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One Piece: Tropes E-F
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Tropes for One Piece

  • Early-Bird Cameo: Nami, introduced during the Buggy arc in the manga, appeared in the first episode of the anime, even before main character Luffy.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The two prototype versions of "Romance Dawn" are markedly different from the final version of One Piece. For one thing, adventurous pirates are called Peace Mains, and raping-and-pillaging pirates are called Morganeers. There's also a conspicuous lack of Calling Your Attacks.
    • Also, Luffy's fight with Zoro at Whiskey Peak. It's been made clear lately that Luffy would do anything to protect his crew and he believes in them completely, so it seems kind of odd now that he instantly attacked Zoro for supposedly killing a bunch of strangers who fed them (who were actually assassins) without even asking him about it first.
  • Easily Distracted Referee: The Groggy Ring, to the point where the ref, who was a Foxy pirate, decided to do his stretching exercises while Foxy's Groggy Monsters pulled out everything from giant clubs to sword-soled shoes.
  • Easily Forgiven: Averted pretty hard in regards to Usopp leaving the crew.
    • Nami didn't exactly believe Hatchan when he said he changed his ways at first, either, though she still treated him pretty decently since she knows from experience that he was the least evil and most pathetic of Arlong's crew. Averted quite nicely for everyone, for the most part; in this series, the good guys aren't unreasonable, but if you throw yourself on their mercy, be damn sure you deserve it.
    • Also played with in regards to Nami and Jinbe. The latter apologizes to her for indirectly allowing Arlong to terrorize her hometown and was willing to accept punishment for what he had done. However Nami stopped him and said it was Arlong that she will not forgive and she doesn't harbour any hate towards him or any other fishmen.
  • Eat the Dog: Sanji has suggested joked that Chopper should be emergency rations. The first time they met, Sanji started reciting recipes for venison.
    • In an OVA, Luffy and Sanji, while recuperating from injuries, get hungry and really try to eat Chopper.
    • In the Crossover with Toriko, this is Toriko's first thought upon meeting Chopper.
      • Although he thankfully changes his mind upon realizing that Chopper is a Talking Animal.
  • Egocentric Team Naming: the group of pirates the series follows is called the Straw Hat Pirates, even though Luffy, the captain, is the only one who wears a straw hat. This goes for most other pirates, who are either named after the captain (Whitebeard Pirates, Kidd Pirates, Buggy Pirates) or an attribute of the captain that no other crewmember has (Spade Pirates, Red-Haired Pirates, Firetank Pirates). Less often, a pirate crew has a name that actually covers the whole crew rather than just the captain.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Lily Carnation's true form from Movie 6, Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Imagine a cross between a fleshy version of Exdeath's tree form and a mishmash of the pre-Water 7 Straw Hat crew (Minus Luffy). Though it was more likely because of his crew's fate than what it actually looked like, even Luffy was terrified of this thing.
    • Possibly that thing at the end of the Thriller Bark arc. To put it in perspective, Thriller Bark is the largest Pirate ship in the world, the size of an island. This thing made it look miniscule in comparison.
  • Eldritch Location: The Grand Line, particularly the New World, has various locations that pretty much throw the laws of physics out the port hole.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Perona
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: Used a few times when fighting Logias are concerned. Crocodile can't dissolve into sand if he's wet, Eneru's lightning has no effect on Luffy's rubber body, fire ties with smoke, and Akainu can punch through Ace's stomach because his lava is hotter than Ace's flames.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: The Logia Devil Fruit users. Though it's not just limited to the classical elements from various mythological traditions such as Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Spirit, Void, Wood, Metal but also includes anything that comes from nature (e.g. smoke, sand, magma, lightning, etc.)
    • Strangely, not all Logia users turn into things that come from nature; the movie character Gasparde, for example, is a Logia user that turns into candy syrup.
    • The strangest Logia of all, though, has to be Simon, the Big Bad of a videogame, who turns into sheets of paper.
  • Elseworlds: The various omakes released with the data books often take this route. So far, they've portrayed the Straw Hats as middle-aged housewives, mythological creatures, members of The Mafia, fairy tale characters, and even parodies of the classic American superhero.
    • Several anime fillers also seem to run in an alternate timeline with the characters being put into a Feudal Japan setting.
  • Emotional Bruiser
  • Empathic Environment: The arrival of a huge wave causes several background characters to smash into the ground when Luffy makes the ridiculously ballsy announcement that he'll be commandeering a Galley-La ship in the Water 7 arc.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Lucci, Kaku and Kalifa, who were already top assassins and spies before earning Devil Fruit powers.
  • Ending Theme: Averted as of season seven of the anime. The credits are instead added to the openings, which are now 2:30 long
  • End of an Age / Dawn of an Era: Seems to have happened with the conclusion of the Marineford Arc. A "new era", foreshadowed for some time, has come to pass; but whether it means the end of dreams or the dawn of dreams remains to be seen.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: Whitebeard's powers, which involve creating earthquakes that can conjure massive tsunamis and shatter islands, could cause this due to the One Piece world being one gigantic ocean with a few islands here and there. Now that the power is in the hands of Blackbeard, the threat is much worse considering how he is much less morally conscious than Whitebeard was and has far less control over it.
  • The End... Or Is It?: The Thriller Bark arc ends with the Rolling Pirates sailing out of the Florian Triangle celebrating Moria's defeat and the destruction of his zombie army by the Straw Hat Pirates. The Florian Triangle is safe for ships again right? Cue an enormous fucking silhouette of a scary-ass monster-thing (with red-eyes and sharp teeth), appearing in the fog behind their ship...
    • In an anime-only moment, Law and Kid's fight with the Pacifista, which isn't shown in the manga, ends with them finally smashing it into the ground. Then its eyes light up and it just stands up again as if nothing had happened. Oh, Crap.
  • Enemy Civil War: Implied that it's precisely this that maintains the tenuous Balance of Power. Lack of unity is the only thing that keeps the Four Emperors from becoming an even greater threat than they are already, though this can also apply to a lesser extent to the Marines and the Seven Warlords of the Sea (and even amongst the Warlords themselves).
    • The Marines are the faction with the greatest unity, following the rule of "Absolute Justice". However, it's clear that some of the officers don't give a crap about justice and just want the perks that come with their power. And then there are those that only follow their own personal brand of "Justice".
  • Enemy Mine: Pretty much the entire Impel Down and Marineford arcs, where Luffy has teamed with Buggy the Clown, Mr. 3, Crocodile, and Mr. 1. Not that it helped him.
    • Post-timeskip, Caribou gets on their ship while fighting a kraken and decides to help the crew by suggesting Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji coat themselves with bubble when Luffy refused to escape. The reason for that is simply survival, as he betrays them right after the threat passed.
    • On Punk Hazard, Luffy enters into an alliance with Trafalgar Law, who had done a "Freaky Friday" Flip on several members of his crew mere chapters earlier. Luffy doesn't really see it this way, though; he thinks Law is a stand-up fellow regardless of the mishap (which he found absolutely hilarious). The rest of his crew sees it for what it is.
    • Also on Punk Hazard, the Straw Hats and Law have to form a temporary alliance with the G-5 Marines to save the children kidnapped by Caesar Clown and escape the island safely.
  • Engineered Public Confession: After accidentally pressing the gold denden mushi, Spandam brings out the other one that he meant to press. Without turning it off, he ends up telling everyone on the island that he thinks their lives are worthless. No one is amused, even less when he pretends that it's Luffy who was talking and not him.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: The reason Ivankov agreed to break out of Impel Down and help Luffy rescue Ace is because, having learned that Luffy was the son of the mysterious Dragon, logically assumed the same to be true of Ace, as well.
    • Chopper's hunt for the amiudake mushroom in his flashback resulted from Dr. Hiriluk teaching Chopper to associate the skull-and-crossbones with the indomitable spirit of pirates instead of with poison.
  • The Epic: AND HOW! The manga premiered August 16, 1997 and was planned for just five years. It's taken nearly 600 chapters to just reach what could be considered the middle of the story.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: In Baroque Works, Crocodile had hired a black man, a flamboyant transvestite, old people, and every male member of his team has a completely equal female partner, including himself. Sure he may be evil, but at least he isn't prejudiced! Well, the transvestite doesn't have a partner. He considered himself his own partner in that regard.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Commander "Sorry kid. Looks like my pants ate your ice cream" Smoker, in his Pet the Dog moment with a little girl before giving her a handful of cash to buy another ice cream.
    • Luffy's appearance in both the manga and anime defines his personality and approach towards life. In the manga, as a child, he gives himself a scar on the cheek to show how tough he is and smiling about it afterwards. The anime has Luffy bursting out a barrel and cheerfully exclaiming what a nice nap he had.
    • Zoro's first appearance is being tied to a pole, starving for more than a week because he killed a Marine's pet wolf to protect a little girl. He later eats said little girl's rice ball, despite it being stepped on and the girl adding too much sugar into it, and asks Luffy to tell her that it tastes good.
    • The first thing Admiral Akainu does on-screen is blow up a ship of evacuees that the Marines promised to spare, with the justification that there was a slim chance that a criminal may be aboard. And this was in Robin's backstory, twenty years ago.
    • Sanji is shown serving Fullbody and his date, while making advances towards the date. When Fullbody purposely spills the soup Sanji has made on the floor, Sanji beats him up as wasting food is Sanji's Berserk Button.
    • The first thing Dracule Mihawk, the world's greatest swordsman, does is cut a massive galleon into thirds.
    • Admiral Aokiji's first major act was freezing an entire ocean to let an old man cross to his people. His second act was letting the rest of the crew go in exchange for facing Luffy.
    • Admiral Kizaru's first act was going after the pirates who attacked a Celestial Dragon, but our first proper look at him has him ride in on a cannonball and ask some pirates if they've seen someone he's looking for.
    • Brook's first moment on screen is him singing what sounds like a creepy song, while apparently drinking tea. It is suitably disturbing.
    • Boa Hancock's first moment on screen is of her kicking a puppy.
    • Jimbei is in jail for refusing to fight Whitebeard.
    • Ace's is him asleep at the bar. just as Luffy is prone to do.
    • Ivankov's moment is him dancing on stage... to a room full of transvestites.
  • Eternal Hero: The Will of D.
  • Evasive Fight Thread Episode: Happens multiple times in the Marineford arc.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • When the pirate after Ace and Sabo's stolen treasure is beating 7 year old Luffy with spiked gloves, one of his subordinates begs him to stop, because even he thinks it's too cruel, and he can't bear to watch it.
    • Earlier on in the series, we're introduced to Captain Morgan's son Helmeppo, who is a spoiled, arrogant Jerk Ass and has no problem with bullying prisoners, lying to townspeople, and using his father's status to his advantage. He is genuinely horrified, though, when his dad orders him to kill a child. He gets a Heel-Face Turn later on.
    • And don't forget Rob Lucci being all "wtf no" at Spandam beating up a helpless, restrained Robin.
    • Surprisingly, it was revealed that Akainu spared Aokiji after emerging victorious from their death match over who would become the Fleet Admiral and the latter vehemently opposing the former's ideals and promotion. Jinbe lampshades this, noting that even Akainu couldn't face his previous ally without some sympathy.
    • The G-5 Marines are pretty nasty, torturing pirates just for fun. However, when they mistakenly assumed that Smoker was accusing them of covering up cases of children being kidnapped, even they were pissed off, saying that even though they were army rejects, they still had their pride as Marines.
    • Diamante doesn't have any love for Rebecca and is implied to have killed her mother but he won't tolerate a group of gladiators accusing Rebecca of cheating when she won her block within the rules.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Boa Hancock and Alvida, to an extent. Given the nature of her Devil Fruit power, this proves quite useful to Hancock.
    • More than just the girls, with Hancock. She's used her "the target must lust for you" petrification attack successfully on snakes.
      • Snakes? Pff. Snails!
      • Snails? Pff. Freakin' cannonballs in mid-flight that immediately lose all forward momentum!
    • One of CP9's operatives, Kalifa, gets this reaction from Nami before their fight in Enies Lobby.
    Nami: She's so sexy! I want her as my secretary! Wait, what am I saying? I'm not a guy!
  • Even the Guys Want Him: "White Horse" Cavendish, the "Prince Pirate" and Captain of the Beautiful Pirates. Not only does he have women dropping at his feet, but he manages to attract the admiration of several male gladiators in the armory at Corrida Colosseum.
  • Everybody Lives: Oh, so much. Pretty much any character that has a name is unlikely to die, no matter what the circumstances are. Examples are plentiful with the Straw Hat Crew alone; were they not citizens living in a World of Badass, they would have died a VERY long time ago.
    • Examples of those not in the Straw Hat Crew include Buggy and Wapol, who survived being sent flying by Luffy so hard that they became Twinkles in the Sky (and have both made themselves very successful since); Arlong, who survived being beaten up by Luffy and buried beneath the rubble of a skyscraper (though he is now incarcerated); Dalton, who survived being shot with arrows and buried beneath an avalanche; Pagaya, Laki, Wyper, and Gan Fall, who survived being electrocuted with over a million volts each (and special credit to Wyper, who also survived using a Dangerous Forbidden Technique three times); and Spandam, who survived being smashed with an elephant and, oh yes, having his spine cracked until it snapped in two (though he was last seen in a full-body cast). Then, post-Time Skip, some of the more dramatic reveals include Bentham, a.k.a. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, who was last seen facing off alone against a group of armed guards and a man who had effortlessly sent Luffy to death's door several chapters prior. He somehow survives, and is currently living in a secret location in The Alcatraz unknown to the warden and guards; and Bellamy, who was last seen being punished in a seemingly fatal way by his boss, Donquixote Doflamingo. Four hundred and one chapters later, he's to be alive and well, albeit with a scar.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: The island of Little Garden is populated with Dinosaurs and other prehistoric Creatures. Also the pirate Captain X. Drake, who can turn into a tyrannosaurus due to having eaten a rare Ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: Nefertari Vivi; Boa Hancock; Shirahoshi.
    • Interestingly, the former doesn't like acting regal and even dressed in casual clothing, after she was exposed. The latter, ironically, is in actuality an empress, and given her vanity and ego, how she named herself, or allowed her subjects to nickname her the "Snake Princess" is a mystery. Oh wait, she's called the "Pirate Empress" as well?! That's an even more grandiose title than anyone who will own One Piece! And she has both titles!? Nice to see some royalty is humble, huh(?)
    • Then again, she's an empress who is also a pirate, so put two and two together and... yeah.
    • Let's not forget Hancock's other official title of Warlord of the Sea.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: If we tried to list every instance of this trope, we'd be here all day. However, Mr. 2 should be noted as a particularly big believer in this trope.
    • Also how Usopp/Sogeking's "Kabuto" sling-shot works when shot.
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies On Thriller Bark, we end up with zombies that are not only hilarious, but at one point do a dance number that needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Everything's Even Worse with Sharks: Arlong, with Hodi Jones following in his example much later in the series. Jinbe is a subversion. Unless you fuck with Whitebeard. Then it's definitely played straight.
    • And since one of Zoro's motifs is that of a shark, this trope applies to him.
  • Everything's Funkier with Disco: Zombie Night!
  • Evil Counterpart: Like Luffy, Blackbeard carries the "D" name, wants to be Pirate King, encourages others to follow their dreams, and is gradually getting stronger and building his crew as he goes. Unlike Luffy, well... Luffy's nakama are all Determinators; Blackbeard's crew believes in the cruel workings of fate. Luffy's nakama stick by him no matter what; Blackbeard's crew contemplate ditching him if his plans fail. Luffy is a Magnetic Hero; Blackbeard acquires subordinates via cage matches. Luffy gets serious in a fight and smiles at death; Blackbeard grins evilly in battle and screams hysterically at the prospect of dying. Luffy never interferes in another's fight (or asks for assistance); Blackbeard has his crew finish his dirty work for him. The list goes on.
    • Buggy is definitely an evil counterpart to Luffy. For one thing, their names are somewhat similar, but more importantly, their Devil Fruit powers are similar in effect but fundamentally opposite and provide invulnerability to opposite kinds of attacks; Buggy is immune to being cut (while cutting is one of the only ways to injure Luffy) and Luffy is immune to blunt force (which is one of the only things that can injure Buggy). They also share rather similar ideals and goals, though Buggy had put his on hold in favor of being the big fish in a small pond until Luffy defeated him.
    • Blackbeard's new recruit and ex-Head Gaoler of Impel Down Shilew has several similarities to Zoro. Both are swordsmen and both were put on the death row before joining their captains. Shilew's past as a ex-jailor parallels Zoro's past as a ex-bounty hunter.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: Dr. Indigo, member of the Flying Pirates, is the one responsible for the experiments to create Shiki's army of mutated animals.
  • Evil Old Folks: The Five Elder Stars.
  • Evil Weapon: Zoro's cursed katana.
  • Evolving Credits: Starting with episode 485, One Day has the shot of the Blackbeard Pirates updated with their new recruits.
    • We Go! also changed over time : from episode 519 onwards, the shots of the Straw Hats as they appeared right before the timeskip are replaced with a fight scene where the crew kicks some Marines' asses. Also, in episodes 579 to 582, this fight scene was replaced by some clips from the twelvth movie.
  • Exact Words: Spandam used this on Robin when he gave the order to kill all of the Straw Hats. He agreed that all of them except for Robin would leave Water 7 mostly unhurt. However, since they were now in Enies Lobby, the agreement was void as soon as the Straw Hats got there.
  • Exaggerated Trope: A world that runs on nonsense, friendship, outrageous antics, unwavering determination, and is packed full of more determinators and badasses than you can count tends to do this. Both for comedy and drama.
  • Excited Title! Two-Part Episode Name!: Both in how they're written ("The Rejected Ramen! Repairing The Father-Son Bonds!") and how Luffy says them.
  • Experimental Archeology: One of Luffy's goals towards the end of the Skypeia arc was to prove Montblanc Norland was not a liar.
  • Exploited Immunity: Don Krieg puts on a gas mask after launching his MH5 gas bomb, trying to poison Luffy with it. Thankfully he grabbed a Mook's gas mask to save himself.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Minor examples are Nami and Robin. A large example would be Franky. You see, at first it seems like he had his hair shaved. Then, we find out that he can change his hairstyle however he wants if you press and hold his nose for three seconds.
  • Expository Theme Tune: The 4Kids dub theme, positively dripping with Totally Radical and absolutely no sense of irony.
  • Expressive Hair: Mr. 3, Franky.
  • Expy: Impel Down warden Shiliew appears to be based off of Riki-Oh's Washizaki, and, by extension, M. Bison. Street Fighter jokes have been made since Day 1.
    • According to Oda himself:
    • Luffy is based on Son Goku.
    • Nigh-indestructible Blood Upgrade powered Pearl is just a skinnier Mr. Heart from Fist of the North Star. This was intentional, as the chapter he was introduced in had "Hokuto no Ken" written on Sanji's knife.
    • Psychotic scientist that uses poisonous gas as a weapon, experiments on his subordinates and who is a former subordinate to a prominent scientist that works beyond the scenes. Caesar Clown or Mayuri Kurotsuchi?
      • Coincidentially (or not), Caesar Clown and Mayuri are voiced by the same guy, Ryūsei Nakao.
      • Psychotic criminal who uses poisonous gas as a weapon, is named "Clown", has a quasi-permanent smirk on his face and laughs maniacally and often? Sounds like a particular someone. That he's also named Caesar - as in Cesar Romero - and works for someone whose codename is actually 'Joker' cannot be a coincidence.
  • Extranormal Prison: The great gaol Impel Down serves as this, as well as being a Hellhole Prison. It holds particularly notorious and dangerous criminals, with 5 different levels of hellish punishments. Meanwhile the secret level 6 qualifies more as a Tailor-Made Prison.
  • Extreme Doormat: Cindry, Dr. Hogback's assistant/object of lust. To the point that she'll actually lick the floor if he orders her to. She does regain some volition in the end though, right before being sacrificed for Moriah's One-Winged Angel.
  • Eyes Are Mental: Done literally with anyone hit by Law' "Freaky Friday" Flip power; the new body's eyes are drawn in the same style as the original body's.
  • Eye Catch: The anime has some fantastic ones: For the first years of the series, the eye catch was a wanted poster of a specific Straw Hat floating by, set to their theme music. Eight of these different posters appeared note ; around the early 200s, the eye catch then became a more vivid animation of the Straw Hats seemingly being filmed through a fish-eye lens, and has remained as such since, only changing the animations themselves after the Time Skip.
  • Eye Shock: Sprinkled liberally throughout the series.
  • Face Fault: Curly Dadan does this a lot. Lampshaded in that she gets her head literally stuck in the ground, and the other bandits keep thinking she's hurt herself.
    • Right when we meet her:
    Kid Luffy: Crummy shack!
    Dadan: YOU WANNA FIGHT??!? (Luffy starts chasing a dragonfly) NOT LISTENING!
    Bandits: Boss! You okay??
    • And later (the bandits inquire after her health here, too):
    Dadan: You get one bowl of rice and one glass of water a day!
    Kid Luffy: Okay.
  • Facial Composite Failure: Sanji's Wanted Poster.
    • After the timeskip, it changes to a shot of the back of his head. Which probably counts as an improvement.
  • Fake Defector: In the filler Alternate Universe Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, Zoro, a travelling monk, appears to be an Aloof Ally, helping out Vivi when the Buggy Clowns chased her. Buggy decides to hire him to defeat Luffy. But during the fight, Zoro intentionally has Luffy hit all of Buggy's crew. And when Mohji and Cabaji tries to attack Vivi, he stopped them.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero Villain: Entirely determined by events outside of his control, Buggy the Clown has become this in the Impel Down and Marineford arcs. The World Government assumes that he's Four Emperors level because he was on Gold Roger's crew along with Shanks, an actual Emperor. Every action he takes will inevitably be interpreted by the followers he picked up at Impel Down as part of some massively elaborate Gambit.
    Inmate # 1: You made it seem like you were going to run away but then you helped your comrade from prison!
    Inmate # 2: How noble!
    Inmate # 3: You're so exalted! It burns my eeeyeeees!!
    • It doesn't help that after both Luffy's and Buggy's crews enter the Grand Line, nearly everything that Buggy does ends up helping the Straw Hats out in some way.
    • Post-Timeskip, the farce escalated to such a point that Buggy's now one of the Seven Warlords.
  • Family-Friendly Firearms: The 4Kids dub, which had any and all firearms either painted bright colors, or changed into the even less plausible squirt-guns.
    • Though if you think about it, squirt guns are exactly the right thing to have against Crocodile.
    • Waterguns are the least of their crimes. Helmeppo's gun is replaced with some weird hammer contraption, and in Luffy's origin story, the bandit's gun is turned into a pop gun. The gun of the pirate who shoots the bandit remains intact, although there's a line tacked on stating "it was loaded with blanks".
      • YMMV, but that makes it funnier. This big tough bandit, in a crew consistently claiming there superiority to pirates, passed out just hearing a gunshot near his head.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: Most of the fighting in the series isn't terribly graphic, but occasionally we get stuff like Crocodile impaling Luffy, Doflamingo slicing limbs off, or Akainu literally punching part of Whitebeard's face off in the manga!
    • In the anime, they tone this down, merely having Akainu blow ANOTHER hole in Whitebeard's chest.
  • Fandom Nod: The published lists of questions answered by the creator. Sometimes serious answers that add to canon, mostly humorous ones that... don't.
    • Also, when Luffy's Gum-Gum Gatling was voted the most popular attack of the series, its upgrade, Jet Gatling, was used to defeat the next Dragon-in-Chief.
  • Fanservice: Not too much of it, fortunately, but as a case in point: Nami vs. Kalifa.
    • And after that, the fanservice levels were suddenly cranked up to 11. Weird fanservice, but still fanservice.
    • The 10th anniversary book gives as a colorspread of Nami and Robin taking a bath in a hotspring (doesn't show anything, but still NSFW).
    • Fan Disservice: For all of the Fanservice mentioned above, there's quite a lot of this.
      • Robin spending two long arcs wearing lots of leather and a cleavage-baring blouse? Cool. Cuffed? Even better. Getting beaten bloody and quite literally "biting the curb" as Spandam tries to drag her away in a scene that strongly resembles (at least in the anime) a rape? Uh...
      • Nami getting pinned to the wall by an invisible Absalom when she was taking a bath again with the uncanny resemblance to a rape. DO. NOT. WANT.
      • There are some characters who are Walking Shirtless Scene types. However, Hannyabal and Blackbeard, two very unattractive men, are among them.
      • Franky's speedo. Just... Franky's speedo. And it's still better than FRANKY SANS SPEEDO. (And don't forget how Robin... squeezes him.)
      • New Kama Land. Sanji in a dress fighting while wearing bloomers. Should be good, huh? Well, the man he is fighting is a gonk in a dress with fake breasts. Brain Bleach, please...
      • In general, Momoiro Island and Kamabakka Kingdom. Full stop.
      • In a flashback during the Amazon Lily arc, we see a very cute-looking girl with her hair in Girlish Pigtails and wearing both Zettai Ryouiki and a midriff-baring outfit. Bad thing? That girl is a 12/13-year-old Boa Hancock; she's also in chains alongside her sisters Sandersonia and Marigold (who are also pretty cute, if we ignore Sonia's huge head and how they're even more loli than loli!Hancock back then), and the three are utterly terrified since they're about to be subjected to at least four years of cruel punishments, tortures and humiliations coming from the World Nobles.
      • Kokoro embodies this, especially as a mermaid. It caused everyone who saw it (including her granddaughter) to pass out.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style: Okama Kenpo, Ramen Kenpo, Fishman Karate, the Blackleg style, Life Return, and of course Rokushiki.
  • Fantastic Ghetto: The world is mostly populated by humans, while other species live in specific home islands. Giants work occasionally for the World Government, and fishmen and merfolk are known to marry other species, but it's extremely rare to see races like longlegs or dwarves wandering among humans. Separation seems to emerge naturally due to Fantastic Racism; the World Government doesn't enforce segregation but doesn't try to prevent it either.
    • Living separated from humans on the sea floor is especially problematic for merfolk and fishmen. They don't need sunlight and oxygen, but they still yearn for it. However, cruelty of humans makes them afraid of living above the surface.
  • Fantastic Racism: More than one has been led to believe in the beginning. The world nobles freely practice slavery of other races, and there is a lot of strife between humans and fishmen as well.
  • Fantasy Conflict Counterpart: The New Fishman Pirates threaten the people of Fishman Island to commit Fumi-e on the late Queen Otohime's image, to shed out their loyalty to Queen Otohime (who has the exact opposite view of the Big Bad Hody Jones') which is a reference on feudal Japan's practice of purging Christians (they have their people step on a Christian imagery to prove that they're not Christian).
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: The island nation of Wa-no-Kuni is very clearly this for feudal Japan, what with its isolationism and its samurai. ("Wa-no-kuni" is in fact an old way to refer to Japan.) The Shandians are pretty clear analogues for disenfranchised and displaced Native American populations, as well.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: The series features sea monsters, fish-men, mer-folk, giants note , ki abilities, HollywoodCyborgs and a team of killer androids... and those are just the fantasy staples. There are also telecommunication snails, a giant whale with a house built on the island poking out of the acidic lake in it's stomach, a dinosaur infested island, giant ducks as riding animals, islands in the sky (and most of them are populated by people from the moon), solid and liquid clouds, shells that can absorb and re-emit various things such as light, water, and the aforementioned clouds, secret agents with super Kung Fu, mushroom-induced hypnotic powers, and, lest we forget, magical/demonic(?) fruits that give you superpowersnote . Indeed. And it keeps getting crazier...
  • Fartillery: Franky's Coup de Boo.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Spandam, who got his spine crushed in deliciously-graphic nature by Robin. It was richly deserved.
    • Word of God states that this is the only reason Luffy doesn't kill his opponents. He believes that letting them live to watch their hopes and dreams fall apart around them is this. However, it is often subverted during the cover stories, where a former villain would go through a series of events that result in them becoming even better off than their original goals would have made them. (Spandam is NOT one of them, to say the least).
  • Failure Knight: Jinbe seems to be this way with Luffy after Ace dies, recalling his promise to Ace that he would protect Luffy if he ever died.
  • A Father to His Men: Part of Whitebeard's reputation is that he sees every one of his crew members as a son, and will go absolutely berserk if something happens to even one of them. This includes taking on the entire World Government, including the Seven Warlords of the Sea, to rescue one.
    • And of course, Ace and the other Division Commanders LITERALLY regard Whitebeard as a father.
    • Recently, it's confirmed that this attitude extends to his allies, even if one of them does a little thing like stabbing him.
  • Faux Symbolism: A pretty humorous example is Buggy becoming Moses in a recent chapter, while singing Joy to the World.
    • Invoked in-universe with Luffy's ringing the Ox Bell at Marineford. Everyone got so focused on deciphering the meaning behind Luffy's actions that nobody spotted the message hidden on his right arm except the other Straw Hats and Vivi (who knew there was a message, but didn't have the information necessary to figure it out).
  • Feather Boa Constrictor: Everyone in Amazon Lily.
  • Feather Fingers: We have Chopper, who only has hooves instead of hands unless he's in his human form, and Monet, who is a harpy and has to, well, use her feathers as fingers.
  • Femme Fatale: Boa Hancock, Nico Robin at first; Captain Hina seems to be this as well.
  • The Fettered: The Marine and the World Government play this trope completely straight. This is not a good thing.
  • Fiery Redhead: Nami, natch. Though unlike most, when she gets angry, it's mostly because someone is being a complete idiot.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Played to horrifying ends when Miss Goldenweek hypnotizes Luffy to be completely calm and not bother with saving his friends. When he's drinking his tea, a close-up reveals a completely pissed off Luffy unable to do anything but angrily growl "This is some good tea" repeatedly.
  • Filler: Not that much of it, but fans are sadly more prone to remembering Rainbow Mist and Warship Island over the gem G8.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Why the Straw-Hats joined the Straw-Hats, with no exceptions.
    • And, oddly enough, shows up between two enemies when Roger asks Garp to raise Ace. And IT WORKS.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The three admirals have a variation to this, Aokiji - ice, Akainu - lava, and Kizaru - light. Heck, their names even have the Japanese words for blue, red, and yellow respectively.
    • The Straw Hats have recently completed the trifecta, with Fire, Ice, and Lightning being wielded by Sanji, Brook, and Nami, respectively.
  • Finger Twitching Revival
  • Fish People: Fishmen, obviously. They come in various different species of fish and can interbreed with humans, mermaids, and giants. They're also 10x stronger than humans from birth.
  • Flashback: A frequent plot element. Some are memories, such as Luffy's childhood with Ace and Sabo. Some are detached flashbacks, like the true story of Noland and Calgara. Some are stories told between characters, like the backstories of Nami (told by Nojiko to the other Straw Hats) and Chopper (told by Dr. Kureha to Nami).
  • Flash Step: Soru, also Kuro's Shakushi. They both move at roughly the same speed. The difference is that Kuro can't see where he's going or what he's attacking; Soru users, however, can see what they're doing, making Soru the superior technique.
  • Flat Earth Atheist: In at least the East Blue, Devil Fruits are thought to be mythical, which is given a flimsy Hand Wave by claiming that Devil Fruits are just that rare outside the Grand Line. This is in spite of the fact that most of the world's major figures, both pirates and government alike, do possess Devil Fruit powers and make no attempt to hide them from the public.
  • Flawed Prototype: The Rocketman, an earlier version of the sea train Puffing Tom that could never be used to carry passengers because once it got going, it couldn't stop.
    • The first incarnation of the Clima Tact could be seen as this, being bogged down by useless party tricks, and Nami's extensive knowledge of the weather was the only thing that made it even remotely useful.
  • Flight: In-universe, there only five known types of Devil Fruits that grant flight. So far we've seen 2 flying zoans (Pell and Marco), technically a paramecia (Shiki in the canonical Movie 10)), and whatever it is Lafitte has.
  • Flipping the Table: Franky has done this at least once.
  • Floating Continent: An entire saga was based around one.
    • And in recent events, Nami has gotten herself tossed onto one by Kuma.
    • And the God Created Canon Foreigner Big Bad for Movie 10, Gold Lion Shiki, has his own personal collection of the things for his base, Strong World.
  • Floatingina Bubble: Justified by the unique atmosphere and resin found only in Shabaody Archipeligo and Fishman Island.
  • Fluffy Tamer: Attempted by Luffy with Thriller Bark's cerberus. He gets better at it after the timeskip — he tames a kraken.
    • Mohji of Buggy's crew thinks he's this, though the only animal he seems capable of taming is his pet lion.
  • Flunky Boss: Gekko Moriah is a good non-video game example. After losing his entire crew in battle, he decides to create a new, unkillable, crew, and rely solely on their power. It's not until his Villainous Breakdown that he actually does any fighting himself.
    • After the Time Skip, Demalo Black's plan to take on the New World hinged on his becoming this. He tricked several pirate crews several times stronger than himself into becoming his followers by making them believe that he was Luffy, intending to use them to take out any threats that Luffy's reputation didn't scare away first.
  • Follow the Chaos: The Straw Hats know which direction to find Luffy in Enies Lobby when a building far away from them suddenly collapses.
  • Fountain of Youth: Part of Bonney's Devil Fruit power. It doesn't provide Magic Pants, which explains her skimpy outfit.
    • Ain from the 12th movie One Piece Film: Z ate the Modo Modo Fruit, which allows her to make objects and people younger. It works on inanimate objects as well though, unlike Bonney's (Though it still doesn't provide Magic Pants in case a person gets regressed). With it, she transforms Nami and Chopper into kids, Robin into a teenager, and also uses it on Brook. Of course, it doesn't change much in his case.
  • Forgot I Couldn't Swim: Luffy isn't very careful around deep water, which is problematic because people who eat Devil Fruits, including Luffy, lose the ability to swim and need to be saved by a friend. Chopper and Brook are always quick to jump in to save the captain, which is problematic because they use Devil Fruits too.
  • Foreshadowing: If you've read the story long enough, you'll realize that most, if not all, of the major events or characters had been hinted at prior to coming into the story, sometimes hundreds of chapters in advance. In one case, in the first chapter.
    • A real life example of foreshadowing alludes to the series' Big Bad. Oda's favorite real life pirate is none other than Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard.
    • Oda has also shown us a number of things that most likely will come back later. For example, Hogback and Absalom escaping from Thriller Bark together.
    • In chapter 2, Luffy mentions that a Musician is a key crew member to have. 487 chapters later, Brook joins the crew.
    • When Luffy's first bounty is revealed, we can see Coby cleaning up the Marine base. With a half-hidden Helmeppo doing the same in the background.
    • During the Marineford arc when Luffy reminds Ace that they are brothers there is a brief flashback to them solidifying the bond with shared sake. Both Luffy and Ace's cups are visible but there is a shadow of a third cup ( Sabo's) that can be seen at stump.
    • When Rayleigh first sees Luffy, he comments "That straw hat suits you." We eventually find out that Roger wore the same kind of straw hat(if not THAT hat) when he first met Rayleigh.
    • During the post-war arc Eustass Kid claims that Luffy took the lead among the rookies with a bounty over 100 million. While this is not expanded upon it's revealed during the Return to Sabaody arc that Luffy's bounty had been increased to 400 million.
    • In Impel Down, when all the level six prisoners start stamping their feet after Crocodile says he wants to take Whitebeard's head, you can see two giants in a cell. One of them is Sanjuan Wolf, who later joins Blackbeard's crew.
      • All of the level six prisoners who join Blackbeard are mentioned by Ivankov.
    • When the Straw Hats wreck the Human Auctioning Shop, Disco contacts Doflamingo and requests his assistance. Doflamingo dismisses him and severs ties with him, stating "Slavery is out, now 'Smiles' are in". In Chapter 689, Caesar Clown, a Mad Scientist, reveals he is protected by Doflamingo for creating a substance called SAD, which can then be used to create SMILEs: Artificial Zoan Devil Fruits which he provides to one of the Four Emperors.
    • At one point in the Skypiea arc, Usopp wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees a mysterious, spirit-like figure repairing the Going Merry. It is a Klabautermann, a spirit who assists sailors and fishermen in their duties. The catch here is that it only ever becomes visible to the crew when the ship is doomed. A few arcs later, the Going Merry turns out to be broken beyond repair, and is given a Viking Funeral.
    • Subtle example from the From the Decks of the World cover story depicting the Straw Hats various associates' reactions to the crew's revival. The last cover story on chapter 668 shows that someone posted the newspaper covering that event on Ace's grave, and set out a bottle of liquor and some cups as well. Three cups to be precise, the same number as in Ace's brotherhood ceremony with Luffy and Sabo despite almost no one other than Luffy knowing about that event. Chapter 731 reveals that Sabo is still alive, and was most likely the one to place the cups there.note 
  • 4Kids Entertainment: The ones who mercilessly Bowdlerised this series before the Japanese studio handed the license over to FUNimation.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Captain Kuro and Kalifa.
  • The Four Loves: While the series intentionally excludes Eros (romantic love) from being the focus, Phileo (friendship) cannot be expressed enough, acting as a driving force for about ninety percent of the cast. Various pirate crews and civilians are also strongly driven by Storge (familial love), especially Whitebeard's crew. Further down the scale, Luffy displays some clear examples of Agape (unconditional love) for his nakama, sacrificing his own well-being to ensure their own (the Drum Island and Impel Down arcs come to mind).
  • Fragile Speedster: Otohime. Fast enough to dodge bullets, fragile enough to break her hand slapping the man that fired them.
  • Friendly Enemy: Roger applies this to Vice Admiral Garp, which is why he trusts him with his son's life. Somewhat justified; Their long relationship would have given Roger a decent understanding of the other's character, at least enough to know that he won't let a defenseless newborn be killed.
  • A Friend in Need: It runs on the Power of Friendship. What do you expect?
  • Freak Out: Many. For a lot of characters, it's mostly used as comedy. But probably one of the most notable ones is Luffy's at the end of 574. Luffy looked scary before but... damn.
    • In Chapter 582, Luffy undergoes an absolutely epic Freak Out over the reality of Ace's death finally sinking in.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In the Punk Hazard arc, thanks to Trafalgar Law, Sanji is in Nami, Nami is in Franky, Franky is in Chopper, and Chopper is in Sanji.
    • Also, Smoker is in Tashigi and vice versa.
    • After Law and Luffy form an Enemy Mine, he reverses most of these among the Straw Hats, though Sanji and Nami are still in each other's bodies due to Sanji-as-Nami not being present. When everyone reaches Caesar's facility, he finally reverses that too (Much to Sanji's dismay).
  • Freaky Is Cool: That's how Luffy feels. It's the main reason he was able to befriend Chopper.
  • French Cuisine Is Haughty: Sanji uses Gratuitous French to name his techniques in the original Japanese.
  • Freudian Excuse: You've got to feel for some of the Big Bads. Gekko Moria had his entire crew wiped out, leaving him the last man standing. Boa Hancock was kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of twelve, branded, possibly raped, and (based on what we know of the World Nobles) treated like absolute shit for four years while being used and abused for their satisfaction. It's also been implied that Crocodile went through some serious shit.
    • Arlong mistreats and opresses humans because of how humans mistreated and oppressed fishmen... OK, it's not a very good excuse as it's blatant hypocrisy, but in his mind, it's justified, at least.
      • Averted with Hody and the new Fishman pirates. Humans never did anything directly to them.note  But hating humans for no reason makes Hody the closest thing to pure evil in the game. They're described as "empty".
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: The Sunny's Gaon Cannon (though technically its a focused pressure wave), Barholomew Kuma's mouth weapon, and Admiral Kizaru who can do this with any part of his body.
  • Friction Burn:
    • This is how Sanji activates his Diable Jambe technique.
    • Also, this is supposedly how Hannyabal activates his Hannya Carnival, Blazing Hell Wheel attack.
    • This may also be how Zoro's Hiryu Kaen attack works.
  • Friendly Enemy: We have Garp to Roger as well as Roger again to Whitebeard. The same could also be said about Luffy to Coby, considering that they're friends despite being on opposite sides of the law.
  • From Bad to Worse: The Arabasta, Water 7, and Sabaody Archipelago arcs.
    • The Marineford arc surpasses these by far. Ace dies, making the entire mission a moot point. Then, the Blackbeard Pirates show up to finish Whitebeard off, having freed a bunch of extremely dangerous criminals to join their ranks. This caused the pirates to start fighting over Whitebeard's land, and releasing some of the greatest psychos the world has ever known. Whitebeard's dying words countered the Marines' announcement that they killed him, making the entire war basically pointless since both sides just recruited a buttload of people. Then, Blackbeard somehow added Whitebeard's earthquake powers to his own formidable powers of darkness, causing him to be the center of the new age of Piracy. Pretty much the entire world went Oh, Crap at that one.
  • Full Potential Upgrade: An anime filler episode showed Zoro constantly breaking his second and third swords until Yubashiri and Sandai Kitetsu came along.
  • Funbag Airbag: At one point, while running from the women on Amazon Lily, Luffy runs headfirst into the giant Aphelandra's breasts, which stops him momentarily.
  • Funny Afro: Eiichiro Oda considers afros comic gold, it seems.
    • Inverted in Fleet Admiral Sengoku's case. He and his afro are to be taken seriously.
    • Brook has a good reason for taking his seriously as well.
  • Fur Bikini: Most of the inhabitants of Amazon Lily wear these.

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