Our Vampires Are Different / Advertising

  • Rare commercial version: A famous Rayban commercial suggested that seeing direct sunlight was what harmed vampires. It showed a group of them gathered on a seawall, watching the sun rise over the ocean; it's only when one fails to put on his shades (and suffers the consequences) that we find out what they are. Maybe it wasn't the seeing of sunlight. Maybe the glasses were just that good.
  • Reactolite did the same in England. Count Dracula no longer dies when people throw open the curtains, as he wears Reactolite Rapides.
  • A 2012 commercial for Audi had the attendees of a vampire party wiped out by the car's incredibly bright headlights. One of the victims is the driver.
  • An ad from 1993 shows how "a Count" likes to eat his Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: "I like to eat the peanut butter... first."
  • A 1994 Energizer commercial featured Dracula going after the Energizer Bunny's battery...and locking himself out of his own castle. Just as he gets the key out from under the mat, the sun comes up. "Oh, great." *POOF*
  • A 2013 Nutri-Grain Fruit Crunch bar commercial features a family of vampires who suddenly love mornings because of said product. They have pale, white skin and Transylvanian accents and wear completely black clothing. They also seem to lack reflections.
  • One Geico commercial shows a very, very excited Count Dracula working a blood drive—complete with pale skin, Romanian formal garb, and visible fangs. Otherwise he appears to be unfazed being out in the daytime or under fluorescent lights.
  • Count Chocula is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who doesn't seem to have any of the traditional powers or weaknesses of regular vampires, except the ability to change into a bat. And he's afraid of ghosts.
  • Virgin Games gambling website has a series of adverts involving a teenage Friendly Neighborhood Vampire struggling to cope with his unlife, particularly with all his innate weaknesses. Garlic burns him, he can't go into shops without being invited and can only sunbathe during a downpour.