the dark."
  • Has a rivalry with Batman, despite both being heroes, as he heavily frowns upon those who use brainwashing due to Identity Crisis. Iroque, in turn, is surprised by his willingness to prepare to backstab his own allies but being unwilling to use other unethical means. She has bonded somewhat with Zatanna over this, though.
  • While it is unknown what would happen if a Made of Evil such as Nyarlathotep came into contact with one of the Indigo Tribe's rings, nobody is very interested in finding out.

     John Marston 
John Marston, God of Retired Outlaws
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Song: (Theme from) Red Dead Redemption or Born Unto Trouble
  • Symbol: His hat with a revolver by its side
  • Alignment: Heroic Neutral (but can have Evil tendencies depending on actions)
  • Portfolio: Former outlaw willing to go through all kinds of obstacles and fighting off all kinds of opponents from wild beasts to outlaws to armies to see his family safe, Dead Eye ability, atoning for his criminal past, living off the land, Hunter Trapper, unwilling participant in revolutionary struggles no matter which side he picks, a loving husband and good father, uneducated but very intelligent and quick with a snappy criticism, allows himself to be killed to have his family spared,
  • Domains: The Old West, Family, Guns, Anti-heroism
  • Allies: John Wayne, The Man with No Name, Jean Valjean, Vash the Stampede, The Farmer, Johnny Appleseed, Applejack, Lelouch vi Britannia, Stephen Colbert, Chris & Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Scott Kennedy, Chie Satonaka, Moe Syzlak, Asura, Bryan Mills, Edward Newgate, Eirin Yagokoro, The Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Evil gods in the House of Beasts.
  • Rival: Lucky Luke
  • Opposes: Most deities of the House of Justice (especially Inspector Javert, Carmelita Fox and Miko Miyazaki), Tewi Inaba, The Four Horsemen
  • Feared by: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Heralds: Abigail & Jack Marston (his wife and son as they were also former outlaws)
  • Ascended after the events of his life taking a stand against an entire army regiment led by a corrupt law official to give his family time to escape and going down fighting to the end. He was upset at first at no longer having his family, but the Judge said that being also former outlaws, they will ascend as his heralds. John was surprised at the news that his son was an outlaw (since his wife was a given as she too once ran in his old gang), and was dismayed at hearing his son Jack taking revenge against the corrupt official who had him killed by killing him in return and following in his footsteps. He wanted to be reunited with his son, but not in this manner and blamed himself for not teaching him better. When he saw Jack, he said not a word despite Abigail’s pleas.
  • Even though they don’t have any power or authority in the Pantheon being mere heralds, it is not a good idea to threaten John’s wife and kid as he will immediately go Papa Wolf on the unlucky deity with a Dead Eye-infused Evans Repeater salvo. It’s this reason he is allies with the League of Extreme Fatherhood.
  • Because of his past, most obstinate members of the House of Justice would want nothing more than see him pay horribly for his crimes. While it is true that John agrees that he can’t change his past and tries to atone for it which was the reason for his Heroic Sacrifice, he lives for his family now. He is at least glad he has a friend in Jean Valjean to counter many of the accusations there.
  • His “temple” in the House of Ambiguity is more or less a grander version of his homestead in Beecher’s Hope, now a magnificent ranch rivaling that of his friends, the MacFarlenes, complete with a mighty herd of cattle, horses and other livestock, fields of wondrous crops (helped with assistance from the Farmer), beautiful orchards of apples (donated by Johnny Appleseed) and even a saloon for his friends in the Pantheon. The cows from his temple are considered sacred and their milk is very nutritious. Being a friendly sort, he generally ships jugs and cartons of his cows’ milk to the House of Food and Elysium Academy for consumption or cooking use.
    • Even though the saloon is not as fancy as Moe’s Tavern, it is still a simple place to have homemade Western-style cuisine (courtesy of Abigail’s cooking and the homegrown meat and crops), cold drinks at the bar, or a good game of Poker or Liar’s Dice (with a horseshoes pitch outside). John Wayne and the Man with No Name (being paragons of the West) hang out here. Chie Satonaka is also a frequent patron after she gave her seal of approval towards their steaks. Moe has a good relation with John and allows his followers/assistants to tend the bar there.
  • Applejack likes to visit John’s ranch as it reminds her of her home at Sweet Apple Acres. Abigail and Jack took a liking to her and take care of her as if she was one of their horses. To the surprise of many, she tends to enter the saloon and engage in a round of Liar’s Dice or two. Needless to say, she is very bad at it (she’s the Element of Honesty, after all). When it comes to Horseshoes, however…
  • Lucky Luke paid him a visit hearing about his former outlaw ways but stopped short of bringing him in after seeing how he has changed and meeting his family. Still, he was curious about John's shooting ability and challenged him to a duel which John accepted. The duel ended spectacularly as they both simultaneously shot each other's guns out of their hands in less than half a second. Both men were impressed with the other's skill and became good-natured rivals. Luke was even glad there was a saloon in the Pantheon which he could go have a good meal which Abigail is happy to have ready for him.
  • The Kombatant gods tend to give him odd looks as he somewhat reminds them of a certain mercenary under Kotal Kahn’s employment. John merely shrugs it off.
  • He is quite knowledgeable about certain plants which he uses as makeshift medicines, which impressed Poison Ivy. What impressed Pamela even more is that John is completely immune to her pheromones. He is that dedicated to his wife Abigail.
    • It was being so knowledgeable about medicinal plants that he became allies with Eirin Yagokoro, who is glad to find someone able to find good herbs and plants for use in her medicines.
  • Even though he doesn’t like to brag, he is very very good with guns. His special ability is the Dead Eye, which not only allows him to continuously fire all the available rounds of a gun before reloading, but also gives him an impressive invincibility buff while it is active. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t last too much. Still, the skill has helped him not only against fighting whole bands of outlaws and army regiments but also packs of wild animals.
    • Marcus Kincaid offered some of his Pandoran-based weapons to John in order to test how the Dead Eye would work with them. While John had no affinity for the futuristic weapons, he however liked the Jakobs brand of guns as they reminded him more of the weapons of his time.
  • Aside from defeating outlaws and doing some bounty hunting, John is also an accomplished hunter, which his Dead Eye ability helps out when going after extremely dangerous prey such as native cougars and bears of his world. He, of course, is cautioned to watch himself when going to the House of Beasts. The Monster Hunters, naturally, made him an honorary member.
    • Stephen Colbert also holds him in high regard for fighting the good fight against the Bear Menace. (If only he ever heard of the time John faced and killed zombie bears…)
  • After hearing of his hunting prowess, some gods (particularly allies to the Trollkaiger) told him about a certain special rabbit in the Sub-House of Mammals. When John met the Rabbit of Caerbannog, he was nearly mauled when it struck him unware. Taking out his Buffalo Rifle and loading it with blessed phosphorous bullets, he went into Dead Eye mode and… BOOM. All that was left of the Rabbit were some of its fangs, fur, and one of its feet, which he collected as trophies. The Trollkaiger (who hoped John would get massacred) wasn’t deterred as killing the Rabbit would bring upon John the ire of Tewi Inaba, who naturally was upset at someone killing one of her followers, and was ready to cast John a bad luck curse. They also counted on her being so mad that she would be unwilling to listen to John explain himself. However, Eirin appeared just in the nick of time and told Tewi to hold off from cursing him until John carefully explained the situation. They eventually realized the Trollkaiger was behind things, which the trolling group didn’t expect. Needless to say, the group suffered a bout of bad luck for quite some time. Tewi told John to keep the fangs, fur, and rabbit’s foot, but warned him to never again go after the Rabbit. The Rabbit itself, was quickly revived but now has a deep-rooted fear for the ex-outlaw.
  • In an alternate universe, John was caught in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse and actually survived it, dealing with not just regular zombies, but also zombie wild animals as well. This has earned him the respect of the BSAA duo, Claire and Leon.
    • The Four Horsemen were actually shocked to learn John was able to break and tame their mounts from that alternate verse. Most of the Horsemen consider him a nuisance, except for Death, who already had a history with John as he met him several times in his quest in the guise of a stranger with a top hat and moustache. John, on the other hand, considers him a bothersome pest.

     Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron 
Kaito Kumon, God of Nominal Heroes (Kamen Rider Baron, New Generation Rider Baron, Monsieur Banane, Kameko, Lord Baron)
Kamen Rider Baron 

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigermembers , Battle Deities of Denying Heroism (Marvelous: Gokai Red, Marve-chan. Joe: Gokai Blue. Luka: Gokai Yellow. Don: Gokai Green, Hakase, Doc. Ahim: Gokai Pink. Gai: Gokai Silver.)
The Gokaigers in their civilian forms. From Left to Right: Luka Millfy, Ahim de Famille, Gai Ikari, Captain Marvelous, Joe Gibken, and Don Dogoier.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.
  • Theme Song: "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"
  • Rank: Intermediate Deities as a Team, Lesser Deities as Individuals.
  • Symbol: The Gokaiger Symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (although they started as Chaotic Neutral before Gai joins the team)
  • Portfolios: Space Pirates, Badasses, Collecting Ranger Keys, "Gokai Change!", They Just Passing Through, "Let's Make This a Show!"
  • Domains: Combat, Piracy, Anti-Heroism, Heroism, Teamwork, Treasure Hunting.
  • High Priest: Sesshomaru.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Jack Sparrow.
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), the Psycho Rangers, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Charles zi Britannia, I-No, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Rau Le Creuset, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Sakazuki.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron (Marverlous only).
  • Known as the 35th Super Sentai team and the "Sentai Counterpart" of Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, the Gokaigers are a group of space pirates who traveled to Earth in search of the "Greatest Treasure in the Universe", with them possessing "Ranger Keys" this allows them to transform into their ranger forms as well as every past Super Sentai teams, using these powers in order to battle the Space Empire Zangyack who were bent for universal domination. Along the way, they were joined by an Earthling named Gai Ikari who is known to be a Super Sentai Fanboy with his vast knowledge on every Sentai teams before them.
  • Upon ascension, the Gokaigers were seen walking out of Cosmos' shrine within the House of Heroes, bearing the official documentation for joining the GUAG. When asked about this, Marvelous answered that the team was now seeking "The Greatest Treasure in the Pantheon", something to put Earth's greatest treasure to shame. The easiest way to get the information they sought was with the good guys. That's the only reason they're getting involved in any fighting.
  • The group were also get along well with the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates since both of them searches their respective treasures. Also both the Gokaigers and the Straw Hat Pirate crews had a lot of things in common. Since then, both pirate crews would help each other especially whenever they're going on a treasure hunt.
  • Of course due to being a team of pirates, they have gotten into several confrontations against Sakazuki, who has vowed to erase every pirate in existence. They find that he's nothing more than another insane killer and is simply using the law as an excuse to kill people he just doesn't like.
  • Enraptured by the sudden appearance of a pirate themed Sentai team, the Gokaigers were cornered one day by the ToQgers, one of the Sentai teams to appear after their own adventures. After some (reluctant) story telling, the ToQgers used their imagination to create a set of ToQger Ranger Keys for their new allies to use.
    • Also, many of the ascended heroic Kamen Riders gave the Gokaigers the privileges to transform into different Rider forms with Kouta Kazuraba uses his godly powers to create Rider Keys in their likeness for them to use.
  • As a man knowledgeable in all things Sentai, Gai naturally found himself elated to meet Dr. Oliver as equals, meeting the most famous Power Ranger. He has been trying to convince the team to Gokai Change into the "Team Six" formation in honor of Tommy. However he's hit a snag since only five would work. Gai has started to get the autographs of the Power Rangers.
  • Don, Ahim and Gai had a sympathy towards Takatora Kureshima, a fellow Token Good Teammate, after knowing of him being betrayed by his so-called comrades led by Ryoma Sengoku. Speaking of the Mad Scientist, the Gokaigers gained an ire towards Ryoma due to his own agenda of grasping the Forbidden Fruit for his own gain which makes him no different to their worst nemesis Basco.
  • While roaming across the pantheon with their Gokai Galleon, they met several deities in the pantheon, such as Belldandy, Suzaku Kururugi, and Nanoha Takamichi. At first , due to their familiar voices, they had mistaken them for being Insarn, Jealousto, and Navi respectively, however after they discussed their respective backgrounds, they became allies ever since.
    • Also at the same time, the Gokaigers became enemies with I-No after they notice of her connections with their enemy and Zangyack member Insarn.
  • The team is very close allies with the Suite Pretty Cures since they also had their adventures during the same year as them.
  • Gai was very close friends with fellow Otakus like Yayoi Kise and Ryusei Date, as the former was a aspiring manga artist and fan of Anime, Toku and Robots, who became a Pretty Cure and the latter is fan of Super Robots in general. As the trio discussed their interests, they decide to held a Convention dedicated to Anime, Toku, and Robot genre.
  • Joe is somewhat impressed with Kirito and Asuna's swordsmanship skills while he encountered them in the New Aincrad, also he had once dueled them in a 2-on-1 match while showing off his own skills. As both Kirito and Asuna witness his skills in battle, they were also impress with him they became friends with him ever since.
  • Like the Gorengers and the ToQgers before, the team is very close allies with the Kids Next Door as the Gokaigers were impress with their technology and teamwork even though they were just kids. Also, both Don and Numbuh Two helped each other as they find new ways to create and provide newer weapons for them to use.
  • Both Marvelous and Joe were somewhat close friends with both Kyoko Sakura and Sayaka Miki respectively, both had found them interesting with their respective skills and their similarities between them. They also pointed out that they might be their magical girl counterparts, much to the girl's surprise.
  • They had a sympathy towards a fellow pirate named Miss Fortune, as both felt the same way due to their pasts of losing the person that was important to them. Also Marvelous took an interest in her as the two might have a charisma challenge someday.
  • They found an unlikely ally with Lelouch vi Britannia since he also had experience battling tyrannical empires just like them. They also expressed their hate towards Lelouch's father Charles as the tyrannical emperor makes him no different to the likes of Ackdos Gil.
    • Ahim was quite get along well with Ange while she was also saddened after learning of her predicament and was very upset of how people treating her like a monster due to her nature as a Norma. This makes her enemies with Embryo as well since he's the reason why the Normas were seen as monsters.
  • The crew also develops a rivalry of sorts with Jack Sparrow after the God of Piracy gained an interests in them and Jack wants them to prove their worth of what being a pirate is all about.
  • The Gokaigers were not pleased that their nemesis Basco was present in the pantheon for a long time since their last encounter. Worst of all, he was part of the Trollkaigers whose group coinsists of malicious trolls that commits atrocities in the pantheon. Because of this, the Gokaigers were determine to stop Basco and his band of trolls.
  • The Gokaigers also became enemies with the Psycho Rangers due to them being a group of evil ranger teams, this makes worst that Ahim delevop a rivalry with Psycho Pink.
  • As they fought, the Gokaigers made several enemies in the pantheon, such as Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of initiating the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy, Ragyo Kiryuin for messing with her daughters for her own amusement, and Rau Le Creuset for being a warmonger who commits a lot of crimes in his own universe. Because of this, the Gokaigers were determine to stop their evil acts in the pantheon.
  • Marvelous had a conflict of sorts with Kaito Kumon as the Armored Rider's antiheroism and his appearance reminding of himself for a lot of reasons. However, Kaito's motivation of breaking the world's status quo through the Forbidden Fruit has made Marvelous cannot accept Kaito's ways.
  • After she heard the best piano music in a very long time, Ahim wanted to know who the pianist was. After searching she became very good friends with Bulk and Skull.
  • No matter what curry shop he dines in at the House of Food, Marvelous will never finish a bowl of curry in peace. Something will come up.

    Kiritsugu Emiya 
Kiritsugu Emiya, God of Pragmatic Heroes (Kerry, Magus Killer)
  • Theme Song: Magus Killer
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Gun.
  • Alignment: Necessarily Evil (according to Kiritsugu himself), actually Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pragmatic Heroes, Doing what he has to do, Dark and Troubled Past, The Unfettered, Necessarily Evil, Poetic Justice, War Is Hell.
  • Domain: Warfare, Pragmatism, Sacrifices.
  • Allies: Shirou Emiya (his adopted son), Illyasviel von Einzbern (his biological daughter), Archer, Rin Tohsaka, Kamijou Touma, Homura Akemi, Kroak, Martin Walker, Master Chief, Yuji Sakai, Jack Bauer, Raiden, Oriko Mikuni
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Arturia, Kotaro Minami.
  • Enemies: Kotomine Kirei, Johan Liebert,, Melkor, The Vandereich, The Millennium, Monsoon, Gilgamesh, The Huckbein Family, Sundowner, The Joker.
  • He's always known for his most surefire and pragmatic ways to solve problems and defeat evil. No matter how disgusting and dishonorable the method is, so long as it gets the job done. Opinions about him in the Pantheon are kind of... mixed.
  • He finds his ascension to be rather ironic - having openly criticized the Throne of Heroes for taking glory in war, he now finds himself in a literal Pantheon of Heroes. He made it clear that he's not here for the glory, but only for the chance to do the right thing.
  • He's somehow very fond of Homura Akemi for some reason. He cannot figure out why. He's also close to Jack Bauer due to kind of similar method in dealing with what he considered evil, and he likes one of his theme songs for some reasons. For that friendship, Jack has shared some knowledge with Kiritsugu, in particular his interrogation technique.
    • Likewise, he and Master Chief are on good terms, for a similar reason as Jack Bauer as well as their agreement that War Is Hell. While the Chief would definitely like to see Kiritsugu use his methods against the Covenant, he's not so sure he could see him go against Insurrectionists.
  • Usually visits the House of Travel to relax at Inns.
  • As a man who has seen through the hells of war, he develops a good rap with Martin Walker, often sharing stories on how hellish war is and how people should avoid it at all cost. Walker is a bit stunned with Kiritsugu's extreme pragmatism, though, to the point of comparing him of his bloodthirsty part.
  • He made sure that not even his son Shirou knew about his ascension. But the first thing he did when he ascended was to sneak to Shirou's House, and after seeing him doing well on his own and learning about what a hero truly meant... There's just a satisfied smile on Kiritsugu's face.
    • He also knows Archer's identity and always made sure that he gave him a sad, but understanding smile on him.
  • Is considered the bane of MANY Gods and Goddesses in the House of Magic, even Homura. None dared tried to piss him off or get on his bad side. When asked why, most followers would reply with "Does the term Magus Killer ring a bell to you?" Kroak does, however, approve of him and his philosophy.
    • He's still considered a more respectable 'Magus Killer', when compared to some like the Huckebein family. Kiritsugu also has nothing but disgust on that family.
  • Ever since hearing all about Kiritsugu and how he suffers so beautifully as he's forced to lose everything he loves due to his ideals from Kotomine, Melkor is deliberately going out of his way to torment him even further with his forces of the GUAE.
  • His hairstyle is compared to a mortal named Spike Spigel. This has sparked no reaction from the Magus Killer so far. Some gods have actually thought of a line by the words of "See ya, Magus Killer"
  • Sympathizes with Raiden after hearing about his past as a Child Soldier, and having experienced what war can do to a person. Also sympathizes with Yuji Sakai after hearing that he is trying to end a war that has lasted for millenia and the war would eventually end humanity.
  • Arturia will work with him as a last resort. Despite no longer caring about him forcing her to destroy the grail, she still harbors disgust over his dishonorable actions and lack of decency. For his part, Kiritsugu will always consider her someone who is too bound by a romanticized view of war and chivalry to amount too much good in the world.
  • Has been training for his inevitable rematch with Kirei Kotomine. The Grail War may be over, but the bad blood between the two men will never truly quiet.
    • In addition, he has been looking for a way to destroy Araya's apartment complex. Araya has anticipated this however, and has erected new barriers to counter the origin bullet.

     Night Raid 
Night Raidmembers , Assassin Deities of Necessary Evil (Akame: Red Eyed Killer, Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame; Najenda: Boss, The Hunk of the Rebellion (call her that at your own risk); Bulat: the Hundred Man Slayer; Susanoo: the Speed of Lightning)
Not shown: Susanoo and Chelsea

Laharl, God of Noble Demons (Overlord Laharl)
  • Theme Song: "Lord Laharl's Hymn"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scarf and cuffs
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (he insists it's Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlords, Noble Demons, Anti-Love Freaks, Bad Bosses, Those With Unusual Ears, Oedipus Complexes, Masters of the Evil Laugh, Irritable Short Guys, Exploding Penguins
  • Domains: Demonic, Wrath, Rage
  • Followers: Bartimaeus, Gogandantess, Vyers/Mid-Boss/Demon King Krichevskoy (also from Disgaea), Ecliptor
  • Allies: Flonne, Sicily, Oedipus (Oedipus claims to be close allies with him, Laharl denies knowing the guy), Etna (though she's still pissed off at him about the pudding incident), Lamington (as much as he denies it)
  • Rivals: Adell, Mao, Valvatorez, Zetta, Gig
  • Enemies: Shion Sonozaki, Trollkaiger (Bernkastel, Terumi, Izaya, Handsome Jack, Basco), Yoko Littner, the Slimes, Ghirahim
  • Opposed by: Len
  • Frequently seen with Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, but insists that it's just so he can throw the Pantheon of Love off guard and destroy them once and for all. Nobody believes him.
  • Has a very.....complicated....relationship with the Sisterhood. On one hand, he sides with Homura and believes in "Might Makes Right". On the other hand, he protects them because his friend is with them, has a VERY good reason for where his sympathies lie mainly due to emotional trauma suffered from selfless sacrifice (from when he was biologically 4 years old no less), and also thinks the machinations of "The Great Upheaval" went way, WAY too far.
  • Was once on Dante's hit list, but after a rather violent altercation and a stern talking-to from Flonne the demon-hunter decided to just keep an eye on Laharl for now.
  • Due to his great fear of breasts that happens to be above the average size, he has yet to win a fight against the more... endowed female inhabitants of the Pantheon...yet.
    • And then there was that one time he became a rather endowed woman. Trollkaiger are constantly bombarding him with pictures of his sexier alter ego, hoping to see him vomit his own organs out.
    • Then there was the time Shion pulled the "Angel Mort" stunt on him.
  • Would like to tell the Toku Base (especially the Power Rangers) that no, he is NOT related to Rita Repulsa, even though some claim they sound a lot alike.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion to back up Flonne.

     Travis Touchdown 
Travis Touchdown, God of Purposely Unlikeable Protagonists (The Crownless King, The No More Hero)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Rose Nasties.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil at first, currently Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Otaku, Random Power Spikes, Sweet Rides That Reference Star Wars, Rising To The Top of the Ladder, Genre Savvy, Wielders of Laser Blades (which are called "Beam Katanas"), Tigers
  • Domains: Knowledge, Lust, Strength, War, Heroism.
  • Herald: Shinobu (self-appointed apprentice)
  • Followers: Nick Naylor, Rufus
  • Allies: 'Kratos, Kenpachi Zaraki, Bret Hart, Asura, Scott Pilgrim, Luke Skywalker, Deadpool (On a good day),
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Carrot Ironfoundersson
  • Enemies: Mr. Freeze, Pearl Forrester, Steven Armstrong, Charles Britannia
  • Worthy Opponent: Raiden Henry Cooldown'
  • Is currently recognized as the fourth-best combatant in the Pantheon and is trying to requisition the funds for a Ranking Battle with Popeye. Fortunately for the rest of the Pantheon, the House of Commerce is running a series of scams on Travis to ensure he never gets the money.
  • Learned his wrestling skills from a small program in the Hart Dungeon, where he personally trained under Bret Hart. Travis treats his mentor with respect, and has teamed up with him on numerous occasions against other teams in the Pantheon. Also spends time wrestling with the other gods of wrestling fame.
    • When Rey Mysterio made it to the Pantheon, Travis immediately challenged him to a wrestling fight. The House of Commerce immediately went with the side that Rey would trounce him. They were surprised to find that the two ended the battle in a draw. Travis is also helping Rey in expanding his sword collection, hoping to give the luchador a beam katana for "defense". The other Gods shiver in worry.
      • Then, Travis learned that Rey ascended the Masked Luchador out of them all, El Santo. Travis had to keep it together to get Santo's autograph.
  • There is some nutcase who believes Travis created O-Haruhi-Sama. Travis ignores him because doing otherwise would invoke Haruhi's wrath.
  • Is currently training to surpass the more powerful deities in the Pantheon, wishing to become number one.
  • After recently losing to Asura in a sparring match, he has since fallen in the combat rankings. Travis doesn't hold it against him, however, and has joined the multi-armed deity in his venture to finally destroy Gohma Vlitra.
  • Recently became friends with Scott Pilgrim, upon the two of them realizing they had a lot in common. Both are videogame/anime geeks who fought their way through a number of opponents for a girl they liked, while breaking the 4th wall with regularity. Plus, while Scott and Travis were both fairly large dickwads at the beginning of their stories, they both grew out of it by the end. They're still kind of jerks, though.
  • Has a mecha of his own known as "Glastonberry". Unfortunately, it had to be scrapped in order for Travis to make payments for funds.
  • Fought Raiden in a one-on-one match and considers him a Worthy Opponent. Also finds it weird to find his twin brother's voice in Raiden.
  • Despite his lusting over goddesses like Mikuru Asahina (Moe~), he doesn't desire to make advances toward them. In his words, "I feel like a old man in a fucking porno."
  • If one source is any indication, he can live up to at least 140 years old in the mortal realm.

Lesser Gods

     Lord Byron 
Lord Byron, God of Byronic Heroes

     Captain Hammer 
Captain Hammer, God of Arrogant Heroes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A simple hammer, which he notes isn't The Hammer. (It's his penis, by the way).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid (though he insists it's Chaotic Good).
  • Allies: Guy Gardner, The Homelander, Gaston, Superman on a bad day.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Every intellectual hero.
  • Portfolio: Arrogant Superheroes, Jerk Jocks Given Power, Anti-Intellectualism, Idiot Heroes, Flying Bricks
  • Opposed By: Dr. Horrible and the Evil League of Evil, the entire Pantheon of Knowledge, Mister Freeze, Harunobu Madarame, Gunma Kisaragi.
  • While barely accepted as a hero and generally considered a black sheep to the community, Hammer does do his part in antagonizing villains, despite the fact that most of them tend to be ones sympathetic in some ways and his form of "Heroism" is to bully them needlessly.
  • Due to his belief that intelligent people are naturally villainous, Hammer is trying to bring down the Pantheon of Knowledge.
  • His first targets were Chopper and Mordin Solus, which went about as well as you would expect. His recent victim is Harunobu Madarame for being a nerd.
  • Mal has a bone to pick with him - since they both look alike, he gets blamed for some of Hammer's screw-ups.

    E- 123 Omega 
E-123 Omega, God of Those that feel Incomplete (The Ultimate E-Series Robot)

     The Guardians of the Galaxy 
Peter "Star-Lord" Quill, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Gods of the Anti-Hero Team (Guardians of the Galaxy)

     Jimmy Hopkins 
Jimmy Hopkins, God of Bully Hunting

     Sam and Max 
Sam & Max, Gods of Heroic Comedic Sociopathy (President of the United States of America, High Priest of the Sea Monkeys, Little Buddy (Max))
  • Lesser Gods ( The original Max had Greater God/Overdeity powers)
  • Symbol: The Freelance Police Shield
  • Alignment: Chaotic...Something-We-Don't-Know
  • Portfolio: Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Careless Collateral Damage, Cruelty Made Fun, Police of Questionable Authority, Variable Conscience, Talking Animals
  • Domains: Partnership, Banter, Chaos, Freelance Police
  • Allies: Sybil Pandemik, Faust
  • Opposed by: Any villain who takes themselves too seriously, innocent civilians, Senator Armstrong,
  • Followers: Belkar, Dangeresque
  • Feared by: Clu
  • As the only one of the duo with a semi-functioning conscience, Sam adds the "heroic" to Max's "vessel of unbridled sociopathic terror", by pointing the lagomorph in the direction of evil-doers. Neither one will shy away from excessive collateral damage in the pursuit of justice, and as a result an entire wing of Hell is devoted to innocents who've been killed or corrupted in the wake of Sam & Max's gleefully oblivious destruction.
  • Oddly enough, Sam & Max weren't in line for this position. They simply showed up, and happened to complete the three complex rituals necessary to prove their right of ascension. We choose not to investigate what happened to the other candidates and why the parchments smell funny. Sam's promise that he'd let Max beat us with our own kidneys if we don't stop asking questions had little to do with it.
  • Some say that Commissioner Gygax called these two to stick around specifically in case Xanatos makes too great a power play. The actions of Sam & Max cannot be planned nor predicted by anyone, especially those who try make Unwitting Pawns of the pair - as many a thwarted mastermind will attest.
  • Max occasionally plays poker with the Heavy, Tycho, and Strong Bad. Sam also hangs out in the speakeasy the four play in, but has also engaged with some poker with fellow god Ashley Williams, who has shown respect for Sam's adventures in saving the world, Brock Samson, who is a follower of Guy Shishioh, and Claptrap, with GLADOS as the dealer.
  • Max's case has also come into question as he is actually an alternate timeline Max due to the original Max becoming an Eldritch Abomination and destroyed by thousands of missiles. Sam doesn't seem to mind, though.
  • Was great to hear their good friend Sybil entering the Pantheon. Max is still determined that her job should be guilt slinging considering she helped name the trope in question.
  • If they are in the vicinity when a phone starts ringing, RUN. The two will immediately scramble into a mad dash in order to get it and most likely cause a lot of collateral damage when one of them (mostly Sam) finally gets their hands on it.
  • No one knows how Max pulls out all of the inventory he has on him (since he doesn't wear clothes). He'll reply that it's "none of your damn business" if anyone asks.
  • The two have the unique distinction of being the only people that Clu is actually terrified of. The fact that they once destroyed the internet of their world using a biological weapon may have something do with it.


    Bulk and Skull 
Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch, Those Two Gods (Farkas - Bulk, Eugene - Skull)

     Kuniteru Emoto 
Kuniteru Emoto, God of Mulitple Aliases ( Virgo Zodiarts, Tachibana)
  • Demigod (as himself), Lesser God as Tachibana and Intermediate Goddess as Virgo Zodiarts
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (overall), Neutral Evil as Virgo Zodiarts
  • Symbol: The Rabbit Hatch or alternatively: The Astronomical symbol of Virgo (Virgo Zodiarts) or the Kamen Rider Meteor logo (as Tachibana)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Space, Aliases, Evil (sometimes), Jealousy (ashamed)
  • Allies: The Kamen Rider Club (Gentaro Kisaragi, Kengo Utahoshi, Yuki Jojima, Miu Kazashiro, JK, Shun Daimonji, Tomoko Nozama, Ryusei Sakuta), Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, the Toku Base.
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, Natsuji Kijima.
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima.
  • Ascended as the good counterpart of Sou Fueki and also because of his Heroic Sacrifice to the Kamen Rider Club after accepting Gentaro's hand of friendship. Has dedicated his cause to bring the GUAE down as a way of redeeming himself for his sins. The Kamen Rider Club was shocked that Emoto would do such a thing as it is, but they have forgiven him of his crimes and am glad that he can start anew.
  • Has told many of the Showa-era Kamen Riders that he is not in any relation to Tobei Tachibana; he just took the name as a tribute. Also should not be confused with Sakuya Tachibana.
  • Has three 'persona': a bumbling scientist, an astronaut with a Daft Punk inspired mask, or his Virgo Zodiarts form. Despite this, he is always on the side of good, despite his aliases.
  • Was horrified beyond belief upon learning about the alternate world where Gentaro Kisaragi turned evil and was even more shocked when he learned that Mitsuzane Kureshima—a former member in the House of Ambiguity—wanted to send Gentaro into despair. While he hates to use his Zodiarts powers, he feels like has no choice when it comes to both the Darkness Proxy and the Friendship Asylum. He's currently preparing a strategy with the Kamen Rider Club to put an end to this.
    • However, his perception towards Micchy has changed because the latter atoned for his sins.