Older Than They Look: Visual Novels

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Maya Fey qualifies. While 17-19 isn't old, you wouldn't guess she's that old based on her looks and actions; especially her actions.
    • Apollo Justice is 22 years old. However, in the second case of the game, the police seem to be under the impression that he's the same age as Trucy (who's 15), shooing him away from the crime scene telling him to "go play somewhere else." Lampshaded in a playable flashback seven years before that, where you can get a picture of Apollo...who looks exactly the same at age 15 as he does at 22.
    • Likewise, Lamiroir's age is 40 years old according to her profile in the Court Record, despite her looking like a woman in her mid-twenties. Most likely a side-effect of being Apollo's mom.
    • Phoenix Wright himself in Dual Destinies is 34 years old, but the game recycles his old design when he was in his twenties. Which is amusing because he did look his age in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney; shaving and an attorney suit seem to make someone look a lot younger.
  • In Narcissu, the female lead Setsumi is 22 years old, but the 20-year old male lead often comments that she looks considerably younger than him. For Setsumi, whose life consists of a hopeless cycle of hospitalization and release, "time has stood still" ever since she was first hospitalized in middle school.
  • Angie in Shikkoku No Sharnoth looks and acts like a little girl, but she's about the same age as the both Mary and Charlie and is the only one with an actual fiancee.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Saber is about twenty-five years old (i.e. not counting the centuries since King Arthur's death), but fifteen in appearance (when she stopped physically aging). Ilya, looking about ten years old, is actually older than Shirou (who's about seventeen).
    • In Fate/Zero, when Ilya is actually around eight years old, Kiritsugu is worried because her growth is so slow that she only weighs about twenty pounds!
    • And apart from these examples, Gilgamesh drank a youth potion in Fate/hollow ataraxia and is walking around in the form of an adorable elementary school aged version of himself.
  • Every single female in Kanon, Air, CLANNAD, etc. It's particularly jarring when we're supposed to believe that characters who look no older than sixteen are mothers and aunts of other characters. For example: In Clannad, Akio and Sanae Furukawa look barely older than their daughter, Nagisa. Sanae is often mistaken for Nagisa's older sister in the anime.
  • Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai has Token Mini-Moe Mayo, 2-F's Class Representative. Joined by Monshiro Kuki, Hideo's younger sister, in the sequel.
  • Emi of Katawa Shoujo is short and has a youthful appearance, but is one year older than Hisao and the rest of the girls, having taken a year off of school while relearning how to walk.
  • In Hatoful Boyfriend, Nageki Fujishiro has a zig-zagging example due to bird aging: his human-style portrait is a young-looking boy, which actually fits him as a first-year student, but his bird portrait has the iridescent throat markings and green eyelids of an adult male mourning dove. Further complicating the issue, he's been a first-year student for five years now, and his foster-brother grew up to be one of the teachers.
  • The protagonist's mother looks younger than he does in Dra Koi apart from her slouch and chain smoking.
  • Shelke Rui from Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII is 19, but the various experiments she was subjected to by Deepground stopped her body aging past nine.
  • Ever17 has this with Cure-infectees; their bodies keep aging for five more years until the cells in their bodies have been replaced with infected cells, and then their Super Healing prevents any aging whatsoever. This is why Tsugumi looks no older than 17 in either time period.