Pantheon: Ambiguity

aka: Neutrality
Welcome to the House of Ambiguity. In ages past, this was originally the House of Heroes, a paradise for the best of the best, where sweet wine flowed from elaborate fountains and adoring fans catered to tired crusaders for good, a place of relaxation and celebration where no evil and very few neutral feet dared to tread. It was where the defenders of the weak went to unwind, where the most empathic went to spend a little time away from angst, where a hero could just have a bit of guilt-free fun and take a load off, free of woes. In its heyday, it was the most appealing House in the Pantheon.

All things must come to an end. Sickened with the fetid hovel that was the House of Villains, a place infested with fleas and bastard understudies where the food was always burned or sulfurous, and where the cushions had lumps, those who sided with Evil banded together and revolted. This started the Pantheon's second great war, which raged within all the Houses and consumed nearly all who were not Neutral. There were casualties on every side, and most of the Houses existing at the time were decimated. Both sides appealed to Dream until at last He hit the Reset Button, and decreed that the Houses of Heroism and Villainy were to be merged, now stop bothering Him.

This was long enough ago that very few of today's deities were there to see it. Today the House used to accept heroes and villains alike, as well as a handful with the Neutral alignment. It was neither particularly luxurious nor unpleasant - a visitor looking for those aspects is directed to the House of Love or the sad slums of the self-exiled Fallen. Infighting was prevalent in this house, although not to quite the extent of House of War. The only reason why the whole place wasn't been completely demolished is thanks to the fact that no matter how catastrophic the fight, and no matter how many heroes and villains were involved, nothing ever changes.

Due to a decree by the Creators, the house was resplit, with only the neutral remaining here (for now). The House of Ambiguity is currently ruled by "The Council of Three" consisting of Guts, Mr. Freeze, and Lambdadelta, with Wreck-it-Ralph being the mediator of this house.

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The Council of Three

The Three Guards of the House of Ambiguity.

Guts, God of Antiheroism (The Hundred-Man Slayer, The Black Swordsman)

     Mr. Freeze 
Victor Fries, God of Antivillainy (Mr. Freeze)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Doll dancing in a Snow Globe.
  • Weapon of Choice: Freeze Ray
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Highly Sympathetic Villains, Tragic Figures, Those Unable to Feel Emotions, Adaptation Distillation, Mad Scientists.
  • Domains: Cold, Destruction, Entropy, Retribution.
  • Followers: Killer Frost
  • Allies: Captain Cold, Ice King
  • Friendly Enemies With: Batman (Fries himself doesn't want to admit it), Zuko, Suzaku Kurugi, N Harmonia, Reptile
  • Fries used to share this position with Zuko, until the latter jumped off the slippery slope in reverse.
  • Fries hardly considers his Godhood a blessing, as despite his lofty position, his repeated appeals to the House of Life and Death end in rejection because, "You're just too interesting." As of such, Victor has only withdrawn into his temple more and more, most likely to dwell in his icy inner sanctum, sad that even here, he can never truly save Nora.
  • As the God of the Anti Villains, Victor recieves a good deal of sympathy from the heroes in the Pantheon, particularly from Batman, who visits every so often to try and comfort his Rogue. Victor coldly turns him away most of the time, as his Despair Event Horizon prevents him from ever truly thawing to the side of good.
    • He will never give up on trying to save his wife. His need to keep hope is why he has decided to protect Madoka in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • In truth, there are several incarnations of him. However, more recent incarnations of him have been cast out, due to their more flat characterizations, or Retcons that render the original excuse useless.
    • Which leads that this Mister Freeze is his Pre-New 52 self, with shades of his animated incarnation.
  • Currently holds the 2nd seat on the "Council of Three".
  • Deadpool keeps pestering Victor about making Ice-related puns. Even freezing his mouth together doesn't shut Wade up from making constant requests.

Lambdadelta, Goddess of Wild Card Morality (Witch of Certainty)
  • Lesser Goddess (or so she'd let you believe)
  • Symbol: A pair of pumpkin earrings over a pink hat.
  • Alignment: An extremely unpredictable, ambiguous flavor of True Neutral, leaning towards chaos.
  • Portfolio: Unpredictable Morality, Gravity Manipulation, Trolling, Obfuscating Stupidity, Awesome but Impractical Abilities, Story Breaker Powers, Causing Trouble For Her Own Amusement, having her own standards against pointless despair (because they aren't amusing), liking those who work hard, Blue and Orange Morality.
  • Domains: Trickery, Magic.
  • Superior: Ryukishi 07.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Rika Furude, Oyashiro-Sama, The Puella Magi (mainly on their part, she doesn't seem to care), Terumi, Perfectio, Nyarlathotep.
  • Trying to make her pick a side in the battle between the GUAG and GUAE is completely pointless since as a very capricious individual, anything she does is purely motivated by amusement and boredom.
    • She does however dislike pointlessly heart-rending despair happy actions, claiming that they're not amusing.
    • Said dislike for pointless despair caused her to become angry when a plot to permanantly kill off Madoka got discovered. In her words, that's not funny. Thus did she gain motivation to take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion", much to the shock of The Sisterhood. She still trolls them for lulz, because that's funny.
  • Being a witch, the Puella Magi view her as a major threat. Her reputation for being an exceptionally powerful witch does make them think carefully regarding potential attacks. On her part, she's content on simply trolling unless provoked directly.
  • Is currently on the third seat of the "Council of Three"
  • Her one unchanging truth is that she despises slackers and likes hard workers. It might explain why she likes Naruto's company.
  • Due to his ablitiy to drain magic, which as a witch she uses heavily, she fears Lord Tirek just as badly as Bernkastel does and takes care not to be anywhere near him.

The Mediator

     Wreck-It Ralph 
Ralph, God of Punch Clock Villainy (Wreck-It Ralph, Fuck-It-Up Francis, Crush-It Chris, Destroy-It Dennis, Break-It Bernie, Crack-It Carl, Annihilation Anderson, Punch-It Paul, Bang-It Burnette, Slap-It Samantha, the Dick Smasher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An 8-bit version of his face (alternatively, Vanellope's special cookie medal)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but considers himself a Necessary Evil due to his job. When on the job, he's Neutral Evil.
  • Catch Phrase: "I'm gonna wreck it!"
  • Portfolio: Villany as a job, not technically a villain but casted as one anyway, being a gentle and nice person who will tear stuff up if you hurt people he loves, being incredibly strong, barefoot, getting into a ton of trouble, accidentally destroying things, very durable, the one who places the plot in motion, wrecking things to solve any problem., chasing after bullies
  • Domain: Villains/Heroes, Video Games, Destruction, Protection.
  • Follower: the Turks.
  • Allies: Vanellope Von Schweetz and Fix-It Felix Jr., Jack Skellington, Donkey Kong, Brian Mills, Jade and Tohru, Axel, Shrek
  • Enemies: All gods in the Houses of Hatred (except Eren Yeager) and Villains, Ghestis Harmonia and Relius Clover,
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gangrel and Luna Vachon (One-sided)
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after the events of his movie. He was happy to have received such a title, but still continues to do his job as the villain despite that, as it "is his duty," and in his programming to a degree.
  • Is very protective of his friend Vanellope Von Schweetz. Woe to anyone who harms her, as this is one of the few things that will set him on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. With the likes of Trollkaiger waiting in the wings, he has doubled his efforts to ensure that they don't get their sick hands on her.
    • That said, once he ascended, the first thing he did was ask the Gods to give Vanellope her own place so the two could always hang out. After reviewing her profile, they gave Vanellope her own place in the House of Gaming. The two met with hugs and insults.
  • Has been seen in something called "Bad-Guy Anon" with other gods like Zangief, Bowser and M. Bison to help go through his times as a villain "One game at a time".
    • The Bad-Guy Anon's Badass Creed: "I'm bad and that's good. I'll never be good and that's not bad. There's no one else I'd rather be...than me."
  • Despite being a "bad guy", general consensus among the Grand United Alliance of Good is that he's not all that "bad" a "guy". In fact, several members have gone to Ralph to offer him a place in their army, since his mighty fists and good leanings means he's actually a bit more of a good guy. Ralph for his part though has declined most invitations, on the grounds that without guys like him, what good would the Pantheon be without someone to oppose the good guys?
    • After hours, though, he's quite happy to hang out with members of the GUAG, and is actually fun to be around. It's only when he's on the job that he's 'evil'.
      • It should be noted though that despite being God of the Punch Clock Villain, Ralph actually is VERY uneasy around the members of the GUAE, as he keeps telling some of the others that they "enjoy their jobs a little too much". This earns him weird looks from the more vile members, so he actually spends quite a bit of time away from the GUAE, unless he's called upon to do a job for them. He then decided to make his own temple in the House of Ambiguity, feeling that he'd be more at ease amongst the other gods here (and also because they've been requesting a babysitter to keep an eye on the Cutie Mark Crusaders)
      • Eventually, Ralph managed to find out the cause of this, since he recalled that back home, bad guys were just 'doing their job'. Within the Pantheon, influences of other medias where bad guys are really bad have been rather dominant compared to his Arcade origins, that it has affected some of his old friends that he visited in Bad Guys Anon (such as M. Bison), some say the more nefarious non-Arcade beings in the Pantheon were behind the cause (such as Nyarlathotep, Diablo, Griffith, Johan Liebert, to name a few...). There's literally nothing Ralph could do to reverse this, but to hold the memories of how they were like in his origin world.
  • Incidentally, Ralph's main job for the villains is breaking things the Alliance of Good has created. He has been called to do combat duty a few times, but due to his dislike of actually wrecking people, he only does that job reluctantly. And in actual battles, he's been known to run around shouting, "When did being a god become so violent and scary!!!!?????"
    • When he went to the House of Ambiguity, he cut most of his ties to the GUAE. He will meet up with his Bad-Guy Anonymous pals every now and then, but other than that he's on the side of good...villainy is his job, yes, but his relationships with Felix and Vanellope come first.
  • Gained a strange friendship with Jack Skellington due to them having similar stories (tired of doing their job, wishing to do something more then going back to their jobs with renewed vigor). Vanellope finds Mr. Skellington very interesting, although Ralph is a bit weary when it comes to Jack's curiosity getting the best of him.
  • When he's not in his temple, or on the job with Fix-It Felix Jr., he's carving massive tunnels throughout the Pantheon and helping demolishing old temples. He also relaxes at Moe's tavern every now and then. Found good drinking buddies in The Shield, who are interested in getting Gangrel off of Ralph's back....except they just can't figure out what the vampire's done.
  • Gets very uneasy at the site of The Runaway Guys, Mat and Pat and Roahm Mythril. It's not because they're video game players (he's actually amazed at their skills), but he's worried about what happens if they ever figure out the power of the Konami Code seeing as it ruined Vanellope's life in the first place.
  • Gets along well with Donkey Kong, mostly due to Ralph having some similarities with the giant ape. The two are devastating in fights whenever they start chucking barrels at evil-doers.
  • Has recently become the House of Ambiguity's mediator. His jobs include: teaming up with Jimmy Hopkins against bullies, resolving fights between the Ashleys and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, cleaning up the messes between Bulk and Skull and Sam and Max, finding jobs for the Enforcers, and talking to the Council of Three in regards to helping ascend new gods to the House. He's respected Kevin's wish to not bring his car to the House, seeing as the last time Ralph did that...the only thing that could be heard in a 50 mile radius was "MY RIDE!"
    • Has made an 'uneasy' partnership with Gangrel and Luna. When they're not vampires, the two are friendly (and friendly is being used loosely) and consider Ralph good company. Ralph has also been the one to bring Edge, Christian and both Matt and Jeff Hardy into this house whenever Gangrel thinks its time for The Brood to get back together since it is his job to play the bad guy and all.
  • Vanellope once introduced Ralph to her friends, Jade and Tohru. Ralph got along with them instantly, because Jade reminded him so much of Vanellope (although even he has trouble with Jade and her recklessness) and Tohru also was similar to him in the "Bad guy/Good guy" department. Jade and Vanellope have plenty of play dates while Ralph and Tohru often meditate about the differences of heroism and villainy or just spar with one another.
  • After learning about Mitsuzane's descent into madness, Ralph learned and saw Takatora Kureshima ascend. Ralph also had some words to say about how Takatora just deliberately let his brother become evil, causing more harm than good. Takatora had to concede—after all, Ralph was taller and way more stronger than he was.
  • Became friends with Axel after they got along, due to their similar personalities and jobs. Axel even comes over to help Ralph babysit on occasion, though often with little success.

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