Overly Long Name: Web Original

  • The Knight Exemplars of Lord of Dragons all have these sorts of names: Robespierre de Fortescue Von Garamond-Lily the Murderer of Eighty-Seven Babies And An Adorable Puppy, Guy de Verigengen Van Gervenger-Vergenven-Geodendag the Vicious Attacker of Grannies With Bags Of Shopping And Zimmer Frames, and Hector de Payens-Wayans-Rochefort-Wensleydale Smyth-Smith-Culverin-Willoughby-Wallaby-Wallace the Third, who has no title as his name is too long anyway.
  • Played for Laughs in the NostalgiaCritic's Godzilla review. There is a running gag in the video that noone can pronounce one of the characters names
    NC Mr. Testosterone-
    Nick: It's Tatopoulos.
    NC Mr. Tapdancelous-
    Nick: It's Tatopoulos.
    NC (voiceover): So after that we see Audrey, as she comes across Mr. Tackanovahumpashirerickydickyhamstermasterpollywollywannabingbangsupercalifragilisticnickknackpaddywhackgiveadogabananafannafofrescahickorydickoryhocketypocketywocketyangelinafrancescathethird
    Nick: It's Tatopoulos!
    NC (voiceover): Whatever.
  • In The Leet World, the leader of the terrorists' little backyard band has his name standing at five words: Cortez Amelio Alejandro Jesus Cardinal.
  • Homestar Runner has Fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf. This holds the dubious record of the longest string of consonants in the series - sixteen to be exact. Strong Bad managed to pronounce the whole thing once, but quickly shortened it to Fhqwhgads because in the time it took him to say that, he could have made a painting of a guy with a big knife.
    • Also from Homestar Runner: Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat!
    • Upon receiving an email from a fellow named Em, Strong Bad assumes it must be short for something: Embrodak, Emerson, Emtarkanderundergunderson...
    • Old-Timey Strong Bad likewise receives a telegram from Lord Elsington Hallsdingdingsworth.
    • One of Strong Bad's alter egos is a female newspaper columnist named Cara Carabowditbowdit.
  • The Questport Chronicles has this in spades, until it's practically become a Running Gag.
  • The second episode of Lego Pirate Misadventures has the guys run into a "Stereotypical Islander Guy" named Oogydoogbergsonmargolatitudekaypainkismitelephantlatrinetweaksmithpassportmoisttoiletteninetytwonincorbluepoquipsibowlinggreendelsinatraartistformallyknownasooganderson, though the following episode simplified it as "Oogey Boogson".
    • His father's name is even worse. Oogydoogbergsonmargolatitudekaypainkismitelephantlatrinetweaksmithpassportmoisttoiletteninetytwonincorbluepoquipsibowlinggreendelsinatraartistformallyknownasooganderson is about forty-five now, his dad's been telling him his name since he he was three.
  • Psycomedia discusses various long-named psychologists, most prominently Csikszentmihalyi.
  • In the Orion's Arm universe, one archailect has a name described as "apparently a mathematical real function consisting of no less than 46.3 sextillion terms; it is believed there is some short representation but none has been found by lower toposophic entities, although one posthuman observer claimed that it was simply a Taylor polynomial approximation of the sine function around x = 2 ^ 1e+(1e+(1e+100))"
  • Giselle's full name in Toki and Doki: Sisters Reunited is Giselle Opal Diamond Peridot Lazuli Ruby Sapphire Topaz Turquoise Amber Amethyst Beryl Aquamarine Emerald Garnet Quartz Tourmaline Agate Cameo Ivory Zicronia Onyx Alumina Azure Citrine Spodumene Fauna Jade Marcasite Almondine Amber Fluorite Moonstone Ametrine Rhodolite Sphene Ione Iolite Aventurine Diopside Amazonite Alexandrite Nuumite Andesine Axinite Orthoclase Pearl Carnelian Pieterisite Charoite Chalcedony Chrysoberyl Rutile Chrysoprase Clinohumite Diaspore Serpentine Coral Danburite Goshenite Grossularite Sunstone Sugilite Idocrase Tashmarine Tanzanite Matrix Jadeite Tsavorite Jaspera Sardonyx Silver Copper Platinum Gold Bloodstone Botticelli

    • On that vein, while not nearly as long (from what we've read), Precious full name is Precious Angelique Marie Margaux Merlotte Yvette Elizabeth Bethesda Mina Fleur Adelaida Lucille Belle Bijou Cheri Antoinetta Violetta Gisellia Begonia Geranium Genevieve Francheska Charlotte Tulipe Neige Elise Rose Rouge Ulrike Camille Elle Ella Rosemarie Evangeline Angeline Chastete Blanche Glace Pointue Irene Chartreuse Hortensia Hortense Lafayette Lafayetta and so on DeBours'e
      • Those are just a couple we hear, apparently, the artist liked to write long names.
  • Ultra Fast Pony, "So Random":
    Cranky: My name be Crankydoodledinkledonkeydoodledee, the Fourth, but you can just call me Crankydoodledinkledonkeydoodledee, The.
    Pinkie: No, that's stupid. I'ma just call you Cranky.